Adriana Lima doesn’t eat solids for 9 days, drink water 12 hours before a VS show


Adriana Lima is a 30 year-old Brazilian model and the mother of a two year-old daughter. Like so many other models and celebrities, Lima dropped the weight fast when she had her baby. She drew ire when she said that it was “easy” to lose the baby weight on one hand, while admitting that she didn’t eat any carbs and often worked out twice a day. That wouldn’t be “easy” for most people, but we don’t have her job or her money and no one pays us for being “hot.” In a new interview ahead of tomorrow’s Victoria’s Secret show, Lima reveals that she goes to even more extremes to bare almost all on the runway. She drinks only protein shakes for nine days ahead of time and doesn’t drink water for 12 hours before a show so she’s sufficiently skinny and “dried out.” That sounds like torture to me. Plus she still works out twice a day.

What does it take to get the body of an Angel?

Egg powder, twice-daily workouts and no solid food.

Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima told the Telegraph just how much strenuous dieting and sacrifice to look effortlessly perfect for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The 30-year-old model, who said she’s been working out with a personal trainer every day since August, has doubled her regimen now that the show is coming up on Nov. 29.

She lifts weights, she boxes, she jumps rope — and starting three weeks ago, she’s been doing it twice a day.

She also sees a nutritionist who measures out exactly what she needs to stay healthy but also keep her svelte. She drinks a gallon of water a day.

Then, nine days before the show, she says goodbye to solid foods and drinks only protein shakes. She is allowed to stop drinking that daily gallon of water and just drink normally until 12 hours befor the show.

Then, no liquids allowed at all.

No liquids at all so you dry out; sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that, she said.

Sources close to the process of getting ready for the $10 million production say the models train like Olympians for their big moment on the runway.

“Adriana works really hard at it. It’s the same as if you were a long-distance runner,” said Sophia Neophitou, chief stylist for this year’s show. “They are athletes in this environment — it’s harder to be a Victoria’s Secret model because no one can just chuck an outfit on you, and hide your lumps and bumps.”

Despite the constant workouts, and missing tasty foods, Lima, a 30 year-old mother, said that it’s all worth it.

“It opens up so many doors, everyone knows your name, the whole world knows you now,” she said. “Any model in this world would love to be an Angel.”

[From The Daily News]

If I didn’t eat solids and worked out even once a day I would pass out. I need to have snacks at the gym because when I work out too hard I get dizzy from low blood sugar. Most other people can handle it, but I can’t give blood either or I’ll faint. It baffles me that there are people who can drink only protein shakes, work out twice a day, deny themselves water and still function. There’s something abnormal about it, and of course it’s also totally unhealthy and unsafe. But Lima is skinny, and she obviously thinks it’s worth it. What a great message to send to young women. Being a VS model “opens up so many doors” so it’s totally worth it to not eat for over a week! Lima isn’t even the tiniest VS model and those models are comparatively healthy when matched against high fashion models. It makes you wonder what those poor girls are doing to stay thin.






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  1. dena says:

    what a stupid, shallow twat.

  2. LucyOriginal says:

    She used to be one of the skinniest VS models, but she used to smoke a lot too. I guess after she stopped smoking and had her daughter, it got harder to maintain the weight.

    Anyway… at least she is honest that it is not easy to look hot like that. Besides, models should never be used as role models, please…

  3. Erin says:

    She must be crapping out some really interesting stuff ‘eating’ like that.

  4. constant says:

    Bad breath was the first thing that came to my mind.

  5. carrie says:

    do you imagine how it is during the Fashion Weeks?

  6. Heatheradair says:

    Uh, if it were my job to be naked in front of the world, I’d pretty much do whatever the eff it took to stay thin, too — because I’d know every website out there was waiting for me to gain a pound so they could call me fat. The sorry truth.

    It’s sick, but on the other hand, can’t say I’d operate much differently.

  7. Ana says:

    At least she isn’t Giselle and isn’t saying that you’re either born with great genetics and deserve to be a model — or any of the other models who just say that they are born naturally skinny and are, hence, better than everyone. Sounds like she’s conveying a message that this it takes hard work, discipline and sacrifice to do what she does because she wants the reward on the other end. Actually, that doesn’t sound like a very bad example to set for younger kids…any parent with a child who is an elite athlete knows that that’s the formula for success. You don’t even come close to qualifying for the Olympics or academic scholarships by sitting on your ass.

  8. Arrow says:

    You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do…she is gorgeous and has a great body. No, it’s not the best message to send to young girls but she has to provide for her family the best that she can. As far as I’m concerned it’s her body, she can do with it as she pleases:)

  9. NM9005 says:

    I once did a diet for two days by just relying on solids. I did it during my summerjob which was pretty tiring. On day two I almost fainted and I knew I’m not the kind of person who can do an extreme diet. It’s just not good and my life felt empty. Food is joy and warmth. It wasn’t me and it’s depressing to think you have to be thin and toned to be considered pretty.

    Oh and I read a book from a Dutch (Holland) model and the things she wrote… The modelling world is SICK. Luckily she was naturally thin and studied psychology during her modelling days. She always choose brain over beauty but felt she needed to see the world and that was a good way to do it. She also claimed that most models never become a topmodel. The agency crams you into a tiny studio with 8 other models and you just run from casting to casting until you’re 26-30 and then you’re out. All very boring and stressful if you can’t break out to be a topmodel.

