Justin Bieber’s accuser on The Insider: “I will prove in court my allegations are real”

It was starting to look like Justin Bieber’s baby momma accuser, Mariah Yeater, had a legitimate and possibly believable story about getting pregnant during a 30 second quickie with Bieber in a backstage bathroom after one of his concerts. Yeater filed a paternity suit against Bieber and in great detail described their alleged tryst. Her baby’s age matched up with the conception date when Bieber was playing in L.A., and Bieber’s denial seemed vague and unconvincing to some. Also, Yeater’s lawyers did an interview on HLN where they insisted that they believed their client and that they had additional evidence that had not yet been released by the press. Now Bieber’s people are firing back hard. They say that he’s willing to take a DNA test, that he’ll do it sooner rather than later, and that if Bieber is found not to be the father they’ll sue Yeater. Plus, it’s come out that Yeater accused another man, an ex boyfriend, of fathering the baby at first. The ex denied that it was his baby and said it wasn’t possible due to timing. When Yeater confronted her ex about her then-pregnancy in December 2010, their argument got heated, she allegedly slapped him, and the cops were called and she was arrested. She may not be a credible source, if this report is to be believed.

The woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her child — originally accused her ex-boyfriend of being the daddy to the very same baby last year … this according to her ex-BF’s grandmother.

TMZ spoke with Frances Lippe … who tells us Mariah Yeater had been dating her grandson John Terranova in Las Vegas toward the end of high school.

Lippe says Yeater came to their home in December 2010 and told Terranova she was pregnant with his child. He insisted he did not get her pregnant.

The two got into an argument and police were called … because Yeater allegedly broke a car window out of rage.

Later that day, according to the police report, Yeater returned to the home to work out a payment plan for the window … and got into another altercation with Terranova … and allegedly slapped John 3 separate times in the face with her open right hand.

Yeater was arrested and charged for battery. A court date has been set in Vegas.

Lippe tells us they never heard from Yeater again after the December altercation. 10 months later, Mariah surfaced … now claiming Bieber is the father. JB says it just ain’t true.

Mariah gave birth to a baby boy in San Diego on July 6 — she did not list a father on the birth certificate.

We’ve made multiple calls to Yeater’s attorneys — so far, no response.

[From TMZ]

Radar reported that Justin’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, dumped him due to this paternity scandal. Their people denied that report and the two were later papped holding hands in an obviously staged photo op.

Many of you pointed out this blind item that sounds just like Bieber. It’s all about how the paternity of the baby is up to question, but how this story will blow the lid off how a teen pop star regularly has sex with groupies. It’s a blind item, and they’re not worth putting much stock in. Still, this blind item came out before we heard that Yeater first accused her ex boyfriend of being the father.

After I wrote all that and was sort-of ready to publish (I’m having severe Internet problems today. I have Comcast, BTW) an interview segment with Yeager came out! So far we’ve only seen her goofy MySpace photos and her mug shot. In an interview with The Insider to air tonight (which you can watch part of on Radar) she appears polished, has removed her facial piercings and is well spoken. She seems very believable to me as she makes her case, and says that she has provided evidence to her attorneys to prove her claims. She wouldn’t specify exactly what evidence she has, but said that “I will prove in court that my allegations are true.” Whether that baby is Bieber’s or not, I found her story credible.

This photo of Bieber grabbing himself was the first one that came up during a search on one of our agencies. I didn’t go looking for it! Header is Yeater’s mugshot. Credit: Pacific Coast News



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  1. Sue says:

    Hmmmm…… this is going to be interesting…….

  2. Pyewacket says:

    It would be great if this were true, but I am sure she is some whackadoodle that wants to believe he is the daddy.

    As much as I hate the kid, I can’t think he is stupid enough to let himself get into this situation with the money he has and the reputation he has to lose.

  3. Blankverse says:

    That first pic looks like it came from the site Faces of Meth. And I’m talking post-meth. Don’t care who the baby daddy is, but feel sorry for the baby.

  4. Lauren says:

    I guess it was really dark backstage. Yikes.

  5. Waldemar says:

    I so want this to be true. To bad about the ex boyfriend story, because it makes me doubt if she is telling the truth.

  6. Silk Spectre says:

    I think what she tried to say was “I was knocked up AT a Bieber-concert”. But somehow it turned into “Knocked up BY Bieber” … and things and story got a lil’ outta hand.

  7. Rose says:

    If she accused another ex, they might’ve established it’s not his, therefore someone else may be the father, it’s possible she slept with them both near enough the same time. God i hope it’s all true. Of course he’s doing the groupies, what 17 yo in his position wouldn’t?! The crazy thing is we believed his squeaky clean rep for so long.

  8. The.princess.leia says:

    In that last pic, she looks like a light-haired Beckett.
    Also, why would someone go to such great lengths to prove something that also proves that person committed statutory rape? Either she’s telling the truth or she needs a psych exam.

  9. Quest says:

    Oi! I am popping some corn and will sit back for these fireworks…this is gonna be a hell of a ride (true or not).

  10. texasmom says:

    How old is she? Wouldn’t it be delicious if it IS the Bieb’s baby and then she were charged with statutory rape? I mean, in a nihilistic, I-love-gossip way?

  11. lisa says:

    Funny how she is being attacked left and right..But here is the kicker.. what if she is not lying.. what if she is telling the truth..

    I don’t know.. but if it is true, she has a right to protect her child and get child support. If it is true, Justin is not the first teen to be sexually active and not the firs to get a someone pregnant. Some people need to open their eyes and realize that he is having sex and may have had sex with this woman.

    if her claims are false and he is not the father that does not prove they didn’t have sex. just that he is not the father.

    Anyway this will be HUGE if true.. and HUGE if not. Remember people were speculating at one time that Selena was pregnant.. How did they imagine that happened.

    Justin may look young and innocent, but he is not. Trust.. just like those Jonas boys. or Brittney and all the others who were supposed virgins.

  12. Jane says:

    I don’t see how people still think this is true. He and his people have claimed that he never even met her. That’s a ridiculously strong denial. That’s a there is no possible way that it’s his child or that they had sex. Her lawyers are super sketchy and really inexperienced. If it turns out to be true I’ll eat my words…but I’d place a rather large bet on her being a nutjob.

  13. fabgrrl says:

    She’s pretty cute all cleaned up. But she sure looks older than 20.

