Beyonce says she’s due in February: what does this mean for bump conspiracies?


Beyonce just did an interview with the Australian show Sunday Night. Lots of people are talking about this interview, but it’s not all about the Beyonce quotes – it’s also about how weird her stomach looked at one point. First, the video and the quotes – Bey confirms that she’s due in February, which means that she conceived in late May, perhaps? Which means that she was probably about three months pregnant for her VMA debut, and she’s more than four months pregnant right now? Is my math right? Hmm… anyway, the video and quotes:

Beyonce on her pregnancy: “It’s already has changed my life. My husband and I have been together for 10 years, all of my twenties… since I was 20 and we just feel like it’s time. I’m very grateful that God has blessed me with the biggest gift that any human being can have. I think because I’ve accomplished a lot of things for myself and I really know who I am. I didn’t rush into anything and I feel like if it’s any time, right now is the time and I’m so happy.”

The timing is right: “I think because I’ve accomplished a lot of things for myself and I really know who I am, I didn’t rush into anything. If there’s any time, right now is the time, and I’m so happy.”

On dancing: “I’m a huge fan of dance and I always try to think of a new way to move the body. I try to treat choreography like I do a hit song and I try to think of the things that are going to make people want to dance and move around, dance in the club or dance at their school play or whatever.”

On her time off and firing her dad-manager: “It was a bit overwhelming. I was a bit numb and kind of lost. I never even realized I needed a year off. It didn’t matter where I was, I was in so many different places that it was like “Okay, I’m just on the show, I’m performing, back in a hotel, ‘Where am I?’ ‘What city am I in?’” I’m doing the same thing and it became a ritual. It was a bit of an emotion in me that was missing because the world is so much bigger than the world screaming your name and that becomes almost like a fake world. You have to make sure you remember that that’s all great but that’s not who you really are. I’ve been managed by my father for a long time, and it’s been a real change being separated from him. It was scary, but it empowered me.”

[From Us Weekly & Beyond Gossip]

I had two favorite parts – one, I love when she’s trying to convince us that she’s only 30. That continues to crack me up, when she has to really sit there and think, “Damn, was I with Jay throughout my actual 20s, or my fake 20s?” But my absolutely favorite part is when Beyonce sits down for the interview – around the :54 second mark – and her belly FOLDS IN ON ITSELF. As in, she’s wearing a prosthetic bump. Media Takeout has freeze-frames here – it’s ridiculous. So… all of the bump conspiracies have been right along. Of course.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. SueAnn says:

    OMG that is sooo pathetic!!! Gross gross woman

  2. aenflex says:

    why? did jz knock someone else up and they are all planning to have that baby handed over to him and beyonce? why else do this?

  3. Bite me says:

    Mrs.Joe camel needs to have a sit

  4. Pseudoangie says:

    I think she’s probably going to have her baby via a surrogate. This way she keeps her body as-is.

    Of course, she’ll have a story saying she was in labor for 35 hours!

  5. Shay says:

    Like she thinks none of us would believe her if she simply announced she was pregnant?

  6. birdie says:

    I really don´t get why she does it! Does she need the attention so much or did she want to make this big surprise at the VMA´s and now she cannot stop doing it, so it wouldn´t come out ( which didn´t really went well like we see now )

    Either way.. Stuuupid behavior. Does she want us to doubt that she is pregnant, because that works

  7. Obvious says:

    I just got into trouble because I was laughing so loud my boss came to find out what was up. sad day, but still completely worth it!

    Ladies we generally could careless about you having a surrogate as long as you are clean about it, it’s the whole “I’m Pregnant look at me look at me” thing when you clearly aren’t that pisses people off. (well me in any case)

  8. Quest says:

    Ha ha ha – a pregnancy bump that colapses when you sit….ha ha ha that was funny…I said it …..fake ass bump…don’t understand why she would want to exaggerate this. But there is a lot of Bey that is fake…ha ha

    Considering the false baby bump I don’t think she would be due in February, she is probably about 4 months plus right now, I say late March/April

  9. flannery says:

    She just says she’s due in February, which means it could be the first week of February. If that’s the case, then she conceived mid-May, so she would have been a little over 4 months at the VMAs. Sorry, but she looked exactly that pregnant then, and she looks exactly about 6 months now. And in that interview video/stills, it’s the “bump room” in the dress that’s folding, not the bump itself. I’m not even a Beyonce fan, but these conspiracy theories are stupid.

  10. honeybunz says:

    i knew it!! From day one! Beyonce hasa surrogate somewhere and she will bounce back to prepregnant body quicker than mel b!! Lol this woman is deranged and mental! I wouldnt be surprised if she does he old fashioned cut baby from really pregnant women and claim as own!! Watch the news ppl for any murdered pregnant women in the vicinity of houston new york hamptons brooklyn and paris!! Beyonce is evil!!

  11. Kar says:

    @aenflex (2)… OMG. Conspiracy theory that I totally cosign!! It really seems like the best answer for this smoke-and-mirrors show. Why the hell would someone wear a prosthetic bump towards the 5th month? I’m sure her natural bump would be there enough that she’d get publicity for it (which is what I’d assume she wants with an exaggerate bump)…

  12. DesertRose says:

    Yep, I now officially cosign with the conspiracy theorists. Not only does the sit down not look right, it looks like her bump is falling down when she’s walking to the chair. So weird. I bet her and jay have a surrogate cause she knows her body won’t bounce back so quick. Thick girls (like myself) have a harder time I think.

