Justin Theroux hates Jen Aniston & Chelsea Handler’s friendship


I was totally expecting this story. Wait, I actually wrote about a similar story more than two months ago – but I’m expecting this story to repeat ad nauseam until A) Chelsea Handler crashes and burns and becomes a pariah in Hollywood or B) Until Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux call it quits, in which this storyline will be forced onto Jennifer’s next dude. The basic story is that ________, Jennifer’s boyfriend, hates Jennifer’s friendship with Chelsea Handler. This week’s fill-in-the-blank is Justin Theroux. And this week’s story comes with a side of lesbian terror. You see, Justin feels like “the third wheel” around Chelsea and Jennifer because they “love” each other so much. The Enquirer doesn’t spell it out, but I’m definitely getting a “Justin thinks Jennifer and Chelsea should just get a room” vibe. I’m sure that would be fine with Chelsea, by the way. Chelsea just wants to be closer to Jennifer in way, shape or form. Anyway…

Jennifer Aniston’s love affair with Justin Theroux is on the brink of collapse because of Aniston’s super-close relationship with galpal Chelsea Handler. Aniston continues to antagonize Justin by hanging out with his LEAST favorite of her pals and by coyly dropping hints that she and Chelsea are more than just friends, say sources. So Justin and Chelsea are furiously lashing out at each other!

Jennifer triggered an ugly blowup with Justin at the Glamour Women of the Year event when she announced to the crowd, “I’m madly in love with the one and only Chelsea Handler!”

And now Justin’s patience with outspoken Jen is wearing thin, say pals.

“He is uncomfortable with how close Jen and Chelsea are – and he warned Chelsea that she needs to back off,” an insider says. “Chelsea got right back in Justin’s face and told him, ‘YOU back off, bucko! I’ve known her way longer. You’re just the flavor of the month, and I guarantee I’ll still be standing long after you’re gone.’”

The conflict has left Jen’s six-month relationship with Justin “on life support,” revealed the insider.

At the Glamour event, Justin felt like “the odd man out – and deep down he fears Jen loves Chelsea more than him… he’s fuming that Jen will shout her love for Chelsea from a mountaintop but doesn’t want to talk at all about him. He thinks Chelsea is loud, inappropriate and a bad influence on Jennifer. But Jen is digging in her heels. She told Justin to make nice with Chelsea – or hit the road.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Do I believe this story? Meh. I’ll believe the part about Chelsea making some inappropriate and over-the-top speech about how she’ll always be there for her BFF Jennifer Aniston, with the subtext being that Chelsea wishes that Justin would go away so she can have Jennifer all to herself. And they can “go down to Cabo” for some “just ladies” time. I don’t know. Whatever.

By the way – six-month relationship? Putting the start date at mid-May? But Heidi Bivens moved out beginning of June!

Also: Justin has really entered the tabloid world of Aniston thoroughly, hasn’t he? Stories every week, lots of hand-holding photo ops, rumors about babies and apartments, and lots of drama with Jennifer’s BFF and Justin’s ex. I wonder if he ever misses his old life?




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame & WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Handler and aniston look like sisters

  2. Eve says:

    Maybe he wants all the spotlight for himself. Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of Aniston spending her money with anyone other than him.

  3. Anait says:

    “I’ve known her way longer. You’re just the flavor of the month, and I guarantee I’ll still be standing long after you’re gone.”
    Honestly, she sounds jealous… and mean as a friend.

  4. Addie says:

    This fake concern for Justin’s misery in this relationship is so transparent.
    You want them to break up- Got it already.
    The hate for them is so unwarrented. These two haven’t even spoken about each other to the press. How do you know anything without even a comment from either one?

    The facts are:

    *He is with Jen
    *He chose to be with Jen.
    *He chooses to stay with Jen.

    Deal with it and move on to an actual Hollywood couple break up.

  5. samira677 says:

    This is at least the 4th “Justin hates Chelsea”. The funny thing is a year ago it would have been Courtney Cox. What happened to Courtney? I’m surprised nobody has done any stories on that relationship.

  6. Katherine says:

    It IS the Enquirer so take it as probably fake as almost all their stories.

