Courtney Stodden’s mom pushed her to marry Doug at 16, Doug wanted to wait

Courtney’s mom is the one in the back with the huge chin implant

If you heard that your 16 year-old daughter was communicating online with a 51 year-old man would you:
1. Unplug the Internet and contact the authorities
2. Forbid her from speaking to him and install software to monitor and/or block her from doing so?
3. Tell her to be careful and keep an eye on the situation or
4. Encourage her to pursue a romantic relationship with the creepy old dude older than her father, but perhaps able to help her burgeoning career as a singer/actress?

If you’re Courtney Stodden’s mom Krista Keller you would choose the fourth option and take it to another level, you’d encourage your daughter to marry the guy! Courtney’s mom, who will always be the same age as her son-in-law, told The Daily Beast that she told her daughter’s 51 year-old pursuer and now-husband, Doug Hutchison, that he didn’t have to wait until Courtney was 18 to get romantic with her and that he could go ahead and marry her when she was just 16. Someone was so anxious for an empty nest and some quick fame that they sold their daughter out.


Courtney and her now husband met online in January through a mutual friend who told her mother about Hutchison’s acting workshop in Los Angeles. They began to correspond about the entertainment business, but Hutchison had no idea Courtney was a minor until Keller called him to arrange her daughter’s trip to attend the class.

“It didn’t make me want to walk away, but it definitely was a struggle inside my heart at that point in time because I had already started falling for her,” Hutchison told ABC News in July. (Keller, who says she manages Hutchison, declined a request from The Daily Beast to interview him as well.)

The twice-divorced character actor continued to communicate with the teenager. In fact, the emails between them became more romantic and personal, says Keller, who says she monitored them.

“It was a very beautiful, loving, nonsexual type of turn,” Keller says. “It was very admirable on his end. Then he called to tell me they were falling for each other. I could really tell my daughter had the kind of love when you want to marry a man or be with a man. Even though she was just 16, I knew it was going to take a pretty big man to handle her because of her sexuality and because of the attention she gets.”

Hutchison said he’d wait until Courtney turned 18 to pursue a romantic relationship. But Keller had another idea. In 39 states, 16-year-olds are allowed to marry with the consent of a parent or guardian, and she would support such a union.

“I had felt and lived it and seen how it matured to love,” Keller says. “See, with Courtney, with the way she looks: how is she ever going to know if someone loves her for how she looks or for her heart? I wanted her to be with somebody—and she wanted to be with somebody—that loved her for her heart. So this was perfect for her! To have a long-distance relationship to where they could just communicate through words, there was no sexual anything, we knew he loved her for her heart.”

The couple, now dubbed “Dourtney” by Starcasm, got married on May 20 in a Las Vegas chapel and honeymooned at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, where Courtney later bragged she was “aroused for 24 hours.” Keller understands that most people would not agree with the marriage, but says her daughter “didn’t need to take a poll before she made a decision on her life.” Maybe so, but things aren’t so rosy for her son-in-law; his mother has stopped talking to him, and his management team dropped him. (Keller and Courtney’s father, Alex Stodden, are still together, even though Keller has moved to Los Angeles to oversee Courtney’s career.)

“These people that say, ‘You could have waited,’ I really don’t understand this way of thinking,” says Keller, who is the same age as her son-in-law. “Why do parents think that kids need to have those teen years spent going out with different boys, going out in different cars, going out on the beach together alone? There’s a lot of bad stuff that happens in those teen years. They end up being killed in car crashes due to driving with people that have been drinking. Oh, but they’re gonna have their teen years. My daughter is safe. I know where my daughter is.”

[From The Daily Beast]

There’s a lot more to that article, and you can read it at the source if you’re interested. The thing about this girl is that “the way she looks,” as her mother phrases it, is entirely due to Krista, her mother. The article called Krista Courtney’s “publicist/manager/hairstylist/makeup artist,” so it’s her mother that is dressing Courtney, putting in her hair extensions and shoveling that drag queen makeup on her, not Courtney.