  13. Dominique says:

    She is 30. I’ve been a fan of Destiny’s Child since I was a kid and she was a teenager then. The math is correct for anyone that has been following her for that long. She’s 30. You’re older than her. Deal with it.

  14. Gine says:

    Um, that’s obviously the fabric of her dress folding. Clingy dresses always do that.

    There have been pictures of her in a bikini while she’s pregnant, if that bump was fake, it was the most realistic-looking prosthetic ever made.

    Are people’s lives really so boring that they’re this desperate to make up a scandal?

  15. hicham samar says:

    These conspiracy theories about her pregnancy are way out there. I am still laughing about it.

  16. Lesley Ann says:

    I’m nearly 7 months pregnant, and my bump ain’t anywhere near the size of Beyonce’s. My midwife says I’m the right size for how far along I am.

    I call fake bump.

  17. Steph says:

    I don’t know what to believe or not, or why I really care. At the VMAs I thought the bump looked bigger than it should’ve. If she says she’s due in February here’s the math…I’m due February 29, 2012. Because we had fertility treatments, I know we conceived on June 8, 2011. This week, I’m 20 weeks or half way. So she would be at least this far, if not 24 weeks if due in early February. She should have her own bump based on her build, at this point, and not need a fake one!

  18. jc126 says:

    Very strange. I think they’d pay off, not cover for, a mistress of Jay Z’s getting pregnant.
    Surrogate? Why cover that up? But they’re nuts, I suppose.
    I’d think the dress fabric just kind of folded forward, but the dress looks too tight for that.
    Don’t know what to think.

  19. MellaYellow says:

    This woman pregnancy is getting on my nerves! Its getting Kardashian like! I’m hearing about it to much. She is not the only woman to get pregnant! And I love Beyonce but this is ridiculous. This is a crazy story seriously!

  20. Devon says:

    I don’t think she’s lying about being pregnant. The Daily Mail has a set of photos of her on vacation in September and she is clearly pregnant. Here is the link:

    However, the way it crumpled when she sat is effing weird. Maybe she’s wearing a pad there to throw people off?

  21. Kit says:

    the bump looks suspect but how do you explain the bump in the bikini pics? I have no idea what to believe…it’s too crazy for words

  22. honeybunz says:

    Beyonceshoing her stomach t the beach doesnt mea shes pregnant….ive seen plenty of movies and soap operas where they wear a obviously prostetic belly! Sorry if i spelled that wrong….if you look at the pics i think shes wearing a white ruffily bikini…first off it looked a different tone than therest of her body and second the pics tha show her belly were ALL far away but they have closer shots and its in those where she places a huge purse in front of her somach! Beyonce is not pregnant shes wearing a rubber or plastic or whatever material it is fake belly and that overlapping is the pillow thats why se has her arms propping up the belly b4 she sits…looks like it was slipping or something n she was holding it in place….and that look on her face afterwards was like oops hope he didnt see my pillowbaby collapse!!!

  23. Kimbob says:

    Oh yeah…now I’m curious as to WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON, now!!! I mean, my thoughts were along the lines of her just “enhancing” the pregnant look…to explain…I really thought she WAS PREGNANT, but maybe not so far along..I thought she was just being a bit dramatic & “over-emphasizing” for the effect.

    Now I’m wondering, like many of you, if she’s pregnant AT ALL. A surrogate? Possibly so now from the looks of things.

    She’s been COLD-STONE BUSTED!!! That prosthesis folded up like a cheap suit, that’s for sure!!!

    Oh yeah…this is getting VERY INTERESTING!

  24. MollyB says:

    All women have a different bodily reaction to being pregnant. When I was 9 months pregnant, I was as big as a house. My best friend had a tiny, little 6 month sized bump when she was 9 months pregnant. Her daughter was eight pounds, mine was five. To say she “looks too big” or “too small” for how far along she is, is totally meaningless. For the record, I am also due in Feb and am 21 weeks along, i.e. I have just finished my fifth month of pregnancy.

  25. Eva says:

    Totally agree with Dominique. She is 30 no question about it. Not sure what to think about the conspiracy, think it may be fabric of the dress…she was pictured in a bikini with a bump wasn’t she? I dont understand why they would go to so much trouble to fake it

  26. Mikamoo says:

    Who knows and who cares.. I’m sure so many celebs do it… and yah she’s 30.

  27. miss_bhaven says:

    Why, why, why? ***bangs head against keyboard***

    For those of you defending her, did you click on the “Media Takeout Freeze Frames”???

  28. Jezi says:

    OMG it’s the dress that folds not her belly. I don’t understand this fascination with her bump. I was that size myself. I started showing at 3 months. Not all women carry the same.

  29. Blue says:

    Maybe in the bikini pics she’s just sticking out her gut. Most of these women live in spanx so who knows what her mid section really looks like. I dunno that but those stills look real suspect and the look on her face are priceless

  30. icantbelievethis says:

    I’m with Jezi, the stills just look like her dress material folded in. Seems like she had extra material for comfort.

