Justin Bieber’s hookup: he didn’t take my phone # (Update: video of her lawyers)

The Superficial has the MySpace photos of the woman who claims to have a three month-old baby fathered by Justin Bieber, 20 year-old Mariah Yeater. Yeater has since made her MySpace profile private. The photos are goofy and suggest to some that she could be out for fame with these accusations. So many teens have stupid photos online like Yeater’s, particularly on MySpace, where they’re likely to have been posted several years ago and forgotten. Remember the bikini modeling photos from the mother of Jude Law’s illegitimate child? Just because someone wants to be famous doesn’t mean they’re not telling the truth about having a baby by a celebrity. Yeater has tattoos and piercings in the pictures, but it’s possible she got them at 16 with a parent’s permission and that these photos are old. No one really uses MySpace anymore. In terms of the way she looks, it bothers me that people are saying that she must be lying because she’s not particularly cute or thin. That’s ridiculous.

There’s news that Yeater is on Twitter, where she’s supposedly written things like “thanks for making me famous.” There are so many Mariah Yeaters on Twitter, none of them are verified, and the one with the most followers is just the most obnoxious. I doubt it’s her.

I finally had the chance to read the full Star story on Yeater’s paternity lawsuit against Bieber. We’ve already heard most of the sordid details: Yeater claims she was picked out of the crowd near the front of a concert by Bieber’s people, that she went backstage to meet him, and that they had sex in a bathroom during which Bieber lasted half a minute and didn’t use a condom. There’s more in the Star story, including the sad detail that Bieber didn’t give Yeater his phone number afterwards and didn’t even bother to write down her’s. (We’ve already heard the other details in this story, but it’s worthwhile to see them in context.)

“I was… near the front of the concert. Immediately following the concert, I was approached by a security guard who asked if I wanted to meet Justin Bieber backstage,” Mariah wrote in a hand-signed affidavit on Oct. 30, sworn under the penalty of perjury. “I accepted the invitation and followed him backstage.

“After waiting for a short period of time with several other young women, Justin Bieber appeared and engaged me in conversation. Immediately it was obvious that we were mutually attracted to one another, and we began to kiss. Shortly thereafter, Justin Bieber suggested that I go with him to a private place where we could be alone.

“I agreed to go with him and on the walk to a private area in the Staples Center he told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time. He also said he would give me his phone number after we had sex and told me he wanted me to be at his future concerts too and he would give me backstage passes.”

“After walking away from the other people backstage, Justin found a place where we could be alone – a bathroom. We went inside and immediately his personality changed drastically. He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to f#@$ the sh*t out of me. At that time I asked him to put on a condom for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to. In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything.”

Justin then “quickly took off my clothes,” she said – and the pair had sex. “He was on top of me with my legs around him,” Mariah wrote in the court declaration. “At the time I was on top of some type of shelf. The sexual intercourse itself was brief, lasting only approximately 30 seconds…

“He was clearly embarrassed about how the sex did not last very long. He immediately put on his clothes and blew me off when I asked about seeing him again. I asked him for his private phone number, but he insisted on taking my phone number. We had no paper or anything to write it down on, and Justin Bieber was clearly not interested in getting his cell phone or any paper. He said he would just remember the number, which I told him.”

“When I later realized I was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, I tried to contact him through his representatives but no one ever called me back. On July 6, 2011, I gave birth to a baby boy. That was exactly 36 weeks and two days after the sexual encounter with Justin Bieber. Based on the timing as well as the fact there were no other possible men that I had sex with that could be the father of this baby, I believe that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of my baby.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, November 14, 2011]

If that’s true it’s so cold. The least he could have done would be to take down her phone number!

Yeater’s lawyers are calling for a paternity test, and they’re also calling out Bieber for not personally denying this very high profile story:

“She is not seeking exorbitant compensation,” Rogers and Pare told Star exclusively. “She merely requests that Justin Bieber provide a DNA sample to verify that he is the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby, and if so, to help provide child support as required by California law.”

In the wake of Star’s exclusive report detailing the paternity suit, Bieber’s camp told ABC News, “It’s sad that someone would fabricate, malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims” and that they would “vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”

While the Baby singer himself been out plenty since Star broke the exclusive news — appearing on Dancing with the Stars, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and tweeting he was going to “ignore the rumors” — he has not yet publicly delved into the details of the allegations, something Yeater’s attorneys addressed in their exclusive statement to Star.

“It is noteworthy that Justin Bieber himself has not denied the fundamental fact that he had unprotected sex with Mariah Yeater following a concert in Los Angeles.

“If Justin Bieber is willing to voluntarily undergo a paternity test Ms. Yeater welcomes such cooperation and will be happy to resolve this issue in a less public manner. We call upon Justin Bieber and his attorneys to reach out to resolve this issue in a reasonable manner.”

[From Radar Online]

Go ahead and yell at me and tell me he’s just a kid. He is, and he’s also a superstar and a multi-millionaire. This might all be fabricated by a woman out for publicity, but if so she’s going to great lengths to make her case and it sounds like a solid one to me. Whether or not she’s making this up, that could really be her being obnoxious on Twitter. I think we should reserve judgment until the paternity tests come out, whether after the December 15th hearing or sooner. This is really ringing true to me, and I wonder if Bieber’s lawyers are going to try and block that DNA test.

Kaiser just told me that Bieber is going on the Today Show today to address this story. We’ll cover that as soon as the video is out.

Update: Bieber was just on The Today Show, where he was interviewed outside by Ann, Al and Matt. He was outside with a bunch of screaming fans around a pen, basically. He said “I’d just like to say that none of those allegations are true. I know that I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim. It’s crazy, because every night after the show I’m gone right from the stage right to my car. It’s crazy that people want to make up such false allegations, but to set the record straight none of it is true.”

Matt then asked Justin if he knew the woman and he said “Never met the woman.” He was pretty well spoken about it and he looked amused while he said it.

Other than that, they just talked about his Christmas album and the fact that he’s donating the proceeds to charity.

Update 2: Yeater’s lawyers did an interview on HLN’s Dr. Drew show, thankfully not with Dr. Drew. They looked very young but made their point in a well spoken and convincing way. They said “we have every reason to believe in this story. We filed it in good faith, we stand by her.” They also claimed to have additional “credible evidence” that has not been released by the media that “Justin Bieber is the father of this baby.” I kind of hope she pulled a Monica and didn’t do her laundry, you know?

Here’s a photo of baby Justin Bieber vs. baby Trystan Yeater.


These photos are from Mariah Yeater’s MySpace via The Superficial. Thanks to Stacie for the Star scan.

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  1. Auds says:

    I won’t believe her story until the DNA tests show otherwise. Prime reason being that this lad’s career is tightly managed.

  2. Celebitchy says:

    I’m watching the Today Show and they’re interviewing Bieber now. It’s outside though and there are screaming fans all around so I doubt he’ll say much other than a vague statement.

  3. MB says:

    If I were a betting woman (and I am), I would bet everything I own that this wad is the father. This womans story seems tight and credible.

    Its incredibly naive to think that %99.9999999 of male celebrities (particularly musicians) dont ‘F’ their groupies with no intention of seeing or speaking to them again. Its a big part of why they get into the business in the first place. Sex, money, fame (which results in sex) and drugs. Bottom line. I think he is the dad, and if we dont hear of confirmation its because she has been paid a bunch of cash to shut up and go away.

    And anyway, this girl seems cute and the pics come across as completely normal for someone her age.

  4. KWM says:

    She seems like a whackadoodle but I believe he could be the father.

  5. naomi says:

    I personally find the whole thing hilarious and its about time that brat was a victim, I’m tired of seeing kids all over twitter worshipping him like he’s the new messiah. What ever happened to good role models..

    I agree that its stupidly naive to think that he doesn’t screw anybody. It happens way more than we will ever know and it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if she was telling the truth.

  6. Faye says:

    If this is true, I’m amazed that she actually thought he wanted more from some random fan than to hump on her for thirty seconds. Like he’d give her his phone number.

    I think a good way to gauge this as it all goes down is to watch for Selena Gomez’s reaction. That’s usually really telling in a side-piece situation.

  7. PleaseICU says:

    I kinda believe it. She’s got so much to lose by even bringing this lawsuit. Like her kid. She’s essentially admitting to statutory rape with her claim since the age of consent in California is 18 and there is no Romeo and Juliet clause. If it’s within 3 years it’s a misdemeanor rather than potential felony. But she’s still admitting to sex with a minor with her claim.

    If it’s true this girl did try to handle this quietly by contacting Beiber’s team first and got blown off by them, well, they’ve got no one to blame but themselves for her and her attorney doing it this way. It finally got their attention.

    He rents out the freakin’ Staples Center and entire movie theaters when he wants. He’s apparently been allowed to spend an estimated $1 million on his girlfriend in less than a year. He gets pulled over at night for reckless driving or speeding or whatever it was he was pulled over for in his customized tricked out car made to look like the freakin’ Batmobile. He and Selena go pretty much wherever they want and I don’t see his mom lurking in the background of any of the pics of their travels. This kid has free reign over the checkbook and the freedom to do most of what he wants. He may be managed but he’s not that tightly managed if he has the freedom to do all of that at 16-17.

    He’s a mega-popular teenager with multi-millions surrounded by a bunch of yes people who are all on his payroll. If he wanted quiet time with a girl in a bathroom for 5 minutes someone is gonna make it happen for him. I’m sure this girl wasn’t the first or last.

    Only time will tell. Or whatever is revealed in court on December 15th.

  8. SueAnn says:

    Baby looks quite a bit like him. I am leaning more to the side of it is his. We shall see. It would really suck if it all went private and we never found out…

  9. SueAnn says:

    Tristyn is ADORABLE by the way! Congrats Justin!!

  10. Roma says:

    “Hey baby, I want to give you my virginity.”

    Let’s just say if I had a dollar for every time I used that line when I was younger….

  11. flourpot says:

    I’m amazed it got to this stage. The girls pregnant, she tries to contact Biebers handlers, now the kids 3 months old and she’s brought it out into the public.

    Don’t the adults around him realize they he will forced into a DNA test to confirm/deny the allegations?

    Where are her parents? What did they say about all this? Are they not involved?

    If this is true, there are a LOT of stupid people surrounding both these kids.

  12. Lisa says:

    I believe that woman’s story, but I also don’t think Justin is the father. If she had a one night stand with Justin then I’m sure she did it with plenty of other guys.

  13. Leigh says:

    oh come on.
    Pretty much any baby pic can “look” like another..
    I’m highly allergic to the Biebs but I’m not convinced that this nutter had his baby…

  14. fabgrrl says:

    Is this girl stupid? If a celebrity f-s you in a bathroom for less than 5 minutes, he does NOT want your phone number. Unless you manage to do something *REALLY* special.

  15. Mac says:

    The Biebs don’t need any clinging vines.

    “Wham,Bam,Thank You Ma’am” is how he rolls.

  16. Gabbo says:

    Well, he did say once that he wanted to be a young parent. If it’s true then he got what he wanted!

  17. The Other Hand says:

    I believe it. We shall see after the test.

  18. Silk Spectre says:

    That’s the b*tch that jerked him off in 30 sec??? Really? Trailer park trash right there.

    Even if Bieber is the daddy she should have kept her mouth shut. ’cause everbody now knows she’s a slut that goes down in less 5 minutes AND didn’t even use protection.

