Kelsey Grammer says RHOBH was his “parting gift” to Camille; curses out producer

For as insufferable and up her own ass Camille Grammer seemed on the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, came across much worse. Kelsey left Camille and their two children in California while he went to New York to do a play, knocked up a much younger stewardess and promptly dumped Camille (maybe not in that order, but pretty close). He married the flight attendant as soon as his divorce with Camille went through. Kelsey didn’t let Camille know that he had one foot out the door when he left for New York and she started filming her reality show. It wasn’t until months later, during the Tony Awards that he had her attend with him, that he let her know he wanted out but still expected her to play the doting wife for the cameras. Only now Kelsey is rewriting history and he claims that the RHOBH was his “parting gift” to Camille. I thought his parting gift was making her go as his date with him to the Tonys and then proceeding to make obnoxious references to his mistress.

Kelsey Grammer stopped by the Australian morning show “Sunrise” Tuesday to dish on his new show, “Boss,” and — reluctantly — his recent divorce from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Camille Grammer.

The couple’s relationship woes played out in the spotlight, thanks to Camille’s role on the “Housewives” reality show. When asked about Camille’s frequent remarks about the split, Grammer said: “In my mind [the show] was my parting gift to her. It was a very difficult marriage and a very difficult decade. I thought, ‘So long, here’s a present for you.’”

Ongoing drama including custody battles, gag orders and Grammer’s marriage a few days after his divorce to flight attendant Kayte Walsh has kept the former couple in the media spotlight. The TV stars were married for 14 years before they split in February 2011.

Grammer was allegedly miffed that the talk show aired footage of himself and his ex-wife in happier times. According to a report by “confidential reporters” at Australia’s Herald Sun, Grammer reportedly blasted “Sunrise” producer Mark Beirne following the segment, calling Beirne “a vile person” and “a sick dog.” The report also claims that Grammer threw profanities at the producer after coming off the air.

[From the Huffington Post]

So Kelsey may have thought that, but he didn’t have the courtesy to tell that to his wife after “a very difficult decade” until he’d already moved in with his mistress. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Camille but that was super cold and mean the way he dumped her.

Also, did you read that about how he got all pissy and swore and called the producer names after that interview? He’s got this veneer of class, but he’s one of the most petty nasty bastards when it comes down to it. Look at what he did to Camille and how he’s laughing about it now.

In related news, TMZ reports that Kelsey is trying to slap Camille with a gag order for an impromptu interview she gave a paparazzo when she was out with their son. She said that she was taking the kids to their activities and answered that his favorite sports were tennis, soccer and skateboarding. It was all pretty innocent but Kelsey doesn’t want her allowing their children to be filmed by the press. It was fine for him to later bring both of the kids to paparazzi hotspot Boa, though.

Kelsey talks about the Real Housewives at 4:20 below.





Kelsey and his new wife are shown on 10/6/11. Camille is shown on 9/22/11. Credit: WENN and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Rita says:

    He’s a good actor for tv sits but an insufferable insensitive crank.

  2. MJ says:

    Both of them are total assholes. Those poor kids will be scarred for life.

  3. Diane says:

    Team Camille all the way

  4. SkyNet says:

    I’m rally disappointed in him. I grew up watching him on Cheers and then Fraiser. I thought he seemed like a pretty solid guy. Especially after he gave those speeches and interviews about not being able to have kids and having to get a surrogate mother. I felt bad for them. Now I just seem him as a huge d-bag who needs to get over himself. Fraiser was 10 years ago. What have you really done since?

  5. Lynne says:

    Isn’t this the guy who only wanted custody of one of his kids?

  6. po says:

    At the end of the day these two were able to stay together a long time. They’ve got a lot in common. They’ve both got major douche tendencies.

  7. juli says:

    You know, I really liked him. Really. I am so disappointed in how he treated her. I mean, he married her, he made that decision. I hate it when men justify the horrible way in which they leave their wives high and dry, but saying, “but they were so difficult- they were so terrible” like that makes it okay to screw them over? You made that bed….

  8. Jayna says:

    Both are no catch. Camille is laying low this season and rehabing her image, but last season she showed her true colors. what a pretentious woman. She keeps leaking stuff to the press, TMZ, which I don’t think is being a good mother. Kelsey hates Camille b/c of all her gay remarks and penis remarks. He’s a jerk for how he ended it. But the marriage was over for years. She told Howard they had discuused seeing people outside the marriage several years b/f he left her, which would enable them to stay together for the children. She admitted she agreed to it but then it never happened. Kelsey needs to grow up and put the kids first.

  9. CT says:

    Is it horrible that I now think, “Well, Camille had to live with that asshole for over ten years. No wonder she’s so insufferable.”

    Probably. Yes.

  10. Dee says:

    Doesn’t anyone care to show that they love their kids far more than they hate their EX? How refreshing that would be…

  11. lucy2 says:

    They both seem awful. I think he has major issues that he needs help with.

  12. Dani says:

    People stay in loveless marriages for a lot of reasons. The whole way he left the marriage in such a public way, flaunting his relationship was really mean. Mean to his kids more than anyone else. He comes off as a total narcissist and devoid of any sensitivity on that level. I hate when people put their kids in the middle of a nasty divorce. Camille has her faults too but looks good in comparison to Kelsey.

  13. Rhiley says:

    Camille actually seems a lot better this season. That creepy male friend of hers isn’t on the show anymore, and the only friend we have seen is DD, who pretty much keeps her mouth shut unless Camille commands her to talk. I am sure the real crazy will come out but somehow she is looking a lot more sane post divorce. Also, I think she really does love her children and tries to be a hands-on parent whereas Kelsey wants to split them up and only wants to be a father when it is convenient for him.

