When did Tom Felton turn into a little mini-Ralph Fiennes?


I normally don’t devote whole posts to Tom Felton, best known as a supporting player in the Harry Potter franchise. So why am I all about The Felton today? Because for the first time ever, I totally see something in him that I’ve never seen before. Yes, I’ve been thinking he’s a little cutie for most of this year. But in these new photos from his appearance on the cover of Fault, all of a sudden, Tom Felton is a Mini-Ralph Fiennes. RIGHT? OMG. Ralph! Mini-Ralph! Those soulful eyes, that pained expression… it’s like he’s about to give me a lecture on sands and winds. And then I’ll tell him about my love of hedgehogs. A-plus for getting that reference.

Tom is 24 years old now. Too young for me? No, not at all. Plus, those British boys mature quickly, and they like slightly older women. Oh, AND HE’S A VIRGO! Huzzah. He’s mine, bitches.

Here are some highlights from Tom’s Fault interview:

On Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe: “[He] has always been a big inspiration. He is like a machine. He works for 15 hours, has five hours of sleep, comes back the next day, eager than ever to do the same scene all over again. Daniel made me realize never take things for granted … He strived to make each film better and that really inspired me to do the same.”

On what he considers a personal fault: “I enjoy my sleep too much? That’s not really a fault, that’s more of a luxury. I’d say technology. It’s a massive catch 22 for me. I can’t live without it, yet I would love to live without it. It has come to a point where I love flying because none of the electronics work and no one can get a hold of me. I’m unreachable. Also emails! Emails are my biggest fault. If you email me you’ll be forever awaiting a reply. I see each medium of communication as a new door, now I have 20 doors and everybody is bloody knocking.”

[From Fault via Just Jared]

OMG, Tom Felton and I need to email. But only if I can call him My Mini-Ralph. I’ll write him love-emails and that will be how our courtship begins.

Now, before The Fassbender Patrol comes in and starts screaming about my disloyalty to my one and only love, Mr. Fassbender, let me just say this: Fassbender is busy right now! He’s got a lot on his plate, and right now I know I have to wait for him patiently. So I’ll use Mini-Ralph to occupy myself.








Photos courtesy of Fault Magazine.

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  1. Eve says:

    I still find him ugly, with a very strangely shapped head.

  2. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Nope, not too young at all… Nom nom nom.

  3. Flan says:

    Have read interviews with him before. Liked but not loved him in HP, but his interviews made me adore him.

    He can laugh at himself and talks about some different things than just: “I’m so grateful blabla, watch my new movie!”

    Thanks for doing an article about him.

  4. AcornPaste says:

    I find him quite ugly now, to be honest. He still has a special place in my heart though.

  5. yoho_ahoy says:

    he’s yum delishus with melted chocolate & whipped cream drizzled ollll ova him…. OMG!! LOOK KAISER!!! LINNOCENT’S SOBER!! *snatches mini ralph & is outta here*

  6. gee says:

    PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH I’ve had it in for him since I was 12.

  7. Sherie says:

    He’s the HOTTEST thing ever! I don’t care if I’m old enough to be his mother, he’s legal and I’d totally hit that!

  8. Gabbo says:

    He’s ugly and looks nothing like Ralph.

    Also, as a Brit, I can safely say that British men DO NOT mature faster!

  9. Lady_Luck says:

    Sorry – just doesn’t compete. Not even in any way, shape or league.
    He is a little boy. Needs to grow up, fill out and get some muscles. Just sayin’.

  10. birdie says:

    He is so freaking charismatic and a great actor!! I am glad he gets the Celebitchy love, because he really deserves it!

  11. Lady_Luck says:

    And agree with Gabbo. British men mature the LEAST fast out of all men across the universe: too feminine, very immature and quite the cold fish.

  12. Flan says:

    @Lady Luck; who are the most mature men in the world? Like to hear another’s opinion, for it’s not clear to me yet 😛

  13. WillyNilly says:

    Um, no. I see Malfoy trying to do JLo’s ‘angry/sexy’ look. Doesn’t work.

  14. Eleonor says:

    I’ve never liked him, but when did he become HOT? And we need to discuss about Neville.

  15. whitedaisy says:

    Love him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people so polarized about a man on Celebitchy before…..
    Maybe Gerard Butler….(Yuk.)

  16. Fallon says:

    These make him look like the kid who played Jesse from Breaking Bad. Too lazy to IMDb him right now …

  17. SisterMaryHotPantz says:

    He has a hair piece on because his hair is quite thin in real life.

  18. Lady_Luck says:

    @Flan. I think that question is akin to asking what kind of turd flushes fastest ? 😀

  19. jinni says:

    He is ugly. What’s with all of these misshapen faced/headed English boys (another ex. Pattinson) being touted as handsome and gorgeous?
    I can’t believe he’s only 24, he looks like he’s in his late 30’s and has begun to go bald. He looks more like a disfigured Michael C. Hall than Fiennes.

  20. Heatheradair says:

    I’m getting more of a Sean Penn vibe than a Fiennes vibe, actually……..

    BUT, all of those Potter kids are growing up better than I’d expect.

