Beyonce, by her own claims, is more than eight months pregnant right now?

Here are some new photos of Beyonce and her bump in NYC yesterday. I don’t even know. Do you really want me to start in on this? Because I will.

Recently, Beyonce released a short behind-the-scenes video of her video shoot for “Countdown” – the music video where she plagiarized a Belgian choreographer. In this video, Beyonce identifies the date as September 23rd, and she claims she’s six months pregnant. UM, WTF?!?!?!?

That means she more than eight months pregnant right now. Is this how a eight-months pregnant lady looks? And that means she’s due in the beginning of January? Which means…? Jesus, it’s too early in the morning for Beyonce’s never-ending bump conspiracies. Speaking of conspiracies, Bey also released an “alternate” version of the “Countdown” video, this time without the blatantly plagiarized choreography. This is how Bey rolls – don’t acknowledge the plagiarism, just sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened:

And I’d just like to add more fodder that I haven’t seen discussed thus far: in all of Beyonce’s music videos from 4, Bey hasn’t been “showing”. Does this mean that she filmed all of her music videos over the summer? Or does it mean she just detached her pillowy bump so that she could dance awkwardly for strange men whilst fanning her vadge?

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Happymom says:

    What in god’s name are those leggings she’s wearing?!

  2. Bite me says:

    She better give birth to a camel

  3. Kellie says:

    She has been photographed every other day since her announcement but yet you never read a headline about her visiting her OBGYN……..I’m just saying.

    • DarkEmpress says:

      She doesn’t need an OBGYN, she has GOOP, who can tell her everything she needs to know.LOL

      for the record though, I do believe she is pregnant. I do not think she lied at all about how far along she is. I think that most of the confusion is caused by the fact thatba lot of the videos she shot before she was far along were released after her announcement so people look at her in the videos and think she is lying. Also, I think Beyonce would have been smart enough not to announce her pregnancy at all and just worn the padding and showed up at some point with her surrogate baby if she were trying to fake the pregnancy. There really is no need to announce it if she were going to fake it. Plus she would have gotten more publicity and sympathy if she said she had difficulty conceiving and needed a surrogate.

      • Original Tiffany says:

        I don’t know. I mean, I’ve had two kids, many babies in the family, and working in Imaging for over 20 years in hospitals. I studied ultrasound as part of my training, and worked next to and hung out in US all the time. I’ve seen thousands of pregnant women.
        I have never seen a pregnant woman not get a fatter face, ass and legs by the 6th month. She has the same now. Her face hasn’t changed, her thighs are tiny, and the timing does not add up.
        I thought she was due in Feb? If she is more than 8 months now that’s at least 2 more months??? WTF? I had two February babies and I know what I looked like and how big I was each time. Your ribcage gets bigger, you gets wider, boobs bigger, all for preparation for birth. No way her ribcage is that small at 6 months. And boobs not spilling everywhere. I just don’t get this entire thing. Very puzzling.

      • Charlottean says:

        I co-sign what Tiffany said

      • Moo says:

        Disagree with Original Tiffany! As a woman who is currently just under 6 months pregnant I wonder how oblivious you must be in your day job! To me Beyonce looks HUGE. I barely have a belly, I’m still wearing the same size clothing I was at the beginning and the same has been true of my mother and many of my aunts. Not a single person who doesn’t know me has picked that I’m pregnant. The same is true of a LOT of women. Not everyone is prone to becoming a hugeeeeee, wadling pregnant woman.

  4. BerMan says:

    “As The Stomach Turns” – starring Beyonce as WTF.

  5. Marc says:

    Making all these crappy videos for songs that didn’t even reach top 10 is just wrong in this economy.

  6. madpoe says:

    How can anyone be happy for the girl with so many theories and stories?

    Also, would it hurt the baby if she started drinking STFU juice now?

  7. Lithe says:

    Usually, I think it’s pointless to click on a post just to say that you are over someone, but this item moved me to do it.

    (Though I will still listen to “Crazy in Love” and “If I were a Boy” on occasion.)

  8. says:

    All this confusion could have been avoided if only Bey had labelled each of her pillows according to month of pregnancy.

    • Kasey says:

      LMOL! I don’t know what to believe about the pillow pregnancy/surrogate theories but that’s funny!

    • JamTam says:

      Ha!! Yes.