  14. poopie says:

    of course there is BIEBER SEX GOING ON !
    I can’t believe ‘his people’ are even trying to make him out to be the second coming of ozzie & harriet! he’s a little no talent punk sucking in TONS of money. THERE IS BIEBER SEX people. i hope he’s the baby daddy and is exposed ! bwahahahahahhah…

  15. sosuzy says:

    I find this story very hard to believe… I don’t know why, but I do…

  16. Kimble says:

    I believe 100% that he’s banging groupies and so I think her story is a distinct possibility! She looks a lot older than her age and I’ll bet he’s had “advice” to make sure his groupies look way older than 18 so he doesn’t get accused of Statutory Rape etc…

    I soooooo want this to be true!

  17. Nev says:

    The way Selena straddle his crotch during their beach trip to me says, he totally do the groupies back stage. I hope it’s true. Didn’t he say he want to be a father-Be careful of what you ask for.

  18. meilamon says:

    I do not see how anyone can believe this story. She is going to be so screwed if she really gets sued by the Biebs. If she accused this other boyfriend of being the dad, then how can she have made a legal binding statement that there were no other possibilities for the father besides Justin?
    Also, SHE is 20? She looks really old for her age, I would peg her at 30.

  19. yt says:

    Bieber’s team seemed to be caught off-guard by the allegations. They would have been more prepared if they knew Bieber hooked up with fans whenever possible, but they certainly are in attack mode now.

    I wonder if she tried to contact Beiber before getting lawyers. There certainly are more tabloid and news media contacts than legally necessary unless it’s a push to make sure he does a DNA test instead of fighting it.

    Sounds plausible, and a DNA test will settle everything quickly.

  20. Mari says:

    @Quest- Pass the popcorn and scooch over 🙂

  21. badrockandroll says:

    This makes no sense:
    “Whether that baby is Bieber’s or not, I found her story credible.”
    The initial story is that Bieber is the baby’s father, and that there were no other possibilities. Then it was revealed that she herself had first viewed someone else as responsible before she latched on Bieber. If you find her story credible (and I do not), you cannot simultaneously entertain any doubts that Bieber is the daddy. Once you do, her story is not credible, because you admit that there are other believable options. Being sort of credible is like being sort of pregnant.

  22. hebrokemyheart says:

    she looks just like mischa barton.

  23. Beatrix says:

    she does seem rather unstable. but I do wonder why she would risk being sued and stuck with sex with a minor charges if she didn’t think this might actually be true…

  24. D says:

    It makes sense to me that she’d go to an ex-boyfriend first. Long relationship vs 30 seconds backstage. Even though she let her emotions get the best of her, that gives her more credit in my eyes. She didn’t automatically see dollar signs when she got pregnant.

    Of course Biebers peeps will deny it. They will try to bully her, make her look psycho and force her into shutting up.

  25. Joanne says:

    It cracks me up that TMZ spoke with the ex-BF’s grandmother. The ex cant/wont speak for himself so his grandmother steps in. I just think thats funny.
    I wonder what this ‘evidence’ is. A stain maybe?
    Alot of people have been commenting that Justin would ‘never hit that’ because ‘shes ugly’. I would just like to point out that it has happend before, eg Hugh Grant and Divine Brown. Some guys are in it for the sex, not the looks.

  26. Quest says:

    @Mari: Sure, there’s plenty of room and popcorn for everyone.

    This is gonna get good cause her story is a good one and we all know that the Biebs is sexually active, not sure how long but we know there are some Bieber sperm out there

  27. Celebitchy says:

    Logically, it does make sense. I find her story credible that she slept with Bieber. Whether the baby is his or not may be due to timing.

  28. Motor35 says:

    funny that bieber will sue if the baby isn’t his….she ain’t got no money!

  29. poopie says:

    she kept her GAP jeans

  30. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Justin may look young and innocent, but he is not. Trust.. just like those Jonas boys. or Brittney and all the others who were supposed virgins.”

    and that’s why I’m about 50/50 on this.

    She could be a crazed fan, but…

    …think about it. a 16/17-year-old guy, with money coming out his wazoo, and TONS of females throwing themselves at him? yeah, RIGHT, he doesn’t have sex…

    as lisa pointed out, Brtiney claimed to be a virgin and we all know how that turned out.

  31. Harley says:

    If this is true the fall out is gonna be epic! She looks closer to 30 than 20. Of course he’s sleeping with randoms, but I can’t see him being foolish enough to go bareback-not with all he has to lose.

    Just take a paternity test and be done with it already. And if it proves to be false I hope he does sue the crap outta her. Enough with all the strange coming out with their false allegations.

  32. jh says:

    It does sound like the baby might have been a few weeks early, though. Wasn’t the concert late in October? and the baby was born early in July? Still, it’s unfortunate the dates are so plausible.
    People have a lot more sex than the rest of us know! (except me, argh). But I’m hoping this accusation is false and that he learns from it. Poor Hugh learned late in life of the entrapment tendencies rife in certain cultures.

  33. Jacqu says:

    I’m going fingers crossed and saying let this be true, LET THIS BE TRUE. XD We’ll all soon enough. I just want the imaginary maury in my head to say bieber IS THE FATHER

  34. El Kiddo says:

    Is it bad that i am hoping the baby is his?

  35. LeManda says:

    My only doubts about this story is the fact that his Mom was a Teenage Mother. I feel like he would know the risks first hand of not using a condom. If she would have said the condom broke, then I would believe her.

  36. Ruth says:

    I find it hard to believe only in that so many people are relying on him for a paycheck and so have a HUGE vested interest in this kind of thing not being real. *poof* goes his lovely reputation and tween girls only like him because for all of thier fantasies they arent really old enough for sex yet. Therefore gender-neutral unthreatening kid crush.
    Someone would at least have insisted he wear protection.

  37. Katija says:


    Don’t you mean hard to “belieb?”

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

  38. LeeLoo says:

    I can’t stand Bieber but I think this girl is psycho. I think her story is false. But if it isn’t it’ll be ironically hilarious.

  39. Katija says:

    @El Kiddo

    If it’s bad, then there are a few million people who are also horrible people right along with you. LOL, sorry, but I’m DEFINITELY riding the “I hope it’s true” train, and several of my Facebook friends have put up statuses saying the same thing.

