Ali Lohan on plastic surgery: “I’m 17, do you think my mom would sign off on that?”

Several months ago, everyone really started worrying about 17-year-old Ali Lohan. There were photos of her in NYC where she looked… really jacked. Like she’d had lip injections and some surgical work on her face, plus she’d been starving herself and she looked really bony and emaciated. Many of us figured that it was likely Dina Lohan’s doing, considering Ali is now old enough to be “pimped out” by her mom, and in Ali’s case, that means being a “model”. Ali had scored modeling representation (with a legit agency), and the agency and the Lohan family went out of their way to claim that Ali had not gotten any “work” done to her face. Personally, I thought Ali had gotten some lip injections (which weren’t permanent), and she had gotten her breast implants taken out. Anyway, Ali is officially a “model” now – she scored her first magazine cover with Fault Mag, and now she’s the cover girl for Page Six Magazine. Page Six had an early excerpt of Ali’s interview:

Lindsay Lohan’s little sister Aliana, at 17, is growing up fast. Tall and with sunken cheekbones, Aliana (she’s ditched her childhood nickname Ali) has a contract with Next Model Management. Aliana appears on the cover of Page Six Magazine, inside the New York Post tomorrow.

Recently two different photos of her were juxtaposed, fueling online rumors of dramatic weight loss and even surgical procedures. Aliana, who explains her new look as a growth spurt, says, “I was cracking up. Because, like, when would I do that (surgery)? I’m 17 years old. That’s not legal! I would need my mother’s signature, and do you think my mom would sign off on that? No! Its not the right thing to do. . . . It’s stupid. I don’t listen to it. Its absolutely not true.”

Aliana is keen to find her own way in the modelling world. Cindy Crawford is her role model, she says, “for having branded her name really well.”

But despite seeking out her own path, Aliana is very close to her family. Of Lindsay she says, “You can’t trust anyone so we talk to each other about everything. . . . I admire how strong she is.”

Aliana insists she is the opposite of a wild child, she doesn’t drink or smoke, and, “I just say no [to drugs]. I’m lucky enough that I had my sister to learn from…I’ve seen people do it to her and I’ve learned to be like, ‘That’s stupid, no’. That’s why Lindsay and me are so close, because we’re able to talk about those things together.”

[From Page Six]

I’m reminded of that Plum Miami Magazine interview (the infamous one where Linnocent crack-screeched, “Move that cone, I’m Lindsay Lohan!”) where the writer said that Ali was often the designated “adult” in Linnocent’s nightly crack shenanigans. I actually believe that Ali is probably “the sober one” in her family – I believe that she’s had to grow up really fast with her parents and her sister being the catastrophic messes that they are. As for the “legality” of Ali’s plastic surgery – it’s kind of sweet that she thinks we have a high opinion of Dina. We know Dina – we know Dina would sign anything to pimp out her kids.

Photos courtesy of Fame, Fault Mag.

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  1. Helvetica says:

    Ali looks like a walking skeleton

  2. Marjalane says:

    Oh, I’m sorry- did I just roll my eyes out loud?

  3. Marc says:

    Actually yes.

  4. Quest says:

    Answering the headlines: “Im 17….my mom would sign off on that?”

    Duh……YES bitch! It’s mama Lohan.

  5. Jackie says:

    this poor kid. she looks and acts really messed up.

    seems like these 2 girls have been brainwashed and manipulated into idolizing their mother. one day, hopefully they will awaken and realize their mother as done them so much harm.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I read something awhile back, something Ali’s older brother said, about how Dina basically told all the kids that they couldn’t trust anybody outside the family. Basically wrapped their entire world around HER.

  6. Akula says:

    Yes Ali, *your* mom would.