    • kristiner says:


      I haven’t paid attention to a celeb’s varied and freaking WEIRD as shit bump since Katie Holmes was pregnant.

      But her bump went from round to pointed to chunky back to round in the span of a week. But the moral of that was that the girl WAS pregnant. Suri was just moving around and jumping on in utero couches like her daddy so Katie’s bump was weird.

      But Beyonce’s goes from super big one day to non-existent. That’s fishy.

  9. Dani says:

    Sooo her surrogate should be giving birth any day now!

    • Kasey says:

      LOL! I was wondering about that if she had one, its any day now. Well, I’m sure she’s ready to toss those pillows, stop overeating to fatten her face, exercise and get her sexy back.

  10. Quest says:

    I looked at all the recent videos since the pregnancy announcement and none shows a bump. If your that far long in a pregancy it is pretty difficult to cover it up.

    This is gonna go down as another “unsolved case of the yo-yo bulge”

  11. Cherry says:

    Let’s see, so if she was 6 months pregnant on 23 September, she was already 5 months pregnant at the time of her announcement at the VMA’s (29 August). Is that even possible?
    EDIT: A while ago, she said that she was due in February. This doens’t add up.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      That’s just what I was thinking!

    • Erinn says:

      I guess it would depend on what part of Jan/Feb.

      My mother went into a false labor with me in early/mid May. I was born on May 25th, but I think for quite a while they were expecting me to be born in early June.

      It could be a case of the media guessing early February, but maybe she’ll give birth in late January.

  12. bea says:

    The description of her video is amazing.

    “she just detached her pillowy bump so that she could dance awkwardly for strange men whilst fanning her vadge?”

  13. Coby says:

    If you compare her with Jessica S…mmm what do you get? 1 pregnant and 1 not?

    • BabySwans says:

      Not at all trying to start a fight (& I do agree that Jessica is showing a lot more than Beyonce), but I do think there are significant body shape differences as well. One is short, the other is tall and one was in much better shape than the other before getting pregnant. Dancers have really strong core muscles. Yes, Beyonce is curvy, but she also has really good abs. I remember when my dance teachers would get pregnant-their bumps were always much smaller than people who weren’t as active as they were. In fact, one teacher commented that it felt as though her abs were ripping when her belly grew (b/c her core was so strong).

      • sapphire says:

        I don’t think it’s the smallness of future Baby Bey, it’s that the size yo-yos from week to week. Can’t this woman sit down, eat Kit-Kats, get pedicure and enjoy rather than trotting foam rubber all over time.

      • Lilou says:

        I do agree about the fact that some women don’t have huge belly… But Beyoncé has a huge belly on some pictures and a small belly on other pictures !

        Last week she looked 8 month pregnant and today, it’s almost difficult to see a bump… It’s too freaking weird!!

      • Calli P says:

        I call BS. My yoga teacher/iron woman participant looked like she was going to explode ( she shared pictures, wasn’t teaching while preggo).

        And yoga teachers have waaaaay stronger cores than the vadge fanner.

      • Girl says:

        Agreed. Add to that that as the pregnancy progresses, the babies position impacts greatly how big the bump looks. I’ve known quite a few women who could pass for not pregnant at all into their 8th and 9th month at times. Especially with their first baby.

  14. Talie says:

    Remember those pics of her in the bikini right after the MTV awards…you’re telling me that was close to 6 months pregnant?! If she was a woman who was naturally skinny that would make sense, but she has curves…pregnancy would show on her early. This is all really shady and she looks stupid laughing it up in that video.

  15. LeManda says:

    She’s showing in the scenes of the alternative countdown video. I can’t believe I just watch most of it just to see if she was showing!?! I better go get some coffee….

    • Girl says:

      Maybe that’s the reason their camp is kind of running with all this bump speculation. To get people to watch these shitty videos. Who knows?

  16. ella says:

    She should just take a long vacation!

  17. WickedSteppMom says:

    I’m showing more than she is & my baby will be 4 in April. She’s full of something (besides herself.)

  18. mln76 says:

    I think she padded but I think she’s pregnant. She’s got the pregnant face. She carries in the ass not the belly like ALOT of black women.

    • Silk Spectre says:

      No, she just started eating after her pillow folded on national TV so her face and ass would look “more pregnant”.