    I don’t understand how anyone would make the leap to her faking a pregnancy. Seems like both of them are pretty private so I don’t see why they’d suddenly put a pretend pregnancy in the pubic eye.

  31. Feebee says:

    If she says she’s pregnant, okay. But don’t be eff’ing around with it. Her exposed stomach photographed after the MTVs is clearly smaller than whatever she had going in under that dress.

    As for the interview I could have believed it was ‘possibly’ the dress if not for the look on her face and the fact it doesn’t look like the dress folding!

  32. atlantapug says:

    The bikini pictures look real.

    The photos from the Australia interview look fake. Even the first shot before she sits, the bump is super skinny like its not on right or something.

    Who knows, and more importantly, who gives two figs about this boring ripoff of a musician.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    Wow. Just…wow.

    I don’t care if she’s pregnant, but I don’t believe she is, because we all know gf is going to BLOW UP if she is. (And those pix really don’t help her case.)

    But at least have the decency to be honest with your “fans” (of which I am not one.)

  34. malachais says:

    The dress folds. I am sure she has tight round tummy that isn’t going to “flop” over her dress. Instead the material will folder over as it is stretchy.

    I don’t really care but either way she looks pregnant imo.

  35. Pisa says:

    If I push my stomach out, I look just like she does on those bikini pictures, I do not think, they prove anything. Oh, and I´m not pregnant or overweight.And I guess she isn´t either…

  36. atorontogal says:

    Thanks for the laughs all you “conspiracy” believers!

  37. jc126 says:

    Hey, was Katie Holmes’ weird pregnancy the catalyst for all these “fake pregnancy” stories that go around now? I don’t remember these sorts of stories before then.

  38. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    There are conspiracy theories about Beyonce’s pregnancy? I had no idea. I’m kinda amazed people care enough about this to even speculate about whether the bump is fake or not.

  39. SEF says:

    That side-view of her in the red dress (follow the link) is even more telling. Sorry but at 3-4 mos. the bump is NOT that big. Girlfriend sure does love her some attention.

  40. Embee says:

    I don’t doubt that she has something inside her dress to smooth out the bump…make it more “perfect” underneath that clingy dress. No big deal. At her stage of pregnancy you mostly just look chubby, so perhaps enhancing and smoothing out the bump make her feel better…like a push-up bra. I think she is pregnant.

  41. fabchick says:

    I love Bey, I hope she is not pulling any desperate stunts. Anyway I have a friend who is due Feb 4th and she is about Beyonce’s size. Who knows, I dont know what to believe anymore lol

  42. valerie says:

    I went to high school with her. She’s 30.

  43. Elizabeth S. says:

    I think the bump is suspicious. But a more likely reality is that maybe she wants the bump to be bigger, and is padding it.

    I dunno, I just can’t see someone going to all that trouble for something that could be found out so easily, and which would result in all that humiliation.

  44. Jules says:

    I don’t care whether she is pregnant or not, my question is, why does she always have a huge fan blowing her wigs back when she is ‘performing’?

  45. Iggles says:

    @ Kaiser:
    But my absolutely favorite part is when Beyonce sits down for the interview – around the :54 second mark – and her belly FOLDS IN ON ITSELF.

    LOL! Dude, you are on a roll! Hilarious commentary today :D

    Edited to say: LMAO!!!!!!! Just saw the stills on Mediatakeout. I got tears in my eyes from laughter!

  46. KLO says:


    because it looks awesome XD

  47. rose80 says:

    really??? it’s the dress. it’s a slow news day when mediatakeout is used.

  48. NM9005 says:

    Please, anybody who has been pregnant before or knew somebody who was pregnant knows that B is pulling some bizarre shit here. A pregnant belly is hard, so the fabric would slide over her belly, not make it collapse. And how in the world can a belly fold anyway? Did people see the video? The guilty look on her face, girlfriend is busted!
    Btw, not only does the belly fold but it also slides lower when she is about to sit, like the padding is about to fall out and B holds her hand under it. Also the way she sits down, she bends over instead of poking her belly out (which would be easier to sit down).

    Besides, she is gaining attention herself by doing these crazy antics. From the over the top pregnancy reveal, the bikini picture to prove she is definitely carrying to the quotes how it was “so hard to conceal” and now this? And then people can’t wonder about whether she has padding or not? Hell, I even wonder if she IS pregnant at all because she goes to extreme lenghts to prove she is. You would think that being together for 10 years with the man she loves and constant media attention, she would at least try and take a break to enjoy those wonderful months away from the media and not care about what people have to say? Nope, she choses the attention route by either padding up more so the pregnancy effect is enhanced or using a surrogate because she doesn’t want to “ruin” her body. Seriously, if you have a surrogate for the right reasons, I don’t see any shame in that but in B’s case it would be a vain decision so she knows she has to make something up.

