Johnny Depp: “Outside the big cities in the US, they don’t want intelligent films”

Oh Johnny Depp, why do you have to have foot in mouth disease all the time lately? I used to love you so. (See this post.) Anyway my former lover Johnny gave an interview to The Guardian explaining that on one hand he didn’t really give a toss whether Rum Diary did well at the box office, and on the other that he thinks it will do better in Europe, because “it’s an intelligent film. And a lot of times, outside the big cities in the States, they don’t want that.” So you can accuse me of misquoting him in that title, but that’s pretty much how he was quoted in the Guardian. He also complained about not being able to smoke in America, but said he wasn’t going to accept residency in France because he’d have to pay taxes there. The highest tax rate in France is 40% while the highest tax rate in America is 35%. (Roughly.) Johnny should have moved to Switzerland. Here’s more of what he said, and he came off badly here – again.

“In Los Angeles, the hoity toities, the beautiful people, will sit on Sunset Strip and have their meal at these kind of fancy restaurants where no one can smoke – but you can inhale car fumes all you like.” He shakes his head. “I mean, that to me says it all….”

Early US box office returns suggest The Rum Diary may not break even – but he says he couldn’t care less about the money. “No, God no, no. It’s always a crap shoot, and really if you have that in your head while you’re making a movie the process would become something very different. No, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse really, not really.”

The publicity blitz in the past week might make cynics suggest otherwise. But the film is Depp’s homage to Thompson, who died in 2005, and also the first release by Depp’s own production company, which would account for his uncharacteristically energetic media campaign. “I believe that this film, regardless of what it makes in, you know, Wichita, Kansas, this week – which is probably about $13 – it doesn’t make any difference. I believe that this film will have a shelf life. I think it will stick around and people will watch it and enjoy it.” Does he suspect it will go down better in Europe than the US?

“Most definitely. It’s something that will be more appreciated over here, I think. Cos it’s – well, I think it’s an intelligent film.” He leaves a meaningful pause. “And a lot of times, outside the big cities in the States, they don’t want that.”

Depp’s well-documented love affair with all things European has always had a hint of hero worship about it too. I ask if there’s anything he doesn’t like about Europe, and he thinks hard for a while. “No. Not that I can think of, no. It’s a very old and beautiful culture, people know how to live. You know, here you have Sunday roast or the pub lunch, that kind of thing. It’s comforting. We don’t have that in our culture in the States. Sunday is football day, so it’s chicken wings and pizza…”

So when I ask if he could ever imagine living [in The US] again, his reply comes as quite a surprise.

“Well, I kind of do. I’m between wherever I end up on location, and then the States.”

What? Hang on a minute; why did he leave France? He makes a sour noise, part grunt, part hurrumph. “Cos France wanted a piece of me. They wanted me to become a permanent resident. Permanent residency status – which changes everything. They just want,” and he mimes peeling off notes in his palm. “Dough. Money.”

If Depp spends more than 183 days in France, he explains indignantly, he’d have to start paying income tax. “I’m certainly not ready to give up my American citizenship. You don’t have to give up your American citizenship,” he adds sarcastically, but then he’d have to pay tax in both countries, “so you essentially work for free.”

[From The Guardian]

It’s not true that you can be taxed twice, by a foreign country and the US, if you are a US citizen. You do get credit for taxes paid to a foreign country. I’ve lived abroad for six years and I sort-of know what I’m talking about. (No matter where you live outside the US or for how long, if you’re a US citizen you have to file taxes in the US.) I double-checked and if you’re in Johnny’s league, it can get incredibly expensive and complicated though. So I guess I don’t blame him for not wanting to become a French resident. I do blame him for bitching about his taxes, for claiming he would be working for “free” if he paid more taxes, for acting like the existence of car exhaust somehow excuses smoke fumes or makes people who are adverse to smoke fumes hypocrites, and for saying that anywhere outside the big cities in the US we don’t want “intelligent films” and are somehow uncultured compared to Europe. He really bugs me lately, and he’s been talking a lot of smack. Does he think we don’t read these interviews he does with the British press or does he just not care?

Here’s Johnny addressing the Oxford Union at Oxford. He looks like a Johnny Depp impersonator. You know one of the last celebrities who spoke in front of that illustrious organization? Katie Price. Credit: Fame



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  1. brin says:

    I see another public apology for another dumb remark made by Johnny Depp in the near future.

  2. ladybert62 says:

    I think I might be over a johnny depp crush – he is starting to grate on my nerves. Has he gone home yet to visit his kids and Vanessa or still promoting his film and drinking himself to death?

  3. Str8Shooter says:

    I can’t disagree about smart films not doing well in mainstream America (see: anything by Adam Sandler)

    BUT…maybe, just maybe your movie SUCKED, Johnny.

  4. podzol says:

    Oh Johnny. Seriously, way to alienate Middle America especially when you’ll want to court them like crazy into watching Lone Ranger.

    And this guy makes a bajillion dollars. The tax thing (and the previous quote about accepting shitty roles for $$$) makes him look greedy and a money whore, even if it’s not his intention to sound as such …

  5. Pyewacket says:

    IS HE KIDDING WITH THAT COMMENT!>? Seriously, he needs a good dose of STFU RIGHT NOW, before I decide to dislike him completely.

    Who does he think he is?

    Excuse me #3- That just isn’t true, and most Sandler films where I live close after about 2 weeks due to no one going to see them.

    I hate when people try to paint anyone living in a city other than L.A, Chicago, New York, Philly and Miami as ignorant slobs that have no appreciation for indie or foreign films, or for thought provoking ones. As if the rest of the U.S is just too brain dead to deal with something intelligent.

  6. Julia says:

    There is some truth in his comments but my God, a professional in THAT specific image related industy for the past 30 years can’t even manage to do his promotional exercise and public relations like a pro ?

    He doesn’t know there are truth that should never be uttered when selling your products ? That you should never ever alienate potential consumers for your product and that you are somewhat part of the brand and therfore jeopardize future products sales ?

    He sounds as clueless as the likes of Megan Fox in that department.

    He is really dumb and unprofessional.

  7. jessiee says:

    what an entitled ass.

  8. N.D. says:

    Looks like the excessive dough(money) got to his head finally. He only cares about his own comfort now and thinks too well about himself.

    I don’t think it would be any more complicated for him to pay taxes in France as I’m pretty sure he doesn’t file his incomes by himself but relies on his tax accountant.

  9. Turd Fergussen says:

    These goddamned celebrities. (*kicks self for reading this site….*) They always want to bite the hands that feed them.

    I live in a large US city and I’m *still* not going to see that shitty movie, or any other Johnny Depp movie. Fool needs to check himself. His 21 Jump Street days weren’t too long ago, and now he thinks his Euro shit doesn’t stink. Bitch please.

    And also? A bath wouldn’t kill him.

  10. lin234 says:

    He probably plans to star in one or two more Pirate movies so he can cash in those mega-checks. But he might as well say he looks down on middle America for liking sub-par movies like the Pirates series. I mean there is nothing intelligent in those movies yet he has no problem making one after another.

  11. Str8Shooter says:

    Excuse me Mr/Mrs. Pyewacket: You need to get your panties out of a bunch and your facts straight. Sandler’s ‘films’ have pretty much all grossed north of $100 million for years…and I’m sure that middle America is EQUALLY responsible for that, not just the coasts.

  12. Bopa says:

    What is that flower button I’ve been seeing people in the UK wear lately?

  13. mia girl says:

    That’s the booze talking…

  14. Denise says:

    As a Brit who has lived here for 15 years, it always amazes me when American actors speak poorly of their country. I have lived all over the US from Oklahoma to Florida to NY, and I love it here. This reflects really poorly when this country and the movie going public is the reason that they live such an opulent life. I have no interest in paying to see any more of his films. And for his information, I have a graduate degree and consider myself intelligent and urbane. As I recall he barely finished high school. Speaking French and living in France does not make one intelligent. Besides, does he consider the Pirate of the Caribbean films intellectually stimulating?

  15. garvels says:

    I’m done with this smug elitest. Sure the U.S. is good enough for you to make your millions but you trash your country and your fan base at the first opportunity! Take a hike and renounce your U.S. citizenship while your at it. We don’t need your type.

  16. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    Why is it greedy to want to keep the money that’s rightfully yours? It’s not. Greed is pursuing money at the expense of others, which he is not doing. Bernie Madoff was greedy. There is a difference between the rich and the greedy.

  17. gee says:

    I’m sorry, it’s very expensive to have my French villa and my LA compound, and I only make meer millions per film. Films that they pay me to do even though people don’t even see them anymore! Those dummies in middle America.

  18. chloe says:

    Pyewacket I agree with you 100%, I live in the Midwest and love Indy/Foreign movies and when we actually get them in my small hometown, there is usually a decent size audience. I’ve even driven over an hour to our capital to see some films. Mr. Depp needs to be angry with the studios and producers for not getting his indy film distributed and why did it cost so much, I bet it was because of his salary. I think he’s pickled his brain from all the drugs and alcohol. Plus again I’m sick of the rich complaining about paying taxes, even at forty he’s still making millions, can the rest of us say that. I’m so over him.

  19. UKHels says:

    it really makes me angry when multi millionaires bitch about paying taxes

  20. KeepinItReal says:

    Oh Johnny, why oh why are you trying your darndest to make me dislike you. I really want to continue being a fan but you lost me the first time & now this time as you opened your mouth & gave the “I’m better than this & you” interviews.