  19. Joanne says:

    The death treats and hating that this girl is getting from Justins fans on twitter are scary. It doesnt matter if the baby is Justins or not 14 million tween girls are after her blood.
    (My favourite so far is the claim that you cant get pregnant from 30 seconds of sex. No wonder there are shows like Teen Mom.)
    These ‘fans’ are making the Twihards, JenHens and AngieLoons look positively sane.

  20. Nona says:

    @ #7 well said

  21. AE says:

    There’s a blind over at BLindGossip.com that’s probably Bieber:

    He Has More Than Baby Troubles

    While some celebs are finally acknowledging new additions to their families, others are in denial about their parental status. Well, here’s some info about one in particular that may add some fuel to the parental fire.

    Is he really the father of this baby? As a matter of fact, he might not be the father. The new mom actually did have sex with another guy the week before she had sex with the celebrity. She is “pretty sure” that the celeb is the father… but there’s a chance that it’s the other guy.

    Good news, right? Not so fast. Even if the celeb is cleared as the father, he’s still in a world of trouble. Why? Because this was not the first time he’s picked up a fan and had unprotected sex with her. The story that this girl is telling is absolutely true… and there are plenty of other girls who have had a nearly-identical experience with this same celebrity.

    That means that there are an awful lot of people who are going to need to get paid off so that the celebrity doesn’t come off looking bad. And, while he’s at it, perhaps he should also consider paying for their medical bills. Because while the other girls didn’t wind up pregnant, some did wind up needing prescriptions.


  22. Eve says:

    @ Fabgrrl:

    Is this girl stupid? If a celebrity f-s you in a bathroom for less than 5 minutes, he does NOT want your phone number. Unless you manage to do something *REALLY* special.

    LOL! Exactly.

    Right now, I’m trying to think about what would be *REALLY* special for when I meet Chris Evans…

    For instance, I kinda have an idea of what Leonardo DiCraprio would like (probably ATM — but no, I’d never have sex with him, I find him quite gross, actually). But Evans? I’m clueless…

  23. Mrs K says:

    I believe that he can be the father of the child. This woman would be otherwise crazy to go that far with her story. He has a legal team and much more money than her – they could ruin her if they wanted to.
    #1 Didn’t T. Woods have a tight management as well :-)?

  24. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Celebitchy, now that I see these photos, I’m less inclined to believe her story. Not because she’s chubby and unattractive, but because those photos are indicative of famewhoring.

    @MB, what about those pictures seems “cute?” The only girls I know that take half nude pictures of themselves and post them on MySpace/Facebook are attention seeking trash.

  25. PleaseICU says:

    I think a good way to gauge this as it all goes down is to watch for Selena Gomez’s reaction.


    So far it’s kinda hard to tell. On top of this potential baby mess, she’s also dealing with a mentally ill stalker who told his therapist he wants to kill her. He just went before a judge yesterday or the day before and denied it all. It has definitely not been a great week for Selena.

  26. Riana says:

    At first I dismissed this thinking she, like many random nuts, merely wanted to attach herself to something scandalous and famous in an attempt to get some sympathy and attention.

    Remember how women were coming out of the woodwork to claim Tiger Woods after the initial bunch of women came forward?

    But as I heard the details I realized it sounded way too…true. This isn’t an episode of Maury, the fact she’s specifically requesting a paternity case means she’s fairly certain the baby is his.

    She’s also not been going on tv to sob about this, just requesting the DNA test and child support….unfortunately I think he is the Father. It’s a shame, because it seems he didn’t learn anything from his own Father and childhood. He did a dumb teenage move but if he’s the Father he’s got to man up and start supporting the child.

    I’m guessing if he is the Father Selena will throw a world famous hissy fit and dump him leading to an implosion of teenage drama from both of their fans…eye roll.

  27. Alexis says:

    If the story is true (and It sounds plausible) what a douche!

    Ew, people are saying it’s not true because she’s not particularly cute or thin? Do they not know about guys(or girls for that matter)? It’s not “1-10 and I only do 7 and up” it’s just yes or no.

    @PleaseICU – w/r/t Selena’s stalker issue — that’s really messed up and scary.

  28. whome says:

    @SueAnn # 9 lmao… u like justi thats ur baby .. congrats… lamo no test needed…( whew i needed a good laugh this morning)

  29. Karolina says:

    She and her friends look like junkies

  30. whitedaisy says:

    I hope for everyone that the allegations are untrue.
    Where are Bieber’s parents or some adult to give him good guidance?
    (Selena doesn’t count.)

  31. Lady_Luck says:

    He’s a douche, but he’s not the first nor the last.

    The buck stops at the woman.
    Where are all the ‘ladies’? Are they a thing of the yesteryears?

    Seriously girls, shut your legs until somebody proves their worth to you!! Even so, get him to wrap it up. And if you can’t – get somebody to superglue them shut for you.

  32. mel says:

    The baby kinda resembles the Biebs. Well nothing’s impossible even if he has alot of people around him. I work in the concert industry and when Usher performed in our building one of our guest attendants heard him gettin on with another music artist right in our star room and his body guard was outside the door!!! Yes it can happen.

  33. kristipistol says:

    He runs around acting like a wannabe “baller”, I can believe it.

  34. atorontogal says:

    People are calling him a deuche? Really? She f*cks him in the first five minutes!!! Of course he’s an entitled spoiled kid, he’s worth millions at the ripe old age of 17. He is horny and in his prime! Just think of any 17 year old any of you dated!?!?! She wants her 15 minutes no matter how she gets it. If she was so worried about no condom why did she f*ck him instead of just giving him a blow job?

  35. piedlourde says:

    That is the strangest looking torso I’ve ever seen.

  36. Mark says:

    “He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to f#@$ the sh*t out of me”

    That doesnot sound like a boy, who was having Sex for the first time.

  37. ladybert62 says:

    The results of the paternity test will resolve this puzzle one way or the other.

  38. flourpot says:

    @Silk Spectre: Your jealousy is showing, love.

    @Everyone else: This is how it’s going to spin with the fangirls if it is, in fact, true. “Even if Bieber is the daddy she should have kept her mouth shut ’cause everbody now knows she’s a slut”

  39. PleaseICU says:

    Where are Bieber’s parents or some adult to give him good guidance?
    I think they’re there but it’s probably the same issue as with tons of other teen celebs before him. He’s footing the bill for everyone and most of the adults in his life on a day-to-day basis are technically employees who are on his payroll.

  40. Sue says:

    The pictures she has on her myspace page speak volumes, feel sorry for the kid no matter who the father is……. Oh yeah and the fact that you will have sex with an underage kid isn’t exactly the most impressive thing either…..

  41. mrsezc says:

    If this story was real .. why would she pick “STAR” to go through it?? Because they are so reputable? Please … she should’ve gone through her lawyer to his lawyer, going to the tabloids says I’m a whack job who needs attention.
    I’m not a Bieber fan but I really can’t see this story as true … sad maybe but not true.

  42. RocketMerry says:

    I think that:
    A) She IS cute. Not ugly at all, for me.
    B) She’s not skinny, but has enormous breasts, which is really all that matters to men anyways.
    C) Bieber’s denial is so crappily constructed, on a publicity level, that I would fire the dumb idiot who wrote it if I were him.

    Here’s what I would suggest to Bieber:
    D) If this story is not true, take the DNA test without moaning and bitching. It will make you look clean and correct and possibly shut down any other crazy women’s claims.
    E) If this story is true (which I tend to believe at this point), do not deny it, take the test and have sincere and polite words of understanding for the girl and for your girlfriend. Apologize. Do the old fashioned chest-beating rounds on Oprah and Ellen and pay for absolutely every possible need the girl and her newborn baby might have. This will make you look sensitive, contrite and mature.

    Oh, and get a new agent, a new publicist and a new hairstylist.
    Also, isn’t it mandatory to undergo a paternity test in the USA?

  43. Jayna says:

    You don’t need to take a paternity test if you have never been alone with the person. Fans are scary. I saw one write a fabricated love story online. It was bizarre reading it.

    If it’s true he screwed her, he will end up taking the test.

  44. NM9005 says:

    Blind item Bieber?:


    BlindGossip] While some celebs are finally acknowledging new additions to their families, others are in denial about their parental status. Well, here’s some info about one in particular that may add some fuel to the parental fire.

    Is he really the father of this baby? As a matter of fact, he might not be the father. The new mom actually did have sex with another guy the week before she had sex with the celebrity. She is “pretty sure” that the celeb is the father… but there’s a chance that it’s the other guy.

    Good news, right? Not so fast. Even if the celeb is cleared as the father, he’s still in a world of trouble. Why? Because this was not the first time he’s picked up a fan and had unprotected sex with her. The story that this girl is telling is absolutely true… and there are plenty of other girls who have had a nearly-identical experience with this same celebrity.

    That means that there are an awful lot of people who are going to need to get paid off so that the celebrity doesn’t come off looking bad. And, while he’s at it, perhaps he should also consider paying for their medical bills. Because while the other girls didn’t wind up pregnant, some did wind up needing prescriptions.

    I think it will be interesting what the paternity test will say.

  45. Enny says:

    I don’t know in which state this will all be going down, and I only claim to know NY law (and I mostly just practice in federal courts anyway), but I think she’s going to have a hard time getting child support out of a guy she statutorily raped. Even if it’s “only” a misdemeanor. She should profit from her crime?

  46. Lee says:

    I think the baby pics look alike. Not all babies look the same, so the resemblance is interesting. I also think the fact she’s taken this so far bolsters her story (which also sounds solid). A loopy teen just looking for notoriety with a fake story would likely keep it only among friends, but a legal request for DNA testing is pretty far to go if it is fake.

  47. Beatrix says:

    well, i think his PR team would have preemptively told him to STFU if this might be true, so I now think this woman is actually a looney, which is apparently still surprising to me that people try and pull this sh*it

  48. Sue says:

    People has pics of Justin and the girl side by side on their site. He looks twelve and she looks, well older…… lol!

  49. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Come to think of it, Biebs is tight with Chris Brown. So, if that’s who he takes cues from, I’m going to say there’s a good chance the baby IS his.

    I don’t doubt the encounter and, as I suggested before, I think the virgin line is fed to every groupie so he can have unprotected sex with them.

  50. MB says:

    Morticians: I never said the pics looked cute, I said I thought she looked cute. That was in response to this line in the article:
    ” In terms of the way she looks, it bothers me that people are saying that she must be lying because she’s not particularly cute or thin.

    Whilst it is naive to think celebs dont bang their groupies, it is even more naive to think that young girls dont take pictures of themselves in the mirror (and actually, pretty damn crummy to judge her for doing so). The derogatory comments are an example of so-called “sl*t-shaming” and its pretty gross. When guys get bulked up and take photos of themselves flexing in the mirror its funny or the guy is, at worst, a douche; But if a girl does it she is a trashy famewhore? Thats pathetic, if you ask me.

  51. Sycophantsallaroundme says:

    I have a 10 yr old daughter. We went to the Justin bieber movie. I went reluctantly, with earplugs in hand. it was actually a good movie, and the theme that was resonated throughout, was that his mother and grandparents kept him grounded and protected at all times. Justin never went anywhere alone. He was sheltered from all of the seediness. I believe this would have been close to the time this woman alleges she had sex with him.

    I’m not buying it. Plus, her appearance is terrifying and not at all normal or cute. She has rivets in her face, tattoos and a promiscuity problem. She’s not credible in the least.

  52. meilamon says:

    I just do not believe this-no way, no how.

