Britney Spears was a mess, a total disaster for her London performance


These are just a few choice photos from Britney Spears’s concert in London last night. On one side, I always feel bad about mentioning the state of Britney’s hot mess status, because chica has genuine mental health issues. On the other side, she wants us to look at her. The Mail even noted, “whenever the singer donned a jacket – or in the case of an Egyptian-themed routine, a cape – it was swiftly removed to reveal as much as possible.” Britney thinks she looks good, y’all. “LOOK AT MAH BELLY!”

The Mail also reports that Britney “asked for portions of fish and chips and 100 figs and prunes… Toothpaste and McDonald’s cheeseburgers minus the bread rolls were also part of her rider before she performed at London’s The O2 last night.” Granted, Brit probably didn’t eat ALL of that before she went on stage, but she definitely ate a great deal of it because, in the words of one insider, “She doesn’t count calories when she’s in Britain.” Another request Britney allegedly made on her rider? A photo of Princess Diana because “Britney adores the monarchy, Diana was in many ways her inspiration.” She also hopes to one day perform for Prince William and Duchess Kate.

If you’d like to read one of the horrible reviews from Britney’s performance last night, go here. It involves the words “miming, lethargic, smile so tight it looks painful” and “like a rare animal in a cage.”






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Heatheradair says:

    It never stops being 2001 for Brit, does it?

  2. Coco says:

    That gold get up makes her look like she has gilded pubes. Ack.

  3. Whoever styles her shows should be shot.

  4. birdie says:

    The outfits look really cheap.. I don´t care for her body as long as she is happy and all. But girl, you are not 20 anymore. Dress more classy and mature.

  5. Belle Epoch says:

    The other article is very sad. It says she can’t even go to the bathroom by herself, but has a “minder” at all times – in addition to the boyfriend and posse of money people. Girlfriend is not OK mentally.

  6. Beatrix says:

    wow, that last photo makes it look like her hands are glued to invisible strings coming from above. scary how mentally shutdown this woman is. and a little sad

  7. Larissa says:

    She should just go back to living a “regular” life, her overly produced albums do sell but no due to her talent, because she does not have any!

  8. Lindy says:

    I mean, look, her body is pretty damn good for a woman who’s had two kids. But the styling is horrendous (bedazzling? hot pink bedazzling??!!). Awful. Awful.I wish there were some way for her to retire gracefully and transition into, I dunno, producing? Something like that? But one senses that there’s no THERE there, ya know? Like, she is pretty much just packaged pop-princess, and so she has nothing to fall back on now. Sad.

  9. NM9005 says:

    Uhmm, if the fans want her to come back even though she’s mentally not ready for it, then her management WILL push her. Milk that cow (pun non intended). She just goes with it because that’s what she’s used to her entire life. She can’t probably even make basic decisions involving her career. Her dad should remove her from showbusiness for a good three years, let her be with her children, find herself and then ASK her privately without all those moneygrubbing businessmen, if she wants to be out there.

    Second, what belly???? Excuse me but Britney her body is NORMAL for a person her age + having 2 children + being mentally ill! She does look good. Way to snark about a women’s body when it’s not pin thin but on the other hand snark pin thin women too. I can’t believe women do this to each other, what’s the point. Treat men the same way then but you barely hear comments like that. Even referrering her accent to make make it extra “funny”. Classy *thumbs up*. She may not eat healthy but it’s clear she works out and has a normal weight and frame. No need to vilify her for doing what her dance choreographer told her to do.

    I’m not a hardcore Britney fan anymore but it pains me to see how people loved it when she was bald and reported her every crazy move ruthlessy but then when she’s better all of a sudden “root” for her again but can’t help make derogatory comments in the process when she slips a little bit. And then trying to excuse themselves too but not really…

  10. sharylmj says:

    I feel so bad for her… is she OK or not?? sometimes she seems fine and then… ???? what changes?? If she isn’t in charge of herself, then why isn’t she OK?? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  11. NM9005 says:

    And yeah, the right-wing bullshit paper Daily mail is an excellent paper to refer too. They always tear down people and their journalism is shite.

  12. gg says:

    Good grief, why does she dress like that??

  13. V says:

    I kind of figured her London concert was doomed when I saw discounted tickets being offered on Groupon last week. That’s just sad.

  14. texasmom says:

    Well, she looks somewhat alert and sort of happy.

  15. Tiffany says:

    I never thought she was a great performer, even back in 2000. As a dancer, she was always a bit slow and behind her back up dancers like she was “marking it”, instead of performing full out. She was hot, though, and people over looked it. I think if she was still hot, people would ignore the vacant performance and weak dancing still.

  16. Jennifer says:

    She really looks like she does not want to be there.

  17. Alexis says:

    She has money, right? It’s in a trust or something? I think her family cares for her. Can’t they just let her…chill out for a few years? I feel like she’s being trotted out and has barely any idea what’s going on.

    But then again, it may be now or never. Unlike the Christinas and Mariahs of the world, she can’t actually sing, and I think her medications make her unable to dance like she used to be able to, so she can’t perform her way through her 30s like Janet Jackson (a similarly not-very-talented, but likable performer) did. It also doesn’t help that her body type, age, and any medications she’s on conspire to make it difficult/impossible for her to have that perfect on-tour body. I think the medications might be the tipping point, since didn’t seem to be easy for Janet to stay thin, either, but she was able to get herself on point when she needed to. Britney’s body’s good, obviously, but definitely not at the level those outfits require.

  18. DorothyZbornak says:

    I accompanied my sister (a big Brit fan) to her final show in the US a coupla months ago. It was a hot mess, too. She was barely phoning it in.

  19. Zay says:

    I think Brit’s body is really good, and the clothes are very bad…should be changed…also i think her family cares for her and saved her life more than once…

    When the likes of Dina are out there…brit is lucky

  20. Turtle Dove says:

    Reviewers need to chill out. Why are celebs not allowed to age? She looks fine. She’s had two kids, like NM9005 said, and her meds for her bi-polar probably make her a little heavier and level her mood out. She’s better as she is than being taken advantage of by those dirt bags she was running with.

  21. Kitten says:

    Come on, she doesn’t look THAT out of shape-I mean compared to Britney 2000 yes but her body was pretty much the gold standard back then. The outfit however….

  22. paola says:

    I was at the dublin show an she definitely sang live and her dancing was FANTASTIC!!! She was very interactive and had fans on stage with her and did a lapdance to another fan. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been!!!!!

