Who should be cast as Grace Kelly in a new Hollywood film?


People have been talking about this for days now, and I apologize that it’s taken me this long to write about it. It seems that a film has just found its funding, and now there will be some kind of Grace Kelly film made. It’s not a bio-pic – thank God. It’s more in the vein of The King’s Speech and My Week With Marilyn and The Queen – showing a famous person through one of the most trying and difficult ordeals of their life. According to Deadline, this Grace Kelly – or rather, Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace – film will: “cover a half-year period in 1962, when French leader Charles De Gaulle and Monaco’s Prince Rainier III were at odds over Monaco’s standing as a tax haven. France gave Monaco six months to reform its tax laws, and the situation escalated. By that time, Kelly (33 at the time) had given up her acting career to become a full time princess, and the film details her political manuevering behind the scenes to save Monaco.”


So… Hollywood producers will be casting a Grace Kelly-type in her 30s to play the real Grace Kelly. And now everybody is in a tizzy about casting. Who should it be? I’ve included my thoughts on some various rumored nominees below. My idea of Grace is… beautiful, obviously. Beautiful, classy, and in no way trashy or budget or busted. Educated, clever AND street-smart. Witty, but not sarcastic. Regal but not patronizing. Elegant. Sassy, without the wink. Basically, there’s no one who could do it.


January Jones. She looks the most like Grace (sort of), but there are issues with January. I think she’s only capable of playing characters who are immature, haughty bitches. Plus, she might be smart in real life (debatable), but she is unable to come across as witty and intelligent on-screen.


Cate Blanchett. If only Cate could play EVERY lady. Ten years ago, Cate would have been the shoo-in. I think she might be too old to be considered at this point, which pains me. She would make a lovely Princess Grace.


Gwyneth Paltrow. Bitch wishes. She probably thinks she’s the lead candidate, and God knows, she might be. I hope producers understand that most people loathe her.


Rebecca Romijn. I just think she’ll be considered for the role at some point, and she’s not even the worse the possibility. She might be too… smiley and goofy, though.


Charlize Theron. Eh. I just don’t see it, personally. With Charlize, there’s always the problem of warmth. As in, she doesn’t have any.


Amber Heard. Just because she’s young and blonde and she has nice boobs – that alone will get her a reading. Plus, she’s like this year’s It Girl. There’s a resemblance to Grace too.


Diane Kruger. Pretty. But too German to play Grace – her accent is so strong! I don’t believe she could lose her accent convincingly.


And finally, Blake Lively. BITCH PLEASE.


UPDATE: I’m adding a few more photos of some of the suggestions you guys have listed. I refuse to acknowledge some of the ladies you’ve named, though. Amy Adams is too petite and cutesy. Emma Watson – are you joking? NO. Of the ladies you’ve come up with, I could maybe see Rosamund Pike, but only with looks. I doubt they would cast anyone but an American for Grace Kelly. Evan Rachel Wood is too young, but she would make an interesting Grace. Michelle Williams is too… hipster, too precious.





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  1. The Original Mia says:

    Rosamund Pike

    I would laugh about Blake Lively if I didn’t think someone in Hollywood would be stupid enough to offer it to her.

  2. Brooke says:

    Actually I think Diane Kruger would do a hell of a job.

  3. AlaskaJoey says:

    What about Naomi Watts?

  4. kay says:

    If I had to, HAD to, from your list, it would be Charlize. At least she is graceful, carries herself well, and can act.

    but this is going to be a disaster. Poor Grace :(

  5. TK says:

    Going out on a total limb here, but what about Eliza Coupe?

  6. layla says:

    Naomi Watts!!!

    Yes I know she’s older … but she doesn’t look it.

  7. teehee says:

    Good God please not Michelle Williams.
    I wonder if Charlene is interested ;)

  8. Reece says:

    “And finally, Blake Lively. BITCH PLEASE.” LMAO

    No idea on this one. Amber Heard does look the most like her, imo.

  9. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I think Michelle Williams would’ve been a better Grace Kelly than Marilyn. But that ship has already sailed.

  10. magslivs says:

    emily deschanel. i don’t know if she has the chops, but she has the jaw bone

  11. Quack! says:

    God,Grace Kelly was really beautiful wasn’t she.I really can’t picture anyone in Hollywood playing her.

  12. Happy21 says:

    Diane Kruger was my first thought…

  13. Marianne says:

    Out of your choices I would go with Amber Heard.

    But I would add Imogen Poots to the list.


    She was in Fright Night, Jane Eyre and 28 weeks later to name a few.

  14. tripmom says:

    I was actually going to say Charlize Theron before I even scrolled down and saw she was a candidate. She’d be absolutely perfect. And if you think she doesn’t have any warmth then you never saw her on Arrested Development. She was absolutely adorable.

  15. leila says:

    I would choose January Jones.
    She might be capable of lot more than
    playing Betty Draper in Mad Men.
    Maybe she would do a great job, if given a chance.
    People write off some celebs so easy and some get a free ride.
    In my opinion her face is amazingly beautiful, just stunning.
    Jolie’s face doesn’t even come close.

  16. cmc says:

    Maybe they’ll use an unknown and we’ll all be pleasantly surprised, and rewarded with a classy, intellingent, and beautiful new celeb. Hopefully.

  17. NotBuyingIt says:

    First person I thought of was Katherine Heigl.

  18. brin says:

    January looks the most like her but she’s too bitchy and not that great an actress.

  19. gee says:

    What about Naomi Watts? Too old?

  20. Q says:

    I think the whole project is a bad idea!

  21. glyrics says:

    Pick any casting couch blonde (which Kelly was) who is devoid of personality but gosh her skin’s perfect! Punch and delete. Who cares?

    What’s the plot? “Known” all over Hollywood, achieves iconic status by marrying a Royal? Hmmm. I’ve heard this story before…

  22. Bermuda Blues says:

    I think that Gwyneth looks the most like Grace, in terms of bone structure. But Gwyneth is too Goopy at this point. She’s “iconic” in her own way, I can’t separate her as an actress from her as a celebrity. Plus Goop is 39! Too Old!