  53. serena says:

    I think she’s just famewhoring.

  54. PleaseICU says:

    @45 Enny: She should profit from her crime?
    I don’t think that’s how family court judges look at it. Child support wouldn’t be seen as profit for this girl for her crime since technically the money isn’t for her but money to be used to care for the child.

  55. Jackson says:

    My thoughts exactly re: the blind item. Her story sounds too legit to be fake and I believe it. Now I also think the kid might be someone else’s but I believe her story. Congrats, Justin – you MIGHT be the father!

  56. Adrien says:

    Why are the media even covering this chick and taking her allegations seriously? I thought those baby-daddy claims would die down the following day as it has crazy written all over it but it’s still up.

  57. Seal Team 6 says:

    I believe the young woman, and it’s the fault of his management, his parents, and himself for not handling this privately. I hate the whole “slut shaming” they’re doing with this young woman.

    And, if true, niiiiiice he’s allowed to go off and boink strangers in the backstage bathroom. Where the hell where his parents???

    Oh, and he can’t refuse a test if it’s court-ordered, and it will be.


    And, Good God, CBers, this girl is NOT chubby and unattractive. She’s cute.

  58. Seal Team 6 says:


    Jinx! Great minds think alike.

  59. Iggles says:

    He needs to take a test NOW to shut all this down. If he hedges, he’s scared that he might be the father!

    Personally, I hope this is just a deranged fan. He’s only 17 so it would be a shame. If he is the dad, I want this chick to face some sort of penalty for bedding a 16 year old! The age difference and his prepubescent appearance makes this story so skeevy…

  60. Pizzazz says:

    I think her story reeks of B.S. and perhaps I’m even more convinced after seeing her pics. I’m not saying that he’d never have hooked up with her but I have a hard time thinking he spotted her in the audience and had to have her so he sent security after her. I mean, this little guy has tons of girls hitting on him day and night and he picks her? Yeah, right. Those pictures prove she wants attention and then you add in the fact that she went to the tabloids and now has been on the cover of Star? Either way she’s pathetic.

  61. Riana says:

    Goodness a few posts here sounded like they were written by Bieber’s pissed off female fan club angrily typing up a storm.

    The world now knows she’s a slut? And he is what…? A child who has sex unprotected with a stranger in a bathroom? If that doesn’t speak volumes about his mind let alone his concept of hygiene.

  62. Seal Team 6 says:


    “The buck stops at the woman.”


    1950 called, and they want their sexist mores back.

  63. retyah says:


    I totally agree with you.

  64. mia girl says:

    Just because you ask for a paternity test doesn’t necessarily mean your story is true. It can also mean you are truly delusional.

  65. Seal Team 6 says:

    Nothing is going to happen to here for having sex with him. At most, maybe probation, but most probably not a thing. She wasn’t a 30-year-old having sex with a 16-year-old.

    And, that has nothing to do with the child support. Lots of case law precedence finding a child does not suffer because of any crimes or sins of either parent. Ridiculous.

    I feel very badly for Selena Gomez.

  66. Tapioca says:

    “…there were no other possible men that I had sex with that could be the father of this baby.”

    That’s not a “I didn’t have sex with any other men during the timeframe”, it sounds more like a “those 2 guys I boned 4 weeks beforehand both swore they’d had vasectomies”. And isn’t 36 weeks a full month premature, yet the baby doesn’t look that small in the cover pic?

    Time will tell.

    @Seal Team 6: Regardless of which decade you’re in, only women can get pregnant. Only women can choose whether or not to go on the pill/implant/injection. Only women can decide to have an abortion. Ergo, if a child is brought into the world it is because a WOMAN wants it to be. So the buck does stop with us!

  67. Samigirl says:

    I don’t get the posters that are putting it on her. She’s a slut bc she f*cked a teen star? Well, she’s technically an adult, and, well, umm…I’m not a slut at all (at 25, I can count my # of partners on 1 hand), but hell, I’d have dropped my pants for A.J. Mclean when I was 14 (5 years BEFORE I lost my virginity, mind you) had he wanted me. Bathroom, tour bus, you name it. He wanted me, he’d have me. And 99% of everyone else would have too. Maybe not A.J., but someone else.

    Besides, it takes 2 to tango. If she’s a slut, he is too. Stop the slut shaming, ladies!

  68. Lady_Luck says:

    Yes it does. For one simple reason: Women hold the consent.
    The basic dynamics between men and women will never change – whether in the 1920s, today or way further back. Man selects, woman decides if she accepts.

  69. Crystalline says:

    I wish people would stop slut shaming her. She is young. Its not exactly uncommon for young women to make mistakes and if this story is true, the situation had to have been overwhelming. Think about it: meeting a celebrity that you like (probably the first time meeting one to begin with) and he is attracted to you. This is every fan’s dream and she probably didn’t know how to react when things turned. Many a woman has felt pressured into unprotected sex, she would be no exception. Also, how do the pictures make her a slut? I know plenty of teens who do that. Its a teenage thing, it doesn’t make her a special case.

    Quite frankly, I find her story believable. Her lawyers had to have warned her about the danger of acknowledging the stat rape. Also, maybe I missed something, but there still is no suggestion she went to Star. They claimed they found it in court documents, which is likely because the case probably is not sealed. Its pretty silly to accuse her of attention seeking when there is no proof of it.

  70. bluhare says:

    @Seal Team: Was just coming over to say just that. Although, if you take the sentence at face value, the buck should have stopped at the woman, or at least put his condom on.

    I belieber! If what I saw is correct, she’s only asking for $12K a month child support. A fortune for her, a piss in the bucket for him now.

    And if you’re going to charge her with statutory rape, then his security people need to be charged as accessories if they came out in the crowd and took her backstage. Or charged as pimps. Something.

  71. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @MB, I don’t think it’s normal for girls to take these types of pictures (and post them on social networking sites) and the ones I know who do ARE trashy and attention seeking. If you’re proud of your body and want to share intimate pictures with your significant other, great. However, posting them for all of your Facebook friends to see and comment on is the very definition of attention seeking. People play so fast and loose with the term “slut shaming,” that it’s lost all meaning. Slut shaming would be attacking Scarlet for taking those nude pics that were leaked
    without her permission, not criticizing this woman or Courtney Stodden for famewhoring by posting semi-nude photos all over the web for people to comment on. There is a difference between owning your sexuality and exploiting it in order to get attention.

    That being said, I will agree that there’s an unfortunate double standard that most men aren’t held to; but, for the record, I find it just as trashy when Chris Brown sends pictures of his penis to his “fans.”

  72. PleaseICU says:

    He might do well to follow Keanu’s foosteps on this one. Take the paternity test and, if it comes back he’s not the father, the result shuts her and her story down right away.

    The more defensive and resistant his team becomes, the more sl*tshaming of her they do, the longer they drag this out, the longer the story stays alive and the more it looks like he has something to hide. And as long as the story is alive the media is going to dig.

  73. Reece says:

    Despite how much of a PIA it is I think he should just do the DNA test and have it done. The PR crap is ridic.

    Question: Wasn’t he “officially” with Selena Gomez then and wasn’t she being bombarded with crap from his looney fan girls? If the kid is his, you know…just saying…he would be getting a new hair cut from me.

  74. skinanny says:

    One Word…….PATERNITY TEST>>>>>>

  75. WaywardGirl says:

    My question is why did she wait till3 months after the baby was born right when prmotion started for his new album?

  76. Yasmine says:

    @Silk Spectre: That’s some really disturbing and sexist sh*t. If we go by the story, then both are to blame. Why is she the ‘slut’ when biebs over there is the one picking randos after every concert to ‘f#%k the shit out of’? All this slut-shaming needs to stop! IT TAKES 2 TO TANGO. If you want to criticize someone for having a random quickie, then don’t be a hypocrite, and call out every party involved.

    Also, about her looking like a fame-whore from those pictures, welcome to the 21st century folks. If you think this is famewhoring, then don’t ask your younger sister, your daughter, or any young woman about her profile. Because trust me, most young women I know take those stupid photos with the ‘duck face’ all the freakin’ time and post them. It’s silly, sure. But it doesn’t mean they’re fame-whores.

  77. Laurie M. says:

    It’s unbelievable that she is getting such hate messages and death threats from Bieber fans. I hope the police investigate these threats. I thought this young generation was now more sensitive to bullying and language of hate?

  78. anon says:

    I think people are being way harsh on this girl for being willing to sleep with him(if it’s true).

    Come on, guys. She’s a huge fan, she probably idolized him. She just saw him perform a huge concert. She’s flattered to be asked backstage. And now she’s actually getting personal attention from her idol.

    When I was young, who knows what the hell I would have done if I suddenly had Justin Timberlake after me, promising me a future. I would think it would be pretty darn easy to get caught up in the moment and make a mistake.

    Girls have done veryyyy stupid things when a crush expresses interest in them. It’s just not usually Justin Bieber/a celebrity.

    I think people just gotta be more understanding, she was still a young girl when this all went down.

  79. CC says:

    Would be funny if he was, and yea, it could have happened. But I can’t get that from baby pictures. Unless your baby is extremely ugly, even ugly kids’ kids pics look sort of ok when they’re born. Let’s face it, newborns don’t have a lot of distinguishable features.

  80. Iggles says:

    PleaseICU – I agree!

    I get that his parents and management might be screaming from their prospective that acquiescing to a “delusional” fan’s request this time set the bar for many others to do the same without any verifiable claims — but now’s not the time for grandstanding, especially when taking a test would clear his name.

    Sucks for him if he’s the dad, but no good can come from denying to take the test.

  81. Kimbob says:

    @AL, thanks for the link to the blind item.

    Ummm, y’all, I’m kind of in, like a MOOD, ok? So, I’m going to apologize for my rant, in advance…but…it is the way I feel.

    JB should know better. You don’t treat “fans” that way. Although there are some that are MORE THAN WILLING…you just don’t go there. Why? Well, ’cause things like THIS happen, ya’ know?

    I guess due to his youth (yeah, blame it on that) that he’ll have to learn his lessons just like I did…the good ol’ fashioned way…consequences…KARMA!

    The “fan” should have known better, also. I mean, COME ON…a famous person takes you into a “romantic bathroom” & gets a nut off in all of 30 seconds? Way to go, girl! Again, she can also be blamed for such “youthful discretion” and again, consequences…karma…learnin’ it OLD SCHOOL STYLE…just like I did.

    I’m not buying that she was ever disappointed in his lack of swapping phone numbers.

    I’m seriously wondering why she had the baby. Was it because of her “strong morals and religious beliefs?” If so, she wouldn’t have done what she did in the 1st place. Yeah, I know I’ll catch hell for this comment. But I am a woman, & I seriously have a problem w/women who use their vaginas to “trap” men, or who use their vaginas like a cash register. It’s wrong, and when you do something like that, it’s really a stretch to believe that “Daddy” will “do the right thing,” and that “Daddy” will be around to be a strong, moral, familial influence.

    She’s going public like every other woman/girl nowadays. She knows she has a gold mine growing in her uterus. She knew she’d “get her 15 minutes” by going public w/it all. I just want to ask her in about 10 years…was it REALLY worth it?

    As a woman, I’ve had the opportunity to have a child and “keep” the “Daddy” in my life….I never did. I have very strong views on family planning. I feel that our society, it’s lack of values, lack of morals, lack of good parenting by BOTH parents, is what had led to the decline of our nation. And NO, I’m not a Republican or Tea Party person, nor am I speaking from a “moral hilltop.” Like I said, I’ve learned my lessons from the transgressions of my youth, as well. I’m actually Democrat, if I had to pick. It’s the way I usually vote.