  21. xxodettexx says:

    this mutherfrakker! i am so over JD… i mean, this is coming from a huge fan that has slowly, interview by interview, been seeing a change in how i see him… defending polanski was probably my first mental strike against him but lately he is just saying the most douchey things!

    and no, i dont live “outside of the big cities” but i do hate stereotypes based off geographical locations! this whole middle american vs coastal cities or big cities… or the constant argument about what “real” america constitutes is just pure crap and i find it highly condescending and aggravating! there are people of all personalities, likes/dislikes, EVERYwhere…

    what a twat he is making himself out to be…


  22. Leni says:

    I agree with you about the “former” part. I had such a crush on Depp for years but after his support of Polanski I lost respect and now he continues to spout rubbish. He appears to see himself as some ‘artiste’-sorry but you do it for the money-look at Captain Sparrow-who I quite enjoyed but please do not lord it over us umble peons.

  23. kieslwoski says:

    I come from Europe and have travelled and lived all over the place, and there are STUPID people everywhere. His simplistic view of America and Americans is really infuriating, and dumb.

  24. bluhare says:

    He’s turning into a cariacature of himself.

  25. Talie says:

    He’s changed a lot, hasn’t he? In regards to money. He talks about it quite frequently and seems very into showing off the fact that he is very rich. But on the flip-side he also wants to be this bohemian, free spirit…who lives in 200-year-old castles and owns islands.

  26. michkabibbles says:

    i live in the midwest, and yeah, the stupid adam sandler-type movies usually do well (although not all the time), but we also have many smaller independant theatres-all of which are always packed full.

    i’m tired of the ‘fly over states’ being blamed when so-called intelligent material doesn’t succeed.

  27. Kaboom says:

    Sweeping generalizations are the signature move of those unable of deeper thought.

  28. Cmon says:

    @Bopa – that’s a poppy for Remembrance Day on Nov 11. I’m not sure why he’s wearing this year’s UK version, according to wiki in France “the blue cornflower (bleuet) is used symbolically rather than the poppy” and it’s not worn in the US at all. I guess it’s respectful if he’s in the UK for a while but if he’s just passing through it seems a bit strange. (

  29. RocketMerry says:

    Now you’re going to scream at me, but… that kinda is the vibe we get here in Europe about America: big cultural life in major cities and the rest is uninterested in it.
    Totally moronic stereotype, but it circulates.

  30. Tara says:

    Johnny Depp is coming off too arrogant these days with the interviews. He usually does not give interviews like this. I wonder if something is going on in his personal life since he seems irritated lately when he is usually calm.

    I do believe he is upset that his normal films are not getting the same kind of box office that his costume pictures do. Depp def. has a huge ego and it is finally coming out more. He hates that in reality behind the crazy way he clothes himself or speaks with a fake accent. He is still just a Kentucky boy who made good.

  31. anon1 says:

    I’ve gotten a poppy here in the States, for contributing to the Veteran’s fund. I still have one in my car.

  32. Beatrix says:

    @Pyewacket : “L.A, Chicago, New York, Philly and Miami as ignorant slobs that have no appreciation for indie or foreign films, or for thought provoking ones. ” – no, I don’t think he meant to generalize like that, but I do think there is something to this. I have lived in small towns in WV, larger places in Dallas, TX and several other cities before finally settling down in Brooklyn and I can say that the thing isn’t that people are any less intelligent when they come from and live in small towns while if they live in a place like Chicago they would be naturally more learned and able to grasp complex topics, subjects, art mediums,(e.g) but there is less exposure to obscurities or less of a grouped interest in some topics, so of course the demand for it will be less. There is a reason you have an Angelika theater in NY, Dallas…etc and not in Kansas. It isn’t a offense though it is a generalization based on and unproven circumstances as translatable only to a majority.

  33. Julia says:

    The thing is, France has an extra taxes special law for wealthy people. It’s typîcal to France only.

    That’s why some french citizen get their residencies in Switzerland or in the UK.

    And yes it’s true there is no double taxation, you get some taxes deductions for what you pay elsewhere (in the US in that case)

    For non French citizens, it’s even better to have your official residence in neighbouring Monaco but France has made sure that its citizen won’t get the same taxes advantages as other foreigners if they get their residence in Monaco.

    I think it’s stupid though that just because he had to pay a little more taxes, he wouldn’t stay in France if he loved it there.

  34. Cmon says:

    @anon1 oh really? that’s interesting I always thought it was just a Commonwealth tradition. That’s good to know.

  35. Oi says:

    Not even CLOSE to true there Johnny. The people in my college town (p 15,000) onl recently got their own movie theater and it was instantly struggling because all the hick there in north Texas didn’t want to pay 8 to 10 buck a pop to see Transformers and Kate Hudson projects. “Middle America” is not as dumb as these celebs realize.

  36. lrm says:

    Sure, but he doesn’t mind that middle america watched POTC in droves….and buys the lunchboxes and dvd’s and assorted cra*.

    Also, MY family always had sunday dinner-and we lived in new england, not old england.
    so just b/c he and his family didn’t or doesn’t have a formal meal once a week, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist outside of europe.
    and sorry, but that kind of thinking-that europeans are somehow ‘more intelligent’ across the board, just further increases the general european condescension. i’m about over it-and the comparisons.
    How about if we all just get a life,and europeans ‘like they are all one category of people anyway,right?!’-can be okay with liking where they come from, but see that it is not witout it’s weaknesses, and that the US, gasp!, actually has strengths as a country/culture!

    It’s just so old.
    And so is JD. I too used to love him from way back in the day-gilbert grape, etc.
    now, i dont even go see all his movies-and i thought about seeing rum diary, but i’m very picky about what i waste my money on at the theater-b/c it’s usually a waste, regardless of reviews…
    but eff it. i’m not paying to see him and support his trillion dollar lifestyle.

    The hypocrisy of him saying this, when he is making 4 or more POTC is really what gets me. If he had remained in his quirky roles, I might give him slack for having his opinion about intelligent films and their respective audiences.

    oh, and how lovely-he doesn’t want to give up his US citizenship b/c he’d pay more taxes? But isn’t europe worth paying more money for, since it’s just SO much better to live there? what an a*s! Officially DONE with JD as of this post. It took me awhile, but there’s no way to avoid it now.

  37. Pyewacket says:

    @11- Oh yes, it is just the dummies in middle America who contribute to dumb films doing well! * eye roll*


  38. lrm says:

    Also, i can think of dozens of small college towns or small very small cities, that have had foreign film theaters and a great art scene, since at least as long as the larger cities….i’ve lived in some of them:
    Missoula, Boulder, Ashland, Burlington, Arcata, Santa Cruz and on and on and on….plus many in ‘middle america’.

    That said, san diego is full of people interested in only the latest blockbuster movie and non-thinking activities. Generalizations really don’t work in the US, in my experience.

  39. Marjalane says:

    Oh brother; Three strikes and you’re out, Toots. Like Rum Diaries is high brow quality or something? What a smelly little fool. No wonder Angelina Jolie was unimpressed.

  40. lrm says:

    Also, i’m confused b/c recently I saw posts or articles about how many films expect to make money overseas, b/c American audiences are ‘more discerning’-meaning I think asia especially is a profitable market….but maybe they meant parts of europe too?
    so which is it? Americans are a discening audience so many crap movies don’t do well here, or Americans are not intelligent enough to appreciate some films? or both? aargh. i seriously cannot believe this guy anymore.

  41. dahlia1947 says:

    I used to like him, until he started speaking with a French accent!! Now who’s hoity toity Mr. Depp?

    Looks like someone’s forgotten his Kentucky roots.

  42. maeglynxx says:


    The paper flower is a poppy worn in the UK, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries up to Novemeber 11 (Remembrance Day/Poppy Day/Armistice Day) to commemorate soldiers lost in the line of duty since WWI.

  43. ViktoryGin says:

    But you guys act as if he just pulled this “assumption” out of his ass. Some posters probably wouldn’t be so offended if there weren’t an element of truth to his statements. The fact is the numbers say that thought- provoking films are not going to do as well in the box office because often the subject/and or the way the films are shot are not always accessible to a wide audience. So, it makes sense that distribution companies are only going to market them in places like NYC, LA, or San Francisco where there is an established cultural market for these films. Who the hell wouldn’t? Let’s be real. Would a David Lynch film fair well, generally-speaking, in Lubbock Texas, or Mobile, Alabama? Even on the coasts these types of films are going to get a limited audience. His comments weren’t necessarily a raving attack on all of Middle America nor was he bluntly calling everyone who doesn’t live in a big city stupid. He’s just stating these films probably won’t do well in the smaller cities because, typically, they don’t.

    My family is based in Houston, the fourth largest city in the States; and for anything that isn’t Harry Potter or Insert-Standard-Action-Flick-Here, I have two options….and of course it’s only if these films have done well in NYC or LA. These two theatres are having a hard time holding on the clientele as it is. Make of that what you will.

    I’m from the Nowhere Land, USA (which is apparently everything in between NY and LA) and I’m not ignorant nor uneducated but as someone who has lived in Asia and is currently living in Italy, I DO see a difference in values in terms of culture and education. Europeans, given their long history, tend to rather sophisticated and erudite. Now, quite a few on them are not, and this is were I would like for more Europeans to be honest and stop scapegoating Americans because I’ve run into quite of few dumbasses who would give any hoodrat a run for her money. America is a culture that is essentially built on utilitarian spirit and our culture reflects that. It is what it is.

    I can see if you’re offended; but honestly, Johnny probably wasn’t talking to you. But perhaps he does speak of the people who fit that stereotype. You know…the Americans who think that Austria is that country in the Pacific Ocean.

  44. Beth says:

    He looks like a pimp.

  45. lrm says:

    Also, ‘mainstream America’ exists even in NYC and L.A.!
    Mainstream is not the same are ‘urban’ or ‘middle america’; we cannot divide along red and blue state lines or state boundaries at all! what an idiot.
    yes, mainstream america may comprise a larger portion of potential movie goers, but they are not relegated to a particular geographic area of the country!!!

