Jennifer Aniston allegedly met with Justin Theroux’s ex, Heidi Bivens


I think it’s been pretty well established that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux began seeing each other before he officially broke things off with Heidi Bivens, his girlfriend of 14 years. Heidi (through her publicist) announced that she had “just” moved out of the NYC apartment she and Justin shared in early June – but Aniston and Theroux were being spotted together for more than a month before that. Plus, there’s the Terry Richardson hair conspiracy (Richardson might have photographed Aniston and Theroux together, being loved up, in the Spring) and anecdotal evidence to suggest that Theroux and Aniston’s affair began when they were working together on Wanderlust in 2010. In my mind, there’s as much evidence to suggest that Jennifer Aniston is as much a “homewrecker” as Angelina Jolie.

But in her fans’ minds, Aniston will always be the perpetual victim, the perpetual (virginal) good girl, the innocent. And the British tabloid Grazia is playing into that – according to this completely unreliable story, Aniston met with Heidi Bivens “in a bid to set the record straight.”

After several unsuccessful relationships, it looks like Jennifer Aniston has finally found love with Justin Theroux. But their has been ongoing ambiguity over when exactly their relationship started and when the actor split from long-term love Heidi Bivens.

In a bid to set the record straight, Aniston, 42, had an emotional meeting with Bivens, 35, in a New York hotel last week.

Upset at being portrayed as a ‘homewrecker’, the former Friends star assured the costume designer she never got together with Theroux until he was single, according to this week’s Grazia magazine.

A source told the magazine: ‘Jen has always been sympathetic to Heidi because he’s heard from Justin just how devastated she is about their break-up. But Jen has always been adamant that their relationships did not cross over.’

With Theroux absent, the two women reportedly met at the Mercer Hotel on November 6, and talked over a glass of wine.

The source added: ‘Jen told Heidi that she understands what a painful time she has been going through and explained that she wanted her to know, hand on heart, that she would never steal another woman’s man. Heidi apparently got quite tearful during the meeting, as it was understandably a lot of take in.’

Aniston and Theroux met on the set of new film Wanderlust last autumn, but weren’t romantically linked until late May this year.

Bivens confirmed in a statement via her publicist in mid-June that she had ‘just moved out of their home last week’ after 14 years with Theroux.

The costume designer moved out of the couple’s New York home a week after Aniston and Theroux were first photographed together at the MTV Movie Awards after-party.

In recent months, the new couple have become inseparable and are living together in a $6million New York apartment.

[From The Mail]

Poor Heidi. Not only does she get cheated on and then dumped by her skinny-jeans-wearing hipster douche boyfriend, but then she has to sit through a “meeting” in which her ex’s homewrecking girlfriend gets hammered and yammers on and on about the timeline of her relationship with Justin. Who are you going to believe, Heidi? Jennifer Aniston or your lying eyes?

Apparently, Heidi has said in the past few months that she will only tell her side of the story if Jennifer and Justin start talking about it publicly. The Wanderlust publicity tour might get interesting… who will be brave enough to ask Jennifer Aniston, “Soooo, when exactly did you and Justin start? How does it feel to be a homewrecker? Is your pity party finally over?”






Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and WENN.

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  1. Addie says:

    I can’t for the life of me understand why Angelina & Jennifer are given the blame for the broken relationships.
    Is it not more logical to belive that Brad and Justin were telling them it’s over with the ex before it actually was?

    I mean it is the mans responsibility to end it officially, not the current woman in the picture.

    If Jen did meet with Heidi to clear the air, then good on her, cos it WAS NOT HER RESPONSIBILITY.

  2. Lady_Luck says:

    I don’t believe Jen is a homewrecker. And it would have taken a lot of guts to meet the ex like that. Furthermore Bivens was never married to Justin, that’s the first alarm bell right there that something wasn’t right with the relationship…it seems Justin was just ‘biding his time’ until something better came along – in this case, Jen. Sorry for the harsh reality, but this is normally the case for men that go excess years without willingly producing a ring spontaneously ( not being blackmailed or whinged into it – which has an equally distasterous ending). Angelina, on the other hand, has avoided Jen like the plague. The guilt and the reality of what she did is written all over her face.

  3. Jo says:

    I dont for a moment believe this meeting took place. Who in their right mind would want to sit through that? The relationship ended, thats it.

  4. brin says:

    Yeah, I don’t see this happening either, it would be beyond awkward.

  5. TXCinderella says:

    Wow! Heidi is strikingly beautiful! It is a possibility that Justin and Heidi were already over before Jennifer came into the picture. Some people still live in the same household even though they are not together anymore due to financial reasons or maybe they were renting and couldn’t get out of a lease.

  6. MariPily says:

    Some may argue that since Justin and Heidi weren’t officially married, it’s not homewrecking what Jen did. But I think it is…a relationship of over a decade holds as much weight as a marriage, in my eyes. At least emotionally. I’m glad Jennifer is losing her sweet, saintly girl next door image. I’ve always believed she’s a self absorbed, shallow twit who happened to get lucky with a hit sitcom.And I can’t believe Heidi agreed to meet with her, I’d tell her to go fly a kite.

  7. Masque says:

    If this meeting took place, Heidi did it willingly. She’s a grown ass woman, no one could force her to meet with Jen. Quit with the “…she has to sit through a meeting…”crap.

  8. becky says:

    yeah heidi is really pretty

  9. Marni says:

    @Addie I couldnt agree more.
    Justin and Brad both seem sketchy to me.

    I doubt that Jen met with Heidi, smells to much like BS.

  10. Original Chloe ) says:

    Ooh. This will be interesting!

  11. Anna says:

    I agree @ Addie. If we’re going to continue talking about this why not bring up the whole Brad leaving Jen thing? I mean, those two were actually married. Why is every Brangelina post positive around here and every Jen post negative? Anyway, Justin looked mad porn star like back in the day and his ex is gorgeous.

  12. Bite me says:

    She doesn’t have the balls

  13. Lacey says:

    “In my mind, there’s as much evidence to suggest that Jennifer Aniston is as much a “homewrecker” as Angelina Jolie.”
    Well, Kaiser, that doesn’t surprise me, as you seem to be firmly on Team Jolie. Correct me if I’m wrong?

    Anyways, I agree with Addie. Why does everyone jump to blame the women involved? Justin is a grown man who was in a committed relationship, and he had a responsibility to end it appropriately. No one knows what really goes on in a relationship (or at the end of a relationship) except for the two people involved (here, that would be Justin and Heidi). Maybe people should just stop making assumptions?

  14. blc says:

    @Lady_Luck, I totally disagree with everything you say. Just because 2 people are not legally married does not mean they are not in a committed relationship. Justin and Heidi were together for 14 years; Jen and Brad for 7 (married for 5). So Justin and Heidi were together twice as long. And, also, when the whole Brad and Angelina go public thing happened Angelina was quoted as saying she would be open to sitting down with Jennifer. So basically I think you have the story all wrong. And people who say Angelina is a homewrecker but Jennifer is not are just talking out of both sides of their mouth. It’s weak.

  15. Jen says:

    I don’t agree with the notion that there has to be a marriage for there to be a homewrecker. A 14 year live-in relationship -hello common law marriage.

    Yes, one person in the relationship could be biding their time until something better comes along. Married or not. The relationship can be over before it’s officially (legally) over.

    It’s always sketchy when people get together with someone else when they are still co-habitating with their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.

    I’m going with @addie on this…there were only two who sought to get out of their relationship.

  16. Eleonor says:

    I hope this isn’t true. If a girl who homewrecked my relationship wanted to sit down with me, for telling me “your relationship is over” I would have slammed her in the face.

  17. Mac says:

    I can’t blame Justin for wanting to be with Jennifer, but his callous disregard for Heidi in order to do so seems like the path of a coward.

  18. Agnes says:

    @Lady_Luck – some people just don’t want to get married. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with their relationship. Perhaps marriage just isn’t for them – who’s to know. On a different note, Justin looks like a major douche, and Justin and Jen make a douchy/lame couple. The only person who comes out of this clusterf@*# looking good is Heidi.