    Yeah, I know I’ll probably catch hell for what I’ve said…but I have to be true to myself…and true to my fellow bloggers as to who I am, what I think, what I represent. I also respect that others may have differing opinions…and they have a right to their feelings, as well. This is just how I feel.

    This post really touched a “sore spot” today w/me. I know shit happens…and will keep on happening, but both of them are in the wrong.

    DISCLAIMER: If JB turns out NOT to be the “baby-Daddy,” MY UTMOST SINCERE APOLOGIES…seriously!

  82. fabchick says:

    I believe her. For some reason I do. I have a teenage son at home and I know how sneaky they can be. Especially a teenager with fame and lots of cash. Time will tell but she is going through a lot of trouble to simply famewhore. She has gotten the court system involved which could mean trouble for her if she is lying.

  83. fabgrrl says:

    @anon, I get what you are saying, and I agree to a point. But this “girl” was 19 at the time, a legal adult. She wasn’t 15. She has GOT to have had *some* experience with men (“men”) and with birth control.

  84. Lani says:

    Ohhh my God all these comments are truly hilarious, you got some funny ladies reading this site 🙂

    Could be true, could be totally false, either way I don’t think we’re going to hear the actual truth. Too baddd

  85. Enny says:

    @PleaseICU – However, if the Biebs is legally too young to consent to a sexual encounter, and was in fact a “victim” of it, I’m not sure he can be held financially responsible for it. Say a woman rapes a man (hey, it does happen), the woman gets pregnant and sues the man for paternity. The paternity test clearly shows that the man is the father of the child, but was a victim in the sexual encounter that produced the child. Would a judge award the woman with child support? I can’t see it happening, even if the man is as rich as the Biebs, even if, ultimately, it’s the baby who suffers. We live in a society that does not hold crime victims financially responsible for their crimes.

  86. MJ says:

    You know, if Prince came up to me and wanted to get it on, whether I was 14 or 29 (as I am now), I would have to accept. My husband is aware and is supportive of this fact 😉 I think it was a condition of our marriage.

    Actually, tickets for his first show here in nearly 10 years go on sale in just over an hour! I am a totally crazy fangirl and I can totally see how a young woman/girl would get stars in her eyes over a celebrity. However, unprotected sex would be out of the question. I’m not even particularly attracted to Prince (too feminine for my tastes), but I am just so damn curious.

  87. Paul Frehley says:

    The Biebs knows he was all up in them boobs. he just needs to admit it.

  88. Iggles says:

    Kimbob – I agree with you 100%. I know there are calls to stop “slut-shaming” but I have little sympathy for this chick. She was 19. At that age I was a sophomore in college, and old enough to be grossed out by sleeping with a 16 year old boy. I was also old enough to know about contraception – condoms, the pill, THE MORNING AFTER PILL, and definitely knew what abortion was.

    If this is true, it’s both HER and BIEBER’s fault she wound of pregnant. But she definitely had a choice whether or not to have this kid. Bieber is still on the hook to pay support and be a father to this child regardless. But she’s no helpless, frail girl. She knew what she was doing so I don’t have any sympathy that she got knocked up by a one-night-stand with a teenage boy who didn’t bother to write down her phone number!

  89. Eve says:

    About the second update: yeah, I agree…I think they expressed themselves well.

    And hey!, it’s very good to know her lawyer isn’t that Gloria Allred. That sort of gives her story a little more credibility, right?

  90. Lady_Luck says:

    She does seem a rather odd choice if, as a high profile celebrity (with a girlfriend) you were to randomly ‘cherry pick’ somebody from the audience.

    She is not very attractive, looks much older than 20, has a rather hideous tree-trunk figure, those tattoos and piercings are beyond trashy and those poses – well it’s clear she spreads it around. Image and the way a woman displays herself to the world says everything about her – whether we like it or not. It was her choice to splash herself with hideous tatts and pose in next to nothing for a public website. It was also (if we are to believe the hype) her choice to allow a Bieber unprotected peeny up her biscuit. We all have choice in life.

  91. Shannon says:

    All of the slut-shaming going on here makes me ill.

  92. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Tapioca and Lady_Luck

    Regardless of which decade you live in, that is an outdated, sexist, slut-shaming, even misogynistic attitude.

    Only a male can impregnate a female. Or so I learned.

    Consent rests with the female? JFC.

    And, that is all I am saying on the slut-shaming of this young woman.

  93. Silk Spectre says:


    There’s nothing wrong with ONS and getting your freak on. But for God’s Sake USE protection. So yes, I think she’s a slut – same goes for Bieber (if the story is true and he knocked her up).

  94. N.D. says:

    I don’t get why she isn’t arrested yet. Didn’t she commit a crime having sex with him when he was 16? Well, not arrested maybe but at least properly investigated?

    Also I don’t get why prolong the struggle -take a test and forget it. I remember Keanu Reeves doing that in similar situation. Though the whole court thing took a few months as well, maybe it’s how it works, rather slowly.

    And 36 weeks? Isn’t it like 4 weeks too early?

  95. Marjalane says:

    I think it’s really sad that so many of you are calling her trailer trash and slut; IF she’s telling the truth about getting with Bieber, and she finds herself pregnant, AND genuinely believes he’s the father, do you think she should just shut up, raise her baby alone and never say another word?? It is beyond amusing that ANYONE is taking up for this punk- I don’t believe for one minute that he jumps in his car immediately after his shows- I can totally see him having his handlers troll for groupie sex. Have you seen the gross pictures of him pawing all over Selena?? In this day of immediate DNA, I can’t see anyone thinking they’ll come out with anything but ridicule if they aren’t on the level.

  96. Seal Team 6 says:


    Excellent point about his security people, and maybe even his parents (child endangerment?). Doubtful she will be charged.

  97. Abby says:

    I don’t understand why he just doesn’t do the DNA testing. If he knows the baby isn’t his, then the quicker he does the testing, the better.

  98. alliwmcer says:

    So glad JB is “America’s Hero”! Pretty sure he’s Canadian.

  99. Amandahugandkiss says:

    What the hell is it with all the slut shaming?

  100. Seal Team 6 says:


    As I stated above, child support is not determined by any possible crimes or moral lapses by either biological parent. To do so would be the harm the child unduly. Tons of case law upholding this.

    I think, as bluehare said, there is also ample proof of child endangerment, so if this young woman is charged (which I doubt, and it is only a mis charge anyway), then his minions and parents will get in trouble, too. Most likely.

    He needs to take the test.

  101. judyjudy says:

    I remember a lot of kids at church camp sneaking off to have sex, some just a few feet away from adults. So I don’t buy the whole “wholesome and protected ” bit.

    And like the above poster who said she’d have given it up forAJ? Me too, only not for AJ but for Donnie Walburg. And I was a total square back then.

    It’s totally his kid.Sad.

  102. MerryHappy says:

    @silk spectre
    Thank you for reminding me we’re living in the dark ages where men are men and women are whores. Excuse me, I need to go visit the apothecary and see what he’s got for the bubonic plague. or you know, a case of bieberbabyinthewomb.

  103. bluhare says:

    Thanks, @Seal Team. I’m with you on the slut shaming as well.

    She bought tickets to his concert. What I think about a 19 year old buying tickets to a Bieber concert is another post, but I have a hard time believing she went to get famous. HE sent his people out into the crowd to do the PickAChick thing and everyone’s screaming she’s the slut? And that she should have had an abortion? OK, last I heard half the population thinks abortion is morally wrong. And even if you happen to think it’s OK, urging someone else to have one is tacky at best.

    This is all because some idiot punk couldn’t keep it in his pants. And she’s the one to blame. Sheesh.

    @MerryHappy: Isn’t that biebenic plague? Sorry, I’m rolling on the bieb puns this morning.

  104. MerryHappy says:

    Just want to add:
    No wonder he’s an entitled little wanker that thinks he can do whatever! Look at his irrational fans! I’m no longer surprised he is friends with chris brown., look how his fans reacted as well-those spoiled boys are the victims in their minds! Bunch of crazy ass kids , now excuse me while I go sit on my porch and tell kids to ‘git off my lawn!’ @ the ripe old age of 23

  105. NM9005 says:

    Most of his fans (girls between 12-17?) will do anything to get a piece of the Bieber peen so all those death threats is just jealousy/rage because she got it and they didn’t. Most fantasize about it (for instance, when I was 14, my wet dream was Colin Farrell).

    As for Mariah, she laid her bed now she must sleep in it. People make choices, good and bad ones. It happens, she just made a really famous one. If people are condemning this girl but helping programmes like “Teen Mom”, “Toddlers and Tiaras” with their ratings, it just shows how hypocrite people are. There are so many young people who are insecure, lonely or naive and wind up with a child, maybe we should help them more in becoming strong, self-assured women instead of bashing them after they took a wrong turn?

  106. bagladey says:

    If that was really his behaviour then Usher “groomed” him into a douchebag.

  107. Pamela says:

    “the theme that was resonated throughout, was that his mother and grandparents kept him grounded and protected at all times.”

    @#51 I saw a movie once too, the theme was all about an elephant that could fly…yet I have never seen one in my lifetime.

  108. grace says:

    I was skeptical at the beginning but now I believe the girl is saying the truth.

    However, if she did have sex with other boys, she should have made sure they weren’t the dad first, because, if it turns out that Bieber is not the dad, he and his team will try to make it looks like she fabricated the whole story.

    And I don’t think she is necessarily a slut for sleeping with him. Whenever there was HGF, a lot of readers said they would bang a certain famous person if they had the chance. I , for one, don’t know how many minutes would take for Keanu Reeves to get into my pants. lol

  109. gab says:

    I have a question for the legal types. How can she be tried for statutory rape when clearly the balance of power was to his advantage? He invited her backstage and he made the decision to have sex. She was just some not much older adoring fan thrown into the situation very quickly

  110. fabgrrl says:

    @gab, for serious? Statutory rape simply means that one party is too young to give *informed* consent to sexual activities.

    @grace: Sure. Many of us would loooove to get our freak on with Colin Farrell, or Johnny Depp. But we would A) use protection and/or contraceptives and B) not be surprised if they didn’t take our number afterwards.

  111. Elleh says:

    #45/Enny: if you practice law in federal court, then you would know that possible charges against the mother in criminal court are completely irrelevent (and most likely inadmissable) in a child support hearing against Justin Bieber in civil court.

  112. Cindy says:

    Yeah, the slut-shaming is tired. They were both teenagers, and if the story is true, he propositioned her and enlisted adult employees to help him do it. Both parties are responsible. It bothers me that people are attacking this girl as a predatory slut because she had a one-night stand with him, but no judgment on poor little Justin. Like her myspace pics are any worse than the photos of him grabbing Selena’s goodies in public. If the alleged baby mama’s a slut, then isn’t Mr. Super-Christian a slut AND a hypocrite? This is the kid who said rape victims shouldn’t get abortions because “that’s sad, but everything happens for a reason”.

    Either way, he needs to take the test and clear his name or face the music.

  113. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Where’s all the “pearl clutching” re: “slut shaming” on the Lohan and Stodden threads? I hope everyone that’s defending this girl so vehemently does the same for Lohan when she is called a hooker.