  46. LisaMarie says:

    Smug prick. I’m over this arrogant d-bag too. Just because he’s obsessed with Hunter S Thompsan (sp?) doesnt mean everyone else has to be? I like intelligent films, but I couldn’t give a f*#k about a rolling stone writer. THAT’S why I’m never going to waste a dime on this self indulgent ptoject of his. Good lord, he’s competing with Goopy to see who can crawl the farthest up their own ass!

  47. RobN says:

    So there’s nothing he doesn’t love about Europe and it’s culture and he’d love to live there, but he doesn’t feel the need to actually support it financially. Asshat.

    When he makes an intelligent film, I’ll see it. Rum Diary is not it.

  48. Nymeria says:

    *researches renouncing US citizenship*


  49. Jackie says:

    he has turned into a cliche. a wealthy ‘artist’ who wants it both ways.

    as for his ‘europe is king’ bullshit, he sounds just like a nouveau riche, high school drop out.

  50. Memphis says:

    I really don’t think he cares if his movie does well. Same as Hunter’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” it will have a cult audience, but not so much a mainstream one.

    As for the rest…There’s some truth to some of what he says… But he really needs to learn to shut it… I wouldn’t go spouting off like that if I was a mega rich star. He’s entering Megan Fox territory.

  51. KC says:

    As Lainey would say, sit DOWN johnny depp!

    That man needs a publicist who can muzzle him. I have to say the “photoshoots as rape..” comment and now this… oh Johnny, you are losing your appeal rapidly.

  52. dena says:

    F–k off, Deppstick.

  53. Atticus says:

    I don’t see how any of what he said is at all defensible. It’s all completely outrageous and offensive and stereotypical. As a proud born and bred Midwesterner who now lives on the East Coast, I can’t stand it when people disparage Small Town USA. And as for the taxes…so he wants to live in the country but not pay taxes…do I have that right? How is that at all ok!??! Asshat. Disappointing but seems true colors show after awhile. He and Mel Gibson had the general public buying their Nice Guy acts for years.

  54. mln says:

    He’s turned into a parody of himself. To think just a year ago I thought he still had ‘it’. Johnny can complain about the dumbing down of American but he is part of the problem with his Pirate movies-he’s cynically profiting on what he knows is crap. He has the pull in Hollywood to make quality intelligent films with broad appeal just like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Leo Dicaprio but he’d have to take half the salary. AND he has the nerve to complain about taxes. He may not want to pay taxes but when most Americans are struggling and the taxes they pay literally takes money out of their food budget. Oh and I do believe he has a rampant drinking problem that is making him sound like such a J-E-R-K.

  55. sassenach says:

    This coming from a high school drop out? I just cant…

  56. Cherry Rose says:

    I find Johnny to be a poser. He loves his lavish lifestyle, but of course, wants to act as though he’s above it all. Can’t have it both ways Johnny boy.

  57. canuck says:

    He has a point, I live in rural Nova Scotia and they’ll play movies like this one in the city but not in our local movie theatre. I was really looking forward to seeing this and of course, it’s not being run here. The Ides of March only lasted a week here and I wanted to see that too. Shrek 4 and Horrible Bosses got months-long runs though. They don’t even support locally produced indie movies here. Pathetic.

  58. Princess Lizabeth says:


    Basically, I like Depp as an actor, but he really is becoming more and more annoying as a person. He needs to do his job and stop the ongoing whinging about how hard life is as a fabulously wealthy celeb.

  59. tooey says:

    People are more selective about the movies they see because you can easily drop $60-100 just going to the movies these days. So it better be guaranteed good. And not something dismal and depressing, i.e., “important”. I’d love to see Rum Diary as I’m a Depp fan and a lover of Hunter S. Thompson. But until it hits the $1 theater, I don’t see it happening. I can’t afford it.

  60. Jayna says:

    Oh, Johnny, you have become such a snob. Spend time all over the south. It’s families sitting down to Sunday supper.

    I don’t want smoke in my face when I go out to dinner. Got it?

  61. Smokey says:

    It’s time again to play “Is it Keith Richards or Johnny Depp?”

    In 15 years you wont be able to tell them apart (Keith Richards has a portrait in the attic so he’ll still be alive.)

  62. Kara Ann says:

    #45 (can’t read name) Also, ‘mainstream America’ exists even in NYC and L.A.!

    True! Depp IS an asshat for reinforcing a stereotypical idea about Americans. Intelligent, discerning people live everywhere. Although, with anecdotal evidence,I’m beginning to think that those who owe their living to appearing on celluloid are less intelligent then most! “Regular” people certainly know not to bite the hand that feeds them or, maybe, for us there are consequences when we do. The elitist, artist known as Johnny Depp may find that our bitten hands aren’t willing to be parted from our measly dollars to pay to see movies starring those that belittle us with their sweeping generalisations. Maybe, a few consequences will do him good.

  63. Andrea says:

    Honestly, he’s right. Most americans don’t want smart films, they want mindnumbing tv/films. Our education system honestly, is going down the tubes. As a teacher and my bf as a professor, we have seen it firsthand and we have taught in NC and now NY states. NY is doing much better than NC, but there is definitely room to do more. We focus too much on sports in this country and not enough on academics and its sad. Depp has a point.

  64. Atticus says:

    Maybe the dumbed down movies do well because when people go to the theater, if they’re going to spend $20 to see something, they’re going to see something that takes their mind off of their troubles and lose themselves in mindless entertainment. Maybe it has nothing to do with their intellect.

  65. Leticia says:

    Outside the big cities in the U.S. they also don’t want pedophiles going unpunished, like Depp’s hero Roman Polanski.

  66. Jane says:

    I think Mister Johnny is more French than he wants to admit. His condescending attitude about America is typical of France. Yet, this is the country that has made him a star. He got his start in a TV show that would never be regarded as intellectual by any measure and eventually followed it up with some Pirate movies that gave him an even bigger boost.

    His complaint about car fumes and smoking makes no sense. He is basically saying he would rather pick his poison. Ruining your lungs with cigarette smoke is no different than ruining them inhaling pollution.

    I hope he doesn’t smoke at home where his kids can inhale that second hand smoke.

  67. Leticia says:

    Depp is a HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT! I think he dropped out in 9th grade. I’m too busy to look it up, but I don’t even think that he finished 9th grade! But he is a member of the elite, thus he is convinced he is an intellectual.

  68. lucy2 says:

    Why is he being so jerky lately?
    I’d guess that Rum Diary’s less than stellar reviews (and the bad economy) have more to do with the box office than geography and people’s desire for intelligent films. People will go see good, smart, well made films – King’s Speech made well over $100 mil in the US alone.
    It’s foolish to generalize based on where people happen to live.

  69. Lindy says:

    Look, no arguing–he sounds like a total douchecanoe with a stick up his a$$ here. A snob and a jerk.

    But I do think he’s right–the vast majority of Americans in most parts of America are culturally illiterate and want the lowest common denominator when it comes to entertainment.

    I spent the last decade living in a medium-sized city in the midwest, site of a very large, top-20 in the nation, private research university. (I’m a professor). I was pretty shocked at the cultural wasteland that place was. Only chain restaurants, very little in the way of social and cultural capital, a real desert–despite the presence of probably a thousand professors from around the world.

    I moved to the south–to Savannah, GA, actually. Where we just wrapped up a week-long film-festival attended by several major actors, are about to have a book festival (free and open to the public) that will attract thousands of visitors, had a Rock and Roll marathon with 20,000+ runners, have beautiful, well-supported museums and historical sites, world-class restaurants, (truly world-class, as I can attest–I have lived in Europe and worked for the French govt and eaten all over the world).

    So, yeah, sadly, I think he’s correct about that part. Though, having lived in California, the northeast, the midwest and the deep south, maybe it’s really just the midwest that’s the problem? That was the only place I encountered total anti-intellectual and unintelligent people.

    Still, JD needs to STFU really soon here. Even if he’s right about that stuff, he won’t make any friends by shouting it from the rooftops.

  70. sosy says:

    I met him when the people wasnt taking pictures and he was being his regular A hole self. He needs to be medicated and to have someone help him write what he should say before he speaks. Depp being Depp is not a pretty picture. He is full of himself and cant fool those who have seen him in his own element. He likes to use and work his way up now he is there and thinks he is so loved he can say anything and his die hard fans will still continue to be his fan. I do not think America will be dumbed down for long Mr. Depp they will wake up to your abusive mouth. But hey he still has his music studio Unison to make money or his own studio so he wont be broke. He has that Island to sell and a few houses. He is from Kentucky but he never mentions Miramar where he spent most of his childhood and teens I guess he thinks thats not cool enough. Or he doesnt mention how he hangs out with some creepy guys who indulge in teen sex and openly do so. He is above everything now. Wait for what comes out of this guys mouth next.

  71. Amy says:

    I didn’t know about the French tax law. I’m a dual French-American citizen but I’ve never lived in France long term (currently living in Spain) so I’ve never had to pay any taxes. However I’m not surprised about them wanting Depp to become a legal resident. If you plan to live there long term, it makes sense. You can’t just come and go as you please. Plus he has enough money to pay the taxes so what is the problem?

  72. Dreamy K says:

    Depp still smokes? Wow. That seriously undermines his pseudo-intellectual hogwash. Anyone with half a brain knows that smoking is a bad decision all around. It’s not like he can’t afford some kind of nicotine replacement aid for 6 months. Or maybe he blames that on taxes, too.

  73. Wresa says:

    OMG, he’s cultured, he must be a SNOB! How dare he mildly criticize American culture! He OWES us an apology!!!1!