    And if she is is her second term, she should be big enough to not need padding to prove her pregnancy anyway. I like some of her music and admit that she is one of the best performers of her generation but like most celebs she ist straight up cuckoo, crazy! Maybe even crazier because she is very sloppy in hiding her vices. Get it together B and ‘fess up. Pregnancy is not that a big of deal but it becomes a big deal when you act like this. Cuckoo…

  49. Elizabeth S. says:


    “Seriously, if you have a surrogate for the right reasons…”

    I don’t like the “for the right reasons”. If someone does not want to be pregnant or to go through childbirth, then that is perfectly valid. I’ve done it and, well, I can’t judge the people who don’t want to do it, whether or not they want to raise children.

    I agree, though, that there’s something odd about the whole pregancy. I think it’s more likely to be straight up attention seeking and kuh-RAY-zee-niss than any bump conspiracy.

  50. carrie says:

    she’s 30 (i remember the first Destiny Child album ) and she’s pregnant !

  51. Bopa says:

    Did anyone notice her stomach scrunch @ around :58 of that video? Start watching @ :51 and keep watching until after she sits down.

    Edit: Oh nevermind it’s already been said several times over.

  52. Bopa says:

    From the looks of the material that her dress is made out of it doesn’t fold like that. She could be wearing extra padding but extra padding isn’t needed for comfort. Could be needed to get more attention while your album is in rotation.

  53. Bopa says:

    From the looks of the material that her dress is made out of it doesn’t fold like that. She could be wearing extra padding but extra padding isn’t needed for comfort. Could be needed to get more attention while your album is in rotation.

  54. Gigohead says:

    Just yesterday at a family party, I noticed that my cousin who is due at the same time, Feb 2012 has the same big belly. I hate to defend Miss Stealoynce. But perhaps its her belly.

  55. Truthful says:

    This is stupid!

    its obvious its the dress that folds away, but I think it makes folks feel better to think, she’s shady. smdh.

    Bey will do another naked stomach baby bump on a yacht for you, conspiracy folks.

  56. NM9005 says:

    @Elizabeth S:

    I don’t like the “for the right reasons”. If someone does not want to be pregnant or to go through childbirth, then that is perfectly valid. I’ve done it and, well, I can’t judge the people who don’t want to do it, whether or not they want to raise children.


    The more humanity progresses, the more we get detached from all things natural. We can’t feel pain during childbirth, women wait until their 40′s to get pregnant (natural or IVF, doesn’t matter) because they’re to selfish to make a choice when the time is right, they use a surrogate because they don’t want to ruin their bodies, the children are getting raised by either parents or a creche because we are so busy (huh, what about our ancestors who had to work too with 10 children and less modern benefits?). Whatever, there is going to an explanation for everything…

    It seems to me that people want
    something but are not up to the consequenses or aren’t willing to give up something for it. If people want to have a baby, they should except to sacrifice something. I would believe that people’s priorities shift when a baby comes into one’s life and that means letting go of some of the more shallow things in life like body image, other people’s opinions, sometimes a career (not shallow but some have to sacrifice or compromise, depends what your work ethic is, man or woman).

    There are people who can’t concieve and would be happy to feel life in their stomach (I know, cheesy and definitely because I don’t want to have children) and who don’t even think about the negativiteis because they would be happy to be healty and “normal” by social standards but the perfectly healthy ones avoid it for shallow, selfish reasons. We want it all but without having to make a consensus. People already have it so easy, although we complain how hard life is even if we have some luxeries that weren’t here just a mere 10 years ago and we still want it more easier! The next generation is going to be even worse than this one.

    Going through a childbirth or pregnancy without avoiding pain or uncomfortableness doesn’t make you superwoman, it makes you human. It’s a very mundane and standard process of life. We have a choice and we constantly abuse it for our own gain.

  57. mel says:

    She may say her due date is February which I thought to be true but then again she may be saying that to throw the media off n end up delivering in March. If I could afford to pay someone to carry a baby for me I would, I dont understand what the big deal is.

  58. gossip_ho says:

    it’s so obvious she’s wearing prosthetics. i’m 3 months pregnant and my belly does not fold like what just happened in that video…no way a real bump deflate and inflate when you sit down. i’m sorry but she’s faking it.

  59. Firecracker says:

    Very strange, I agree with faking it. She has an oops look on her face rite after sitting down, like someone else said. The bump that is there when she’s walking to the chair totally disappears when she sits down into a bunch of fabric! I don’t think it’s just the dress.

  60. Madisyn says:

    Why lie about a pregnancy? She’s 30 not 45. For all those who believe she’s NOT pregnant, what would be the point?

  61. Just Me says:

    Lord, have mercy!
    Every pregnancy is not the same, folks!
    Some women show quickly, others not so much.
    I couldn’t wait to show my pregnancy but I was 6 months along before I finally began to show. Next pregnancy, I was still slim but showed significantly at 3 months along. I was asked by others if I was due to deliver in just a few days when I was just 6 months along. The next comment upon hearing I had 3 months more to go before delivery was always the same, “You must be having twins!”
    Nope just one 9 lb 21″ son!
    An acquaintance showed her last pregnancy only after she was 8 months along. She was short and slim, and had already given birth to 5 children and this was for #6! She said every one of her pregnancies was different.
    Mother Nature and Father Time tell the story. All else is speculation.