      • Iggles says:

        LOL! I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything, because if I was while reading ur comment I would have spilled it over the keyboard 😉

  19. sarah says:

    Hmmm. Some books count your 6th month as you first start it vs finishing it, so it looks like you’re pregnant for 10 months. In fact a lot of women seem to count months by 4 weeks = 1 month. I thought she was going to be due in February when she first announced her pregnancy and I still think that’s what’s going to happen. I just think she’s one of those people who doesn’t know that months come in more than 28 days. I should know; I’m due in 4 days myself.

    • Falula says:

      Yeah, this. I don’t think her pregnancy is totally legit – there is definitely sketchiness going on with her belly – but the dates seem okay if you consider pregnancy is closer to 10 months since you start counting from the last period. Ugh, sorry to talk about periods.

  20. CT says:


  21. lisa says:

    when I saw that video of her holding up that paper and she said she was 6 months I was like oh Bey what is going on. I just don’t know what to think now.

    but this whole thing is so funny

    • Bopa says:

      It is very strange for someone who is so private and never responds to blog/tabloid stories to do this. She seems a bit crazy in the vid where she’s holding the newspaper. I personally don’t really care if she’s pregnant or not. If she has a surrogate more power to her. This video actually annoys me more than if she’s lying about being pregnant.

  22. Alejandro says:

    Of course you do the “birth” around the Holidays and the general public will not be the wiser and go digging into those pesky details. Perfect timing.

  23. LAK says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, i just read the headline.

  24. Megs says:

    Who knows what the real story is, but as someone who is currently pregant, the whole thing lasts 40 weeks so closer to 10 months.

  25. Obvious says:

    Man BeyBey, way to get your due date wrong. I’m glad you know the only reason we care about you anymore is because we’re trying to figure out your bump status. No seriously, kudos for you for giving all of us gossip hounds something to do until whatever day your surrogate gives birth.

    I had, for the record, assumed that she was padding her bump for publicity. Now? When you can’t even get your own due date right…i mean seriously. Granted I’ve never been preggers, but all of my friends who were knew their due date, and even when their due date changed they managed to remember it….I’ve also never seen a due date change by 2 months either….

  26. heather says:

    Urgh, so fed up of this woman.

    Everything seems very sketchy, you’d think her team would be able to do a better job at correctly mapping out fake ‘dates’ and how much pillow she should have at what time, and you know the baby whoring will just get worse once she get the the goddamn thing!

  27. rose80 says:

    Are some of you unaware that you can be pregnant for actually ten months? I learned this in fifth grade health education class. It’s possible she’s due early February people.

    • Samigirl says:

      Goodness, THANK YOU. I mean, I don’t know if I believe if she is or isn’t, but yes, 40 weeks=10 months. I think people say it’s 9 months, because it takes a month to realize it most of the time.

      Also, I’m 16 weeks and I just look fat. I would kill for a real round preggo belly 🙂

    • Cheyenne says:

      I never understood this. 40 weeks = slightly over 9 months, not 10. My due date is 9 months from the date of conception, not 10. I’m 29 weeks, and would say I’m almost 7 months along.
      Anyway, I think something is definitely fishy going on with Beyonce’s pregnancy. If she would have just STFU about it from the beginnaing, ala JS, there wouldn’t have been all this speculation. I guess we’ll see when the little one arrives. I’m betting it will look just like Joe Camel/Jay Z, but not so much like Bey.

      • Nini says:

        Thank u!! Dear gawd I can’t tell u how many times I’ve read women posting they were pregnant for 10 months. Really? Ever seen a calendar? Some months have 5 weeks–that’s why a year has 52 weeks and not 48!

  28. midnightmoon says:

    @Sarah & Megs, mazel tov & best wishes for healthy babies. To Beyonce-is there a better way to prove your lack of intelligence than this whole charade? Best of luck to her kidlet (whosever it is) b/c there is obviously a streak of STUPID a mile wide. Money don’t buy you class OR brains. Sheesh!

  29. DeE says:

    She is pregnant, just playing mind games with herself and the world, for whatever reason. She is using this pregnancy, though i peeped it before, to mess with her lips. Look closely, she did it around the sasha fierce persona days and she is messing with them lately. Sorry no it’s not the estrogen/pregnancy. Nope. Pray she has a healthy baby and all, though.

  30. Annaloo says:

    Hack.. but a smart marketing hack bc she knows her half-wit fans won’t care and will believe this impossible narrative..