Oh and if you want to see what Courtney and Doug looked like for Halloween, go here. Courtney was herself, and Doug dressed up as Courtney. For once I’m really glad we don’t have access to photos.



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  1. Victoria says:

    what a shocker. not.

  2. michkabibbles says:

    i’m sorry, but those photos (of their halloween costumes) are hilarious.

  3. Blue says:

    That mother is a piece of work and completely nuts. She would rather have her daughter be married and having sex with a man her age (mom) instead of hanging out with kids her own age and being a normal teenage girl. People wouldn’t have a problem being friends with her daughter and loving her heart if her mom hadn’t messed her up. Most parents know where their kids are without marrying them off. So much of what she says makes my head hurt. She said before that she had monitored the convos and since they weren’t sexual she let them go on. She just a gold digger, trying to live through her daughter and doesn’t give 2 shits about how messed up her daughter is.

  4. arock says:

    that mother is insane and determent to everyone around her.
    i cannot believe she thought it was alright to send her daughter out into the world as little miss Crotch Bunny to Skeevy McCloseted. and after an online relationship.
    for shame.

  5. Quest says:

    Courtney’s pimping mom should be charged for soliciting her underage daughter online.

  6. jean says:

    To whom was he married? How long has gay marriage been legal in California?

    That man is gay,gay,gay.

  7. Marjalane says:

    I’ve seen some pictures of this, (girl, freak, prostitute, tweaker?) online BEFORE she went all slutty, and she was actually a very pretty teenager- she kind of looked like a young Reese Witherspoon. Not anymore!

  8. theotheryael says:

    i always love how that top picture identifies who the mother is. because it’s actually that uncertain.

  9. Rhiley says:

    Who is the worst couple… Spencer & Heidi or these fools?

  10. Cait says:

    I used to be more perplexed/grossed out by Courtney herself, but after seeing her (very recent!) normal pictures, I just feel sad sad sad for her. I can’t believe there are no relatives or family friends that could swoop in and save her from this nightmare.
    Even if she thinks all this attention is cool, she’s a KID! And obviously on something. It’s just gross and sad.

  11. myTbean says:

    LOL! at the pictures of Halloween.

    Ok – this might explain some things.

    Maybe he really wants to be a woman. His career was DOA. Courtney was a nobody who lived with a nightmare of a mother. And getting married solved all of these problems.

    Now, he can play dress up with his wife. They probably have never had sex because neither of them are into each other in that way (one can only hope). This got Courtney’s mother out of her hair (sort of) and now, they are both getting more publicity than they would have ever known had they not gotten hitched.

    I’m still hoping that this is all a publicity stunt and that all the PDA is an act. That they are good friends but sleep in seperate bedrooms and they both are simply boosting their publicity in the only way they can come up with. The Halloween pictures look like that’s the case anyway.

    God – I hope they never release a sex tape. :/

  12. Ana says:

    Poor girl, with that mother she had almost 0 chance of not turning this way, same as Lilo.

    I would love to know a psychologist’s opinion on this whole matter!
    Sorry…I love psychology hehe

  13. Jayna says:

    The mother makes me sick. So where was her father while mom was pimping her daughter out? But I blame the media, sites like this, and posters responding (like me LOL) for giving them what they want, attention.

  14. texasmom says:

    Well, the happy couple does make me sick to even look at, but, DAMN, they do actually seem to be happy. Especially when dressed together in drag.

    The MOTHER, on the other hand… I wish there was some legal action that could be taken against her.

  15. Redd says:

    I think Doug wants to be a woman and now he has someone he can play dress up with. All those strange facial expressions of Courtney’s….I used to think she was high on something, now I can see that she is a victim of Doug’s coaching. This is probably his opinion of a sexy mouth pose, because it seems he is doing the same in the Halloween pix. Whatever the case, her mother is shameful and these two are the most disgusting twits out there.