  19. Marjalane says:

    I loved J.A. as Rachel. Everything after that has been kind of pitiful- now when I see pictures of her and her hipster upscale Kfed boyfriend, I’m seeing a woman who needs to grow up and embrace a newer, more contemporary look. The surfer girl thing is looking tired, and I’m embarrassed for her that she’s making every attempt to “jazz up” her creepy boyfriend.

  20. Erinn says:

    I agree with Addie, but the difference to me is that these aren’t just regular every day people. It’s a hell of a lot easier to find out when a celebrity has broken off a relationship than it is a normal person.

    The men should carry blame too. They’re the ones with the long term commitment to these women, and the new ladies had none.

    I didn’t really like Angelina when the whole Jen/Brad thing happened… but to me she’s a hell of a lot better than Jen. Jen seems so self-absorbed and smug. She just comes off as that bitchy girl in high school. She’s not particularly talented, in my opinion, and yet she still keeps getting movies thrown at her.

    And honestly that whole ‘dating is different than a marriage’ thing is BS. You don’t KNOW what everyones situation is. Some people are happy not being married. Everyone is assuming that it was Justin unwilling to marry her- maybe she didn’t want to get married. And I’m sorry, but being in a 14y relationship and being cheated on is going to be more emotionally devastating than a 7 year relationship.

  21. Zelda says:

    He has worn a two-finger ring. Ever.

  22. Canuck says:

    @Jen15: How can anyone be “common law married” when there is no such thing where they live? Can you explain that please?

  23. TheHeat says:

    I don’t believe for one second that this meeting actually took place. Why? Because this is a rehash of old stories once again. Didn’t we all hear similar shizz about Jen & Angelina having meetings or phone calls or whatever?
    And, if it did take place, am I supposed to be all “Bravo Jen”? Not bloody likely! Way to go and rub salt in Heidi’s wounds, Jen! The only person who really knows for sure whether Justin cheated on Heidi is Justin, himself!
    I’m also not a believer in the whole “homewrecking” idea. Not for Jennifer and not for Angelina in the past. If a ‘home’ isn’t broken in the first place, no one is able to come in and wreck it. No man who is deliriously happy with his wife is going to cheat on her.

  24. kira says:

    There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that these two are cheaters. There’s Aniston’s co-worker on Five who was introduced to Aniston’s boyfriend in April, which is the same time Justin was photographed out with Heidi (above). Then, we have pictures of Jen and Justin on a date in May on X17. At the same time, Heidi’s mother told Radar that the dating rumors weren’t true, because that’s what Justin told her. Aniston denied they were dating per her publicist to People and US Weekly. Why all the LIES if they were both on the up-and-up? After Heidi moved out in mid-June, she released a statement to Page Six in an article that stated Aniston and Theroux were cheaters. This has never been denied by Aniston or Theroux (and she is not shy about talking to the press to deny rumors). Days after Heidi moves out, Aniston is taking PDA pictures with Justin for Terry Richardson, which were released to the public. All in all–pretty tacky behavior.

    And it comes from the same woman who cried about Pitt lacking sensitivity and Jolie being uncool? It’s not so much the cheating as the stupidity and hypocrisy, in my opinion. In any case, there’s something missing with her…a sensitivity chip, for starters.

    I’m at a loss to explain how her fans can justify this? Just because Heidi wasn’t married doesn’t make lying and cheating justifiable behavior, or make it any less painful for the person wronged. What a cold thing to say…

  25. evans says:


  26. Canuck says:

    I doubt this is true anyways.

  27. Jackie says:

    that heidi woman is really pretty and seems to have a great style about her. wow, what a step down to maniston….unless, you’re a famewhore…mmmm.

  28. Eve says:

    Heidi Bivens is a such a pretty girl…as a brunette AND as a blonde.

  29. im ugly & i hate says:

    It bothers me why anybody could call the relationship between Justin & Heidi ‘marriage’. Were they married? Why would anybody say that Jennifer Aniston broke a home? Is anybody trying to paint Miss Aniston bad to make Angelina Jolie look good? Let me say this- the only homewrecker is Angelina Jolie not Jennifer Aniston. Having an affair or in a relationship can’t in anyway compared to a legal binding, signed dotted lines and recognised by God & man relationship. I’m sad that Heidi spent 14years of her life living with a man who has no interest of marrying her. Nothing is binding to even take their relationship so serious to call it a home! Kudos to Justin to have moved on. Jen shouldn’t have met with her, she is not indebted to her or anybody for that matter.

  30. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    There is something awesome about the name Heidi Bivens it sparks the pron imagination.

  31. Canuck says:

    @kira: have you got a link to that statement on Page Six?

  32. Jayna says:

    What a crock. Anyone who believes this meeting happened is reading too many gossip rags that make up stories to fill space.

  33. dede says:

    Heidi is Gorgeous wow…so if justin cheats on Jen is it okay because they were never life if your bf cheats on you is it not a problem because you all are not married..guess that rule only works for Jen

  34. Laurie M. says:

    I don’t believe this meeting took place…. But I DO believe she was seeing/hooking up with this guy while he still had a girlfriend. Jen & Justin are equally as guilty for bring a homewrecker.

  35. shay kay says:

    I doubt they met but if they did then Heidi must’ve had questions she wanted answered.I doubt if she’d meet with Jennifer just to high five her on her great new love life.That said unless one of the ladies involved give a definite yes to this meeting than I am not buying it.
    Maybe if Jen is guilty of stealing this girls guy (and I am not saying that she is – still awaiting Heidi’s view or Justjen’s comments which hopefully we will get during the Wunderlust promos) than in about 7 years she’ll talk about how they fell in love on the set on Wunderlust thereby answering the questions without broaching the subject.

  36. Zelda says:

    @Lady Luck
    @ I’m Ugly and I Hate

    and the like-minded “He wouldn’t marry her after 14 years” ers

    MAYBE, just maybe, Heidi did not want to marry HIM.

    Not everyone with a vagina is waiting for a diamond you predicatable, mysogynistic bores.

  37. Edita says:

    I’m not completely sure, but I think Kira is referring to this statement:

    Justin Theroux’s ex, Heidi Bivens, spoke to Star on June 22. When asked about the end of their relationship, she said, “It’s unfortunate. I’m not going to comment unless they comment first.” Classy.–lady-gaga

  38. atlantapug says:

    That guy’s head is ENORMOUS!!!

    I agree, the meeting did not take place, and it’s the fault of the cheating boyfriend/husband not the other woman.

  39. The Original Mia says:

    Don’t believe they met. Jen doesn’t have the stones to do something like that. She’s not going to say anything to Heidi or the press and risk Heidi busting her “I’m America’s Sweetest Divorcee” bubble.

  40. Lady_Luck says:


    You must be kidding.
    Heidi was devasted and broken. There is not a chance in high heaven that she would not have wanted the deal sealed with him.

    Doubters can doubt as much as they want and make excuses saying that some people don’t believe in marriage, but say what you will about it, it is the highest form of committment (emotional and legal) standing in front of all witnesses involved to say ‘I’m in it for life’. It may not be a guarantee for a life-long committment but it’s the best that you are going to get, and all practical, theoretical and plain common sense points to the fact that if a man isn’t willing to put a ring on it and claim it, he’s not so sure he wants it around for the long haul.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake, this story came from Grazia?! You can toss this one into the garbage can along with the rest of the magazine. Grazia makes up bullshit out of air. They have never printed a true story for as long as they’ve been in existence.

    This meeting never happened except in the overheated mind of some tabloid editor with too much time on his hands. End of non-story.

  42. LAK says:

    Please, this is Grazia magazine we are talking about AKA Jen Aniston’s premier fan club in Britain. They have her on the cover with a story every week, usually spun to make her look good, and or in a sympathetic light. They used to run a vicious Angie hate campaign every week until the brangelina sued NOTW. They’ve taken care to write fewer Brangelina stories, and usually only ones that can be easily verified as opposed to ‘sources’ or ‘friends of’.

