Christina Aguilera looks noticeably rough at the Michael Jackson tribute


These are some photos from last night’s Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales. I didn’t realize that the concert was supposed to be a big, A-list deal, nor did I realize that so many of A-listers pulled out. The Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Hudson and several others pulled out of planned performances at the last minute, but Christina Aguilera did not. This is Christina, in case you couldn’t tell. She’s gone all Aretha Franklin.


Sigh. What can I say? The last time I saw photos of Christina, a few months ago, she was obviously gaining weight from her steady booze-and-funion diet, but she was still able and willing to pour herself into too-tight clothes. She looked puffy and like her clothes were two sizes too small. But she’s gained a great deal of weight since then, and now we can’t even pretend that she looks healthy. I’m not saying everyone this size isn’t healthy – I’m saying Christina looks like hell. Like she’s been guzzling vats of vodka and butter with Luke Wilson. No, even Luke Wilson looks healthier.


The tribute concert did include performances by Cee Lo Green, Jamie Foxx, Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson. And Michael’s kids were there too – look at them! Paris looks like Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, right?


Back to Christina – here are more photos. She did a costume change halfway through her performance, suddenly deciding to cover up. And she was also out and about with her boy-toy enabler, Matt Rutler. Poor Matt.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rita says:

    Isn’t that Weird Al Yankovic in a fat suit? God, he can imitate anyone. Funny stuff.

  2. Dee says:

    She’s growing into the female Elvis… bloated and sweaty.

  3. Flan says:

    When Michael Jackson was alive (not selling records and not being thought cool in anyway for his last decade), many celebrities avoided him.

    The instant he died, he became the coolest guy that everyone had always loved so much since they were young, had influenced them just soooo much, yadda yadda.

    Find these endless tributes rather tiring for that reason.

  4. omg she looks disgusting. Is that her new boyfriend?? He looks just like her ex husband! Michaels little one looks just like him…is that his biological child???

  5. dr.bombay says:

    I remember a few years back when CA made the comment that Britney was “too far gone” to make a comeback regarding her weight, mental health, etc.


  6. whitedaisy says:

    Christina is the only talented woman singer to emerge from those Disney Mickey Mouse days, she clearly has some issues to work through and I hope that she does.

  7. Auds says:

    Jesus, she needs a treadmill.
    How much weight has she gained?

  8. Jayna says:

    What’s wrong with these popstars? I love Xtin. Some of my fav songs of all times. Her body is mess. So why wear the typical dated popstar outfit. Freakin Madonna in her heyday mixed it up with pants, long coats on stage, not just barely there. Though she had the body to do it. Now all you see are Britney Xtina. Fergie, Keisha in the same old spandex they shouldn’t be in during their out of shape periods. Be innovative, girls.

    P.S. Xtina’s hair is a mess. The beginning of 2010 she had a soft bob and was tiny. She was gorgeous. Have some pride, Xtina. No reason to be such a mess at your age.

    Thouh I guess I give her a pass because she sang Smile and blew it out of the park. what a voice and rendition. Made me cry.

  9. Jenn says:

    What in alcoholic hell has happened to this woman!? It’s cool to gain weight- people do as they leave their 20s- but wear something appropriate. The Tammy Faye makeup? The crazy weave?? And the weight gain shouldn’t be due to drinking gallons of beer, wine and vodka anyway. She looks like she should be hunkered down at a truckstop bar. Christina, my God, get it together- for your son if not yourself.

  10. Jayna says:

    She did sing her second song in a navy blue military type structured suit/skirt to her knees. Very flattering. Hair and makeup still a hot tranny mess but at least she was out of the spandex.

  11. RocketMerry says:

    Where is her support team?! Isn’t anybody going to help her? I mean, alright, she fires staff members for bringing up touchy subjects, but her family should chime in. I guess this would be a good time, judging on her last six months.

    Now that I think about it, there was a blind sometime ago about a pop star who was going to fake going all Britney (you know, meltdown, weight gain and stuff) to regain some popularity. I really don’t know whether to hope it’s her or not.