  10. Beatrix says:

    I know, I know…all true. shallow, superficial and vapid….and yet still, I want her abs…:(

  11. A~ says:

    That is anorexia, plain and simple. She is not “conveying a message that it takes hard work.” She is conveying a message that it takes starvation, deprivation of basic bodily needs,and unnatural standards of skinniness. That is anorexia.

  12. alfabc says:

    I find her disarmingly honest. Instead of the usual model lies of “I just scarfed down a cheeseburger and a shake – what me diet?”

  13. Larissa says:

    Most women go through HUGE sacrifices to stay in shape, at least she is not saying she is skinny naturally!Plus these techniques to be runway ready existed WAY BEFORE Adriana, she did not invent it. Its her job and I do not think any model, espcially VS ones sign up to become a role model for young women.

  14. Lila says:

    This woman floors me with that face. She’s just gorgeous. It’s a trait I’ve noticed that’s no longer required of models. As for that diet, apparently, that blonde stop sign to her left is on one far more severe.

  15. wunder says:

    If I got paid as much as she does, I’d also do it. . . That said, I’m glad I have more options than that *happily grabs cookie*

    • Erika says:

      I do that too and I dont make the money she makes and she would too no matter her income, we all want a perfect body no matter what. It is sad that Americans are soo fat that they would rather eat cookies than eat healthy and workout to have a great body, sorry but we are just plain fat.

  16. gee says:

    @.A~: I agree.. why aren’t people more alarmed about this? She’s acting like it’s no big deal.

  17. Rose says:

    I’m like you, i can’t give blood either, my blood pressure’s too low- i get pins and needles in my arm immediately and pass out. If i didn’t eat solids even for half a day i would get wobbly. Do they just run off adrenalin and fear?!

  18. IAMEROK says:

    As an avid fitness enthusiast, marathon runner and personal trainer to pro athlete’s I can safely say she is WRONG! Your body needs carbs (whole grains) and protein (beyond supplemental shakes) to perform! I run, weight train and eat 6 small meals a day (2 of which are protein shakes. She is straight up starving herself. Not good considering she’s working out hard not once but 2x daily! WRONG WRONG WRONG EFF YOU Victoria’s Secret and your campaign to make all women feel like crap unless they starve to look like a pro-ana model..
    UGH..end rant sorry gals!!

  19. Zigggy says:

    I’d far rather be fat.

  20. Jessica says:

    From what I have learned in my life, unless you have the body of a 12 year old boy and fake boobs… you are nobody. This proves it.

  21. Happy21 says:

    While I don’t think its a good message to convey to young girls, this girl is a model and is doing it as part of her job. She doesn’t do it everyday or even every week for that matter. She states she does this before runway shows to be at her skinniest. She doesn’t do this all of the time. If she did then there would be a problem. She gets paid a shitload of money to be thin, she’s got to maintain that she is a model and maintain the model ideal. I don’t think a person’s insides like to be abused like that and I would have to think that she isn’t genuinely healthy when she abuses herself like that. Also, I’m sure if she only worked out once a day she’d still look great.

  22. Kit says:

    I was just looking at a shopping website and feeling depressed because of the skinny models, but a normal functioning person with a regular life can’t live like that, you would either get sick or be a constant total biatch because of the hunger.
    How many teens and tweens will read something like this and think it’s a good idea to eat this way?
    And that chief stylist needs to be slapped, a proper athlete couldn’t function without eating, total nonsense!!!

  23. layla says:

    Her honesty is refreshing – scary, but refreshing.

    Its her job to be thin. No its not healthy (and for most, its NOT natural)… but neither is working a 100hr week, spending 3hrs a day commuting in traffic, super high stress that you bring home to your family, meeting after meeting so you live off cans of diet pop, or worse yet, working so much you never see your family.

    These are all choices people make when it comes to their “careers”. None of them are healthy, yet most are accepted (or EXPECTED) as the norm.

  24. Kit says:

    @lila can you imagine what the lollipop girls, like the blonde, have to do to get that way and stay that way?

  25. Jessica says:

    So if I only smoke week once a month, that doesnt make me a pothead right???

  26. Fran says:

    What a fool! I love my buuuurger! And I work out 3-4 times a week, so it’s a good balance, but not eating for 9 days, that’s torture! Sad people!

  27. RobN says:

    You people are acting like she lives this way full-time. She doesn’t. It’s a short term deal to get her looking her absolute best for a single event. Kind of like so many women do for their wedding day so they look great in the pictures and they can get into that dress they bought in a size too small.

    It is not anorexic to stick to protein shakes for a couple of weeks. Protein shakes have calories, they have carbs; they are not water. She works with nutritionists and trainers that most of us don’t have access to. She isn’t a teenage girl living on green beans.

    Better a model admit to how hard she has to work than to give young women the idea that it’s easy and they should all look that way.

  28. DarkEmpress says:

    It seems like the only unhealty part of it is the last 9 nines. Other than that she works out twice a day, drinks a gallon of water and shes a nutrionist to ensure that she has healthy low fat meals. That is will power! Was it Kate Moss who said nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels? Model Philosophy! LOL

  29. fabgrrl says:

    I really appreciate this honesty. I’d like my daughter and other young girls to know what professional models go through to look “perfect”. I’m sure there are some naturally skinny models, and maybe Ms. Lima was one of those before she turned 30. But I think a lot of them have to go through this, or worse, especially if they are “older” and trying to juggle motherhood at the same time — she probably has to keep her kitchen stocked with solids and carbs for her little girl to eat.