    BUT Jennifer has never come across as very bright and she’s certainly not a take charge person so I have felt that she is ripe for someone like Theroux to manipulate. That can be good and bad. If he brings positive changes to her life and/or career then that’s a plus for her even if he does it ultimately for his own benefit. I have suspected his hand at some of her more recent actions.

    Theroux is way smarter than Jennifer and I can easily buy that he is smart enough to see how toxic Handler can be to her career. I also am not convinced that Jen and Handler are all that close. It seems more like a relationship of convenience for both of them. Though Theroux’s seemingly very close relationship with Terry Richardson may contradict this idea, that may well be another relationship of convenience with Theroux benefiting from a “friendship” with a well known celeb photographer who chronicles ad nauseum the hangouts of NYC for public consumption.

    Certain types of men love to isolate their women from their stronger female friends. Gives them more power over them.

    Having speculated about all that – it’s probably a BS story and it goes without saying I don’t know these people. LOL!

  7. NotaBitterBetty says:

    @Addie – it’s called CeleBITCHY for a reason. Deal with it. There’s lots of wishing other couples would break up around here, what makes Jen/Justin so special as to be above it all? Please.

    And yeah, what happened to Jen and Courtney BFFs 4eva! ?

  8. Jules says:

    Come on, if Chelsea had a penis, Jen wouldn’t even need the “skinny jeans-wearing hipster douche”.

  9. mln76 says:

    The story may have roots in some truth here is an account from CDAN about a public fight they may have had weeks ago.

    Last night at the Elle Women In Hollywood Tribute, one of my friends, who was also at the dinner reported to me that the couple got into not one, but several heated discussions while their dinner companions pretended not to notice. Drinking (he thought she was/ had been drinking too much. It was tough to hear when this happened or if it was happening then), cigarette breaks, and being marginalized (he thought she was not taking him seriously), plus this was a night when she was being honored. Justin was apparently being an ass and after a certain point, Jen just ignored him for the rest of the night

  10. Jayna says:

    Sigh. More filler rag mag stories.

  11. Addie says:

    @NotabitterBetty: That’s all good and well, however it is mind boggling that you can wish for a couple who have never made even a remark about each other in public (so you don’t even know how they function as a couple, their thoughts & feelings toward the other)

    What are you basing the need for them to break up on, body language? Tabloid gossip?

    Is that enough to base wishing them the worst? If so,then it really does add a new layer of Bitchy.

  12. El Kiddo says:

    Whatever happened to Courtney Cox and Jen Aniston? They no longer BFF eh?

  13. L says:

    @addie Dude it’s celebitchy. But you know what I do when it’s a celebrity story I don’t like or just think the story is lame? (e.g. I like Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet, and Nicole Kidman) Laugh my ass off. It’s the internet-if you don’t like it don’t read it.

    Second- They are celebrities. Within reason people can say whatever the heck they want about their relationship even if they don’t mention it.

    And yea-what’s going on with Courtney Cox and Jen? I know they are on opposite coasts now, but that never seemed to stop them before….

  14. Addie says:

    @L: I get what you are saying, but I infact like Jen Aniston and find her pretty harmless, so I will read what is written about her.

    It gets annoying when any negative tabloid story is taken as the gospel truth, when it would be considered bulls*it with any other (liked) celeb couple.

    At least wait till they promote their movie to bash them cos then they at least you know..would have had a convisation/spoken about each other in public captured for all to see and critisize.

  15. Paloma says:

    So interesting in many aspects. Wonder if Jen and Courtney cooled because their lives have taken different turns? My opinion, not really any drama there.

    Chelsea is an a** kisser. She is in love with Jen’s status. I think might be, also. Is Jen being used by all?

  16. Paloma says:

    Oops, meant to say I wonder if Justin is using Jen as I believe Chelsea is.

  17. Marjalane says:

    I always had Jennifer Anniston at about a 7 on my celebrity scale- this new boytoy and her friendship with Chelsea Handler takes her down to about a 3. And I agree with whoever posted above- What DID happen to Courtney Cox? She and J.A. were always together.

  18. Cheyenne says:

    Well he’s best buddies with Terry Richardson, so who is he to complain?

  19. Cheyenne says:

    @Marjalane: Cox probably doesn’t want to be associated with Handler. Would you?

