New Candids of Brangelina on set and at the airport

Brad, Angelina, and their children were on the set of “A Mighty Heart” at the airport in Goa. (Thanks Irish.) Angelina was seen escorting her son, Maddox, while Brad looked hot and fatherly carrying little Zahara and shielding her head from the cameras. They seem to be entering the enclosed bungalow in a gated community that has been decorated to resemble the area in Karachi, Pakistan where Marianne and Daniel Pearl stayed.

All is not well with the Brangelina family and the media storm that surrounds them in India.

Angelina’s convey was involved in a possible hit and run accident with a motorcycle driver last week.

Angelina’s notorious bodyguard, one-time murder suspect Mickey Brett, was photographed and videotaped threatening and choking a British photographer, and now it’s said that another security guard threatened an Associated Press photographer with a gun, and that a different member of Angelina’s security force punched the photographer out:

The photographer representing the AP, Guautum Singh, said he gained legitimate entry to the area and was accosted by security guards after giving Jolie his business card.

Singh said he was down the road from the bungalow when he spotted Jolie in the back of a taxi while filming a scene from the movie. When the filming paused, he said, he put down his cameras and approached Jolie to give her his card, which she accepted through the window of the taxi before it drove off.

At that point, he said he was approached by one American security guard and two Indian guards, all of whom verbally abused him. One of the Indian guards punched him in the face and he swung back, also hitting the guard in the face, Singh said. Then, he said, the other Indian guard “grabbed me and the first guard punched me again.”

Singh said the first Indian guard then drew a gun and said he would be shot if he did not leave. The American guard did not take part in the scuffle, but witnessed the incident, the photographer said.

While the mean mofo that heads Angelina’s security force might not be responsible for this latest incident, he was said to have looked on without intervening. The photgrapher only gave Angelina a business card, is that an offense worth threatening his life for?

Considering this incident along with the stories of photographers getting beat to a pulp and threatened in Naimibia, it’s easy to conclude that Angelina’s security force condones such unacceptable behavior, and thrives on a culture of violence.

The longer it takes Angelina to fire Mickey Brett and send people the message that violence is unacceptable the more her public image is going to justifiably suffer.

Thanks to AngelinaWeb for these photos.

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  1. lelo says:

    why does angelina always look so miserable, do they have any fun together?

  2. lelo says:

    Angelina is bizarre, she won’t fire that guy, she’s a dark soul.

  3. MizLiz says:

    Brad is hanging in there strictly for the kids’ sakes, I think. The above poster is right…they ALWAYS look miserable. The body language speaks volumes.

  4. marines all the way says:

    Where is Shiloh?

  5. Izzy says:

    she’s probably back at the hotel with a nanny

  6. JENNY says:




  7. IRISH says:

    these are pics of them arriving at the airport in goa at the weekend……….. where is shiloh?? back in india obviously!!! odd tinhg ofr a mother to do with her 4 month old daughter……….

  8. christy says:

    why do they look miserable?

    you tell me that you can front a smile 24/7 with reporters constantly following you and taking a billion picture of your every move…even if it is just walking through the airport

  9. fannee says:

    I heard their security people have been beating up people all over the place, too.. Not very nice for being guests in another country..

  10. Betty says:

    They always look miserable? If you were followed by photogs every where you went you would be miserable too! Well…except for Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohen.
    I guess you guys didn’t see the photos of them in the rickshaw in India, or the art gallery and photo exhibit in L.A. where they were smiling and laughing. They even had it in the tabloids. They’re in love, sorry if that messes with your mind.
    And any lay person knows you are not supposed to walk onto a hot set. Jeezzz…they were right in the middle of filming for godsakes when that bozo walked up to give his card to Angie. Any stupid person would know that breaks an actors’ concentration. I’m surprised they didn’t shoot him on the spot.