  23. teehee says:

    They need to jus stop it with the clowny hypersexualizing and underdressing costumes… its just so damned tacky and way over-revealing when all you ever wear is underwear. Constantly its all female singers wear now– wtf

  24. ladybert62 says:

    Sounds like this girl needs to:

    (1) Have her mental state evaluated and then have some stabilizing meds prescribed for her
    (2) Get someone to design better costumes – can we say ” “Get rid of the cheap/tacky looking messes currently being worn”
    (3) Seriously consider just sticking with albums and stopping the performances

  25. laylajane says:

    Ok, I may have missed the bus. What are Brit Brit’s mental issues besides in the past drinking and popping pills? She isn’t too bright, that isn’t a mental illness. She has poor judgement again that isn’t mental illness. She is a cash cow to everyone around her and she is too dim witted to handle the situation.

  26. mln76 says:

    I don’t blame Brit-Brit just the money hungry jerks around her from her dad to her ‘boyfriend’ to K-fed.

  27. Bernice says:

    I feel very sad for Britney. She is the money train and her parents, handlers, managers need the train to run on time. The article says her father picked her “boyfriend” who is also her manager. There is no one in Britney’s life who seems to want only what’s best for Britney. She has no say in her life. None what so ever. She is lost and empty. It is heartbreakingly sad. Abusive.

  28. Quest says:

    - “She doesn’t count calories when she’s in Britain.”

    I hope Brit Brit counts her calories to £ ratio next time in Britian. The exchange rate can be quite high

  29. The Truth Fairy says:

    @NM9005 – What does her being mentally ill have to do with her stomach?!?! I mist be missing something…..

  30. Meg says:

    Britney thinks she looks good, y’all. “LOOK AT MAH BELLY!”

    she does look good. flat belly, no belly fat. she looks like a healthy woman. get off her back. you bitch if girls are too thin, bitch if they eat food, we women just can’t win!

  31. Wildone says:

    I don’t think she out of shape but her clothes are making her look cheap and unfit which she not, I mean put any body in to tight, to small clothes and their going to look bigger than what they are. As for her dancing girl can’t dance to save her life never could she been doing the same tried “dance moves” for years put Britney back 2000 in against a real dancer and she wouldn’t have a chance net alone Britney now.

  32. Novaraen says:

    What the hell is going on with her skanky costumes? Who designs that crap?…all cheaply bedazzled and shit. She looks HORRIBLE.

    She isn’t fat by any means…although yes she is a bit bigger than her younger days. Still…she really needs someone who can dress her properly, she looks like a joke.

  33. Amanda_74 says:

    I think the meds are probably the reason she looks zoned out and is lethargic. They have probably also contributed to her physical appearance. If it is true that she’s just not in to performing anymore, she should “retire.” She has enough money. I think her parents are doing a great dis-service to her. She needs to lead a quiet life with her boys and agent/bf for a change. Maybe find another creative outlet. Time away from the public and out of the spotlight would help her tremedously. I don’t think she has taken the time to get herself together,and if it is true that she is bi-polar, she really needs to take better care of herself and focus on her mental well-being. Her career is not worth it.

  34. LucyOriginal says:

    She looks fine. how many women after two kids have this body? I am glad she is not counting calories, one less anorexic int he show business.

    ps: By the way, I am not her fan.

  35. Judy says:

    Not commenting on her body or mental issues…just saying I absolutely would not have recognized her w/o the header.

  36. NM9005 says:

    @Truth faire: mentally ill people sometimes don’t have the energy or will to put effort in maintaining a healthy weight. Some eat top much, some don’t eat enough. I don’t know what kind of illness she has but weight can be an issue…Severely depressed people can’t get out of bed let alone spend time in the gym. They simply don’t care anymore.

    That said, she’s probably pushed to get her ass into they gym. Her management might let her get away with junkfood, it has to be trained off until she has a reasonable shape to perform I guess.

  37. kim says:

    Her body looks really good, for anyone. She looks like girls I see on the beach all day long. The styling just sucks.

  38. Dany says:

    Do these Britneys, Christinas, Linnocents etc. ect. have no mirrors to tell them what’s good design for their shows and/or bodies? They all look like cheap hookers… sad actually. You don’t need a personal “stylist” to see that. Sometimes I think stylists hate their clients. :D

  39. Tiffany says:

    She needs clothes that fit her, yes, but I think it is the terrible PERFORMANCE that is the worst part of this whole thing. the telegraph:

    “, this was the saddest, laziest, dullest and most tawdry pop concert I have ever witnessed….”

    “she skips lazily around, making no visible effort, just hitting her mark while 18 scantily clad dancers throw themselves acrobatically about in a vain attempt to cover her ungainliness.
    She has no grace at all, sticking to about three basic moves: an awkward butt thrust, a clumsy hip wiggle, and a jerky fist punch, all accompanied by a simpering, eager-to-please smile.
    She can’t dance, and doesn’t even bother pretending to sing.”

    “Why would anyone continue to care about such a useless performer, so obviously ill-at-ease with her trade?”

  40. Happy21 says:

    I loathe Britney Spears but let me say this – girl has a great figure. She is a woman who has to work at that great figure. She eats crap like most people do on occasion and her waistline pays for it. Regardless, she still looks very good in the awful costumes she dons when on stage. I have seen some pretty terrible things at the beach in bikinis in the summer and I would be grateful if there were more women who had bods like hers there!

  41. Joe's Mom says:

    She loves performing and as long as she’s OK doing that, she should be. The Daily Mail article is overly critical. Even most of their comments suggest that. Maybe her sister or someone designed the clothes for this tour, and she said “fine”. Who knows? She ought to get some peopole from DWTS design her outfits. I think that would suit her style for her shows. And that’s NOT a put-down! I love those over-the-top outfits they design.

  42. maria says:

    I was at the dublin concert too!!!!
    Britney was great, but it’s true that her costumes are just terrible. She improved so much from the circus tour..she sang live and dance much better!!!

  43. Anaya says:

    I think she looks good in THESE pics but there are others (see Radar Online) that show her not looking to be in such good shape. Nevertheless for a mom of 2 I still say she looks pretty good. The conservatorship that she is in, well, that deserves another post all by itself. All I will say is that I hope she will be able to take time away from the spotlight to fully enjoy her two kids and her life. Good luck Britney.

  44. Annie says:

    Her body is ok, but she somehow reminds me of Vegas Elvis in the face. I know she’s still pretty young and all but doesn’t she want to dress a bit more like an adult woman instead of a teeny-bopper?

  45. Justin says:

    Actually this is sad. You know that she has no choice and no time. She is not Adele or Xtina, no matter thin or fat both of them, she can’t sing. When you take all these glitter and army of dancers there is nothing left. Empty stage, microphone and only Brit NO WAY.