  20. valleymiss says:

    Chelsea IS loud and inappropriate…and I too wonder what happened with Courtney Cox. To me that’s the real story here.

  21. Mac says:

    This guy is starting to scare me.

    He seems like a self-absorbed petulant child with a sinister side.

    Which friend will Jennifer be forbidden from seeing next? Ellen Degeneres?

  22. L says:

    @addie Again-it’s less people taking it as gospel truth, but being snarky about tabloid gossip and celebrities. It’s what makes the whole thing fun.

  23. Iggles says:

    Lol! Love it! Doubt any of it’s true, but I’m sick of “JustJen are the perfect couple” stories :D

  24. Embee says:

    Oh no! Jen has a friend! One who isn’t Courtney Cox!

    How dare she.

    Dontcha know you are supposed to ditch all your girlfriends once you land a guy? If not you are clearly sexually involved with your friend.

    Jen has always had a group of girlfriends and the tabs always talk about how the guys can’t stand it. And in the next breath they talk a bout how Jen is clingy and smothering the dude.

    Perhaps Jen is just a normal girl who likes her friends and likes to date. Shocker!

    And if a dude tried to tell me which of my friends to drop as a career move? “Don’t let the door hit you in the @$$ on the way out.” If he is truly taking this position he is a giant, seeping asshole.

  25. Franny says:

    On Chelsea Lately a few nights ago (sue me, theres nothing much else on at 10 PM while babysitting sleeping children), Chelsea read this article out loud and called it bullshit. I mean, take it for what its worth…

  26. lisa says:

    Not commenting about her relationship with the guy. I am really curious that when she became Friends with Handler she has not been seen with Courteney in almost 2 years. NOW people can say whatever they want. That relationship has been played in the press headlines for year. Courtney and Jen BFF’s Courtney is there for Jen. Courteney holds her had through the end of her marriage. Courteney meets John Mayer. Well there have been NO NO NO sighting of them together. Especially since Cox herself has gone through a very very public marriage ending. YET all we got as I recall is a statement from Aniston. No real evidence that she has even see Courteny. Courteney was not there for that hand print thing. Handler was.

    Look Friendships end like any relationship, but come on anyone with half a brain knows something is wrong with them, and it would be fun to know what happened. Because people can spin all they want. Something Big happened with these two.

    maybe Courteney doesn’t like Handler. Maybe she has a problem with how Aniston and Justin got together. Maybe they just don’t like each other and more. Look at Denise and Heather. that broken friendship got media attention. Why not this one.

  27. TabbyCat says:

    Addie, after what Aniston did to Heidi, this couple is getting NOWHERE NEAR the hate they deserve and that other couples get. I am so damn sick and tired of this venomous teflon bitch getting away with this and everything and almost no tabloids are calling her out on it. What will it take for you to see? What will it take for this snake to be exposed for what she is and held accountable like any and every other celeb? Its about bloddy time SOME site on the net called them out for what they’ve done. And after all the devious and maliciously manipulative things Aniston has done, the fact that you see her as ‘harmless’ shows how blind to reality you are. How come you can see through ‘transparent’ concern for Aniston but you can’t see through Aniston’s BLATANTLY TRANSPARENT conniving scheming malicious witchhunt and vendetta against Angelina? Not to mention what she did to Heidi. How much more transparent does Aniston have to be, before you finally see her for who and what she truly is? Your ‘transparency radar’ is very skewed and upside down.

  28. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Something is definitely up with Courtney and Jenn. Wasn’t Courtney there for Jenn when she was going through her divorce? Now Courtney and David are divorcing and Jenn is nowhere to be found. Strange she wouldn’t be at her side returning the favor.

    EDITED to add: wow @lisa, great minds and all that …LOL

  29. theaPie says:

    Just a note to those speculating about her friendship with Courtney – remember we see only what the stars, the paps, and the rags want us to see. Their ‘spin’. There very well could be plenty of time spent with Courtney, but it’s not $ making, so no one bothers to buy the photos (or even take them for that matter).

    Just a thought.

  30. Juilia says:

    I don’t really beleive that story but it depicts some recurrent notorious attitude of Jen when in present with girlfriends.