    I take anything they write with a giant shovel of salt!!!

  43. BlackMamba says:

    JenHens are soooo funny with that stupid argument that it was ok for Jen to get in the middle of a 14 years relationship because there was no mariage involve. It`s a stupid argument that only a delusional fan would make and I`M SURE if it was not Jen those same people would not feel the same way.
    And I agree with @Addie… why do JenHens and Brangeloonies keep blaming the women and letting those boys off the hook when they were the ones in committed relationships? Newsflash crazies on both sides: Brad and Justin would never have been “stolen/homewrecked” if they did not put themselves out there. God I’m sick of this stupid competition that you superfans have created between AJ and JA, they all have moved on, it is only you crazies that won’t let the story die including you Kaiser.

  44. Zelda says:

    @LAdy Luck
    “You must be kidding.
    Heidi was devasted and broken. There is not a chance in high heaven that she would not have wanted the deal sealed with him”

    Wow–It’s like you COMPLETELY didn’t get what I was saying at all. Thank you for proving the point that you are old-fashioned and closed-minded about female sexual and social liberation.

    Someone who is very capable of loving someone intensely but not interested in marriage.

  45. fabgrrl says:

    Here is the thing about girlfriend/boyfriend versus spouse (and I’m including Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions as married). MARRIED is public statement of your economic and sexual relationship. Everyone knows what married means, or is supposed to mean. But a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is private and undefined. Sure, some people are absolutely, life-long, 100% committed to their bf/gf, but people casually dating are also bf/gf. Hell, I had a “boyfriend” when I was 11 years old. That is NOT the same as a husband/wife. Likewise, living together without marriage means different things to different people. It could be a lifelong commitment, a “trial marriage”, a matter of convenience, etc. We don’t know what the Bivens/Theroux relationship was, but it was not a marriage.

  46. ladybert62 says:

    Jennifer is a homewrecker just like trampy angelina.

    Sounds like this meeting was only to appease the guilt in jennifer’s mind – I would have thrown the glass of wine in jennifer’s face – obviously heidi has more class than I do.

  47. Leigh says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No one person is a “homewrecker”.. there is always an S on the end of that word… IT TAKES TWO. Usually the relationship is long broken (at least for one person) by the time the alleged ‘affair’ begins…

    It’s so easy for everyone to point fingers up on their high horses…

    Also while I agree with “fabgrrl” in the sense that many cohabitation situations and partnerships can be likened to a marriage in the sense of commitment, I do think there is a social implication in the definition and label of ‘marriage’ that doesn’t necessarily exist in the ‘common law’ and ‘partner’ status.

  48. w001 says:

    it’s hard to believe much of what is reported on the bivens-theroux relationship. it just was never public. it’s not like anyone got a play-by-play on the relationship with pictures and clear timelines, like we did for the aniston-pitt relationship, and then the pitt-jolie relationship.

    Even the 14 year relationship thing is suspect – there is an interview in the 2000s that Justin did where he talked about a relationship he had with an ex (as in it made it sound that he had a different girlfriend before) which means the bivens relationship couldn’t have been 14 yrs.
    in terms of douche category – pitt trumps theroux any day. at the end of the day pitt talked about it first – out of all 3 of them, he was the one to first deliver an exclusive interview on his divorce, and it was a major bs interview where he lied through his teeth. Theroux at least has the courtesy to NOT talk about it in his interviews.

  49. LAK says:

    i guess Goldie HAwn and that fellow she’s been living with for more than 30 years aren’t serious. And he’s hot. i better go get me some, afterall, they aren’t married, so i won’t be a homewrecker.

  50. Cheyenne says:

    @LAK: While you’re at it, go get you some Johnny Depp too. He’s not married either.

    These sanctimonious “after-all-they-weren’t-married” hypocrites crack me up. Married or not married, you stay the hell out of someone else’s relationship. Simple, isn’t it?

    @Lady Luck: If you read the Vogue issue of January 2007 where they interviewed Angelina Jolie, she was specifically asked if she would like to meet with Aniston since her divorce from Pitt. Jolie’s response was: “That would be her decision, and I would welcome it.”

    Obviously it was not Aniston’s decision, since the two have not met since her divorce. Angie is the last person who would run from a confrontation. Aniston never impressed me as being very bright, but she’s smart enough to recognize she could never handle that one.

  51. Thea says:

    If you would go back and read on the internet (interview with the Advocate, etc) Justin and Heidi were in a on/again off again relationship this whole time. There are periods when he is interviewed and talking about his apartment and there isnt a woman involved. Heidi may have been living/looking elsewhere before she supposedly moved out in June. All is fair in love and war until he puts a ring on it. Thats life folks. We all want to live happily ever after but there is no such thing. People change, want different things, doesnt mean they are horrible people. Brad moved on, Jen moved on so be it. Anyway Brad needs to call Heidi and let her know that happiness is overrated.

  52. Mandy says:

    A homewrecker is someone who breaks up a marriage. Thus, Jen is not a homewrecker. Living with someone and being married to someone are not the same!

  53. LAK says:

    @cheyenne – i hadn’t thought of him. Yes! Mick Jagger too, although being another notch on THAT particular belt isn’t a good thing.

    Let’s list all the non-married long-term with GF male [and female] celebrities and go after them.

    Remember the important bit…they aren’t married, so our activities aren’t homewrecking.

  54. Adrien says:

    A quick glance at the headline, I thought it was a post about “Justin Beiber”.

  55. Zelda says:

    “A homewrecker is someone who breaks up a marriage.”

    A homewrecker is someone who wrecks a home.

    It’s…right there…in the word…

  56. Dusty says:

    relationship wrecker…

  57. Cheyenne says:

    w001: pitt talked about it first – out of all 3 of them, he was the one to first deliver an exclusive interview on his divorce

    First time I ever read about Pitt talking about his divorce was last summer while he was promoting Moneyball. Do you know of an earlier interview? If so, can you post the link?

    Aniston had a public meltdown in Vanity Fair in 2005 where she cried, wept and sobbed about her divorce for hours and said Pitt was 98% to blame for the failure of the marriage. Absent gross abuse or neglect by one partner, the responsibility for the failure of a marriage is usually 50-50.

  58. Mila says:

    In my eyes long term monogamous, exclusive relationship has same value and is equally
    important as marriage and what is marriage if not exclusive. The difference is the document that you sign when you get married. Law doesn’t recognize long term relationship if the paper is not signed.
    I find it hypocritical from society and people to say that these kind of relationships are not important as marriage. Also i am not judging anyone because its their business.

  59. Lucinda says:

    Oh yes. Marriage is such a holy, serious institution. Especially for celebrities. Kim Kardashian proved that.

  60. melsa says:

    Brad and Jen were married when the affair took place. Heidi and Justin were not. You can’t be a homewrecker with no home to wreck.

  61. Ivy says:

    Whoa. I guess her team is on major damage control prior to the opening of their movie. This meeting never happened.

  62. Maya says:

    Wow, look at his sideburns in the pictures from when he was with Heidi. At least that situation got (somewhat) resolved.

  63. fabgrrl says:

    @Leigh: I included Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions when I said marriage because for many couples in states that will not recognize same-sex marriage (yet), that is the most legally binding, and public commitment they can make.

  64. Kimbob says:

    Yeah, put me down w/Team Heidi. Yes, Jennifer Anniston came in and disrupted that relationship. Yes, that’s what I think.

    Justin wouldn’t have just up and left his girlfriend Heidi if he didn’t have a person to land on his feet with.

    So, to those that are trying to minimize Anniston’s involvement in the disruption of the Bivens/Theroux relationship, I disagree. Theroux WOULD NOT HAVE LEFT HEIDI if he didn’t have another woman to go to. For God’s sake, they were together for what…14 years…right?

    If Bivens/Theroux were having problems….Theroux HAD 14 YEARS in which time he could have left Heidi & struck out on his own. He chose to stay w/Heidi until “a better offer” came along. That alleged “better offer” was Jennifer Anniston. No…the grass is not always greener on the other side. LMAO!