    Probably coming from the same people who don’t know who Winston Churchill is….

  74. Calli P says:

    What an incredibly myopic and utterly stupid statement.

    I’m just going to say it.

    Depp is transforming to Douche right before our very eyes.

  75. Jover says:

    Lin234 denise kaboom and all excellent comments – this from a high school dropout what we have here is someone that had made millions being a mere “entertainer” has maybe a guilty conscience about it, can’t give it up, and in a reverse pyschological twist rips those that made him rich; hey, johnny boy no one held a gun to your head to make POTC 4. He wants art let him do Moliere off broadway. As if he’d do that. I’m over him too – donate your millions to veterans org. or struggling families, etc.

  76. Ron says:

    Ok I live in LA and am tied to Hollywood and let me tell you there is truth in his statements. A friend of mine works in promotions for television and gets complaints from places like Mobile Alabama, Baton Rouge LA, Tulsa OK etc about the promos being to racy and liberal because they feature gay characters that are ON the show with clothes on in everyday nonsexual sitations. He got complaints from different stations that Nancy Pelosi was going to be interviewed on a national news show. Seriously? She was the speaker of the damn house at the time! Alot of shows that do well in urban markets do not do well in more rural parts of the country in the beginning and take time to catch on there. The Sopranos, Will & Grace, Seinfeld, Cheers and Sex and the City are all great examples of this. It’s not to say that the people who live there are stupid in any way, but they are not exposed to what the people living in biggers cities are accustomed to seeing daily. I know this first hand being raised in a rural farming community until I was 18. LA is a whole differnt world from where I grew up. There were lots of things I had to learn coming here that i had no exposure to at all where I grew up. And JD really should STFU about his money issues. It rings hollow from a man that owns an island.

  77. Jaded says:

    For a man who is so f*cking rich he can afford his own Caribbean island, never mind all his other lavish abodes, he’s coming off like an arrogant whiny little snot-ball. Am officially over my Johnny Depp fanhood.

  78. stephanie says:

    if he’s going to be so hoity toity, you’d hope he could also bring a bit of intelligence. LOL @ “it’s a very old and beautiful culture.” What a dumbass.

  79. stephanie says:

    oh and p.s. I like intelligent films, but this one looked like a real POS and not particularly intelligent at all. It looked like … it mimed intelligence.

  80. harfang says:

    You know who gets to be a little bit of a prick occasionally? Johnny freaking Depp.

    He happens to be a bit wrong regarding city *size* in the States however. Minneapolis here has multiple neighborhoods in which people, myself often included, will fall over each other to see a subbed film much faster than we will to get fried food on a stick. And that is saying something in these parts. …One can surely say the same for Portland, Eugene, Binghamton, et al.

  81. bunny says:

    UGH…don’t tell me he is becoming the male version of Dame Gwyneth Paltrow.

  82. ellie66 says:

    Oh Johnny shut the hell up!

  83. Trillion says:

    Viktorygin: good reality check. BTW, Johnny is from Kentucky, right?

  84. Lindsey G. says:

    Jesus. Dude is what mid-40s, wears blue nail polish and dresses like a 12-year-old impersonating Keith Richards? I live in Atlanta and I PAID to see Rum Diary (it was BORING…by which I mean it was Fear and Loathing…in San Jaun, PR. Twist!). Oh my gah. And didn’t/doesn’t he own the Viper Room in L.A.? Geez, you’re part of the problem. Depp you just killed my perma ladyboner for you with your mouth.

  85. dorothy says:

    Just because I play smart people on film doesn’t make me smart. J. Depp

  86. Jane says:

    I think Depp is right that the movie probably won’t do good outside of big cities, but there is a reason for that or than Depp’s implied insult.

    The thing about any product, whether it is a movie, TV show, car, or whatever, is that it always has a target audience. This is not rocket science, just plain sense. Those that produce products know this and design and market to their target audience. They know the population is diverse in many ways and they go for the audience that will be most interested in what they have to offer.

    I doubt the people distributing and marketing the movie expect it to do well in certain areas of this country because they know their target audience. In fact, they may not place it in certain theaters because they know it won’t make money everywhere.

    Depp doesn’t seem to understand this. To expect everybody to like a movie just because it is suppose to be intellectual is stupid. Not everyone is France is going to like a movie just because it is dark and moody or some sort of art house film. We are talking about France, the country that idolizes Jerry Lewis.

  87. ann carter says:

    loved you, but now so over you, JD. you pseudo-intellectual, elitist, hypocritical KY-boy.
    Over you and out.

  88. Orange Cone says:

    what’s wrong with Sunday football, chicken wings and pizza?… had pizza yesterday- The Chargers lost 🙁

  89. CooCoo Catchoo says:

    Money can’t buy sophistication, class or intelligence, Mr. Depp. So you speak French, have millions in the bank and hang out with pseudo-intellectuals. At the end of the day, you’re just an arrogant high school dropout with a babymomma and unresolved self-esteem issues. But what do I know? I’m from small-town middle America. You know, just like most of the people who purchase movie tickets and line your pockets. Way to alienate your fan base, you self-important half-wit.

  90. Shelly says:

    Taxes suck and so do car fumes. I’ll agree with him on those two things.

  91. nikko says:

    I think he’s right about middle America. Just look at the movies being made here…what happen to classics. All we get are movies for children and stupid comedies.

  92. Sara says:

    I live in a small town and seeing ” smart ” movies isn’t an option for me because the nearby theatres don’t get them and I usually have to wait for DVD. I don’t think Rum Diaries looked smart from the ads, I thought it looked completely idiotic. I would spend my money on real intelligent looking films like”Coriolanus” or ” Shame”. Those movies contain really talented actors like Fiennes and Fassbender not someone who has come to rely on over the top acting!

  93. Sara says:

    I live in a small town and seeing ” smart ” movies isn’t an option for me because the nearby theatres don’t get them and I usually have to wait for DVD. I don’t think Rum Diaries looked smart from the ads, I thought it looked completely idiotic. I would spend my money on real intelligent looking films like”Coriolanus” or ” Shame”. Those movies contain really talented actors like Fiennes and Fassbender not someone who has come to rely on over the top acting!

  94. dorothy says:

    Right on Coo Coo Catcho!!!

  95. G says:

    No worries. No one outside of the big cities in the US will read his comments, anyway.

  96. Jacqueline says:

    Actually Americans are not THAT intelligent or THAT cultured as other countries, even compared to 3rd world countries! He is right about this. Americans have been taught that books are only read when manditory or hype and only like entertainment/sports over education. They arent interested in anything at all. Our education system and culture helps kill that interest if it ever was there. We complain about immigrants but we also expect the whole world to adhere to us (see soccer lol). I have been to Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Japan and Germany and nowhere are people as dumb and incurious as here. Americans even despise people who can speak more than 1 language lol due to their jealousy and incapacity.

    BUT you know whats funny? Only America values actors as celebrities so much. In ancient Rome, even prostitutes had more social value, because they served/worked more! LOL! We even export all our sports/music/media/companies and get rich off of other people abroad. BUT we are the biggest buyers of foreign things (apart from China and maybe Brazil) like Ikea, Volvo, Adiddas etc. Most companies wouldnt exists if it wasnt for America and most artists dont make profits until they make it big here (Adele, Joss Stone etc.) It is every companies dream to make it here (Havaianas, Girbaud, Uggs etc.).

    Funny how stupid, fat, lazy Americans still have a worth? Like immigrants, both legal and illegal, both high or low skilled, they do contribute to the USA economy and people, are great for their money and/or exploited labor. Johnny boy here should be more thankful because only here we care so much for an actor. We might just download the rest of Hollywood while we are at it and actually start paying attention to the suffering in the world.

    What Americans lack is better education both our own and international as well. We dont do fractions until we are 10 while others are already on algebra at that age in poorer countries.

  97. Jag says:

    He’s just like Gwenyth with their disdain for the American public, but yet they keep making movies marketed to us. He’s said bad things about the U.S. audience before, so this doesn’t surprise me. Sorry, Johnny, you’re not hot in the least due to your comments. This last bit wore off the last of your lustre.

  98. Patricia says:

    I guess you have to take it with a grain of salt…and consider the source: a man wearing blue fingernail polish.

    To each his own Johnny.

  99. Trillion says:

    I suspect the French love Jerry Lewis in an ironic way. I lived in France for years and that’s my take on it anyhow. Believe me, the French are smarter and more sophisticated than we Americans are. And if that bums you out, work on getting smarter and more sophisticated so you won’t take such observations so personally. That would be a good thing for us collectively. Lord knows we could use it.

  100. Andrea says:

    Jacqueline above has it spot on. We (Americans) whine about our companies going overseas, yet we buy A LOT of foreign goods. Plus, let’s be honest, there is some labor that goes overseas or that migrant workers are doing that 90% of Americans would snub their nose at and wouldn’t work at. I know plenty of Americans who’d milk off of unemployment over doing a manual labor job. We as americans are “above” that. So for those who think the french etc are snobby, we as americans are snobby as well with regards to what jobs we would and would not do. As americans we have this philosophy of wanting to work little for loads of money; the hard working average american doesn’t exsist anymore. And I have lived in both the southeast and northeast and it is the same in both places.

  101. Camille says:

    @Princess Lizabeth: I agree. As an actor- in a GOOD film, he can be really good. But as a person he is increasingly coming off as a jagoff.
    I think he lost ‘it’ and his looks a couple of years back. I am not the fan of JD as I once was.

    Oh, and I’m not even American and I found his comments rude and stupid.