  16. atorontogal says:

    wow this mom actually gives Dina Lohan a run for her money for best mom of the year award!

  17. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Why does she make those ridiculous faces in every picture and interview?

  18. fabgrrl says:

    “Mom, that weird guy from that Tom Hanks movie is sending me creepy messages again. Do I have to keep talking to him?”

    “Yes, Courtney. This will help your career. Just keep sending your pictures and copying and pasting the text I highlighted from the on-line erotica.”

    “Okay. Um, Mom? Can I go hang out with Jenny on Friday night? Jenny is a girl in my algebra class.”

    “What! All those girls at school hate you, Courtney! Because they are jealous. And fat.”

    “Well, yeah, probably. But, okay, last week, when I woke up late, and you weren’t here? And I didn’t have time for my hair and makeup, so I just went to school in jeans, sneakers, and a ponytail. Remember, you got so mad? Anyway, since I looked so bad, instead of sticking my ass out and making f*ck-me faces at the boys at lunch, I just sat at a table and then started talking to Jenny and some other girls.”

    “Did they want to know about your career?”

    “Um, no, we just talked about music and junk. And, they were really nice, actually. And interesting. And, some of them are going to that new movie and I thought it would be fun…to go…uh..Mom?”

    “Courtney! You are way more mature than this! You want to act like some little high school kid? Friends are for fat, ugly, immature girls. They are jealous of you. You stay home on Friday and we’ll take some more sexy photos for Doug. I’ve got some big plans in the works, just get him to invite you to L.A.”

  19. Madisyn says:

    In the Halloween pics they look like mother and daughter. Ludicrous.

  20. madpoe says:

    It all seems so sad about the mama, that is if i was believin’ this vanilla curdle lips was 16 years old teenager at the time.

  21. flourpot says:

    He looks good as a woman. Nice Sugar Daddy prop. Poor girl, she hadn’t a chance.

  22. says:

    @fabgrrl – YES!!! i can actually hear that being said, i mean…seriously!!! that woman made no sense at all- if you’re so worred about your daughter not knowing who likes her because of her looks and what not, i have 2 simple answers:
    1.) she’s in high school- she will not meet a single boy/man who like her “for her heart” until she’s about 25. maybe 24 if she’s lucky. and even then he’s probably going to be a couple years older than her, like, maybe 30.
    2.) SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO DRESS/ACT/LOOK THAT WAY!!!! that is a choice!!! i’m not saying she needs to dress like someone from friggin’ Juniper Creek, but if she just went around wearing cute, normal jeans and cute, normal shirts and sweaters and hoodies and little UGG boots you wouldn’t be constantly worried 24/7 about what is going to happen to your “sexual” daughter.

    …not only that, but does anyone else think its effing crazy that the mom says she could tell that her 16yr old daughter had the kind of love for him that you feel when you want to marry a man or be with a man- and that was why they should have gotten married…. as a mother of a 5yr old girl, I seriously want to vomit. EVERY 16 YEAR OLD GIRL FEELS THAT WAY, THEY’RE CALLED HORMONES!!!! and normally they’re raging out of control at that age, and if you’re lucky you are too busy with school and your friends and whatever else to let them get the best of you. not only that, but your parents are supposed to be on HIGH ALERT during those years to help guide you and protect you FROM YOURSELF. i know that when you’re 16 you think you know everything, but you don’t. i mean, duh. that’s a given. we AAAAAAAAALLLLLL know that. why doesn’t her middle-aged, adult mother know that??? why isnt her middle-aged, adult mother using these last few precious years that she has with some sort of control (legal AND parental control) over her daughter to teach her and maybe SHOW her that there’s more to life than being an overly-sexualized, f*ck-me faced, playboy bunny??? why isn’t her mother encouraging her… no, MAKING HER-or at least, attempting to make her-live a more somewhat normal, sheltered life.