  114. Seal Team 6 says:

    I don;t do that to either Linnocent or Ms. Stoddard. I feel terribly bad for CS, and I have stated I think Cracken is a call girl now,so if I call her a hooker, I mean it literally, but I tend not to go for the slut shaming on her, either. However, she is a huge hypocrite about her very active sex life, so I think it’s okay to call her on that to an extent (like Congresspeeps who vote “Family Values” yet have mistresses, etc.). I think Stoddard should be in high school.

    This thread is a classic case of slut shaming, and is a bit disgraceful.

  115. MerryHappy says:

    Biebonic plague! Lmao. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think of that one!

  116. Snowangel says:

    Justin needs a new PR person. If the DNA comes back positive, then Justin needs to fully admit to it. No disappearing act like Tiger, no dodging the questions like Anthony Weiner. His fans will still love him if he does the right thing, his career will not be harmed, and Selena will forgive him.

  117. Seal Team 6 says:


    Which is what her defense would argue, and which is why it is doubtful a DA would choose to prosecute her, especially since the age difference isn’t that great so it’s a misdemeanor, and because a child is involved.

    It’s odd CA doesn’t have a Romeo and Juliet Law, like many states, and that the age of consent is 18.

  118. Jover says:

    Naomi none of these celebutards are role models – maybe, just maybe, if his “music” was something more than corporate produced drivel i could overlook this and say good riddance to all; look, Jimi, Janis, Jim Morrison Zeppelin weren’t role models nor did anyone at the time talk in terms of role models – but they played the greatest music that pisses over todays crap; Zeppelin in their prime probably got more than all these posers, ballers whatever the hell they call themselves could imagine who cares – i don’t look at them as role models but as the gods of rock – because todays music is so weak we look to them for “social consciousness” or “role models” etc., I and many others would just be satisfied if they could create great music. All that other shit’s largely irrelevant.

  119. MerryHappy says:

    @morticians do it better
    I agree! It isn’t right to slut shame anyone, and the meanest I’ve said about cs is I seriously think there is something wrong with her mentally. But that’s just my honest opinion… I think she is depressing, so is lilo. I hate this opinion, that some people seem to have that men can put their little lad wherever they want but the women who participate are sluts? If the girls a slut so is the guy! If this girls a ‘slut’ so is the beaver huntin’ beiber!

  120. Deb says:

    @Joanne. Seriously, there are Bieber fans saying you can’t get pregnant from 30 seconds of sex? To paraphrase the Professor on Futurama, I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore!

  121. Erinn says:

    I can see why people are mad that the girl is being made out to be a big slut. But at the same time this is a girl who is posting slutty images on the internet. I can’t IMAGINE posting pictures of myself with that little on on the internet of all places. At BEST she’s an idiot. Someone said that she’s no worse than Justin grabbing his girlfriends boobs or butt or whatever. I do think she’s worse. He’s interacting with his girlfriend in a way that EVERY teenager in a relationship does. She is posting pornographic images of herself on the internet. I’d say that’s worse.

    Now, I don’t think Justin is a saint in all of this by any means. He should know better.

    But being a woman I have to say that I think this girls a complete idiot. All girls need to take a moment and realize that they need to protect themselves when it comes to sex. I DO think it’s the woman’s responsibility first and foremost for protection because it’s HER body that would be affected first. If she gets pregnant or gets an STD it’s her that has to make the biggest changes. Now I believe that the man should take responsibility for this too, for the same reasons, but again, the woman is the one who will be stuck carrying around a child for 9 months, and then usually raising it.

    There are a lot of people quick to holler that “people are saying he’s just being a man, why is it the woman’s fault? He’s the idiot here” but that’s just as bad as the people saying he’s just being a man. They are BOTH at fault. But honestly, as a girl, you should KNOW to protect your own body.

    This whole thing screams famewhore to me. Maybe she was a delusional fan who just really wanted to sleep with Justin, and somehow thought he’d ACTUALLY be interested in her. But she wasn’t some 15 year old girl. She should have known better. And yeah, if this is true Justin’s an ass, but she SHOULD have known better.

  122. Blue says:

    There was a case where the man was raped, but he still had to pay child support. Even though he was a victim and didn’t want the child. He should do like Keanu Reeves did when some woman here in Ontario Canada was saying he was the father of at least one of her kids. She wanted spousal support and retro-active child support because her kids were all over 18. He took the test, none of the kids were his and the woman was batshit crazy. The more they stall and stomp their feet the worse it looks. They want to sue her for defamation but they have to prove it first. He’s going to eventually have to get tested.

  123. MyCatLoves TV says:

    I’m a gazillion years old and even I remember what it was like to be a young woman blindsided by a cute guy. Call her naive, call her foolish, call her all kinds of things but not all young women who fall for a penetrating stare (and other things) are sluts. Not all teens and early 20’s chicks have the self esteem of a rock star….actually few do. And it still amazes me that in this generation there are many young women who don’t “get” that trapping a young man with a baby traps HER more than anyone else (whether he be Biebs or the dude at the 7-11). I was lucky to be raised by a mother who was of the generation that was able to stay home with us and open minded enough to allow us to discuss ANYTHING with her. And even so….I had some close calls. Give this young woman a break. She’s got a lifetime of motherhood ahead of her and if Bieber is the daddy….the child deserves what is due her including as much college as her little brain can hold.

  124. ruby says:

    Wow the interviewer was really pro Bieber XD That was a bit ridiculous. The attorneys came across as really professional and almost likeable though.

  125. gab says:

    TY, Seal Team.

  126. Blue says:

    @ Seal team I love reading your responses. Everything i’m thinking.
    Anyways i think JB needs to tell his fans to get off twitter and go read a book or something. These kids sound so dumb, insane and jealous it’s scary. They are calling her a slut but these little girls know that if they were in her shoes they would have done the same damn thing. Also it doesn’t matter if she pretty or thin or whatever. I think she looks like an average young woman, but when it comes to horny men, young and old it doesn’t matter as long as they get theirs.

  127. lc rime says:

    I dont know why some pps are hating on this girl? She is young and got caught up with liking a “star” How can ya tell me JB hangs out with all these rappers and dosnt wanna feel like ‘the man’ and get some booty on tour! It is funny how she says his personality changed and he was all I wanna FXXk You. I believe this would happen. Congrats on the Baby Beibs lol

  128. april says:

    Interesting interviews on both sides. I guess at this stage both sides are convincing so I can’t make up my mind who is telling the truth. I thought the baby on the cover of Star looked like Justin but the baby photo on Inside Edition doesn’t so much.

  129. I’m sure its written on the bathroom wall,if he ever needs it…

  130. Erinn says:

    @lc rime:
    She might be young but she’s plenty old enough to know better.

    @everyone talking about her idolizing him

    I find it incredibly creepy that a girl her age is idolizing someone younger than her. People mentioned their celeb crushes and how they’d want to be with them too… but they were all older than you from what I can gather. It’s just weird to idolize someone younger than yourself. To me anyway.

  131. ShanKat says:

    @ Samigirl:


  132. belindaya says:

    @riana & bluhare : I couldn’t agree more. I hope the witch hunt season is about to close.
    Remind me how old his( maybe soon ex) girlfriend is …
    Unless one of us was in this bathroom ,we can’t assume anything about it .Now it’s just” maybe this .. maybe that”.
    Calm down everybody…Just breathe…Visualize ur own happy place …See you feel better already . 😉

  133. Annie says:

    I thought it was true but then I read that her lawyer has only practiced for 2 years and has no family law experience…I think it speak volumes that that’s the lawyer she took. And don’t blame it on costs, I work in a law firm and if we’re that sure that the client will win we’ll take on clients that may not be able to afford it. The other side would pay costs.

  134. Mark says:

    Last year the onion made fun of Justin Bieber and portrayed him as a 51 year old pedophile in disguise.

    If the DNA test comes back positive and proves, that he is the father of the child, he could end up testifying as a victim.

  135. Tiffany says:

    I think this could go either way, but he should submit to the paternity test ASAP. If he isn’t the father, she should be on the hook to pay for paternity test and his legal fees.

    If he isn’t the father, doing a paternity test will conclusively rule it out and he should have nothing to fear. If he doesn’t want to be tested, well that will raise some flags in my eyes.

  136. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @seal team 6, this is a definition of “slut shaming” from finallyfeminism101
    “Slut-shaming, also known as slut-bashing, is the idea of shaming and/or attacking a woman or a girl for being sexual, having one or more sexual partners, acknowledging sexual feelings, and/or acting on sexual feelings. Furthermore, it’s “about the implication that if a woman has sex that traditional society disapproves of, she should feel guilty and inferior”

    According to what you said “I don;t do that to either Linnocent or Ms. Stoddard. I feel terribly bad for CS, and I have stated I think Cracken is a call girl now,so if I call her a hooker, I mean it literally, but I tend not to go for the slut shaming on her, either. However, she is a huge hypocrite about her very active sex life, so I think it’s okay to call her on that to an extent”

    ^with all due respect, according to the definition, this is still considered slut shaming.

  137. Tiffany says:

    Because she was only 3 years older, the statutory rape charges don’t apply, it would be a misdemenor (from what i have been told).

  138. wtf says:

    TMZ reporting she’s being charged with assault against her ex boyfriend who She ALSO claimed was the baby daddy….so ya…credibility sinking as yes the Biebs is Canadian.

  139. Mac says:

    Police now set to investigate.

    A woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her baby in a backstage bathroom could be investigated for having sex with a minor because the singer was 16 at the time.

    While no crime has been reported, Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith told The Associated Press on Thursday that the department could investigate after Mariah Yeater filed the paternity suit against the teen heartthrob in San Diego Superior Court.

    “If it’s brought to our attention, of course we’ll look into it,” Smith said.

    Yeater had just turned 19 when she says she and Bieber, then 16, had a brief sexual encounter after one of the singer’s concerts at Staples Center. She said she gave birth to a boy in July and believes Bieber is the father because there were no other possible men she had sex with at that time.

    If convicted of misdermeanor statutory rape Yeater faces a maximum of one year in prison.

  140. Jay says:

    Doesn’t the vow to “vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations” seem like overkill? It’s just a blood test, and, if he’s in the clear, it’s over with. Maybe he could just put his DNA on file somewhere as a pre-emptive measure against all future love-child claims. He wouldn’t even need to do anything then. He could just go on interviews and say “yeah, my paternity fraud team is handling it. This will all be sorted out by Wednesday.”

  141. Embee says:

    I know that it’s still illegal, but don’t you think it is strange to charge a girl with statutory rape when the guy is saying he wants to F the S out of her and then jumps on top? (assuming that statement is true) I suppose you have to take a hard line, becuase otherwise every guy who pressures a young girl into sex could trot out stories about her “willingness” but it certainly is a strange outcome.

  142. Turtle Dove says:

    It seems as thought the truth is starting to come out. According to TMZ, this chick accused another guy of being the father when she first got pregnant.

    I think that she was hoping for a quick payoff, but Justin wouldn’t pay any hush money. There seemed something stinky about her report of the event and the pictures don’t jive with her projection of herself.

  143. Seal Team 6 says:

    I really don’t get how saying Stoddard’s parents sold their daughter into marriage, nor saying that Lindsay Lohan is making money as a call girl instead of acting is “slut shaming.” Maybe it’s because I’m not. Not even a good try.

    Love how some posters don’t want to admit that’s what they are doing to Bieb’s possible baby mama. Just own it.