  12. Tazina says:

    She loves her food. And who doesn’t really? It is very hard to lose weight but she could utilize resources I could only dream of, a personal trainer, a weight coach, a chef to cook great low fat meals. She hasn’t been fat for very long. Come on girl, you can do it!

  13. Psyren says:

    Jeezus that second pic! I just don’t understand why she didn’t keep the jacket or dress or whatever on. Why open yourself up for the embarrassment and criticism? I mean she has millions in the bank so I can only assume she owns a mirror.

    One a more pleasant note, Blanket is one adorable kid but a haircut would benefit him.

  14. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Christina looks great, now if she would just learn how to sing!

  15. Susan says:


    She has really let herself go. I wish she’d pull herself together before she permanently ruins her lovely voice. And while she has become more fluffy, she should not be wearing such unflattering clothing.

    Who styles these pop stars? Surely one can find properly fitting costumes with all that money? Or at least a good 3-way mirror!

  16. luls says:

    MJ’s kids are starting to resemble him a hell of a lot more than they ever did b4! especially the boys!

    I wonder if these kids know who their biological parents are…..

  17. DetRiotgirl says:

    You know, seeing as how Christina is only what? 5ft 1? I would bet that she hasn’t even gained that much weight. I’m her height and, believe me, it only takes a few pounds to go from “you look great!” to “you look like Snooki!”.

    Granted, Xtina does look like she’s gained about twenty pounds. Twenty pounds isn’t exactly just a couple of extra trips to the kraft service table on set. But, after her divorce she really stopped moving. She decided not to go on tour, she didn’t have any reason to dance anymore (because lord knows she isn’t naturally a dancer) and her new gig mostly involves (correct me if I’m wrong) sitting in a chair. I think the huge change in her level of physical activity is more to blame than anything else.

    Unfortunately, she and I have very similar body types. I was in a car accident last year that put me out of commission for awhile. It only took a couple months of slowing down for physical therapy to take me from compliments from strangers to inquires regarding whether or not I was pregnant. Now that I’m back on my feet, the weight is coming off naturally. I’m lucky that my body responds quickly to exercise and that I have a physically demanding job.

    Maybe Xtina should go on tour. It would give her something to concentrate on other than food, partying and her relationship troubles. It would also force her to move and be physically active everyday. I bet she’d drop weight dramatically if she did.

  18. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    She seems to have caught the same chubby/crazy disease that plagued MOOriah all those years. Guess a crazy phase comes with being a great female vocalist? I know Liza would agree.

    Speaking of which, where was MJs good friend Liza?

  19. Acorn Paste says:

    Oh wow she is FAT! I don’t follow her religiously so I’m really surprised at her weight gain.

  20. serena says:

    Oh god..that’s the worse she looked.. and that’s saying much!
    She resemble Britney when she returned to the scenes..but the face..god, at least Britney did have a pretty face and all.

  21. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Definitely a case of booze bloat. She’s drinking herself silly and probably not eating healthy and this is the result. Crying shame, she’s got a wicked voice but clearly has serious issues to work through.

  22. ocean says:

    wow. She certainly has let herself go

  23. kibbles says:

    I’m not even going to bash her for the noticeable weight gain. I’m certainly larger than I was at age 20. It wouldn’t be fair to compare a 30- year-old Christina to her Genie in the Bottle days. What I don’t understand is why is she still dressed like she has the body of a 20-year-old and why doesn’t she want to look like a mature adult, i.e. get rid of the rat nest weave, and fishnet stockings. FYI, Christina Hendricks is beautiful but she’d look really fat and a hot mess if she were to wear an outfit like this too. Only young women with few curves can get away with this look. This also applies to Britney who looks ridiculous even though she is back in shape. That ship has sailed for both of them years ago. And I agree that this doesn’t look like healthy and normal weight gain. She looks really bloated in the face even though she’s not at the point of being considered obese. This only makes me think that the bloat is due to some rough living and substance abuse. She has millions of dollars to get the help she needs. There is no excuse.