  40. Wildone says:

    @ LeManda

    Just because his mother was a teen mom means nothing one would think it would but it doesn’t. Take in point this girl I work with her mom was a teen mom and her grandmother was a teen mom and she got pregnant at 14 by her boyfriend and another baby at 19 and is 23 and pregnant again and this is a smart girl who graduated both High school and college at the top of her class she just has no common sense. Also kids see what drugs/alcohol do to their family and some still choose to do drugs/alcohol.

  41. Eve says:

    @ Katija (# 39):

    Me too. I’m fully aware of my bitcheness when I say that, but I can’t help it!

  42. dovesgate says:

    “I just want the imaginary maury in my head to say bieber IS THE FATHER”

    Hahahahah me too! I was about to suggest they go on Maury. He will straighten this sh!t out.

  43. Wildone says:

    If he is not the father and never met her, he should just take the test and prove her wrong, but I have a feeling one of the reasons he and his people are holding off on the test is because he built this brad of the good little virgin boy and by him taking the test would prove that he been lying and that he had sex and it might hurt his brad.

  44. piedlourde says:

    She looks like Mischa Barton in that last pic…

  45. baby says:

    i feel bad for this girl, especially after watching that vid on radar. she didn’t look like a famewhore to me; she seemed really nervous and it looks like the interview and the attention was actually taking a lot out of her. all of the interviewers (with her and the lawyers) are beyond rude with, not the kinds of questions because of course thats their job to ask them, but they WAY they are asking their questions in such an intimidating manner, treating her like a guilty liar right then and there. i can picture it going down too (not the sexy time…dont wanna picture that going down, at all lol). i can picture her trying to get in touch with bieber, then after lawyering up her lawyers trying to get in touch with bieber’s people, all the while they are trying to dismiss this girl like a wacko cuz he has so much to lose. but if anyone thinks this kid isn’t having sex with groupies at least from time to time then thats pretty naive. i find the story totally believable. as for the ex-boyfriend, i don’t see how that necessarily makes the story less credible. they lawyers said there were “no other possible fathers”; that doesn’t mean she didn’t have sex with anyone else. she could have assumed it was her bf’s kid first, and maybe he took a paternity test and that ruled him out. hence, “no other possible fathers.” it seems like people are overall nicer to this girl on this website but over on radar it seems like people are jumping to all kinds of conclusions saying theres no way her story is credible..but as it stands right now even with the backpedaling with the ex boyfriend its still entirely plausible. she has a lot to lose if this turns out to be false..perjury, another lawsuit, and either way she can be charged with statutory rape. she and her attorneys are asking for hard, scientific evidence. it the story’s not true, she’s not gaining anything, anything at all; even as it stands right now there are plenty of people who will blindly believe justin over her. as i said before the interviewers are already in the habit of belittling and trying to intimidate her and her team. there’s literally nothing for her to gain from this if its not true. except for the attention thats pretty much breaking her down right in front of the cameras. i guess we’ll see when the paternity test comes out!

  46. Trillion says:

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that Bieber said he wanted to be a “young dad”. Well, he does have a way with making his dreams come true, doesn’t he?

  47. Jane says:

    @Wildone: He is taking the test. It takes time to do these things. I think his lawyers said it’ll be done in two weeks. They only got the lawsuit on Friday. I feel like this has been going on since forever but almost no time has actually lapsed.

  48. Delta Juliet says:

    I just can’t wrap my head around the two of them having sex. Where was the attraction? Not saying either of them is ugly of course, but she looks like a 30 year old soccer mom and he looks like a 12 year old girl. I don’t get it.

  49. Tracy says:

    From tmz:

    Justin’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, conveyed the DNA test WILL happen. We’re told Justin and his team are so serious … they directed Weitzman to find a lab to do the test and Weitzman has already selected one.

    … Why would Justin’s lawyer be the one to “select” a lab to do the DNA testing? Shouldn’t it be the judge or another neutral party?

  50. Cindy says:

    I have issues with her stability and reliability. She not only accused that ex, but the Daily mail has an article that says she also told her friend with benefits that he is the father.

    Of course she got cleaned up, polished…. She had to. I’m not saying she did or did not sleep with the kid, but I love that her “very reasonable support amount” is $260,000 dollars a MONTH!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!

  51. Denise says:

    She must know that a paternity test will prove or disprove paternity; the fact that she is pushing this, it seems to be true. This would be the biggest story of the fall.

  52. Sasha says:

    Apparently JB is the third guy she’s pointed as being the father of the baby.


    I’d love to see Eye for Lies’s take on her video interview.

  53. TG says:

    I wonder if all this isn’t a fake story from Beiber’s camp to give him legitimacy as a bad-boy because after all if he is to remain a top grossing artist he needs to stay relevant and his fan base must grow with him and not remain those annoying tweens. I guess the DNA test will show if this is a fake or not. Also, if true, I am impressed. I didn’t think he was into females.

  54. Sasha says:

    There was also another blind item that sounded like Justin and Selena. It was about how she knows Mariah is telling the truth about their hookup because he used the same lines (I’m assuming about his virginity) on her.


  55. LittleFATMe says:

    I hope she realizes she could get in trouble for the age thing. Jack ass.

  56. Joanna says:

    If her story was believable, or provable, she would have more experienced lawyers jumping at the opportunity to do her case pro bono. the fact that she has lawyers just out of school speaks volumes to me.

  57. Hanna says:

    Ugh! You guys belive in this crap? Unbelievable…

  58. JoanCrawfordHangers says:

    I’ve been following this soap opera from the get-go (has it been JUST a week, seems like MONTHS) and the more I read and see this young girl on tape (Insider) the scenenrio appears more conceivable *wink*. The girl is smart and knows there’s big money at the end of the rainbow, and who wouldn’t want their own teeny tiny Justin Bieber baby to cuddle and play with? My God. I’d take one of those. Also, the little one’s name is Tristyn. Right? Coincidink? Tristyn. Justin. Tristyn. Justin??? On the lawyer front, her team has a new high-powered DNA guy on board, no doubt to keep JB’s folks in check when “private” DNA testing starts. (How easy would it be to fake a mouth swab test, really? Think about it.) FINALLY dear ones, the girls holding onto something… SOMETHING that will supposedly prove Mr. 30 Seconds is indeed Papa to little blonde/blue eyed Tristyn. Could it be a smoking gun a la Monica/Bill? Could it be a bit of Justin’s 30 Second spermie on her (no doubt) brand new Justin Bieber concert t-shirt that was purchased for $75 inside the arena before their bang bang in the bathroom? Could be! And I’m excited to watch this play out.