  144. Barker says:

    @turtledove: Exactly! I knew there was some reason that Biebs was holding off on responding. I am sure his army of lawyers was digging up stuff on her and they found it.

    Her credibility is now shot with her accusing her ex-bf of fathering the same kid. So much for her lawyers saying without a doubt it can’t be anyone else’s kid. This will make the whole issue die down now. Then if it is the Biebs (and I would be shocked for various reasons) they can make a quiet little settlement with a confidentiality agreement in private. The end.

  145. Seal Team 6 says:

    Interesting the attacks on the girl are starting now. May be true, or may be as true as when WO calls TMZ about Linnocent. Just interesting.

    Bieb needs to take the test before the Court orders it, and they will.

    And, love you too, Blue!

  146. Iggles says:

    Gotta love TMZ. I hope this story is false. I have never liked Bieber and I can’t stand his music, but it saddens me that at 17 he might have a baby (with some famewhore no less).

    It takes to tango, sure. But still, I don’t wish teen pregnancy on anyone. No matter how annoying they are, lol.

  147. Cherry Rose says:

    What I don’t get is who the hell would want to have sex with Justin Bieber? I can’t imagine he’s that impressive looking, but then again, I’m 22, and have always gone for older guys.

    I can’t say that I find this girl to be attractive in any way, but to each their own. Though I don’t get why she waited until the baby was 3 months old?

  148. Marianne says:

    @Silk Spectre: So she’s the slut, but not Justin? It takes two to tangle, yeah know. And secondly we don’t know how many other guys she’s had sex with (if there has even been anybody else). Having sex one time, doesn’t mean your a slut.

    I do buy that Justin is a horny teenager (like everyone else) and probably has had groupie sex before. As for him being the dad, who knows. Only time will tell.

  149. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @seal team, “she is a huge hypocrite about her very active sex life, so I think it’s okay to call her on that to an extent” Calling her out on her “active” sex life is slut shaming, according to the definition and calling her a hooker seems to fall within the realm as well. But whatever, I like you so I’m not too inclined to argue with you. I was just getting tired of everyone here throwing around the term slut shaming (and you happened to respond to my post). I wasn’t trying to single you out.

    As for my position/posts, I said the pictures were trashy and plastering them all over the Internet is attention seeking. However, I also called Bieber out on his sexual MO and mentioned Biebers friendship with Chris Brown who tweets pics of his peen. I call LiLo out on her crack shenanigans. I call everyone on their BS, but I’m not the one sitting up on my high horse calling others “slut shamers” while feigning innocence. I mean come on, we’ve all been guilty of it on one post or another. I’m just asking people to own it and stop throwing stones at others.

  150. Token White guy says:

    First I hate to say I believe this girl. For some reason my spidey sense in tingling and it’s not from the half naked photos above. Second. What a whorish move. Really. Forget what Beiber said to her. She knew what was going to happen and never said no. Just to put on a condom. Now back to Beiber. What a douche. Both are idiots if this story is for real. Celebitchy you got this girls number? lol

  151. skuddles says:

    So little Bieber might be barebacking a lot of famewhory fans AND spreading some sort of crotch plague to boot?? Did Mama forget to sign you up for sex ed??

  152. Turtle Dove says:

    Another point…. her lawyers are saying that, “We filed it in good faith, we stand by her.” That’s legal speak for… even we have our doubts…

    That statement is a MAJOR litigatory out on their part. If and when the allegations against him are proven untrue then they can reiterate again, “We filed in good faith…”, so if she lied they did what any good lawyer does and defended their client. (imagines lawyers putting on halos) .o “We didn’t know she was lying” o. (bats eyelashes in an innocent manner.) Right. o_O

    Justin said nothing before hand because he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t. Even if the allegations are proven untrue people are going to say:
    1) He may not have fathered the child but he could still have had sex with her (and she knows this)
    2) What a sh*t for putting a single mom through this (even though she’ll deserve prosecution)
    3) and on and on….

    There are people who stand to benefit from this and we can’t forget that. The lawyers get their names out there and little Miss Twitter Mariah gets money from interviews, etc. Funny how this allegation also came out after Justin tossed off the, “I want to be a young dad” line. I think little Mariah can add 1 + 1 and came up with about 1.5 million.

    I still have a feeling that she was hoping for a quick cash settlement and things got out of hand. I’m no fan of the kid, but something stinks about this whole situation.

  153. KWM says:

    Selena Gomez broke it off with him! Hmmmm… More fuel to the fire me thinks..

  154. Silk Spectre says:

    @ Marianne

    No, not just her! Justin is also a (man)slut IF the allegations are true. For now I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt cause nothing proved yet.

    I do judge equally – If men and women are f*cking around without condoms they are both sluts. STAT(IMO).

    It always makes me totally upset when I hear strangers had unprotected sex. That shows me they don’t care for her own health nor the health of the other person.

  155. Barker says:

    Radaronline just reported that Selena Gomez just dumped the Biebs within the last 24 hours. Hmm… what does that mean? That’s not a good thing for the Biebs in giving the impression that he never met this girl.

  156. Token White guy says:

    Golly gee Ward… you were really hard on the BEIBER last night. I am praying this story is true. I cannot stand Justn Beiber. He is so bland. God teenage girls will be entertained by anything that says baby, baby yeah over and over again.

    “It always makes me totally upset when I hear strangers had unprotected sex. That shows me they don’t care for her own health nor the health of the other person.”… or the health of my wallet since my taxes pay for their welfare but in this case we’re covered.

  157. Samigirl says:

    @ShanKat-What can I say, I had a thing for bad boys with awkward facial hair 😉

  158. NM9005 says:


    BlindGossip] His girlfriend knows that the accusations are true. So she’s getting out. She has her own reputation to consider. The faster she distances herself from the coming s*storm, the faster she and her career can recover. But how does his girlfriend really know that the accuser is telling the truth and that the storm is coming? Well, it’s not because he will admit to anything. She’s telling friends that she is shocked that the words he used with the accuser are exactly the same words he used with the her when they first started dating. It also means that he lied to his girlfriend about something that was very important to her. That’s enough evidence for her.


    Is this even blind???
    The plot thickens, I really wonder how all this is going to pan out. This is the first time since “Bieber fever” that I’m actually intrested in that little dude. It’s already big news now, it’s just going to build up to hopefully epic gossip proportions!

    Sigh, I have no life =D.

  159. KsGirl says:

    “I DO think it’s the woman’s responsibility first and foremost for protection because it’s HER body that would be affected first.”

    Poster, you are 100% correct that a woman who does not want to get pregnant needs to make sure she is protected. You forgot the second part, tho. And that is that a MAN who wants to avoid any possibility of fatherhood is responsible for wrapping himself up.

    If men wrapped their trouser snakes up, then none of these terrible whorish women would have any chance of succeeding with their evil vaginal entrapment plans.

    And, MorticiansDoItDeader, you are wrong about Seal Team 6 slut-shaming. Slut shaming isn’t “X has an active sex life” – slut shaming is “X has a very active sex life and is therefore a dirty, nasty skank who deserves only condemnation”. Calling someone a hooker (especially someone who IS a hooker, whoever that may be) is not slut-shaming. Calling someone a hooker and implying they deserve to be condemned, IS. Calling someone out on hypocrisy is also NOT slut shaming. It’s slut shaming when there’s an implication that someone deserves to be labeled a whore/skank etc., or other negatie consequences, due to their “slutty” behaviour.

    You posted the definition! Reading comprehension…is good.

    So, this girl had unprotected sex, once as far as we know, with a famous person she idolizes. Bieber has probably had a lot more unprotected sex than this girl. And yes she’s the slut.


    And all of this is coming from a somewhat-fan of Bieber! The slut shaming in this thread IS gross, and y’alls doing it need to stop pretending you’re not.

  160. mia girl says:

    Plot thickens… From TMZ.com “TMZ has obtained the mug shot for the woman who claims she’s Justin Bieber’s baby mama … taken moments after she was arrested for allegedly slapping her ex-BF last year … the OTHER guy she accused of fathering her child.

    As we previously reported, Mariah Yeater was charged with battery in December 2010 for slapping her ex-BF John Terranova … after she told the guy he was the father of her then-unborn baby.

    John claims the baby isn’t his — ditto for Bieber.

    Yeater is due back in a Vegas courtroom in the near future”

  161. Shannon says:

    TMZ has obtained documents and interviewed the real baby daddy’s grandmother… Apparently this chick is crazy. When she went over to her boyfriend’s house to announce he was going to be a dad, he denied it and she smashed his car window. The police were called, she left… and came back a few hours later to smack him a few times. And then they never heard from her again.

  162. Pizzazz says:

    Sounds like this story is dead. He’s not the father (unless you believe she somehow was keeping that fact secret while she tried to railroad her former boyfriend into thinking he was the father – which makes no sense because clearly she could get more child support from Bieber) and Gomez didn’t dump him.

    Why should he have to take a paternity test because a nutjob claims he had sex with her? He’d be getting his cheek swabbed all day if there is no threshold of credibility involved in the process. Merely going to a concert of his is not much in terms of proving they had sex.

    I think they should prosecute her for perjury for signing off on the the court documents and for the record I am not a fan of Bieber in any way, shape or form. I don’t like him or hate him but unlike this woman who claimed he fathered her baby, he’s a child and a lot of you people are way too harsh on the kid for reasons that escape me (well, other than the fact that he’s way overexposed).

  163. Lashes says:

    Statutory rape is a strict liability crime. Even if the minor initiates or “consents” to the sex, the adult is still liable. However, the fact that the age difference was only 3 years might help her out if her story is true.

    Also, what 19 year old woman finds Bieber sexy? Blows my mind.

  164. Angel says:

    F*ck it, I totally belieb her. I also believe she will get paid to go away, say he’s not the father after all, and quietly accept her child support checks like a good little desperate-young-single-mommy, no one the wiser. Even if it turns out she ‘lied’ I’ll still be skeptical. It just sounds too legit.

  165. Annie says:

    Funny, in my country when the man doesn’t want to take the dna test, it is assumed that he is the father. (legally)
    Apparently is different in the USA. ??

  166. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @ksGirl, saying that because someone has a very active sex life makes them a hooker is slut shaming.

    Here’s the definition again ““Slut-shaming, also known as slut-bashing, is the idea of shaming and/or attacking a woman or a girl for being sexual, having one or more sexual partners, acknowledging sexual feelings, and/or acting on sexual feelings. Furthermore, it’s “about the implication that if a woman has sex that traditional society disapproves of, she should feel guilty and inferior”

    Calling someone a hooker, just because they’ve had multiple sexual partners is slut shaming. My reading comprehension is fine, perhaps you’d like to brush up on yours?

  167. Trillion says:

    Thanks Morticians. A lot of people need to hear that.

  168. Lucky Charm says:

    I haven’t read all the comments yet, so I apologize in advance if I’m duplicating a comment. So she’s saying that her baby was born at 36 weeks? Because either she was already a month pregnant the night of the concert or her baby was a month early, otherwise the timing just doesn’t work. I say she’s trying to get money to support a baby that the real daddy can’t/won’t.

  169. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @KsGirl, “It’s slut shaming when there’s an implication that someone deserves to be labeled a whore/skank etc., or other negatie consequences, due to their “slutty” behaviour.”

    Also, what’s another name for hooker? Whore.

    Have you been to the Lohan threads? I frequently hear about receipts for Blowjobs, STDs from all the guys she bangs, etc. People call her a hooker because she’s had multiple partners within a short amount of time and always seems to have money, even though she isn’t a working actor any longer. Calling her a hooker does not make her one. Classic “slut shaming.”