  24. Skinnybetch says:

    She has the most amazing voice, but she really hasn’t been the same since her divorce.

  25. Rudypatudie says:

    Dress appropriately for your new weight , age and status ( someone’s mother )

    Goodness gracious.

  26. Estella says:

    This is not just weight gain. It’s similar to the bloat Elvis had before he died. I hope she gets some help before she goes into liver failure or worse.

  27. Alix says:

    She doesn’t even strike me as fat so much as bloated. Dear Lord, what a mess.

    Love Paris in her dad’s “Beat It” jacket. Blanket always looks pretty miserable, though. Maybe because his name is frickin’ “Blanket”? And the super-long hair… is he trying to keep it long like MJ’s? I just get the feeling the older two kids are adjusting well and moving on, the youngest not so much. Sad.

  28. BerMan says:

    She looks a bit like a blond ‘snookie’ and her boyfriend is looking a bit like her ex-husband. hmmm.

  29. palermo says:

    Isn’t she a drunk? That fat bloated look is probably the result of that.

  30. Eva says:

    I was at this concert (which, organisationally, was a complete shambles) and everyone was shocked at how fat she has gotten. Also she actually wore the skirt first and then changed into the unflattering one! Ce lo sang an impromptu bit of ‘crazy’ and that was by far the best moment of the concert, ironic since it was the only non MJ song! (and I love MJ songs!!)

  31. isthatsnookie? says:

    I thought it was Snookie with a wig on…the BF looks just like her X. Hmm.

  32. tmbg says:

    Time to put down the donut and consider some new hair color and makeup options. Oh, and better clothing too.

    I wouldn’t normally say put down the donut, but everyone says the skinnies should eat one, so I figured it balances out.

  33. leetruth says:

    She looked a mess in her first outfit but she has more talent in her little finger than Beyonce, Katy, Rihanna and Gaga combined. A true VOICE.

  34. jamie says:

    I’m short too and I know how easy the opportunity to look “fat” is so I feel her pain. Incredibly unflattering photos, she looks a little Miss Piggyish and not just because of her weight. The whole look is terrible, she needs a new hair/makeup/stylist.

  35. penguin says:

    Thats not a 20 pound gain more like 35 to 4o pound gain. If she d gained 20 pound she d still only be 120 pounds even on a 5 foot 1 frame thats still slim/average. She looks very overweight to me but then im a personal trainer so prob have diff standards to normal people. Anyway she s very talented so hopefully she ll be able to get herself back on track to being healthy again.

  36. Hugh Mungus says:

    She reminds me of one of the characters from “Valley of the Dolls”

  37. twinkle_toes says:

    This is a little off topic…but can i just say i LOVE this website?


  38. gee_gee says:

    This is not the thing to wear. Does she not own a mirror? Be whatever weight you’re gonna be but dress intelligently for your body.

  39. Jayna says:

    It’s definitely a 30-pound weight gain. Go on YouTube to the Christina Aguilera “Lift Me Up” (one of the best live performances ever) Hope for Haiti performance from Feb 2010, a year and three quarters ago. She’s only like five foot one inches or so. She was a size 2 with a heart-shaped face and a soft,straight blunt cut haircut to her chin, less makeup. She was stunning. She has morphed into a mess with a boy toy who doesn’t have a job. He probably enables her because she supports him.

  40. says:

    I think she teased that hair into that big mess so that her body would look relatively smaller.

    I think it’s perfectly fine if she puts on weight. But for the love of god, dress your body appropriately.

    And it’s time to buy new clothes Xtina! That trenchcoat in the last picture either belongs to her son or is a vintage piece from her “genie in a bottle” days because there is a whole foot of material missing for those buttons to reach the button holes!

  41. Cheyenne says:

    luls: MJ’s kids are starting to resemble him a hell of a lot more than they ever did b4! especially the boys!