  62. Cali says:

    Wow…just Wow…and I guess Sandra Rose isn’t carzy after all…

  63. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Why does she have a bump one day and a flat stomach another day? Is she faking all of this because she needs the press for her new album? Or is she doing it via a surrogate? Something is just off about the whole thing. All of this fuckery has me confused.

  64. Callumna says:

    She’s way too big for the months. And the fold up bump. My.

    I guess when you sport so much cake make up and horse hair daily reality is just not enough.

    She’s overmarketing this from the beginning. Too much press, too many “my pregnacy style is House of Derrion” tie ins. Is she an infomercial?

  65. kerfuffles says:

    I totally thought the bump theories were total b.s. but….now I don’t know.

    I mean, that ABSOLUTELY looks like a folded fake bump in those pics.

    But, though I’m as cynical as they get when it comes to celebs, I still can’t for the life of me understand WHY she would plan this elaborate ruse to fake it.

    Very puzzling.

    (ETA: As to those people saying “every pregnancy is different.” I totally get that. I’m not saying she should be one size or another. But I don’t think her pregnancy is so different her stomach should be collapsing like a prosthetic when she sits down. It’s so weird).

  66. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Madisyn Did you see the photos, she is the only pregnant women I know who stomach goes up and down, She may be pregnant but she is not as far along as she is claiming. Plus she might be having a surrogate this is Hollywood why do these celebs feel the need to lie about their age, fake relationships, it’s called PR. Like everything with Bey, it’s not consistent, and she’s a liar. Plus she 5 months pregnant and due in February…BS

  67. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @JustMe A pregnant belly does not fold when you sit down “smdh” look at the pics, if you honestly believe she is not being dishonest with this whole pregnancy you are drinking a nice big glass of Beyonce Kool Aid.

  68. Firecracker says:

    drinking a nice big glass of Beyonce Kool Aid.

    Jane Wonderfalls, LOL! Love that comment.

  69. j says:

    Everyone shows differently. Clothes fold. It doesn’t matter when she’s due, fine.

    But this is clearly a fake bump. No conspiracy theory; it’s just the truth. Look at the pics. Fake.

  70. gigi says:

    Are you people really going to make me a Beyonce apologist? Really? Ugh. I don’t even like this chick.

    I don’t think this pregnancy is fake; you conspiracy theorists will buy anything that supposedly supports your claim, but it’s SO OBVIOUS that the it is the fabric of her dress that folds and not her belly. When you sit, your stomach tucks under, it doesn’t continue to protrude. It’s an unfortunate dress/angle.

    And secondly, just because you carry smaller than Beyonce doesn’t mean her belly is fake. Every woman is different, some carry small some carry bigger, whatever. Don’t use yourself as a barometer for pregnancy.

    Believe what you want but seriously, get better proof.

  71. Jaye E says:

    Media effin TAKEOUT!!! THAT’S your source???? It was her dang DRESS that folded like that, not her belly. Even a fake bump wouldn’t fold up like that. are doing TOO DAMN MUCH on this one.

    Y’all are pissing me off…making me defend Beyonce.

  72. kerfuffles says:

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Not by a long shot. I haven’t believed one iota of the faux belly stuff up until now.

    But those photos…that’s not just a dress folding. That the BUMP folding. Not to mention the look on her face of “ooops.”

    It DOES sound crazy to accuse her of having a fake bump because it makes ZERO sense to me why should would fake it. But damn, it really does look fake in those pics, I have to admit.

  73. lisa says:

    I saw this comment on another site

    If that had been Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie this would be on every National news show or entertainment site.

    SO TRUE..
    I recall all kinds of baby bump theories with Katie and Nicole. The are still nuts that say Angelina didn’t have her twins.

    So why is Beyonce different. That video is weird. and people were screaming all manner of things when the above mentioned women were pregnant. And there was not a video showing a folding bump.

    I don’t know if this is real or fake, but stop acting like talking about Bey is off limits.

  74. Jaye E says:

    When I was about 3 or 4 months pregnant, my belly was bigger dependant on if I had a full bladder. My best friend even asked me why my belly looked bigger at times. And if thinking that this whole conspiracy thing is a big pile of stupid is “drinking the Beyonce kool aid” then I just chugged a big glass because the speculation is idiotic.

  75. smh says:

    her age is fake of course but her bump might not have been… because she gained weight so quickly. normally the pregnant women i observed didn’t have a visible bump until 5 months, and even then they were able to hide it behind baggy clothes, but they didn’t have visible weight gain at all. great now i want to be preggers again. i should stay away from baby talk. w/e

  76. kmw says:

    Responding to the bikini vacation pics..if u watch the show boardwalk empire there is a pregnant character on the show and last episode she was standing naked in the mirror and her belly looked real too!

  77. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Jaye E said: “And if thinking that this whole conspiracy thing is a big pile of stupid is “drinking the Beyonce kool aid” then I just chugged a big glass because the speculation is idiotic.”

    LOL and cosign. It just looked like folds in her dress to me. Media Take Out has another bunch of “Beyonce’s not pregnant” photos up that someone linked to in the other Beyonce thread. I just have to laugh at them because she still looked plenty pregnant to me.

    I mean, come on. I don’t like Beyonce either, but this is just stupid.