    Cate Blanchett would have been lovely, but she’s also too old now.

    January Jones is the best physical match. I think she would be well cast. I don’t think she’ll get the role however. I have a feeling producers will want someone they can mold into Grace, and January seems to be pretty independent. Plus I’m probably one of the only women in the world who likes January as an actress.

    The rest of these women are just bad matches. None of them would work.

  23. Ms Deb says:

    A year or so ago, there was a woman who was in an Estee’ Lauder commercial. She was a dead ringer for Princess Grace. Wish I knew who she was. Obviously, has not made the “model switch” to acting.

  24. Heatheradair says:

    Evie — I agree! VERY similar features…..

    Too bad Emily Van Camp is a little too young — they have VERY similar features, and that’s an actress that’s still little-known enough not to interfere with the character by way of real-life drama…


  25. Sarah D. says:

    I agree with The Original Mia. Rosamund Pike would be a great choice, she looks like Grace, has the right age and is a fantastic actress.

  26. Talie says:

    I I would say January Jones, Rosamund Pike, Diane Kruger and Amber Heard look the part the most. Some of those ladies would need coaching, in the vocal area.

    I can’t even believe outlets have the nerve to suggest Blake Lively.

  27. Tazina says:

    January Jones. She is beautiful on Mad Men and reminded me of Grace Kelly.

    Blake Lively? – Not even close

  28. trinigirl says:

    Cate Blanchett! The best of the bunch…who cares about her age?

  29. Rhiley says:

    I am going way out on a limb and say Keri Russell. I think there is a resemblance and while Keri certainly doesn’t have all the qualities Kaiser lists she isn’t all over the tabloids either and may be able to pull it off. If she were a little older, Emma Watson could probably pull it off.

  30. podzol says:

    Very improbable since she’s more TV-oriented … but imagine a hair-dyed Alison Brie (Trudie from Mad Men/Annie from Community). Perfection. Or Evan Rachel Wood who channeled Princesse Grace in her Ides of March premiere outfit (Venice)!

  31. layla says:

    After a little more thought on this (yup, its a slow day at work) I like the idea of going with a relatively “unknown” on this.

    Why are the same names brought up again and again and again in this business?!

  32. Abigail says:

    I actually don’t think this is such a disaster. It can’t be worse than the multitude of actresses who have tried, and failed, to capture Marilyn Monroe on screen. At least Grace Kelly did not have a signature way of speaking or moving that would necessarily turn any portrayal of her into a caricature.
    Januray Jones is closest looks-wise, to be sure, but I am not sure she can pull it off. I actually agree that Rosamund Pike would be great – her face has the same softness and serenity as Grace Kelly’s, and she is very talented. But I have to think that with every A-list star going for this project, the studio might cave and select someone with a higher profile.

  33. mssnarnd says:

    GOOP is on the phone with her agent right now.

    What? Tunnel? Tunnel? I can’t hear you.

  34. AZ says:

    Rosamund Pike definitely :)

    Cate Blanchett made a lovely Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator, so I can’t see her as Grace Kelly.

  35. Nev says:

    Ms Deb – maybe you mean Carolyn Murphy? Top model, yeah she works.

  36. Angie says:

    Abbie Cornish (but she is too bland maybe). Jessica Chastain, Doutzen Kroes, Melanie Laurent (better than blake livery, everybody is better than blake).
    This movie is a bad idea. Marylin, now grace, the next will be audrey hepburn with anne hathaway, carey mulligan and natalie portman.

  37. Mere says:

    Totally agree with Ladyballz: Evan Rachel Wood

  38. k says:

    Kruger would do a fine job. She’s not too German.

  39. Lenna says:

    Drew Barrymore!!! As a blond, she resembles her and i think has the acting capability to nail it.

  40. RocketMerry says:

    The Amber Heard chick could do: that picture portrays her as classy, she has a naturally elegant aura. Also, vague resemblance to Grace Kelly and very pretty face. I never saw her act so can’t judge her on that.
    Charlize is a good one also for me, I don’t see a “warmth” problem with her and she could do a good job, with the right amount of work and coaching.
    ABSOLUTELY NOT Blacke. She’s not on the possible list.

  41. Camille says:

    My vote is Jennifer Aniston. She would be just *perfect* for the role.

  42. madpoe says:

    I like Amy Adams.
    If not too “old” there’s Nicole Kidman.
    Right after Watts, would be nice to find someone new all together.

  43. Alexis says:

    Alison Brie is pretty much a comic actress at this point, no? Her face is a little goofy — she is pretty, but I mean, it is. But anyway she and Amber Heard are too young. Why not cast a woman who’s really in her 30′s?

    JJ looks just like her. If the role isn’t very demanding, why not give her the role?

    If it is demanding, maybe Michelle Williams? But she was just Marilyn, right? Maybe Winona Ryder? Maybe they should just go with Cate anyway. She’s 42, but she has good skin. I feel as though the current crop of women in their 30s lacks their Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep — a woman of inarguable talent who gets the great roles and kills them.

    Randomly w/r/t 20somethings, I have no idea why Keira Knightley gets such good roles — if her roles had been distributed among many young actresses we probably could have discovered a truly great female actress — instead we get her wooden acting in all sorts of roles that are obviously beyond her range because she is “pretty in a serious-looking way.” Ugh, Hollywood.

  44. Lady of the Lake says:

    Olivia Wilde – If you put her in blonde hair, you can see the similarities in their bone structure. Could also see Charlize Theron or Abbie Cornish – this is on looks alone. But Jessica Chastain is chameleon-like enough to play her, has similar bone structure, and is a terrific actress for sure.

  45. Annaloo says:

    I second Evan Rachel Wood.

    Gwyneth?? She should play Karen Carpenter if that role is ever presented to her.

  46. NM9005 says:

    That town is full talented, blonde chicks and even if they’re not blond, they can dye the hair. So what would be really cool is to take somebody unknown and give the person a chance to breakthrough. It would be genius since everybody is hoping it’s a famous actress but the stakes would be even set higher if they confuse the audience by giving them somebody completely new so we don’t have any expectations.