  170. Emily says:

    I’m going to contribute to the slut-shaming.

    How is this situation not completely sleazy???

    He’s a slut. She’s a slut. They’re both just a couple of sluts sluttin’ it up.

    Sometimes a spade is a spade.

  171. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Morticians I think things are a bit different if one is describing a person’s actual job. I suppose “hooker” is a shameful way to describe someone who sells their body for money. I will grant you that. But, I don’t believe it’s slut shaming to call someone a prostitute if they are indeed gainfully employed as a prostitute. Then it’s merely stating a fact.

    For example, if I said Heidi Fleiss (remember the notorious 90s madam? I’m not sure how her name is actually spelled.) had at some point in her life been a prostitute, I would not consider that slut shaming because it is a documented fact that she was once a working prostitute. Granted, no one has proven Lilo is an actual prostitute… Yet… But, I can certainly see where @KsGirl is coming from with her post.

    Generally speaking though, I too am sickened by all the slut shaming going on here. Just because someone is young and dumb enough to post racy pictures of themselves on MySpace does not make them some kind of raging slut. Guess what? I had tons of questionable pictures of myself up on MySpace when I was her age! I’ve since had the good sense (lots of employers look you up online and judge you by what they see) to delete my page. But, I’m not at all ashamed of anything I had posted. I happened to think (and honestly still think) that I had a nice body, and I was proud to show it off.

    One thing that really kills me about women is how much we stress the issue of body image. We’re told over and over again to love ourselves and be proud of our curves and all that other nonsense. But, if a woman really is proud of her body and shows it off as such, we’re told that she’s trashy or slutty or any number of other negative terms. I just don’t understand this. If I look good in a bikini, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to show that off and feel good about doing it.

    Now, the thing that I will judge her just a tiny bit for is that she had sex with someone she just met without a condom. I totally understand how she could get caught up in the whole super star thing, so I’m not going to judge too harshly. But, I have never had casual sex without a condom. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your health. No matter how many times she’d heard “baby”, Justin was still a dude she’d just met and she should have insisted on using one.

    I think there’s a 50/50 shot on this being true. If it is true, Justin sounds like a real douche. But, is there any surprise there? Anyway, sorry for the longwinded rant here. This is excellent gossip, either way!

  172. Lucky Charm says:

    Re: the slut shaming – sorry, but if you don’t KNOW who the father of your baby is, you ARE a slut. First she says it’s her ex-boyfriend, now she says it’s JB. Whoever she slept with late September/early October is the daddy, so she needs to figure out who that is.

  173. jamie says:

    oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! she looks like a crack whore. I’m sure he had his picks of all the beautiful teens at his shows ,why would he pick her? She’s getting her 5 minutes of fame lol I can’t see Beiber having sex with anyone he looks like a baby himself lol

  174. anon says:

    We’re not going to know anything until we get test results.

    But I really think it’s dumb to dismiss her because she waited 3 months. I mean, she said she tried to talk to his reps and they blew her off. She certainly doesn’t seem like a famewhore if she tried to get this done without going through lawyers. I also don’t think slutty pics prove anything about her, honestly. Teens made stupid mistakes.

    Who knows if she spent 3 months trying to do it on her own, or eliminating any other possibilities.

    It would be reallllll interesting to see what ace her lawyers seem to have up their sleeve. Apparently she has some proof.

    If Justin did sleep with her, he needs to own up to it and take a test. If he lies until he’s forced to admit it, I see his career taking a HUGE hit. Bigger than if it’s true and he took the honest route.

    Whatever happens, I really hope the best for the mom and baby. I hope he takes an active role in the baby’s life if he’s the dead.

    To the legal people, I would think he would have to pay child support despite the stat rape, because it’s for the baby. But wouldn’t he also have a fantastic shot at gaining custody(if he wanted it) and then not having to pay a dime?

  175. dean travers says:

    Hey, quick fact! For a male human to have intercourse he needs to be erect, if this chick was plucked from the audience and entertained this little choad for under 5 minutes she would need some mad skills to entice him into that state and then (presumably) mount and overtake him. Drop the statutory rape nonsense.

  176. DetRiotgirl says:

    [EDIT] I just saw the reports about the ex who is also a candidate for baby daddy. Upgrade the tiny bit of judgement from my previous post to a fully fledged judgement face for her apparent total lack of good sense regarding her body. I can understand one lapse in good judgment under the extreme circumstances of meeting a teen idol, but I have a hard time understanding multiple lapses in good judgement where serious matters of health and reproduction are concerned. Condoms can be easily obtained for free! If you are sexually active, you should make it your business to have them!

    *steps down from soap box*

  177. DreamyK says:

    Hmm. I actually think he might be the dad. If Selena dumps him, that will be a big clue. BlindGossip has a few blinds that point to the Beaver as being the dad. At least that’s the way I read them.

  178. hello123 says:

    @Detroitgirl that was excellent! I have never posted on this site, but I had to, because I think your post was spot on!

  179. ruby says:

    This is getting ridiculous. If Bieber is not the father then he should just take that paternity test and be done with it. This waiting around flinging accusations that the girl is crazy to the press is not making him look innocent, it just makes everyone get even more suspicious.

    I have trouble imagining Mariah would go to court with this if she didn’t believe it was true. From Bieber’s reactions and all the details which ring quite true, I get the feeling he’s the father. Also those two baby pictures do look really alike. I hope we’ll get to know how this turns out, it would be interesting to see if my gut feeling was right or wrong.

  180. Tapioca says:

    @Seal Team 6:

    “Only a male can impregnate a female”

    Really? Tell that to every lesbian who’s ever visited a sperm bank!

    It’s basic biology – a woman can have a baby without a man, a man cannot have a baby without a woman. If that’s “Sexist”, then take it up with Evolution!

  181. N.D. says:

    @tapioca I wouldn’t call sperm banks “basic biology”, it’s man’s invention, not nature’s. And man can obtain donor egg and hire surrogate mother just as easily.

  182. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @DetRiot, “II think things are a bit different if one is describing a person’s actual job.”

    I appreciate the tone of your post. ITA, yes Heidi Fleiss was an admitted prostitute. My point is, Lohan was labeled dirty STD ridden hooker because she chooses to bed multiple men within a short amount of time. She’s been assigned this shameful label because of her choices vis-à-vis her sexuality.

    Also, if you read my posts up thread, you’ll see that I understand there’s a difference between owning your sexuality and exploiting it. I’m proud of my body too and work hard at the gym to maintain it. I also wear bikinis at the beach but I find people listen to what I have to SAY much more readily when I’m dressed in a more demure manner. As you mentioned, we need to be aware of the image we’re putting out there because (without any other information) that’s what we’ll be judged on. I think this girls pictures SAY trashy and now there’s evidence to support my theory.

  183. Blue says:

    Ummm, just because her ex isn’t the father doesn’t mean JB is off the hook. If she had sex with him, which I totally believe ( that kid gives off such a douchey vibe & girls throw themselves at him) then maybe that’s what her lawyers were talking about. It sounds like her ex was already tested and ruled him out as the father which might make Bieber the only other option.

  184. No Way says:

    I have a big problem with her lawyer. If he had a legitimate case and was a good lawyer he would have been more private. If the girl isn’t lying and it happens that this brief 30 sec. of the Bieber did create a baby, which although possible is not statistically likely, they get a quiet and large settlement. Worse case, if the lawyer proceeded privately, Bieber isn’t the Dad, everyone quietly goes away.

    Out in the public now the scenarios look bad. First, the most likely piece of evidence she could have that “proves it” enough to compel a judge to require a defendant to submit to a paternity test would be a witness or video of the act, a Monica type DNA sample really doesn’t work unless the Biebs has special neon glowing spunk. Now this just proves they had sex, not that he created the baby. Again odds that this girl didn’t have sex with someone else- can’t be that strong. She’s 19, prime age for hookups nowadays, she is at a Bieber concert, and gets picked up to have sex with him.-that is her story.

    The lawyer should be thinking the girl could be telling the truth about the sex, but someone else might be the Dad. Also she is 19 and he is 16. She could be charged with statutory rape. Let’s say they have a video, but Bieber isn’t the Dad, if I was the Bieb’s parents I would try to have statutory rape charges pressed. Even if he happens to be the Dad, you can still press statutory rape charges. Not a great PR move on Bieber’s part, but if he is the Dad you really don’t know how he would react.

  185. Pizzazz says:

    But her lawyers have stated publicly that their client has assured them she did not have sex with anyone else during the time frame in question. So was she lying to them or lying to the former boyfriend? Either way, it looks very bad for her and the veracity of her claim.

  186. DeeVine says:

    I did see the Beiber movie too with my kids. He does seem very protected by his “team” and his family.

    Went to his concert (my kids do like the Biebs) and he was literally whisked from the concert right into a car. That was his excuse for denying that he ever met this girl. It was impossible as he would leave every venue right after the show.(I guess he could have managed a 30s encounter during a toilet break…)

    Also didnt I see an article from another site saying that this girl’s ex bf said she tried to sue him for paternity for the same baby?

    Think this may be another Keanu crazed fan type story.

  187. Shannon says:

    Oh my God people! Why is SHE the slut?? She was a starstruck fan who was picked out of a crowed and had the opportunity to have sex with someone she idolized (allegedly). IF is is true, how about the fact he’s a disgusting little creep who will stick it in anything with two legs? Furthermore, those pics of her are indicative of famewhoring? Are you *ucking kidding me? Those pictures are so typical of what kids post – in fact, they’re a lot tamer than ones I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure that at the height of MySpace 75% of teenagers had some kind of body showing picture.

    Also, I love the one post that stated she has a lot to lose here…this isn’t exactly the Tiger Woods scandal, this involves a child and statutory rape. Plus, what is the big deal about just taking the test? It’s not like she’ll receive a genetic profile of his if she does, or it’s any kind of breach of privacy, all she’ll know is yes or no. Get it over with, this could have been solved a long long time ago, and it’s really odd to me that he’s dragging this out. If he wasn’t the father for sure he could have taken this test a long time ago and no one would have ever thought twice about it. Who knows if he is for sure, but it’s sad that this is being dragged out.

  188. Blue says:

    Her having his semen would prove they had sex, therefore making him potentially the baby’s father.

  189. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Morticians I actually agree with you. And, you’re right, Lohan has not been proven to be a prostitute. But, I can certainly understand someone looking at her financial situation and leaping to the (IMO logical and reasonable) conclusion that her money may be coming from selling road maps of her freckles and fire caverns to various wealthy Europeans in between modeling gigs. Personally, I don’t care what Lohan does with her body. I’m more worried about what she might do with, say, a car. But, that’s a thought for another thread…

    *waves at the cracktini crew from all the Lohan posts*

  190. thinkaboutit says:

    I don’t buy it. WTF was this punk-ish tattoo’ed and pierced 19 year old doing FRONT ROW at a Justin Bieber concert??? She’s just another nutcase with a hell of an imagination.

  191. NM9005 says:

    One must wonder, if Bieber is not the father (like the Keanu thing people mentioned here and on other sites) what does that say about the girl and all the other girls/women in the world who use this technique to get attention, fame or money? Will every women who has an active sex life and doesn’t know the father of her child will have the right to sue every man she had sex with that suits the right time of conception for a paternity test? Can you imagine the repercussions when people feel entitled to harass other people because they didn’t use protection? And yes, I know the man also has to use protection but you know some women trap men with a child…Any girl who was at a concert and is a bit craycray can pull the same stunt and before you know it, Bieber can spend his free time by undergoing paternity tests. I can understand why he would say no, especially if he (and that girl) know for a 100% that he isn’t the dad. He has to undergo the scrutiny and bad publicity just because one girl demands his attention.