  78. Victoria says:

    Beyonce apologists can have several seats right along with Clown B. pretty much puts it all in perspective.

  79. Riana says:

    Yay you finally posted it!

    Anyway I either think Beyonce is not pregnant at all and has a surrogate. It could be a fertility issue or she could be afraid to get pregnant. No offense but look at her Momma, the day Beyonce gets pregnant her body is NOT going to return to it’s usual size 6 she’s done do much craziness for (remember the lemonade diet.?) and considering is built on booty shaking and lacefront tossing that’s scary.

    Or she COULD be pregnant but for dome bizarre reasons isn’t visibly pregnant enough for her liking. Like she needs a big preggo belly to get maximum attention. Hence it always seeming huge when she’s doing publicity and downright nonexistent in private (pics on the beach).

    Either way…girlfriend is crazy.

  80. corey says:

    “I love when she’s trying to convince us that she’s only 30.”
    Thank you Kaiser, I could hug you!!! I’ve always said that I thought she was lying about her age by about 5 or 6 years and I’m so glad someone agrees.

  81. Jaye E says:

    “Beyonce Apologists”? LMAO! Juuuuuuust Stop it.

  82. Jess says:

    Her bump in those bikini photos is TINY and much smaller than her VMA bump. The bump she has in the interview is OBVIOUSLY padded. I think she’s pregnant but she’s using a fake bump to make herself look bigger. Also this is her first baby and women usually don’t even start to show until 5 months with their first.

  83. marge says:

    It’s very strange how she sits down… for a belly that size, she would already be moving with her back abit stiff, thus sticking her tummy out, as it’s easier. Regardless of your size, months or how many babies are in, you just don’t sit like that when pregnant. I call fake. Ridiculous woman

  84. Cali says:

    Beyonce apologists can have several seats right along with Clown B. pretty much puts it all in perspective.


    Wow, just looked out that site and that chick must be stalker crazy! I do think Bey is preggers, but totally padding it no doubt. I think there was so much speculation every few months about her being knocked up that she wanted to be the first to tell everyone and rushed the showing of the belly. She should seek my assistance though, I could totally help her make the padding look real until she really starts showing.

  85. Melissa says:

    @NM9005 – I hate to tell you, but women over 40 have been having babies for a long time. Years ago, they might have started earlier, but, especially pre-birth control pill, continued having babies until their body no longer could. For some, that may have been their 30s, but for some it meant having babies in their 40s.

    I love the fact that you say that we have a choice but abuse it for our own gain – what? I guess a choice is only valid if you agree with it.

    I suggest you spend less time judging others and more time learning proper English – your grammar is abhorrent.

  86. sam says:

    I have not been pregnant so I am just wondering if there is any chance that its just body fat moving like that e.g., she is over indulging now she knows she is pregnant?

    My belly kind of squishes like that (Im ashamed to say).

    Plus some thick spanx? …..

  87. Hellen says:

    She may actually be pregnant, but she’s totally got padding on under that dress for SOME reason. That’s not dress fabric moving or folding like that.

    Plus, that is not the way a pregnant woman sits down – you don’t bend forward, you keep your back straight and use your arms to lower yourself into the chair.

  88. Joanna says:

    She is not faking it! What would be the point of doing that when you have paps following you around 24-7??!!! Crazy people! I have a friend at work who is supposed to have her baby this week. Until about six weeks ago she did not look pregnant from straight on or the back. Only if you looked at her from the side. This is ridiculous, people thinking she’s faking it.

  89. buell says:

    Is it alive or is it Memory Foam?

  90. Samigirl says:

    I REALLY think this whole thing is getting blown out of proportion. I think she’s pregnant, but she’s probably padding her bump so there isn’t as much speculation about if she’s gaining enough weight, how far along she is, etc. Regardless of the situation, we all know Bey will have a baby come February, and whatever the situation, it’s her business, not ours.

  91. ronnie says:

    it would have been amazing if the interviewer would have just leaned over and poked her belly.

    she would have flipped the eff out!

  92. Lem says:

    Crazy Beyotch has looked 6 months pregnant for a decade. Just saying.
    Maybe J knocked up the mistress again

  93. Anna says:

    LOOOOL this is the best news ever. I agree about the age thing. I don’t think she would draw this much attention to a pregnancy that wasn’t real but there’s definitely something fishy about this. She looked too big back in August and that video is just strange. Her face in the video after she sits down kinda says it all. Honestly, that picture of her pregnant in a bikini is horrifying. Those abs or ribs shouldn’t even be showing on a belly like that.

  94. mymy says:

    Oh yep I remember the thread after she revealed the fake firm bump at the VMA’s
    And it was so obvious it was to hard and firm for three months. I mean please. And So many posters were acting like it was normal. It is a way to get attention. She is a vain narcissistic woman.What don’t you get? This is happening all the time In Hollywood. Elitism is alive and well. If you still think it is real after it folded I can’t help ya. She is not padding a pregnant bump. Please people. And the bikini picture was so different than the Vma bump and other bumps. I mean they have been changing weekly.

  95. Tee says:

    I’m so sick of the pregnancy theories on her. First of all not all pregnant women are going to be the same, I mean when I was 5 months pregnant with my son people thought I was 7 and said I was lying about my due date. As for mediatakeout, they are just upset because they have been saying she was pregnant from the day she got married and was just mad they could not report it first.

