Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied go for a paparazzi-friendly jog


Ah, Ballet K-Fed. I’ve missed him! I haven’t written about Benjamin Millepied in forever! That was smart of him – he must have went away for a little while, kept his head down and stayed out of the spotlight. Smart. Best not to look overly eager or like you’re thoroughly enjoying your new-found celebrity. These are photos of Benjamin and Natalie Portman going for a run in Los Feliz yesterday. They must have moved out of NYC and transplanted to LA at some point, and surprisingly, they seem to be getting pap’d quite a lot in LA. Usually, the photos are so exclusive there’s no way that we can get them, but these running photos came out and we have access to them, so huzzah! If you’d like to see the most recent (blurry) pics of Natalie, Benjamin and baby Aleph, go here.

I like Natalie is out running and she looks like she hasn’t lost all of the baby weight – she’s lost almost all of it, don’t get me wrong. But she looks soft and like those last ten pounds are difficult to lose, and I like that. I like that Natalie won’t get to be “Oh, I lost the weight so easily, everything about motherhood is a dream, from the conception to every simper and pout of my child, you can have this life too!” No, those last ten pounds are putting up a fight, God bless them.

Do you think Natalie and Benjamin will ever end up getting married? Or was the engagement just a PR ploy for her Oscar campaign? We’ll see, won’t we?






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. mememe says:

    ? Does anyone really think from that picture that she needs to lose more weight? She looks fantastic,baby or no baby,and yet in posts with Melissa Mc Carthy and G.Sidibe we celebrate their womanhhood and god forbid we say they look bad!(don’t get me wrong, I like both of them, but is has nothing to do with the fact that they are obese, but with their actual talent)

  2. gillie says:

    The shorts shes wearing look like they’d cause all kinds of chafing. Ouch!

  3. Auds says:

    Mememe is ‘womanhood’ the new politically correct word for fat now? I’m not saying these two actresses should be reed thin, but for the sake of their future health, they do need to do something.

    There is nothing wrong with looking after yourself and striving to be healthy. I doubt that Portman is going for the stick insect/lollipop look. This is a regular jog. Many people do go jogging.

  4. samira677 says:

    Kind of bizarre to criticize somebody for not losing all of the baby weight. Natalie looks fine. I don’t think she looks fat at all. I don’t get the soft comment either. She was never a hardbody.

  5. carrie says:

    they live at Los Feliz actually (and they came at Paris and Lyon this summer to present the baby at his family)
    i thought they are low-key since avril contrary to Kerr-Bloom for example :baby’s name isn’t official,there is few baby photos
    i like they don’t sell their baby

  6. ShanKat says:

    He never ever looks happy. His body language is confusing.

    They’ll never get married.

  7. deva says:

    Does she have 2 black eyes?

  8. lee says:

    she definitely doesn’t look fat, but she does look ever so slightly rounder than she did pre-pregnancy. granted, that may also have something to do with the fact that she was SO thin for black swan right before.

    anyways, i kind of agree with Kaiser in that i like that she didn’t immediately bounce back to a size 0. i think she looks great the way she is.

  9. AcornPaste says:

    Is she seriously covering her face in some of the pictures?

    I’m surprised that they managed to stay out of the spotlight after the baby is born.

  10. CandyKay says:

    He recently retired, at age 34, from dancing with the New York City Ballet, so I hope he’s got something professional going in L.A.

    According to the New York Times on October 29:
    “For NYCB’s 2012 spring season, Mr. Millepied will create a world premiere ballet to a commissioned score by Nico Muhly, which will have its premiere on May 10, at the company’s spring gala. He’s also working on the choreography for a new musical in development, “Hands on a Hardbody,” written with Trey Anastasio of Phish.”

  11. Elizabeth S. says:

    Can we please stop talking about actresses’ bodies (and those of actors – leave Johnny Depp alone!) like they’re public property?

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s none of my business if someone is fat, or thin, or bloated, or losing/gaining weight, or whatever.

    Judge them on their behaviour. their performances and their dress sense. Just leave the body alone.

    And MeMeMe (@1) has a really good point. Why is it okay to be judgy and to make comments on a normally thin woman, but woe betide anyone who comments negatively about fat actresses?

    I say neither are okay, but I don’t see why there should be any difference. And I don’t see how Portman’s weight has anything to do with her attitude to and experience of motherhood.

  12. maggiegrace says:

    Take a walk Elizabeth S. It’s a snarky gossip site. Why visit it if you don’t approve of snarky gossip?

  13. mememe says:

    Hehehe,Auds, no, it is just something I made up, definately not a proper term! I tried to be sarcastic – and, me being a non-native speaker, failed :p. I absolutely agree with you, I am just annoyed by the double standard – it’s a no no to say that they are huge, not good looking, etc, because it is body snarking, but for a healthy and good looking girl we pull the baby weight thing? I just don’t get it.