    By time time MJ died he looked nothing like himself. Check out some early and late photos of him. They look like two completely different people who had no relation to each other.

  42. juicyjackie says:

    A white Tina Turner ….. eeek!

  43. vee says:

    She looks like a blond snookie!

  44. Mary jones says:

    She gained some weight but she is not as fat as all of you are implying. I’d like all of you to post pictures so we can all bash your fat butts. I’m sure most are twice as fat as her.

  45. tia says:

    what.the.f.happened?? OMG, she is huuuge. Blanket is sooo gorgeous. WOW. That is def MJ child, he looks just like him. God bless his children.

  46. Anastasia says:

    Those kids look nothing like Michael Jackson. As someone correctly pointed out above, Michael’s DNA didn’t change, he only changed his exterior through tons and tons of plastic surgery, wigs, and skin bleaching.

    If those were his kids, they’d look at least halfway like his REAL looks: a black man.

    So Christina got big, oh well. I’m going to go against the trend and say good for her for not wearing a muumuu on stage. Whatever floats your boat, girl. No one has to look at her (e.g., pay to attend her concerts, etc.)

  47. Sassy says:

    Her costume makes her look fat. If she threw on some heavy duty spanx and wore a long dress with some sleeve covering, she would look just fine, perhaps a little plump but shapely. Where is her “stylist”?

  48. hairball says:

    She has morphed into her mom.

  49. glowkey says:

    @Anastasia: honestly, who cares what they look like? He was raising them = they are his kids. End of story.

  50. Cheyenne says:

    Took me a while to find this, but this was the original cover of “Off The Wall”:

    Compare that to later photos of Michael Jackson. Nobody would think it was the same person.

  51. ThatBoyLuke says:

    It’s so sad that she did amazing performances but as usual all everybody wants to talk about is her weight…
    When there’s a pluss size model everybody licks her ass but everybody hates on Xtina?
    Xtina is nowhere near as big as Adele but everybody says Adele looks great, mainly because she dresses for her size.

  52. Maritza says:

    She looks just like Cyndi Lauper.

  53. smh says:

    omg christina at this point what you want to do is dress more; not reveal.

  54. JaneWonderfalls says:

    She does look a bit rough, but she’s human I think she will have her stuff together sooner or later. She’s a parent, gone through a divorce and is dealing with alcoholism, there’s hope for her!

  55. neema says:

    She looks like Fat Bastard.

  56. cringer says:

    I bet shes not that big, its just poor styling and clothes choices

  57. Quest says:

    She looks like a square peg in a girdle. I hope she gets it together really soon because Xtina does have talent but looks like a total wreck

  58. Kloops says:

    What the hot holy hell is this? The body is the least of her worries. It’s her face that’s the true travesty.

  59. Camille says:

    @kibbles: Excellent comment, I agree.

  60. LeeLoo says:

    Will she fire her staff if they tell her she’s fat? I have a sick sense of schadenfreude, I am interested to see how fat she will allow herself to get.

  61. ocean says:

    @jayna I aggree she looked a lot better in that video. She should have stayed with that hair style it suits her. The long stringy hair emphasizes a chubby face

  62. corey says:

    These pics are horrendous. She looks like death.

  63. Cheyenne says:

    tia: Blanket is sooo gorgeous. WOW. That is def MJ child, he looks just like him.

    Good lord, sweetie, how old are you? Are you too young to remember what Michael Jackson looked like? None of those kids look like Michael because MICHAEL didn’t look like Michael. Plastic surgery and skin bleach can’t change your genes. You can have a dozen plastic surgery operations but your children will still look like you did before you had the surgery. There is no way north of hell those are his biological children. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good father to them, I’m sure he was a great father. But those kids aren’t his natural children.

  64. newtsgal says:

    Does she not have any friends, or someone to tell her to jump on a treadmill?
    Wait i just figured it out…..she is fattening up so she can play Miss Piggy in a redo of Burlesque (muppet style) or she wants to do next season of DWTS, or she is wanting to be a spokesperson for weightwatchers.