  47. Samantha says:

    If January Jones could actually act, I’d say she’s a great choice. But…

    I like the Rosamund Pike suggestion.

    Amber Heard would be a good choice if she were older. She’s got classic Hollywood beauty, but she doesn’t yet have the maturity to pull off Grace Kelly, IMO.

    Same with Evan Rachel Wood. I don’t think she has the gravitas yet.

    Olivia Wilde…I don’t see it. Too thin, too big-jawed, not a good enough actress.

  48. Angie says:

    My favorite are diane kruger, rosamund pikes and charlize theron.
    Amy adams, and evan rachel wood would be great too.
    Emma waton in vogue too is great (but way too young) http://weheartit.com/entry/11612475

  49. ZenB!tch says:

    Cate Blanchett looks younger than Rebecca Romijn – if we could cross Cate with January Jones we would have a match. Cate’s regalness and intelligence with JJ’s looks and coloring but Cate’s nose. JJ has a big nose.

  50. birdie says:

    Too german?? What does that mean? Her accent or what? I feel a little offended..

    Anyway I think Michelle Williams shouldn´t have taken the role of Marilyn and take this role instead. I think she would have been perfect in it.

  51. sierra says:

    @ladyballz I think evan’s beauty is a little too severe for Kelly. Kelly’s beauty is much softer.

  52. Findley says:

    Yes–Evan Rachel Wood, Abbie Cornish, Amy Adams. Blake Lively–ugh.

  53. lucy2 says:

    January looks like Grace, but I don’t think can act beyond Mad Men.
    Charlize would be good, or Amber, or Evan. There’s a lot of pretty blondes, but it’s a tough role to cast no matter what.

    For all the aspects of Grace’s life, they’re making a movie about…Monaco’s tax laws? Zzzz.

  54. L says:

    I agree with Rosamund Pike or Diane Kreuger.

    Although it’s really just a pale copy. I’m semi-hoping they find some terrific unknown off the street.

  55. SamiHami says:

    Michelle Williams? Only if they want everyone to sleep through the movie. She is so dull.

  56. brooklyn says:

    I like January Jones for this role.
    She does a very good job on Mad Men.
    I think she is so beautiful, reminds me of my sister.
    Jones is not very well know which would be an advantage for playing Grace Kelly.
    I think she can do a lot more, if given the opportunity.
    To me she is truly the most stunning women in HW.

  57. Jover says:

    42# Spot on with carolyn murphy but I don’t like the idea and I’m not sure this would even resonate with the younger crowd. But who knows.

  58. Toe says:

    Cate Blanchett would be perfect for the role.
    Gwyneth Paltrow is a close second.
    Rosamund Pike would be a great idea though.

  59. JM says:

    I second the nomination for Drew Barrymore but would also like to throw Reese Witherspoon’s name in the hat.

  60. Lini says:

    I really like Diane Krueger for the role, or maybe Amber Heard. Maybe Rosamund Pike aswell, loved her in “An Education”, but she kind of isn’r pretty enough…

  61. Fabianne says:

    Kirsten Dunst has an aura of Grace Kelly about her in these retro-looking pictures. She’s elegant, feminine, and has a very classic look. She’s entering her 30s, has proven herself acting-wise, and is not new to portraying historical figures. I think she could be considered for this role.

  62. Jen34 says:

    Cherlize Theron. I can’t see anyone else from those listed above. The worst choice would be Gwyneth. Too mousey.

  63. kibbles says:

    January Jones does not look like Grace Kelly at all! I am going with Rosamund Pike as well. Should have been on your list. She looks much more like Kelly than any of the actresses you listed. I actually think Michelle Williams would play a better Grace Kelly than Marilyn Monroe. And if I had to choose anyone from the list above, I’d choose Charlize Theron because of the way she carries herself. It’s almost regal at times. She could play a royal well on screen.

  64. Lupe says:

    Looks-wise I’ll jump on the Rosamund Pike train. Her profile isn’t very Grace-like, but head on she’s got the resemblance and she’s obviously very beautiful.

    Carey Mulligan would be great, acting wise, but she has a completely different look and she’s still pretty young.

    ERW might be a nice mix of the two?

  65. Leticia says:

    No one is worthy to play Princess Grace. However, Kate Bosworth, I hate to admit, has a slight resemblance but no acting ability.

  66. Sue says:

    The first person I thought of was January Jones…. Grace Kelly always came across as a cool, reserved person and JJ seems the same

  67. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think time and beauty have made us forget that Grace Kelly could and did trash it up with the best of them, and I’m not even talking about her perplexing children.

  68. ShanKat says:

    Is this a trick question?

    Lindsay. Dee. Lohan.


  69. Girlnone says:

    My first thought was Diane Kruger, but after reading the suggestions in the comments, I’m going to have to agree with Rosamund Pike. She looks SO much like Grace Kelly, but no one will ever quite top the original.

  70. Lenna says:

    @JM, i thought of Reese but her jaw is far to pointy for Grace

  71. Lenna says:

    @JM, i thought of Reese but her jaw is far to pointy for Grace

  72. Mar1ey says:

    The first person that came to mind was Sienna Miller. She can be quite regal looking when she chooses.

  73. layla says:

    I actually don’t see the huge resemblance that everyone is talking about with JJ.

    Sure the Madmen STYLING is spot on, and I think that is skewing things. Put many an actress in the 50/60′s styling and it would boost the overall resemblance!

  74. Maggie says:

    Sienna Miller? Just to add another name to the fray.

  75. Relli says:

    January Jones. because of all the reason Sue listed, trust she will need some coaching but this really could be her role.

    *I watched X-men 1st class this last weekend and she was not nearly as awful as you a lot of posters on here said she was the one i was least impressed with was lisa bonet’s daughter. ALSO becuase of conspiracy theories about on set baby making i was concentrating on who she had the most chemistry with… NO ONE.