  7. Jacq says:

    Cindy Crawford has “branded her name really well.” Ok, Ali, let me point this out to you, you *might* (read: probably still never) have stood a chance of accomplishing that if you’d been the FIRST Lohan to do so. However, I’ve never read about BOTH of Cindy’s parents or any siblings sh*itting all over her good name. At any point. Ever. Brace yourself for a FAIL, girl.
    And I can’t imagine what she has to listen to, between her mother and sister. Do you really think that she thinks we believe her mother would allow a child to do something so adult as cosmetic surgery, when LL was already living alone in LA by her age, unsupervised? I can only imaging the pep-talk from Lindsay, “just tell them its a lie. Call it stupid and they’ll believe you,because you say so. *snoooooort*” I’m sad that Ali can’t fathom what a joke they all are.

  8. Bonfire Beach says:

    Without reading the post and only seeing the title my answer is yes, yes I do honestly think your pimp of a mother would sign off on it. Not only sign off on it but actually ENCOURAGE it and most likely be the one who suggested it.

  9. brin says:

    Hell yeah…..your sister is exhibit A.

  10. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    She had her breast implants removed…

    That alone would be proof that her mother would “sign off” on Ali having any sort of plastic surgery, be it her tits or her face.

  11. Shanunya says:

    Ali kinda sorta looks like a freshly bathed Sam Ronson. Eeeenteresting.

    • Miffits says:

      I was just going to point that out, especially in the ones with the leather jacket. Not so much eeeenteresting as creepy and unsettling if that is the result of plastic surgery.

    • drawbackwards says:

      Dude… my first thought.

  12. dorothy says:

    Yes. We know there’s nothing “mom” won’t do for a buck. Just look at how she’s destroyed your sister by pimping her out all these years.

  13. Boo says:

    She’s just not a cute girl. At certain angles or in certain light, she is passable…but you can’t depend on those angles or that light.

    And yes, of course she would sign off on it.

  14. Nanz says:

    Anyone else think she looks like Sam Ronson in some of these pics? Weird.

    • El Kiddo says:

      Agreed. i’ve always thought that she looks more like a Ronson than a Lohan. She’s the spitting image of Sam. Weird, huh?

    • Kasey says:

      She sure DOES look like SamRo in all those photos of her in jeans. I thought the same thing.

      In answer to her question, YOUR mom? YES!

  15. Babalon says:

    I think her mom would sign off on porn stardom if she thought it would advance her agenda.

    • Lllllll says:

      Agreed. Dina Lohan’s fame-whoring knows no bounds, especially if she doesn’t have to do any work herself…

  16. Tierra says:

    The only chance this girl has to make it is to change her last name and announce she’s separating herself from her family.
    I dont think she’s model material at all but I guess having an infamous last name can get anybody work these days.

  17. She is really one unfortunate looking girl. But that actually makes an interesting model.

  18. Wildone says:


  19. Dana M says:

    That leather jacket with this shoulder pads does nothing for her. Bad call on the shoulder pads.

  20. madpoe says:

    Yo mama ain’t fit to sign a check let alone ok anything for you child!

  21. Franny says:

    that leather jacket is so unfortunate looking on her. it makes her look like an upside down triangle.

  22. tapioca says:


    Because she clearly already has.

    She would also sell your soul to the Devil if she could.


  23. Cathy says:

    I feel bad for her actually, eeewwww what a family

  24. WTF says:

    haha i love this place – my first thought UM HELL YA and second is that Sam Ronson….hee great minds.

    • sapphire says:

      ITA-it kills me that these famehos (and others) forget photos in the public domain or just ignore them. When you have before and after evidence, only a Lohan would persist in blindly denying it

  25. weeble says:

    That poor little urchin. Of course her mom would sign off on plastic surgery, overseas prostitution, starvation diets and drug use, too, if it will keep her daughters’ names in the mouths of the public.

    I hope she is the sober one, but I just don’t believe that she says no all the time. She aspires to be like LiLo as she has admitted on several occasions, and I hope she doesn’t end up on the wrong path.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Anyone aspiring to be like Lilo is already on the wrong path. Ali may not be drinking the family vodka, but she’s definitely been drinking the Lohan kool-ade.