    I remembered when David got separated from Courtney, he made it clear in one of his comments full of bittered that Jen’s presence in their couple had a toll on their relatiosnhip as he could never enjoy enough time alone with his woman without Jen being there, even during most of their family vaccations.

    It was always telling to me because jen pr never answered to that blatant veiled accusation of jen’s partly responsability in the demsie of his marriage.

    Since then we never EVER saw Jen with Courtney. So I beleive she got the message and decided to have a more independant stance and be less visible in Courtney’s life.

    I don’t beleive they are no friends anymore but I beleive the relationship has cooled off and Chelsea is now feeling the void of the BFF.

    That present Enquirer story reminds me of that kind of girlfriend relationship jen Aniston has been with Courtney, except in this case, it’s Handler who is the one who by her constant presence, recurrent visibility at her side, closeness attitude put some pressure on her couple.

    I don’t know if there are some truth, but if there are, men nor women don’t like when friends are to be too present in their couple.

  31. PennyBall says:

    Yeah, the other night Chelsea read from the story and pointed out how ridiculous it was and said something to the effect of, ” as if I would ever use the f*cking word ‘bucko’.” I swear it happened to be the first time i’d seen her show in months.

  32. WTF says:

    the difference b/w Jen fans and Angie fans has always been Angie fans will and can admit she’s not perfect. Jen fans REFUSE to believe she’s a flawed human like the rest of us. They insist she’s PERFECT….its gets old.

  33. Kloops says:

    I dislike all three poseurs but this story is total shite

  34. Nola says:

    It also sounds to me like gossip sites such as this want them to break up so bad so they can have her as lonely, clingy, desperate etc. Is it so damn hard to wish someone well and lord no conversation will ever be complete without bringing brangie into this. Move the hell on all parties have.

  35. Heine says:

    WTF: Actually, most Jen fans like her because she isn’t perfect-it’s what makes her relatable.

    I don’t see anyone on any Aniston thread ever claim that she is perfect. Feel free to prove me wrong.

    This story is BS-Chelsea Handler already debunked it. The Enquirer is trash.

    And I don’t think anything is going on with Courteney and Jennifer. They live on different coasts. Just the past June, Cox gave an interview saying she was NOT in a fight with Aniston. Yet another rumor debunked.

    EDIT: I agree with Nola. Gossip rags and blogs want her to be single so that they can push the ‘poor, pitiful Jen’ nonsense. The pity party is OVER. She has been happily dating, and screwing around with dudes for ages now. She is not lonely. She is not sad or desperate.

  36. WTF says:

    @Heine…so the timeline is suspect for her and Justin yes ? you’ll agree she probably hooked up with Justin before he finished with Heidi…..ok …i stand corrected :)

  37. Kelly says:

    I said it on another thread and will say it again – regarding Courtney and Jennifer. I wonder more why Jennifer’s PR people have not (that I’ve seen) – taken full pics and stories of everytime Jennifer does something with her godchild, Courtney’s daughter, Coco….perhaps she’s not welcome , or perhaps she’s just not invested emotionally in being a godmother. Crazy – I have a godson and – just saying – of course I’m there for all his birthdays, big soccer games, etc…where is Jen ?

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Chelsea’s a miserable hag and Justin is a poseur. Jen chose both of them, so whatever misery comes from her association with them is on her.

    I think she and Courtney grew apart. It happens. They have different priorities that have led to a “breakup” of sorts.

  39. blonde on the dock says:

    #27 Tabby Cat: WOW! Perhaps you need to stop seeing through your *irrational hate* on someone you only read about in tabloids. It’s not healthy.

  40. strawberrygirl says:

    Chelsea addressed this exact story on her show Wednesday night. She said its not true and she doesn’t even use the word bucko.

  41. Twez says:

    Actually venting irrational hate on celebrities is very healthy. It’s a pressure valve pointed at a target who honestly won’t know and couldn’t give a rat’s ass if they did. It’s prigs who comment about how it reveals some deep psychological flaw who are not healthy.

  42. lisa says:

    OK so she uses her show to knock down rumors in the tabloids BUT she talks about the stories about other celebrities as if they are true and fact..

    OK..so the stories about her in the rags are made up.. but the ones about others are addressed as true..

    Can’t stand this woman at all. and kills me how she spouts off about empowering women.