  30. teehee says:

    Its just so deceitful, though- why make something beautiful when in reality it is unattainable, unhealthy, and dangerous? What a bad message to send; whats worseis men believe this and actually find it attractive, yet they dont comprehend how impossible this is for any woman past 15 (except a handful of women, and even they have to dehydrate themselves).
    And the water tip? Well that only works if youve got a functional water balance in teh first place. Me, I can drink nothing all day and still weigh just as much or magically more the next day :(

  31. Ari says:

    Seriously though you have to admire that kind of willpower. Its almost like a super power lol…I know my fat a$$ has NONE (although I love love love healthy eating- I just hate exercise :L haha!)

  32. Paula says:

    You all are really negative! Drinking protein shakes may not be the norm, but they are perfect meal replacements that have all the nutrients you NEED, without all the bad stuff you DON’T! How is this anorexic? How is working out, drinking plenty of water, and drinking protein shakes bad? Compared to 99.9% of fat Americans who eat crap all day. She’s a professional. You do what you have to do. She works out and sees a nutritionist. And remember people, this is not everyday. It’s a temporary extreme just like actors who lose weight for a movie or get ripped. Get over it!

  33. Muffy says:

    I agree with the comment about anorexia, this woman has an eating disorder, I know she justifies it by saying it’s a job and she is well paid, but she is starving herself because the fashion industry needs women to fit into their samples. Sad, really, I too just ate a yummy cookie!

  34. Delta Juliet says:

    I’ve always found her to be so harsh looking. Her individual features are pretty but all together, meh. And before I get called “fat” and “jealous”, there are plenty of other VS models that I think are pretty, just not her.

  35. teehee says:

    And anothe comment- no theres nothing wrong with protein shakes; its healthy yes and ok to use. But she makes it clear in her own words that she is forcing her body out of its natural shape and size for her job; eg regardless of the means she uses, her body is not meant to be as small as it is now, and I think that is what is bothering people most about this.

  36. blonde on the dock says:

    She’s only doing it before a show. Big deal! Better than sitting on a couch eating a burger and fries and wallowing in self pity because you’re a blob.
    She’s absolutely stunning.

  37. meilamon says:

    I have done this once before in my life for 7 days. Except it was water and the occasional glass of milk. That being said, the first 3-4 days were the worst, my body ached, and I couldn’t do much of anything, forget working out. It was unhealthy, it was crazy, I would never do that to myself again, but my stomach looked amazing. That said, it wasn’t worth it.
    Maybe her drinking protein shakes gives her the energy she needs? Otherwise put a pair of wings on her and she may be liable to fall over!

  38. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Yes, I appreciate her honesty, especially in light of Giselle’s constant bragging.

    The only reason that I don’t hate Giselle as much as Leann Rimes for all the nonsense she says is that she is Brazilian and it seems to be somewhat a cultural/language thing, and I think it’s the same situation here. These girls are less filtered than Americans and say whatever.

  39. sassenach says:

    She is not saying this is how she is living her life. She is simply saying this is the prep that she does for the show. I don’t see a problem with it. She is now a thirty year old mother with no other modeling contracts. Of course she is going to do everything she can to maintain this because she only has a few more years left. She also looks healthy to me.

  40. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I just read some of the comments and need to add: what if we look at it from a different perspective? Instead of saying she’s a bad role model how about saying she’s a good one b/c she let’s girls know it’s nearly impossible to look like her? And how about instead of saying she is unhealthy we applaud that she’s not eating fast food and sitting on the couch all day?

    She doesn’t do this full time, and I used to do fitness contests and it reminds me of training for one of those (but we ate lean protein & veggies). It’s temporary and extreme but she is “training” for the rare appearance that requires her to get naked in front of millions, basically. Can’t really blame her…

  41. lucy2 says:

    At least she’s being honest and not claiming to eat whatever she wants, but…it just doesn’t seem healthy to do that for 9 days every time she has a show. I wonder how many calories she’s actually consuming.

  42. madpoe says:

    guess all that fat/weight goes to her duck lips. Is that pout pose ever attractive…on Earth I mean?

  43. T.C. says:

    I think it’s better for young girls to know that these models don’t just get out of bed looking this way, they have to WORK for it. They have to diet, exercise, sacrifice, etc. I think it’s worse when other models lie to young girls claiming they are just born skinny or they can eat whatever they want and still look like that naturally. It is not natural I am glad SOMEONE is willing to be honest about it. Plus not many young girls are going to try such a crazy routine just like not many young girls would try out the crazy routine of elite athletes when they talk about it on T.V. On and to those saying she has anorexia, you don’t know what anorexia truly is. People with anorexia have emotional issues and use food to control their emotions. They don’t eat for days, if they exercise they do it more than twice a day to a crazy amount. Anorexia is a disease this woman is not ill just a professional on a schedule for a show.

  44. tia says:

    She is probably one the most beautiful women in the world.. crazy gorgeous.

  45. T.C. says:

    I think girls and women wouldn’t have to suffer so much from bad self-esteem looking through those magazines if they knew how much work it takes for those women to look that way. It’s a full time job. Boys and men too wouldn’t have those type of expectations from the girls/women in their lives if they knew these women aren’t born that way but have to work hard for those bodies. So this information is helpful education to men too about the realities of women’s bodies.