  65. Katie says:

    She is a singer.
    She has a great voice.
    I only agree about the choice of clothes.

  66. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Mary jones, what a predictably annoying comment. Not everyone that frequents message boards, and comments on celebrities physiques, is obease. We’ve frequently listed our own height/weight/measurements here during discussions and I would say many of the women here are on the thin to average side. Besides, unless it’s their career to keep up appearances, I don’t think it matters what THEY look like.

    sometimes I wish this site had a banhammer.

  67. matt says:

    ewww, she looks like…

    no fatter than the average American woman who’s had a child.


  68. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Cheyanne, ITA. Those kids in no way resemble Michael. I think he hated what he saw in the mirror so much that he would never want to pass his genes along to his children. So sad, considering he was much more attractive pre-surgery.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    MorticiansDoItDeader: I think he hated what he saw in the mirror so much that he would never want to pass his genes along to his children. So sad, considering he was much more attractive pre-surgery.

    Totally co-sign on that. Pre-surgery he looked like a very handsome black man. By the time he finished messing his face and hair up he looked like an androgynous Latino gigolo.

  70. Jamie says:

    #56, I came here to say the same thing! She looks just like Cindi Lauper. She would’ve looked much better in an above-knee dress that accentuated her curves. This whole “onesie with stockings” thing has gone too far.

  71. Blue says:

    Poor Xtina, she certainly let herself go. I still love her though. She has been a fav since she first came out. She needs to get it back together.

  72. Lina says:

    I think she is channeling a little Snooki In the first picture.

  73. CaramelKiss says:

    Whitney Houston v.2.0??? Get it 2gether Ms. Xtina..IJS.

  74. Britsburgh says:

    I kinda dig her fat look. Just sayin. She’s still so very talented, and as she’s getting older she’s fulfilling an image that’s more soulful rather than being an anorexic media sex puppet.

  75. misstrishm says:

    @ Jamie I thought the same thing. She does look like Cyndi Lauper. I don’t care what she looks like she has more talent then I ever will.

  76. Grace says:

    To all of you criticizing her weight…So what if she’s gained weight??? She’s not obese. And even if she was, why is that a reason to tear her apart.

    She used to be so skinny that she looked anorexic. Is that what you want her to look like again?

    That being said, I agree that she should wear something more modest and fix her hair.

  77. snappy81 says:

    She (or someone) should have chosen a different outfit than this spandex/fishnet ensemble. This is exactly the kind of thing the tabloids live for — a celebrity wearing something that she has no business wearing, looking overweight and photographed in the middle of some dance move that just emphasizes all the wrong things. This was a disaster waiting to happen. :(

  78. Shy says:

    That is even worse then Britney during her famous VMA meltdown. At least Britney had an excuse – she was mentally sick. What’s Cristina’s excuse?

    And girl when you gain so many weight you can’t wear that costumes anymore. I never understand this things about celebrities. They have so much money, they can hire the best trainers, go to best gym… How can Cristina look at herself in the mirror and think that this is ok. And then she even wears that sexy outfits. She thinks that she looks sexy?

    This is not even funny. It’s just sad. All the people, her fans just look at her in horror.

  79. Mourning the Death of Music says:


  80. Cerulean says:

    If this was a case of she is larger because she enjoys a good meal then it wouldn’t be so bad. If she dressed reasonably then we’d say well it happens but she looks good.
    This looks like unhealthy bloat and that she’s delusional about what she actually looks like. She looks like a fat, old stripper who works the lunch shift at the bottom of the barrel.

    Get it together girl. You have a child to consider.

  81. tiny teacher says:

    My husband almost cried out in shock and horror when he saw the first picture.

    I certainly hope she gets the help she needs.

  82. dragonlady sakura says:

    When you’re short like that, any weight gain is gonna looked magnified. Still, since her divorce, she’s been off the rails. I hope she gets her crap together because she has a fantastic voice.

