In Touch: Amber Heard nearly abandoned her lesbian ways for Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp’s sort of been on our collective sh-t list around here lately due to the fact that he really doesn’t seem to be behaving like his usual self in public. Things took a decided turn for the worst with this round of promotion for The Rum Diary. To recap, Johnny compared photoshoots to rape. He whined about the trappings of fame. In response to the poor box office showing for the movie thus far, he stated that middle America doesn’t want intelligent films (and in doing so, he picked on my hometown). And in a particularly awkward moment, he fell over drunk on the street, which led CB to speculate whether he was having relationship problems with Vanessa Paradis.

Meanwhile, In Touch has added fuel to the fire with word from “an insider” that Johnny developed an intense, on-set flirtation with his co-star, Amber Heard, who is a publicly declared lesbian and just happens to have a very serious girlfriend of three years. The article tries to make the case that Amber is “not 100% lesbian.” Really:

As Amber Heard strutted down the red carpet in a skintight gown at The Rum Diary premiere in London, all eyes were fixed on the sexy starlet — including those of her very taken co-star, Johnny Depp. “He immediately greeted her, leaning in to kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear,” an onlooker at the soiree tells In Touch of the pair, who play lovers in the film. “She laughed and rubbed his back. They were definitely flirting!”

And according to an insider, the cozy act wasn’t just for the cameras. Although their reps of course deny they did anything appropriate, “Amber has been saying that she and Johnn had really intense chemistry,” the insider says. At the film’s after-party at New York’s Hiro Ballroom, Amber’s friends were overheard teasing her about her flirtation with Johnny, with one even saying, “Why all know how close you two got on set!” Amber laughed and told them to be quiet, even though she thought it was funny.

One person that might not find this funny — his girlfriend of 13 years, Vanessa Paradis. For years, Johnny has presented himself as a satisfied family man, happy to retreat to his home in France with Vanessa and their kids. But at 48, it looks like the former bad boy is falling back into some dangerous old habits. He’s not only been out late looking wasted at parties in L.A., but he also partied hard with co-star Amber, confides the insider.

In fact, the pair acted like teenagers while making the film. “The set was wild,” the insider claims, adding that with his girlfriend and young children nowhere in sight, Johnny quickly took a liking to gorgeous Amber. “She is a very sexual person,” the insider explains of the 25-year-old. “She is beautiful, and she knows it.” At the many wild after-parties Johnny threw for the cast, Amber always stayed late, flirted shamelessly with him — and showed off her body. “One night, she was dancing very seductively.”

And as the pair reconnect to promote the film on the red carpet at premieres, their partners seem completely unaware. Indeed, Johnny’s still trying to juggle his rock-star side with his stable family-guy shtick with Vanessa — and Amber has no intentions of leaving her girlfriend, Tasya Van Re. “This is what happens on movie sets,” says the insider. If that’s the case, for his next film, Vanessa may want to consider moving into his trailer!

[From In Touch, print edition, November 21, 2011]

So is this report just a bunch of crap? Probably. I think there might be something to CB’s suspicions that Johnny and Vanessa might be having problems because he has been behaving quite oddly lately, which is a good sign that his home life might be off kilter. However, I don’t think there’s much for Vanessa to worry about when it comes to Amber. She’s into girls. Period.




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  1. GiGi says:

    I buy the problems at home thing – he recently stated he was living Stateside – and I don’t think Vanessa & the kids are.

  2. David says:

    She is very hot!

  3. Eve says:

    But she isn’t 100% lesbian. Let me see if I can find the article where she claims to have had successful relationships with men in the past.


  4. Rose says:

    As a Brit i’m always a bit giggly and silly when americans say the word ‘period’ when we would say ‘full stop’. But in the above sentence where she’s ‘into girls. Period’ …that’s just icky 😉

  5. gee says:

    @Rose, LOL! Ew!

    I like her, I hope she isn’t into him at this point. Heeeee’s gross now.

