Gwyneth Paltrow’s get thin fast diet

Gwyneth Paltrow is on one of her supposedly crazy diets again where you don’t eat dairy or gluten/wheat products and avoid most fruit. It’s the lead story in the celebrity section of The Sun today, and they make a big deal out of it, but it doesn’t seem so strange to me:

GWYNETH PALTROW is taking desperate measures to shift her baby bulk…

But incredibly I can reveal Gwyn has taken up an even more extreme diet, drawn up by her long-term health guru Dr Nish Joshi.

He’s the same man who introduced Gwyn to cupping — a bizarre suction therapy that involves pressing jars full of hot air to the skin to improve blood flow and remove toxins.

Gwyn is BANNED from wheat, dairy products, sugar, gluten, booze and red meat.

She is allowed turkey, chicken and white fish but NO swordfish. Veg is OK but she can have NO tomatoes, peppers or other fruits, except for bananas.

Coldplay singer CHRIS MARTIN’s missus is also taking various herbal supplements to flush out toxins and undergoes regular reflexology and cupping sessions and a rather unpleasant series of colonics. In case you’re interested, Dr Joshi, who is based in London’s famous Wimpole Street, charges £750 for the detox diet and, er, accompanying procedures.

His other clients include CATE BLANCHETT, who did the same diet in August, and NICOLE APPLETON, who has been getting into shape for the ALL SAINTS comeback.

Gwyneth just must have started this diet, because she sure had plenty of champagne at her birthday party last month.

I have gone on diets like that and once you’re used to the routine you feel pretty healthy as long as you’re getting the right nutrients. After my son was born I went on a no-wheat no-milk diet in order to make sure my milk was digestible. Some claim that it’s a myth that food you eat passes through to your breastmilk, but I got the diet from one of Dr. Sears’ baby books and I swear my baby stopped being colicky afterwards. After a few months less passes through to the baby through the milk so I went back to eating normal food again.

A lot of people are sensitive to gluten and dairy and a “paleolithic diet” is considered quite healthy by experts. A friend of mine’s wife had MS and was nearly cured after giving up wheat and dairy. For more on these type of diets, read up on Dr. Weston Price’s “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.”

I know I am talking about diets a lot lately, but I think they really work if you’re sensible about them and eat enough.

Here is Gwyneth at Paris Fashion Week with Kim Cattrall. She doesn’t need to lose weight, but she could do something about her makeup. I really dislike it when people put eyeliner on the membranes of their eyes without putting it beneath the eye too and think it looks strange. Makeup artist rubygirl214 commented on our J.Lo looks terrible post, so I wonder what she thinks.

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  1. Solitaire says:

    haha! Nish Joshi heh – i have been taught by him! hahaha! funny funny man!
    I was privilidged to hear him talk without paying that kinda money! jeeeeeeeez some people!!!

  2. Clarimonde says:

    What is wrong with Gwynneth’s eyeliner? I dont see that she hardly has any makeup on. And I certainly see nothing wrong with her eye makeup. ???

  3. AC says:

    It isn’t a strange diet. Its like a low carb diet. Except on a low carb diet you can have dairy. But we don’t NEED dairy, and bread we LIKE dairy and bread. Fruit is good for you but for the purposes of loosing weight, its good to drop it for a while. I don’t think her diet seems strange at all.

    Oh and its so true what you eat influenced your breast milk, absolutely.

  4. cheryl says:

    There’s is nothing strange about the diet she is on…It is a common sense diet, similar to the Zone…Anyone who goes on it and stays on it will loose weight and will feel better….I’ve been there and done it…Like I said, it is just a common sense diet ! That’s all !

  5. cheryl says:

    And I’d like to add, it’s very very foolish to be paying $750.00 for that diet, even if you’re a billionaire ! Very foolish, indeed ! Wish she’d do something with the long limp hair…a “Bob” would be cute with bangs on her !

  6. Celebitchy says:

    Yes, you can get that diet online or in a book for free, but maybe that guy includes a bunch of follow up visits and health consultations in the price.

  7. ER says:

    I think diets are weird because they’re hard to maintain. I eat anything I want but really watch my portions and that works well for me, but I know some people like the structure of a short-lived diet routine. Gwynneth was always exceedingly skinny and she looks a lot more normal now.

  8. leisa says:

    I just started a new diet. NO CHIPS.

  9. Angelika says:

    I agree, Gwyneth has been on such diets before and as long as she still has the discipline to do it, there’s nothing wrong with that! Though I don’t think she needs to lose any weight, she’s never looked better or more glowing =)

    But if she doesn’t feel well or confident enough, she should do it! I think she looks great with this make-up, it makes her look naturally beautiful and warm – I think you should worry more about the dress 😉

  10. m says:

    blondes look wierd w/ strong eyeliner, i like that hers is barely visible… and going all the way around the eye would make her eyes look smaller and drawn on. she is really fair and i like how little makeup she is wearing.

  11. Action says:

    Love the makeup…don’t know about that dress. I think she looks great, healthy and glowing! I don’t think she needs to lose any weight.

  12. Jude says:

    I don’t mind her makeup, and I admire the willpower she seems to have with her diets, but she’s always looked washed-out to me–I think someone should maybe introduce her to a tube of subtle eyebrow color, or something.

    She actually looks better than usual here. Maybe because she’s *not* as gaunt as usual.

  13. Chic Mommy says:

    I totally agree about the eyeliner thing, it should spread underneath otherwise it looks really odd.

    I have to say Gwyneth Paltrow is the one actress I cannot stand at all. I don’t know why magazines drool over her and call her words like “patrician” and “regal”. She’s not even that pretty. I think she’s so plain. If it weren’t for her parents being in the business she probably wouldn’t even be famous. She comes off as a stuck up bitch IMO. I have a friend who went to high school in NYC with her, the Spence School, and she said Gwyneth was snobby then too. And for some reason she always dressed in black.

  14. Viv says:

    The reason why she’s glowing is all the free radicals escaping from her face due to the diet*.

    Not scientific evidence.

  15. Alexi says:

    Viv you crack me up…
    HM GWEN THE LITTLE WREN…I think the combo of her and Kim side by side is like Ying and Yang! I need to get that diet online for sure

  16. Action says:

    I have to agree Chic Mommy, I never really found her all that pretty either. I don’t think she’s ugly by any means, just a normal looking person. Although I don’t know many normal people who calls their kid Apple.

  17. Izzy says:

    I think she is attractive and has great bone structure. I agree with Jude about the eyebrow pencil though.

  18. Smartie says:

    If only she decided to become a Breatharian…

  19. Trilby says:

    Gosh, it is so easy to lose baby weight: breastfeed!

    I wish I had a baby to feed right now. I’d be thin as a movie star in no time at all!

  20. Kody says:

    I've had several friends mention that they lost weight during their recovery period. What is the average amount of weight most women lose? I can

    understand a few pounds for not wanting to eat, but some friends mentioned more like 15lbs. Is this true?