Brad & Angelina have up to six nannies

Running Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s family probably requires some sort of expert with an MBA or something. It’s one complicated setup. The family of 8 requires up to 20 cars for their clan and team of childcare professionals and security personnel – along with up to six nannies at a time! That’s one per kid. According to MSNBC they’ve tried to keep it real and make do with as few as four, but ultimately weren’t able to do it.

What does it take to keep the Jolie-Pitt household running smoothly? A fleet of cars and a half-dozen nannies, for starters.

“We’ve provided them with more than 20 Volkswagens while they’re here in Berlin,” Mya Walters, a public-relations manager for the car company, told Life & Style magazine.

The magazine reports that the Pitt-Jolie Berlin digs also have a dinner table that seats 16 — that’s just a couple extra seats when you factor in their own family of eight and the six nannies the couple sometimes requires

During their recent trip to New Orleans, the magazine reports that they tried to make do with four nannies, but needed to fly in an additional two to combat the chaos.

Don’t judge: it’s all for the sake of the family. Family friend Wyclef Jean said, “They make plenty of time for the kids, they’re great parents.”

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

One nanny per kid seems sort of excessive. I could certainly see how 2 or 3 might be necessary when they’re at home, but damn. Six is a lot. It makes sense that they might need that many nannies anytime the kids are out in public or there’s a safety issue. One adult per kid (and how many bodyguards?) probably makes sense. Obviously they can afford it and have the right to raise their kids however they want, and it probably minimizes what would otherwise be an extremely stressful situation.

Here’s Brad and Angelina loading up the kids in Nice, France on October 8th. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Meh. I’ve been suspicious of Courtney Hazlett and “The Scoop” since the initial Aniston/Mayer break-up. I think her sources are exclusively Pity Party Patrol.

    Angie’s said in interviews they have like four people helping, right? Not every “helper” is a “nanny”.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    each child gets their own personal servant……anyone see the contradictions here…….?

    Oh, I forgot, if you question, that makes you a ‘hater’

  3. KateNonymous says:

    Having worked briefly as a nanny, I’ve long held that the ideal ratio is 3 adults to 1 toddler.

  4. bros says:

    I also doubt this story is all true. 20 cars? 6 nannies? hmmm. also makes it seem like wyclef commented on specifically this story, but I think that quote came from an earlier interview or comment.

  5. Kris R says:

    do people really care about this?

  6. Feebee says:

    Unless all “nannies” are working 16 hour shifts, I’d assume that while there may indeed be 6 nannies, not all 6 are on duty at the same time. Just a thought.

  7. vdantev says:

    Xaio- do you need a group hug too?

    Have up to six nannies, not have six nannies. Solves the big mystery of how AJ is able to sleep and travel all over the world.

  8. geronimo says:

    Good. Already been said. Up to six, sometimes six. Nothing to get excited about here.

  9. daisy424 says:

    Good for them 😀

  10. texasmom says:

    I’m with Kaiser — not everyone who helps with the kids is necessarily a nanny. If they are home-schooling and have tutors, that could be a couple right there. Then they’ve got two newborns, so that could be a day nanny and a night nanny, that’s another two. Throw in someone for helping out during the day, and someone to babysit when they go out. There’s six. That is more support than almost anyone else would ever have, but it isn’t stark raving mad, or one personal lackey per child or anything like that.

    One story that DID bug me is one that I read about the W photos that Brad took. It sounded like he has a personal assistant who does nothing but procure boutique-y film stock for his photography hobby!

  11. Susan says:

    I thought she was “exhausted” from taking care of the children? 🙄

  12. pamela says:

    So? Heidi Klum has three children, and has as many nannies.

  13. nag says:

    I can’t take them seriously…

  14. Mairead says:

    What feebee said – the nannies/helpers would have to have to be on a work roster, to take into account days off, holidays, working days or where they’re all travelling.

    Oh wait no, I forgot, this is Angelina – naturally she’s kidnapping people from the developing world and forcing them to work in slave-conditions 🙄

    3 adults for 1 toddler Kate, surely you jest? I’d have had it at least 5 – including one whose job is to have a permanent supply of painkillers and Gin&Tonics 😉

  15. someone says:

    I wouldn’t doubt this story for a minute…

  16. Baholicious says:

    Brangelina is only a hot topic because Americans don’t have a Royal Family to pick on 😉

  17. persia says:

    texasmom and kaiser sound logical.. i doubt any of the UP TO six are on 24/7 and with newborn twins, the homeschool issue, and the number of kids in general… i can see how that works

  18. Kaiser says:

    My Lord, so many logical posts. What is this world coming to? 😆

    Agree with all who made the point about tutors. And since I’m not a mother, enlighten me, yummy mummys – if you could afford it, how long would you have kept a full-time nurse (or two, or three) on staff after giving birth to twins and having a difficult recovery from a C-section?