  46. vic says:

    She’s fine, not anorexic. Same things actors, athletes and others do before big events to be at lightest and leanest. Or even regular (real people) before vacations and weddings. And wow is she gorgeous.

  47. ol cranky says:

    i feel bad for her kidneys

  48. danielle says:

    It actually makes me very happy that she’s honest about what it takes – she’s not all “I’m naturally thin!” And losing baby weight might not have been hard for her if she’s used to working out 3 or 4 hours a day with no solid foods. Yikes!

  49. Isa says:

    She is so pretty. I had no idea she used to be a smoker until I saw the kissy face picture. She has the lines above her top lip like Jennifer Aniston.
    I think that’s where the duckface pictures oiginated from!
    Anyway, if she does this to stay thin I can only imagine what the others have to do. She’s the biggest one there!
    While all the models that have babies all look great, I still find their bellies to be weird.

  50. Embee says:

    I find her unattractive, and I always have. However, she interviews well: straitforward and candid…she seems likable!

    That said, I hate these standards of “beauty” that her employer (and she) perpetuate. It’s absolutely abnormal and unhealthy if someone as naturally thin as she requires such intensive measures to achieve.


    Remember Laetetia Casta? Gorgeous.

  51. laylajane says:

    FINALLY, someone that told the TRUTH!!!Not “I’m naturally skinny” meanwhile they sniff coke, smoke, drink coffee or redbull and only eat on Sundays. I like this woman!!!What’s funny is she looks like the healthier one of the 3 she is in the photo with. I wonder what they do to be even skinner….

    They aren’t being shallow its what she has to do to keep working, she is paid for her looks. If I were paid for my looks I would be doing the same thing.

    I’m paid for my mind aka a nurse so they can careless what I look like:-) but she makes a hell of a lot more money than me. Every job has work requirements these were hers LOOK GOOD HOWEVER POSSIBLE.

  52. Kim says:

    She is pathetic! Anyone who would give up solids for 9 days for ANY amount of money or fame is absolutely sick in the head!

    She is not a role model because she is being honest. This will just make young girls go starve themselves.

    Her nutritionist is an idiot because you can lose weight and stay in great shape while eating the right foods. You dont have to liquid diet for 9 days and what no one is mentioning is how bad a liquid diet for 9 days is for your health.

    She may look ok on the outside but inside her body is totally unhealthy.

    Ill take health over outside appearances anyday.

  53. ShanKat says:

    Protein shakes. I’ll bet!

    Nuts have almost no calories. She should go suck some.

  54. Miffits says:

    That diet and dealing with a 2 year old every day? As a loving and devoted mother I can honestly say that would send me on a killing spree.

    I also think it’s pretty redundant when rail thin women model underwear. I’m not inspired to buy a bra that looks like it can only support fried eggs. Slap Christina Hendricks in it and I’ll buy 12.

  55. Novaraen says:

    This whole skinny anorexic looking models modeling stuff is ridiculous. No one reeeeally wants to look like that and live like that. She honestly looks awful and somewhat sickly in those pics…her cheeks are all drawn in. Not healthy any way you look at it. I doubt she could workout 2 times a day with no solids in her system. Doing that on just shakes would cause some gnarly bowel issues I would imagine.

  56. rissa says:

    ehh.. id still rather have sofia vergaras body

  57. CJ says:

    What she’s doing isn’t healthy but at least she’s honest about the extremes she goes to. The industry she’s in is completely f*cked up, many of those girls do coke, adderall, etc. to stay skinny. I wanted to model as a kid, so I got an agent at 15, who encouraged me to starve myself. It’s just not a healthy environment.

    Plus let’s face it, mac & cheese is delicious. Put a little truffle oil in it… heaven!

  58. Katyusha says:

    @ ShanKat

    I think you need to take another look at a nutrition label for nuts – they’re pretty high in calories and fat, but they’re good calories and fat.

  59. Turtle Dove says:

    CB, I’ve done liquid diets before (for medical reasons) and it was fine. You do lose weight from it and if you eliminate the bread and those type of carbs, your stomach gets nice and flat. It’s a lot more manageable than people think. You can take a proper meal of (say) steak, veggies, and potato and liquify/puree it and you get all the nutrients, but it goes through you really quickly.

    If you get dizzy at the gym, I suggest that you get your iron and hemoglobin levels checked and then rechecked every three months. I have low iron and my body has challenges processing it. I take iron daily with 1000mg of Vit C, which helps the body process the iron. I can’t drink coffee or dairy with my iron 2 hrs before and after as caffeine binds to the iron and it doesn’t get absorbed.

  60. Turd Ferguson says:

    If she looks like THIS then please keep doing it.

    - The Male Population

  61. Emily says:

    Urgh. Between this and the obesity rate, does anybody even know what a healthy female body looks like anymore?

    Though props to Adriana for actually being honest.

  62. Patricia says:

    I realize Slim Fast shakes were before her time but from what I remember all liquid diets are a great way to ruin your gall bladder.

    Many women during the Slim Fast hey days ended up in extreme pain and had to have their GBs removed. And of course not having one causes many other health problems.

    A little research goes a long way.

  63. UKHels says:

    got to be honest I’m quite liking this chick and her frankness (and her bangin’ bod!)

    she doesn’t do it all the time, she does it for a couple of weeks to prepare for a show where she’s in her scanties in front of a ton of people – why not? it’s her job

    I quite like most of the VS models, at least they look like real-ish women

  64. retyah says:

    If they do all this dieting/working out how do they even have any boobs?

