Michael Fassbender is politically incorrect: “There’s some element of gypsy in me”


My fellow Fass-loonie at Pop Sugar, Allison, sent me her most recent video interview with Michael Fassbender as he continues to endlessly promote A Dangerous Method and Shame and Haywire. Allison famously (in my mind) got Fassie to say one of my favorite things ever while he was promoting X-Men: First Class – something about how he’s a ginger and all gingers come from Viking stock. He was basically saying that he’s a big Viking and we should love his big, gingery Viking dong. In this new interview – in which Allison gets to sit next to Fassie (she said he smells like coffee) – for A Dangerous Method, Fassie talks about how professional Keira Knightley is and how he likes the actor’s life. His actual words – “there’s some element of gypsy in me anyway.” That’s not really politically correct to call yourself a gypsy, but there you have it: Michael Fassbender, ginger gypsy Viking. HOT.

Go-karting? Meh. But he loves cares and motorcycles and anything that makes a lot of noise and goes fast, so I guess it makes sense.

By the way, Fassie has about a million projects lined up because he’s the It Dude of the moment as far as “the actor most directors want to cast.” Everybody is on the Fassdong Train! I’m not sure how I feel about that, honestly. Fassie has made a series of really smart career decisions, and I worry that now that he’s being offered anything and everything, he’s just going to say “yes” to some projects he really shouldn’t. Like Robocop. Yes, Hollywood is considering a reboot of the Robocop franchise, and they’re looking at Fassie for it. Well, the director wants him, and when Fassie was asked about it, he said:

“You know, I’m always open. I’ll take a look at the script and sit down with the director and have a conversation. It’s not definitely like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to play RoboCop before I retire.’ I don’t have that about anything. I don’t go, ‘I have to play the Dane one day, or Hamlet.’ I don’t really think like that. I just wait and see what comes up, and I’m always open to it. If I react to the script, then I’m up for anything. … It could be kind of fun. It could be kind of good to have a helmet that I could hide behind, for most of the film, too. That sounds kind of appealing.”

[Via Reelz]

Helmet?!?!? He already has his face covered for Magneto, don’t make him cover it for another movie! Noooooooooo. Srsly, though, NO ROBOCOP.





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  1. Tiffany says:


  2. Kristin says:

    Many today refer to themselves as “gypies” in terms of their traveling, nomadic lifestyle, not the meaning used in the past. For example, those Irish Travelers refer to themselves as gypsies.

    I’m not sure what Fass was going for though…

  3. embertine says:

    Tiff, I’m with you on the ????. It’s not politically correct to use the word gypsy for someone who is a bit nomadic? Since when?

  4. gobo says:

    Gypsy isn’t P.C.? What kind of madness is that? So the Gypsy Kings, what should they start caling tghemselves? Beleive me there are bad words for gypsies in Ireland and that is not considered one of them.

  5. WaywardGirl says:

    You should seriously change that super enhanced GQ picture to the original. The one you posted looks dumb and it looks like he’s wearing lipstick.

  6. madpoe says:

    “and anything that makes a lot of noise and goes fast” – omg! my heart! *thud*

    sorry i’ve gotta say this about “what kind of madness is that”. Madness? this is SPARTA! lol – *crawls back in hole*

  7. renee says:

    The term “gypsy” is not appropriate because of the negative connotations – saying that you got “gyped”, etc. The proper term is Roma or Romany. It’s also outdated, it’s like calling someone Oriental or Colored.

    Many Irish Travellers refer to themselves as Gypsies and since he is Irish it is likely that this is how he applying the term…however, it is one thing for people who identify as such to be using that term and another for those who aren’t to be using it.

  8. Alexis says:

    Yeah, it’s not PC. The Roma people (aka gypsies) are super-impoverished and discriminated against in Europe. Kinda like Natives in the US, the horrible situation they face is often overlooked because they are neither too numerous to ignore nor organized and cohesive enough to make their voices and stories heard despite small numbers.

    People just don’t think much about this stuff, though, and he didn’t say anything negative about them per se so I can’t hate on him for saying that.