  26. Victoria says:

    Uh YEAH sweetie I DO think she would sign off on that.

  27. Delta Juliet says:

    She is one OLD looking 17 year old. In a different way than that Stodden chick, but still.

  28. hillbilly in the corner says:

    She signed for those breast implants didn’t she…? So Yes ! Yes ! and Yes again……Gain about 40 lbs and go to school cause she will never be a supermodel, or a famous model…just a want to be model….or novel idea….actually find herself and nice guy , marry and have a couple of baby’s and be happy…….Naw ! that would never work….she never actually seen what a real life looks like…..

  29. kc says:

    I *might* be willing to buy that she hasn’t had surgery (hey, it’s the holidays I’m in that kind of mood). I think she is starving herself and her cheekbones could be freakishly prominent from that. She is too, too thin.

  30. NeNe says:

    Heck yeah, she would sign off on that. It is now clear that the whole friggen family is delusional.

  31. Lana Moon says:

    Who are you kidding!?…LMAO. Dina Lohan, Kris/Bruce Jenner, Kate Goslin, The Duggar’s are all perfect examples of parents selling there kids on the open market to the highest bidder.

  32. Cerulean says:

    She should ditch the linebacker jacket, become an all you can eat buffet addict, change her last name and move to a remote island where no one in her family can find her.
    Then maybe she could have a decent shot at a worthy existence.

  33. G says:

    I feel sorry for this kid. It’s like she’ being held hostage by her mother’s delusionary dreams and her sister’s drama. I wish her freedom…

  34. Kloops says:

    She will never be able to brand herself a la Cindy Crawford.

    She’s emaciated and odd looking. This may make for interesting photos but I do not see her having a lengthy career.

  35. ilovegossip says:

    Got to love this quote: “I just say no [to drugs]. I’m lucky enough that I had my sister to learn from…I’ve seen people do it to her” Another Lohan blaming everyone BUT Lindsay for her troubles.

  36. saintdevil says:


    She can call the Stodden creature and open up a club for teens in their 40s.

  37. anne says:

    Well, if that’s supposed to have improved things – that plastic surgeon needs to be shot.

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Let’s see if 3rd times the charm.

    Yes, we fully believe your mother would sign off on plastic surgery because she’s shown such admirable parental skills to date.

  39. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Havent read all comments yet so apologies if any repetition, but a couple of points;

    ‘I’ve seen what people have done to her’ on Linnocents drug use…note the typical Lohan trait of its someone else’s fault and lack of responsibility for Linnocents own choice of drug abuse

    Also of course Dina would sign off plastic surgery, anything to p1mp out her daughters, Ali is either lying (another Lohan trait) or is truely delusional (again a Lohan trait)

    Also confiding in a sociopathic entitled drug addict and alcoholic, as the only person you can trust…hmmmm that bodes well!

    Ali looks awfully thin and emancipated, def doesnt look healthy.

    I really hope Ali can escape the Lohan trainwreck, but she’s so indoctrinated that I cant see it, but again, really truely hope I am wrong

    Now off to read your comments 🙂

  40. Chickie Baby says:

    Said it before and I’ll say it again: this girl is sort of not pretty. You can have sharp features and be stunning, but it doesn’t work on her. Maybe it’s the super dark and heavy eyebrows. I just don’t ‘get’ what makes her so great for modeling.

  41. Happy21 says:

    Sorry but I’m no model scout or anything like that but the girl is not model material! Oh yes, she is frightingly skinny like a ton of fashion models out there but she is plain and unattractive at best. Not too sure who her mom or sister had to blow to get her that modeling contract but I’m pretty sure it was someone.

  42. fabgrrl says:

    Uh, yeah. Cindy Crawford, blessed with great genes, charisma and a thing called “work ethic”, actually built her career. You, dear, are no Cindy Crawford.