  76. danielle says:

    Charlize. Goop might be the next best, but she’s too old! (tee hee)

  77. Kaiser says:

    I just updated and added some more photos of some of suggested ladies. I’m intrigued by the idea of ERW as Grace now.

  78. serena says:

    I think looking-speaking, Charlize is the best candidate.

  79. Poirot says:

    I actually think Blake’s name has been mentioned soley to get everyone into a frenzy and revel in them cussing at her.
    There is no suggestion that the girl herself has asked or attempted to request to play Grace Kelly.
    As she is in a TV show I highly doubt she would foward her name.

  80. brooklyn says:

    SIENNA MILLER??? Yuck!
    She is so trashy and can’t act her way out of a paper bag.
    Her only claim to fame is doing Jude Law and anything walking on two legs.
    Where is some level of class or dignity?

  81. Danielle says:

    Rachel McAdams? She’s beautiful and classy.

  82. Jezi says:

    I also thought of Kate Winslet. But Amber Heard does resemble her. I’m just not sure if her acting ability is up to par.

  83. danielle-br says:

    I like more,actress transformed into Grace:
    Olivia Wilde,Christina Hendricks or Mila Kunis

  84. Rachel says:

    I don’t think Evan Rachel Wood is too young. I don’t particularly like her, but she has a great deal of maturity for someone her age and could pull off an older role. Plus she has that timeless, classic beauty that was the mark of a movie goddess in the 50s/60s that you just don’t see anymore.

  85. emmab says:

    grace kelly’s face is soooo beautiful…more beautiful than anyone named.

    naomi watts if younger…i guess for now january. curious what she would make of the role. but i probably won’t be watching this movie anyways.

  86. neve says:

    Rosamund Pike for sure- she’s got the looks, and she’s a classy actress.
    dear lord, they better NOT cast january jones, she only ever seems to do a ‘prim, dissapointed, uptight tortured’ kinda thing.

  87. Quest says:

    ITA: Rosamund Pike or Naiomi Watts

  88. laylajane says:

    Bitch Please made my day:-)

  89. Gal says:

    Amy Adams is not too cutesy and petite. She can do anything. I’ve loved her since Junebug.

  90. gillie says:

    I have to agree that ERW has the chops to pull it off.

    Though, I think I’d like to see Naomi Watts, too.

  91. kim says:

    @leila Have you seen x men first class? If not, go watch it and then come back and tell me she is a good actress.

  92. SCREEEE says:

    Rosamund Pike! Flawless woman can do anything.

  93. Dawn says:

    Grace Kelly was from Philly and a very wealthy family. She was more than just beautiful, she sounded cultured in speech as well as in action. Just the way she held a cigarette was cool. It was just a combination of things that made her, her. Right now I can’t think of anyone who even touches her. Maybe Charlene but that’s about it. January Jones is beautiful but too icy; this needs someone who has heat. It sure would be nice to have an American icon actually played by an American in my opinion. And yes, by all accounts, the girl could party, geez by today’s standards however she would be almost virginal, just look at who we make rich these days. The Kardashian clan to name one of the complete trash that we make famous today.

  94. leila says:

    @ kim :

    I didn’t say that January Jones is a good actress.
    I said that she might surprise people.
    She hasn’t had a chance to prove herself yet, in my opinion.
    I think she does a very good job on Mad Men.
    It doesn’t mean that she is like Betty Draper in real life.

  95. Valkyrie says:

    I think Leighton Meester could pull it off with lighter hair and blue contacts. She is such a pretty girl and her acting is as good as some on the list.


  96. layla says:

    @Kim (#108) –
    Was that comment to me?
    I’m actually one of the ones NOT on the JJ train… her weak acting being one of the MANY reasons! :)

  97. Happy21 says:

    I had no idea who Rosamund Pike was but looked her up on imdb to see.

    Yeah, I can see her as grace kelly. I haven’t seen anything with her in it but she has the same sort of look.

    As I said before, Diane Kruger is my top choice. I thought of her before I even saw that you had listed some celebs. I am going to ignore the too German statement though since I don’t know what that is supposed to mean…

  98. SEF says:

    Those suggestions are all beautiful women but honestly, none even hold a candle to Grace Kelly. She was astonishingly beautiful on screen, with incredible bone structure and such an elegant body.

    Since this topic has come up, I encourage everyone to use it as an excuse to go watch a Grace Kelly movie.

  99. Suz says:

    Margot Robbie from Pan Am. She is a dead ringer.

  100. sheridan says:

    Katherine Heigl….looks the most like her.

  101. leila says:

    @ kim :

    Yes, I believe you’ve addressed me.
    Isn’t it correct or did you not spell the name right?

  102. Ell says:

    Diane Kruger would be perfect. She has the bone structure, the willowy body and she’s around the right age.

  103. Evelyn says:

    Carey Mulligan and a really good push nup bra

  104. KSP says:

    I think ERW could pull it off despite her age.

  105. X says:

    Evan Rachel Woods, bitches… end of story. :-)

  106. mary simon says:

    Evan Rachel Wood – she even looks like GK. She could do it. Gwyneth Paltrow? I think not!

  107. irishserra says:

    I can’t think of anyone really suitable. Besides, they’ll prob just slap some blonde hair on Jolie and go with it. Isn’t that what they do these days?

  108. Sumodo1 says:

    I have changed my mind and now agree with other posters who say Kate Winslett could pull off a Grace Kelly. Do you know if this move is big budget, because certainly, Winslett could do an Oscar-worthy job.

  109. murt says:

    Think Charlize Theron looks the most like her – don’t get why so many people are saying January Jones looks like her – I don’t see the resemblance at all.

    Charlize Theron also has that icy quality that Grace Kelly had, and which made her so popular with Hitchcock.

    Maybe Nicole Kidman would have been a good choice to play her back 6-10 years ago before all of the excessive fillers.

  110. murt says:

    Also I second the above posters who mentioned how trashy Grace Kelly was — ya she could definitely trash it up with the best of them – she had a ton of affairs, both before and after her marriage! I think it’s awesome, myself. Totally puts a new spin on her icy-cold blond exterior.

