Lindsay and Keira to play lovers; Lohan gets red carpet summons

Lindsay Lohan will play in a film about poet Dylan Thomas’ wife in which her character is attracted to Keira Knightly’s character. Unfortunately it sounds doubtful that Keira and Lindsay will get it on onscreen, and there will probably just be some sexual tension:

[Lindsay Lohan] is taking a break from her partying antics to appear in a new movie about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas with KEIRA KNIGHTLEY, in which they play women who are sexually attracted to each other.

But before my male readers get too excited it’s not clear whether the girls give into their lust and, even if they do, the film’s writer might not let things gets too steamy.

That’s because the movie was penned by SHARMAN MACDONALD, aka Keira’s mum.

Lindsay told MTV: “Keira is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover and there’s somewhat of a lesbian undertone.”

Lindsay will also play a mother in the movie, which seems much less believable than her having an affair with Keira. The film, called “The Best Time of Our Lives” is about a real incident in which Keira Knightly’s character, who is a friend of Dylan Thomas’ wife, and her husband opened fire on the Thomas’ home. Now that also sounds like something Lohan would do.

While she was on the red carpet at a party recently, Lindsay Lohan was served a legal summons to appear in court. She was so upset that she threw the paperwork on the floor:

Actress LINDSAY LOHAN received a court summons to appear as a witness as she strutted up the red carpet, for a case believed to be related to her mother. Lohan was presented with the papers at a party in Beverly Hills, but thought it was a request from a fan. When she discovered the true nature of the document, she was visibly shocked. Lohan’s mother DINA LOHAN is accused of theft and fraud relating to a 2002 music deal. An onlooker said, “Lindsay was absolutely horrified and threw the papers on the ground.”

Where are the pictures of this incident? I would really like to see the look on Lohan’s dirty face.

Here is Lohan walking around LA on 10/12 and outside a hair salon that same day. [via] She is also shown kissing her new BFF, Rumer Willis, at the 21st Annual American Cinematheque Award Honoring George Clooney on 10/14. [via]

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  1. jess says:

    someone should tell lindsay that your face should match your arms…

  2. aneurysm says:

    sounds like an interesting film. i like both of the actresses, so this may be a good one.

  3. Clarimonde says:

    Poor Rumer. Such an unfortunate face. Too bad she looks like her father and not her mother.

  4. tess says:

    A tuque (yes i’m canadian), boots & … shorts????? I don’t know….her ensemble looks weird to me. It’s like, wearing a parka and flip-flops!