Jennifer Garner: Rachel Zoe won’t let me wear maternity clothes!


If you’ve been watching The Rachel Zoe Project for long enough, you get to know how Rachel works with some of her bigger clients. Most of the big names don’t actually want to appear on the show, but Rachel must have worn some of them down, because many end up doing at least one appearance. You get an idea of these celebrities not only from their brief appearances, but by how Rachel and her staff talk about the clients. Like, Zoe Saldana comes across as a know-it-all pill who thinks she can pull off anything straight from the runway. Kate Hudson seems flaky and self-absorbed, and she and Rachel have a very sycophantic relationship. Johnny Weir is always fabulous, and he can work stilettos better than most women. Demi Moore is a demanding perfectionist about her “look”. Cameron Diaz wants what no one else has, and Rachel will do anything to get it for her.

Quite honestly, Jennifer Garner comes across the best out of all of Zoe’s clients. I may hate Garner’s casual style – which I’m guessing she does herself – but on red carpets, Jennifer pretty much just wears what Rachel tells her to wear, and she can look decent/good to great. Garner even did a sit-down interview once for TRZP, and she admitted that she really doesn’t know much about fashion, but whatever she’s learned, she’s learned at Rachel Zoe’s feet. I get the feeling that Zoe pushes Garner to wear more vintage, to really pour on the glamour for big occasions, and to go with big designers like Oscar de la Renta and Valentino instead of experimenting with lesser-known labels.

Anyway, now I know something else about Rachel Zoe’s relationship with Garner – Jennifer claims that Rachel won’t let her wear maternity clothes. Rough!

Before giving birth in March, stylist Rachel Zoe was one of the most fashionable pregnant women in Hollywood — so it comes as no surprise that her client Jennifer Garner is too.

“Rachel is still determined not to put me in maternity clothes,” Garner, 39, told reporters at a special screening of Butter at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Sunday.

“I think she was so little when she was pregnant, she didn’t wear them. Sooner or later, she is going to have to put me in them!” Garner laughed. “Eventually that’s going to happen, but so far she’s gotten her way!”

The Lanvin-clad actress — currently expecting her third child with husband of six years Ben Affleck, 39 — added that she has about “four months to go” until her due date.

“Jen has always wanted three kids,” a source recently told Us Weekly. “This was her plan all along.”

[From Us Weekly]

So I’m guessing that the wrinkled Lanvin is not maternity-wear? Ugh. On one side, I understand that Rachel is just trying to ensure that her client have the best styles available to her and maybe Rachel is taking this as a personal challenge to find great clothes that will work as maternity-wear. On the other side, it feels like Rachel expects every girl she works with to starve, even when they’re pregnant. Rough.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Addie says:

    Doesn’t Rachel Zoe claim to be in her mid 30′s? I doubt that is true.

    Jen Garner is one of those women that seems to have no other real existance apart from her kids, Its great that she is a good mom, but she doesn’t seem the least bit interesting as a person.

  2. MeMyself says:

    Rachel has got to be a heavy longtime smoker…look at all the wrinkles around her mouth…

  3. MariPily says:

    Maternity clothes aren’t what they used to be. No more smocks, tunics and dowdy overalls! I’ve seen some so stylish, it made me wonder if they had the same design in regular wear, lol. Not sure why Rachel Zoe wouldn’t encourage her pregnant clients to wear stylish maternity wear…especially since they are cut and designed to make a pregnant woman feel comfortable.

  4. AcornPaste says:

    ‘Most of the big names don’t actually want to appear on the show’

    And here I was thinking she really had this ‘pull’ on celebrities!

  5. brin says:

    Just wear what you want, Jen…sheeesh.

  6. gee says:

    Eh I think people are too hard on Rachel Zoe. I really like her, and I think she does a great job dressing her clients.

  7. atlantapug says:

    The blazer in the top photo is hideous. And it makes JG look huge.
    The LBD on the bottom is too wrinkly.