  111. I Choose Me says:

    ERW is my pick. They have similar bone structure and Evan’s a great actress givien the right direction.

  112. DreamyK says:

    ERW…let’s hope she’s put the wooden acting she did on True Blood behind her.

  113. Kunstschadenfreude says:

    I’m seeing a bit of Nicole Kidman in the wedding shot.

  114. Redd says:

    I vote ERW, girl can act plus she has a certain regal quality to her. She can pull it off, certainly.

  115. Anna says:

    I’m on board with Amber Heard but I can’t help but notice that none of these ladies have the delicate features that Grace has. This is going to throw some people off (it totally did for me) but I’m thinking of Kate Mara. They have the same eyes and small features. The only difference is that Grace’s bottom lip is slightly more plump but that’s nothing a good lip gloss can’t fix. I’m just wondering if she would look good as a blonde. If you google her look at pictures of her with her hair up.

  116. Diane says:

    Okay, just kidding about Kim Kardashian. How about Reese Witherspoon?

  117. Julie says:

    Charlize first choice then Amber. Not Cate for sure.

  118. Erin says:

    evan rachel wood looks the most like her out of those chicks.

    olivia wilde has the same face shape/jaw line…

  119. buckley says:

    Throwing my vote in with Rosamund Pike. She has this same ethereal sort of untouchable thing Grace had.

  120. Ron says:

    My first thought was Amber Heard, Evan Rachel Wood or Charlize Theron. Depending on the part of her life they are going to do, Charlize might be a bit old.

  121. huh says:

    “Diane Kruger. Pretty. But too German to play Grace – her accent is so strong! I don’t believe she could lose her accent convincingly.”

    Really?! She has German accent?!! But she always tells how her English is so perfect that nobody believes she´s actually German! :O

  122. Lea says:

    One of the funniest things about Grace Kelly is that if she were alive today, she would get ripped apart on a daily basis on gossip sites due to her habit of sleeping with many, many men, both married & unmarried.

    It’s a testament to how much the right kind of beauty & style (i.e. refined & elegant, rather than overtly sexy like, say, Marilyn Monroe) & the perception of being “high class” can protect a woman from being called a slut.

  123. Toe says:

    Margot Robbie……yeah…she really has her bone structure.

  124. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Kristen Stewart was my choice at first but now maybe not – some unknown would be better as it is hard for the character to be believable when their lives have been splashed across the tabloids.

    I found a good grace kelly video on you tube and there is part 2 as well


  125. UKHels says:

    hmm Rosamund Pike looks like her, ERW would be ok I think

    Grace Kelly couldn’t act anyway so any of these bitchez will do

  126. Valerie says:

    Charlize Theron was the first person I thought of. She’s the best actress with Grace’s features and coloring in the early, mid-30s age range. She may not be warm, but that’s something she could work on…

  127. jamie says:

    I love Rosamund ( or however you spell it) Pike. She has a certain charm about her.

  128. ol cranky says:

    @Annaloo – oh please don’t put the Karen Carpenter idea into Goopy’s head. You know she’d absolutely insist on doing that thing she she does where she “sings” and thinks she sounds as good as Maria Callas when she most certainly does not

  129. orion70 says:

    Gretchen Mol, if only a bit younger.

    Totally agree with Rosamund Pike (loved her in Pride and Prejudice) & Abbie Cornish.

    And even Keri Russell as mentioned, especially when you look at a photo like this:

  130. Lauren says:

    Rachel McAdams..my first choice.

  131. Shawn says:

    January Jones looks NOTHING like Grace. If she weren’t blonde, no one would say that. Their facial features are very different, with Jones actually being very average bordering on ugly. Charlize looks much more like Grace and is a very capable actress. I think Minka Kelly could pull it off very well– she’s beautiful. She would need to color her hair, obviously, and she would need blue contact lenses, but I think she’d be great.

  132. buckley says:

    Like the Abbie Cornish idea. I’m one of the few who really like her.

  133. Marianne says:

    I don’t think my comment went through, but I wanted to add to the list…

    -Ahna O’reilly (seen in this year’s The Help)

    - Greta Gerwig

    -Rachael Taylor

  134. NaF says:

    Amber heard all the waY…just google her and you’ll be amazed..

  135. murt says:

    @Lea – definitely!! Funny because people like Leann Rimes get so much criticism today for the same kinds of behaviour, but tons of people back in the day, including Grace Kelly, totally got away with it! Maybe Leann Rimes should play Grace haha…

    @Valerie – ya I also think Charlize Theron is the best choice – plus as I mentioned I think her ‘lack of warmth’ works to her benefit here as Grace was also so icy – that icy-ness was her most interesting quality I think.

    Another thing is I always thought Judy Garland should have won the oscar over her haha.

  136. kay says:

    Grace had to take voice lessons, her voice was so nasal that she took classes to learn to speak the way she did.
    She indeed had a wild side, in private. In public she was the picture of decorum, something many young women now could learn from.

    I just wish they would not make this movie/tv series, whatever it is. you can’t have another Grace Kelly.

  137. 30minutes with Mike Rowe says:

    My first thought was Scarlett Johansson, and I was amazed reading all the comments that no one else mentioned her. Now, I am not a fan and really don’t like her as an actress. But, she has that haughty, aloof, sensual persona that guys love mixed with a slightly bad-girl vibe that’s perfect for this role. Am I the only one who sees this???

  138. Jayadevi says:

    I don’t think anyone that looks suitable could possibly portray that kind of class and elegance. Those who have the talent to portray Grace, just don’t look the part. Of the obvious lookalikes, none of them have the ability. Cate Blanchett is just not elegant enough, (physically, not personally), and whilst she’s done some great stuff, she’s also capable of shlockers, and that wouldn’t do GK any justice if it turned out like that. Most of the younger set are just too ”meh”.

  139. Shelly says:

    I think January Jones is the only choice. I actually love her as Betty Draper and really think she probably has more acting chops than she’s been able to show so far with the characters she’s played. Blake is obviously ALL wrong, lol, too California Beach girl looking. Same with Charlize – too tan. The rest are too old, too young, or just don’t fit at all.