  65. jane16 says:

    When I was young, Victoria’s Secret made some nice things, pretty camisoles & chemises from good quality silk with french seams, nice cashmere sweaters. I still have some of those things that I bought from them in the 80′s. Now their stuff is crap. I’ve probably bought about half a dozen bras there over the last decade, they fall apart in the washing machine or when you wear them & are uncomfortable to boot. The last one I bought was their cotton bra and it felt horribly scratchy. Weird, overpriced, tacky junk.

  66. jane16 says:

    Sweetie, her boobs are fake. See how they don’t come together, there’s sort of a valley in between them. That’s one of the ways you know they’re fake. Also, the nipples point upwards.

  67. jane16 says:

    Emily @ 61, good comment!

  68. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    She’s gonna ruin her looks and metabolism. Oh well, I would do the same for the amount of money she’s making.

  69. Celebitchy says:

    @Turtle Dove, thank you so much! I have had low iron in the past and this never occurred to me. What type of iron supplement would you recommend?

  70. murt says:

    She basically does the same thing that bodybuilders do – they also don’t drink liquids on the day of a show.

  71. Leticia says:

    There are two versions of model diets: cocaine + cigarettes OR starvation diet. Lima has chosen the healthier of the two model diets.

  72. Leticia says:

    I love the contrast between her pale eye color and tan skin. Striking.

  73. Mare says:

    On every woman who says Adriana is too thin, unhealthy and nothing special, there is 1000 men saying she’s hot and sexy :)

    • Erika says:

      True, thats why I starve myself too, wishing that I could look like that, men would love me if I did, I think most are stupid and probably fat if they say that they would not starve themselves.

  74. MexiDiva says:

    She doesn’t say she fasts all the time. 9 days before an annual show does not an anorexic make. Actually, it’s very common for athletes and yogis to go on fasts in order to cut weight for special competitions, events or detox. Google pap pics of her; she looks fit, healthy and ‘normal’ (for a gorgeous supermodel) most of the time:

  75. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    She calls the VS show ‘highest acheivement in [her] life.’

    That must suck for her baby.


    I think I tuned out everything in that sentence that wasn’t ‘slap Christina Hendricks’.


    Time will tell. I don’t relish the idea of her baby (remember her?) having to wear a T-shirt that reads, ‘I went to the VS Runway show and all I got was this lousy osteoporosis.’


    I suppose there’s no feasible way that she does many runway shows if this is her regimen. I’ve had my share of medical procedures that have required fasting (never feasting, that’s wrong with the lame-stream, anti-candy apple sub-media, so don’t get me started on this conspiracy of jicama).


    Willpower is one thing, but… I guess the model’s willpower doesn’t mean much if a doctor’s willpower has anything to say about the cardiac arrest. Assuming that she won’t have to endure this, one of her colleagues will. To the poster who asked what full-time catwalk models eat, orange juice-soaked tissue paper is popular. Hand to God.

    She’s freakishly beautiful, and not everyone is saving the world, the kinds of sacrifices made to serve an academic goal and those made to be a model…uh…not every job is edifying but I know which people have saved my life and treated me and that trumps all. So, I guess I think I can congratulate her on reaching her goals, but it’s all rather silly. People will get off to a catheder if it’s persuasive enough.

  76. Turtle Dove says:


    I was using 1 packet of “SpaTone” which is a liquid iron and I take a generic brand of Vit C. I take 1000mg Vit C per doctor’s recommendation. We agreed that I would closely monitor the caffeine from tea/coffee and dairy when taking the iron then make a decision in a few months time as to how to proceed. I ate well, but not enough protein, so I’m trying to increase that by eating iron rich foods.

    Edit – I WOULD recommend getting advice from a doctor re: iron because too much iron can be toxic/poisonous.

  77. Tracy says:

    Fasting, if done correctly, has incredible health benefits. It brings clarity, focus and inner peace. It is believed to also help prevent cancerous cells from growing out of control. Google it.

  78. Callumna says:

    Their stuff is crap. All money on dark lighting and skinny mirrors, and these starvers. None on product.

  79. Ron says:

    And this is the image of perfection that is shoved down girls faces everyday! It’s no wonder so many women have eating disorders and body image issues when the “perfect” girl has to not eat for NINE days.

  80. Hootie Hoo says:

    What she is doing is what most super thin actors/model do to stay thin. She is being mindful of getting her nutrition plus working out so I don’t see a problem with it. She is being honest about the work involved in looking like she does.

  81. Auds says:

    Finally a model who reveals the horrendous routines models put themselves through while other models, like the Miranda Kerrs smile and saying some bullshit like “I eat healthily, but have a high metabolism.”

    It makes me laugh how stylists compare these narcissistic stick insects to athletes. Athlete’s don’t fast on liquids and actually have some muscle mass.

    Notice how when she purses her lips together in her femme Zoolander pose, the vertical cigarette lines on her upper lip.
    Yeah, these models are ‘athletes’.

  82. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @turtle dove, caffeine also binds to calcium rendering the calcium Ineffective. So people concerned about the health of their bones should also cut back on the caffeine.

  83. Andrea says:

    In spite of all that she’s still pretty wide for a model.

  84. SamiHami says:

    She has a lovely, exotic face, but I don’t get why the standard of beauty has devolved into skeletal skinniness. Think back to the supermodels of the ’80′s-Cindy Crawford, for example. Those models were thin, but not emaciated and they looked healthy! The had curves!