  31. Amea says:

    Errr….I’m gonna be the outlier right now.

    But after watching those two videos…she does look pregnant. Like, she might REALLY BE pregnant haha.

    From the front, like she said, it really is hard to tell….freeze her Countdown video at 00:36, where she’s wearing black and white and turned to the side in what looks like a short-hair wig. She’s holding her stomach. Also she’s not wearing anything skin-tight (except for the colorful long-sleeved leotards, and maybe the all black, but in all those cases she is shown ONLY from the front, where it’s hard to see her stomach size as said before) and she’s not showing her midriff…

    Not a Stan by any means, haven’t really been caring much about Bey lately to take sides on whether this is a conspiracy or not, but eh. I can believe it’s real.

    Or maybe I just got played. Either way. Commencing the not-caring-about-Beyonce again.

  32. Suad says:

    I never believe she was with child I think that she has another carry a child like a surrogate it may be her assistant that what I heard. Why lie

  33. Cerulean says:

    Hmmm. Something is off here. She is using a surrogate but pretending. I just don’t think she’s really pregnant. I am beginning to wonder how many stars do this.

  34. Bonfire Beach says:

    Let’s start another conspiracy – she’s not wearing her wedding ring and we all know what that means in gossip world!

    Sheesh. She never mattered to me one way or another but now I am OVER her.

  35. Deven says:

    Midnight Moon…you got the best take on this whole misbegotten foolish thing. Who cares where they’re getting this baby as long as they’re going to give the baby a home. Their nonsense over this lays their brainlessness bare.

  36. Jover says:

    All these comments are too good – a larger comment might be that this is a stellar example of the completely unreal fantasy world these celebutards live in and why their drivel on politics,etc. should be ignored – they have only a slight grasp of reality. Also, assuming bouncy is pregnant, that child will undoubtedly become such an entitled monster of vanity and ego that he/she will make jayden and willow smith look like peace corps volunteers by comparison.Really, since bouncy only loves herself how can she extend unconditional love to another human being without seeing that human being as just an extension of her own vanity.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    Am I the only one who thinks “their” baby is going to be Jay’s with his side-piece and a pay-off?

    I read somewhere months back that his French hottie (who is already mother to one kid by him) was preggers again.

    Bey is way too vain to allow a pregnancy to happen to her body.

    • Sweetpea says:

      No, of course you’re not the only one. I think that’s the general idea here.

    • Violet says:

      Yep, I suspect that one of Jay-Z’s mistresses is the mother. Maybe the French one he’s been involved with for a decade; could be that she got pregnant in the hopes he’d finally leave Beyonce but instead he bought her baby for his wife.

      Jay-Z’s obviously not that into being a father, otherwise they could’ve just “adopted” one of his existing offspring before now. My guess is that Beyonce felt she needed a baby to maintain her image, but didn’t want to mess up her body in the process.

  38. SkyNet says:

    Why does Jay-Z NEVER talk about the baby? I’ve never heard of him giving an interview and talking about it. He’s given interviews and talked about his music since she made the announcement. Maybe he’s embarrassed by the fake bump and people finding out?

    My theory is that she had a surrogate who was due later on, but that fell through, so she had to find another one, but the new one is due sooner, so she had to move the date up. hahahaha

  39. Marsheila says:

    Ok, I am very friendly with someone who works at JayZ studio in NYC – not the main one but the one on 27th st , the staff -ALL of them- know that Bay hired a surrogate, the surrogate is actually a central american girl on her 20s who barely speak English. She is currently living in a Chelsea apartment . She has her own kid of around 5 yo. She went through in vitro with Bay’s eggs fertilized by Jay so the kid is biologically theirs. It is same arrangement as Kelsey and Camilla Grammer. Bay did not want to screw up her body and the fact is that she did not want to face the gossip if she came openly about surrogate or fertility problems, she also wanted to be like all the skinny celebs and pretend she gets her body back in weeks …. and that my darlings is all what it is

    • Cerulean says:

      I thought so…I wonder if Vicki Becks did this too.
      I can’t imagine doing this and not feeling really like a giant fool.
      I wish she was extinct.

      • hannah says:

        being as i know victoria i can say she was definatly pregnant with a very beautiful little girl and only way for beyonce to stop rumours of false pregnancy if she really is, is to show her giving birth not to give her ideas lol

    • Sweetpea says:

      Wow. Just wow. Thanks for that bit of info, Marsheila 🙂

    • Jover says:

      Do you have any idea how much they are paying this girl. In this day and age of wrap around media how long do you think this will remain quiet?