  6. Pyewacket says:

    I love how when the same things were said of him and Jolie, everyone was saying “OMG! Jolie would never leave Brad. Johnny and Vanessa 4ever!” But now since it isn’t the committed Jolie, all of a sudden he has relationship problems, not ever documented, and Amber is ditching her committed lesbian relationship. GMAFB!

  7. McLaken says:

    She’s bisexual, not lesbian, and she and her girlfriend are recently split. And apparently her people put restrictions now, for her interviews – “no sexual orientation questions”

  8. jinni says:

    And people wonder why he stayed ten feet away from Angie 95% of the time when they were doing promotion for The Tourist, because the minute he acts chummy with an actress on the red carpet all of a sudden he’s stepping out on Vanessa.

  9. aenflex says:

    I would go gay for Amber!

  10. Carrie says:

    I’d pick her over him! She’s my new girl crush, I adore her!

  11. Pyewacket says:

    Could you please link to the article talking about her split from her girlfriend McLaken, because I found no such information when I Googled. Thanks.

    And if you were trying to correct me, I said “Committed lesbian relationship” As that is what it is/was.

  12. carrie says:

    the one trouble between Paradis and Depp is they don’t more do red carpet together (or few) and they don’t sell their private life
    NB:they live between France,London,LA and their private life and their kids go to LA’s Lycée Français school

  13. carrie says:

    @jinni:i agree with you

  14. fabgrrl says:

    At 25, she is young enough to be his daughter! And not even in the technical, teen-dad, sense – the man is 23 years older than her.

    Mid-life crisis, anyone?

  15. Bedge says:

    She’s wearing the same shoes with both outfits. Isn’t that against the Hollywood rules?

  16. Snowangel says:

    Something complicated is obviously going on with Johnny. Doesn’t his wife and kids usually go on location with him when he films? Maybe they had a fling while filming, and Amber won’t leave her partner.

  17. glyrics says:

    This is asinine. He’s not the man he was. What does that say about her taste in partners? Plus the fact that he’s a wino… just like a gf, to be honest

  18. mln76 says:

    Is Johnny in LA because there were random pap photos of his daughter shopping there. I assume if the kids are in LA so is Vannessa. I think Johnny has a booze problem but I’m not buying an affair with Amber. He goes for delicate waifs.

  19. sapphire says:

    Just don’t get any hotness from Depp these days. I bet Amber can do better. And even thoughI am straight, I might rethink that position if I was stranded on a desert island with her.

  20. jinni says:

    #16 Snowangel: Vanessa and the kids were with him in Puerto Rico. Here’s a link to a picture of his daughter on his yacht in Puerto Rico while he was there filming The Rum Diary :

  21. gee says:

    @Bedge – one pair is open toe.

  22. spinner says:

    I still think Johnny is a good guy. We all go thru difficult times. Don’t know much about Amber but from the looks of these pics there’s not much chemistry between them…certainly more than what he had with Angie. The Tourist was embarrassing in that aspect…that there was zero chemistry between the two. Very poor casting.

  23. Aiden says:

    Amber is bisexual if anything. She stated several times that she doesn’t like to use labels and has been in relationships with both men and women. Why have you decided she’s a lesbian when she’s made it clear she isn’t?

  24. McLaken says:

    @Pyewacket: I wasn’t referring to your post but to Bedhead’s “She’s into girls. Period.” And sorry there is no CNN article about them breaking up. lol Her GF unfollowed Amber on twitter and she also deleted all the Amber pictures from her facebook. This added with the fact that they’ve been absent from each other’s events lately and have not been wearing their rings at all. And last but not least, GF unliked Amber’s dog page on FB. 😀

  25. Gabrielle says:

    This article is bs. First of all, they shot this movie a couple of years ago, during which time, Vanessa and the kids were in Puerto Rico. They are all living in LA right now, as he said on Larry King. Johnny and Vanessa may be having issues, but he’s not the womanizing type. There have never been stories about him getting into hot tubs with “party girls”. Any story about him cheating on Vanessa is always supported by the weakest possible evidence, like he looked at someone or posed for a picture with them.

