Zoe Saldana split up with her fiancé: was Bradley Cooper involved?


Oooooh, I was right. I love it when that happens. Back in September, there were multiple reports that Zoe Saldana was maybe/probably getting it on with her costar at the time, Bradley Cooper. While I doubted the stories as they focused on Bradley, I did point out that it certainly appeared that Zoe was acting like a single girl, and that was probably bad news for her boyfriend/fiancé of 10 to 11 years, Keith Britton. Everyone was all, “You don’t know! She’s not a famewhore! She keeps her junk private!” But now Zoe and Keith have announced their split (to both People Mag and Us Weekly, whazzup privacy?), and I’m left wondering when they exactly called it quits. I bet it was two months ago, don’t you? They haven’t been photographed together since July, at least that was all I found.

For the first time in over a decade, Zoe Saldana is single. The Avatar star, 33, and fiance Keith Britton, 35, “have amicably separated after 11 years,” the actress’ rep tells Us Weekly.

“[They] remain committed business partners as co-founders of fashion resource MyFDB.com,” Saldana’s rep added. “Respect of their privacy is appreciated during this time.”

Saldana and her entrepreneur ex confirmed their engagement in June 2010. A source told Us at the time the actress was “thrilled,” adding, “They’ve been together forever. They’re a great couple.”

Another insider at the time told Us: “[Zoe] doesn’t even introduce him as her fiance. She will just say, ‘This is Keith.’ She likes to keep her personal life to herself and wants people to focus on her as an actress.”

[From Us Weekly]

“She likes to keep her personal life to herself and wants people to focus on her as an actress” = she wants to upgrade to someone in the industry who can help her career. That’s how I read it. So, did Zoe bone Bradly Cooper? They played love interests in the film they were doing a few months ago, and I personally believe the stories of their hookups were just based on the photos from the set, of the two actors acting lovey in character. But God knows. Everyone claims Bradley is straight, and we know he likes super-skinny girls, so maybe he and Zoe had a thing. That would certainly be interesting.




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  1. lisa says:

    I don’t think many people know or care. I think it’s sad because they were together for so long. But they didn’t have kids that would be hurt. I don’t know why after the engagement so many couples break up. He looks very Ordinary (not in a bad way) just a regular guy. But I don’t recall seeing him at all when she was promoting her last film. If anything happened with Bradley (doubt) it will come out at some point.

    OT: I simply adore that last dress.

  2. crys737 says:

    ruh roh..trouble in paradise?

  3. Jenn says:

    All I can say is Cooper sure gets around. Poor thing, he has been connected to more women than even he could keep up with (though never really proven he was actually with).–Anniston, Lopez, now Saldana.

  4. cherryberry says:

    What is up with the neckline of that red dress? It would be so gorgeous otherwise.

  5. Jackie says:

    love her style. great outfits.

  6. HotPockets says:

    Maybe it is just me, but this girl looks like a budget version of Jada Pinkett Smith. I just don’t find her very attractive.

  7. CaramelKiss says:

    11 years? Wow, it was time to piss or get off the pot anyways. In most of the pictures he doesn’t look like he’s into her AT ALL.

  8. Sigh. says:

    “Everyone claims Bradley is straight…”

    As for her, this comment is much more than me usual response: a weakly tossed “Meh” in her general direction. She’s another supposed “HW It Girl” that never did and never does “it” for me.

  9. samira677 says:

    @Kaiser: Why is it everytime a couple break-up you claim it’s for an upgrade? If that was true Zoe would have ended it about 2 years when she had such a high profile with Star Trek and Avatar.

  10. tripmom says:

    That dude is way too good looking for her.

  11. Freakieness says:

    She kinda looks like Tamara Taylor (Dr Saroyan, from Bones)just, that Zoe seems to be bitchier. And I agree with tripmom, this guy is too much for her.

  12. crtb says:

    Never understand these long term relationships that don’t take it to the next level (marriage). To me it says, “I’m dating you until I find the ‘right’ one. You are not marriage material just a girlfriend/boyfriend.” Reminds me of Justin Theroux and his girlfriend of 14 years. If you want it put a ring on it.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Probably just grew apart.

    I’m rooting for her to hook up with Sam Worthington next. He was crushing hard on her during Avatar promotion and its awards season. They are too cute together.

  14. valleymiss says:

    He reminds me of Matt Damon. I LOVE that green dress of hers.