  102. laura says:

    Never been a fan of his – probably because he’s such an arrogant ass. He needs to get over himself and maybe go take a shower….oh, I know, I know – the intellectual Europeans don’t shower everyday….bahahaha! Why is it every American ‘celebrity’ who lives in Europe needs to feel superior? I lived in France for 10 years – ust another experience…I’m no better than anyone else. Oh, except I have a PhD, Mr. Depp, and I study the latest brain research focusing on Autism….I don’t play make believe for a living….

  103. Andrea says:

    BTW I saw the Rum Diary and it is a good movie, one that I would recommend to people.

  104. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Smelly little pimp.

  105. Tiffany says:

    I am from the Midwest. Left home to attend college and traveled quite a bit and learned some things about other cities and myself. I don’t think that it boils down to intelliegnce but perception and image as to who you are suppose to be because you are in that city. It is like the ‘big city’ person who goes to all the art house films and goes home to watchWeekend at Bernie’s alone. When people asked where I was from and I answer St Louis, MO I am asked where that is. While trying to be catty, they came across as dumb. As for JD, since I am an unintelligent American I can solve that by spending money on TRD, NO.

  106. Beatrix says:

    @Jacqueline: I suggest you first learn how to spell the word “manditory” before you criticize anyone else’s intellect.

  107. WickedSteppMom says:

    I wonder what a conversation w/him & Gwyneth Paltrow would be like? Would brains melt from all the douchiness?

  108. Ashley says:

    Ugh. I get so annoyed by people who think Europeans are so much more ‘this’ and so much more ‘that’ than Americans (or vice versa). I’m a university-educated American from a medium-sized city who has traveled extensively, lived throughout Europe, and currently resides in Spain. Yes, Europe is beautiful, and yes, the lifestyle is different (not better or worse, just different). However, people are people wherever you go. Like America, there are what we would consider to be ‘cultured’ people in the metropolitan areas, and ‘uncultured’ people in the smaller environments (though that is not wholy reflective). Some people are smart, some aren’t. Some are dicks, some are great. At the end of the day, honestly, I don’t find there to be too much of a difference amongst people as a whole.

  109. Yazze says:

    I’m not surprised but I’m shocked that people who make as much money as Depp does would refuse to pay french rate taxes. Culture, education, health care, social aid for the less privileged that make the country what it is have a cost, it’s quite extraordinary to claim you want to enjoy that way of life and refuse to contribute, not seeing the value of public spending and refusing to pay your share in taxes is in fact very much a small-town-american-hick attitude as Mr Depp likes to caricature it.
    This idiot was also wondering why the french didn’t send in the army when teenagers were burning cars in the projects a few years ago, he’s really deep down the knuckle dragging hick he denounces

  110. Jag says:

    @ Jacqueline ~ As a born and raised American, from an American family that lived in small towns and the suburbs of moderately-sized cities, I beg to differ on a couple of your statements.

    Not only did my mother take my siblings and me to the library monthly as children, we all were voracious readers who were years ahead of our respective grade’s reading levels at all times. I once found out that during summer vacation, I had read almost every single book on a list of 100 that was for a contest. Had I entered, I would have won the bicycle. But I didn’t know about the contest and had read all of those books purely for the enjoyment I received.

    My family is the same way. I know many other Americans who read books monthly, and I’m not speaking of comic books or magazines.

    As for your statement that “Americans even despise people who can speak more than 1 language lol due to their jealousy and incapacity,” again, I beg to differ. I regularly compliment my friends who speak more than one language because it’s impressive, and I have taken it upon myself to become fluent in two other languages as well. Unfortunately, I stopped my study of Spanish too early to become fluent, so now I have to re-learn what has been lost in order to continue. But learning Creek/Mvskoke is completely new and interesting to me.

    My sister double-majored in languages and psychology in college, and she speaks fluent English, German, French, and Spanish. She was a Godsend when we visited 7 European countries many years ago, that’s for sure.

    My brother graduated from one of the best art schools in the world, and he speaks fluent English, German, and Lakota. He also speaks enough Japanese and Cherokee to communicate with native speakers without an “English to-” dictionary, but doesn’t consider himself fluent in those languages.

    My father, a mechanical engineer, speaks English, some German, and some Hungarian, due to his travels and his living in Hungary for a few years. I am the “worst” of my family with my limited Spanish, and the fact that I chose to obtain multiple Associate degrees and certificates from community colleges, then worked for myself, rather than pursuing my original dreams of becoming a zoologist and veterinarian.

    We are “average” Americans in my opinion, and we know a lot of people just like us. Therefore, I’m not sure which Americans you’ve been around, but it sounds like you’ve found the bitter, jealous ones who don’t pursue anything to better themselves. If you try, you’ll find that there are entirely different Americans out there as well, and we aren’t that difficult to discover. Perhaps if you direct some of that vitriol toward things that actually warrant it, your vision will clear and you will be able to see the good in some Americans, too.

    I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~Attributed to Albert Einstein

  111. Yazze says:

    @Ashley: the difference is obvious when one compares political discourses, if it is so dumbed down in the US and reflects such a distaste for everything intellectual (it would never be the case in Europe), it means that the target audiences are different too, doesn’t it?

  112. Shaun says:

    I’ve been coming here for a while now and always snoop around the comment section, and I always find it so interesting to see everyone’s opinions and how they differ/corrolate w/ my own, bt I’ll think I’ll finally comment:)
    *deep breath*
    So, ok, I don’t think he meant any harm, but he definitely needs to be more careful in his wording, or just not say anything at all. It’s true that more conventional films always dominate the US box office, but it doesn’t mean that only city dwellers are the ones who are skipping them to see the more intelligent films. Maybe in the small town he grew up in, it was like that, but I think people’s movie tastes have kind of elevated a little. I don’t think what he said was intentional, and he shouldn’t have to keep quiet, but he should be prepared to get some backlash for HOW he said it. *sigh* It must suck to be a celebrity when everything you say gets analyzed at every media site, channel, radio, etc. Oh well, that’s why he gets paid the big bucks:)

  113. Celebitchy says:

    Look, no France bashing! I used to live on the border of France and it reminded me a lot of America, except with more smoking. So I think the French and Americans hate each other because they have more in common than they’ll admit. Ashley said it better than I did. Also, I lived in Europe for a long time. People who live overseas who they’re hot sh*t because of it are insufferable.

  114. Courtney says:

    has is ever occured to Mr Depp that people don’t pay to see his movies anymore because he belittles this country every chance he gets. most americans don’t appreciate stars who belittle our intelegence to try and make themselves look smarter when most of them didn’t finish high school or college. yet look at somebody like Joanne Woodward who got her Bachelors degree in fine arts drama at the age of 60 and she never belittles this country

  115. Ycnan says:

    @Ashley, totally agree. At the end of the day, people are pretty much the same once you get to know them.

    But I agree with his comments that people don’t seem to want smart movies anymore. Just look at the box office and what does well and what doesn’t. The numbers don’t lie.

  116. lunamarysol says:

    Good grief Johnny, use some soap and STFU.

    Unfortunately the better movies don’t make it out to the rest of us outside of LA and NY, it seems; but Hollywood sure makes a hell of a lot of remakes and sequels and shit not worth

    Darn tootin’ “smelly little fool!”

  117. Bartek says:

    I’m from Europe and Ashley is right: there are dumb and intelligent people all over the planet… I have an university education, am more or less fluent in four languages but I also enjoy pizza and beer when my team plays soccer at the weekend… JD simply is a snob and we don’t like them snobs in Germany as much as you don’t like them in the US.

  118. NM9005 says:

    He’s not the only one who said that. And honestly can you blame him? If you look at the blockbusters, are you honestly going to tell me that people like “smart” films? Please, the individuals on this board here and many other people may have a broad knowledge of other more unconventionl/foreign films but in general Hollywood dumb blockbusters/films do really well! They keep throwing brainless films at us because “we” ask for it. Supply and demand. I think foreigh countries have more liberties and take more chances when it comes to filmmaking than America. The American filmbusiness restricts itself to make unconventional films because they want money and success and in order to be succesful, you have to try and connect with as much people as possible and try to figure out what they want. Considering how conservative America is, one could understand their choices of producing and putting out dumb films like F&F 1 2 3 4 5 289556…Sex is bad, violence sells.
    Pirates sequels, are the shits but do really well with the audiences. Yet, when Depp makes an unconventional films people just shrug. There’s definitely a link there only he didn’t phrase it very well.

    There was somebody who said that his condescending answer is typical of the French. As if…Culturally the French are better (music, food, drinks, films…)but it’s a generalisation that the French are “hautain”. They don’t care about Americans. Most people don’t. In Belgium, we mock America all the time but report on it all the time too because it’s entertaining. It’s America itself who cares about their image.

    Ah here it is, James McAvoy:

  119. Johanna says:

    Oh Johnny, Johnny, please shut up, quick. I love you. Don’t ruin it.

  120. sevy says:

    If most Americans were indeed intelligent, they would want Johnny Depp to state the simple truth instead of worrying about bruising mainstream America’s ego.

    Clearly this is not the case as manifested in the comments here.

  121. truthful says:

    you’ve disappointed me AGAIN Johnny, its really sad now.

    uh, go have a LONG rest and get rid of the bloat and check out what year it really is.

    I keep waiting for him to snap out of it but he’s not.

  122. Jenny says:

    Then he should stop making those rather less than intellectual Pirates movies for the “stupid millions” since apparantly those are the folks that go see that movie. As others have said, maybe the movie was not worth paying the price of admission.

    He needs to step back for awhile.

  123. Avi says:

    He’s right. All the big blockbusters, they’re hardly intellectual, challenging movies and the ones that are that type arent blockbusters. Look at thing like Bridesmaids, The Hangover II or Transformers; these are not exactly mentally stimulating but they make money. why?because theyre escapist fare. Realistic, gritty, mental movies make less money…

  124. Julia says:

    I too am European and speak no less that 5 languages (just added two more in the process to make it to 7).