  65. Marni says:

    ‘Angie is the last person who would run from a confrontation.’

    How do you know that Angelina would not run from a confrontation?
    Do you know her? Have you ever seen her confronted before? Or is this and your many other statments about Angie just your opinion?

    I ask these questions because you are always on these AJ/BP/JA posts claiming Angies this and Angies that, she does this she does that etc.

    Unless you know her you know nothing really about her, (just like the rest of us), and are making claims based on pre arranged interviews and your own personal feelings.

  66. shay kay says:

    Maybe Justin put Heidi off with the usual line regarding marriage, “We’ll marry when everyone else in this country is free to do so.”
    Sounds like I’d have to be making up BS like that doesn’t it?Please don’t give me the credit I completely plagarized that line from another source.

  67. mln76 says:

    Surprise, surprise fans of Aniston continue with their hypocrisy. First off whatever happened in Jen’s marriage has nothing to do with this. Heidi isn’t some surrogate for Angelina and whatever happened 7 yrs ago doesn’t excuse Jen’s behavior now.
    Second this holier-than-thou only marriage counts attitude is just beyond dated. Marriage is as sacred as you decide to make it just ask Kim Kardashian.

    BUT I have to give Jen credit for getting that shiny five headed hipster wannabe in the top photo a makeover.

  68. Lady D says:

    “–Signed, Someone who is very capable of loving someone intensely but not interested in marriage.”
    Hope you don’t mind if I borrow your signature. It suits me so well. And LOL at “it’s right there…

  69. Juliesunflower says:

    Jen is now Lady Macbeth trying to wash ‘homewrecker’ stains from her hands.

  70. shay kay says:

    BTW Did anyone else notice Health Ledger’s “Casanova” picture behind Justin in the first pic before they noticed anything else?

  71. Cheyenne says:

    @Marni: Based on how Angie comes across in interviews, I don’t see her running from any confrontation, especially one with Aniston. She has always presented herself in interviews as calm, collected and in control. If Aniston wanted one, I think Angie would welcome the opportunity to clear the air.

  72. Nina says:

    I don’t think Jen is a virginal good girl, but this “hair conspiracy” is ridiculous. Jennifer was wearing hair extensions for Wanderlust reshots. There were tweets of people who saw her and Justin with Terry the very same day Terry dated the pics. There’s absolutely no conspiracy, only streching.

  73. Marni says:

    So its just your personal opinion then, and you have no more insight into Angie than the rest of us. Good to know.
    Now when you make statements about Angie I know that its a thought in your head and not a fact. Thank you.
    I shall not bother you and hero worship again.

  74. I think she got a boob job

  75. Kelly says:

    First of all, I have to say I watched “Friends” the other night and could not believe how STUPID it was. So predictable, canned laughter. Man – and Jennifer’s movies – laughable. I think Heidi Bivens shows a lot more class; in the pics she doesn’t dress like a famewhore has-been trying to sex it up…and she’s classier because she has every chance to make a lot of money off of an interview but she doesn’t. Justin, big step down for you. Best wishes to Heidi; she can do better.

  76. Cheyenne says:

    @Marni: I never pretended otherwise. I would love to see a sit-down between them, though. I’m pretty sure who would come off better but we’re each of us entitled to our own opinion.

  77. Ell says:

    The ‘pity party’ was fabricated by the gossip rags and blogs. It keeps the triangle going if they portray Jen A as a victim. In reality she’s been having fun and living a life most of us can only dream of.

    I think Heidi is pretty but not exceptional or distinctive looking.

  78. Canuck says:

    @Nina: there were also pap pix taken in the street at about the same time showing the same hair length. Jen and the random strangers on the sidewalk who were caught in the photo were in summer clothes.

  79. Kim says:

    It doesnt matter if they physically didnt get together mentally they certainly did and that is just as bad. They were flirting big time on the set of Wanderlust when he was still going out with and living with Heidi. He knew Jennifer was waiting in the wings hence why he broke up with Heidi. A crappy move on his part.

  80. skuddles says:

    Well when this relationship crashes and burns he can always go back to Heidi… sounds like she really loves the schmuck.

  81. Kim says:

    I personally find Heidi much more attractive than Jennifer.

  82. Emily says:

    Even if they weren’t married, I think most of us can agree that going after another girl’s boyfriend isn’t a very classy thing to do. Go Team Heidi!

    That being said, another part of me is glad that Jen is happy. These douchebags obviously belong together, and maybe now we won’t have to deal with any more “Poor Jen” stories.

  83. allie says:

    Give it up people. Justin and Heidi were on again and off again for years. It was obvious to all around them that this relationship wasnt forever… Jen and Justin fell in love thats all!
    People break up all the time. Good for Jen and Justin for following their hearts. I’m sure Jen didnt want to hurt anyone. She is not that kind of person. People like to call her a homewrecker because they think it makes Angelina look better for what she did. WRONG. From what I have read Brad Pitt was not the love of Jen’s life. Maybe they took it as far as it go. I wish Jen and Justin all the happiness and I hope it works out for them.

  84. allie says:

    By the way Jennifer is a beautiful woman inside and out. Heidi Bivens is not a Jennifer Aniston by any stretch of the imagination. She doesnt have the beauty Jen has. She’s attractive thats all.

  85. Josephina says:

    @ #60 Melsa:
    Correction: Aniston and Brad were LEGALLY separated when they began dating. Aniston/Brad announced split in January 2005, legally filed in March 2005. Brad/Angie still reshooting scenes of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith as late as April 2005. Legally speaking, you CAN date other people when you are separated.

    While legally separated, Jennifer began dating Vince Vaughn before her divorce was final. While dating Vince Vaughn, she interviewed with Vanity Fair. The article was published in August 2005, still crying and whining after the fact about her soon-to-be ex-husband who had no interest in staying in a relationship with her.

    That article should have been about Vince or something upbeat about anxiously awaiting what new life lies ahead of her. Instead… Vince Vaughn is used to help her get over someone she really wants. Aniston was “getting comforted” by Vince Vaughn while she talked about Brad on talk shows and in magazine interviews.

    This is what men so appealing- a woman who does not know when it is over. I guess that was why so many men were lined up to date her. After all, she is such a great catch, with her hair, enviable circle of friends, great acting talent and all.

    She has been dubbed a “Sad Spook” and you can see why.

  86. Josephina says:

    By the way. Heidi is a beauty as a blonde AND as a bruntte.

    But, if Theroux wants to be with Aniston, so be it. It is his life.

  87. Not Working Hard says:

    Jen’s behavior shouldn’t be compared to Jolie’s no matter what the timing: Jen was MARRIED to Brad. Fourteen years of dating and living together is the opposite of being married. The courts don’t acknowledge common law marriage and we shouldn’t either.

  88. Cerulean says:

    Zelda:YESssss! Preach it sister.

    Marriage is just SO sacred right? Why can you get married in Vegas then? What about quickie divorces and the overall divorce rates? It does not protect jack crap. You can be just as committed unmarried. Commitments are not about a piece of paper. They are much much deeper than that. People marry for wrong or selfish reasons all the time. It doesn’t make the commitment mean more if the people don’t have in them to hold to it.

    Justin is a jerk pure and simple. If Jen hadn’t played such the poor lil me card at every turn then it wouldn’t be so irritating. Heidi has waaay more class in her pinky toe than she does.
    Why would she do to another woman what was supposedly done to her? Especially when we know they had already been separated and living apart when Brad got with Angie. They just weren’t divorced. She built a whole bad acting career on her victim/ex wife of an A lister role. Perhaps she will get an honorary Oscar for it.

    I do love Heidi’s not so subtle threat: Talk bitch and I blow your image sky high. You aren’t going to humiliate me any further. Take your photos all you want but open that whiny self serving mouth and I’ll make sure the world knows who you really are. You too hobgoblin ex.

    Well played Heidi. Well played. Way to maintain some control. Wanderlust PR will be interesting.