    Even regular people can encounter this problem. What if your partner is getting harassed by a crazy woman who claims he’s the father of her child? Would you believe it? Would you want to see your partner being forced in a paternity test to clean his image??? I wouldn’t want to be forced in that position. I wouldn’t want go through that with my partner. Just sayin’.

    That said, this is STILL good gossip =D!

  192. Deb says:

    @ Jamie, you would be amazed what some immature, horny guys will mount if the opportunity presents itself. When I was a teen, my boyfriend cheated on me with a girl who was WAY less attractive than me. When I say less attractive, I mean she looked like the love child of Rosie O’Donnell and a gorilla and had Linnocent’s crackie teeth and freckles. Beyond immaturity, I have no idea why he cheated, but I suspect it was easy, because this girl had managed to sleep with just about every other guy we knew. For all we know, the Bieber might have figured out how to tell which girls will be easiest to convince to have sex.

  193. Andie B says:

    I thought the usual pegnancy was 38-42 weeks. The baby was born at 36 weeks. She may have already been 4 weeks pregnant at the concert, and decided to manufacture a story that Bieber is the Dad so she can get her 15 minutes of fame. Or she may have had sex with him, and some other guys as well. I don’t think it’s his, but time will tell won’t it?

  194. Courtney says:

    according to TMZ, her lawyers just dropped her

  195. skeptical says:

    so should beiber have to submit to a DNA test every time some random female claims he’s the father of her kid?

    she’s the one making the claim here.. she should pony up the proof to justify taking the DNA test.

    Beiber’s innocent until proven guilty.
    (especially with that “in good faith” line from her lawyers… like they’re covering their own butts)

  196. No Way says:

    For a judge to force a defendant to comply with a paternity test you have to have some legitimate belief that it is possible. The problem with just submitting to a paternity test is what is to prevent other women demanding paternity tests if you need so little proof to get one. If she saved semen the only way to prove it is his is with a test – same problem. For all anyone knows it could be another man’s.

    If it is true the lawyers dropped the case. They could be in trouble for defamation and bringing a malicious lawsuit. They did not need to go on a television show and publicize this. They were not showing good interest in their client and her child or for the court and our taxpayer’s money. Courts aren’t free even if you just file.

  197. C.Lynn says:

    @ Courtney

    I’ve just been on TMZ’s web site. There is no mention that Mariah’s lawyers have dropped her as a client or dropped the lawsuit.

    There was an article posted today that her lawyers aren’t speaking to TMZ but that’s it.

  198. Joanna says:

    Oh, please, there’s plenty of prettier little girls at his concerts who would let him hit it! Why would he pick that instead? And of course, she’s asking for a dna test, sounds more believable that way plus lengthens her 15 minutes of fame to 25.

    check out the video on tmz where justin calls in to deny it: I totally believe him!

    Do you guys believe everything you read and hear?

  199. Seal Team 6 says:


    Thanks for proving my point that only a male can impregnate a female.

  200. Seal Team 6 says:


    Why would he have an excellent chance of getting custody???

  201. anon says:

    because, if this is proven true, she should be charged with stat rape.

    That makes her a rapist with a history of assault and battery, versus a multi-millionaire who can hire the best lawyers in the country.

  202. Pirouette says:

    Justin Beiber is lame. I feel bad for this girl for having had sex with him. She could’ve done better.

  203. crtb says:

    The woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her child — originally accused her ex-boyfriend of being the daddy to the very same baby last year … this according to her ex-BF’s grandmother.

  204. Annie says:

    I’m on the “she had too much to lose simply to make this up for attention” bandwagon. Apart from the statuatory rape thing, she had to have known that if she just made it up such a lie would soon break down and everyone would hate her. Especially since there’s always a lot of hate directed at celeb hook-ups. I believe her when she says the father is most likely Justin but possibly someone else.

    I think Justin’s advisors told him to lie because 1) In the event that he is not the dad he can keep his squeaky clean image without ever having to publically admit that he enjoys groupie sex. 2) In the event that he is the dad his image will be changed so much that one lie will seem small in comparison.

    I think the kid does look like Justin around the nose. Hard to tell with babies though.

  205. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Well I guess this proves he’s actually a boy and not a lesbian.

  206. Turtle Dove says:

    Annie – “I’m on the “she had too much to lose simply to make this up for attention” bandwagon.”

    Annie, she has NOTHING to lose. She’s a welfare mom, no job. Did you see the background of those photos she’s in. She’s living in squalor. The chick has NO JOB, how the fuck did she even get a front row ticket to a Bieber concert??

    I still say that she was hoping for a quick payout and things got out of hand.

  207. Dolphin says:

    There is only one other way to find out the truth- save a pic of this Yeater chic, go to FaceBook, and click on the first ad you see that says ” have a baby with Justin Bieber” I have just solved the case. Your Welcome.

  208. Annie says:

    @ Turtle Dove – most 19 year olds don’t have much money and quite a lot don’t have jobs and a lot live in a pigsty and look downright kooky. It’s called having your whole life ahead of you. Most don’t have statuatory rape convictions though, which could really count against your future career, not to mention the chance of being sued. I’m sure her lawyers were the first to inform her of the repurcussions of lying and I reckon she’d have woken up to reality at this point if she’d been lying. I just somehow doubt they’d have taken her on if there were no real chance of it being true.

  209. KsGirl says:

    Annie – this has been my take on it so far, too – there’s too much at stake for this woman and her lawyers to simply make this up. She could face stat rape charges, they could essentially destroy their own careers, couldn’t both parties be charged for filing malicious claims? The lawyers seemed articulate and non-insane. Why would articulate, non-insane lawyers take this case on if there is no merit? They will be aware of the fact that this is easily falsifiable so…wtf?

    I think the 2 possibilities here are:

    1. This is a legit claim, the woman and her lawyers believe JB is the Daddy.

    2. This woman is truly batshit, to the extent that she’s managed to convince her lawyers of her story.

    There’s really no in between here. Either there’s truth to it, or she is a straight-up nutjob. And she (and the lawyers) are going to be HAMMERED if it’s the latter. Why put themselves in that position (again, esp. the lawyers, who have absolutely nothing to gain and a ton to lose)?

    I am very curious to see how this is handled in the coming days/weeks. If I was in JB’s camp, and I had handled it badly thus far (i.e. letting it go public – big mistake and easily – $$$ – avoided), and if I thought it could be true, I would immediately (like, yesterday) buy this woman and her legal team’s silence with a large sum of money. If she and her legal team disappear, in no way do I take that as a sign of this being a scam. The smartest move for JB’s team, if this is true, is to make it go away with money right away and have him continue to deny deny deny in public.

    If it turns out she’s lying, and I was on JB’s team, I would make damn sure the public knew it – no letting this quietly slide, that looks too suspicious, have it unequivocally refuted in public.

    Anyway, juicy.

    Oh and Morticians? Sorry for my tone.

    Aaaaand lastly, sperm banks don’t magic up their sperm from the Magical Human Sperm Dispensing Pink Unicorn. They get it from human men. Men = necessary to make a baby! (not directed at Mortician’s, who didn’t say otherwise)

  210. Turtle Dove says:

    Annie –

    At that age I guess I was the exception then. I had a job, a lovely apartment, and working towards a degree. Of course, I relied on my own hard work for these things and not getting knocked up to secure my future.

    There are plenty of lawyers who would do something duplicitous for money or to get their names out there. Justin has agreed to take the DNA test and then he is going to sue her – justly so. These famewhore, money grubbers need to be taught a lesson.

    I think they believed her claim, but have gone into hiding now that her true nature has been revealed.

    Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to this chick being taken down?

  211. Addie says:

    @MJ: About the Prince thing..I totally get it, felt the same way about Michael Jackson when he was alive.
    Well I aint married, so I guess death is the only obstacle now 🙂

    About Bieber, I believe that he is the father.
    This girl does not seem deranged and I’m sure is well aware of the reprocutions if found a fraud.

    She has an obligation to her son to:
    1. make sure he knows his dad.
    2. make sure that her son is financially taken care of.

  212. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Enny, I’m sure someone has written this already but as an attorney you should know that child support is for the benefit of the *child,* so she is not “benefitting from her crime” if she gets CS.

    Incidentally, I think she is lying…she said the dad was her ex frst (and got in a physical altercation with him over it and i think she was arrested), and she was voted
    “most dramatic” in school…plus, Beib has been quoted as saying he likes dark girls…I think she is a psycho. I cannot believe how many people are buying this.

  213. Caitlin says:

    I’m not going to say that this is or is not true, because I obvious do not know that…but I really find this hard to believe. She did say that she waited along with other young woman- So-Called “Beliebers” are known for breaking down barricades, knocking down MamaBeiber, sneaking up and cutting a lock of his hair, and many other utterly insane antics. I find it very, very hard to picture those other young woman waiting around for Justin, then just standing there while he “engages” only one young woman, asks her to go to a more private place, then disappears off in to a bathroom with her. I just can’t see it…and I can’t see his security allowing him to disappear with a stranger…a stranger who could be dangerous, or out to get him in some way like claiming that he sexually harassed/assaulted her(or like a paternity suit?), etc. Those security dudes are unbelievably protective of Justin, probably more so since the day that the 2 girls waited outside for him and he told security that it was fine, only to have those crazy chicks cut a lock of his hair, then run off. It just doesn’t sound right. I don’t care, either way, just saying.

    Oh, and as Turtle Dove said, she has NOTHING to lose (Well, other than her Son)…10 months ago, she accused her Ex-BF of being the father of this baby and is being prosecuted for assault on him, according to the Ex’s Grandma. This chick sounds like she’s just looking for a payday, like she thought he’d pay her off or something.

  214. Annie says:

    @ Turtle Dove

    True there are plenty of sleazy lawyers out there but there is absolutely no point in getting one’s name in the public eye only to instantly destroy it. The old adage that any publicity is good publicity really no longer holds true in today’s society because people have been fooled too many times and have wised up. Fame in and of itself is all but worthless and potentially even damaging – balloon boy dad, anyone? As far as a career like law goes these guys would really have everything to lose and nothing to gain by taking on a crazy girl who was making up a *very* easily falsifiable claim. This does make me think they already have some sort of evidence not known to the media which checks out with her story. Either that or she’s genuinely insane and believes her own fantasy to the point that she can have these experienced lawyers convinced, like ksGirl mentioned.

    It is certainly a very juicy case though, and what makes it so is that on the surface it *does* look exactly like a crazy broke woman making up a wild yarn for money/attention. However things are not always what they seem on the surface or we would not need any court cases at all.

  215. bdm says:

    When JB was in my town last year to perform a co-worker of mine encountered his security team. She works a food counter at the arena where he was performing. She mentioned that she had a cart full of food to bring up in the elevator to her station. When the door opened and she tried to get on, they blocked her way. She has never had a problem with performers keeping her from performing her task before or since. So as Caitlin says there is no way that his people would let him alone with a fan for any of those reasons. Especially his own safety, can you imagine a crazy person gutting him because they wanted him. Have the courts gone after the ex to make him take a paternity test?

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