  140. katie says:

    I totally thought amy adams!!

  141. katie says:

    and rachel mcadams if i got that right. she would need stronger eyebrows and some natural makeup, but i love her.

  142. DeeVine says:

    Forgot how beautiful Grace Kelly was. And all natural! Nowadays, pretty much all of Hollywood had their faces tweaked.

  143. Eva says:

    Kate Winslet! She’s the first person I thought of, before I even opened the link. And she can do a great american accent.

  144. Anna says:

    New but random girl, Gillian Jacobs from community. Seriously people, let it sink in.

  145. Nina says:

    Elizabeth Banks or Carolyn Murphy (based on sheer looks)

    January Jones doesn’t really look like G.K. Goopy doesn’t either. Don’t know anything about Amber Heard but she’s gorgeous and has that luminous quality that GK had.

  146. G says:

    EVR!!!!! Evan Rachel Wood looks the part AND she can act. Grace Kelly had a great combination of cool blond Patrician looks and a certain warmth and approachability. I think EVR has it too.

  147. Kelly says:

    I honestly don’t get why people love Grace Kelly so much. She seemed not so smart, kind of lazy, and phony. So I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t care who plays her.

  148. bettyrose says:

    Totally Evan. I’m not even much of a fan but she definitely has the strongest resemblance. Plus, she can totally play up the class. Blonde hair and big tits can be had by anyone with a credit card, so a classically beautiful face and naturally refined personality should come first.

  149. Bodhi says:

    Aniston? Uh, no way in hell.

    ScarJo or ERW

  150. murt says:

    hmmm Carolyn Murphy does look a bit like Grace — she has a similar strong jaw.

  151. Samantha says:

    What about Yvonne Strahovski? She’s a surprisingly good actress.

  152. ferst says:

    how about a blonde anne hathaway?

  153. jeebs says:

    As soon as i started reading this post, i automatically pictured evan rachel wood. I think that she’s the closest thing to a grace kelly in looks. I dont really like her that much, but i think she has the skills, intelligence and attitude to take on the role.
    Honestly if they cast goop ima freak.

  154. mooncake says:

    Jennifer Lawrence! pick her, pick her!

  155. Alliegator06 says:

    The PERFECT choice for this role is Alice Eve (She’s Out Of My League, Entourage)! She’s a beautiful up-and-comer who has the acting chops to play Grace Kelly. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1404408/

  156. nouvelle icône says:

    January Jones + some spice.
    Blake Lively… haha, I agree: Bitch please!

  157. AcornPaste says:

    ‘My idea of Grace is… beautiful, obviously. Beautiful, classy, and in no way trashy or budget or busted. Educated, clever AND street-smart. Witty, but not sarcastic. Regal but not patronizing. Elegant. Sassy, without the wink. Basically, there’s no one who could do it.’

    Wow, we’re not being sycophantic here are we?

  158. Shawn says:

    Kate Hudson could probably do it well enough, even though I don’t like her. But Charlize is still my favorite. I would also be okay with Evan Rachel Wood. Just please no January Jones or Goop, please.

  159. Daniel says:

    Reese Witherspoon looks just like her, has class, and is an amazing actress. This is a no-brainer. If you used AJ she’d bring too much sexuality into it and other actresses are just too plain old to pull it off.

  160. jayne says:

    Kate Winslet was the only actress that came to my mind. She has the beauty, charm, sophistication and warmth. She may be too A-list for the movie, though.

    January Jones would be like a K-mart version of Grace Kelly.
    Blanchett doesn’t have the look.
    Paltrow and Rojmin are not even close.
    Charlize lacks the charm.
    I have no idea who Heard, Kruger or Lively are.

  161. Rosie says:

    Resse witherspoon could be good. From some angles Reese really does resemble Grace Kelly and she is smart. I also like Rosamund Pike, Romola Garai, and Diane Kruger.

  162. sauvage says:

    I am SO on board when it comes to Cate Blanchett (she would have to lose her lip fillers, though. Don’t yell at me, she HAD her lips done. Look up pictures of her in the first Elisabeth I. film and you’ll see it’s rather obvious). I also agree that she might be too old for the role, which is a pity.

    But I think, next in line is Charlize Theron. She is a classic beauty and I just don’t see her as the ice cube you describe.

  163. poopie says:

    january jones .. the others have NO resemblence to Grace Kelly nor do they have any real talent to play the role!

  164. Seal Team 6 says:

    Lindsay Lohan?

    Okay, seriously: Roasmunde Pike if she can do an accent, or January Jones.

  165. Chris K says:

    Sienna Miller, Carolyn Murphy, Charlize Theron, Kate Bosworth, and maybe Rachel Mc Adams are the only ones who resemble Grace Kelly in any way. The right coach could give Sienna Miller the regal ability. The nose and how far the eyes are spaced apart is the most important aspect to start with. I have never taken the time to comment on here but today I have to get on here and say, if there was anyone in the world I would want to have lunch with, its you Kaiser! I have never found anyone with just the right amount of eloquence, humor and who perfectly despises the exact ‘stars’ as I do. Before becoming a mom, I had the luxury of being a make up artist and laughing with the best of the some of the ‘wittiest men in retail’. You always bring me back to those memorable moments of my life.

  166. theaPie says:

    Charlize Theron. The closest physically and just the way she carries herself. Very classy.

  167. Scout says:

    Grace Kelly was perfection – clear and simple. Of all those listed above, no one is as perfect but Amber Heard – at least in this photo – is the closest in my opinion. Next up would be Charlize, who I actually like, based on a few interviews I have seen. To even mention Blake Lively and Goop – all of them really – as possibilities is an insult to Grace Kelly! One exception – Cate Blanchett – I don’t think she is right for this part – but I do think she is beautiful – just doesn’t have Grace Kelly’s type of looks/beauty.

  168. Tory says:

    What about that girl from PanAM? I’ve seen it once but she was the younger sister who joined the flight attendants.