    No one should have to go to such extremes to be considered beautiful. I’ll bet if she put on 10 pounds she would look stunning-and not scary skinny.

  85. Jenny says:

    I think I am a bit confused. Some folks say she does this only once a year, so it is not bad. Then how does she stay thin the other 356 days a year? She works more than once a year I would think, so she probably also does some extreme dieting whenever she works. Which means, she is anorexic and not at all doing a healthy diet the rest of the time.

    To me, any “profession” that requires you to be thin in the extreme, needs to change its requirements and show healthy normal, looking people in ads. Never understood why girls who look like boys are good to model clothes for women with curves.

  86. JaneWonderfalls says:

    It’s not healthy. Make all the excuses you want but when she drops dead of a heart attack because of improper nutrition, I bet that modeling gig would be a lot less. Don’t get me wrong, I understand her job is to look beautiful and thin, but anything that requires you to put your health and well being at risk isn’t worth it, I don’t care what job your doing.

  87. observer says:

    that’s the dumbest effing thing I’ve ever heard…. not drinking water for 12 hours?? someone get her (and the piss-poor “nutritionist” who ok’d this ridiculous plan) a brain scan, STAT! the lack of nutrients has clearly fried her brain.

  88. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Jenny I agree 100% with everything you said. I do know why they prefer skinny models, because designers feel that the clothes look and show better on thin rail models than curvy women….which goes to show you that models are basically just clothing hangers. This may explain why they don’t give a damn about these women dying from anorexia and bulimia.

  89. osarieme says:

    Wow. Let her be. She does not look anorexic to me. Looks hot and sexy, but then again to each his own.

  90. Isa says:

    MorticiansDoItDeader- I thought of you Monday! My SIL had a baby, sunny side up. She pushed once…insane huh?

  91. LucyOriginal says:

    I think when she said VS opens many doors (life chaning or whatever she said), she meant to say that after she signed with VS she got more modelling jobs. She was 17 to 18 years old when she joined the VS model cast and along with fernanda Tavares were the first Brazilians to get this gig with VS, before Gisele.

  92. Turtle Dove says:

    MorticiansDoItDeader (82)

    That damned caffeine is no good! J/k. Thanks for the info. My issue is that I do drink two green teas daily, but I also have to take iron, so there’s a little time juggling involved.

  93. jane16 says:

    @ cb, regarding iron supplementation:

    my family is Greek & we’ve had a lot of iron defiency. We’ve had good success with the liquid iron supplements that you get in health food stores, like NatureWorks or Flora. They seem to be more bio-available. My cousin, who works in the industry and my Dr friends all advise a g a i n s t taking Ferrous Sulfate as an iron supplement. There is lots of stuff about it online, just google ferrous sulfate fake iron. Here is one link:

    Of course, no one should take iron supplementation unless you need it. Too much iron is very bad.

  94. ZenB!tch says:

    She admits she works out twice a day – which is why she is toned. I guess you get used to starving. It’s what she gets paid millions to do. It’s nice to know she actually WORKS.

    The irony of the starving is she is not skinny. She is thin, svelte, curvy (real definition) and gorgeous. She’s not skinny.

    @Jenny and @Janewonderfalls I think does the extreme thing once a year for the VS TV show. There is no Photoshop on TV she has to look like she does in print in real life. She is photoshopped in the catalog and she is way too hot and curvy for regular runway modeling. Clothes don’t “hang” on her. She’s not the Lagersfeld clothes hanger type.

  95. jane16 says:

    Also, agree with Turtle Dove. I juice fast a couple times a year & think its healthy.

  96. jane16 says:

    Ooops. When I mention my cousin “who works in the industry”, I meant the natural foods/supplement/herb industry, not Hollywood. :)

  97. pinns says:

    Well it’s wasted on me cos I don’t want her body (and normally I’m well-jel of ‘thin’) but I wouldn’t want to buy underwear I’d seen on that lumpy torso.

    From these pics I don’t know why she’s an underwear model, her body is too hard and has no natural waist. Catwalk fine, model fine, just not underwear model.

    Not commenting either way on how she achieved it, just that however hard she has tried, she’s not that appealing full frontal, she needs to look softer somehow…

  98. cr says:

    Tracy: “…It is believed to also help prevent cancerous cells from growing out of control. Google it.”

    Not true, according to the National Cancer Society:
    “Available scientific evidence does not support fasting as a treatment for cancer. Some studies in animals have suggested that long-term calorie restriction — that is, consuming less than one’s normal amount of calories each day — may slow the growth of certain tumors, but this is not the same as fasting. In fact, some animal studies have found that actual fasting in which no food is eaten several days could actually promote the growth of some tumors. No human studies on the effects of fasting on cancer have been published in the available medical literature.”

  99. pinns says:

    And she looks ‘dirty’ but not in the good way… she needs to wash her face or something.

  100. Darlene says:

    I have a friend who has trouble with his teeth, for almost a year, he subsided on excellent protein shakes prepared by a nutritionist. He didn’t eat solid food once, and he was as healthy as can be. I disagree that she shouldn’t drink water for 12 hours, but I don’t think she’s abusing her body. She’s a professional model and she is taking it very seriously. You can live on liquid foods for years if you have to and be just fine.

  101. Estella says:

    That picture with her mouth hanging open is just precious. And she does not have a defined waist. I’d rather see a facially attractive woman with a toned hourglass figure than a ripped twig with a big mouth.