  43. blonde on the dock says:

    #41 Twez: you’re joking right? Have you read Tabby Cat’s comment? If I didn’t know any better I would think she’s referring to Casey Anthony, not some Hollywood movie star she’s only read about in tabloids. And no one mentioned a deep psychological flaw. Nope! Not healthy.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    Franny: On Chelsea Lately a few nights ago (sue me, theres nothing much else on at 10 PM)

    LOL there’s always CNN. Actually, I’d watch an infomercial before I’d spend 30 seconds watching this toxic bitch.

    MorticiansDoItDeader: Wasn’t Courtney there for Jenn when she was going through her divorce?… Strange she wouldn’t be at her side returning the favor.

    That’s the typical behavior of a total narcissist. It’s all about her.

  45. Heine says:

    WTF: Yea, the timeline is suspect. Like I said, she isn’t perfect and doesn’t pretend to be.

  46. Kim says:

    Whole story sounds made up BUT he does strike me as the type of guy who wouldnt want his girlfriend to have close girlfriends/that he would be jealous of his girlfriends other friends.

  47. Violet says:

    Jennifer Aniston might be starting to get on his last nerve, but Justin still isn’t done leveraging her Hollywood connections and enjoying the life of luxury she’s bankrolling.

    As for Courtney, my theory is that she distanced herself from Jen when Chelsea made racist jokes about Brad’s kids part of her standup act. Whether Jen encouraged Chelsea to do this, or simply didn’t protest, is up for discussion but in either case Jen obviously never had a problem with it since she’s still BFFs with Chelsea.

  48. wunder says:

    Ouch, natural light changes eveything!

    Never realized before just how toady Jen looks. . . In the natural light, both she and Handler look like bleached frogs with melted faces.

  49. bluhare says:

    I think that without Brad dumping her for Angelina, JA’s career would have nosedived a while back. She manipulates the tabs like nobody’s business. There’s no other reason for all the coverage on her. Without it, she’d be like the other Friends actors. Nicely set up and not in front any more.

  50. Minx2 says:

    Chelsea to Justin: “Oh, no! She’s mine, I saw her first!” Hilarious! They both basically compete for Jen’s attention, the loss of which would result in a vast reduction in their celebrity status as well as income. Both of them are equally slimy, btw.
    as to Courtney.. I think that Chayenne is right. Court was there for Jen during her divorce but Jen won’t be there for Court. After all, it’s all about her.

  51. LisaM says:

    #27 Tabby Cat
    Sounds like you need a hug.

  52. Lucky Charm says:

    #4 Addie:
    The facts are:

    *He is with Jen
    *He chose to be with Jen.
    *He chooses to stay with Jen.

    Deal with it and move on to an actual Hollywood couple break up.

    Oh, that’s rich! You Jennifreaks love to dish it out but you sure can’t take it, now that the shoe’s on the other foot. Try substituting the name Angelina for Jen in your statement above, and follow your own advice.

  53. pwal says:

    Wasn’t Aniston messing around with one of Courteney’s Cougartown castmates and dude was a little too open about what went down between the two of them? Maybe the reason why Aniston and Cox are on the outs was because Cox didn’t do much to muzzle that dude (namely, using her role as producer of Cougartown to pressure him), which to me seems ridiculous since Cox is not the gatekeeper for Virgin Queen Aniston.

  54. Newtsgal says:

    Would someone please take a min. and explain alittle of the backstory on Terry Richardson…. I understand him to be a photog…is he a good one… what? I got a pervy vibe off him.

  55. MSgirl says:

    Courtney has a new BFF, unfortunately I can’t remember her name. She and David were on Howard Stern a few months ago, David didn’t deny that this woman was C’s best friend, I know JA came up but neither divulged much about that.

  56. Original Chloe ) says:

    The story sounds fabricated but I see the potential for this sort of tension there: I can understand not being able to stand Handler, I can also see her inserting herself into the life of anyone who can advance her career. Cox is probably wise to stay away, and maybe they simply drifted apart considering JA’s new circles.

    edit: @Newtsgal – Terry Richardson is known for behaviors that verge on molesting teenage models (or actually molesting them – just google his name and “molestation”)

  57. Desidarius says:

    He looks like the Grim Wanker

  58. Desidarius says:

    and she looks like her pants are too tight

  59. Heine says:

    They are not in a fight and Aniston was there for her when Cox was separating from David Arquette.