  96. Megan says:

    Well we shall see when she gets more heavily pregnant – it would be a big old pathetic lie if she really is wearing a pretend bump.

  97. MissVJJ says:

    ALL CELEBS LIE ABOUT THEIR AGE!!! What is so hard to understand about that? And who cares if this dumbass is pregnant or not. She can have anything done however she likes- she sold her soul to the devil. If she wants the world to believe she’s pregnant, then she shall receive.

  98. Catalina says:

    It’s hilarious! That thing totally splooshed out in the video. No WAY is is that just the dress wrinkling. Surprised we didn’t hear some sort of awful, rubbery, squashy noise as it plooped in and out. And yes, totally OOPS! moment on her face, just for a split second though.

  99. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Uhhhh Thats Beyonce’s dress bunching up as she sits down. I understand alot of you are conspiracy theorists, gossip addicts, and drama junkies by nature but don’t let a simple optical illusion make you sound…uhh stupid? Because faking a pregnancy is stupid and I truly believe Bey wouldn’t do that. Its her dress bunching up as she sits down.

  100. Larissa says:

    IT is the dress folding people, seriously you are waaaay too ridiculous for going along with this stupid conspiracy. A prosthetic BUMP would NEVER fold like that, lol

  101. meow says:

    I would think she was faking it, if it wasn’t for pictures of her at the beach in the past month in a two piece bathing suit. Clearly pregnant. Celebrities do some dumb crap, John Travolta’s wife faked being pregnant and so did Nichole Kidman.

  102. Lilou says:

    I do think she is pregnant and I do think she is using a padding…

    I think that she wanted to annonce her pregnangy by showing her baby bump… But, by that time, she wasn’t “big” enough… So she had to put a padding… And, now, she has to keep using a padding as long as her belly isn’t big enough…

    It’s stupid but for me, it’s the most logical explanation.

  103. Victoria says:


    I don’t find them stalkerish (the site has many contributors not just one person). LOL. I find them dedicated to the truth the way CB is dedicated to giving people “the dirty” on celebrities and Brangie…lol.

    But then again, I am bias. Any site that calls out the truth about Bey any anyone else like her, is fantastic.

  104. meny says:

    This is the result af all her lies about how creative she is and where the ideas about her stuff come from. Now people can’t even believe she’s actually pregnant.
    BTW, i’m 5 months pregnant. It’s my third child and I’m 46, and I don’t have all that belly. To be honest I also think she put a lot of weight on. My opinion? She is pregnant, but she had a fake bump at VMA, only to maximize her announcement PR effect and to steal the show.
    This is so pathetic.

  105. lp says:

    it’s the silk of the dress, dummies. It billows out.

  106. Dani D says:

    I think she is pregnant, but being the narcissist that she/Jay are they have to throw the press and paparazzi off. They are too important to let anyone know the real due date of their baby. Only other royalty (exp. Kanye) can know the truth. They live in a secret society :-)

  107. Flan says:

    Lol, one of the funniest celebrity pregnancies evah!

  108. Maika says:

    I’m 3 months and my bump is bigger than her. Every woman is unique. Don’t judge if you don’t know.

  109. bigchili says:

    This whole thing is cracking me up. Poor women these days – pregnancy speculation all of the time when they’re not and now speculation that it’s a fake pregnancy when they are. Just can’t win. lol.

    I think she’s pregnant. I think she padded at the VMAs to make the announcement on her terms (not a tabloid) and I thought it was cute. I also think it’s the fabric of the dress. So maybe I’m just drinking the Bey Kool-Aid too. I don’t get all of the comments about how a pregnant woman doesn’t sit like she did in the video. Yes, at 7-8-9 months you don’t sit like that but at 4ish months you could. I also remember having a belly that got bigger and smaller at that stage based on how much I ate – I would always joke about my little burrito/sandwich/ice cream/whatever baby after a meal.

  110. whome says:

    wow i didnt know so many of you guys knew Bey personally, my bad! when she comes over to your houses for dinner to night, you guys can tell her how ya’ll fought tooth and nail for her against all us haters. ( beacause Bey can do no wrong) !!! P.S i always thought she was pregnat,but now i’m not so sure. no dress folds like that!

  111. Tierra says:

    That is such a fake bump its not funny.
    Real bellies dont cave in like that when you sit, especially pregnant ones.
    I knew it was fake at the VMA’s but now she just looks ridiculous.

    This whole thing was staged from the get go to bring her attention b/c she has a new CD out. Her people knew it would tank so they concocted this baby thing to drive sales…too funny.

  112. snappy81 says:

    I’m on board with the surrogate conspiracy theorists.

  113. DeE says:

    I agree that she would be a fool to announce an untrue pregnancy. Her boobs, that I really believe had some surgeon’s aid early on, have increased considerably, and I believe she is pregnant. But having had two children myself and being a grandma and expecting a second grand along with seeing my sisters pregnant, fabric just doesn’t work that way. There is something additional, other than/along with nature, going on there.