  102. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Turtle dove, it’s definitely no good! But I’m with you on those green teas, I love them too!

    @Isa, wow! That is definitely crazy! Was that her first baby?

  103. Tracy says:

    @cr… I said BELEIVED. Not proven. Chill out.

  104. NM9005 says:

    Funny how on the Kristen thread the majority is basically wringing their hands at the thought of somebody who’s naturally thin is going to have a hard time after her 30s to keep the weight of but on this thread the majority applauds, envies and justifies a woman doing diets that can be lethal. I don’t know any doctor who would recommend this lifestyle. Even if it is for a while or a job. You can use liquid food but only if necessary in special cases (e.g. losing weight for a gastric bypass) and the people who claim she only does it a few times, impossible since the body can´t handle such drastic diets in a short time. Or you get sick because the body tries to adjust itself to a different diet or you get fat really fast. Either way, it´s not a picknick going to such extreme lenghts to have an “ideal” body. What people are saying is “no matter what the consequences I´d rather be skinny by starving” than accepting my body and live healthy and happy with a fuller figure. And womem who don´t starve themselves for their skinniness don´t deserve our respect. We must suffer to be “beautiful”. Oh women and their own limitations…And they would only lose weight if it means they can flaunt or prance the body and people are in awe with them because they look “fabulous”, otherwise what´s the point right? If you can´t lord over somebody I´d rather sit in my couch eating potato chips and grumble at naturally skinny women. Great revolution…

    Oh and I´m sure men would love it if they have a women who´s image is more important than their health. You can´t go anywhere with those kind of women because they are boring and insecure. I can imagine the sex too. “Beautiful skinny girl” with stank breath from eating not enough and too much proteine shakes. Like fucking a bicycle… But who cares, it´s “sexy”.

    This goes for the extreme diets btw since looking good and healthy can be maintained by a normal healthy lifestyle but doesn´t result necessarily in being skinny or svelte. Health and confidence is sexy.

  105. NM9005 says:

    Oh and the modelling world wants boyish figure for their clothing. It´s been said here already I think, they´re coathangers and easily replaceble. Cool job huh, starve yourself to look like a boy and in return, we´ll give you an uncertain vain job in an uncertain shitty economy until you´re max. 35 years old. Great sign me up! Just try not to kill yourself or develop serious mental or physical ilnesses along the way or you might expire sooner than you think or hope.

  106. Ramona Q says:

    Comment #101: AL has a ripped twig figure! That was funny.

    These models’ bodies photograph well, they look good (I suppose), but really WHAT MAN would prefer touching a 6 foot tall praying mantis with hard fake breasts, instead of a nice curvy feminine figure? Anyone?

    Fat is feminine, curves are feminine – a young boy’s body with big fake tits is a near impossibility to achieve, and it’s purpose is to make us – female consumers – hate ourselves, and to kill our confidence. Confidence is sexy and empowering, which makes it dangerous!

  107. Ramona Q says:

    Adriana Lima is a corporation’s creation designed to take my money by making me hate myself the way I am. It’s immoral, to get down to it.

  108. Feebee says:

    She does this once a year for a show broadcast on national network television. You do what you have to do.

    Models employ similar regimes for photo shoots, be they fashion or fitness models. Bodybuilders do it for competition.

    And you can’t tell me that being a Victoria’s Secret Angel isn’t career making for 90% of those who are chosen. You don’t know how long the gig is going to last. You do what you have to do.

  109. testington says:

    whatever, if I got paid the millions of dollars a year she gets I’d diet too. There are many models who are naturally thin and many who are not, she is one of the ones who probably isn’t naturally that thin, but in her league of modeling it is for sure worth it.

  110. cr says:

    “@cr… I said BELEIVED. Not proven. Chill out.”
    But you didn’t write ‘you believe’, you wrote ‘it is believed’.
    I work in a hospital, and while not a clinician, one of things we deal with is pts who ‘think’ and ‘believe’ quite a bit of what they read on the internet, and we have to show them how to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of medical information. So, when I read a post like yours I switch into work mode.
    And yes, I know I’m on a gossip site and shouldn’t be in ‘work mode’, since it defeats the purpose of being on a gossip site.

  111. Isa says:

    Morticians- It was her 2nd baby. She pushed twice with her first. And she’s a little bitty thing 5’2 and 100 lbs pre-pregnancy. I was really worried about her when she told me the baby was facing forward!

  112. A~ says:

    When girls read about the “hard work” of starvation and excessive exercising, they don’t respond by “working hard.” They respond by starving themselves and excessively exercising.

  113. Meggers says:

    I can attest to the fact tht it is possible to be that thin and not have an eating disorder. I have a slight frame, but can’t imagine a world in which a donut was forbidden! Screw that. What I don’t find possible are her boobs. We skinny women tend to be that way all over. It could be because of the baby, but I am highly skeptical. Unless VS bras really do work that well?

  114. mollination says:

    I actually think it’s great that she’s being honest instead of saying it’s just how “she was born”. And frankly, the author sounds like some personal things are infecting her P.O.V about this whole thing towards the end of this article.