  14. wallycally says:

    she’s pretty committed to her faith, maybe this is an isla fisher/sacha baron cohen situation and natalie is waiting for him to complete conversion. i used to see them in tribeca all the time and they looked genuinely together to me.

  15. CandyKay says:


    As an actress, your appearance is part of your job.

    I don’t think that Hillary Clinton’s weight or Meg Whitman’s weight or Kathryn Bigelow’s weight or Michelle Bachmann’s weight has much to do with how they perform their jobs, but actresses’ (and dancers’) body types are part of the roles they inhabit.

    As Method actors like to say, their body is their “instrument.”

  16. bitca says:

    @CandyKay: exactly. That’s why they get the big $$$. If A-list actors look like cr*p, they are not doing their jobs–because fitness affects roles, performance, etc. Same goes for over-Botoxing/fillers, being scary-underweight, boozing/doping. So yeah; as long as it’s not nasty, as they are public figures, sure, we have the right to comment. HOW much are movie tix now? In NYC it’s $14 I believe…

  17. tiredofrumers says:

    they’ll never get married.

  18. kikay says:

    Without the help of make up and nice clothing,Natalie is a very average looking girl,and i’m being super nice here,don’t push me.

  19. dorothy says:

    Looks like they are doing well. They seem to be happy together.

  20. fingerbinger says:

    I always thught natalie was pretty, but she had the body of a 12yr old boy having a kid might actually give her some curves.

  21. Mouse says:

    For me, jogging or biking is me time. Doing the couples thing while exercising seems like a pretty obvious papparazzi friendly move. They’ll never get married, the way she gushed at the Oscars about her “love” was so fake and staged it made my stomach hurt. And their body language is just strange. I still think Portman had Aronofsky’s baby and Millepied is playing baby daddy for camera exposure just like this pics.

  22. Bodhi says:

    “Please Mouse, go kill yourself”


    Anyway, I think she looks fantastic & I hope she keeps the extra pound or two on her frame.

  23. T.C. says:

    Please, Natalie is too smart to get married to this K-fed. She was doing the whole “he are getting married” for her Oscar campaign. There are some conservatives in the Academy who would use the knocked up unmarried woman thing as an excuse to vote against her. Anyway I think she looks good. It looks to me that she lost all the baby fat from the pregnancy. This is Natalie Portman pre-super skinny Black Swan.

  24. Reece says:

    What CandyKay said. An actor’s body is part of their character.

    Looks like she still has the little impossible pouch left. She doesn’t seem the type to have it surgically taken out so that takes time to work it off. I like that she’s working it off.

  25. Atticus says:

    As an actor/actress, your appearance is a part of your job – when you are onscreen in a role. Between roles, who cares? Problem for celebrities these days is the 24/7 media cycle and how blurred the line has become between their personal lives and their performances in movies and on TV, so there really is no “time off” for them to not be seen.

  26. harfang says:

    She looks pretty terrific. Apparently she needs a new hat to run in; that one keeps wanting to fall off.

  27. Kate says:

    I like the hat that reminds us, in case we forgot, that she went to Harvard.

  28. Ranga says:

    I don’t know what you mean, her legs look really thin to me.

  29. Dani says:

    I agree with all those saying that they will never get married.

  30. Amy says:

    Ugh. What someone already said above–the double standard for picking on truly fat celebrities versus thin ones. I am about as thin as Natalie and from the tone of this post, it seemed like Natalie deserves having trouble losing the extra baby weight. Why? Because she is on the thinner side? You may think she is a snob or whatever, but that doesn’t mean you should gloat about her having trouble with it. I’m pretty sure that’s something NO woman likes to be reminded of–overweight or thin.

  31. Tiffany says:

    Wait a minute, she graduated from Harvard. In 2003. Say what!!! Shut you mouth. I.did.not.know.

    But yeah, this a total paps ploy.

  32. LBeees says:

    He’s running with a phone and… a pager?!?


  33. LuckyLilGem says:

    Still see a little baby pouch. It takes time for the body to snap back. I’m glad she didn’t do the hollywood thing and have a c-section delivery early to avoid the weight gain.

  34. Catherine says:

    She has really thin legs, wow!

  35. AcornPaste says:

    Kate and Tiffany –

    I know the H is for Harvard, but I don’t know more than that. So that is what the 03 in her hat stands for.

  36. lauren says:

    WHo knows, maybe it is for real. Why would she still be wearing her engagement ring and hanging out with the guy if it was just a ploy for the Oscars? Last I checked, that was a while ago.