    Well, just like Justin Theroux and his ex…sometimes you can be with someone for a million years, and it takes *meeting someone else* to make you realize you shouldn’t be with your mate anymore. It sucks, but that’s the way it is.

  15. Jamie says:

    I think they broke up because he kept eating foor in her presence. How inconsiderate!

  16. Hanna says:

    Her smile is awkward.
    I believe Cooper is homo, won’t be long until he comes out of the closet.

  17. Dani says:

    Definitely not surprised and I must say, that it’s about time. I never got the feeling that they were all that into one another. I think that at least in Hollywood, long courtships rarely seem to work out.

    Ex. Eva Mendes and George Gargurevich (10 yrs)
    Justin Theroux and his ex gf (14 yrs)
    P Diddy and Kim Porter (10 yrs)

  18. You don't say says:

    Marriage is no gurantee for longevity or permanence either, so putting a ring on it does not make that much difference in reality. Theroux gets no comment from me.

  19. Maritza says:

    Well that sure was a waste of time, 11 years together gone down the drain. Her boyfriend looked like a Ken doll, much cuter than Bradley Cooper.

  20. bluhare says:

    @Dani: Actually, very few of any kind of courtship last in Hollywood.

    And I don’t like the “upgrade” tag, Kaiser. How is a guy who isn’t using her for fame and arguably loved her for herself a downgrade from an industry player who may have a zillion reasons for being with her, most of which involve him?

  21. Wildone says:

    crtb@ Some people don’t feel the need to get married, like a pieces of paper is going to make their relationship and commitment to each other and/or kids more meaningful. Like my grandparents on my father side were never married but where together in a commitment relationship for 30 years until the day they died.

    All I’m says is don’t project your beliefs on other people and expect them to follow it and judge them because they don’t.

    Dani@ You can’t count P Diddy and Kim Porter because he cheated on her all the time and on again off again thought out that 10 years. How many marriges in Hollywood work out?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Never posted here before but I have to agree with samira677 – why is it that women are always “waity”, “uptradey”, “farty” and other insulting nicknames? If a guy displays the most appalling behavior (Kutcher) you might call him a douche, but for women you come up with these insults with no provocation at all. Ske broke up with her boyfriend so she wants an uptrade? Her career seems to be doing just fine, she’s in a lot of movies, why do you define her in terms of her relationships? It’s incredibly sexist and offensive.

  23. Tiffany says:

    For the commenters who think that it is wrong for Kaiser to call her an upgrader. If you have read or seen interviews with this girl, you would think otherwise. She thinks that she is the 2nd coming of The Streep and this huge fashionista. She lucked out by being in 2 huge franchises that would have worked with any woman in HW. I am with you Kaiser, not surprised by this one at all.

  24. really says:

    She is such a lovely and very PRETTY girl!

  25. Elle says:

    Now she can be with Fassbender.

  26. iseepinkelefants says:

    10-11 years and you’re still not married? Yeah that’s never gonna happen.

    I don’t care for her, find her kind of annoying, but she’d make a good match for Fassbender. She’s just his type (dark skin, anglo features, teeny tiny).

  27. rissa says:

    agree #19

    she has two more avatar movies… shes not desperate for work

  28. iseepinkelefants says:

    Elle – you beat me to it! She does kind of look like the ex he assaulted though…

  29. stylequotidien.com says:

    Was Bradley Cooper involved? Well, only if he was sleeping with Zoe’s fiancé.

  30. donnamae54 says:

    Everybody but Jennifer Aniston, she tried but was told no dice too maufactured! I think Zoe is more a Will Smith type of gal, I thought she and Will Smith would have hit it off when they stared in 7 pounds even though Will was married to Jada at the time.

  31. AlaskaJoey says:

    Not everyone wants to be married. We don’t know which one of them wanted the marriage more, or was the reason there was no engagement for 10 years.

    I do find it odd when couples have been together 5-10 years and then get engaged. That’s usually a sign it won’t work out- it seems like a last ditch effort to hold onto your partner. Because I do think that if you do want to marry someone, you know for sure a lot sooner than that.

  32. Carolyn says:

    What a shame. They seemed like a nice couple. I don’t buy that Cooper was involved. I also like to think Sam and Zoe can now hook up legitimately. Isn’t Avatar 2 filming sometime soon?

  33. NancyMan says:

    She wouldn’t have hooked up Will Smith because supposedly he is, as Hanna would put it, ‘a homo’.

    I don’t think she would necessarily be trading up with Bradley Cooper. I think the old boyfriend is hot looking. And, he looks straight. Where as the jury on Copper is still out.

