Megan Fox makes Broadway debut: “Everybody that knows me thinks I’m funny”


So we continue upon the career evolution of Megan Fox, “Megan 2.0: The Supporting Actress Years,” which has already seen such strange happenings as Megan showing true clarity and taking the proverbial high road while both Michael Bay and Shia LeBeouf continued to trash her in the wake of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon release.

No big deal though, for Megan shall perservere to such lengths as taking the tried and true “do theater” recommendation of improving one’s acting career to heart. She makes her very own (gulp) Broadway debut in 24 Hour Plays. But let’s not jump the gun just yet, for the production is a 10th annual one-night-only show:

On Her Stage Debut: “I don’t have the stomach for [the stage]. It takes a very brave, courageous person, and I’m too neurotic. I wouldn’t survive an entire run of a play.”

But she survived the full 24 hours Monday night at the American Airlines Theater. Unlike some of her fellow actors, who used Absolut vodka to calm their nerves, Fox (who doesn’t drink) stuck to her Chinese herbs. Why was a group of established actors — including Jesse Eisenberg, David Cross, Rosie Perez and Michael K. Williams — so terrified? Consider the show’s premise.

The 24 Hour Plays — a show sponsored by [Tracy Morgan] Montblanc to benefit the Urban Arts Partnership — teams up writers, actors and directors for 24 hours, during which time they have to create six plays, to be performed on Broadway the following night. Twenty-four hours to write, direct, memorize lines and act, all for an audience hoping to see you break character. That is, after all, part of the voyeuristic fun of it — the chance to see big-name Hollywood actors at their most vulnerable.

Fox’s play, The Maid, is a surrealist comedy featuring Sarah Silverman and Fox as rabbits, Paul Bettany as a high-maintenance millionaire, Jack McBrayer essentially reprising his role on “30 Rock” (this time as a maid) and Tracy Morgan in a cameo as Tracy Morgan.

On Her Strengths: “I definitely, for live theater, would prefer doing comedy as opposed to something heavy and dramatic, because I just don’t have the nerves to pull something like that off.”

The actors were required to bring a prop with them to the theater, which the writers could integrate into the script. Fox wanted to bring Sting, Frodo’s sword from Lord of the Rings, but foresaw trouble at LAX and settled on a Bop It. Her prop didn’t end up in the play, but it did display her sense of humor, which she cites as one of her stronger points: “Everybody that knows me thinks I”m funny.”

On The Pressure Of 24 Hours: “If you mess up, you sort of mess up everyone else’s experience as well, and you can’t reset. It’s frightening. Everyone is so completely terrified, even the people who have done it several times. But I was really impressed with how very relaxed Sarah was, and obviously I don’t think Tracy’s ever been nervous in his life.”

On Her Most Relaxed Moments: As for Fox, her most relaxed moments in life come “when [she's] not PMSing or ovulating — those two weeks in between.”

On Her Unrelaxed Moments: “I hate doing the red carpets. It’s all about what you’re wearing and how you look, and I don’t know anyone who’s super comfortable and confident in doing that. I mean I do know a few people, but it’s not the norm.”

[From HuffPo]

Megan is either growing up or getting some good advice from people who understand the media circus and all of its necessary derivatives. In this interview, she says absolutely nothing derogatory about any of her bosses or costars. See? She’s learning (and meanwhile, Michael Bay is still King of the Douchebags).

As a sidenote, Megan has just popped over to Moscow, Russia, where she stood alongside the likes of Clive Bloody Owen to launch the Vertu Constellation Quest, which bills itself as “the world’s most exquisite phone.” Naturally, the Daily Mail makes noises about the fact that Megan and Clive are both in attendance so, naturally, they must be screwing each other. Give me a break. Regardless of whatever the Mail happens to be cooking up, it truly appears that Megan is on the path to career redemption. Here she is with fellow cast members Paul Bettany, Jack McBrayer, Patricia McGregor, Sarah Silverman and Tracy Morgan. It’s only temporary, right?


Also, Megan looks really pretty in these photographs, so congrats to her for laying off the Botox:


Finally, here are a few more photos from Megan’s Veteran’s Day extravaganza:



Photos courtesy of Fame and WENN

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27 Responses to “Megan Fox makes Broadway debut: “Everybody that knows me thinks I’m funny””

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Glad she’s not tweaking anymore. Stay with this current face, Megan!

  2. Eve says:

    She’s looking better in these pictures.

  3. Flan says:

    Have gone from thinking she’s kind of an idiot, to rooting for her.

    Shia and Bay showed their true (bullyish) colors when they kept putting her down after she had long left the series. Bay (who is far older!) was clearly pissed an actress didn’t worship the ground he walked on for once, and still can’t get over that.

  4. kiko says:

    wow she looks pretty and normal again!!good for her ;)

  5. El Kiddo says:

    Agree she looks gorgeous as it is.

  6. tapioca says:

    When she denies her cosmetic surgery I certainly find it hilarious. But yeah, I said she wasn’t that bad an actress when Jennifer’s Body came out and I kinda hope she makes the transition to roles with more acting required. We don’t need “tits-out-spouting-BS-to-GQ Megan Fox” back!

    @Flan: In his defence, Michael Bay handed Megan Fox her career, and she didn’t exactly seem overwhelmed with gratitude. I’d be pissed too.

  7. Alexis says:

    The Michael Bay situation earned her some goodwill from me. I hope she makes it just to show people that just because a young actress doesn’t take disrespect lying down, that doesn’t mean her career is over. That doesn’t mean I want to watch her stuff…but I hope someone does.

  8. Str8Shooter says:

    Well, sounds to me like the trashing by Michael Bay was a back and forth thing, and sorry, but that’s just DUMB to openly go to the press and compare the person who employs you to Hitler.