    • Iggles says:

      I figured something like this was going on…

    • Violet says:

      Huh, sounds like the kind of thing they’d do. Then again, are you really sure that this girl isn’t one of Jay-Z’s side-pieces and they’re all pretending she’s just a surrogate?

    • kristiner says:

      Okay! I can get behind this!

      Camilla Grammer had irritable bowel syndrome that supposedly prevented her from carrying her babies but they used a gestational host. FALSE. IBS doesn’t cause infertility of prevent a woman from carrying her own children.

      Surrogate is where the mother uses her eggs. Gestational host is where they use a couples eggs and sperm and use another woman’s body to “host” the baby.

      Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance did the same for their twins. So did Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The new baby IS biologically theirs. But there’s is legit because we ALL know Nicole had fertility issues and Sunday was just a miracle but after that she just couldn’t carry again.

      I’ll bet the baby IS their’s but being “hosted” by some other woman’s body.

    • Brit says:

      This is plausible. I just don’t see Beyonce being open like Mariah about fertility issues. Mariah has been very open about her pregnancy issues.

  40. DesertRose says:

    Beyonce is thick through her midsection, and not at all in an overweight way. I’ve seen thick girls go all the way to the end just looking like they had a little beer gut. With that being said, I cosign Bellaluna that Bey is way too vain to take the chance with her body. Thick girls don’t always bounce right back like say, Miranda Kerr or Heidi Klum. Either way, I hope she is kinder and less narcissistic than she comes off, and if not, hopefully Jay is a good daddy.

  41. RocketMerry says:

    I like those funky tights. What brand are they? Could I buy them online?

  42. WattsUp says:

    I wish I could pad my 13-week ‘bump’ (which is really just bloat, let’s be real) with a pillow so I’d look more pregnant, too.

    I think it’s entirely possible she is due in early Feb.

  43. really? says:

    If she was 24 weeks (or about 6 months) on Sept. 23rd, that would make her due in early to mid January. If she has a planned c-section, they would most likely set the date at 38 weeks – which could mean the baby would be born in very late December.

    Who knows? All I know is that if I were going to fake a pregnancy and I had that much money I’d make sure I had the expensive silicone and rubber “real feeling” baby bumps instead of cheap pillows.

  44. Ruby Red Lips says:


  45. Bitchbelying says:

    This is too much. I can’t anymore Kaiser.

  46. Bitchbelying says:

    She’s 8..EIGHT…EIGHT months preggo? Ok Beyonce. Ive been stanning for you but this is enough. You a damn LIE girl!

  47. Courtney says:

    @Really your not very bright are you 6 months is 26 weeks not 24 every 3 months has 13 weeks so nine months is 39 and a healthy single pregnancy can go up to 42 weeks or 9 3/4 months. then again some celebs have to deliver early because of complications that could kill mother and child. besides stars always give wrong due dates to throw off the press

  48. kibbles says:

    I don’t even want to begin with Bey’s pregnancy. Many of my friends think she is using a surrogate mother. I have no idea what is true anymore but my gut says she is hiding something or is doing this to create more publicity since her music career is flailing. If she didn’t have all of this pregnancy speculation, would most of the public even pay attention to her anymore?

  49. Snowpea says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. She is not pregnant. She just doesn’t have pregnancy face.

    Jessica Simpson is a good example of it. Your face softens and you get that lovely glowy thing going on.

  50. MaeFlower says:

    Eh, I didn’t look at all pregnant with EITHER of my kiddos until I was 8 months pregnant. Even then I had a small bump and most people thought I was only 5 or 6 months along at most when I was 8 months. Women who have strong stomach muscles often times don’t show much. Also, I didn’t get the “pregnancy glow” or anything else with my pregnancies. I basically didn’t look pregnant until weeks before the birth of my kiddos. Just sayin…

  51. daisyfly says:

    She filmed all of these videos shortly after she found out she was pregnant – including the one where she appears pregnant.

    Pregnant women don’t all look the same when they’re pregnant. They don’t all look the same during their various pregnancies either. To say “I didn’t look like that when I was that far along and we have the same body shape” doesn’t take that into consideration.