  19. clare says:

    It makes sense with all the outside activities she and Brad have to do to maintain their standard of living.
    The kids seem like normal kids.

  20. Cinderella says:

    Can’t hate her for having hired help. If I had her cash, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  21. cara says:

    If I had the cash….mine would be in year round boarding schools.

    Kids, no matter how “cool” you are, will drive you insane.

  22. Granger says:

    Kaiser, I had a rather difficult c-section (placenta previa, lots of blood, sooooo not pretty) — a single birth but I had a toddler at home — and damn, if I could have afforded full-time help for at LEAST six weeks, I would have taken it in a heartbeat!

  23. daisy424 says:

    Wow Granger, sorry to hear what a hard time you had, hope you’re okay now. 😯

    Kaiser, speaking for myself, I would have kept help in the way of a cook, maid, nanny, etc. until they are 18 😀

  24. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Hell I would STILL have a nanny and my only child is 13, LOL!

    Yeah, if I could have afforded it actually I would have had people to do everything else BUT the baby full-time and then I’d have someone help me with the baby part-time. Those first few months are a beast. And that was just one child. Six? Fuggedaboutit. I read this article and thought “hell yeah, I’d do the same thing.” I’d have twelve nannies, ROFL!

  25. debra77 says:

    Why do people believe every thing that is written about this couple. Lets get a grip, and realize that this story is most likely untrue, like all the other million stories written. I wish someone would find and list all true stories and lies written about them. I do feel that the lies will way out weigh the truth. Are there not other celebs to pic on… I can name at least 30.

  26. Shane says:

    I can’t believe they would have only 6 nannies. Thank God they have more than they used to. I knew 4 nannies would not cut it.

    They need at least 1 per child, times 3. They need 24 minimum. To work in shifts, and have time off.

    Why? Because they can so very easily afford it financially. Raising kids is exhausting. And Brad and Angie work both professionally and philanthropically. They deserve quality time with their kids, not constant chaos and exhaustion.

  27. Codzilla says:

    I can handle the kids (granted I only have two, not six), but a housekeeper and a cook would be OUTSTANDING. Hell, I’d be in heaven if someone just came in to vacuum and clean the kitchen everyday.

  28. hatuh says:

    I’m not a fan, in fact, I would probably be considered a hater, but I don’t see anything wrong with the 6 nannies. It’s like a big daycare. They should adopt more and hire more nannies. At least they can save some kids from poverty and illness. That said, they really bug me. Looks like the only time they don’t have a bunch of nannies around is when the cameras are around.

  29. Buttercup says:

    If I could afford it I’d have one nanny- but really only to change diapers/nappies, the rest I can deal with 😆 .

  30. hatuh says:

    I’d like to have someone clean my house and cook. And a driver, too, I hate driving. I wouldn’t let anyone else take care of my kids, though.

  31. mojoman says:

    I’d be more skeptical if they said they DONT have nannies/helpers for the kids. The fact that they do is more logical and being honest in my book (you hear that J-Lo?). Plus they can afford it, why the heck not?

  32. Yourself says:

    I always knew it was a glorified orphanage.

    Why does she always pretend to have no nannies? They go an extra mile to show that they are hands on. It is ridiculous, she can’t even cook or do house work. She said she did not have any help apart from two people who came in from time to time. And she had just had a c-section with twins.

    BTW Why do their kids seem dirty all the time? I know they are kids but other celeb kids look clean. Brangelina kids have greasy hair, dirty clothes and dirty nails all the time. Even for the magazine shoots.

    I hear Brangelina is turning out to be a favourite halloween costume. 😆 Glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks they are a joke.

  33. Lord of Thunder says:

    After reading this, I just want to say BRAVO to all those women out there who manage to have kids and care of them (without a nanny!), keep a career and still have a nice clean home and are able to put food on the table for their families. Truly they are the ones who deserve respect and admiration.

  34. Maritza says:

    Six nannies, ridiculous!

  35. Lizzy says:

    Now now, no one criticize Angelina, obviously she’s a saint. Have/adopt a another child = hire another nanny/mother. And of course this story is false… every story that depicts Saint Angie in a negative light is false, regardless of the source, despite the double standard when applied to other stars…

  36. Granger says:

    Hear, hear, Lord of Thunder! Women rock. 😀

  37. raven says:

    Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have about 6 or 7 adopted kids. The kids are a bit older now, but does anyone know about their household help?

  38. skadanoir says:

    I have one 3 year old and I think she needs 6 nannies. 🙂

    Seriously though. Every time I need to go shopping or run errands I try to bring along a friend (sometimes two) to help keep up with my little one. If I go without them most times I end up going home without getting anything done.

    If I had the resources I would have a live in housekeeper/cook/weekend babysitter. Just someone who would clean the house twice a week, make breakfast and dinner a few nights a week and watch my kid a couple nights a week. Not a everyday, all day kind of thing, but just a little help each day. It would be ideal.