  14. Jayna says:

    Rhiley, Camille said the only reason she was coming back for the second season was to rehabilitate her image. She has toned herself down purposefully. I have no doubt she’s a good mom. But great mom? Last season she bragged about having four nannies for her two kids. LOL Great mom, no. Though I think she has been the stability for her children this past year since Kelsey has been little more than a long-distance father.

  15. Chris says:

    They really deserve each other….totally self absorbed and stupid.

    The line “poor Camille” is getting pretty old though. She was obviously not committed to the relationship (her boy toy) as he was (leaving her behind).

    What a bunch of morons! But they both got what they wanted (for a short period) him a stupid bimbo with fake tits, her a guy with money. Yuck!!!

  16. Jackson says:

    I think he is a pompous, insufferable prick but his new show Boss looks great. And I love that black dress that Camille is wearing. Anybody know anything about it?

  17. Eleonor says:

    Kayte Walsh should pay a lot of attention on this mess, she could (will?) be the next.

  18. Jezi says:

    He’s an asshole. Nothing more you can say about him. I can’t stand his double standard. He can throw his kids into the limelight but Camille can’t. Whatever. Loser.

  19. april says:

    Team Camille. I think he’s the most disgusting ex-husband on the planet.

  20. Sasha says:

    I’m not on the hate Camille bandwagon because I do believe that Camille acted the way she did season 1 because she was stressed/worried/feeling insecure about what was up with Kelsey and her marriage. As she began to discover what was going on her attitude toward the others totally changed — not that she was *happy* to be dumped after 14 years of marriage without so much as a fare-thee-well — but at least she *knew* what was going on. I’ve been through it & trust me — knowing something is wrong with your marriage but not knowing what it is, is a lot more nerve-wracking then knowing. I’m cutting Camille slack.

    Kyle, OTOH, has no excuse for her behavior this season or last.

  21. The Original Ashley says:

    How sad for Camille that not only does her husband leave her, but he leaves her for a dog. That’s gotta make a woman insecure. But she [Camille] looks great in those shots. She’s never looked better. I guess getting rid of Kelsey was the best thing for her.

  22. Lairen says:


  23. Chris says:

    That “Dog” probably is ten times the woman Camille is, which isn’t hard by the way.

  24. Tiffany S says:

    @Lynne, yep! Team Camille! I wasn’t a fan at all at the beginning of the show, but I think she is, oddly, more sure of herself post-divorce. Maybe it’s because she and Kyle buried the hatchet and she feels more comfortable in the group, but I feel like none of the drama on the show really gets to her. Maybe because what Kelsey did was so horrible that everything seems insignificant and petty after separating from her children’s father, and in such a humiliating way. She’s dealt with the divorce with dignity, as far as I can tell from the show, and I think she’s a pretty decent human being and good mom.

  25. lin234 says:

    @Jayna- I completely agree with you. She constantly made stupid remarks about how wealthy she was and her reality was very different from what we saw. For instance, she would complain about being SOOOOO busy while discussing with her house manager everything the manager had already done. Her so-called friends were all people she hired and paid for.

    I find it funny he thinks the reality show was a gift to her because she was completely destroyed in the press over her behavior in the show. Her porn past came out too. When she was negotiating about going back on the show, part of the terms was that the show had to make her look good.

    As for Kayte Walsh, she’s already won. A millionaire several times divorced married her without a pre-nup. What man is that naive these days other than Kelsey? She’s set for life either way.

    Even with Camille’s plastic surgery, she still looks better than Kayte.

  26. Camille says:

    He is disgusting.

  27. ShanKat says:

    His parting gift was that he departed.

    The 50 mil was a totally decent party favor, though.

    I worked at Paramount during the “Frasier” era. Their writer’s room faced our soundstage entrance, and whenever Kelsey was in the room, giving tedious, actordouche “notes” for the rewrite, he had the Frasier PA’s stand outside the big picture window and shush everyone who had the nerve to speak as they were walking past.

    Man did the people who work on that show have awesome “Kelsey is such a dick” stories.

    Camille was always a peach. With a razor-sharp sense of humor.

  28. Becky says:

    I’m not a fan of Camille, but what a douche! What was the point of making the comment about RHOBH being a “parting gift?” There was no need for that. He really is a dick. No amount of money would be worth having to fake affection and sleep with that asshole on a regular basis. It’s sad-it seems like there’s no shortage of women out there (i.e. Kelsey’s new wife) who are more than happy to marry significantly older douchebags for money. There’s no way she’d be with him if it wasn’t for the money.

  29. Kim says:

    Wow he really gives new meaning to the word douche bag. A rough decade? Then why didnt he divorce her yrs ago? He had children with and stay married to her. why?

    Couldnt be the money because the longer he stayed with her and having children just added to what he would have to pay her in the end.

    So why did he stayed married to her?

    Did he want to look like a family man? Is he gay and marriage is cover up? Interesting.

  30. Auds says:

    The producer of Sunrise is – according to rumour – walking on egg shells, apparently doesn’t get on with the show’s host.

    Anyway Grammer is good on TV. Beyond that, he seems to be a very troubled man who needs a lifetime of counselling.

  31. RovingLass says:

    I get the feeling he just wants someone new to mold into his perfect wife. Wait until we see Kayte with implants and plastic surgery and 10 years into it she will be be insufferable too. blech.

  32. denise says:

    Frasier was once my favorite sitcom. Haven’t watched it since this divorce.

    I really don’t care to hear his side. When you are married with kids you don’t drop your wife.

    Camille, you look so much better this season. Good for you. Things happen for a reason and you should be happy it is over.