    For example, I’ve had four children. Each pregnancy looked different on me. My first one didn’t even show until I was seven months pregnant (and I’m a fairly thin person). My second one, I gained 40lbs. My third one, I lost weight and weighed less than I did during my first pregnancy. My fourth one, I was round and chubby all over.

    She’s fit, always has been, and that keeps a woman’s shape from looking stereotypically pregnant. However, you can see the weight gain in her face, her arms, and her thighs, which is where I think a great deal of us who’ve had children spend the most of our time crying over.

  52. Original Tiffany says:

    @moo, I meant at 6 months in her video her ribs are tiny, her face is tiny, so are her breasts. She is a voluptuous girl, this makes no sense. She barely looks big currently.
    I did pay attention in my day job, in Nuclear Radiology. Obviously all pregnant women do not look alike, but there are specific physiologic and anatomic things happening to every woman during pregnancy and I see none of it in her video and barely any change now. IMPO.

  53. Gaia132 says:

    On the MSN wonderwall she says she is due in December…

  54. Tee says:

    You guys wont be happy until she pose nude on some magazine cover and show that she is really pregnant. Then if she do that there will be something else to say about her belly. I have a friend, when she was pregnant no one could tell until she was 8 months along. Don’t ask me how or why. And no she is not a dancer she did not do yoga. But she is tall and she is a vegetarian. Again not all women carry alike when I was 6 months I looked 8. So you could imagine what I felt about my friend since we were pregnant at the same time.

    • Isa says:

      Her posing nude on a magazine would prove nothing in this day and age because of photoshop! hahaha.

  55. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Perhaps she’s purposefully wearing the pillows and giving different accounts of how far along she is to throw off the paps for when it really is time they won’t see it coming?

    I’m probably giving her too much credit. I’d like to believe she’s pregnant, but the theory that Jay knocked up someone else up and she’s covering doesn’t sound so far fetched.

  56. dahlia1947 says:

    i think we all need to shush and just go with what Marsheila’s saying. It’s creepy but you just never know with these super rich people.

  57. Steph says:

    I definitely still believe she is using padding. She is just a selfish bitch who didn’t want to end up looking like a fat ass

  58. mln76 says:

    Look I don’t buy that she’s faking it I’m not really a Beyonce fan or hater. As an African-American star she could have shown up pregnant at the MTV awards and then disappeared for 6 months and no one in the mainstream would have noticed. Why flaunt a non-existent pregnancy? This seems to be more like a publicity stunt with the padding and ‘fake pillow’ incident and sooner or later she’ll show up in another bikini on another beach at 9 months and she’ll get bank for the cover of People unlike Mariah.

  59. Isa says:

    Perhaps she’s not gaining much weight anywhere else because of diet and exercise? Maybe she’s on a special pregnancy diet? You only need about 300 extra calories, which really isn’t that much. Of course, during my second trimester I was starving ALL the time so there’s no way I could’ve stuck with that.

    Anyway, what I don’t understand is why her bump would go up and down if she was padding it. I would be super, extra paranoid trying to pull off a ploy like this. You would think she would be consistant.

    Assuming 24 weeks = 6 months in preggo world, she would be around 34 weeks now! With 6 more weeks to go. Right? Which would put her being due in the middle of January. Maybe she was 5.5 months and was rounding up?

    Cerulean- I believe Vicky B was pregnant…Becks posted a picture of her laying down in the sun with her belly exposed. It was a really pretty picture, although it looked uncomfortable to me!

  60. Marianne says:

    It is possible that some pregnant women don’t get huge bellies. Take the ladies of himym… Both were pregnant at the same time. Now Alyson got so huge they literally had to hide her behind guitars and basketballs. And even then it was pretty obvious. Her face was fuller, her boobs were huge etc. Whereas Cobie, got away with just wearing more looser tops. They never had to hide her. Her face didn’t blow up. So it’s possible. Although I do think Beyonces story is fishy because there have been pics where she is huge and the next week she is smaller.

  61. HereAndThere says:

    Am I the only one who’s seen the bikini pics of beyonce while pregnant? I thought it all seemed shady too but you guys can’t say this is fake…,0,5

  62. crazycatlady says:

    All very good points. At first I thought the Bump Debunkers were all bunk, but there have been so many anomalies surrounding this “pregnancy” that I’m now suspicious myself.

  63. Charlotte says:

    Blah – who cares? She’s gone to her own head.