  26. Talie says:

    There was a blind item about Amber cheating on her girlfriend with men on CDAN. She *is* bisexual, but her taste in men is odd. She dated Crispin Glover at one point.

  27. Julie says:

    She could still be attracted to men and be a lesbian. I’ve known many lesbian who sometimes have a fling with a man; on the other hand, I’ve known many including my sister who wouldn’t touch a man with a 10′ pole. You never really know unless you know the person. And I would just like to add that I sense there are problems at home with Johnnie and his girlfriend; however, I don’t think it is necessarily linked with his recent drunkeness. I think people can abuse alcohol and it can be independent of their home life…..particularly if there’s addiction doing on.

  28. Wildone says:

    Johnny kids are in LA I would guess Vanessa too just no photos of her but JJb has picture of Johnny’s daughter shopping in LA by herself.

  29. N.D. says:

    @GiGi: The whole fam has been living in LA for a few years now. They’re all papped regularly going to/from school, shopping, Disneyland and so on.

  30. Rita says:

    The way Amber rocks that fashion, she might get Johnny to become a lesbian.

  31. Raye says:

    I get a young Sharon Stone vibe sometimes from Amber. Anyone else see that?

  32. lastword says:

    Sexuality is fluid people..itz not written in stone

  33. Anon says:

    Depp looks like a little kid playing dress-up. Look, I’m bad. Look, I’m French. Look, I’m a pirate.

  34. Bellatrix says:

    For those wondering, Vanessa was at Lulu Gainsbourg’s concert three days ago, in Paris.

    She features on his album (alongside Johnny Depp, actually) and the “usual gang” was there to support Serge’s son. She looked rather content to be there, shaking her hips on stage.

    I know Johnny Depp has been outspoken against France and the taxes over here which explains why they are now only occasionally living in France.
    Get your tin foil hats on and let the conspiracies begin. Mais oui, oui, it could be that Vanessa just prefers la vie française… Etc.

  35. Reece says:

    I’d switch teams for Amber.

  36. Alzaetia says:

    I don’t know…
    My husband is completely heterosexual, but he’d nail Johnny Depp.

  37. Canuck says:

    My guess about the tax comments is that the French tax people have been harrassing him and that’s why he made those and probably why he left. I persnally know someone who was tax exempt (out of the country for more than 183 days a year) and the tax people STILL went after the guy because “he made too much money and it wasn’t right that he didn’t pay taxes”.

  38. Ari says:

    lol @ Alzaetia – hot!!

  39. Looks like somethings brewin’ in chemistry class

  40. Whatever says:

    Amber is indeed a bisexual, I love your stories but I think she just broke up with her girlfriend of 4 years. Amber is single girls, and reeady to mingle. But she;s no homewrecker!

  41. Bradeliw says:

    May just be a coincidence, but Amber recently broke up with her girfriend.

  42. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Amber is bisexual not lesbian, so frustrating that the lesbian label is attached if u have a female relationship even if u have & still would date men!!! Grhhhhh

    Read Amber says she falls in love with the person not their gender, which I love 🙂

    I adore Amber, she is my girl crush, she is sooo sxy 😉

    Edit – lastword, you have summed it up perfectly

  43. Zoe says:

    The woman is bisexual, so can we please let go of the “lesbian ways” commentary? It’s amazing how much of the media and public is ignorant of this distinction. People don’t “turn” straight or gay, women are lesbian, bisexual, or straight. I don’t know why or how “bisexual” became a taboo word, but it exists and explains a lot.

  44. danielle says:

    If she’s bisexual, fine, but insulting to say that a lesbian could be “turned” by the right guy. I can see how rumors would start tho, in some of these pictures that girl looks like sex on a stick.

  45. Turtle Dove says:

    Oh Lord… the papers have the perception that “one good cock” could set a gal straight for good. Lebian, bi, whatever… I’m with Amber, why label it and make it ugly.

