Katherine Heigl at the Elle Women in Hollywood event: much improved or manic?

We’re covering the fashion of last night’s Elle’s Women in Hollywood event in three different posts as there were so many celebrities there. Kaiser has already mentioned Jennifer Aniston’s hot dress along with some of the other big names, Like Reese Witherspoon and Evan Rachel Wood. I’ll be covering some of the other celebrities here along with my favorite TV personalities.

First off we have Katherine Heigl in a beaded little black dress. It’s a bit “mature” looking, but it’s not bad at all for her. She looks very good, if kind of crazed here. I like what she’s done with her short hair too. Her husband Josh Kelly came with her and looked almost as thrilled to be there. After seeing these photos, I’m convinced that things are fine with them.



Jayma Mays in a one-shoulder ruched blue dress with ruffle detail. Compared to some of the horribly frumpy things she’s worn on the red carpet, this was a vast improvement. Her hair is gorgeous and that sideswept looked is popular now. Her eye makeup is a little overdone, but overall this was a win for Jayma.



Busy Phillips looked a little goofy with that very tight, very high little bun on her head. I want to give her a pass for just looking so happy and cute though. She’s adorable in this very simple black dress paired with silver jewelry. What was she thinking with those purple shoes?



Matthew McConaughey’s squeeze Camila Alves had her pose on in a navy blue polka dot retro-style dress. She used to be a model, so I guess that could explain her sourpuss face. I love the dress, hair and makeup. The shoes and purse aren’t my favorite.



Erika Christensen of “Parenthood” looked really drab. I love her on that show, she’s one of my favorite actresses. What happened to her here? I wear more makeup and do more to my hair to go to the store on a daily basis. She’s a Scientologist I’m sorry to say, but she was raised in it. Also, here’s her date:




In contrast, Gillian Jacobs from another one of my shows, “Community,” was way overdone. The bottom half of that dress would be cute with a nice solid color panel at the top, but the contrasting patterns and colors are just ridiculous. Paired with that makeup and poofy hair and she looks unhinged.



Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s costar in the upcoming Rum Diaries, was a study in color. I’m perplexed at how an otherwise gorgeous girl can pair a form-fitting pepto pink dress with matte scarlet lips, brown eyeshadow, too-yellow hair and black t-strap heels and end up looking like this. It’s like all the lovely parts are there, but they don’t work together.



Elizabeth Olsen wore a silver tent-like Calvin Klein gown. It doesn’t do much for her, but I love how genuinely happy she looks here, and her makeup is so striking.



Abigail Breslin is still only 15! I can’t believe it, as I had to look it up and assumed she was 17-something by now. She had on a very tasteful loose orange dot dress paired with a canary colored clutch and nude heels. She’s wearing too much makeup for her age, but she looks cute here.



Naomi Watts in a nude-colored v-neck gown. The color washes her out, but she looks so hot. I love her hair and makeup, except her mascara is really clumpy. That’s happened to me when I let a makeup counter person do my mascara. I expect Naomi had something similar happen with her makeup artist.



photo credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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  1. jc126 says:

    She looks downright crazed. Her face reminds me of Britney Spears.
    I think the body language is quite tense on her husband, like he’s afraid she’s going to go off.

  2. normades says:

    This is a good look for Heigal. Her curves look great in this dress. I actually like the hair too.

    Jayma: Wayyyy too overdressed.

    Amber Heard: Love the red lipstick with pink dress. But she should have worn nude, not black shoes.

    Elizabeth Olsen: Face so pretty, dress very unflattering and drab.

    I have no idea who this Gillian Jacobs person is, but she looks downright mental.

  3. tracking says:

    There’s something about Heigl that always looks matronly to me, can’t put my finger on it. Amber Heard’s color scheme is striking and has a kind of avant-garde effect. A different choice would have been too girly and boring vs. sophisticated. I love it.
    Naomi Watts looks lovely and classic as always, but a bit of a snooze.

  4. Liz says:

    whoah, that dress Eli Olsen is wearing is extremely unflattering – still manages to look pretty, somehow, though…

  5. Faye says:

    Jayma Mays’ and Heigl’s dresses are by far the best, but Heigl has sort of a crazed look about her.

  6. brin says:

    She looks crazed but she looks good.
    Abigail looks cute and everyone else is either overdone or underdone.

  7. DesertRose says:

    Heigl does almost look manic, a little too much something in the eyes and smile, but her and Josh do look happy.
    I love Amber Heard, think she is astoundingly pretty, but that pink dress was a bad choice.
    I also love Gillian on Community, but she does look a little crazy lol

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    tracking – It’s her hair. She got it cut like her mother’s. But it does look better here than it has in awhile.

  9. Mikki says:

    KH always looks rather manic to me, but I will say her dress looks good in comparison to the weird selections of the rest of these ladies! Seriously…they all look bad! Why is that??

  10. gee says:

    Everyone looked bad… Something was off about each person.

  11. ladybert62 says:

    Dont like any of the dresses but that Camila lady is absolutly beautiful – she must suck the air out of the room when she walks in!

  12. Happy21 says:

    I think that Katherine Heigel has a great bod and she never seems to show it off. Its like she’s self conscious. Maybe she is. Its human so maybe she is. The dress isn’t awful though. Jayma Mays is overdressed but looks cute. All of the other dresses are terrible. Naomi Watts needs help with mascara wand. Her lashes are all clumpy.

  13. cmc says:

    I love that Elizabeth Olsen eats food.

  14. Dana says:

    I didn’t recognize Gillian. I love Community so much, it is one of my few must watch shows. And not just for Joel McHale.

  15. Fandancer says:

    Jayma Mays’ pinky toe is searching for traction on the carpet. That always make me cringe.

  16. ZenB!tch says:

    Naomi and the girl in the pink look nice but most of them look frumpy.

    I can’t stand Heigl so that could be coloring my opinion but she is like Christina Hendricks in that she has no clue what to do with her (more normal sized) curves.

  17. Vanden says:

    hard to believe Abigail Breslin and Kendall Jenner are the same age! Abigail looks more like her age though. Gillian Jacobs, just no.

    Elizabeth Olsen has such a cute smile and i love what Jayma Mays is wearing, looks like her toe is awkwardly poking out of her shoe though!

  18. Blue says:

    Wow, that list went downhill quickly. I don’t know why all these chicks think they can wear red lips. It’s not for everyone, especially Camila with her mouth open. Heigl looked a bit tipsy to me.

  19. Tazina says:

    Camila is so beautiful.

  20. F5 says:

    wow Naomi looks wrinkled.. gorgeous but wrinkled.
    Wish they hired Heigl for Marylin movie ( as much as I can’t stand her) she has the features.
    Olsen girl is gorgeous

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