    i dont care what this woman says, common sense would tell you that no matter what your 16yr old daughter says, or no matter what her 51yr old skeevey online boyfriend says, if they REALLY, TRULY loved eachother then it would have made sense to let them wait until she was 18. you know, just to make sure that this was REALLY the right thing to do. that this was REALLy the man your daughter wanted to spend the rest of her life with. i mean, good god, if i had ended up married to the person i was in love with when i was 16yrs old, i would be screwed. i mean, that’s just stupid nonsense.

    i dont know, i know i shouldn’t care about any of this, i shouldn’t even read any more articles about these frigging crazy people but for some reason i just can’t help it. it’s just too fascinating- and now that i’ve heard the mother’s side it only makes it that much more fascinating to me. that is NOT parenting. i dont care how head-strong and bratty and obnoxious or slutty or sexual or crazy your 16yr old daughter is, she is still A CHILD. she is still a minor, for a reason- 16yr old kids cannot fathom the long-term consequences of their short-term whims and actions. they just can’t. as a parent you are supposed to protect them to your best ability from the world and to help guide them through the things that you can’t protect them from with love and wisdom, and sometimes “tough love” if needed. i was still getting grounded when i was 16. i mean, seriously, people!!!!

  23. Erinn says:

    That made my day.

  24. says:

    i also feel the need to say that in the above picture of them the mom looks like a normal, 45yr old wife. the daughter looks like one of Bravo’s ‘The Real House Wives of Orange County.’ i’m serious. it’s friggin creepy. don’t get me wrong, she looks like a gorgeous 45yr old wealthy California trophy… but, as we all know, that’s the problem. she’s not a 45yr old trophy wife…. she’s 16. 16 flipping years old. it’s just too much. way way way way too much. only in video do you get a sense of her age(immaturity) because you can see the way she moves and the way she talks (like a teenager who is absolutely full of herself.)

  25. wunder says:

    Well, this was just the way one white trash mom could lose that aweful ‘burden’ of a daughter. . .”Let old pervert Doug pay for the girls room and board”.

  26. Turtle Dove says:

    I posted this on the last thread, but here’s Courtney and her “real” parts.

    They believed the public would buy this “I’m all natural crap”. Not.

    The fact that they met on-line is really creepy and pedo. Why is a man of that age trolling on the internet?…. oh … right….. Remember Courtney, if he found you there, he can find other girls when you ‘age out.’

  27. SLP says:

    I LOVE that this marriage lasted longer than Kim Kartrashian’s…PRICELESS!!!!

  28. Nilber says:

    Does anyone else get the Spencer/Heidi vibe from these jokers? It seriously scares me that this poor girl thinks she looks good.

  29. H26 says:

    These two make me throw-up a little every time I see them. Just Gross, that poor girl.

  30. NeNe says:

    Sounds more like her PIMP, than her mother.

  31. Kloops says:

    It’s a real toss up for who is at the top of my Metaphoric Celebrity Parent Kill List. Dina or Krista? Krista or Dina? I think we’ve got a tie, people! Woot! Woot!

  32. bagladey says:

    He’s a nasty pervert.

  33. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Rhiley Spencer and Heidi! I can’t even read about them.

  34. Mimi says:

    Well it worked! Here you are writing about her.

    Her mom is crazy for allowing this, but so we are: writing, reading and commenting about it. We’re enablers!

  35. dorothy says:

    You know in some states what her mom did would be considered sex-trafficing. Where was DHR for this girl? Where is her father. This is beyond Dina Lohan. This woman literally sold her daughter to a 51 yr. old man so that she could attempt to be famous. This is beyond gross….

  36. LondonParis says:

    OMG @SLP you’re RIGHT!!!


  37. colt13 says:

    One thing I find interesting is the look. She is always “on.” For example, I did some minor background work on a skinemax film some years back. There were a couple of female porn stars that looked so different that I didn’t recognize them immediately. Then they got out of jeans/regular clothes, then put on makeup, took off glasses, etc, and fit the sexy look. Yet Courtney is always dressed for a photo op. She is going to burn out.