    “I’m definitely not in a fight with Jennifer,’ said Courteney to Life & Style. “I don’t even need to call her and say, ‘Are we in a fight?’ because I’m positive. Even if I haven’t talked to her all week, I know I’m not in a fight with Jen.”

    ‘We just have fun, we laugh, we’re inseparable and it’s great,’ Cox says.
    ‘It’s funny, a lot of really close friends are kind of going through this right now or like Jennifer who has gone through it.
    ‘I don’t know what’s going on in the planets or what, but things are being shaken up and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but, yeah, Jennifer has been amazing for sure.’

  60. NM9005 says:

    Handler is crazy insecure drunkie/junkie. That woman is toxic, her humour sucks, she lies about her age (vain narcissist), she’s not a good friend (practically forcing Aniston to appear in her film or show what was it again?). Ugh, who wouldn’t encourage a friend/partner to get away from that?

    And what’s the focus on her having lots of (douchetastic) boyfriends? I would encourage my friends to take it while you can and not worry about “ending alone in a rocking chair with 20 cats”. I think that reeks of insecurity (Demi Moore knows about the fo’ sho). It’s not like she ever stayed in a toxic relationship…If you have to live your life waiting for “the one” or having constantly steady relationships (requires a lot of energy and time), it would get tiring really soon. She would be a fool every time over and over again. So what if she would break up with Theroux? Will the world come to an end? Nope, another one will always be around the corner and you lot will always write about it even though you acknowledge there mostly non-stories.

  61. Original Chloe ) says:

    @60 Heine – you should add a date of these quotes if they are to be relevant. (Btw. I, too, don’t believe that Cox and Aniston “broke up.” However, I do think that if it happened, they wouldn’t talk about it in public anyway, or talk in nice generalities)

  62. NM9005 says:

    Oh and that Cox thing, why is that up for discussion? Real friends don’t have to see each other every day or call every day. Or talk about their friendship all the time. Sometimes people don’t see each other for months and when they meet, it’s like they’ve never been away =).

  63. Tpass says:

    Does the person who write here, just sit and try to find negatives things about Jen and Justin? Did Jen hurt you in some way?

  64. Heine says:

    Original Chloe: The first is from June of this year, right after the fight rumors started. The second is from a year ago when Courteney and David announced their separation.

    The quotes really aren’t that difficult to google.

  65. Original Chloe ) says:

    @ Heine: Thanks. (I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything, it’s just easier to keep a thread flowing and avoid misunderstandings when quotes are attributed and given dates)

  66. pamela says:

    I am LMAO at how some are tying themselves into pretzels to explain away the fact that CC has not been seen with Aniston for months. The absence of CC from her supposed “BFF” hand and foot ceremony, and the Glamour awards was glaring. And trying to imply otherwise is hypocritical at best. But carry on, David will soon spill the beans on Howard Stern. LOL.

  67. lisa says:


    NOT MONTHS.. almost 2 years to be exact..

    but there is always a reason for everything about Jennifer. But if you read some of the comments from her total fans and then read what they post on other celebrity threads.. very interesting how they are not quite so understanding and fair when it is negative things about other. And I laugh when they say they don’t expect Jennifer to perfect. That they like that she is not. LOL. because I have seen so many comments that say.. OH Jennifer would never. Jennifer would do this.. Jennifer would do that. Jennifer would never say this.

    Oh.. the double standard.

    regarding her and Justin.. I actually think they are PERFECT for each other and hope they last.. Seriously I do.

  68. Cerulean says:

    If true then Justin is right not to like Handler. She’s a nasty, petty, toxic person. Not mention a big fan of over consumption of alcohol and drugs. Jen is too. But together? It wouldn’t be a good combination. Didn’t an article say that Justin had past problems with addictions but was clean? Also that his friends were concerned about the influence of her lifestyle? I totally believe it. Just maybe not the actual ‘eye witness account’.

    It’s obvious she and Courtney have cooled. Could be they just grew apart. Or one of them changed too much to keep the friendship close.