  46. Pyewacket says:

    @McLaken- Thanks for the info, and I wouldn’t expect that there would be a CNN article about it, but usually when couples in Hollywood break up, some gossip site has info.

    Seriously, I do not watch CNN to find out what is happening in Hollywood, although if they run Kim Kardashian’s divorce as a headline, then who knows. But I was not expecting you to provide a NEWS link.

  47. Alexis says:

    I think she’s bisexual, but there’s not any chemistry in these pictures. She is so pretty. I don’t even like blondes usually, but, she is stunning and is dressed to perfection.

    He is chubby and hideous and his comments are immature. It’s one thing for KStewart to say stuff like this. She’s young. Once you get older and have been in the public eye as long as he has, you censor yourself.

  48. KKola says:

    I see Johnny has a little pucker in that first pic and can you blame him? She’s stunning!!

  49. lala says:

    Amber Heard has said that she does not want to be categorized as a lesbian and that she has had several successful relationships with men. I think that she’s bisexual. I don’t believe your “She’s into girls. Period”. Everything that I’ve read about her makes it seem like she had straight relationships up until meeting her current girlfriend whom she fell for and realized she couldn’t control the sex of the human being she falls in love with.

  50. tripmom says:

    Am I the only one who gets a very self-satisfied Scarlett Johannsen-y vibe from her? She rubs me the wrong way.

  51. Jay says:

    I’ve found as a gay woman that I tend to have very flirty goofy relationships with straight men because, well, we both know what’s up so there’s not that tension there might be otherwise. Just my experience, that there may be a semi-legit explanation for that kind of interaction.

  52. Sue says:

    I want her skin. Jealous. How could someone not flirt with her?

  53. blasted1 says:

    Meh..could be, but I’ve gotten the feeling that Johnny & his girlfriend have kind of become one of those “drifting-apart-but-still-friends-for-the-kids” couples. Eventually, don’t be too surprised when one or both of them kind of sort of maybe starts hanging around with somebody else.

  54. harfang says:

    First of all: What @Jay said. There is some freedom that happens socially.

    Regardless of whether this is how it goes for Heard and Depp: Flirtation and mutual visual/sensual appreciation does not a homewrecking situation make, nor should it (on its own especially) cause serious questioning of someone’s orientation. Duh.

    Who are the uncool not-Kirk-Douglasesque nonagenarians living under rocks that write that crap, anyway? I think a lot of more traditional people in showbiz, particularly gossip columnists for desperate publications, might have trouble swallowing (heh) Amber’s gayness due to her appearance and her skill at playing hetero. Having said that, if she pulls a Heche someday, I’m totally gonna go to LA and give her a swirlie.

  55. Genevieve says:

    I really like her so I hope she didn’t get with a married man.
    And I’m pretty sure she’s still going out with her girlfriend.
    To me she is perfection, I would kill to look like her.

  56. houdini says:

    I think what he meant is that MIDDLE CLASS America does not want intelligent films, not the frigging geographic location. Einstein.

  57. Stephanie says:

    I would go gay for Amber too!! Damn!!

  58. CindyBman says:

    (I re-read this and it sounded bitchy. No bitchiness intended. Full stop.J )

    They actually COULD be flirting… and why not? She’s a lesbian and he’s straight. No harm, No foul.

    When I’m out with my gay friends, there are a couple I’m extremely close to. We wink, we hug, I may put my arm around him, hell, I may even “laugh and rub is back.” Does that make me even remotely a cheater? No, and my husband doesn’t think so either.

    It’s a freebie — we both get to flirt and be all “huggy” yet we know there is no sexual tension there at all. Friends with flirting benefits!

    And, oh my, I’m not much of a dancer, but if I had a dime for every time one of my gay friends danced seductively with me, I’d be rich!