  9. T.C. says:

    since when is saying “gypsy” not P.C.? This honestly has me scratching my head. If it’s un P.C. then what’s a new p.c. term for constantly moving around? Do not understand this post. Oh, I think Fassy is trying not to be a snob in terms of movie roles. He really is open to anything, I kind of like that. He has been in two movies where his co-star is not even an actress (Fishtank, Haywire), I don’t think he cares about being a film snob. And any movie Fassy is in the man brings his A-game so not to worry.

  10. sesame says:

    This poor guy … he’s a great actor and doing his promotional duties for Shame & Dangerous Method so he’ll appear every so often in interviews … but he’s absolutely overexposed on this site (and underexposed just about everywhere else) and this post on P-C ness just sounds ridiculous. In this context, ‘pikey’, ‘roma’ would be more blatantly derogative and worthy of the PC comment… I don’t see any controversy to what he said, or didn’t say.

  11. Amandahugandkiss says:

    Speaking as a high-ranking officer of the PC police, I have to take exception to the accusation of using the term gypsy derogatory in itself.

    Granted, using the term gypsy in relation to something stereotyped as gypsy behaviour (theft is a common stereotype) would of course be wrong. (ie if you were to say ‘I must have gypsy in me because I like nicking things’, or use the term ‘gypped’, that would be derogatory). But to say ‘I must have gypsy in me because I like being on the move/continually travelling’ is perfectly fine. The act of travelling IS the identifier.

    Roma are not the only subset of travellers, and using the term gypsy does not necessarily point to them. In the north of England where I live, gypsies are Irish travellers (and many self-identify as gypsies).. We don’t really have Roma staying in our area.

    This concludes this week’s lesson.

    PC Amanda

  12. Amy says:

    In Spain these kind of people are called gitanos. It refers to the “Kale” people aka the Iberian Gypsies who arrived in Spain about 800 years-1000 years ago from India. They are dispersed all over Europe and speak different dialects.

    The gypsies are what brought flamenco to Spain. So the word “gypsy” may have a negative connotation depending where you live in Europe, but in North America it means someone who has a nomadic lifestyle (which makes sense when you try to figure out how the gypsies migrated all over Europe from India). Gypsies still have a negative image here in Spain and are usually associated with stealing and other crime.

  13. Anna says:

    God bless you for the pictures. I can’t even breathe right now.

  14. Bellydancer says:

    Kaiser are you sure it’s not Robocock they want him for oh well a girl can hope. Oh I forgot they already did Robocock it’s called Shame (lol)
    Gingery and Viking at the same time oh my! I think he and Tony Curran need to play viking brothers in a movie together. I would be too scared of all that gingery viking dong coming at me at a movie screen. I am starting to wonder if Vikings every conquered some parts of Africa since I have freckles and slightly brownish red hair and I am mocho colored.

  15. Trillion says:

    OK, so we start using “nomadic” instead of “gypsy” will defenders of nomads get pissed?

  16. Ari says:

    I love Robocop but I agree please dont cover the hotness up. That mustache in Method was enough.

  17. constance says:

    Eh, I don’t care. I call myself a lot of racial slurs everyday.

    He isn’t calling someone else a dirty gypsy, so I don’t see it as being offensive. He can go right ahead and offend himself all day long if he means to.

    However, context in this case leads me to believe he didn’t mean to use the word offensively- maybe playful metaphor.

    My dear coworker was once homeless for a great span of her childhood and teens. She often says “Sorry, hobo paranoia” when she stops to look around having a cigarette behind the building. I don’t correct her. She can call it whatever she wishes to herself. PTSD is what I would call it, but she doesn’t care about my acronyms anyway. lol

  18. jamminatorr says:

    uuuuuuuugh god my whole afternoon is ruined after I imagined a fassey and viggo sandwich with me in the middle.

  19. Ell says:

    He’s not being politically incorrect using the word ‘gyspy’ in that context. Apparently it’s only politically incorrect when it’s used in a negative context….well in the UK that the case anyway.

  20. Reece says:

    Mind is blown by the fact that gypsies are real.
    I honestly always thought that was something that may have existed in Europe 500 yrs ago or farther back even but died out and the word itself stuck.
    As the saying goes…Learn something new everyday.