  46. NM9005 says:

    @Dany: “They all look like cheap hookers”

    Not only celebs, a lot of regular people now think leggings are pants. So they wear a thong, then leggins and a short blouse. Or wear no underpants AT ALL. I see this daily, thin, fat girls, doesn’t matter. They all think it’s pretty and fashionable. I often turn my head in disgust and look around to see if anybody else notices it. A lot of regular people need stylist too or at least people being honest to them and saying they look like crap. When I was little, you wore clothing over a legging.

    The difference between regular people and celebs is that when they are performing, it’s not even the real world so I’ll give them a free pass. Especially those who rely on body image (Rihanna looks slutty too imo) Sex sells…

  47. danielle says:

    She’s definitely in good shape, but outfits like that don’t look good unless you are REALLY skinny. She should try dressing a little more – classy? or something? Feel bad for her, and that no one has a serious talk with her. Although maybe they do and she doesn’t listen.

  48. Jag says:

    Britney has no choice. The legal system has failed her, imo, by keeping her locked as a monkey for hire for her father. He wants her to perform, so she has to perfrom to have any hope of ever getting out from under his rule. I seriously doubt she’s wanting us to look at her; her father is probably making her strip because he believes that’s what the fans want. And if the fans are happy, they spend the money to line his pockets.

    I will cheer when Britney finally is able to live her own life again. Hopefully, she’s receiving good mental services, so that she doesn’t go totally manic with freedom, just to fall into the same fate yet again.

    Team Britney – not her father!

  49. Poison Ivy says:

    I feel bad for this girl – her mind seems to be far away in another universe and she is doing her performances like a robot.

    It’s not her fault, the leeches (dad, sleezy manager and dirtbag BF)around her keep her drugged up. So she is working like she supposed to.

  50. Mikki says:

    I have no problem with her body as far as weight goes…the problem as many have pointed out is the outfits. Fishnet stockings, boots and shorts look cheap, as if she’s performing at some backstreet sleazy club. And yet that is the prevailing style for many of the pop tarts these days…on the flip side, I don’t believe the male performers are this scantily clad, or am I missing something there?

  51. Deb says:

    Her body looks fine. From what I understand, Britney has bi-polar disorder for those who wondered about the nature of her mental illness. As some already mentioned, the medications for many mental illnesses can cause lethargy. Also, I bet her meds make her constipated. That would add extra bloat to her belly and would explain her request for all those figs and prunes.

  52. Tiffany says:

    “From what I understand, Britney has bi-polar disorder”

    That is what people guess she has, but the judge said on record that she was a “habitual abuser of drugs”. Anything else is speculation. I think she might have fried her brain with drugs.

  53. MSat says:

    I am SO over the “Daisy Duke shorts with fishnets” look. No one looks good in it.

  54. murt says:

    Ya her costumes are horrible but she looks awesome – what’s with all the snarking on her body?

    As for her reviews I’m sure she did the same type of show she always does; the UK/European reviewers have always been harsher on her, even back in 2001.

  55. NM9005 says:

    Anybody who goes through their teenage years will encounter some bad moments. Imagine you go through that with the camera capturing every moment, ridiculing it or idealising it? Magnifying everything in 10 fold? That’s tough and a lot of child stars don’t make it, so I don’t blame her for losing her mind and wanting to break free. Add that to the fact she’s not that smart AND that she dealt with Paris Hilton and you have a ticking timebomb on your hands. Everybody who deals with Paris, deals with drugs and a downfall of their personalities and career. She’s a disease. So in the end you probably had that going on + definitely a mental disorder. My friend is using since she was 12. She’s 20 now but she never went mental, shaved her head etc…Not everthing can be blamed on drugs. The fact that she attacked paparazzi says enough. She was just sick with it all, all the routine, meticulous planning of weight, touring, what she says, posing for magazines, making CD’s… and I think her brain just couldn’t take it anymore. Disney always overloads on their cash cows to get as much money in a short amount of time. That can’t be underestimated. She never went through life like a normal person.

  56. Justin says:

    “Second, what belly???? Excuse me but Britney her body is NORMAL for a person her age + having 2 children + being mentally ill! She does look good.”

    Thats the problem here. SHE IS NOT NORMAL PERSON she is/was world phenomen. The biggest star at some point. You have to be better, thiner, more talented and beautiful than whole rest to be that person. That’s the point. Audience want to an illusion not reality. Nobody wants to NORMAL PERSON. If you can’t deliver it anymore it’s time to retire.

  57. sally says:

    We should all be so lucky to be as “messed up” as Britney Spears. This girl hit the freakin lottery in terms of a career and no amount of head shaving, cheetoh eating, umbrella waving tom foolery is ever going to take that away from her!

  58. spinner says:

    @ Tiffany #52…You are spot on. It was never stated that Brit had a mental illness. As the judge stated, it was heavy drug abuse. She fried her brain & cannot be left to her own devices because she would be right back on drugs again. That is why she is not allowed to even go to the bathroom by herself.

  59. NM9005 says:

    @Justin: Her body is normal, healthy… I think she is setting up a good example. Some people can’t lose the babyweight or have too much excessive skin and they have surgery. Then we would be calling them fake. It will never be good enough anyway. If they do not let her retire, then she is going to rebel some way. She does not belong to anybody but herself. And again, she maybe not as thin as before but she doesn’t even come close to being fat. I’m sure if she would have a say in this, she would have retired 3 years ago.

    And it’s not because you’re a performer that you have to be “better”, thinner etc.. than normal people. Adele, Yael Naim, Fiona Apple are perfect examples of that. Many people can relate to them because they’re real, not selling out, singing from the heart and soul. They’re not in it for the money, fame… but for the music and I’m sure that bites Gaga’s, Rihanna’s…ass because they are products.
    Realness always tops manufactered products.

    But that depends on what kind of music you like I guess. You want to see fakery or illusion that takes you away from the real world, fine but don’t project that on every artist you see that doesn’t meet those insane requirements. And Britney was a part of that fake world, go to Youtube and view her old vids if you miss her skinny illusion times so much but don’t condemn her in the present for evolving into a “je m’en foutiste”. Give her some slack.

  60. Swanny Jaco says:

    “Great figure”, “performing”….LOL, what is this, national “Let’s Smoke PCP Day”? She looks pitiful and her “performing” is at this point little more than wandering around a stage while trying not to flop over.

  61. Leah says:

    Those outfits are terrible but she’s in amazing shape for having had 2 kids.