  59. jamie says:

    Whoa, she does look like Mischa Barton.

  60. Kim says:

    I agree that either way this story will have legs for quite some time. I didn’t believe it at first, but after his denial on one of the nighttime talk shows “I’m never backstage long enough” (esp since she claims he only lasted 30 seconds – ha!) and the fact SHE could get in trouble for statutory rape but is still going forward with it…makes me think there might be a shred of truth to this. Can’t wait.

  61. dahlia1947 says:

    Wow I figured they’re be other guys that she accused first!! What a ho! and she had to clean up for this interview, just like when you appear in court! Clean up, you’ll appear MORE believable!!

    How about testing those other guys u ho! Oh wait they wouldn’t be able to pay u $260,000 a month in child support so why bother, right? Greedy b%$ch!

    And one of the other guys could be the dad cause a women CAN carry a baby OVER 9 months.

  62. Deb says:

    Even though the paternity of the baby is questionable, I am inclined to believe that Bieber does have sex with groupies. Some have remarked that his movie shows him being whisked away from the performance to a waiting car. Could it be that what is shown in the movie is what his PR people want the public to see? He might be up to other things when there are no cameras to document his activity. After all, his people wouldn’t want anyone to get any photos or film footage of him fooling around. It would ruin his reputation.

    The blind item that appears to be about Bieber is funny. It mentions some groupies needing prescriptions. Perhaps “Bieber Fever” isn’t some figure of speech. Perhaps it is a euphemism for syphilis. Maybe he is always grabbing himself because of the itching and burning he frequently has going on down there.

  63. Sadie says:

    I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that a blue eyed parent and a brown eyed parent make a brown eyed baby. Not always, but most of the time. Like 98%.

    The baby has blue eyes. the mom has blue eyes and Beiber has brown eyes.

  64. Sassy says:

    Did the alleged sex occur at the concert venue after the concert, or at the boy’s hotel after the concert? Hard to believe that security wouldn’t sweep the venue after the concert was over, plus Beiber would have body guards to protect him from over zealous fans. That leaves the assignation spot as his hotel. He would have transported the woman to the hotel. Someone would have been aware. Especially his security people.

  65. Deb says:

    @ Sadie, it depends on whether the brown eyed person is a carrier of the recessive gene for blue eyes. If so, the chances of having a blue eyed child are about 25%.

  66. lioness says:

    I know it’s a gossip site and all and I am too old and bored to be a Justin fan, but please people could we bear in mind that he is a minor and use appropriate vocabulary?

  67. LL says:

    Bitch is either cray cray or actually pregnant with his kid. Both = yikes.

    @Sadie – My husband has brown eyes, brown hair, and olive skin. I’m fair-skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes. My husband’s traits should have dominated mine but our daughter is a mini me.

  68. mssnarnd says:

    And the plot thickens! RADAR reporting that a “more experienced lawyer” did, indeed, just jump on the opportunity.

    Attorney Jeffery Leving is joining Mariah Yeater’s legal team. Leving is considered a “national expert on family law issues,” and was once the adviser to the White House on matters involving paternity law.

    You go girl! (And I don’t mean JB)

  69. hl says:

    here is a tip: the mother’s attorney lance rogers is a criminal attorney in san diego who is big in the medical marijuana defense scene…so is this female a liar and a druggie?

  70. Tracy says:

    @ Kim: Statutory rape is only a misdemeanor if they’re within 3 years of age. Mariah Yeater was 19 and he was 16 at the time. There are no Romeo & Juliet exceptions in CA.

    She was in the 3 year age limit where it’s still technically illegal, but it really just boils down to a legal slap on the wrist. Cases like that don’t even go to court, unless a parent pushes it. Plus she couldn’t even be charged with anything now, since the Statue of limitations on this case is up.

  71. Callumna says:

    I think it’s not right that a Billie Jean gets to pound the kid’s rep publicly without one single shred of proof. Now she’s famous and getting tons of attention off the back of a kid who did do something non Kartrashian like to get his fame.

    Crap journalism.

    And I do think he should sue the crap out of this spectacle causer if he’s the second guy falsely accused.

  72. fabgrrl says:

    @Sadie, a lot of white babies are born with blue eyes which later darken. I wouldn’t read too much into the eye color of a child under two.

    @TG, if this story were a plant, I think she accuser would be a little kinder about Justin’s performance. Thirty seconds?

  73. Memphis says:

    Am I the only one that finds it funny she named the baby “Tryst”-an?
    Ha… A back stage tryst does a baby name make…

    Anyway-I think she’s a straight up wacka doodle.

    I have no misgivings that Justin is a pure, sweet, non sex having young boy..hell yeah he’s having sex. BUT I just don’t find her to be credible at all.

    I know a lot of people think “oh she’s pushing it, so it must be true”…My question is ..why wouldn’t she? She has nothing to lose. She will still claim they had sex even if the baby isn’t his and in the mean time she gets to make money off the story and selling photos which is more than she has going for her right now.

    Even if he sues her..she has nothing.. And I’m sure she is betting he will just drop it and not sue so the publicity will die down..yeah, she has thought this through and rolled the dice.

  74. Annie says:

    Another thing that gets me suspicious is that about 3 months ago Justin was quoted as saying that he’d like to be a “young Dad”…coincidink?

    And I thought that Mariah was Mischa Barton at first.

  75. bluhare says:

    I’m betting we’ll never know. My prediction is the lawsuit will be pulled in a few weeks, his camp will spew a bunch of crap about how innocent he is, and she’ll go on her way with a bunch of money and a confidentiality agreement.

  76. Kimbob says:

    @Tracy…I w/you!!! That seems A LITTLE FISHY how JB’s lawyer gets to choose where the testing is done. Oh COME ON…lawyers are not above greasing a few palms.

    This test is going to have to be done legitimately w/WITNESSES or some type of serious identification process. It’s WAY TOO EASY to get someone else’s DNA. Also, the Biebs HAS WAY TOO MUCH RIDING ON THIS ONE. Unless he’s innocent, he has already run his mouth way too much. Seems to me “the little Bieb” is not above greasing a few palms himself.

    When this story first hit this site (Celebitchy) last Friday, I believe…my comments were BLISTERING toward Justin AND Yeater.

    Again, I think they both are very young and very impulse-control-challenged. But I read a bunch of comments of “slut-shaming,” a term of which I was never familiar with prior to last Friday. One blogger even typed in some type of dictionary definition of such.