  38. Belle Epoch says:

    Good point about how he is probably coaching her to act like that, just the way he is writing those weird-as-shit twitter messages. He’s probably giving her drugs too. The Halloween pictures kindof make everything click – somehow he is getting his gay on (or drag queen) through her. When will she figure out how screwed up this is?

  39. Zay says:

    hilarios how even these two stick together longer than K and K :D

  40. Ruffian9 says:

    I’m actually slighty nauseous after reading that. Keller should be shot in the head. Violent, yes, but I think it needs to be done.

  41. retyah says:

    He…dressed as…her?

    I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

  42. Amy says:

    This whole story of them makes me want to vomit. I am all for “love” and all that, but these two make me sick. I was married, I get it. My daughter is 11 now and if something like that happened to me I would remover her access to someone that creepy….btw…that guy has had so much plastic surgery!! Weird

  43. judyjudy says:

    I sure wish my mom would have married me off instead letting me ride around in all those cars.

    Whaaaaaaaaaat??? What does she even mean?

  44. Girlygirl410 says:

    Regarding the Halloween pics… everybody knows you don’t wear white thigh highs with black open toe shoes!

  45. ShanKat says:

    The mother has it bad for Doug Hutchison. I think that headline is coming soon. Hopefully, for that poor kid’s sake.

  46. RocketMerry says:

    “Teen years” do NOT correspond to drugs/wild group sex/car crashes and other bad things. Some unfortunate kids experience that, most do not. Stupid cow.

    Oh, and yes, Doug should be incarcerated and walk around the prison with a big sign hanging from his neck: “I married and sexed up a 16 y.o.” That should do.

  47. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Jean, I hope you’re right about Mr Hutchison being gay. Somehow it would make this farce a lot less stomach-churning if one knew she wasn’t having to “put out” for a 51 year-old man.

  48. Sara says:

    I really think people need their teens and twenties to develop their character and find out who they are.

    I got married at 25 and I thought that was kind of young! At least by then I pretty much knew what I wanted in life. At 16, 20 or even 23 I don’t think I was mature enough or ready to make a decision that effects life like marriage.

    This poor little teenager is an empty caricature of ‘sexy’. It’s really sad. She seems to have no sense of identity or self outside of her sexed up image. You can tell the image is fake too because she does sexy like a porn star and not like a real woman.

  49. Leanne says:

    The mother sounds immature and starstruck, to me. I think she put these two together hoping right from the beginning that her daughter could latch onto him and become famous. That’s really sad. Mothers are supposed to protect their daughters. I think this girl will look back one day and see that her mother didn’t protect her and, in fact, aided her in making a fool of herself all in the name of fame. Sad.

  50. theaPie says:

    Well, back in the day it was perfectly normal to marry your daughter off to an older man to ensure her ‘safety’ and probably to get her off your meal ticket amongst other things. To me, that is not actually the weirdest part of the whole thing. If she were halfway normal acting it wouldn’t be such a huge deal, but there is seriously something wrong with her. I would love to know what Dr. Drew’s assessment on her mental state is. Just for the hell of it.

  51. Victoria says:

    OMG those Halloween costumes are hystercial!!!!!

  52. philleo says:

    Actually her mother is pretty smart. Her mother is thinking from a business point of view. Her daughter is young and beautiful . why not cash in your 16 years and 9 months cd investment. while you can. soon as she turns 18 mom cannot have any control in what she does. Im sure she has gone thru hell with daughters attitude of ” what ever i want is what i will get ” . let it be .. you guys are all jealous .. I know i am :)

  53. serena says:

    Yeah she kind of looks ‘normal’ without that dragqueen makeup. it’s horribile, I hope doug and courtney will be at least smart to fire her momager. She sucks at every level.

  54. Kathryn says:

    There is a special place in hell for parents that pimp their kids out.