  21. miss silver says:

    The more he talks the more i like him. Hope the coffee smells cover up the ciggies. There isn’t an actor alive whose eyes tell us more about the character than Fassie — no wonder they want him for Robocop.

  22. Turtle Dove says:

    “But he loves … anything that makes a lot of noise and goes fast…”

    Describes me to me T. Vrooommmm. 😉

    The Irish use the term gypsy. A lot. It’s fairly integrated into their cultural lexicon. North America is TOO PC. It’s time to let loose the reins a bit and allow people to express themselves (as long as they are not being racist, which Fassie was not).

  23. Maya says:

    There’s a reason he’s being called the next Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s amazingly talented, and he’s got the added benefit of being charming and, you know, gorgeous.

  24. laura says:

    love his lithe waist

  25. HoustonGrl says:

    OMG…the look he shoots her at 2:35 after she says “interesting”! Kaiser, unsheathe the slut dagger!!!!! Oh, and thank you for this lovely lunch break.

  26. gg says:

    North Americans don’t really realize that there are still real gypsies in Europe so they tend to think of it as an archaic condition.

    Gypsies are alive and well all over Europe. They call them Travelers in the UK and sometimes the more unscrupulous ones steal and eat the local swans from smaller towns, which adds to the prejudice.

  27. UKHels says:

    I make lots of noise and go fast Michael!!!!!!

  28. LJ says:

    i have the greatest fassy story from the other night kaiser!

  29. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    God the PC thing makes me gag. People need to get over themselves …

  30. sesame says:

    Spill the beans, LJ, spill!

  31. Bellydancer says:

    Damn UK you beat me to that pun (lol) but I can too especially when I get my super shimmy going and start yelling like a bellydancer ayyyyiiiiiii!!!!!!!! oh what just happened did I pass out again oh I am on Celebitchy while at work whew I almost forgot myself (lol)
    Too much viking ginger dong at once.

  32. Cristina says:

    he can be politically incorrect with me all he wants

  33. Staci says:

    “Ginger gypsy Viking.” hahaha that’s great Kaiser! I love Fassie too, but what do you think about this..Michael Fassbender+Jessica Chastain? It Guy of the moment and It Girl of the moment. There would be ginger babies. 🙂

  34. Darlene says:

    Dude. Gypsy is FINE.

  35. Zoe says:

    No, Gypsy isn’t PC. The Roma culture considers “gypsies” an offensive word because they were fleeing due to religious persecution, not just to be nomadic or for stereotypical reasons.

    When people talk about how others need to “get over themselves” about being too PC, it’s easy to say when people aren’t hurling insults at you. I prefer to be socially conscious and aware of what comes out of my mouth and how it affects others, it’s called being human and realizing the world isn’t just about you, so I assume the name callers and those who are too lazy to be polite are probably the ones who could use a good lesson in getting over their own ignorance.

  36. juicyjackie says:

    Yep, plenty of gypsies here in the UK and the rest of Europe. If you want to watch a recent documentary google “My big fat gypsy wedding”

    This story has been all over the UK news:


    My family is a mix of Irish decent, affectionatley known as the “potato chucking” side of the famiy, and part Norfolk, I guess the closest you would have in the US is Hill-billys affectionatley known in my family as the “inbred” side. We can happily laugh at ourselves and dont care if people want to join in. Although that might be because we are potato-chucking inbred 🙂

    And I know plenty of gypsies who refer to themselves as gypsies – @zoe where did you read they find it offensive??? Actually know some before you post dribble

  37. I.want.shoes says:

    Oh Fassie. Nomad is not such a big and hard new word to learn.

  38. Sue says:

    So I have reddish hair, dark now, but carrot top as a kid. Didn’t know redheads
    all descend from vikings? He’s not politically incorrect. love the fact he’s a liittle bohemian.

  39. Gelina Whiddon says:

    There are plenty of American Indians in my family tree…and yes, I am using the word Indian, just like most of the people who are actually 100% Indian in American do. My ancestors in the State of Alabama are Creek Indians; the ones that were forced out during the “Trail of Tears” and relocated to Florida are called Seminole Indians.

    Gypsy??? Politically incorrect by whose standards? The same people who told us not to use the word blind, but instead to use visually impaired???