  115. Penguin says:

    Disgusting example for young girls. Was 80 pounds as teenager, downing amphetamines and laxatives daily cos of comments like that. She ll be fat when she s older cos her metabolism will be f****d if she carries in like that

  116. IrishEyes says:

    I was all set to write this long, argumentative comment about how some people with digestive diseases (like myself) have to rely on liquid diets so their bodies don’t turn on themselves. But since to my best knowledge AL doesn’t deal with this, everyone would just make it a moot point. However, I applaud her honesty and the fact that she does work with a nutritionist. I also have to applaud that she is willing to go out there and be open about her regimen, when she has to know that people will be ridiculing her.

  117. IrishEyes says:

    @ Meggers I happen to be very slight as well, but those boobs are possible. I will put it out there and say that I am 105 lbs and am a 34 D. However, I don’t look that big because mine are spaced far enough apart. I HAVE to wear a VS bra to have any kind of cleavage. So… yeah. It’s possible. All the women on my paternal side are teeny with huge racks. The fact that she has had children probably helps as well.

  118. Kar says:

    Plenty of people follow protein shake/meal replacement diets, under the supervision of nutritionists and physicians… It reminds me of the Lighter Life diets in the UK (popular plans, like Jenny Craig)… So her diet isn’t THAT far-fetched. And she only does it in the days leading up to the show, so it’s pretty on par with what most people/celebs do on the lead up to important events. No liquids for 12 hours prior to the show- bodybuilders do that too..

    As for the whole VS show being the highlight of her life… Different things mean different things for different people. Not everyone has the same dreams or aspirations in life, and what’s important to you isn’t necessarily important to someone else.

  119. NYC Blondeee says:

    What’s the problem? She trains/studies/prepares like anyone else would do for their final exam/match/performance. She has a nutritionist (hired professional) so obviously she’s consciense of what she’s doing. Everything takes hard work and it wouldn’t be an art if it wasent disciplined.

  120. Sesshomaru says:

    You ppl are overreacting, she only does this before the show, if she did that all the time she’d pass the fuck out or get heart failure. Plus at least she’s honest about it and even though she’s really thin, she’s still the thickest of all the VS models. So it makes me wonder what the other models do. THey’re diets must consist of lettuce, water, and cigarettes.

  121. jay says:

    at least she is drinking the shakes, as opposed to nothing at all. And she said she only does this for their annual fashion show. Soooo it’s not like her life is just protein shakes and one glass of water for a month. After all, there’s no photoshopping on the runway, plain and simple. And they are in minimal clothing for a well watched and covered event. And there are always going to be models thinner and younger then her. It is the demands of the job.

    It’s actually kind of funny since Adriana could be considered “healthy” for a model. Granted she isn’t haute couture, but there are a lot more models who are a lot skinnier. Makes you wonder what the hell they are living on.

  122. Larissa says:

    Omg, most of the one criticizing do realize she does that ONCE A YEAR? She does have a very strict contract to fulfill and she probably has to go a bit more extreme 9 days prior to the show exactly because she does NOT lead a starvation lifestyle.

  123. kazoo says:

    i think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. and she’s always been very blunt. love her.

  124. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    For those of you saying she’s the “thickest” of all the VS models, it looks like that’s her build (wider hips etc), not the fact that she has more body fat. In fact, she may have a lower BMI than the other women (who appear slimmer because of their frames).

    @Isa, I’m sure it helped being her second. As my nurse practitioner friend says, “the first one paves the way for the second.” I always thought being small would make it more difficult to give birth, but some of THE tiniest women I know have had the easiest labors. Apparently it’s all about the shape of your pelvis. Anyway, hope all is well with mom and baby. How’s your little one? My second is now 7 months (and started crawling at 5 months). He’s giving me a run for my money ;)

  125. theaPie says:

    Much ado about nothing. This is pretty much what professional body builders do before a big show, so they can get ripped. It sounds like she does it rarely – hardly reason to call her anorexic. I can’t condone the no water thing for 12 hours though. Reduce water, maybe, but water should never be withheld completely.

  126. Jam says:

    Wow, shocker. It’s kind of funny how appalled people are by this. Models do unhealthy things to stay models. And I’m torn about the influence on young girls–Is this a good thing to show that models have to sacrifice a lot to be models, and it’s hard work; or is it bad to basically give these chicks ways to fast and lose a lot of weight quickly? Jury is still out on that one. Though she does say it’s only before shows. I must disagree on the no liquids for 12 hours though. Doesn’t hydration keep you from retaining water? When you don’t hydrate your body, it basically holds on to all the liquid it has, hence retaining water. Am I completely wrong on that one?

  127. Katyusha says:

    @ Original Tiffany

    That’s not the first time something went over my head, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

    Sorry about that ShanKat.

  128. Criss says:

    I don’t have that kind of willpower. Most doctors will tell you that it is healthy to cleanse your colon from all of the waste built up in the years especially the rotting dead cow causing that bulge. I hope her shakes are healthy though, some are full of crap too.

  129. Isa says:

    Morticians- Her mother and grandma had super easy births too, guess she inheritied their super pelvis! I was really looking forward to giving birth since I figured I’d have an easier time with my second. Oh well. We’re great. He’s huge! 90% for weight and 97% for height! I’m not looking forward to him crawling….! I’m gonna have to take away my DD’s little toys because he’ll be sticking them all in his mouth!

  130. Cie says:

    What #8Ana said.
    If she looks so thin, better we understand that she puts in barely-attainable standards&effort, so that we don’t expect it of ourselves. This way we can tell ourselves, now if I did that, I’d look that great too….

  131. DrM says:

    And we wonder how and why women have such disordered eating…

  132. Genry says:

    Fantastic girl!