  69. autumndaze says:

    Maybe the Jennifer/Courtney friendship cooled when Courtney and David were friendly to Brad at an event.
    Anyone remember which one?

  70. Nola says:

    Wow I guess spewing hate makes people sleep at night. Just because there is no picture of Jen/Courtney out there doesn’t mean they are not friends anymore. What do people want. They hang out together…Jen is clingy. They don’t…they are not BFFs anymore. Pick a side and stick to it and I believe Courtney already denied it and also if Jen still talks to David (his own words) then she still talks to Courtney. And no I have never stated Jen is perfect in fact I have questioned her choices in a lot of things, but I would never go on a website and hate on someone just because it is a fun thing to do. I hope that whoever chooses to hate on strangers behind the computer is doing so for fun only (even though I myself wouldn’t do it), but if you actually believe all the things you post about these people without having any evidence then you must live a sad life.

  71. Heine says:

    Original Chloe: It’s all good :) I should have put the dates in-the quotes make actual sense with dates.*Face-palm*

  72. Calli P says:

    Ugh. Who doesn’t dislike Chelsea Handler?

  73. Cheyenne says:

    @Heine: “Relatable” to whom? I don’t know about you but I can’t relate to a superannuated fluffball who acts like her IQ is the inverse of her age.

  74. Heine says:

    Cheyenne: Hey don’t worry about not being able to relate.

    I don’t really relate to people that much younger than me either.

  75. honeybunn says:

    listen everyone the tabloids is telling a lie. Jennifer and justin love each other. There is no conflick between handler and Jen and justin.They make a lot of money off of making up stories on Jennifer Aniston.they are mad because she has finally found love and she don’t talk about it to the tabloids.
    Jennifer need to sue them are answer some of these lies.Just like that lie about Jen having a meeting with Justins exe and making her cry. That is a lie.

  76. Cheyenne says:

    Oh come on, Heine, you can do better than that lame-ass comeback. Then again, you probably can’t. I’ve noticed Jenhens have a common denominator: as a group, they aren’t very bright.

  77. TabbyCat says:

    pmsl, oh get real blonde on the dock. There is no hatred there, just me stating the blatantly obvious about Aniston. If calling reality ‘hatred’ works for you so that you can dismiss reality and refuse to see her for who and what she truly is, well, whatever helps you sleep and avoid reality. :)

  78. leetruth says:

    @tabbycat, you have said the TRUTH! It seems some fans cannot handle the bitter truth.

  79. Heine says:

    Cheyenne: Eh, a good comeback would be wasted on you. As has been observed, reading comprehension should be at the top of your bucket list.

    TabbyCat: Maybe just tone down the rhetoric.

    People will think you hate someone if you mention that ‘this couple is getting NOWHERE NEAR the hate they deserve and that other couples get’, and use descriptors like venomous teflon bitch, snake, devious and maliciously manipulative.

    Just a thought.

  80. blonde on the dock says:

    @TabbyCat: I base my reality on fact. Not BS that I read on a gossip site or tabloid.

    • R says:


      Someone has mentioned facts! Links please! Proof that your comments are facts and not mere opinions based on someone who has low cognitive dissonance and believes the rich famous are the new gods!

      For we mere mortals are nothing to this deities!

  81. Cherry Rose says:

    Ok, question. I’m not defending Aniston, but all you people who hate Aniston claim that she’s lacking intelligence, or pretty much a vapid twit.

    Yet in the same breath, you call her a conniving manipulative bitch who works the tabloids to her advantage. And if that’s true, then she really couldn’t be that stupid, could she?

    So which is it? Because trust me, stupid people are not good at being manipulative. So, is she still stupid, or is Aniston actually smarter than she lets on?

    Anyway. Chelsea is a stupid woman. Nothing about her humor is funny, nor do I find her attractive in anyway. What anyone sees in her I have no idea.

  82. Cheyenne says:

    @Cherry Rose: She doesn’t work the tabloids to her advantage; her publicist does that for her.

    Asked and answered.

  83. Kassie says:

    I suspect that Jen is no longer friends with Courtney because she (Courtney) was the one leaking some of Jen’s info to the media. Jen must have found out what two faced cow she is. Cox is a class A bitch so it wont surprise me that she is jealous of Jen’s fame.