    I wish she’d find a way to transition into looking her age. The whole young pop star get up isn’t working anymore. :(

  62. Rio says:

    The problem with the costumes are not so much that they’re skanky/tacky/etc…they’re dated. She could have been wearing these exact outfits 10 years ago.

  63. Ron says:

    Come on. You can look at Britney Spears and tell she has mental issues. Does it really need an exact name and diagnosis for your edification? She also needs to realize she’s 30 now, and doesn’t have the same bod she did 10 years ago. I think she looks like she is a healthy weight, but she needs to lay off the cutoffs/no pants look. I tell you those Mickey Mouse club gals don’t seem to care for pants.

  64. Turtle Dove says:

    laylajane, et. al. – Britney’s family would not have been able to get a 5150 hold, more than once I might add, if there wasn’t a deterioration or existing mental illness. Yes, she did drugs, but those are symptomatic of her mental illness. Read up on ‘Bi-polar I’ disorder; many of her behaviors in her late teens leading up to the 5150s clearly show mental deterioration.

    I say mental illness in the most respectful and gentlest manner as many people have suffered from it – depression, etc. Nothing to be made fun of at all.

    Ron – the clothes don’t say mental issues… it was the behavior that was being addressed. The clothes are just tacky and are another conversation entirely. HOWEVER, a behavior of those with ‘Bi-polar I’ is hyper-sexuality, but Britney’s costumes are just that…. costumes and not indicative of a condition.

  65. meow says:

    The gold costume is the only one that looks even remotely professionally made. The others looks like cheap trash. I’ve seen strippers with better crafted costumes. People pay a lot of money to see this crap, they should go all out on her costumes and stage production, especially since she doesn’t sing live.

  66. palermo says:

    For a regular woman she’s not that chubby, BUT for a performer, who is getting paid to look good, she has gotten too flabby. She really needs to give up this so called career, it’s not working for her any more.

  67. Justin says:


    Sorry to say that but you didn’t get the point. I’m not talking about the others. It’s not about being thin or fat or whatever. I’m talking about Britney Spears – talentless singer but great performer. When you are only the performer you need a lot of other thing and when you get to the point where it’s not enough there is a problem. She is in that point of her career.

  68. Amanda_74 says:

    People who suffer from mental illness are more likely to use (and abuse) drugs and/or alcohol. This is both a symptom of the disease and a way of coping. Whether it is Bi-polar, Depression, ADD, Boarderline Personality Disorder or she simply had a nervous break-down, she has a history of mental instability. You don’t suddenly wake-up one day and find that you are “cured.” For most people, even those that suffer from low-level mood disorders, life-long medication is part of the plan to battle the illness. She may very well want to continue performing, but it appears as though she needs some time off. She’s not on her “A” game. Brit also reportedly suffered from Post Partum Depression. As someone else pointed out, anyone who has ever gone through depression (short or long term)knows what it’s like – you can barely get out of bed, let alone workout or go to work (or in her case, perform). The only way to get over (or in some cases deal with) depression is to keep busy, which is difficult for the person suffering to do. My guess would be that her parents are pushing her, not just out of greed (although that’s completely possible), but because she is saying she wants to perform and they know she has to keep busy to to battle her “demons.” That said, it doesn’t mean I think she should be performing right now. It’s just a guess as to what could be going on.

    Oh, and I agree, she needs a new stylist.

  69. NM9005 says:

    @Justin: Oh I see, like that. Well, wasn’t my former comment useless or what, haha…

    Well, maybe you see it that way but her fans still buy her albums and her concerttickets. Gaga in comparison busts her ass promoting her music like crazy and she outsells Britney just a little bit. As long as the fans eat it, Britney’s management is going to give it to them. She’s too popular to let her quit. But I get your point, I don’t buy her albums or wouldn’t see her concerts. The quality isn’t worth it. She used to be top notch dancer, now she’s half buzzed out on the stage. She ain’t got the moves anymore. I do follow her but not going to spend money on her =).

  70. Kim says:

    I think Britney would like to retire at this stage in her life but her parents push her to do more more more while she can to make money to support them.

  71. Lauren says:

    Brit still looks better than XTina, and is more likeable. At least Brit still has a career.She came back after a mental breakdown. I admire her ambition..she is a working mum, supporting K-Fed, her two sons, and her family.

  72. Carolyn says:

    Oh this is sad. With you all in wishing Brit could have a few years off, take her kids to school, do normal things, hopefully get well and then decide what she wants to do with her life. Surely she has enough money to do this? It’s not right that she’s being pushed to do concert tours when she’s either not well or not really into it any more. The record company could just release another greatest hits/remix album to make more money from her.

  73. becky says:

    “She doesn’t count calories when she’s in Britain.”
    thats my girl!

  74. Zigggy says:

    I think her body is pretty good- the whole situation is just kinda sad.

  75. Cindy says:

    @Justin You are the one missing the point. NM9005 is annoyed with the contrasting opinions of people.
    If someone is too thin, people bitch. If someone is not quite thin enough, they should be ridiculed????? We as a society need to change the bitching and bullying!

  76. Lenore says:

    I just want to take the girl on holiday somewhere warm and sunny and give her a hug and a margarita and try to convince her it’s okay to be normal. I’ve no idea if her family push her to perform, or if she is pushing herself because she still wants to be a star (or just because she loves to perform), but she seemed so much happier when she was looking after her sons, roaming shopping malls braless and with bare feet, and munching on junk food – when she didn’t have to be BRITNEY. Why couldn’t the whole world just let her stay there being comfortably trashy?

    And to me she looks a perfectly healthy weight. It’s the clothes that look like hell, not her. Ragging on skinny girls in some posts and then criticising Britney’s body (what is she, a UK size 12 at most?) – doesn’t really leave much room inbetween for women to be happy with their bodies, you know? :/

  77. blackblackblack says:

    I think she dresses terribly and I’ve never liked her songs, but so many stories I read about Britney are about how fat and trashy and untalented she is. I think that sucks. She has clearly accomplished a lot despite so much backlash- apparently THOUSANDS attend her shows. I read stories like this and can’t help but root for her for plowing on despite all of the negativity.

  78. NM9005 says:

    @Cindy, @Lenore:

    Co-sign! And to think this article is written by a woman. It’s never good enough is it? I think it’s hypocrite and contradictory with what they write in other articles. Defending and supporting women they are not! Even a feminist site I was visiting yesterday took this site as an example on how they like to portray women one-dimensioanally and objectifying them like men do. Seeing this article, I understand where they were coming from…

  79. Cherry Rose says:

    Her weight gain can also be a side-effect of bipolar medications. Pretty much every bipolar med has a side effect of weight gain. One of them, Zyprexa, shuts off the control in the brain that lets you know you’re full. It’s also one of the strongest bipolar/schizophrenic medications, and is usually used as a last resort, when other medications have failed.