  83. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    It’s not weight so much as why. This isn’t food weight. Her face tells that tale. The degree of substance abuse this appears to be could kill her, not just kill her career.
    And by the way, as a mom with an average-shaped body, if it were my job to flaunt said body on a stage in my panties and fishnets for the world to see, you better believe I’d be finding the time for some Pilates. Holy Hell, put down the bottle and put on a pair of running shoes!

  84. Rio says:

    That is serious booze bloat. You can tell from her thighs in the last pic that she’s actually still pretty toned, but she’s just swollen to Hell and back.
    So much of this is just bad styling. Just because you CAN wear something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  85. Nick says:

    I’m chocolate colored with kinky hair and married and had a baby with a white guy. Our daughter has pale skin and straight hair. People typically assume I am her nanny when they meet us. So MJs kids not having darker skin means nothing. Sometimes the other genes win out.

    That aside, I think those kids look just like the boy from Oliver.

  86. shea says:

    Its Xtina Aguillera?!
    I thought its a bloating CINDI LAUPER!

  87. Tazina says:

    Maybe she’ll look at these photos and actually be shocked at how she looks and decide to do something about it. Perhaps it is booze bloat. She is carrying a lot of weight in those thighs. I’m guessing she weighs about 135 and only because she’s short.

  88. Victoria says:

    I go back and forth on the MJ paternity issue. Blanket does seem to have his eyes and Prince has vitiligo and Paris definitely “looks” biracial to me.

    But Klein’s eyes: kinda see that in Prince. And yet skin color and eye color have nothing to do with whether the kids belong to Michael though in the biological sense. And I wish people would get a clue about it. Being mixed means there a billion combinations that could come into play from both sides of the family tree.

    I also hate that those of us who have backed Michael, followed the case and not the facts about it better than most folk, are having to share his loving memory with people totally deserted him when he needed support the most. I hope they rot in hell each and everyone of them.

    MJ forever.

  89. Addie says:

    Hopefully now people can stop coming up with tribute concerts for Michael.
    It is reaching over kill at this point and is such an obvious money making tactic.
    Let the man rest now.

    Also I *personaly* don’t believe Prince, Paris and Blanket were Michael’s bio children. But were his kids in every other way that counts.(I am bi racial and usually spot fellow mixed race people)

    Also wish that the Jackson family would let the kids be kids out of the spotlight. Grow to adults and then choose for themselves as ADULTS what they will do with their lives.

  90. lambchops says:

    Weight gain or no weight gain, at a certain age, it’s time to hang up the fishnets and leather short shorts look. It just is. Are you listening, Madonna?

  91. Shy says:

    The right word for Cristina is Delusional. You can see it by the way she dresses. If you gain weight then go and dress up as Queen Latifa or Adele or other.

    But Cristina continues to wear those sexy outfits. And she is not sexy anymore. That dress when she covered up was appropriate and normal. But that first one shows that she is delusional and thinks that she is still sexy.

    And I watched yeaterday her old performance of Hurt on VMA… I just literally wanted to cry. How she could flash in toilet that person.

  92. Sara says:

    It’s interesting that all of the pop stars (Brittany, Christina, Lindsey ect.) seem to eventually do through a period where they gain lots of weight and have drug and alcohol problems.

  93. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh those poor kids. Shoved up on stage at a (money-making) memorial for their father.

  94. Nibbi says:

    I think it sucks that we’re ripping her up on this site for gaining weight. I think it is a HUGE stretch to say she doesn’t look “healthy,” Kaiser. I mean I generally think that when I see people who are actually obese- she just seems a little round, maybe bloated. I think she DEFINITELY still looks better than Luke Wilson, and on here everyone was all “oh, I still love him.” What sexist BS. If I’d agree that she looks rough here, it’s more for her hair and makeup, which are more easily fixable than 30s-related weight gain.

  95. Danmor9 says:

    She has really turned into a HOG!

  96. vicky says:

    It seems that I am looking at Edith Massey in Pink Flamingo!!!