    To reiterate, I’m not pleased w/either one of these characters right now. I sure hope no one was accusing me of “slut-shaming,” as I’m biased ON BOTH ENDS

  77. Embee says:

    @Tracy thanks for clarifying that (about the misdemeanor/need to push). I have been wondering whether it would require Justin pursuit of the case to get it going (or his parents). That would be a difficult move from a PR perspective. No matter the merits of this partidular case, I would think that his suing a woman for statutory rape would not make him an appealing celebrity to much of his fan base.

  78. Joe's Mom says:

    I think this story was made up by the girl to save face, and has become a hole she can’t dig herself out of. He picked her out of a random bunch of girls arranged by his security? The attraction was so immediate, yet he didn’t offer to take her somewhere so they could “be alone” besides a bathroom? And 30 seconds later, he never had any desire to reconnect with her? And there’s no condom. She’s not even what you’d think would be his “type” or “look”, with the multiple piercings, etc. No idea what diseases this chick could be carrying. No way to track her down and have her “tested” after the fact. And none of his “advisers” came scurrying after her to get any info from her before she disappeared. If it was his goal to lose his virginity, more romantic, or at least logical “arrangements” could have been made! It’s not like there wouldn’t be a zillion “takers”. He says he wants to at least be “in love” with the person, which is admirable. I’m sure at least “safety first” — “not getting anyone pregnant” and “STDs” dangers must have been drilled into his head. Also, this girl was allegedly thinking of giving the baby up for adoption during most of the pregnancy from what I’ve read. Why would she even consider that, if he was the Dad? First, just as a courtesy to let him know, and also, it’s the only money she’ll ever have a chance at earning for her baby, or herself. I just feel bad for the baby if this story’s a figment of her imagination, cuz if it’s not his kid, it’s not going to have much of a chance growing up with that Mom.

  79. Madison says:

    She needs to write a list of all the guys she was sleeping with at the time that could possibly be the father and get them ALL to take a DNA test not just the dude with the most money. At this point in time I’m going to give Bieber the benefit of the doubt that he’s not the father of her baby.

  80. original kate says:

    “a 30 second quickie with Bieber in a backstage bathroom after one of his concerts.”

    that is comedy gold.

  81. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @wildone, “Just because his mother was a teen mom means nothing one would think it would but it doesn’t. Take in point this girl I work with her mom was a teen mom and her grandmother was a teen mom and she got pregnant at 14 by her boyfriend and another baby at 19…”

    Statistically, daughters of teen moms are more likely to become teen moms themselves. I’m not sure if sons of teen moms follow in the footsteps of their mothers.

  82. fabgrrl says:

    @Joe: Do you even know what “cuckold” means? I don’t think you do.

  83. Playlist says:

    The biggest reason I doubt this is true is because she considered giving up the baby for adoption. If she had any reason to believe it was JB’s than she wouldn’t have even considered it, due to the large payout she would get if she had his baby. Why have a celeb’s baby and give it away? It doesn’t make sense. Her lawyers would already have known that she could be in legal hot water by coming out with this, so it is curious why they are moving forward. They also must know she has a good chance of paying her legal bill (by winning). If not they may just be playing it for the publicity.

    Although I do believe JB is not the innocent young boy he pretends to be, I would think he would have handlers to warn and protect him from groupies waiting for this very opportunity. Then again he’s young enough not to listen to them. Even if he is the father I don’t think it would change anything for him, including his career. He’ll pay her off and move on. It’s not like he’s going to raise the child himself or settle in with this woman. But there will be a long line of other girls/women waiting to nail him on the next one.

  84. brin says:

    @hebrokemyheart….I thought the same thing.

  85. Happy21 says:

    I cannot stand Justin Beiber but for some reason I don’t want this to be true and I really cannot explain why, I just don’t.

  86. sharylmj says:

    good point # 63.. USUALLY brown eyes are dominant, both of my step kids have brown eyes with one parent blue (dad) and one parent brown (mom).

  87. sharylmj says:

    plus I do think the Beibs is (or was) before Selena…. doing whoever he felt like backstage and his people knew it, but I DOUBT he didn’t use protection. That part of the story just seems like crap to me… why would he risk it like that?

  88. ruby says:

    She’s actually quite pretty. I still tend to believe her. I wonder how this is going to pan out.

  89. WTF says:

    we need to call Maury to find the baby daddy !!

  90. Turtle Dove says:

    I’d like to point out that the lawyers said AGAIN that they filed her claim in “good faith” – that’s code for “even we have out doubts.”

  91. Kim says:

    @Tracy Ahhh, thank you for letting me know about the misdemeanor thing – wasn’t aware of that. Either way I think this is getting veddy interesting. My 4-year-old niece calls pronounces his name “Justin Beaver” and in light of recent events I think it’s awesome.

  92. Seal Team 6 says:

    I totally believe, and it is very possible she had sex with her now ex and Bib within a two-week period or so, and it makes sense she would go to the Ex first, as he was readily available. Also, the only evidence of any of that is the Ex’s granny.

    I am very curious if she saved her underpants or something, or has some kind of photo from her phone.

    I still don’t get how people are saying she’s ugly.

    And, the way he and Selena publicly paw on another, I suspect he is definitely sexually active.

    And, for the posters snarking on her attorneys: young, inexperienced JDs are probably all she can afford.

  93. Joe's Mom says:

    My former boss and his wife both have dark hair and brown eyes, yet their daughter had BRIGHT BLUE eyes. I thought it was weird, but it is genetically possible. What’s not possible is two blue-eyed people having a brown-eyed baby. I don’t know how often brown would dominate blue eyes with one parent of each color. Just sayin’.

  94. Seal Team 6 says:

    And, again: it is VERY doubtful she would be charged with stat rape, and even in the chance she was, it’s a misdemeanor charge. But, as I stated in a prior Bieb thread, this would be opening up a huge can of worms where his management, security, and parents are concerned re: child endangerment, etc.

    I still think it’s odd CA doesn’t have a Romeo and Juliet law, and that their age of consent is 18.

    Poor Selena.

  95. N.D. says:

    Well, since he is eager to do the test we can all just relax and wait til results come out. I don’t think he’d not resist this test (he can in court) if he thought there is a chance of him being the father.