  169. Eleonor says:

    In my opinion no one can be Grace, but my favourites for the moment are Cate Blanchett (who is too old) and Evan Rachel Wood, she has a good phisique du role for that,all the others look too trashy confronted with Princess Grace.
    No hope for Michelle Williams she looks too childish to me.

  170. Lucky Charm says:

    Just throwing my two cents in…I agree with either Charlize, or Elizabeth Banks. I also think Julia Stiles could do a good job.

    Ooh, Tara Reid would be perfect, LOL!!!!

  171. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Total wild card here, but what about the actress who plays Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey? Wrong coloring I know (and nationality), but she has the delicate but strong beauty thing at the same time. None of the actresses here mentioned float my boat for the part, can totally see them casting Charlize Cheron though. Maybe Rosamund Pike. Michelle Pfeiffer would have been good casting in her day I think.

  172. Ms Deb says:

    Wow, talk about research…I think the mystery Estee Lauder bride who so resembled Princess Grace was Carolyn Murphy. If you look only at the pictures where her hair is up – amazing resemblance. Down side – she is now 38. Oh, well, at least that mystery solved.

  173. Beth says:

    Cate Blanchett, despite being a little old for the role, would be perfect.

  174. Cheyenne says:

    Ami: Jennifer Aniston = Grace Kelly

    OMFG I am laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. NO DAMN WAY!!

    Ditto Paltrow and Sienna Miller. Cate Blanchett is a great actor but she looks all wrong.

    Really, this is hard. Nobody is Grace but Grace.

  175. Minty says:

    @Lea(#148): Thank you, THANK YOU for saying this. I love all the beauties of Old Hollywood, but I think it’s monstrously unfair that Marilyn Monroe gets the slut label so often when Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Audrey Hepburn also had adulterous affairs. The male stars were just as guilty, though they rarely get judged like the women.

    I don’t condone cheating, but Hollywood stars constantly face temptation compared to the average person. Back then, the studios usually covered up their mistakes. People see Audrey or Grace’s image of a refined, elegant blue-blood and assume that the person and the image are exactly the same. Wake up people – they are fallible human beings just like the rest of us! Marilyn wasn’t ashamed of her body and owned her sexuality. She played up the bombshell image as a public performance. In private, according to her friends, she was more girly than sultry. It’s ridiculous that some idiots compare her to Lohan, because Marilyn never showed her vadge while exiting a car. She didn’t appear drunk or stoned in public, either.

    Anyway, Rosamund Pike and Charlize could play Grace. I don’t think Amber Heard can portray a woman in her thirties. Grace was beautiful, so those suggesting Reese and Drew better step back. Cute, girl-next-door looks don’t equal classically beautiful. January Jones is too much like her Mad Men character. I saw her on TV hosting Saturday Night Live a few years ago. She had the charisma of a dead fish. Where else besides SNL can an actor be relatively wild and spontaneous in front of a live audience? She failed miserably and showed me that she’s not a versatile actress.

  176. Mila says:

    Diane Kruger or Evan Rachel Wood.

  177. Pyewacket says:

    If people think Michelle Williams looks the part of Grace Kelly, then I am going to try to audition for the role. I look more like Grace. Michelle is too short, to bug eyed and bland.

    January Jones or Amber Heard.

  178. Lushus L. says:

    Kirsten Dunst? I liked her in “Marie Antoinette”. I can never look at Charlize Theron and not be reminded of “Monster”. {{shudders}}

  179. Shawn says:

    I hadn’t thought of Elizabeth Banks, but she would be awesome.

    You people who think January Jones looks even remotely like Grace Kelly need to have your eyes checked. A schnauzer bears a closer resemblance.

  180. jamie says:

    A blonde Bryce Dallas Howard would be perfect.

  181. Maritza says:

    Evan Rachel Wood is the one who most resembles Grace Kelly, for sure.

  182. Aliennut says:

    Leighton Meester- she’s a natural blond and I think she has what it takes to play the part.

    Better than Lively.

  183. Pamela says:

    Why not Olivia Wilde? If you google her, in some of her pics she has blonde hair. Grace has a square jaw, as does Olivia. And it seems that Olivia can act for the most part compared to someone like January Jones.

  184. kikay says:

    I’ll go for Kristen Stewart,she’s got the young body and face to pull off young Grace Kelly.You should see her blond she looks very pretty,better than all these actresses combine.It’s not like acting is necessary,as Grace cannot act too herself.

  185. KLO says:

    I think Evan Rachel Wood would be best.
    Actually, I’ve never really gotten the attraction to Grace Kelly. Yeah, she was tall, really thin and really blonde. So?
    She leaves me cold.

  186. ds says:

    Alison Lohman? I know, not so similar but she transforms easily. Why is she not acting anymore?
    This Amber thing- too plastic and cheap looking. But if that’s a poster girl for a nice and charming American girl… oh well. Just hope they won’t turn it into a look alike contest. That’ll be for a TV film. Charlize Is the best from this list, but it would be great to see Pike shine a bit. Or just surprise everyone with someone brand new and talented. Like that’s gonna happen.

  187. Rich Girl says:

    If I was a producer, I would cast some unknown actress for this role. It should be her first ever role, so you don’t compare her previous roles with this amazing woman. I bet there are a lot of beautiful and graceful actresses who are yet to be discovered. I personally don’t like or see anyone of the existing actresses to play the part. NOT Blake, Not Gwyneth!! It will be way too pathetic if one of them will be offered this role.

  188. meow says:

    Lindsay Lohan is the obvious choice people duh. hahahaha. I just vomited in my mouth.

    Evan Rachel Wood. I think her looks, age, and way she carries herself is most fitting.

    Random. I want a movie about Judy Garland. I know she didn’t marry royalty, but I love her!

  189. sosuzy says:

    Grace kelly is my all tme favorite movie star,, hands down. what is so revealing is none of these actresses is as classy as Grace with the exception of Cate Blanchett. January Jones resembles her the most. Charlize Theron, I think has the best shot at the role. Maybe Gwenyth. Oscars speak volumes with producers but I think they should maybe take a risk and go with an unknown.
    None of these candidates have enough grace and stature to portray Grace Kelly in an adequate way.