  97. Jazz says:

    Good gravy. She looks like a cross between Divine and Cyndi Lauper.

  98. ShanKat says:

    I’m not going to rip her for gaining weight…she’s five foot nothing, I’m sure it doesn’t take much to start Snooki-ing.

    The hair, m/u and wardrobe are hard to excuse, though. If she looked pulled together and cleaner, it would be easier to focus on her singing. This look is a mess. I hope she pulls herself out of whatever “this” is.

    I was under the impression Michael Jackson’s 2 older children were genetically Debbie Rowe and Dr. Klein’s. Dr. Klein was my derm when I was a teenager, and those kids look a LOT like them. Prince is a ringer for AK. Blanket looks miserable. Poor lost kid.

  99. MSat says:

    How many friggin’ memorials/tribute concerts does one dead guy need? God, I’m so sick of hearing about it, Piers Morgan talks about it every night on his show. The guy is dead, he was a freak, can we all move on?

  100. Judy says:

    Could have done without that crotch shot this early in the morning. UGH.

  101. Sue says:

    Nibbi@ Why does it sucks that we’re ripping her up on this site for gaining weight? People do it every day on this site and every other site do the same to celebrities who are thin.

  102. mamakowalska says:

    I remember an interview where the dark-haired sister from Heart said when she gained a lot of weight she really didn’t see it…………It must be the same here…………She looks OK with the longer skirt……..but doing the “I’m taking a poop squat” in a girdle is just awful…….

    The wig is insane looking……….

    Maybe she will see these photo’s and make a commitment to get herself together again.

  103. mamakowalska says:

    It’s no sin to gain weight…..but you should change your dressing to flatter yourself……it’s like she’s in a time warp of her old self…….and she needs to move into another mode..

  104. Nibbi says:

    @Sue: yeah i’m saying it sucks that ‘we do it every day on this website,’ etc. Just because something happens all the time doesn’t mean it sucks any less. What I’m saying is that the sexism of it sucks, which is what I meant by contrasting the treatment of her here with the treatment of Luke Wilson, who to me looks like for his stature has gained a heck of a lot more weight. Finally, commenting like, “whoa, she looks rough, poor Cristina” is one thing; calling her a hog and being downright nasty about her weight is another. i just feel like ripping on women about their weight to the degree we do is another manifestation of sexism. It’s saying, “women should always have their weight at the forefront of their minds,” while men just don’t have the same pressure. We see a fat Luke Wilson, and say oo cuddly more to love, etc. It *sucks.*

  105. Addie says:


    I Hate how they bring out poor Blanket. Watching the video, you could see he did not want to be there, he seems really unhappy.

    Prince & Paris seem to want to go the entertainment route too, but they need to learn something from their dad, there is a new voice recording of Michael talking to his Dr plainly saying “I HAD NO CHILDHOOD’ THIS caused a lot of problems for him in later years.
    These kids should grow up first, then decide their next step.

  106. Jezi says:

    You think her stylists are pissed at her? That’s the only thing I could think of, cause she looks like shit!

  107. F5 says:

    I’d still take this Xtina over that annyoing Adele any day!

  108. Y says:

    Christina’s weight gain could be to some unknown or unreported medical issue. Steroids cause extreme face bloat, she could be ill and either treating it and not talking about it (her right) or ill and ignoring it. Even if its weight gain due to poor dietarty or alcohol comsumption, I find it interesting that she is ignoring her body type and isn’t facing reality that flattering clothes would help to stop all of the chatter about her body. Unless she wants us to talk about it.

  109. anjasmomma says:

    Some of y’all need a little more sugar in your cereal. Yes Xtina looks bloated and terrible in what she is wearing BUT she is not as fat as a lot of commenters are making her sound. In 2 weeks she could lose the bloat.

  110. Kim says:

    Reminds me of Britneys disatrous MTV comeback outfit.

    Sadly Christina looks bloated from alcohol. Its a different look than weight gain. Its more just puffy/bloat that drinking to much gives you.