  89. Jeannified says:

    Must be nice to have moved on to a rich girlfriend. Now he doesn’t have to wear suits that are too small anymore!

  90. ruby says:

    Heidi is so pretty, as a blonde and as a brunette ! And usually I don’t like it when girls dye their hair blonde but it suited her. She’s handled this whole situation with class and intelligence. Poor girl.

    Justin really downgraded there, wow. Jennifer looks very rough next to Heidi (and the blonde dyed hair looks awful on her), and nothing I’ve heard of her gives me the impression she’s a nice person.

    As for the Grazia article I call BS. That crap never happened. What is it about Aniston that makes the tabloids go so crazy ? I swear they’re inventing stories about her non stop, more than any other star I find.

  91. truthful says:

    hmmm seems like Princess Angelina and Jennifer have alot more in common than I knew.

    god forbid!!!

    either way these ladies must be lonely or hate being alone, cause this dude looks like a skeevy retired sailor on a drunken blues cruise ship.

    I can smell the stale ciggies from here.

  92. Heine says:

    This sounds like a load of horse manure. They didn’t meet; like Cheyenne said, this reads like some gossip editors over active imagination.

    And just a thought: Brangeloonies and JenHens are BOTH hypocritical when it comes to their favorites. They forgive the same trespasses that they demonize the other side for. It’s clear on every single thread about either side. Can we all just admit to it like adults and move on?

    EDIT: Maybe for some of you the bias is talking but Heidi is very average-looking to me. Her face isn’t memorable or interesting. She isn’t ugly, just bland and unremarkable.

  93. Mac says:

    Heidi seems to have a Stepford Wife quality about her.

  94. Cheyenne says:

    @addie: A woman who is beautiful inside would never be associated with a despicable racist hag like Chelsea Handler.

  95. Kloops says:

    Don’t care that she’s a homewrecker, but if AJ is, then JA is too. What I find hilarious is that she’s a HYPOCRITE. Not cool, Jen, not cool.

  96. Cerulean says:

    91)Yep. I get the visual. Can soooo see it.

  97. iseepinkelefants says:

    Brangeloonies never quite. I’m by no means an Aniston fan, I find her harmless but there’s a big difference between breaking up a marriage (and sleeping with numerous married men) and moving in on a relationship that by all accounts (Therous and Biven’s friends) has been on and off for 14 years (off when Aniston and he started dating).

  98. m~m says:

    In the country with the highest divorce rate in the world Aniston’s story seems like a real drama. Yeah, its a wonder that her body is able to carry on some basic life functions… the 8th world wonder. Gosh…
    I’m from Europe and I was never particularly interested in her divorce but during that famous Brad’s Parade comment someone mentioned Aniston’s interview in Vanity Fair 2006 so I read it on-line and almost died… laughing. I couldn’t believe that so many people bought that melodramatic piece of crap. Aniston’s whole image is built on people’s pity and blindness. And those who degenerate 14 years long relationship into something less important than marriage are just blind and lie to themselves. It’s the same, emotions are the same and that’s what counts, not paper. The only difference is that Heidi apparently possesses some healthy amount of pride and dignity and Aniston doesn’t and didn’t 7 years ago.

  99. Bean says:

    “Heidi is very average-looking to me. Her face isn’t memorable or interesting. She isn’t ugly, just bland and unremarkable.”

    ^^^Very Aniston of her.
    Justin sure has a type
    but I think Heidi is pretty.
    I agree with #19 Marjalane.

    I wonder if/when Justin cheats on Aniston,these same ‘they weren’t married so it’s alright to be unfaithful’ people will say the same thing…
    methinks not…

  100. Canuck says:

    @94: having Marilyn Manson as a friend is hardly a nod towards one’s good taste and judgement either.

  101. eli says:

    all those same sex couples that are practically married do not have a home, do not have a family to break just because the laws do not allow them to sign a contract?
    What about the married or unmarried couples that do not believe in God? do they not have a home together?
    Woul it be ok for Justin to cheat on poorJen who has fgone tru a lot just because they are not married? What if JA does not want to get married anymore or Justin doesn’t actually believe in marriage? they can “cheat” on each other alright, they are not married…
    J. Depp his Vanessa and his children… not a home, Farrah Fawcett and Rian O’neal were a big love, oh, but they werenot married!
    Oprah and his long time partner, they can also cheat, they are not married!
    Tim Robbins and susan Sarandon were a lovely couple, but they didn’t deserve my respect, they were not married!
    Goildie Hawn and her Kurt rusel, Mathew Macconaughey also can cheat on his cute family, he will be defended here…
    And as someone said, marriage is so “sacred” anyway in HW, what is the divorce rate? How many do get married for money or the wrong reasons? How many do get divorced after 5 years or less? hey even 10 years or less, like in Tom Cruise’s case, who I hear did not want to pay Nicole a big sum of money and hurried his divorce before the 10 year line.
    how many are married but it is/was a facade? (pitt, aniston, I’m looking at you)

  102. anne_000 says:

    If, as a woman, you went up to a guy in a bar and he told you he was in a 14-year relationship with his girlfriend, would you tell him that doesn’t mean anything so come home with you?

    What kind of woman would discount another woman’s 14-yr relationship with a man?

    Also, since Jennifer hasn’t married any of the guys she’s been dating all these years, does that mean it’s ok for ANY WOMAN to come in and flirt her ass off to JA’s boyfriends, including Justin? Is that ok?

    And should JA just stand back and say & feel nothing since she’s NOT married to Justin or any of her other boyfriends?

    Watch the JenHens go crazy if a younger, richer, & prettier woman came in and took Justin away. Then it’ll be “Poor Jennifer” again.

  103. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: beats a racist pig and a child pornographer (Terry Richardson), doesn’t it?

  104. rissa says:

    im only team aniston because this website is so extremely biased.

    and if angelina ruined two MARRIAGES.. how many relationships do you think she got in the middle of??

  105. lil says:

    hahah, but Justin won’t cheat on JA! you will not see that from that man again!
    he would have to find a richer, more desperate woman than Aniston to be interested. eally, that Heidi Bivens is a lucky girl now.
    If the Janiston fans are going by technicalities to stat that they did not technically cheat on heidi, then the SAME can be said of Angelina, since she and BRad did not started being seen together until after divorce was filed… and both parties were free to date whomever they chose, there was no going back. Now that was hit Aniston, she probably thought he would wait a year or 2 or 3 before moving on and have children of his own… not Brad!
    (Can’t believe this is discussed again)
    Laura Dern was NOT married to BB, therefore, no cheating, he left her before getting with angelina, she (laura) was saving face, and then she went and did break up Ben Harper’s marriage with children just as she had BBT’s marriege with children with Petra, yeah, because BBT is not to blame for his wrecked homes … so the quarrell with angelina is…?

  106. G says:

    Honestly and sometimes sadly relationships break up. That’s life.

    I’m flabbergasted to hear, though, from some of you, the idea that woman in a 14 year live -in relationship isn’t entitled to any hurt feelings of her own without a marriage certificate and face that looks like Anniston’s? Shame.

  107. pinns says:

    I can just see Jen and Ange in their 90′s, forgotten and stuck together in a decaying old mansion, men dead and gone, like Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in Baby Jane!!

    Or bickering away like Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her…. heh heh heh!!

  108. Canuck says:

    @104: Yes, but I’m pretty sure that having children with a man who almost certainly committed statutory rape tops it all. Wasn’t Juliette Lewis only 16 to Brad’s 26 when they were together? 1990 to 93? Seems to me that the age of consent in California is 18, isn’t it? Unless she was bearding for him, of course…

  109. NM9005 says:

    Jolie sure did run from a confrontation during the MAMS press tour when Curry confronted her with the magazine of her playing with Maddox and Brad (the sandcastle thing).
    Oh you want a link?

    I can’t find the full interview but I saw it in the past and she was angry and very annoyed by the fact that somebody had the balls to straight up ask her about the rumours. “Oh but I don’t cheat because my father cheated and I’m not like that”. Nice one, but lies. And ” That day needs to forever be a day that I made a sand castle with my son.” so don’t judge her for being a mommy.