    Jenn, trade in for some maternity dresses, STAT.

  8. SEF says:

    I don’t take it in a bad way . . . Jen is obviously laughing about it, and just means RZ wants to keep her as high-glamour as possible.

    We’ve all seen Jen’s daywear . . . I’ve seen the band of her maternity jeans showing so she’s def. getting to wear maternity clothes.

  9. LadyJane says:

    Seriously what did Rachel do to get a face like that?

  10. Pyewacket says:

    Well Rachel Zoe is an asshole, so who would listen to her about anything?

    Was/is Zoe a smoker, because her mouth looks exactly like a life long smokers would.

  11. that Lanvin is wrinkled and looks awful. I just don’t get why these celebrities act like puppets around Rachel Zoe.

  12. Eve says:

    @ Brin:

    Just wear what you want, Jen…sheeesh.

    Right??? It amazes me that some of these celebrities look and sound like they need a nanny more than their children do.

  13. Bermuda Blues says:


    You forgot ANNIE! Anne Hathaway – who Brad and Rachel sat in front of and praised for hours in Paris. “Annie is so intelligent and Annie recommends books for me! Annie can pull this off, but nobody else could!” When has Anne Hathaway ever worn something nobody else could wear? She’s not Cate Blanchett. Her style is princessy.

    I felt really uncomfortable with Rodger and Rachel’s behavior on Kate Hudson’s episode. Rodger kept saying strange comments about Rachel & Kate being best girlfriends, and Kate being a great influence on Rachel. It was NOT professional. It was also not believable. Kate pays Rachel to bring her nice clothes. These women are not best friends. Rachel doted on Kate. And when she went home to Rodger she acted as if spending a few hours with Kate changed her whole life. It was bizarre and pathetic.

  14. Rhiley says:

    I love when Molly Sims is on that damn show because she just seems so… pathetic. If it weren’t for Zoe, we wouldn’t see Molly on TV (I know she has some new Project Runway rip off show but honestly, who has watched it). Zoe has kept Molly’s “career” alive, and talk about somebody who seems like a pill, and not an exciting pill, but rather a really boring one, like tylenol pm or benedryl.

  15. Katalina says:

    I can’t believe she said she has another four months to go. I thought she was a month or two away from giving birth!

  16. Rhiley says:

    @Bermuda Blues: 1) Good observation about Anne Hathaway’s style, that is exactly what it is. 2) When Kate Hudson was on Rachel Zoe, my impression was that Rodger lusts after Kate. I think she is really his dream girl: she is an urban bohemian, a mother, a singer, and an actress who gives massive amounts of love and affection to the man she is with. Also, she is not a workholic and seems pretty family oriented. I bet they love going to all of the same music festivals too.

  17. kristipistol says:

    I don’t get the Rachel Zoe thing, personally all of her clients look bad most of the time.

  18. Jilly Bean says:

    So who is responsible for dressing JG in all those hienous outfits we have been seeing her in since i dunno when? bad publicity for RZ!

  19. theaPie says:

    The whole point of maternity clothes is that they are cut to hang properly when you have a jutting belly. Otherwise the hemlines are all wonky (see the wrinkled number). Sheesh. As if there is something ‘unfashionable’ about being pregnant.

  20. Criss says:

    Maternity clothes are ugly, just wear baggy clothes during the last trimester and you won’t be wasting your money.

  21. RobN says:

    That wrinkled mess is even worse in these pictures. Look at that zipper! I wouldn’t buy a dress at Macy’s that had a zipper like that; how about a little workmanship for the money.

  22. Isa says:

    She needs to be in maternity clothes now. She would look a lot better in them. Maternity clothes are made for room in the belly and to make everything else look normal. If you start wearing bigger sizes to fit your belly then you have bagginess everywhere else!

  23. ShanKat says:

    “…not an exciting pill, but rather a really boring one, like tylenol pm or benedryl.”

    @Rhiley, that was pretty hilarious.