    And, that red dress is crap.

  34. virgule says:

    I believe that was Rosario Dawson in 7 pounds.

    I too find it wierd to date for that long and then all of a sudden decide to get married. Usually the couple doesn’t make it to the actual wedding and if they do, the marriage does not last.

  35. LondonLady says:

    BC makes my gaydar go into alarm mode

  36. Gypsy says:

    Marriage is a commitment of the mind not paper.
    Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

    #36 – Will Smith has too many irons
    in the fire – Wife and his African girlfriend, who worked on a film with him then went home and kicked out her boyfriend.

  37. Meanchick says:

    11yrs? Maybe THAT’S why she tossed him! You can’t decide within 2-3 yrs whether or not you want to marry someone?

  38. Alexis says:

    Oh really? I can only barely resist alleging uptradyness. I’ll reserve judgement.

    @HotPockets – No she’s way more feminine than Jada. If she’s budget anybody, she’s budget Thandie Newton. They share teh Goopiness.

  39. crtb says:

    Marriage is no gurantee for longevity or permanence either, so putting a ring on it does not make that much difference in reality.

    Personaly, I’d rather be the ex-wife than the ex-girl friend after 11 years. Makes a big difference to some of us maybe not to you.

  40. crtb says:

    All I’m says is don’t project your beliefs on other people and expect them to follow it and judge them because they don’t.

    I think you need to re-read what I wrote. No where did I project my beliefs on any other person. I spoke about what I didn’t understand, my opinion and what it reminded me of. Never once did I make a judgement of any person.

    For your information: That piece of paper makes all of the difference in the world. Let your partner get sick. The hospital may not let you visit because you are not a member of the family. Let your partner die without a will. Their family can come in and take everything without leaving you a pot to piss in. If something should happen and you need to access their bank account for an emergency, you can’t. I can go on and on because this happened to my aunt. And if you need further convincing read what happen to Stieg Larsson’s girlfriend. I think they were together for over 20 years. He wrote The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That should convince any couple to get married!

  41. I RUN NEW YORK says:

    He’s cute but a bum. He lives off her money. I’m surprised she didn’t get tired of it sooner and what took him so long to propose, 11 years wtf?

  42. dahlia1947 says:

    i like this story about her and Bradley! Very juicy!

  43. Emma says:

    @The Original Mia, #15 …”I’m rooting for her to hook up with Sam Worthington next. He was crushing hard on her during Avatar promotion and its awards season. They are too cute together.”

    I think they have wonderful chemistry as well, but I thought Sam Worthington was married? If not Sam, then my vote would be for Chris Pine, with whom she also has incredible chemistry. ;)

  44. kim says:

    Chris Pine and Zoe would get my vote.
    They look hot together.

  45. You don't say says:

    In this day and age, most partners of means (at least straight as gay rights are another story) have set up legal papers that lay out everything, so, a marriage certificate is not needed if the couple is smart. Wills are no gurantee in marriage either as they are frequently contested by other family members, especially in second or so marriages.

    If marriage makes people stay together, then why the Kardashians, Spears (55 hours) and other people who get married and divorced in a heart beat (not just celebrities). Look at Kutcher and moore. She looks like hell and he is just nuts. Sometimes bad marriages are more harmful than be a healthy single.

    I am personally very old fashioned and I would love to think that marriage and that paper changes how you are with your partner, but it is just not so.

  46. Gypsy says:

    I’m a big fan of living together for however many years until you feel the need for a marriage license.
    Rules for living together:
    1. Each party maintains a separate bank account and a third shared account for household expenses – both parties will put in a monthly amount needed for household.
    2. spell out each party’s minimum duties.
    3. Each party submit a list of the other friends/relatives you are not comfortable being around – this will avoid later resentments
    4. Maintain a shared/joint calendar – avoids disappointments and schedule conflicts.
    5. Never meet with an Ex without consent of partner – You can do it but be prepared to lose trust.
    6. surprise him/her with a gift but not with a personal habit.
    7. Problems to discuss – Take a slow leisurely walk and talk things out – neutral territory works best for mutual agreements.

  47. Cinderella says:

    Not buying the Zoe and Bradley thing.

  48. MellaYella says:

    Tamara Taylor Looks much better than Zoe

  49. kimberly says:

    Mr. Cooper has all the hottest beards in hollywood!!!

  50. Tina says:

    Her fiancee doesn’t look right for her. I don’t know what it is but she looks uptight and not natural. Not a good combo.