    Oh here’s the transcript:

    So yeah.

    However, Aniston is a homewrecker too. It’s not because Bivens and Theroux weren’t married that their relationship of 14 years wasn’t legit. If they commited and promised each other to stay monogamous and be there for each other in a loving non-legal way than why shouldn’t Anistion be held partially responsbible for the break-up? Don’t go treating other people the way you’ve been treated and cried about. Bivens is being quite respectful towards this couple and I’m wondering what her side of the story is.
    I don’t think Jolie and Aniston are bad women, but they made poor choices that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Karma girls. And not a damn thing, not even romantic photo-ops and gushy interviews can make up for the fact that they “stole” a man that was unavaible. That reeks of insecurity and jealousy. Go find yourself a single man but don’t hurt other people because you want want want…And of course the dudes were responsible too, also karma!
    Well that’s my 2 cents on this. Just sayin’…

  110. Camille says:

    @Kaiser: You crack me up lol.

    I don’t buy that Heidi and Aniston had a meeting at all. It is just more made up tabloid BS by the sounds of things.

    @Heine: Your comments on Heidi’s looks is kind of how I feel about Anistons ;) lol :) .

  111. Mac says:

    @Canuck 108

    Juliette Lewis was an emancipated minor @16 and therefore legal.

    Pitt may have been a pig but not technically a child rapist.

  112. NM9005 says:

    “not technically”

    Nice nuance =). It’s still creepy though. My friend dated somebody 10 year older her senior and after they broke up, she admitted when she “came to her senses” it was kind of creepy for a guy to horn on a young girl like her. At least Brad is a “nice guy”. Brad always gushed about his loves, that dude loves love.
    Her dude was just straight up nuts.

  113. Ann1 says:

    No way do I believe this sack of lies she is paying her publicist to leak out. Aniston is a big hypocrite. She enjoyed her pity party for 7 years now she did the same thing that she accused Jolie. What a liar Aniston is. I am so sick of her obvious pr games.

  114. minnie says:

    what about the tons of people who date and then marry highschool girls, or those college boys or young men who date younger?
    not praising them, but at 16-17 they are not children, they may be immature, as even 18 or 19 people are.
    Juliette is a different case, she was a teen, yes, she was emancipated since she was 14 or so, her parents were/are scientologists and even I heard that Pitt learned a bit about the religion, but did not get involved.
    I do not see that worse than Wilmer Valderrama and Demi lovato nowadays (I dislike Valderrama because the girls that he has been with, somehow en up badly, not in Brad’s case AT ALL), nor i see their parents complaining nor were “selling” her. I remember some written interview of them (Im’ kind of an oldie) at the time and they were presented as young and hip. I think that Juliette doesn’t have a bad word about him. She just was a bit off those years, mature and immature at the time, probably a product of her upbringing and her religion. I like her work as an actress back then, also Kalifornia. I think she still has spirit.

  115. Katherine says:

    Grazia? LOL!

    They are notorious for their blatantly made up stories about celebs. They used to concentrate on fake gossip about European royalty IIRC. Seems some years back they decided they could make more money including a more expansive stable of celebs as fodder for their fractured fairy tales.

    I would bet anything this story is completely made up.

  116. Canuck says:

    @ Mac 111: Actually, being emancipated makes no difference to that sort of thing. Underage is underage, whether it’s sex (unless they are married), drinking, voting etc.

    So technically, yes he would have been, assuming they had sex in the two years they were together before she turned 18.

  117. wunder says:

    Hollywood folks ruining each others faux 10 min. marriages/relationships-so what?. . . let them do it. Anniston is not a ‘goody goody’.

  118. normades says:

    Douche. Heidi is way cuter than Blandiston.

  119. Cheyenne says:

    Juliette Lewis was born in 1973. She was 19 when she made Kalifornia with Brad Pitt in 1992.

    Sorry, Canuck, you lose. Again.

  120. Maritza says:

    So Heidi was a blonde before? That’s what happened, she decided to change to brown and Justin didn’t find her fun anymore.

  121. Mac says:

    @Canuck 116

    I stand corrected. Maybe it doesn’t matter that much to the authorities if they’re famous and nobody complains because Pitt’s had a string of underage girlfriends.

    Shalane McCall??(14) Pitt (28)

    Christina Applegate (17) Pitt (30)

  122. NM9005 says:

    Sorry Cheyenne but they started dating in 1989 so she was 16.

    Dated from 1989-1993. It was always said they were together for four years and I think they started dating even before Too Young To Die (good film, one of my first JL films, I love her =) )

    And this is the internet. You can never win ;) .

  123. ilse says:

    Yeah I still see those old girlfriends crying pity parties in magazines. They seem more mature that other women. J. Lewis and the others actually went on with her life long ago, funny how “historic” this conversation has gone.
    Anyway, according to the topic here and my veredict: yes Justin Theroux is a pig and Aniston is a Home wrecker, and Heidi is way prettier and sweeter than boob-nips Aniston, .

  124. Juilia says:

    @ Mac

    No offence but how can Shalane Mc call, born in september 1972 and Pitt, born in december 1963 suddenly have a 14 years difference in age ? In what parallel universe, years suddenly strech ?

    How also were they dating when she was supposedly 14, when they met the very first time in Dallas and he played her boyfriend when she was 16 ?

    Also Christina Appelgate is born in november 1971 and Pitt in december 1963. That makes a difference of 8 years.

    Not that it doesn’t change the fact that he was nearly a decade older but please, stop the exaggeration and lies to make a point as valid as it is.

  125. Potsticker says:

    Yeah, Brad was dating Juliette before Kalifornia — they were in a tv movie together in 1990, and he went with her to the premiere of Cape Fear in 1991. Still gross.

  126. dede says:

    um what the heck does Pitts dating history have to do with the fact that JA broke up a 14 year relationship can someone please answer this because im lost..anyway back on topic i give this relationship until the Oscars.

  127. SEF says:

    This story is BS.
    Regardless, two things: (1) the ex-girlfriend is pretty; and (2) he looks SO skeevy!

  128. Camille says:

    @dede: It has nothing to do with anything, but the crazies have to have something to pick on Brangelina about. After all Aniston is perfect and can do no wrong. Apparently.

    And the Oscar time limit sounds about right ;) hehe.

  129. Pat says:

    Both Angie and Jen are the same. The circumstances when they got with their partners are identical. So if you believe that Jolie did not wrong – then neither did Jen. What is quite pathetic is how Angie fans have for years defended Angie and now that Jen does exactly the same thing they say how bad it is. Can’t have it both ways.

  130. skuddles says:

    I find it very weird that anyone would deem a fourteen year, living-together relationship as “only dating” and suggest it lacks the same validity as a five year marriage. Did I get stuck in a 1950′s time warp?? The only relationships that count are the ones bound by a legal agreement?

    And to whoever it was that said “oh everyone knew it was just an on again off again thing and everyone knew it wouldn’t last” uh I think someone forgot to tell Heidi. By all accounts she was blindsided by the split. The fact is, a fourteen year relationship is more significant than a five year relationship and that’s bloody well all there is to it.

  131. skuddles says:

    I find it very weird that anyone would deem a fourteen year, living-together relationship as “only dating” and suggest it lacks the same validity as a five year marriage. Did I get stuck in a 1950′s time warp?? The only relationships that count are the ones bound by a legal contract?

    And to whoever it was that said “oh everyone knew it was just an on again off again thing and that it wouldn’t last” uh I think someone forgot to tell Heidi. By all accounts she was blindsided by the split. The fact is, a fourteen year relationship is more significant than a five year relationship and that’s bloody well all there is to it.

  132. Nola says:

    Tabloids just like making shit up.