    This one has too much hair (real or otherwise) for my tastes…….but he’s figured out how to stare down the camera pretty well. I get the appeal…..

  21. WaywardGirl says:

    Wow, shallow much? He’s not that unattractive. Maybe, because he’s too young for most of the people here. I don’t find him attractive, but the guy is insanly charasmatic and funny. He’s very likable in my opinion.

  22. RocketMerry says:

    The Harry Potter boys are all very, VERY fine young men. Oh, yeah.

  23. Stubbylove says:

    Nope, he looks 12.

  24. Suzy from Ontario says:

    He reminds me of a younger Ryan Gosling

  25. geekychic says:

    he is one of the rare ones….i can see why people would not find him attractive, but i can’t help it-he’s just so sexy, in the best way possible. 🙂 i think he has charisma, plenty of it. i don’t know, he shouldn’t be my type, but i’d totally run away with him. 😉
    and now i’m going to read the article. ;)))

    @Lady_Luck: some of us LOVE lithe anatomy. i abhore super-muscular men: channing tatum, spitty gerry, ryan gosling…the moent i see the ridicolous abs and (god forbid) bulging veins, i’m turned off forever.

  26. cubesque says:

    Ah … you ladies fight it out over Tom Felton. Kaiser, you’re a fellow The English Patient fangirl I see. Katherine and her fish in water and hedgehogs and Almasy and his winds and sand. A+?? 🙂

  27. Booboocita says:

    He’s not classically handsome, but he’s got a lil’ sumpin goin’ on, that’s for sure. I was thinking he needs to make like Tom Hardy and bulk up. Tom was an okay-looking Brit until he bulked up for his role as Bane in the next Dark Knight film, and then he looked good.

    In any case, he was terrific as Draco Malfoy, and not too bad as Dodge Landon in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Of all of the Harry Potter actors, he seems to be the one who’s likeliest to have a continuing career in the movies, with two in post-production, one awaiting release and two in pre-prod. What intrigues me most about the above photos is the fact that James Phelps is listed on the cover as one of Fault’s men. Fred Weasley? Where do I get a copy of this mag?

  28. xxodettexx says:

    i think he is adorable, bordering on hot, in some pictures, TO ME [qualifier for those that disagree with me]

  29. theotheryael says:

    definitely not classically handsome, but there’s something about him.

    i think it might be that his face shape resembles my husband’s…

    either way, he seems charming and funny. i’d hang out with him (and maybe hit it ;))

  30. INeedANap says:

    He does have a slightly odd shaped head but I think he’ll grow into it. Men with unusual bone structures tend to weather into them as they age.

    And every interview I’ve read with him makes him seem like a laid-back nice young man. I’m rooting for him!

    He is trying a bit too hard with the stare in these though, but that too will come with age. Looking forward to checking him out in 7 years!

  31. Lindy says:

    I totally see it, never saw it before, and am grateful to you for calling it our attention! YUM!

  32. yuya says:

    Not hot. He looks like Sean Penn. Ugh.

  33. Emma says:

    Is it weird how you can tell he’s a short/little guy just from these pictures? I mean, it’s not obvious, but you can just tell he is small for a grown man.

  34. Reece says:

    Love Tom and all but I’m with Eleonor #14

    There needs to be a Neville/Matt Lewis post. Talk about a “when did he become hot” guy…

    My bf needs that leather jacket so I can steal it from him. =D

  35. Lini says:

    He’s SO hot! Looks exactly like a younger Ryan Gosling in my opinion, and that’s pretty much my ideal guy 🙂 And I’m only 18 so luckily he’s definately not to young for me!

  36. Nanea says:

    Some of those Potter kids grew up to be people with quite a lot of charisma.

    I’m glad that they are different, not only in looks, but also not coming across as cookie-cutter nice looking, a dime a dozen shallow, harmless.

  37. Lindsey G. says:

    Pffft…Ralph Fiennes he is NOT. This little kid is too short with a funny-shaped head. Fiennes is a tall drink of dashing.

  38. Brooklyn says:

    thank the lord his awkward phase is over. it was like he peaked after the second HP movie and then, like a phoenix, he has risen from his horribly unappealing ashes. he looks damn good.

    me gusta. mini ralph… good one!

  39. Turtle Dove says:

    Tom has matured into a good looking man. Odd isn’t it that the minor characters in the HP series are the more intriguing ones as the film series concludes.

    He also makes great points about technology. I kinda miss when we didn’t have FB, email, cell phones, etc. Life was simpler then. Now I have too many things to check… but then again what did I do before I had my favorite blog to peruse?

  40. MWK says:

    He does not have a hairpiece on, just what’s left of his own hair all teased and styled. He has that syndrome like Patrick Stewart (capt picard) and like Patrick Stewart, he and all his brothers went bald in their 20’s. It’s not the same as male pattern baldness but its own syndrome. He’ll get over himself and comfortable with wigs and such soon enough. Stewart has said he would audition bald and then put on a wig and re-audition, LOL

    And yes, small in stature (5’7″) but BIG on charm and likability, I hope he does well in the future.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Smarmy. Just smarmy.