    And really, I do enjoy the snark on the website usually, but to snark on Britney’s body? Just because she doesn’t happen to be a perfect size 0-2 anymore? Really not cool.

    She looks fine. Agreed, she should retire those outfits back to 2000, but that is what popstars wear.

  80. Jane says:

    Her body looks good. Her clothes are awful!

  81. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @murt, ” what’s with all the snarking on her body?”

    ITA. I get particularly annoyed when people compare her to “the year 2000 brittney.” Christsakes, the woman was 20 years old and childless then. Does anyone want to be compared to their 20 year old self?

    @Tiffany, “I think she might have fried her brain with drugs.”

    I know MANY people who’ve been habitual drug users all of their lives and it doesn’t render them incapable of caring for themselves once they’re off drugs. In fact , my sister-in-law was a crack/meth addict and alcoholic for many years, OD’d three times and had to be revived and she’s STILL a functional human being. My OTHER sister-in-law is bipolar with a history of substance abuse, and her behavior is very much like Brittneys. It’s just my opinion, but I’m thinking she’s mentally ill and not incapacitated from past drug use.

  82. paola says:

    She does sing live!!! maybe not the all concert but most of it, she is a GREAT performer and she perform almost every night of the week!
    If you did not go to one of her concert you shoud not comment on how she performs.

  83. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @NM9005, #59 comment, well said! I think the “belly” some are commenting on is just a little excess pregnancy skin that cannot be exercise/dieted away. Also, gaga and Rihanna are 7 years younger than Brit AND they’ve never had children. I’d love to see how they’ll measure up 7+ years from now and two kids later.

    @cherry rose, @turtle dove, thank you for your posts re:mental health issues. It’s important for people to know that substance abuse is typically a coping mechanism for those with particular mental illnesses and that when the substance abuse is addressed and the underlying illness is ignored we are doing nothing for the afflicted person.

  84. the original bellaluna says:

    Since my previous comment on Brit got eaten (or something) I’ll try again.

    Most everyone speaks of Papa Spears as if he was some kind of life-saving tour-de-force in her life. And to a certain extent, maybe he was. AT THE TIME.

    This poor woman (I want to call her “girl” because I feel like, on a certain level, she is still very much a girl) has no control over anything most other adult women with children have.

    I also feel (as I’ve said numerous times before) that those leaching off her (the entire family) pushed her back into “entertaining” and concert tours way too soon into her recovery.

    If she appears a little bloated (to SOME people) perhaps her meds have been changed. People don’t account for how much RX meds can change a person, at least until they’ve “leveled out” and had time to adjust to them.

    RX meds can make a sober person appear drunk or high; make a skinny person heavy; make a heavy person heavier; make a person lethargic.

    I think Brit looked really, really happy and healthy a week or two ago on that last CB post. I hope to God she still is.

  85. Ron says:

    I wasn’t saying her CLOTHES indicated mental illness. Those are costumes and her street clothes wouldn’t indicated that either. It’s her overall demeanor and the fact that she looks glazed 90% of the time. In addition, if she didn’t have issues she wouldn’t still be under a conservatorship after 3 years.

  86. bettyrose says:

    WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING THIS TO HERSELF??? She has a wonderful figure but not a slender teenage figure. In a sexy low cut gown she’d look amazing.

  87. Trillion says:

    I agree w/ Justin. Poor Brit does herself a great disservice dressing in a way that just invites comparison to her former physically flawless self. But since she’s got nothing BUT image, there’s nothing to fall back on. It’s not like she can suddenly sit at the piano and bust out some epic singing/songwriting. (by contrast, when Gaga gets older, she’ll be able to do that with one hand tied behind her back).

  88. Jayna says:

    I love her new album. It puts me in a great mood. Britney has her own sound and has her own niche.

    Paola, no she doesn’t sing live. The last tour was total mime to studio vocals. This tour she prerecorded live tracks to the songs and sang over them for about sixty percent of the songs for a good portion of the tour. But she’s down to singing live one song over a prerecorded track and miming the rest. All her
    hardcore fans know this. She was way more energetic in the U.S. leg of the tour and very animated to her audience. She seemed happy. I think she’s at the end of the tour and tired. But Brit will never be like she was in her early days on stage.

    According to Pollstar, out of the top 20 box office tours of the year, she is number four. So the tour was a success.

  89. Joanna says:

    I think Britney’s body looks fine. She should fire whoever picked out her costumes; they do look cheap. I used to be on antidepressents, they helped level out my mood swings. But then again, I was just mellow; I wasn’t estatically happy or horribly sad; it just dulled the highs and the lows. So maybe that’s why her performances seem lethargic; she can’t get to the emotional highs and lows that she could when she wasn’t on the antidepressants.

    I think she should quit touring and just enjoy her kids. I used to think she was trashy and nasty, walking around without her shoes. Then I moved to the panhandle of Florida; now I realize it’s Southern culture. Tourists come from GA and AL all the time and go barefoot in gas stations and parking lots like she does. (no offense to anybody from the South)

  90. Joanna says:

    p.s. I think she’s changed a lot for the better, and they need to loosen up the leash, i.e, maybe consider getting rid of the conservatorship. whatever you call it.

  91. katie says:

    you know what, good for her being ok showing off her normal figure. the outfit choice could have been better if she wanted to be showy.. but she is NOT FAT. glad theres pics of her like this to show girls shes not perfect, and drive down the eating disorder rates. then again her being bullied for being “fat” with a completely normal figure for her age/having kids may raise the eating disorder rates bc an unperfect stone figure is considered FAT.

  92. Cindy says:

    @NM9005 The thing is I don’t blame sites like this, or any one individual. Especially not a blog named Celebitchy, but that almost every media reveiw was on her supposed pudge….
    She looks good, but dresses like crap!

    I agree though that so much has to change! She was crying out and I think that retirement would be best. Her music sells and others have made it without doing shows….

  93. theaPie says:

    @Trillion: Excellent post.

    Her body is fine. Her outfits are terrible. But it’s all she knows – mimicking the old Brit.

  94. Darlene says:

    @NM9005 – my thoughts exactly. Thank you.

    She just wears unflattering outfits. Frankly, I’d LOVE to have a body like hers. I’ve only had one baby and my belly looks like a road map. She may be a little thick around the midsection, but her belly skin is flawless.