    There is no way Jen would have been involved with Justin during the film without it coming out. It always starts with rumors, but there was none with them. The same magazine also seem to forget that by the time this “cheating” was supposedly happening, Jen was supposed to be hooking up with gazillion other guys. Make up your mind people. Also nobody has any idea what kind of relationship Justin and Heidi had and even from this supposedly 14 year relationship there are many quotes where Justin said he was single so it was one of those on and off, but again I do no know shit about their relationship. This website is just so biased that they will jump into anything without looking into facts, but what do I know.

  133. Juilia says:

    @ Pat

    What is pathetic is the jen fans belitteling or brushing off the validity of Heidi relationship while using the Pitt marriage to do so as an excuse of their lack of consideration towards that specific relationship.

    Since they like comparisons when it’s on Jen’s favour, well let’s compare, shall we. Aniston has had her marriage ended and has still her home.

    Heidi not only has had her 14 years old relationship shreaded to peices but worse, she lost her home in the process, which give another dimension to the word : HOMEwrecking.

    She actually has seen her economical situation drastically dropped due to that technical homewrecking.

    So I find it even more insulting when Jen fans deny her the same consideration that would have given to a relationship validated by a peice of paper (marriage) because Jen is the other woman.

    She has lost much more than Aniston has ever did while losing Pitt. She has lost her HOME and her economical comfort as a consequence.

  134. Twez says:

    more like “Jennifer Aniston allegedly paid off Justin Theroux’s ex” so that she doesn’t keep talking to the press

  135. anom says:

    That greaseball ThrowUP is just like the other loser opportunists that found an insecure, desperate, rich sugar mama. Just like Kfed, TorySpelling’s user who threw his WIFE AND CHILDREN under the bus, jessica simpelton’s no-job baby daddy among others. aniston deserves him.

  136. hatekyle says:

    oh i wasn’t aware that there’s a movie called wanderslut or am i dreaming?

  137. Pat says:

    Juilia – I appreciate how you are trying to make Aniston look bad but in doing so you are making Heidi out to be a loser – something which I am sure she is not. She is a very successful fashion consultant and works on movies, commericals, etc. I am sure she is very weathly in her own right. I assume that you are not close friends with Heidi? Heidi has never disclosed what you wrote and none of her friends have either. You must really dislike Heidi to make her look so pathetic. I am sure she is enjoying her life and moving on very well – who knows maybe she kicked him to the curb. Shd obviously doesn’t want to talk abot it so we probably should honor this and leave her out of it. Jen and Angie’s situations are identical. Both sides just need to admit that. For respect for other women please don’t make Heidi such a loser.

  138. Juilia says:

    @ Pat


    I don’t try to make Aniston look bad, she doesn’t need me for that, she looks bad on herself in that history because the woman whose man left her for was not financially in par with her and had to leave the home she was sharing with her boyfriend, the bills they were sharing…. But that was not the focus of my post, it was Aniston FANS, just like yours were towards Jolie FANS. Fair is fair !

    I question the moral they have held so much in pride when they now deny the same consideration to Heidi’s relationship they used to give Aniston till this day, for something similar that has happened 7 years ago.

    Because this time, it’s Aniston the other woman, so Heidi relationship is now considered rubbish and count for nil for most of them.

    I find it hypocrit to the core and insulting to that woman who again has had her home wrecked in a way that Aniston has never experienced.

  139. LuckyLilGem says:

    What’s interesting about this situation is Angie and Brad at least had the tact to wait a few months before going public with their relationship. Jen didn’t even give Heidi the chance to move out of Justin’s apt. Can’t imagine how much painful it must’ve been to pack up 14 years into boxes; meanwhile, your ex’s photo and his new ultra rich and famous’s face plastered over every magazine and all over the internet.

    Heidi- if you’re reading this …hang in their girl. You’ll get the last laugh.

  140. TabbyCat says:

    Melsa, since there was no affair between Brad and Angelina, what has that got to do with it?

    And why do you people think homewrecker only denotes ‘marriage’? Do you see ‘marriage’ wrecker? NO! Its HOMEwrecker. Heidi and Justin shared a HOME together, hence – HOME wrecker. Get it now? Marriage has NOTHING to do with someone being a homewrecker. All you need is a HOME. Not necessarily a marriage. Angelina has never been a homewrecker. Aniston is. That, is REALITY.

  141. TabbyCat says:

    rissa, since 97% of the internet is pro Aniston, its good to have a site that is pro Jolie. It will never balance the 97%, but why you feel every site must be pro Aniston is a mystery to me. You want to take this away from us, too?

    Fyi, Angelina has not ruined any marriages. Nor has she got in the middle of any relationships. Why is it so important to you and the other loonistons that Aniston should never be called out on her actions but Angelina has to be attacked and punished 7 years and and forever time imemorial? Why drag Angelina into it? Why the desperation to stop Aniston being called on her actions?

  142. Canuck says:

    @Julia: Aniston is not responsible for the financial arrangements that were or,were not in place between Theroux and Ms. Bivens beforehand.

    She also kept her home because a) she was worth as much as Pitt, b) they bought the house, not rented it, and c) they were married and that gives both parties a strong stance in post-breakup negotiations.

    That said, your home isn’t onlly the walls that surround you, it’s what’s inside and the memories it contains. And in that, no matter who gets the house, everyone involved loses their home.

  143. TabbyCat says:

    Lady_Luck, you seem so desperate to see Aniston as a victim that you blatantly refuse to acknowledge facts. The ‘marriage’ thing won’t fly and is a weak, pitiful, desperate excuse. A 14 year relationship where a couple share a life together and a home/property/assets together is just as much a true relationship and commitment, if not more so, than a 4 year marriage of convenience. I know Aniston apologists cling to that bs weak excuse like a life raft. But this is 2011, and that marriage excuse does not fly. What Justin and Heidi had was far more profound and lasting than Brad and Aniston’s 4 year merger of convenience. Fact is, and this is proven by photos and timelines, that Aniston and Theroux were photographed together at least 1 month prior to Heidi moving out together. All this is backed up by statements and photographs and timelines. There is no question. As much as you want to believe your saint Aniston is pure as the driven snow, she IS INDEED, a homewrecker. Facts prove it and there is nothing you can say to excuse it. On the other hand, its been proven that Angelina and Brad didn’t have an affair. She was innocent all along. Angelina is guilty of nothing, and facts prove it. Not withstanding the fact that Angelina offered to meet Aniston, and it was ANISTON that didn’t have the guts to and said no, there is only one proven homewrecker out of the 2. Aniston. Her silence and cowardace says it all, her guilt is written all over her. Put down the coolaid and face reality. Aniston is a heartless, evil, conniving homewrecker. That, is the reality.

  144. TabbyCat says:

    Give it up. Allie, Heidi and Justin lived together for 14 years solid. They were NOT ‘off again on again’ that was a tabloid rumour that you obviously choose to believe because it suits your purposes. The on again off again thing was proven to be a lIE. And there you go with what is brainwashed syrupy sickly Aniston worship and attacking Heidi, who has not said one thing or anything, just to keep the dream of Aniston is the pure saint alive. Who cares if Aniston is famous and Heidi isn’t? Are famous people like Aniston above morals and societal mores? Aniston being famous doesn’t excuse her actions. What is clear is that Aniston is not only unfortunate looking on the outside, she is a very ugly person on the inside.

  145. TabbyCat says:

    iseepinkelefants, who has slept with married men? Angelina certainly hasn’t and we know thats been proven now. So that only leaves Aniston. Has Aniston slept with a married man? Since she did this with Heidi and has form, I wlouldn’t be surprised. She is that type of person.

    Why is it that loonistons are so desperate to keep clinging to a pure as the driven snow charade that they will do moral gymnastics and even spout tabloid LIES to do so. Lets get this straight once and for all. Heidi and Just were not ‘on again off again’ that was a tabloid LIE. Neither Justin, nor Heidi or their friends said that. But its clear that loonistons are so desparate to excuse everything Aniston does and portray her as pure as the driven snow butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, that they cling to tabloid lies like white on rice to do it. Everything from denigrating Heidi, a person who hasn’t even said boo to anyone, to insulting her looks, to now claiming LIES as fact, to do it.
    Why are loonistons so emphatic that Aniston must be seen as a saint? Why can’t her fans just admit the truth? Why is it so important to loonistons that Aniston always been seen as a saint personified who can never do ANY wrong? Seriously, why are some so infatuated with Aniston that they truly think her poop doesn’t smell? How does she brainwash en masse so many people?