  190. LittleMissSunshine says:

    I agree with the Emily Vancamp suggestion. In that last pic of Princess Grace, the resemblance is striking.

  191. Paola says:

    The perfect choice would be (ironically) Charlene Whittstock!! Option number 2: Carey Mulligan. She’d be perfect

  192. riri says:

    None of them would work.

    Grace was petite, and Charlize is too big, as well as others.

    Of the ladies you have mentioned: Some are not pretty enough (being “older” is not the problem here, she was in her 30s), and some are too California bleach blond/ fake tan and lack the added classic- and cannot pull aristocratic/ European vibe she had.

    Sorry, I actually think they should consider some European actresses if they are pretty enough.

    I can’t think of any America nowadays that is both so beautiful, smart, classic and petite.
    Perhaps Natalie Portman, but I don’t think she can go blonde.

    So, they need someone new or someone European who is perhaps unknown to us, but is a working actress elsewhere.

  193. Sara says:

    I think Evan Rachel Wood could do it.

  194. Az says:

    Kirsten Dunst? LOL hardly, with that snaggletooth which I can never, ever forger even if it’s covered up. January Jones CANNOT ACT. Ideally, it would be Cate Blanchett. Ideally. And I’m not too too opposed to Goop.

  195. MissyA says:

    Clearly, this role was made for La Lohan!

  196. Addie says:

    Well if it were up to Albert & Charlene,they would probably choose Charlize, mostly because of the South African connection to Charlene, but also for her great acting.

    I agree with everyone who said it…Evan Rachel Wood would be the ideal choice.

  197. cbreader says:

    oooh this will be interesting! January definitely looks a LOT like Grace Kelly in Mad Men. Out of the suggestions, I could actually see Gwyneth Paltrow or Evan Rachel Wood being suited for the role. Both could be styled to loo like her (especially Gwyneth) and I think both could do the acting for it well (especially Evan). Despite Evan’s punk-ness in real life she can be very ladylike and graceful for certain roles.

  198. tracy9s says:

    How about Diana Agron from Glee. I think she is very lovely.

  199. olivia says:

    KATE HUDSON can’t act, except when she played herself in Almost Famous.

    She is one of the least attractive celebs in the world.

    So plain and ordinary looking even Aniston is a lot prettier with her interesting bone/face structure.

    I would suggest January Jones or Rosemund Pike.

  200. Chickie Baby says:

    NOBODY. This is sacrilege to even talk about it. There’s not a woman in Hollywood who could ever fill her shoes, not even with the best intentions.

  201. boosterseat says:

    Anyone who is a fan of Grace’s knows she slept with most of Hollywood in her peak. Stop romanticizing a woman who could barely act and only got by on a pretty face, her vagina and a spotless reputation

  202. LondonParis says:

    Sometimes, the farce of celeb gossip is so strong that it cuts through my fog of interest.

    I haven’t met any of these women, so I will not call them stupid or cold or anything of the sort. I also haven’t met Grace Kelly, who for all we know was the greatest master of public relations ever.

    My vote is for Cate Blanchett, because she can do anything.

  203. bob says:

    Just us a bit of peroxide on the hair and it would be Paz de la Huerta, hands down.

  204. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    This shouldn’t even happen. There’s going to be a throng of ‘There Will NEVER Be Another Grace’ party members, and a chip the size of Philadelphia itself for the shoulder of the ‘Girl Who Is Grace’, masquerading as humility ‘…of COURSE I’ve always been her hugest fan!’ But that’s inevitable when a king’s ransom worth of identical paper dolls are sized up in life’s worth in terms of facial angles and whose perfection is more perfect than perfection and more identical than identity. No matter what you think of her, the Princess Bride’s legend is far greater than the sum of her (eleven) parts, so any pretender to the throne is going to be viewed as a deluded would-be usurper who pretends to believe that she could never fill those shoes of the last breaths of Old Hollywood (but if the two names happen to be paired from now on, it couldn’t entirely be without reason if vanity casting weren’t involved. And anyway, that bygone era will always be worshipped above all others, so the brightness and burden of the bygone glamour can’t be reached or fussed over now).

    I can’t even imagine what kind of debacle will result from attempting to teach that required Hitchcockian transatlantic coo that burped forth from all the members of the Legion of Ice Ingenues with differing levels of success (honk, honk, Kim Novak…okay, Rear Window was pretty distracting, come, now).

    I don’t hold her in any higher esteem than her sisters of The Sacred Order Of The Hollywood All-Stars, she was, as were they all, incredibly beautiful, poised, maybe more enchanting than profound much of the time in cases where classical training levels were a little on the scant side, obviously holding captive over audiences on strength on wild, post-mortem charisma, and so expertly constructed, those gears of their making or actions indulged in person, but sheltered from ticket holders (in contrast to today?) are all but invisible today.

    Yep, for a certain order of pipe dreams, the so-called ‘curse’ of beauty is far smaller than the disaster of not having it. No news there.

  205. Gelina Whiddon says:

    Evan Rachel Wood or Amber Heard

  206. Tami says:

    And it can is necessary to search among unknown persons? Why there should be only a known person? I heard that in Ecole Florent (Paris) there is a student from Ukraine. It is said that she beautiful, clever, ironic, talented, perfectly well owns 5 languages.

  207. Anna says:

    DEFINITELY ROSAMUND PIKE! She’s perfect for it. She’s ethereally beautiful, same as Grace and she definitely can act. Have you seen Barney’s Version? Flawless woman. She had a Grace Kelly inspired photoshoot last year and she looks like her. She’s 32 so, perfect age.

    Plus she speaks fluent French. :>


  208. Anon says:

    I heard the director and producer liked Margot Robbie the best, but were way to hesitant because she’s only 21 and Grace is supposed to be in her 30′s

  209. Sandy says:

    Caroline Murphy. I know she’s more known as a model but she’s also an actress. Her jawline and bone structure – most closest to Grace Kelly’s! Btw your post is hilarious! “bitch please” – lol!