  59. Mak says:

    Well “Jack and Jill”, Adam Sandler’s critically panned new movie (3% on rotten tomatoes) is projected to make 27 million this weekend…I think that proves Johnny’s point!! 😀

  60. Jen D says:

    @ tripmom

    I get a strong Scarlett Johanson vibe from her. I actually think she’s more put together than SJ. First of all, she wears dresses that flatter her figure more, and her hair and makeup looks better. I find Johanson never quite gets it right with her styling, and her clothing never seems to fit quite right. She’s beautiful, but never seems to take full advantage.

  61. Carolyn says:

    JD is peeved that nobody’s seeing the movie. That’s why he’s grumpy and the movie’s PR team are putting out the “are they/aren’t they” articles to try and generate interest. I would not have heard about this movie unless seeing gossip articles like this LOL. It’s movie PR #101. The majority of American audiences don’t “get” JD unless he’s in Jack Sparrow mode.

  62. Juu says:

    So this is how Scarlett Johansson would look like if she (Scar) was beautiful…

  63. amo says:

    “She’s into girls. Period.”

    Ignorance or biphobia?
    And no, it’s not enough to describe her as bi. She’s said she doesn’t label her sexuality so we shouldn’t either.

  64. Amy says:

    I love Amber Heard, too. If you haven’t seen All the Boys Love Mandy Lane yet, watch it now! She’s awesome.

  65. Eliza says:

    Well I’ve seen articles about her being a lesbian and bi. whatever the case may be as a straight girl myself I would date her and I normally don’t see blonde females as attractive.

  66. James says:

    She is gorgeous but this just seems like damage control. Like it or not being gay impacts how ppl look at you. A director knows that viewers need to fall in love with their characters being either a leading lady or a leading man.

    Male actors know that if they say they are gay then it kill their ability to be leading men and the same goes for leading woman. Straight ppl don’t have tendency of falling in love with gay/lesbian actors, just that simple. So if a director has to choose between her and say Rachel McAdams i think they will choose Rachel cause their male audience will be able to believe the story line better. This is not a male thing but rather just the way human work male and female.

  67. Horrorfan says:

    I have read that Amber is 100% lesbian but when she started to get famous her handlers told her to say she is bisexual. BTW on her facebook page she lists her sexual orientation as lesbian.

  68. Angelina says:

    Who cares if she’s lesbian or bisexual? It’s just her business. She’s a beautiful girl and she can like women more than she can like men by now, so what? We’ll never be able to know in any case if she had an affair with Johnny because we don’t know how they act in private life. We don’t live around them and we don’t know if they flirted or did something more than that, but anyway, flirting doesn’t mean ‘having sex’. Friends flirt sometimes just because they enjoy the joke, that’s all. I agree with people who say that there was no chemistry at all between him and Angelina Jolie, but I think there’s some chemistry between him and Amber, not only during the premieres, but also during the movie.

    And I read that they were seeing each other even before making the movie. She said: “Johnny and I hung out before we started filming. We watched movies and listened to the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan – songs that made sense of our roles. You can’t go anywhere without seeing pictures of his kids and hearing the stories about them; you can tell that he loves his family” so maybe they’ve been just friends or maybe not, but who cares? It’s only their business.
    I personally think that he’s too much old for her even though in The rum diary looked young. With no beard, no long hair and not glasses he almost looked like a 30 years old…

  69. Ri says:

    Few weeks late, but whatever.

    It’s like my girlfriend says. I’m not a lesbian, and neither is my girlfriend. Just because she dated a girl doesn’t make her a lesbian. Either way, who cares? She’s hot, and it doesn’t affect anyone but her significant other.

  70. Lacey says:

    Every girl loves the attention – whether it be from a younger or older person. If I were to make an assumption about Amber and Johnny, it would be he is attracted to her, and being used to that kind of attention, Amber appreciates it. That doesn’t mean it’s mutual. She didn’t come out of the closet and nearly risk her career if she weren’t in LOVE with this woman. It’s obvious Johnny has a thing for her, but seems Amber only appreciates the attention.