    She also needs to lose the harsh makeup. She looks like Cruella De Ville. Her hair and makeup could be much improved and make her look way more put together.

  111. CornQueen says:

    She has an amazing voice. She looks beautiful. Not everyone has to be stick thin. Im positive she is skinnier than most people looking at her pictures. Give her a break.

  112. mollination says:

    I don’t particularly care about Aguilera, but it is kind of sad that she has so lost it after her divorce. I remember her saying (in a True Hollywood Story, or something of that nature) that because of her tumultuous childhood she need a stabling force in her life and she couldn’t believe how much he filled that role and was her rock.

    Now, my take, is I think there can be too much of a good thing and she got tired of the steady consistency. She probably got bored/lost the attraction to him. And this, apparently, is her version of what “fun” looks like when you live your life in a series of up-down-extremes. Poor guy must have spent a lot of work keeping her calm.

  113. g dawg says:

    omg she looks like Snooki in a ratty blonde wig

  114. skuddles says:

    Christina, this will be difficult, but you need to stand naked in front of a mirror STAT! A great big mirror with side mirrors so you can see yourself from every angle. Then you need to get yourself a sobriety coach. After that I suggest you hire a new stylist. And hairdresser. And makeup artist. And maybe get yourself a new boy-toy while you’re at it. Such a talent but the booze is not only distorting her figure, it appears to be distorting her perception horribly. She must think she looks good in this sausage casing or she wouldn’t have worn it right???

  115. tsktsk says:

    The most talented is ALWAYS the most effed up. Just look at history. It makes sense she was there to honor MJ.

  116. gg says:

    Even though it’s a girdle, doesn’t mean it does the whole job, Snookie.

  117. GT says:

    Damn. I’m not one to usually criticize but the first thing I saw was that rat’s nest. It’s fine to put on some pounds but if her hair would have been done nice and her costume more apppopriate it wouldn’t have been such a train wreck.Where is her stylist????

  118. LuckyLilGem says:

    Omg, how long did it take for her to gain on this weight? If there ever was inspiration to go to the gym, this “after” pic is it.

  119. ZenB!tch says:

    Xtina, honey, you look like me trying to look sexy….wait are those my spanx?? Difference is 1. I’m 10 years older than you and 2. I can’t afford a trainer. However, I have decided that this will be my year and I have been grouponing my way across LA’s yoga and Pilates studios. Soon I’ll look like you did. That’s not good for you career.

  120. Hakura says:

    @RocketMerry – “Now that I think about it, there was a blind sometime ago about a pop star who was going to fake going all Britney (you know, meltdown, weight gain and stuff) to regain some popularity. I really don’t know whether to hope it’s her or not.

    I would be incredibly disappointed in Christina if she were to do that. (Granted her behavior of late has all been disappointing already). But I would’ve hoped she’d be sober enough to realize that while Britney’s lack of any real singing ability meant she HAD to pull a stunt to achieve a comeback….She herself (Christina) has an incredible voice that her fans always appreciate more than anything else.

    @Leetruth“She looked a mess in her first outfit but she has more talent in her little finger than Beyonce, Katy, Rihanna and Gaga combined. A true VOICE.

    I feel that Christina has a ‘one of a kind’ voice, but I honestly think Lady Gaga has a lot of (vocal) potential. (If you hear the way she sang with Tony Bennet in “The Lady Is A Tramp“, you’ll see what I mean). I was so shocked. It appears to me that she exaggerates & changes her voice in most of her songs, (as well as overly focusing on making herself look as strange as possible) not living up to what she could really accomplish vocally.

    @Mary Jones“She gained some weight but she is not as fat as all of you are implying. I’d like all of you to post pictures so we can all bash your fat butts. I’m sure most are twice as fat as her. “

    We’re on a site called ‘Celebitchy‘. People are allowed to make observations & express their opinions. You don’t have to agree, but you also don’t have to be so unpleasant towards others just because you disagree.