    Also, if he’s banging groupies left and right he can’t be possibly sure she wasn’t one of those and make such a srtong denials and agree to do test. It’s not to say he isn’t sexually active, I’m sure they’re doing it with Gomez and maybe other members of his circle but he doesn’t have to be a brainless manslut to get laid.

    And I’m inclined to think his team really isn’t interested in him banging random chicks backstage with potential statutory rape, tabloid reveals, STD, pregnancies and whatnot scares coming up so they would have taking care of hiring bodyguards and handlers who do not engage in this shit.

  96. Rio says:

    Honestly the grossest part of this story is that there are such things as “Justin Beiber groupies”.

  97. N.D. says:

    @Joe’s Mom: “What’s not possible is two blue-eyed people having a brown-eyed baby.”

    That’s not true. Eye color is very complicated and involves many genes.

  98. Zoey says:

    I see I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like Mischa Barton in the still from The Insider. She’s pretty. I’m so hoping this is true. I know that’s pretty f@cked up though…lol.

  99. Seal Team 6 says:

    To comment on a couple issues brough up in this thread:

    DNA paternity testing does not take a couple of weeks, it takes about three days. A non-DNA paternity test is much quicker, and is generally pretty accurate. Bieb has stated he will take a test… when he returns from Europe.

    Also, “acting in good faith” isn’t code for anything. I’ve worked in law, and still have friends who are practicing attorneys and paralegals. It just means you are being honest and above board, with no hidden agenda or intent to damage someone (ie blackmail, libel, etc.). Just a basic CYA used all the time, in all kinds of lawsuits.

  100. Seal Team 6 says:

    Q: Where are posters getting the 260k a month for child support? Everything I’ve read has stated 12k a month. That is a rather huge difference.

  101. F5 says:

    OK, where the hell is Gloria Allred??

  102. Jane says:

    Always baffles me how some women can’t figure out who the damn father is. Quit fking around so much.

  103. ss says:

    Sorry for the baby!! I don’t believe a word this woman says. What a kook.

  104. mssnarnd says:

    Justin Bieber concert ticket: $150

    2 bottles Mike’s Hard Lemonade: $3

    Retro GAP blue dress: $69.95

    Underpants AND a baby with JB’s DNA . . . priceless.

  105. Ashley says:

    I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber but I don’t find her story very plausible. Did her baby have to stay in the hospital for being born a preemie? Normally it takes about 10 days until the date of conception (which is what it’s been for me with my kids). If they had sex on the 25th of October, the baby wouldn’t have been conceived until about November 4 which would make her about 34 weeks when the baby was born, not 36 weeks. She has her dates mixed up. Personally, I don’t believe it. I guess we will all have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

  106. meilamon says:

    Where are these other girls that were part of the backstage herd? Maybe one of them can speak up and verify, if it were at all true?

  107. rose says:

    You have no idea how much I want all of this to be true.

  108. glowkey says:

    @meilamon – If she accused this other boyfriend of being the dad, then how can she have made a legal binding statement that there were no other possibilities for the father besides Justin?

    @badrockandroll – The initial story is that Bieber is the baby’s father, and that there were no other possibilities. Then it was revealed that she herself had first viewed someone else as responsible before she latched on Bieber. If you find her story credible (and I do not), you cannot simultaneously entertain any doubts that Bieber is the daddy. Once you do, her story is not credible, because you admit that there are other believable options. Being sort of credible is like being sort of pregnant.

    How about the scenario where this ex and Bieber were the only two she slept with? The fact that she’s no longer accusing the ex of being the father could mean that he’s already cleared a paternity test, which means that she now can make a legally binding statement that there is no other possibility. She could’ve been telling the truth from the very beginning with her statement! “There are no other possibilities” = because the only other man who could have fathered this baby has already been proven free and clear. I find it totally credible; just because Bieber was not her only sexual experience around the time of conception does not mean she cannot be certain who, by process of elimination, must be the father.

  109. april says:

    The holes in her story are: why didn’t she ask the ex-boyfriend to take a paternity test; and she said she was selected along with her girlfriends to go backstage so why haven’t the witnesses spoken up?

  110. april says:

    Also, on moral grounds, I can’t see Justin B. and his mother not having a guilty conscience if this was true. His mother was an unwed, poor single parent and I can’t believe she would let her son get by with it. I think morally Justin wouldn’t be able to live with his conscience if he abandoned his son knowing he himself also started out as the baby of an unwed, poor mother.

  111. Jenn says:

    I don’t think she seems especially credible, it just appears that she was highly coached by her attorneys.

  112. Sarah G. says:

    My mother had brown eyes, my father blue. Of four kids, two (incl me) have blue eyes and two have brown eyes. I am the spitting image of my father, so don’t assume anything based on eye color.

  113. Embee says:

    Is the fact that he is taking the paternity test evidence that he had sex with her? If he knows, categorically, that he never had sex with her then why take the test? I could be missing something.

    Also, she has good bone structure and she is probably very attractive in person. She also looks older so that may be why he “selected” her amongst the pre-adolescents that mostly attend his concerts.

  114. normades says:

    I don’t like this little p* either but if it’s not true he should “sue the shit” out of her.

    ..and donate the proceeds to charity. But definately sue. Defamation of character by wacko fameho shouldn’t go excused.

    Seriously, if this baby really was his he’d have paid her a$$$$$ off a while ago.

  115. G says:

    DNA will tell it all. In the meanwhile, I think that judging either of them on a “feeling” just muddies the water.

  116. dahlia1947 says:

    That’s right. Let’s track down some of the girls that were waiting along with her that night and see what they have to say! She’s asking for 12k a mo. in support? My bad then. It’s still alot!

    She probably got ignored by the other guys throughout her pregnancy so she’s like: “Let me just hit up Justin Bieber cause I met him that one time backstage..”

    Jane: Always baffles me how some women can’t figure out who the damn father is. Quit fking around so much.


  117. Intercontinential says:

    Hi Gossip Friends, oh my, we are loving this!! Totally hooked – not Bieber fans, in fact we think he’s a little sh-t, but this…priceless!! What a comeupance!

    Well friends, our two-penneth if you will allow us, please? We think he’s definitely guilty! Otherwise why would he have ignored the girls requests and allowed for a public showdown? Because he didn’t think she was game and his team had frightened her? We guess what he/his team hadn’t banked on was a mothers natural instinct towards her baby which are more powerful in the first years of a baby’s life than at any other time! Pregnancy and birth are strength character builders!