    And it’s true, like several people who have lived in both sides of the ocean, people and westerned societies have more in common than most expect.

    Most cities are where you find the highest eductaed people but that’s just because they have the biggest concentration of businesses that hire them. Hence all businees, culture organisation will be set where their target is.

    And let me add, that coming from a very elitist background I have met plenty of very intelligent and gifted people who are now evolving in the highest sphere of diplomatic circles, politics, international orgnaisation, scoientists, ect….BUT even among the most gifted ones, the most intelligent guys I have met were actually Americans and would put most of us to shame as soon as they open their mouth.

    I can speak about that Blond blue eye American guy I met in Paris who was a lecturer in a prestigiuous american college. He was a specialist teaching sub saharian and arab literature. He spoke french so well that at first, i thought he was a native french. He not only spoke french and wrote it perfectly with a rich vocabulary but was perfectly fluent in german, arab, finnish and swedish as well. All this at 33 and by learning those languages in the US ! He was clearly gifted and precocious.

    Most of the time we will exchange views about literature and he will speak for hours different authors or we will laugh when in algerian restaurant he will ask for diner in arab to a stunned owner.

    I find myself more in par with him, having the same kind of backgroundand experience with both of our parents having the same profession (scientists and doctors).

    Ironically many of the french citizen were quite shocked because his presence was like a wake up call obout the very existing preconception of ‘The Ignorant American’.

    So my take is, It’s a question of eductation more than citizenship.

    People who have the same type of education will usually have the same type of interest in books, movies, ect because they have been exposed to it.

    Pointing fingers to one part of a specific country (here the US) is not only wrong but show that you don’t understand the dynamics between cultural exposure, businesses that need brains and therefore attract those brains and big cities where they are located.

    Those three factors are often intricated and concentrated in the same place, hence products that will target them will be released in priority in those markets. And that dynamic that is built around countryside(little cities)/ big cities exists in every single country not only in the US..

  125. Adrien says:

    I thought he was adorable and funny in Graham Norton’s show last Friday. His timing was perfect, even better than Gervais, who took a swipe at him and The Tourist at the Emmys.
    Now this. I’ll give him a pass. The Guardian is notorious for provoking celebs into talking sh1t making them regret what they’ve said.
    Also, to be fair to Katie Price (and Oxford), I thought she was asked to talk about fame not scholarly stuff. She has a book to promote and Oxford debating society took a chance of getting her for free.

  126. sandra says:

    He’s always been up his own @ss imho.

  127. Auds says:

    The more he talks, the less intelligent he seems. I don’t like him when he does speak, when I read his sound bytes, or when I see his over acting arse on screen.
    Who is he to point fingers? An Oxford don? No. Even an Oxford don wouldn’t make similar comments. The reason he lives or lived in France is because no one in France gives a shit who he is, therefore don’t look at him as much. Still, the demands of citizenship will always be there because all western countries are becoming fastidious regarding citizenship now. One of the reasons he the US, where celebrity culture is a huge thing, is related to frequent attention.
    I’m going to bet there’ll be a few heated incidents with Depp in the US.
    He is yet another douche celebrity who hungers for attention, yet cannot handle it or gets all pouty about it [like Di Caprio].
    He is no different to other travelling roadshow celebrities who avoid paying taxes [probably pay less tax than the average worker] but he is stupidly verbal about it.

  128. SueAnn says:

    Sad sad sad….I used to adore him. Now I am like not even remotely interested. He is an ass

  129. Linda says:

    Well, you’re wrong about that because yes, we do.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Go away Johnny.

  131. Jordan says:

    Obviously, a man who paints his fingernails blue to match his glasses is the voice of intelligent thought. Us yahoos are just too ignorant to listen. This is what happens when a celebrity makes a bazillion dollars on a series like Pirates of the Carribean and no longer has to worry about selling his movies…he believes that everything he does from now on is some sort of great ‘art’ and if we don’t agree, it just b/c we are uncultured.

  132. leetruth says:

    Long time since people sat down to dinner in the UK or anywhere else in Europe. Also, all nearby cornershops and pubs have nearly closed down. Europe basically, have lost their culture and morals. Small town America for me.

  133. Lucy says:

    The Rum Diary was a terrible movie…I saw JD in an interview once, and he said he never watches his own movies…he should watch this one, then he will know why it bombed at the box office….

  134. Freya says:

    Maybe Johnny was a bit tipsy when he gave that interview, and after he read what he had said, he probably made up his mind he’ll never give another interview!

  135. BooBooKitty says:

    To the Americans complaining about the way they’re seen by others- you could stop talking about Europe like it’s one country, it’s a vibrant continent full of disparate and clashing cultures. It might help.

    Oh, and leetruth, what on Earth are you talking about? Do you think we stand to eat? Pubs haven’t closed down entirely (some have since the smoking ban, the ones struggling anyway), independent corner shops are still thriving. You might want to get out of that small town and have a look before you embarrass yourself further.

  136. JuliaDoman says:

    He’s insufferable and creepy-looking these days.

  137. Sillyone says:

    I would still f&ck him until he was drained of all bodily fluids, granted I would stick a sock in his mouth and duct tape it, but that’s just the kinky side of me..

  138. Gabrielle says:

    I work for a cinema marketing company and I know for a fact that this film was originally slated for a limited (8 theatres in NY and LA) release. Very close to the release date they changed this tactic, went for a wide release and started marketing this heavily. I think Johnny had a different vision for the film. Maybe he saw it as a film that would build slowly and generate Oscar buzz, judging by the late fall release date.Maybe he was against the wide release.I’m sure he is dissapointed with the reviews and the box office. He probably just hopes it can do better abroad so it can at least break even. I doubt he meant to insult a group he is a part of (Americans).I liked the movie. Johnny looked really hot.

  139. luls says:

    people people people! calm ur shit down! we all know that most actors are not very educated or intelligent! Yet we love them because they can make-believe on screen convincingly enough to ENTERTAIN us.

    And in the case of Johnny, he is as eccentric and out of touch with reality as they get. Always has been. He’s just mouthing off MORE lately. And me-thinks he’s doing this so more people will watch the rum diary to c what the fuss is all about.

    BTW, i WATCHED it this weekend and LIKED IT. It was funny and entertaining yet still managed to have a message and soul. Unlike the frat-boy empty humor of other movies like THE HANGOVER.

    When i came out of the theatre i TOTALLY thought to myself, NO WONDER this movie isnt commercially successful. It simply doesnt translate to the type of humor that Americans are used to seeing.

    What im trying to say is, u need to separate the actor from the person. I like him as an actor, but am indifferent to him as a person, and we should have this attitude towards ALL celebs. Rather than worship by their alters or bash them for their personal lives/views.

  140. Julia says:

    The problem I have with Depp is that he loses easily his coolness and becomes increasingly unprofessional and bittered when in a situation of failure.

    He was always like that, hot tempered and even said around the ‘Tourist’ that he was impressed by Jolie’s coolness and that if he was in the same situation of being huntED down like he whitnessed she was during the whole shooting (including during boat chase shoots), he would have gone crazy and thrown in jail several times for beating some paparazzis.

    I think he has and always had a massive ego and a bad rebellious temper.

    There are plenty of massive bombs this year, even among blockbusters featuring less experienced actors (Dream House, Green Lantern, Conan, Killer Elite, ect…) and every actors will never be caught whining or attempting to attribute faults to the public for the failure of their movie.

    He on the otherhand is trying to put the blame on a specific target for not endorsing HIS ‘baby’ and put them down.

    This whole arrogant bittered ways is what puts me off.

  141. womanfromthenorth says:

    all great comments above… time to put the #hit stick away

    As a “Midwesterner” or the one I hate the most now days “The FLY OVER States”
    We just keep getting up when knocked down.

  142. Dani says:

    He is so damn pretentious!

    Meh, doesn’t matter though. I don’t watch his films.

  143. Nonny says:

    I find it interested all this hostility towards Johnny. In any interview he’s ever done in the past he’s said, “I don’t know why people are interested in things I say. I’m not that important nor should people listen to me.” not a direct quote but the essence. He’s always stated he’s only speaking for himself not anyone else and stuff he says will piss people off. He’s always been an honest person and I respect that. Sure some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth I blink at but it’s Johnny.

  144. Cheyenne says:

    @ leetruth: Have you ever traveled more than ten miles outside of your small town? That is the silliest, most ignorant post I have ever read anywhere.

  145. lambchops says:

    So over him. I’ve lived all over the world and dumb people exist everywhere and smart people exist everywhere. Europe does not corner the market on sophistication. And France has such a great standard of living because of their tax system, dumb dumb. It’s not for free! What a selfish dork. He’s all liberal for everything except when it comes to taxes. What a hypocrite. Go live in LA and shut up about Europe being better, then.

  146. TOKEN says:

    Sad to say.. He does have a point. Intelligent indi films don’t make it in the USA anymore. People want excitement and explosions for their money.

  147. sarah says:

    Yeah, I used to swoon over Johnny, but now, not so much. Get over yourself bud.

  148. Sue says:

    Depp was born Kentucky about an 1hr from where I was born. His family is Appalachian, small town people. He’s knocking his own people.

    @Jacquline: Know many Americans that have traveled to more than 50-60 countries, speak several languages, and artists or writers. Really hope you’re European and not American. If you’re American, you’re one of the reasons why Americans are perceived as dumb arses.