    As for Shia LaDouche, I can not savor those pix enough of him getting his snotty, arrogant little face punched in. He is a punk, horrible actor, and a lowlife for telling the world he slept with her. No doubt to boost box office for that crapfest that was Transformers (all of them, that is!)

    I say good for her for expanding her horizons and giving the live stage a go. I don’t know that I’d PAY to see it, but hopefully someone will.

  9. madpoe says:

    I don’t know you Fox, but you’re freakin’ hilarious fodder! Thanks for going so well with my a.m. cup of joe.

  10. Maxe says:

    damn,this hot bitch can really wear skinny jeans…..she´s looking good ;)

  11. Franny says:

    Its interesting that she wears those (really cute) high heels to go meet with veterans, but then when she is amongst other established actors, she doesn’t want to seem to out of place so she wears those fuzzy boots.

  12. Flan says:

    He wanted a ‘hot chick’ for his movie and did not cast her out of charity.

    Mudslinging back and forth was entertaining… when he just fired her. Way later, when the third movie coming up, it stank.

    Shia’s constant ass-kissing of him and his pissy reactions to Megan say a lot about how he expects everyone to treat him and throws hissy fits when they don’t.

  13. Eleonor says:

    She has gained weight, which has helped to settle her face, and now she looks better. I team Megan and her new deal, if Shia is around she also can be there.

  14. layla says:

    Ive never understood the ‘hate’ for this girl. Sure, she’s said some dumb things… but who hasn’t in their early twenties, let alone in your early twenties when you are rich, famous, pampered and constantly being told you are the next gods gift to man big damn thing.

    Besides vamping it up on camera, she’s always been fairly low key. Consistent (enough) with BAG, never really out partying, taking on teh role of step mum, etc etc.

    She’s now married and growing into herself, hence the change in attitude. Good for her.

    Perhaps, also, as she grows up, she’s realised what SHE wants from her career, not what her handlers are telling her she has to be!

    I’m just glad she’s (appeared to have) stopped playing with her face.

  15. GirlyGIrl says:

    She’s starting to look human again

    Way to go Megan!

  16. original kate says:

    she’s funny, but not intentionally.

    but i agree her face is looking less jacked these days.

  17. Gone with the Wind says:

    Megan Fox is the next “IT” Girl

    Classy and talented but more important she is a good mother and wife.

  18. Turtle Dove says:

    She’s gorgeous. Truly beautiful. (jealous)

    Baby steps, Megan. The career is climbing up again.

  19. T-RAE says:

    She looks hot. I like her shoes. Long heels red bottoms!

  20. Lairen says:

    She looks gorgeous here.

  21. dahlia1947 says:

    Did she say something arrogant or stupid here? I’m too lazy to read the whole interview. Hope she’s changed.

  22. Camille says:

    She’s looking much more normal in these pics, so kudos.
    I love how hard she is trying to push this new image. Its hilarious.
    I still don’t care for the girl though.

  23. NM9005 says:

    I don’t get why everybody thinks she’s stupid? Because she’s pretty (her Original Face was way better though, shame) and acts in bad films? She made smart statements in the past before, you only read the bad ones (everywhere) because people love to objectify her and demean her. All in all, her statements were yes, over the top but very bold for a woman in that industry lead by men! When somebody says what’s on their mind, it’s wrong but if stars give cliché rehearsed answer that’s good? Rather honesty than fake rehearsed bullshit. Everybody knows that Bay is a douche yet Fox got the shitstorm. People are so weird.

  24. John says:

    No one here knows Megan. Stop defending here over the misogyny of the Michael Bay feud(yes misogyny more than exists caused by men AND women against other women). Megan is a Taurus woman and trust me, those people are very cocky and narcissistic. They “think” they can do anything. I have worked with a bunch of narcissists and my colleagues and I made the connection they are most likely Tauruses or Libras. They only get so far in life, before they badmouth everyone and we all plot to destroy them. I just see her as a normal person who, thanks to Bay and plastic surgery, got thisfar and now is struggling like most narcissists do after inflating their talents/skills.

    Most people who knows her probably dont think she is funny. They just say it and act like that around her to appease her. Thats how my work places have all been when a narcissist is around. They dont last very long….eventually the boss gets abused and thats the last straw!

  25. Katie says:

    I want to root for her because I think she really got a raw deal from Michael Bay. I am going to be cautiously optimistic that there is more than meets the eye with Megan.

  26. NM9005 says:

    @John: Funny, I happen to be a Taurus =D.

    To quote Sheldon Cooper: “Yes, it tells us you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrary define constellations that the time of your birth somehow affects your personality”.

    And if you would believe in horoscopes than you would know that the Taurus is actually a pretty good sign to be born under and that it has very good celebs representatives like Pacino, Hepburn (A and K), Zellweger, Bronte…

    Never had I read anything about narcissism by the way and if you define people only by their horoscopes…well, I would rather be a narcissist than a prejudice person who puts people down for obvious shallow reasons that bear no scientific support.

  27. John says:

    The majority of Tauruses and Libras are very self-centered to the point of being born narcissists. I didnt mean diagnosed narcissists. But keep your eyes opened from now on. Most Tuaruses are at their worst during youth and at their finest (what you happen to always read; how great they are) later in life. Look it up more and see for yourself. Tauruses are sneaky, narcissists and hedonists at their worst…..NM9005 you’re probably a real Taurus born after May 1st but before the Gemini cusp. Or you’re just trying to fool me. lol dont come to my workplace cus we already have a Taurus/Libra narcissism raydar.
    Also a narcissist has over inflated self-esteem AND abnormally low self-esteem. Which explains why Megan jacked up her whole face with surgery when she was beautiful to begin with!