  146. NM9005 says:

    “Angelina has never been a homewrecker.”

    Disagree. She wrecked her own home with Johnny Lee (affair with Shimizu), even admitted that she was in love with Shimizu from the second she saw here (1994).
    Then Billy Bob who was living together with Laura Dern (well-documented) even though yes, Laura herself wrecked BB’s home too but that doesn’t excuse Jolie’s action. And then Pitt’s,as if they didn’t bone on set? They are constantly talking about how they fell in love on set and you people defend it always saying “he and Aniston split before MAMS came out” so commen sense dictates even the fans know deep down that they were consuming the relationship. Also, the constantly skirting around their affair and trying to divert the attention while it would be good for the film’s promotion (fake hook-ups to boost sales happens all the time) unless they lied and they did bone on set. They so did…
    Cheating is cheating, whether it’s Anistion, Jolie, Rimes or the fricking pope.

    Side note: I think Hutton is the one that broke her heart, she never talks about that. Only about men who she dumped even though she loved them so intense. I think he was her kryptonite =).

  147. TabbyCat says:

    NM9005, what you’ve just pasted is oft debunked tabloid rubbish. I’m surprised there are people who still haven’t been corrected and who still believe those absolute lies. Lets go through them for the 127th time.
    She was single at the time her and Shimziu got together. There was no affair there. Check out the timelines.
    The Dern thing has been rehashed ad nauseum, but suffice it to say that when Dern and BBT split, Dern’s publicist released a statement. That statement, was BEFORE Angelina and Brad got together. Dern got angry that he moved on to Jolie quickly, and slammed BBT claiming he cheated on her, when her publicists’s release date stamp says otherwise. Dern has a habit of accusing people of cheating on her if they move on before she does. Yet the date stamp of the release proves that Dern and BBT weren’t together (another fallacy; they were never engaged, btw). That one has been debunked on here over and over. The BBT-Dern/Jolie thing was a tabloid hoax that was debunked long ago.
    Likewise with the Pitt-Jolie thing. Contrary to the tabloids, neither Angelina or Brad ever said they fell in love ‘on set’ (which, btw, filming was still being done after Brad and Jen split). Angelina said her children could see where their parents fell in love (characters Jane and John Smith) and *try to kill each other*. Suffice it to say she was talking about the characters, not her and Brad as actors. Also, the set was always crowded, and people from the set have gone on record, with their names, as saying nothing happened. The overwhelming evidence suggests and PROVES, that there was no affair. Anyone who sits down and looks at the evidence can see that there is no evidence of an affair. On the contrary. Unfortunately fools fall for the tabloid rubbish when if they sat down and analysed the facts and evidence, its clear no affair happened. So again, evidence clearly shows that Angelina has never cheated or been involved with a married man. There is no evidence to suggest it, and all evidence shows to the contrary. Aniston came between a relationship. That is something that evidence shows Angelina has not done. Period.

  148. Canuck says:

    @Tabby: I’ll bet you don’t even see the irony in defending a 14 year live-in boyfriend/girlfriend relationship whilst calling someone’s marriage a “marriage of convenience” and “forgetting” that they they were boyfriend/girlfriend for 3 years before getting married, do you?

    At times I think that the main reason Jolie is bringing out her film with subtitles is because she’s desperate to winnow the idiots out of her fanbase.

  149. TabbyCat says:

    Brad himself said during their marriage that their marriage was a merger. An experiment. Those are his own words. A marriage of convenience. You call a LIFE PARTNERSHIP of 14 years a mere boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but put stock in a 4 year merger/marriage of convenience.

  150. mln76 says:

    Jen’s good friend Kathy Najimy (sorry for bad spelling) told People magazine that at the time of the divorce Brad and Jen had been in the midst of separating for ONE YEAR. That’s months before Brad started shooting MAMS.
    However like I said before what happened with Aniston’s divorce has no relevance to how Heidi was treated. Trying to distract by bringing in the triangle is just plain ignorant. Heidi isn’t Angelina.

  151. Cheyenne says:

    @ Pat: Aniston doesn’t need anyone’s help in looking bad; she’s doing fine on her own.


    @ Tabby: I would say there has been a seismic shift in opinion over the past two or three years. People are finally seeing through her bullshit. She can still count on the hardcore boo-hoo sisterhood to back up anything she says and does but their numbers have shrunk quite a bit. The pity party ran its course. There is a very thin line between pity and contempt, and she crossed it a long time ago.

  152. Sally says:

    Why would Brad Pitt marry someone for “convenience”? He was already rich and famous, so was she. What was he supposed to get out of it?

  153. Heine says:

    Tabby:Lady (or guy), get some air. I feel like you’ve been saving all that for weeks and it’s been eating you alive so it all burst forth in a number of rants meant to…I dunno, defend Jolie? She will never love you even if you defend her honor so vehemently.

    By the way, how the hell do you know that Heidi and Justin’s ‘life partnership’ was more valid than Brad and Jennifer’s marriage aka a legally and socially accepted ‘life partnership’? Neither Heidi nor Justin have been forthcoming about their relationship status before the break-up. They weren’t famous enough to be constantly asked about it so who really knows. I’ve never read anything where either of them called their relationship a ‘life partnership’ so can it with that. You are trying to give their relationship more weight than it likely had.

    As the Brangeloonies love to mention, you can’t wreck a happy home. Would Justin have left if he was wholly interested in keeping his relationship with Heidi intact?

  154. Laughing Librarian says:

    Bleech-does anybody care at this point who screwed whom when? I do feel for Heidi, mainly because it’s obvious that Justin “moved up” because he “fell in love”. He’d better be taking very good care of her financially. Girl, you can do so much better.
    I am sure Justin and Jennifer will have a lovely romance, but will it last 10 yrs (give or take-Brad and Angelina) or over 10 yrs (Justin and Heidi)?
    It’s easy in the short run, so hard in the long run. Most of these Hollywood types don’t have the attention span, and I do believe so many of the relationships are career moves-sad.
    On a cattier note, Heidi looks very beautiful all by herself-Aniston always looks like she works very hard to look the way she does. I don’t know about surgery, but I know she exercises and diets like a madman-remember her in “Ferris Bueller”?
    OMG, if she has a kid-batten down the hatches for news of the post-baby workout!

  155. Cheyenne says:

    Heine: Would Justin have left if he was wholly interested in keeping his relationship with Heidi intact?

    Depends on which he cares about more, his woman or his career. If his career came first then he would have no problem jettisoning Heidi for greener ($$$$) pastures, especially if he managed to find someone desperate enough to let him mooch off her indefinitely just so she can say she finally (!) caught herself a man.

  156. Heine says:

    Cheyenne: So let’s just say you’ll never think their relationship is valid and leave it at that, shall we?

  157. dreamon says:

    Gee. Jenifer Anniston took Bivens out for a glass of wine to split hairs with her about when Justin left her.

    I guess the Jenhens believe the hand of of someone famous for their haircut is saintly enough to erase her pain. This is just adding insult to injury. It happens, but, let’s not rub it in with this condecension.

  158. Sunday says:

    OMG!!! WHO GIVES A F#CK?!?!

  159. BELLA says:

    This a smart man… He left a beautiful
    young women for a RICH old lady

  160. guest says:

    justin def upgraded. who would not? perhaps, he wants equality as much as jen does. don’t know if justin and heidi are equal. don’t know if justin and jen are equal ‘cuz he has his own money and his family. also, heidi has such pointy nose, but she is still young so she looks ok. jen is mature and still looks young and innocent.

  161. Sid says:

    Justin Theroux is a member of a very accomplished family. And I would describe him as gifted in his own right. Plus Justin is a hoot on screen. In my opinion Jennifer is fortunate to have him interested in her.