  95. sandy says:

    If she had a new stylist, it wouldn’t be that bad.. those outfits are made literally for a 19 year old or younger and Britney is aging… She needs to fire her current stylist and find someone who can come up with a wardrobe that complements her aging… You can’t maintain a skinny bod forever… it’s impractical…

  96. LeeLoo says:

    Look at Britney, you can tell she is not well and I don’t mean physically. She looks fine physcially for a 30 year old woman who takes psychiatric medication and has had 2 kids. She looks fantastic all things considered.

    I think it is so wrong to trot out Britney like this. I understand that mentally ill people want to feel good about themselves in the world and I understand Britney’s desire to contribute. But she’s obviously not well again and I don’t know if she wants to be on stage or not. If she doesn’t then everyone needs to quit trotting her out there and if she does then someone needs to say “No Britney, you’re not well right now.” This is so wrong. This is someone who is mentally ill being exploited so that she can make other people rich. This needs to stop.

    Like I said, I don’t know if Britney wants to be there or not. There are valid reasons Brit is under a conservatorship. But someone in that conservatorship (Jamie) needs to look after her best interests not the $$$$$ they can be making off of her and right now, I don’t see that happening.

  97. jc126 says:

    She doesn’t sing live. I wouldn’t go to her shows, but I read the local reviews of her Boston shows and they said not ONE song was live. I believe that.
    I always feel like someone dopes her up and trots her out just to make a buck.

  98. Hellen says:

    I feel bad for her too – and I never thought I would be saying that. She doesn’t look happy, she looks… medicated. Maybe all she really wants is to be home with her kids.

  99. Vanessa says:

    I used to come here alot. Not anymore after reading this article. Like a previous poster said I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS ARTICLE IS WRITTEN BY A WOMAN. Britney fat? Stop being bitchy. She looks great! Why don’t you post a picture of yourself in a bikini and see how we react to it?

    Britney has been through a very public meltdown, had the entire world go against her, marveled at her fall from grace, had two kids, had a terrible divorce, custody battle and yet she comes out of it all looking like this. She looks amazing. After everything she’s been through, where’s your compassion?

    Stop being bitchy, it’ll bite you in the ass.

  100. F5 says:

    She just has the IT factor..Love her and wish her well

  101. kibbles says:

    She looks great. The issue is her mental state and the people who are controlling her, i.e., her parents and manager. First, they need to give her more time off. If that means the end of her career then so be it. But I think if she had more time off then she could heal and make another comeback in a few years. While I give credit to her father for helping her somewhat, what he basically did was make sure that he was in control of her finances so her other enablers wouldn’t steal her money. I get that. But Britney’s parents are nothing more than stage parents who have pushed her to perform since she was a child and continue to do so even though she is an adult with children. She will continue down this road until she gets the help she needs to get back to a healthy mental state and take control of her life. Otherwise, she will always have her parents, her manager, her agent, her enablers telling her what to do. Unfortunately, I see her traveling down the same road as Michael Jackson. Two child stars who were never allowed to have a normal childhood and develop into a fully functioning adult.

  102. Juliesunflower says:

    Love Britney!

  103. Mika says:

    I was at Brit’s concert at the O2 in North Greenwich and Brit looks awful if truth be told! I totally agree with everything the poster Justin has said! She is supposed to be an entertainer and the entertainment was lacking! This body is lacking in fitness and she does look NORMAL – that’s it – just NORMAL. When Janet performs I go “wow-look at Ms. Jackson’s body!” same thing with Kylie. I want to aspire to look like them and get envious – with Brit I went “she needs to hit the gym!” Her dancers had vigour and Brit lacked energy. Honestly, the best thing for this girl is to be shipped off to a third world detox centre in the middle of an ocean somewhere, an island where there is no electricity, just fruit and vegetables and no outside influences – let this girl just swim in the ocean for a year, play golf, tennis and get sunburned. Maybe she’ll get centered and “find” herself.

  104. Nibbi says:

    i give her props for showing up. she doesn’t look that bad- she’s def looked worse/ more “mentally ill” – and here she looks like she’s happy/ genuinely trying.

  105. Laura says:

    Sorry all but sometimes an article is just total rubbish. and this one is!!

    I saw Britney last night. I will admit I’m a fan but not a deluded one – I didn’t have the best expectations really. She shocked me. Britney sang live. She danced, well (i.e she did the Slave for You routine and hit every step). She doesn’t go all out like she used to – I personally think because of her foot but she did far better than I could have imagined and her recent track run would suggest.

    She’s an easy figure to knock down but actually I’m convinced that she IS getting better. Wouldn’t it be a nice change to support and back a public figure for once when they’re trying to get their life back on track.

  106. leetruth says:

    All those blasting Britney’s dad forget that before he took control, she was headed for the rubbish heap. He saved her from endining up like Linnocent; reduced to selling her vadge shots to playboy to live.

  107. Listerino says:

    I’m not gonna judge Brit Brit. I don’t think her body looks terrible. Having said that belly dancing outfits at her age are a no no.
    I just don’t think her heart is in performing anymore and with all that she’s been through I don’t blame her. She should just wait until she’s better mentally and then come back to it when and if she feels like it. She has nothing to prove.

  108. flan says:

    Why always as naked as possible lately?

    It looks ridiculous and classless. Seriously, in that regard the eighties were a lot better; singers were having fun while they sang, and not just trying to compete with adult movie actresses.

  109. Cletus says:

    Oy vey, that girl. She’s not fat…I mean COME ON. I think her main problem is the same it has ever been- she’s dumb. She is uneducated and also not very bright. Or even, you know, talented. Poor thing.

  110. Juliesunflower says:

    Maybe Brit can’t sing as well as Xtina or Adele but she has a heart of gold and with the right stylist, that’s all she needs.

  111. kiki says:

    Sorry I’m not up on all things Britney lately, but what proof do we have that she still has mentally illness issues? I agree that back in her head shaving days she was definitely in need of psychiatric treatment, which she apparently got and worked through. I’m sure she still takes maintenance meds and such, but otherwise seems to be living a pretty normal pop star life (if there is such a thing as ‘normal’ in that world). Maybe she’s just plain ole burnt out — happens to otherwise mentally healthy people too!

    And correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think her father has much part in her career or life anymore. I’m not sure what to think about her boyfriend/manager/babysitter Jason who is at her side 24/7. Is he controlling her, or is he the one keeping her together? Can’t decide.

    As for her body, it’s perfectly fine to me. She just needs to cover up a bit more.