  149. leetruth says:

    Went to the UK recently and things were quite different from when I lived there. Hardly can you get things to buy round the corner like a packet of sugar; had to go all the way to the nearest supermarket. Take a walk down any neighbourhood and you will see pubs and small shops boarded up. ‘Sitting down to dinner’ means a proper cooked food not some fast food by the tv which is now the norm. Been to France too. Europe right now, is xenophobic and should not be held up as a beacon of sophistication for Midwestern America just because Depp’s film is not doing well at the box office. People should not be pigeonholed.

  150. Chrissy says:

    (Sigh.) He really came off like a jerk again. I don’t mind a talented actor being kind of eccentric (you know, the weird clothes, looks kinda dirty, etc.) but he has to be likeable. When will celebrities realize that their best strategy for continuing to rake in the cash is to seem like a nice person that most people would want to be around? I had heard awhile back that he seemed to be a nice guy, but I think fame’s finally gone to his head.

  151. Pirouette says:

    Benny Hill. Enough said.

  152. Brenda says:

    He needs to return to his mirror and take about. 5 things off. He’s way too accessorized.

  153. hammer says:

    Ashley and Yazze: I agree w/ everything you said. I’m highly offended at Johnny Depp’s comments. He always tries to seem way cooler and more above it all than anyone else, but this interview came off as sour grapes because he wasn’t big stuff at the box office. News flash, Johnny boy: Maybe it’s because your film simply stunk! Ever think of that? Perhaps he should just take his millions he’s made off us untelligent Americans from his highly intellectual pirate films and Rango cartoon (wonder if we’re unintelligent because Puss in Boots won out..Rango was so much more intelligent, no?), quit making Hollywood films, move to France, and make French films for the rest of his life. This will solve a number of his woes:

    1. He can smoke himself into an iron lung (which, by the way, I get the feeling from his comment that he probably smokes around his kids…how evolved, Mr. Brainiac).

    2. He can avoid his tax problem (which, boohoo, I’m around people who live in fear that the bottom is going to drop out of their lives because of the economy, and they still pay the taxes they can little afford).

    3. You can live soap-free for as long as you like and nobody will care. And maybe there’s some people somewhere who’ll continue to be impressed by that warmed over artsy fartsy facial hair.

    4. We’ll be spared your pretentious crap forever more.

    Also, Johnny boy, America isn’t the only country who loves their sports. And Sunday dinner isn’t exclusive to Europe.

    I wonder if this boy has lost his mind. He needs to lay off the sauce.

    Better yet, just go away.

  154. hammer says:

    TOKEN: There are some intelligent films that do really well, and there are some dumb films that do really rotten. He’s really only trying to make the point that HIS film should have done better, though. He’s just unhappy that he didn’t rule the box office. People must be unintelligent if Puss in Boots was their choice. But gasp, that can’t be as intellectual as his Rango was!

    Anway, if he doesn’t like how his intelligent films are doing in America, he should move to France and do French films. I’m sure he’ll make tons of money there. Oh wait, he doesn’t care about money, does he? Easy to say when you’ve got it. Loser.

  155. hammer says:

    NM9005: You know what I don’t care about? Johnny apologists. What he has said is rude and uncalled for and derogatory to the people that helped make him rich on his crappy pirate films. If France or other countries make better films, let him go wherever that is. Good riddance. Oh, and I don’t care what someone from Belgium thinks of my country. You don’t register on my radar.

  156. ZenB!tch says:

    I can’t disagree on his comments about Americans being fond of dumb films but I don’t see his film being an intelligent film. My non-smoking, graduate educated brain was not compelled to see it. It is compelled to leave the car idling if I see him.

    I also don’t think Europe is the end all be all of intelligence. The US is not the country that made Pirates 4 a huge hit for Disney. It was Europe and Asia. I got a free copy and even then I think I paid too much.

    And yes, I’m a coast snob. I make comments about “fly over land” and wonder how anyone could live there. I speak 2 languages fluently, read 5. I could probably speak them but I’m shy about my accent. This is because my parents are not American. In short, I get where Johnny is coming from but he’s a HS dropout from KY calling me a beautiful non-smoking person who loves to inhale car-exhaust (and never sees his films but I <3’d Puss N Boots!). He’s right about me and totally in denial about himself. He played a drunk pirate, it made him a star. If he had any integrity there would be no Pirates 3 or 4.

    Johnny LA has no smoking laws for a reason – to keep people like you out. However, if you knew anything about LA you would know that LA itself (sadly) still allows you to smoke outside. It is Beverly Hills and Burbank (home of the Walt Disney Studios) that do not allow smoking outside.

  157. ZenB!tch says:

    Does he REALLY have to pay double tax if he lives in France? Why would the US make him pay taxes if he doesn’t live here? We should we need the money.

  158. ZenB!tch says:

    @podzol Disney shelved the Lone Ranger. That’s probably the REAL reason Johnny is down on America.

    Wait did he dis NYC or just LA and fly over land? He had to leave someone out if he has to live amongst us.

    What hit other than Pirates has he had? Name one? Oh right Alice but that would have been a hit without him.

    UGH! Now I have to see if Dark Shadows is at my studio or the other one. Burton tends to stick with two studios.

  159. Gabbo says:

    What Johnny said was kind of harsh, but he does have a point, especially when shit like The Fast and the Furious or what ever that lame ass film is called, is successful over there and other ‘intelligent’ films are not.

    As for his stereotype, unfortunately that is how the rest of the world, especially Europe, sees the rest of (middle) Americans – as a bunch of dumb, country yokels. It’s stuff like this that gets reported here and gives them a bad name:

  160. ShanKat says:

    Johnny Depp was asked to either pay up and get legal in France, or go somewhere else. He chose “somewhere else.”

    Too bad he didn’t choose his private island (said America).

    There’s a reason we almost never heard him speak words, until recently. Because he’s really ignorant and obnoxious (and wasted). Someone has been allowing him to talk. It’s a problem for his career…but he’s incredibly fun to hate on.

  161. Annie says:

    I find generalizations of any sort offensive. Nuance takes a more thoughtful, discerning eye and I would think being an “artist” he would embrace this path.
    I saw an interview once where he referred to his “hillbilly rage” ……appears he’s either over-compensating for it or gving into it, or both.
    I’ve always loved JD so I hope this recent behavior is an anomaly.
    I saw the Rum Dairy (in Kansas City, my cow town) and loved it, so this really hurt!

  162. imelda says:

    I think a lot of people are getting up in arms about what is essentially cultural differences.
    Europe is a very old land mass and in fact US was discovered by Euopeans (was it the Spanish or Portugese?).
    So without any judgement I am saying it was around a lot longer and had developed its arts & culture way before America was even discovered .
    It is also a host of different countries which add to the cultural melting pot.
    Thats not to say its in any way better just different – I think thats what Johnny was clumsily trying to say.
    By the way it works both ways a lot of US culture has permeated throughout the whole world and has had a HUGE impact on our little planet.
    I have to laugh at the idea that we (Europeans) are bi-lingual not where I’m at – Ireland and UK. In fact most Irish people cant even speak their own language – myself included.

  163. 2 Mainstream says:

    Yet he doesn’t mind getting those huge pay checks for those God awful Pirates of the Caribbean sequels that are watched by the mouth breathers whoops I mean Middle Americans in the suburban megaplexes. But I wouldn’t call him entitled. That label goes on the richest 1% because the majority of them inherited their money from Mommy and Daddy.

  164. Maritza says:

    He has a point there, people go to the movies to be entertained. That’s why action movies and comedies do so well.

  165. Julia says:

    @ Imelda

    I partially agree with you.

    First off I find Johnny and other posters comparison flawn to the core. Europe is a continent with various countries, not just Frnace and the UK but more like 30 different countries.

    To compare it with the US, it’s like you will include Panama, Peru, the Americas as a whole with the US before you will do any comparison to Europe or even Asia.

    The Americas is a diverse continent with various states and Europe is even more diverse because like you said it has an older history with intrications and different fences throughout the centuries, endless wars and plundering enterprises everywhere, colonial histories in all continents including in the Americas, ect.

    But also it has two dozen of languages compared to three for the Americas. It’s even less homogeneous than the Americas and yet Americans will never compare themselves to Panamanians or venezuelans or Brasilians, ect.

    All these difference and historical experiences have tremendously shaped the different european countries throughout dozen of centuries.

    See, that’s the first flawn I have seen here.

    Second, Johnny’s target of the small cities and countriside people in the US is irrelevant. The same difference he made in the US could be totally made in every single country. It’s a social cultural one that exist in every country from every continent.

    It’s a fact that big cities have a bigger concentration of educated folks since businesses that hire them are located in the same place. So since Hollywood is a business too, it’s clear that they will allocate more theater numbers in big cities for’intellectual’ movies since their target are in big cities.

    This is verified EVERYWHERE, not just in the US.

    And wether it’s stupid movies or a piece of art, it’s normal that the foreign market has a bigger box office. Hello, it includes 3 continents versus the US and Canada for the domestic one.

    The foreign market is huge and that’s the main reason any movie generally does better. That doesn’t necessarily means that the US underperforms. It just means that the foreign market is the bigger one and with the emergence of China and India, it will rise even more during the next years.

    Me think Johnny Depp is just simply dumb and was bittered because his movie is one of the biggest bombs of his career and he is accustomed with obscene box office successes with the Pirates.

    Instead of saying something like he expect the foreign market to perform better (hell Graham King did say something like this during The Tourist underperformance) LOGICALLY since there are more potential consumers, he had to draw some stupid irrelevant analysis betwen countrisde/small cities and big cities in the US.

    Lastly, Moneyball and The Ides of March, two intellectually driven and critically acclaimed movies did better than your movie and better than fluffy Abduction and Killer Elite. AZll this in teh US ! What’s up with that, huh ????