  43. Dawn says:

    Ummm….yes I do think she would sign off on that. I also think she would pimp you to the highest bidder male or female if she thought she might make a buck. Your best bet is after you are of legal age, leave your mom, dad, and sister behind and don’t look back.

  44. GirlyGIrl says:

    Yeesh, if I were Ali and had any surgery I’d check that I had both kidneys afterwards, cause you know Momma Lohan would sell one if she could.

  45. BELLA says:


  46. Violet says:

    Hell, yes. Ali’s obviously had a ton of plastic surgery done and I’m sure her mother not only signed off, but encouraged her. Insult to injury, the girl clearly has an eating disorder. I’m sure she’s clueless about the fact that she now looks much older than 17, just like Courtney Stodden.

    I doubt Ali or Lindsay are going to make it to 30 at the rate they’re going. OTOH, their parents are like cockroaches and will probably outlive their offspring.

  47. Bess says:

    Ali has been living with Blohan for months at a time over last three years or so. White Oprah has claimed that she knew Blohan was/is an addict. How has White Oprah avoided being hauled in before Child Protective Services??? Why has this kid been allowed to live with a drug addict? White Oprah should have lost custody of her two youngest spawn, Ali & Cody, years ago.

  48. Tristyn says:

    ABSOFREAKINLUTELY !!! White oprah and pimp mama are cut from the same immoral cloth.

  49. Sigh. says:

    Ohhhh, Ali, sweet Ali —

    YOUR mom would demand it, sign-off on it, administer some illegal pre-op drugs, drive you there, help you and the surgeons prep for surgery, stand in the ER and screech for bigger/smaller whatevers while recording it, and then shop it for a quick buck with not one thought of consequence. Just like your dad and sister, honey.

  50. skeptical says:

    nice to know that ali is toting the family line about nothing being linnocent’s fault and no one has had surgery (hah!) and that they all just want to work hard and be entertainers.

  51. Kim says:

    OBVIOUSLY she did sign off on it or you lied to a Dr about your age because you have had some terrible work done on your face! Nice to know Ali has followed in her mother, father & sisters footsteps and is just as much of a delusional liar as they are. She learned from the best!

  52. kristiner says:

    Ali honey, we know your mom. Hell yeah she’d sign off on that. She’d hold you down while you get botox if you refused.

    Just like Kris Jenner would.

  53. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Don’t feel sorry for her , she a very willing participant……She’s been after that spotlight since she was little …Remember watching her only that ill-fated Lohan show ..she was a royal spoiled brat, who at 13 or 14 was hounding Dina to get her a singing contract..she was going be a singer…and Mommy was doing all the praising she could ….Ali is a wonderful singer….She is not Poor Ali here she is just as ambitious as her mommy and her sister and just as delusional on her own self worth…I use to think her eyes were just sad now I’m inclined to think its a practiced look she just has her daddys dead eyes….ugh…….She is not being starved, and forced into getting things done to her face if anything like her breast implants at 15 she is the one pushing for the changes to farther her modeling career… don’t feel sorry for Ali…..just wait till she hits eighteen …….

  54. kc says:

    I’m sorry, but every cover this poor child does, looks like a drag-queen pic.

  55. jayem says:


    I love that this whole thread is all, “DUH, of course we think *YOUR* mom would!”

  56. lionia says:

    Ali honey, your mom is Dina Lohan, no one in the world would be shocked if she signed consent for your plastic surgery!

  57. john thing says:

    Except for the freckles, the Lohan girls don’t even look related.

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Thats probably because Linnocent now has a new plastic surgery face due to drug addiction ruining her natural face she had at 17! 😉

  58. Bess says:

    I’d like to know if Dina Lohan has ever been investigated by Child Protective Services either in CA or NY.

  59. ezra says:


  60. Judy says:

    The girl is starving herself or mother has her on pills to stop her from gaining weight, Of course that mjother would have her have plastic surgery lol she stops at nothing ,just like Pimp Kardashian, to make money on her kidse. You just wait and see when the kid collaspes from no food and throwing up it will all come out.