  84. Catty says:

    Get over yourselves about Courteney & Jennifer not being friends – they were together at the after party for Horrible Bosses’ premiere in LA in July.


    • Cheyenne says:

      OMFG!! Please don’t tell us you actually fell for that?! US Mag put up a photo of Cox and another photo of Aniston with Theroux and left it to her gullible fans to associate the two pics together. And like a good little Jenhen, you fell right into it. No wonder the tabloids manage to.stay in business with gullible people like you believing every piece of bullshit they print.

      • Emma says:

        @Cheyenne … Sorry! I didn’t mean to duplicate Catty about the fake ‘Courtney Cox attends “Horrible Bosses” after premiere party with Jen and Justin’ story. When I posted yesterday, the new format was still suffering through its period of adjustment. Great minds think a like though, yeah? :)

  85. Kelly says:

    I am an English teacher with two degrees from the University of Washington, in Seattle…I have read some threads…even the Kordashian stuff…and never, ever have I seen such an awful , ignorant use of the English language from none other than the Jennifer people. Does this woman have any college experience? No, barely, a diploma….she is not one to be an example; I’m sorry to say but I will say it; she is a stupid, uneducated and her discourse that I’ve ever read makes her look like a kid in high school who needs to do her homework.

  86. Lucy says:

    well, anniston is the one who had no problem dropping her own mother because she didn’t like some things she said….so maybe she didn’t like something courtney cox said or did (talking to brad at that dinner, maybe) and dropped her too….

  87. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    @Anait so true, by that comment Chelsea comes across as a mean friend, I read her book that people who are in her circle wrote and she does not come across as a kind person.

    Also wonder if Jennifer and Courtenay Cox are still friends?

  88. Mac says:

    Chelsea Handler seems like a convenient target for Justin Theroux to alienate, especially with Courteney Cox now out of the picture.

    I wonder how many friends Heidi Bivens was ultimately kept isolated from because Justin deemed them unsuitable?

  89. ME says:

    It’s a joke that any one think Jen and Justin love each other. To me Jen seems to be a serious lesbian. I think she has been a lesbian from why back.
    I believe her publicist link her to men to feed her fans a certain image. I believe a lot of women like Chelsea Handler, Demi Moore, Courteney Cox and Jen are bi-sexual but stay in lesbian relationships the most.
    I believe it’s an epidemic in Hollywood. I believe the whole CAA organization is to help gays and lesbians hide in the closet. If gays and lesbians where not hiding any more CAA would go out of business.

  90. Meanchick says:

    LOL, seriously? Some of the posts on this thread are just ridiculous! I think you JennLovers out there are under the impression that she reads your comments.

  91. Emma says:

    **What’s wrong with the website???**

    @Catty, #38? … “Get over yourselves about Courteney & Jennifer not being friends – they were together at the after party for Horrible Bosses’ premiere in LA in July.


    Oh please, that is a random picture of Courtney Cox and she’s no where near that premiere or the after party. And did you notice that the actual article only mentions Courtney Cox in passing, despite the misleading headline? She wasn’t at the premiere, and if she attended the after party, where is her photo along with everyone else who attended? Where are photos of her ‘hanging out with JustJen?’

    And why would Courtney ‘just now’ be introduced to Justin Theroux when Jen’s Publicist put out a statement in June saying that Jen had a small dinner party at her house in L.A. in mid May to say goodbye and to introduce them to her new man, Justin Theroux?

    I call Bullshit.

    • Cheyenne says:

      ROFLMAO I can’t believe people actually fell for that. It reminds me of a cover In Touch ran showing Brad Pitt sitting in the driver’s seat of a black car, and Aniston sitting in the passenger seat of another black car, and the headline was some bullshit to the effect that they were secretly seeing each other. If you looked closely you could tell it was two photos glued together to look like one photo, and it wasn’t even the same make/model car. It’s the Jenhens who are keeping the tabloids in business; they buy all the bullshit the tabloids sell them.

  92. Addie says:

    @Lucky charm:
    Uhhmm..I have always been and Angie fan too, so I would be more than glad to substitute Jen and Justin for Angie and Brad as being together & choosing each other, but you know what…THIS THREAD ISN’T ABOUT THEM.

    God, can we please seperate the two couples from each other.