  42. Vanden says:

    he doesn’t remind me of Ralph Fiennes at all, who is gorgeous, he reminds me more of James McAvoy

  43. mimi says:

    Yeah, I would looooove to be that jacket he’s biting in the last photo. The photography is also great. Foxy man + black-and-white is always a win.

  44. Lili says:

    Ha, my friend and I were discussing this the other day…I know there are some Emma Watson, Dan Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint lovers out there but none of us find them that very attractive, even in a quirky way (well, maybe Rupert). My friend made this bitchy comment that Emma reminds her of an 80s USSR gymnast. However, the guy who plays Neville and and Tom ended up being so hot! Funny how they all grew up that way.

  45. MuhreeuhMaria says:

    If Ralph Fiennes and James McAvoy had sex and, somehow, some of Ryan Gosling’s sperm was in the mix, this would be their baby. I think now that he’s older, he’s hot. But if we’re talking about circa-Goblet of Fire, then you must be high. And I miss the Fassbender posts already…sad panda.


  46. thethinker says:

    Yeah, he looks like Ralph- except his head, eyes, nose, mouth…

    No, Tom Felton looks like Tom Felton and that’s not entirely bad. But he doesn’t come close to Ralph circa ‘The English Patient’.

  47. LondonParis says:

    Kaiser, you always continue to surprise me with how completely alike our taste in men is. Fassy and Mini-Ralph FTW!!!

  48. Estella says:

    I understand the Tom Felton love but please, please, please don’t EVER compare him to the soulful, Award-winning, s & m loving, talented, beautiful Ralph Fiennes. There is NO comparison.

    Btw, I like those twins that play Fred and George Weasley and also Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy). But I would not compare them to the fine Fiennes.

  49. Victoria says:

    he was hot at 11, then it got weird during the teen years and he got ugly. these photos seem like they could change my mind.

    but can we tabout from fugs to swan neville longbottom? he ate his wheetabix for breakfast and turned hot overnight .

  50. MuñekitA says:

    Yes he’s kind of cute & sexy… a new generation of sexy men that later on will become classics (i hope)… but OMG NOoooo… In the 3rd pic…His nails…! He has long nails…(well a little).. but i dont like that in a boy =/ for me is kind of gross long nails in men … buuu sad =|

  51. Stephie says:

    He’s cute, much more so now than in HP, but eh. He was good in the ape movie (his character was an American non-magical Malfoy, pretty much, so easy peasy). These pix make him look stoned.

  52. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I think he is on the border of cute where it depends on personality. Good personality … very hot … bad personality … very ugly. I like his quotes though so I’ll lean towards cute …

  53. freddy says:

    Tom is not attractive. His head is to large for his body and looks weird.

    I really want the scoop on what happened between him and Emma Watson. They do not like each other at all.

  54. Ally says:

    I think the problem with many of these kid actors is no one tells them to drink their milk, get enough sleep and lay off caffeine.

    So then they grow up to be literally ‘lil Ralph Fiennes, and it gets hard to find roles.

    He looks very short even in GQ-style ego-boosting photos, is all I’m saying.

  55. prissa says:

    Are you serious? THAT is Malfoy??? He is a super hottie!!! I thought that was Ben Foster (who is a hottie too). Sexy!

  56. serena says:

    That’s right, The Felton has matured and turned into a beautiful hot man. I’m sorry but I had my eyes on him since he was a kid, I’m sorry Kaiser he’s mine.

  57. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    He really does come across as a genuine darling in his interviews. Him trying to explain the Slash photos on Conan was pretty entertaining.

  58. Aquarius74 says:

    Well, if you didn’t tell us it was Tom Felton. Changed a bit from the HP days, for the better. He looks like Sean Penn in the leather jacket pictures, which is sexxxy.

  59. Angel says:

    um … you seem to be confused, lady!

    Tom Felton > Ralph Fiennes

    Every. Damn. Day.

    But I am pleased to see you’ve joined team Felton. Some women don’t understand his appeal, and I don’t understand those women.

    lol @ everyone saying he is theirs, though. Have you guys seen his long-term gf? she is bloody gorgeous.

    ETA: @freddy He and Emma watson get along perfectly fine, and are perfectly cordial. That they have some weird tension between them is both fabricated and in a way created; merely fangirl speculation. for some reason his fans really want them to date, and when they never did, it became ‘oh they must hate each other bc Tom’s GF is evil and keeping them apart, when they are MEANT TO BE!!! etc. I think constantly getting harassed about it hasn’t helped, the paps ask them both about each other constantly. totally awkward, I imagine, when they really just seem to be nothing more than casual associates who worked together. And Emma’s confession that she crushed on him at 12 didn’t help! It’s all become very uncomfortable, and I think that shows when they are together, is all.

  60. Jo says:

    He didn’t. But he did turn in to a Sean Penn…

  61. potterhead says:

    sweetest guy i have ever met!! his just so damn cute and even better looking in person <3
    Although Iv noticed alot of his fangirls lately are like middled aged 0.o kinda gives me hope since his just over a year older then me and he seems to like his women younger.
    I dont care what anyone says he is the sexiest guy going.
    And gahhhhh the pic were his biting his jacket! I'll be saving that one