    If he was sure he is so innocent then common sense dictates that he would have done a test at the first request, which, we believe there was one…? In no way do we think she is an angel – teenage girls these days are not, believe us!

    We are of the consensus that there could have been an overlap in sexual partners that has skewed the dates a little, but this is quite normal in teenage girls who have unexpected pregnancies and who are trying to retrace steps. There is nothing psycho here. (Question for the doubters: can you trace your steps from 12 months ago very accurately – not a dig but yourself in her shoes, and add some sleepless nights and add a ton of stress…) If her legal team had brains one of the first things they would have done was had her psych evaluated before starting anything else. And, in our humble opinion, her story rings too true to be be false.

    The scan dates and maternity medical records will show the finer details ..**we think these are the details not being released in the public domain that could well bang the little sh-t to rights supported by DNA test of course!** Oh my, not that we are inferring anything, *tut*, would we!!

    A couple of responses to above, if we may:
    a) Ahh, genetics is a very intriguing subject, we love this – in a nutshell the stronger the DNA of the two parties wins the round, therefore you CAN have a child who has a brown eyed parent and a blue eyed parent with blue eyes. But this does not mean that each child in the family will be the same that is not the case. Genetics are individual to a person.
    b) It is actually quite common for ‘groupies’ to go..erm..behind the scenes..and not use contraception. Not that we’ve ever had the chance! We’re thinking the Barry Man & the BeeGees might be a bit old now, y’know? Jealous, much…hhmmm… 🙁

    Anyway, that’s us…

    Have a good week friends 🙂

  118. Pizzazz says:

    Wow. I can’t believe some of you think she appears credible in that video. I know a liar when I see one. She’s totally lying through her teeth and it’s quite obvious to me. You’ll see. Not a Bieber fan and who knows if he gets his rocks off with groupies. All I know is she’s full of it.

  119. N.D. says:

    @Ashley: 1) It doesn’t normally take 10 days after intercource to concieve. It can happen between half an hour after ejaculation and up to 5 days after the intercource. For sperm cells to survive for 10 days it has to be extremely friendly environment in one’s vagina. 10 days is actually something close to a miracle.

    2) Weeks of pregnancy are counted from the first day of the woman’s last normal menstrual period not from the day of conception which is impossible to know.

  120. meilamon says:

    @ glowkey- The statements she has made to her lawyers under the penalty of perjury that there are no other possible options as to the father of her baby. This other man has not taken a paternity test, nor has the “friend with benefits”, yet another possible contender. So as you can see, she is not very credible, and already proven a liar in the aspect of potential paternity.

  121. Deb says:

    I would just like to comment on those who think Bieber wouldn’t be stupid enough to have unprotected sex with random girls. He’s 17; you’re giving him way too much credit. Most guys his age are pretty impulsive. When they want something, they don’t think about the consequences. Heck, when I was 16, my 20-year-old boyfriend tried to always get out of using a condom even though he knew damn well what could happen. I even caught him trying to slip the condom off before penetrating me without my knowledge. Pretty stupid, huh?

  122. BellaBella says:

    Just a thought, folks….

    Justin as a BRAND is worth A LOT of dough. What is the possibility that they will pay off whatever clinic does the DNA test to LIE and say it’s not his? And don’t say things like that don’t happen. When you’re talking about hundreds of millions in revenue at stake, it’s pretty easy to buy whatever you need to protect that cash. Take Beyonce’s fake-ass pregnancy for example – we all know there isn’t baby in there, and ten-to-one the baby is from Jay’s ho, who go a fat payout. Christiano Ronaldo paid his baby mama to leave her child forever and never acknowledge parentage. Money is a dirty business folks.

    To me, this chick looks and sounds credible. I’m not saying she’s not nutty in general, just that I believe it’s Beibers.

    That kid is so dang nasty – just like all the other over-sexed tweeny pop stars humpin like animals, while playing it virginal in front of the cameras. I can scarcely believe that anyone actually believe ANY of the crap these “stars” spew. Kartrashians, et al.

    Politicians pay people off all the time. For Beiber’s team – it would be NOTHING to pay off a fake result, and send this chick up the creek. As IF beiber cares a dang about his baby…he’d choose $$$$ anyday, and that will only keep rolling in if the test is negative.

    I fear for that girl. Money is power, and these ppl play DIRTY.

  123. Intercontinential says:

    @122# Bellbella: We share your concerns on your points. We are struggling with how, and why even, the decision was made for the little sh-ts team to make the plans for the DNA test??

    That is sooo wrong on sooo many levels! That is a court decision where it stays within the judiciary and is completed by an independent witness working for the court and not either side, therefore, the result is not then open to fraud. Should it be found to be, it is then perjury and a prisonable offence for the perpetrator!

    We hope to God her legal team have not sold her out before it even gets to court….

  124. Adrien says:

    If her allegations were true, then she’s guilty of raping Justin. You can’t win, woman.

  125. Turtle Dove says:

    Seal Team 6 (99)

    “Just a basic CYA used all the time…”

    Exactly and that’s the point. They can raise their hands in innocence and say, we gave her the benefit of the doubt and filed in good faith. It IS their CYA aka legal out in allegations are proven false.

    Pizzazz (118)

    “I can’t believe some of you think she appears credible in that video. I know a liar when I see one. She’s totally lying through her teeth and it’s quite obvious to me.”

    Right on sister. I agree. the worst part for him is when the allegations are proven untrue all she has to say was, “Oops… we did have sex, but I guess it wasn’t his.” She’s getting what she wants. She’s being paid for interviews right now, and her Twitter says it all, “all these haters tweeting me are just giving me free publicity. So thanks!!;)” and “theres no such thing as bad publicity cause either way you’re talking about MEEEEEE.”

    Uhh… famewhore much?

    He’s damned either way and his credibility will be ruined with his young fans. Best case scenario is that they’re hoping this helps break into an adult market. Not a fan, but I’m feeling bad for the kid right now.

  126. N.D. says:

    @Intercontinential: Courts do maintain a list of hospitals and medical clinics that will perform DNA test according to prescribed guidelines and then will certify the results for the court. So his lawyers can’t pick just ANY clinic to perform the test, it must be one from the list the court provides.

  127. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @N.D., I believe @Ashley was referring to the implantation phase, which can occur up to 10 days after intercourse.

  128. aquarius64 says:

    If this is true he’s ruined! His empire is built on his wholesome, virginal, Christian image. This mess takes a wrecking ball to it.