  112. Victoria says:


    yes to everything you’ve said.

    the sad truth is that her breakdown was a mental breakthrough. she, imo, was tired of the people in her life using her, sick of the mistakes she made because of the evil industry, and rebelled which the shot callers knew they could use her crazy behavior against her.

    she didn’t want to be a puppet but they wouldn’t and won’t stop. she even said she’d rather be with her kids than perform.

    but brit will never be the brit of her slave 4 u days because they got her so drugged up she can barely wiggle her hips. all these people in her life don’t care about her $. they care about her. she and her sons are surrounded by sharks.

    there is nothing wrong with brit, but they need her fried to control her.

  113. Auds says:

    She needs to retire. She is like a lame thoroughbred that needs to be put out to pasture now. And she only has herself to blame.

  114. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @mika, “When Janet performs I go “wow-look at Ms. Jackson’s body!” same thing with Kylie. I want to aspire to look like them and get envious – with Brit I went “she needs to hit the gym!”

    Neither Janet nor Kylie have had children (and Janet has certainly had periods of looking much worse than Brittany does here). Brittanys arms and legs look fit. She may have a little extra skin on her belly, and a diastasis from her pregnancies, but these are “imperfections” that cannot be fixed without surgery. Kylie and Janet have been nipped, tucked, plucked and sucked within an inch of lives. So if thats who you aspire to look like, i hope you’re wealthy, because you’re going to need a lot of money to pay that plastic surgeon.

  115. Moi says:

    Applause, NM9005!

  116. bettyrose says:

    I don’t see anywhere in the article or comments where someone has called her fat – but I see a dozen comments criticizing the people calling her fat. Am I missing something?

  117. paola says:

    I’m with Laura

  118. stephanie says:

    She’s looked worse. I think the main offender here is the costumes, not the “pudge.” OK, so she’s not a whippet, but this is hardly xtina we’re looking at. Personally I’d cover up more but I think it’s cool she’s confident the way she is now. And I don’t even like Britney.

  119. Alexis says:

    @the original bellaluna

    I agree that Papa Spears is overrated. Yes, it’s quite possible that she might have been dead without his help, and I think he was right to step in. Yes, he is far better than Lohan’s parents, better than MJ’s dad, but must we compare him to very worst showbiz parents we can think of?

    There seems to be room for criticism, at the point where Britney seems very happy living a normal life and being with her kids, and distinctly less so when performing. When you see some performers, you know there’s no place else they’d rather be. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Britney right now. If she wants to make music and keep busy, maybe she could move into something more low key like children’s music. Or she could do any type of music and just not tour. There are lots of options besides doing the exact same things she did when she was 19, so it’s a questionable choice to have her do that.

  120. Heine says:

    While I get that people think she looks fine and her body is perfectly normal, I agree with Justin in that she’s a performer and her body should either be above par as it was years ago or she should cover up her stomach. She has great legs-why not show those off?

    And no one is saying she has to be super skinny-she’s never been super skinny. She always looked really fit and healthy. Her abs were muscled and toned not just flat.

    The in-between that some claim doesn’t exist is the fit and toned look. Not skinny and not flabby either. Plenty of people exist in that middle ground. Right now Britney’s tummy isn’t toned, that’s the problem. Not that she isn’t thin, because she looks fine. I don’t think she needs to lose weight. I think she needs to tone up.

    I also think she needs to take a year off or maybe more to cleanse and get her mind into a good place. Suffering from mental illness and drug addiction is no joke and I feel for her. I just want to give the poor girl a hug.

  121. Marytere says:

    Oh, I remember thoese times; whe prince William asked a photo of Brit and then everybody was saying something along the lines of “Britney Spears for Princess of Wales” Good God…

  122. wunder says:

    So she’s using toothpaste now?

  123. Vanessa says:

    “Do you think your life is crazy?”

    Britney: “It’s all I’ve ever known.”

    I never gave much thought to Britney, but her 2007 breakdown made me realize just how human she really is. Back in 2001 this girl was untouchable, she was on a class of her own. Fastforward a few years later and she was the butt of every joke. It went too far. The media even wrote her obituary anticipating her inevitable death in 2008. But despite all that, the girl is still with us, facing the world despite being publicly humiliated time and time again. For that, she has my full respect. Britney may not have “talent” like some of u may say, but you can’t deny she certainly has courage.

    I’m still not a fan of Britney the musician. But I do like Britney the person. She has no ego like the rest of Hollywood.

  124. Jay says:

    Maybe if even celebrities stop living up to people’s absurdly high standards of body image, the average person will stop feeling so inadequate. Seems like a good thing to me.

  125. PerryGood says:

    Britney Spears truly is the Madonna of her generation. I don’t understand why people can’t seem to ever respect that, constantly denying the obvious fact that she really did change the face of modern pop music and pop culture.

    Talented or not, Britney contributed alot to the music industry and American culture than we care to admit.

    Gaga may claim to be the Queen of Pop. But Modanna she is NOT. When Madonna came out, every one in our generation wanted to dress like her, talk like her, move like her. Boys wanted her, girls aspired to be her. This was never seen again till Britney came along. I honestly could never imagine people wanting to dress like Gaga or girls wanting to be like her. The boys don’t seem to dig her either? Gaga is a fad. Britney stood the test of time.

    RollingStone summed her up best by saying, “BRITNEY IS NOT THE NEXT MADONNA. SHE’S THE FIRST BRITNEY.”

    So call her fat, talentless, and whatnot but don’t say she’s irrelevant, she has more punch than any of these new girls put together.

  126. Callumna says:

    First, she’s the one who’s been making her money off her bod her whole career. When you scream and shout “look at me,” someone looks and comments, you then scream at the commenter. Yeah. Nice trick.

    Second, why ARE some people arguing here against what the media said about her being fat years ago? Go complain to them, but return to step one first.

  127. Ann says:

    Women need to stop being so hypercritical of other women’s bodies; I don’t know how many times I’ve seen fools on here declaring an overweight, balding middle-aged man still “sexy” while dissing attractive women’s looks. Don’t play that game because it keeps us all down.

    I agree with many others on here: she looks fine but the outfit is not flattering.

  128. Eleonor says:

    This is very similar to Xtina: both of them dress like they’re still 17een.
    Brit has a good shape, she is not fat, she is not too much toned, or doesn’t have very good abs, but she looks good, she should stop wearing outfit like that.

  129. Bambi says:

    Her figure looks perfectly fine, but not in those unflattering costumes, which were designed for a “hardbody,” ie. the Britney of 10 years ago.