    This movie just bombs at home. No need to look at external factors and blame some target and their taste. Just take it like a pro and wish that the normal bigger BO you should expect from the biggest market (the foreign one) will be enough to compensate the financial losses instead of putting down fellow citizens and showing the extent of your stupidity, bitterness and unprofessionalism at nearly 50 with 30 years of experience behind you !

  166. Eve says:

    @ Gabbo (# 158):

    Stuff like this too:

    Also, I totally agree with Annie (# 160) on this: generalizations are offensive (they can be dangerous, too). I’m done with reading/watching Depp’s interviews because the recent ones were seriously aggravating. I don’t want to stop loving him — but, apparently, he’s trying his best to make me do so…

  167. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Pirates of Caribbean movies are so easily come by but the movie South of WaWa is next to impossible to find.

  168. Addie says:


    Does he really speak with a fake French accent?!?!

    People that do that (any fake accent)are such jokes, especially famous people…I mean we know how you sounded like

  169. Masque says:

    Coming soon: DOOP!!! The lifestyle website and newsletter showcasing Johnny Depp’s intelligence and opinions. Sign up now!

  170. Telepsa says:

    There is this thing about the Old Continent – Americans seem to think that it’s fascinating and refined and oh so sophisticated. It’s only natural then that an American actor wishing to display his assumed superiority will scoff at his own country.
    Natural, but incredibly aggravating.
    He should know better.
    As for the incredibly entitled tax comment… Just who do you think reads these interviews, Mr. Depp? Not your privileged pseudo cultural friends, I can tell you that much.

  171. thethinker says:

    I found the angry reactions to Mr. Depp’s comments hilarious. Probably because I have to deal with many people having myopic ideas about where I’m from.

    For many people worldwide Africa= suffering. I know there’s more to Africa than that: there’s beauty, many rich cultures, intelligence, cultured people and more. But there’s still some suffering. And I’ve learned that as long as there is, some people will only see that side of it.

    You’re probably angry because there’s a grain of truth in what Mr. Depp says. There are some small-town Americans who don’t appreciate movies that are not mainstream. It’s not you, it’s not your world, but it’s true.

    There are also small-town Americans who want more than pop-corn flicks, who are eager to soak up everything the world has to offer. If you’re one of them, there’s no point getting angry. If you meet people with the wrong perception about small-town Americans, then just by existing, you can change those.

    After all, a perception is only that. It’s not the whole picture and it’s not fact.

  172. noirod says:

    Actually, he’s starting to sound like a true Frenchman, they think very highly of themselves and look down on other nationalities, the French are superior (in their minds) so it’s just rubbing off on him. (I can say this because I’m French)!!! Voilà!! By the way, I think he’s hilarious and I still adore him!!!

  173. thethinker says:

    @Masque Major points for that ‘Doop’ joke. I can’t stop laughing!

  174. Kim says:

    Prententious moron who cant act for the life of him!

    He really needs to not talk because he is not an intelligent man.

  175. Kim says:

    The thinker – nothing about his comment is true. People around the world prefer main stream. Its a fact. Hence why his stupid Pirates movies earned millions WORLD wide. He is biting the hand that fed him his money and fame. He is an unintelligent ingrate.

  176. hammer says:

    Kim: Correct. I’m getting weary of the JD apologists. Has Depp ever thought for one minute that his film just wasn’t appealing on any level? That it just possibly ISN’T down to Anyman, America, being unintelligent and thick? He’s crossed the line and there’s no making apologies for him. Does he even bother to realize that many people don’t even have the luxury of affording cinema tickets? I have a friend who was a successful banker, hard working, impressive portfolio, two kids in college, and he goes into work one day last year, when he was 47, and was told that the bank couldn’t afford him anymore, here’s your severance. So you know, those are the people I feel for and believe in…not some snotty-nosed pretentious artsy fartsy weird-azz twot who whines because he’s not the top dog for a weekend or two, and so lashes out by blaming/looking down on/belittling the likes of hard-working Americans like my friend, spewing his bitter narrow-minded opinions. Screw you, Depp. Go lick your wounds in private. And don’t worry about this filthy American’s money ever again! The town I live in is about as Podunk as you can get, and my friend and I love to take in non-blockbuster films (I’m rarely taken in by those…i.e, I never saw any Pirates film at the movie theater but I did see Sweeney Todd)…but it’ll never again be a Depp film, count on it!

  177. Lindsay says:

    I know I shouldn’t be THAT suprised, but I am incredibly offended about his remark about Wichita, KS, my hometown. Wichita is almost 400,000 with plenty of educated, upperclass people. I’ve always been a moderate fan Johnny Depp but to insinuate that people from Kansas can have no appreciation for art really disgusts me.

  178. kazoo says:

    @julia, very thoughtful and interesting post.

  179. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I don’t think he meant all of middle America is unintelligent, but from a marketing sense, he’s kind of right. I live in and around the Washington, D.C -Maryland region now going to the movies in Maryland in my area they have mainstream movies only! But when I travel about 15-20 mins to D.C I can see all the Indie, Films I want plus mainstream. You appeal to your market. I think he could have worded it better and not so much put down middle America but I believe there is some truth to what he is saying, I hate to admit it but he’s right.

  180. hammer says:

    JaneWonderfalls: He intended to insult and belittle America in every way he could think of because he’s pee’d off that we didn’t buy his little film. He’s doing this because he can’t very well acknowledge that it just wasn’t interesting enough…he’s got to sell it elsewehere, after all, and can’t be seen tucking his tail between his legs. But not only has he shot his chance of ever getting my or my family’s money again, he’s incorrect on every point he tried to make. In my town, the kids rule the movie theater, and the adults prefer to travel to the city 30 miles away to watch movies. So that’s the deal w/ small town. So it has little to do with the attitudes of the town and more to do with the demographics of the small-town theater versus city theaters. Secondly, we Americans appear to be more evolved than Mr. Doop because we acknowledge the ill effects and nuisance of secondhand smoke in public places…pity his children who will probably one day suffer the effects if they don’t already. Thirdly, Sunday dinner is and has always been an American tradition. And finally, we are NOT the only country who loves our sports! So like I said, he’s just P.O.’d and trying to make it our fault instead of where it really lies. Yeah, bring on another Pirates film, Johnny, and let’s see how much money you won’t have to care about not having now. I’ve never watched one of your Pirates films in theaters but I have seen some of your other ones. That will never happen again, trust.

    He seems to be getting dumber and more obnoxious with every freakin interview.

  181. Kim says:

    Eff-u Lindy and YOUR attitude about the Midwest. I am from a city in the Midwest, with one of the largest and most prestigious teaching/research hospitals in the WORLD (at which the first open heart surgery in the world was performed in the 1960s), where one of the TOP 10 orchestras in the WORLD resides, with one the BEST LIBRARY systems in the country (where SMART people go), with the LARGEST outdoor hiking spree in the country, with one of the TOP 5 ART MUSEUMS in the country – HELLO!!! I lived in San Francisco for 9 miserable years hearing about what a hick I was, and I am so glad to be back in my city where I am surrounded by culture and people who actually know the difference between Iowa and Ohio (sometimes it is so hard for those with such high-brow culture to be able to tell those states with lots of vowels apart!!). And, I have eaten Sunday dinner with my family since I was a child, and the tradition continues. Enuff of you and of JD, too.

    And Jover #75 I love your “let him do Moliere off broadway” ‘if he wants art’ comment – best in the blog.

    And Wresa #73, who in this country does NOT know who Winston Churchill is? What? Like wow!!!!!

    And, lastly, we wear red paper poppies for Veteran’s Day here in the U.S., as well.

  182. jvon says:

    The truly ironic part, of course, is that if Depp had his way, the US would have higher taxes than France. Then where would he hide?

  183. Bob says:

    To be fair, Depp’s right.
    In America, we don’t like intelligent films.
    We go to the movies to shut our brains off, not to use them – not that we really use them much anyway – just look at our free-falling educational system.

  184. Kara Ann says:

    You know what really makes me mad at Johnny? Not his opinions. But the fact that if he didn’t sound so “disgruntled”, I could continue to fantasize about him and pretend that he was erudite and suave. Lately, he has messed all of that up for me! Damn, Johnny, we just liked the way you looked combined with the mystery that not be a media hog gave you. HE’S RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE!

  185. Jax says:

    I used to have a hell of a crush on this guy but over the last couple of years he’s started to sound more and more whiney. And now, more often than not, he’s staring to look like a hobbo who’s raided a “do it yourself” jewellery kit.

  186. Shirleen Devault says:

    LOVE the horizontal shot with the father playing guitar with the baby in his legs. Timeless!

  187. You already know thus considerably relating to this subject, made me for my part consider it from so many varied angles. Its like women and men are not fascinated unless it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs great. Always deal with it up!

  188. Briana says:

    guys, he wasn’t saying anything untrue and he wasnt attcking anyone. It is common knowledge that here in america we tend to enjoy movies that are stupid. It’s comedy. And there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be double taxed. It’s his money he has a right to say what he wants to do with it. Just as he as a right to speak his mind. He didn’t really say anything wrong. I don’t see why everyone is so upset. He’s not a greedy celebrity. He gives alot of his money to charitys and to cause that he believes in. He funded an entire legal team for wrongfully convicted teens. He bought $64400 worth of coats for EVERYONE on the POTC 4 xast when it was raining. Not to mention he donated every dime he made on that heath ledger movie he was in to heaths own daughter. He’s not your average celebrity. He is however a person, and he doesnt have to agree with everything america does or says. Im sure that whether you are american or not, you dont agree with all of it either. I don’t and im not afraid to say it. Why are we forcing johnny to hide his feelings, hes not asking us to.