  129. Intercontinental says:

    @126#N.D. Thank you for your response. It is refreshing to know that the girl can’t be ‘stitched up’ by the little sh-t and his team.

    Have a good week.

  130. The Original Mia says:

    I’m curious. Do his fans still believe he’s a virgin after all the vacationing and romping with Selena Gomez?

  131. Auds says:

    Geez she looks old enough to be his mother. She is supposed to be 20 right?

  132. Seal Team 6 says:

    His “team” can choose whatever lab they want, but it doesn’t mean a court will accept the results. The Court will determine what lab has to be used.

  133. hl says:

    who did she go to the concert with, that person should be coming soon. is her proof a ticket. how does someone get in the front rows of a super star concert? in la, it would all b industry and stars, both in front and backstage.

  134. KsGirl says:

    If this is Bieb’s Baby, the most likely scenario is:
    a)in a couple of weeks we hear he has taken the test and it is not his
    b)this woman disappears from view, cuz she’s been paid off and signed documents saying she can never talk about it.

    Come on, if it’s his, we’re never going to find out. And if we do, it’s because his team are amateurs. He has enough $$$ to buy anybody.

    Btw, I just found out I am pregnant again, but I’m not sure who the Daddy is at all. Postman? Grocery bagger? Member of entire hockey team I entertained a few weeks ago? Neighbour’s husband? Other neighbour? Homeless guy who lives on a bench in the park?

    So. Confused.

  135. Lisa says:

    I wish they would just give the girl a lie detector test.

    They also should have her describe this alleged bathroom she made whoopie in. Where was the “shelf” located?

    I want this story to be true, but the more I find out about this girl, the more I think she is a liar.

  136. Seal Team 6 says:


    My mother said the same thing: if it is his, no one will never know. She’ll be given a lump sum and made to sign a confidentially agreement. Gotta protect the brand.

  137. Deb says:

    @ The Original Mia, I think his fans don’t want to believe he’s anything but the wholesome boy they’ve built him up in their minds to be. It’s very easy for them to deny or ignore things that could shatter their fantasies about this kid.

  138. DeeVine says:

    I took my kids to his concert and he did leave the venue within 10 mins of the concert ending. He was put into a van which was trailed by screaming girls. If she said she hooked up in his hotel room, then maybe there is a possibility, but there doesnt seem to be enough time to hang out and choose a groupie to bang (even for 30 seconds).

    Bieber is annoying but this girl does sound rather unstable.

    And I’ve had it with blind items. 99.99% of them are looking increasingly fake. Such a shame as they are so much fun to guess!

  139. Original Tiffany says:

    My husband and I both have brown eyes and our son has blue. My brother and his wife both have brown eyes and their son’s eyes are blue. Recessive genetics at play.
    My mom, my husband’s mom and my SIL’s father all have blue eyes, so we (the brown eyes) all carry a recessive blue eyed gene. While genetics are much more complicated than that, that’s it in a nutshell.

  140. anon says:

    turtledove- I highly doubt that twitter account is actually hers.

    she’s been very careful about being professional throughout this whole thing. she’s not going to lose her entire credibility by tweeting obvious famewhore statements. It’s likely an account set up by a bieber fan looking to set her up.

    Also, she’s not ugly. she’s just not a supermodel.

    lastly, to whoever said she’s lying because there’s no mention of her baby being in the hospital over being a preemie. 4 weeks early is not a huge deal for most babies. Most babies would be an acceptable weight by that point. Most babies born to young mothers are born prematurely so it’s really not surprising. The baby likely was an okay weight with no complications.

    i wish she’d tell us all what her proof is! And has anyone asked her if her ex took a paternity test? Would be good to know

  141. gwc says:

    got it:

    But now instead, she now wants to force Bieber to take a DNA test and pay up to $260,000 in monthly child support.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2057832/Justin-Bieber-fan-Mariah-Yeater-paternity-claim-ex-year-arrested-slapping-him.html#ixzz1d50HCmPr

  142. psst says:

    anyone else think she looks like tina fey?

  143. Bodhi says:

    @ Joe’s mom ~ You think that she has VD because she has piercings, etc? Really? Wow, way to make awful assumptions about people based on their appearance. I’d hate to know what your think of my husband, a hard working father & active church participant who just happens to have 25+ tattoos

  144. trh says:

    I want to see her ticket and backstage pass. Her story sounds like a dumb fantasy. Some kind of shelf…? Otherwise I am dying to belieb in prison sex at Staples Center as how it happens for him. 30 seconds also sounds like an unimaginative fabrication… I want belieb her and she looks pretty when she takes off the saran wrap. How credible an accuser can you be when you put your glass bottom boat on facebook?

  145. Barbie says:

    @#75 Bluhare & @#136 Seal Team…I totally agree with you guys, and yes there will be a big huge pay-off!

  146. Addie says:

    @Lisa: Good point, why not take a lie detector test just until the results are back.
    It could help her case if it says she is honest about the event.Even if it isn’t Justin’s baby, it can prove that in her mind,she truely did belive that this happened.

    @Intercontinential: Just out of curiosity, who is “we” you always talk about when refering to yourself? Are you two or more people commenting? or are you one of split personalities…I kid! 😉

  147. Mark says:

    Justin Bieber doesnot need enemies, he has crazy fans, like this one.
    A 14 year old girl, who threatened to skin his ex-girlfriend alive.

    If Mrs. Yeater story is true, he could have handled the situation the other way, by given her a fat paycheck and keep her quiet.

  148. Intercontinental says:

    @146#addie: We like you! 🙂

    We are a group of healthcare professionals thus somedays it does seem like you are indeed two people! Any one of us types the response under the username on behalf of everybody so there is normally a huge debate before hand.

    Have a good week 🙂

  149. Hawk says:

    She’s 20? Wow. I wonder what she’s been up to.

  150. MarenGermany says:

    @ baby (no45) EXACTLY my words. very well put. I might wanna add: the reason why certain websides are on a smear campaign against this girl is cauz they are getting paid off by biebers people because they are scared like shit.
    i bet everyone on biebers tour, all his people, everyone knows this story is probably true since he is banging his groupies on a regular basis.
    the kicker part will be, if the baby is really his or not.
    we will find out soon enough.

  151. Frank says:

    According to a buddy of Justin’s, he busted nut in her mouth, she ran to the bathroom to spit. My guess is she spat into her hand and rubbed it into her cootchie!