    I’m completely creeped out by her obvious mental illness combined with the relentless marketing of her bombshell image. But I guess her more superficial fans can manage the cognitive dissonance required to buy the illusion.

    I’m hoping that her family / management have just made the decision to profit from the residue of her career while they still can, and then get out. Anyone with common sense can see that she is not Whitney Houston or Barbra Streisand. It’s now or never for her, probably.

    Jamie Lynn Spears certainly disappeared from the public eye, so there’s a chance that Britney might.

  130. Jilly Bean says:

    by the furrow of her forehead, there’s no botox there….

  131. Turtle Dove says:

    kiki – bi-polar is for LIFE. It doesn’t go away. Generalized depression can be treated and recede after 6 or more months. Bi-polar I and II are a different illness entirely. Saying that she doesn’t need continued monitoring is incorrect. If she doesn’t manage her illness then she will regress.

    Leetruth: “He saved her from endining up like Linnocent; reduced to selling her vadge shots to playboy to live.”

    Here. Here. I second that comment. She needed help. Does she still? Who knows. Perhaps she realizes that having her parents’/dad’s continued monitoring is best for her and the boys.

  132. Ale says:

    Why do you make such a big deal about such minor story celebitchy? You made me think something big had happened and you came up with what may be your shortest article ever. It’s nothing new that she doesn’t perform like she used to, you’re a jerk. Don’t know why I’ve kept visiting your crappy website, will only stick to the actually funny Dlisted which doesn’t take itself seriously.

  133. Cerulean says:

    I think Britney is the one who wants to be there. I think the reason she is watched so closely is to make sure she takes her meds, does not abuse drugs or alcohol and stays on course.
    I wonder if she would be happy not performing. That’s all she knows. Perhaps it would have the opposite effect and send her off the deep end.

    We assume she’s the one wanting to quit but I think it’s the other way around.

    Her body is ok for a civilian but not for someone who insists on dressing like that. Those looks are just terrible. Looks like something out of a bad Y2K flashback.

  134. Bella says:

    Britney is diagnosed with a serious mental illness. The medications she’s prescribed cause weight gain, low energy, poor coordination. She has suffered a great deal but still manages to keep going. Give her a break.

  135. Jover says:

    Swanny jaco I agree fully and can’t do any better than your comment Bravo!

  136. phyllis says:

    I heard that Britney never really sang her songs in the first place, she used someone elses voice. So it makes sense that these concerts are bad.

    But I do agree that her body looks fine, just awful costumes.

  137. NM9005 says:

    @Cerulean: She already said in an interview she’s the happiest when with her boys enjoying a “normal life”. If she was really happy when performing, she would have done her best at that 2007 vma performance. But she didn’t even try, she looked out of place, insecure, embarassed, just generally sick of it all. All those people looking at her, judging her right after her breakdown and her management didn’t even care. Nope, they just pushed her onto that stage to prove the world she’s “back”, promoting it weeks in advance, hyping it to the maximum. Boy, did that blew up in their faces.
    Her fame sent her of the deep end, you don’t use drugs when you’re happy but to escape real life. To cope…Remember what she yelled to the paparazzi several times when they followed her? “Just leave me alone”. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like somebody who enjoys being recognized.

    If they would take her away from showbusiness she would still need medication but at least she would have peace and time to work on her problems, spend time with her children instead of thinking about entertaining other people and pretending she’s happy. She’s been around for more than 10 years, never had a normal life, she is in the end just a simple girl who’s over it…See lost her spark, her energy to perform.

  138. manele says:

    OMG,what has happened to her?

  139. Kate says:

    And yet she still doesn’t look a fraction as bad as Christina Aguilera.

  140. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    People talk about mind control in the music industry and I don’t normally buy into all that crazy conspiracy bs. But sometimes I wonder about Britney. She’s obviously not passionate about performing anymore and she looks medicated beyond belief. She’s obviously not dressing herself either! She’s made her millions and sold millions of records. They need to give her a break.

  141. Ana says:

    I am so sad to hear this, first because I love Britney; and second because my sister was there with a ticket I gave her as a birthday present…hopefully there was anything she enjoyed!

  142. Phoenix says:

    I feel so sad for Britney. There’s no way she should be touring. Let the girl have a break.

  143. Zigggy says:


  144. whome says:

    WOW you guys are jack asses, really she has two kids and looks damn good! i bet more than half of you who hide behind your computer screens can’t even fit a one piece, so what her styling is off. but stop critizing her body, she looks great.

  145. Ana says:

    I just talked to my sister, and she told me she really enjoyed the show, even more than a past one Britney gave in London, that she felt she was seeing the Britney from the old days.

    Although I am sure she isn’t completely the old Britney (performing-wise) I am really glad that she liked the concert!

    Maybe the reviews were too harsh, and also the amount of joy you get from it is subjective, and depends on whom is watching it! :)

  146. Beth says:

    Britney could learn much from Taylor Swift. We just saw Taylor’s show in LA in August-and it was tremendous. Suffice it to say no bedazzling or cut-offs w/front folded in. Good gracious.

  147. Yvonnia says:

    She’s only a human being. I feel so bad for her. She really needs to be out of the spotlight and being counseled by A Christian counselor. This girl has been MK Ultra mind controlled since she was young and it has caused issues that ARE NOT HER fault!

    I’m praying for her cause this is sad. And normal women do gain weight once in a while. Unless it’s a major health risk(which I doubt, it’s really not a big deal.

  148. Yvonnia says:

    And for the people that think Mind Control is conspiracy bs, why not do some research and hear the quotes from the celebrities themselves where they’re confessing that they let demons overtake them on occasion?

    Was Tupac crazy too, cause he called The Illuminati by name as I recall.
    Some people just REFUSE to wake up. Sad. It’s all around you, how much more evidence do you need? Dang!

  149. ZenB!tch says:

    Her body isn’t bad just not currently suited for those get ups.

    Why is this poor girl on tour? She seemed fine when she was just living her life out here in LA but this looks like too much stress for her. She is not well and she WAS well (enough at least) before. She has enough money – leave her be (the industry not my fellow bitches).

  150. I think she has a great figure, but her costumes should be a little updated for her age – costumes were more appropriate for a teenager.

  151. WringWorm says:

    Let’s be honest, guys. If she was just your average girl on the street, you’d want to hit that in a minute. She may not be the little sex kitten she used to be, but she’s got a nice body. If I met her at a party, I’d be interested. And let’s not say “appropriate for a teenager.” If I’m a parent, and my teen daughter came down stairs wearing any of that, I’d either die or kill her.