  114. kay says:

    This is so hilarious! I went to the stills, and the look on her face is priceless.
    My first baby, I gained 20 pounds in the first 3 months (terrible mistake, I ate and ate and ate) and even though it wasn’t baby, my tummy did not fold like that, ever. It was fat for sure, but hard, and not bendable. I know, because I had a hard time walking, sitting and bending from gaining so fast.
    Point: no way is that weight gain, a dress or the way she is sitting. Fake.

  115. Nev says:

    could it be that the dress just rode up from the movement of sitting down?

  116. su says:

    Are people STILL debating that she’s 30??! really? It seems a bit petty especially as there are so many ways in which you can find out somebody’s REAL age and pictures of her as a child proving how old she actually is.

  117. Nev says:

    If she was using a prosthetic bump, it wouldnt be sooooo flimsy to be able to bend like that. It is the dress riding up because she was sitting down.

  118. Nev says:

    after watching it a million times, it looks like she gives him that look because he had a view to look up her dress maybe?!!!! does anyone agree, also I think it was the dress riding up.

  119. Aurelia says:

    She’s defo preggers, look at her huge preggy tits!

    And she is walking like a real preg woman. You start to waddle around 5 or 6 months.

  120. Nev says:

    I think she is wearing a prosthetic for more bodily protection…fans, touching, pushing, etc….if so, then fine…or it could be for more attention, excitement…

  121. Original Tiffany says:

    Both my kids are Feb. babies. I could still fit in my normal pants at 5 months with my first, popped out earlier with my second, That’s pretty normal. She is way too big at the VMA’s, totally padded for press with her album coming out.
    She’s padding or something.
    I can’t believe how her abdomen changes sizes daily and folds up. You normally DO NOT show at 12 weeks on a first pregnancy. It looks like you have to pee really bad. And I have seen a gazillion pregnant women from my days in ultrasound. Poor little illuminati bump.

  122. Jaxx says:

    People are just crazy. Why would she fake a pregnancy? It’s clear that the DRESS is what folded as it hung away from her body. Those bikini pics are real belly, NOT stuck out belly.

    As for her being embarrassed and busted when she sat down, I don’t buy that either. She was obviously stuggling with the dress as she sat because she didn’t want it to rise up and flash her crotch.

    These preg conspiracies have gone comletely crazy. I agree that the Travoltas may have faked a preg but everyone since then has followed suit? Please. /////

    Beyonce is pregnant. Get over it.

  123. jane16 says:

    Wow, that was weird. Agree with everyone that women grow at diff rates when preg & Beyonce is a bigger boned gal than I am but, I was still wearing my regular clothes @ 5 months, looked like her size “bump” at maybe 7. Maybe she’s pregnant, but that thing that folded up & puled down in the vid was definitely not a real, hard, round preggers belly. btw, to the comments about whether or not its decent to have a surrogacy, I just want to add that being pregnant is wonderful! You have those marvelous pregnancy hormones and its like being on a high, you feel so fit and happy. Plus everyone is extra nice to you. (Normal healthy pregnancies that is) I’m so glad I got to experience it, and even the excitement of childbirth. I don’t know why anyone would want to give that up unless they had to. Just sayin’.

  124. Geordie says:

    I was sitting here having a laugh at you conspiracy theorists until it occurred to me that by reading these comments it make me equally as pathetic.

  125. dim sum says:

    If I put a banana on the table and told 95% of you it was an apple, you’d believe my words over your own eyeballs. That is NOT a real pregnant belly. And that photo on the beach is NOT a pregnant belly either; no dark line down the middle, clearly just “sticking it out” for the cameras. Anyway it’s well known among Hollywood what/why this scam is all about with her, and the rest of the pillow babies (like Kelly) too. What boggles my mind is how many of you see this video and think its a dress folding over. THE FAKE BUMP IS SO BAD IT COLLAPSES. BUSTED. It’s also obvious that her “team” is in overdrive, posting comments to deflect and make it seem like those of us with EYEBALLS are not seeing what we are seeing. Sigh – are you lot REALLY that much of a brainwashed herd that you believe the lies of the spin machine? Sadly, it seems you are. I’m disappointed in you girls who posted it’s not fake – I used to think you were a bright bunch. Not after this.

  126. dim sum says:

    PS – to all the ladies who actually have functioning eyeballs and can clearly see this woman is NOT PREGNANT – your comments are hilarious, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone among a bunch of idiots who believe what they are told, in defiance of what is right in front of them.

  127. Andie B says:

    Each pregnancy is different. I have had one baby. At 5 months I had a very obvious bump. By 7 and a half months people were shocked to learn that I was not due any day, as I was so huge. I believe Beyonce is pregnant. Don’t know what to make of the fake bump drama. Maybe she’s just vain and the bump is a peculiar shape so she’s padding it. Maybe the bump has two little camel humps. Ha ha ha ha!!

  128. emily says:

    I’m not sure what to think however, the look on her face when the bump “folds” is a look of surprise/”oops”. Anyone else see that? Either way this is pretty funny stuff.

  129. NoTimeToGaze says:

    look at the side view at 11:01. Where is the baby bump ?

  130. Chupacabra says:

    Look. Unless she gets out on Jay’s YACHT in a bikini! SO we can see the damn belly, I am not believing this bullshit!