Helena Bonham Carter in red and black Vivienne Westwood: gorgeous & perfect?

Does anyone else miss last year’s awards season if only for the distinct lack of Helena Bonham-Carter? I miss having lots of photos of HBC looking wacky and gorgeous and completely odd/beautiful. So these are a special treat! Last night was a special BAFTA event held in LA – the “Britannia Awards”. HBC won BAFTA’s “Artist of the Year” Award, so congrats to her. I’m assuming the ensemble is Vivienne Westwood. I especially like her crazy hair and I like the hatlet/fascinator.

Here are some more photos from the BAFTA event… Skeet Ulrich, looking super-strung out. I feel like he’s a blind item, right?

Alan Cumming’s eye makeup is better than Duchess Kate’s. There, I said it.

Morgan Freeman: Not Boning His Step-Granddaughter Since 2011!

I love Helen Mirren so much, but this dress is BAD.

Andrea Riseborough in Marchesa. Meh. It looks like her vadge is a tissue box.

Dennis Haysbert is a big hunk of beautiful.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Angi says:

    Dennis Haysbert is a big hunk of beautiful indeed and his voice is an orgasm for the ears.

    • anonymoose says:

      H*te his voice. I hit mute whenever his commercial voiceovers air. GACK.
      and no sex appeal there either.
      Ah, to each her own!

  2. Girl says:

    I LOVE her crazy ass!!

    All your captions are spot on. Skeet Ulrich definitely looks like something shady is going on.

  3. Astrid says:

    I like the top of HBC’s ensemble but not below the waist. Very interesting

  4. Eleonor says:

    HBC is perfect for Vivienne Westwood.

  5. INeedANap says:

    HBC looks super fab! Also, I love that she recycles her looks and accessorizes them differently. I feel like if you have the budget for fabulous gowns, wouldn’t you want to wear them more than once?

    See Fug Girls —

  6. Pont Neuf says:

    I don’t know why, but no matter how much effort Helena Bonham-Carter puts into looking well, she always appears to have rolled out of bed, have fallen into the most disorganized and messy wardrobe in the world, and come out of it stumbling and saying to herself ‘never mind, at least I have something on’.

    Or else, her stylist secretly hates her. You know that they must do, because she is always dressed like one of her husband’s characters.

    Helen Mirren’s dress looks like an old curtain, and Andrea Riseborough looks like a little girl perpetrated that thing she’s wearing during an arts and crafts class at school.

    I have to agree on one thing, though: Dennis Haysbert is sex on legs. Why he isn’t my husband is one of those unfair mysteries that I have to solve in life… Does anyone have his phone number? 😛

  7. bot says:

    HBC has such a stunning face. And flawless makeup.

    • tripmom says:

      You’re absolutley right about her makeup. It is AMAZING, flawless, and perfect!

      I’d also kill for that coat.

  8. DarkEmpress says:

    Ew. Morgan Freeman is so gross to me now! Why hasnt he been called out more on that? I watched the Piers Morgan interview of him, just to see if Piers would ask him about his relationship with his step-granddaughter, and he didnt. Why is everyone so respectful to such a dirty old man????

    • Kara Ann says:

      Awwww, shoot, I hate to ask because I’ve always liked Morgan but…okay, what’s the deal with him and the step-granddaugher or whatever?

    • vicky says:

      Completely agree with DarkEmpress. I’ll never watch another of his movies.

  9. Lindy says:

    I love me some HBC–she is so weird and smart and funny. I love what she wears, even when it is all kinds of crazy. Especially when it is all kinds of crazy. And am I strange for finding Alan Cumming super hot? Makeup and all?

  10. Wildone says:

    I like HBC’s hat and that about it the dress and coat looks very cheap.

  11. Seagulls says:

    That is absolutely the level of eye makeup the Duchess ought to be wearing. She should take note. Never thought Alan Cumming would have such good makeup.

  12. podzol says:

    Andrea Riseborough is an acting legend-in-the-making (or she’s got the potential, at the very least). I hope she’ll bag interesting projects to wash off the stink of Madonna’s movie! Urgh, W.E. is distributed by Weinstein which I’m sure is the reason why she’s wearing this tragic Marchesa piece of crap. Her fashion choices were otherwise interesting for the other red carpet events this year.
    Piece of trivia: she acted opposite the Fass in The Devil’s Whore 😉

    Heeheehee for the Alan Cumming / Kate makeup comment. SO TRUE.

  13. Micah says:

    She looks Fabulous in this. It suits her, and I do love Vivienne Westwood!

  14. Jackie says:

    so tired of HBC and her need to look like the eccentric artist. we get it. you’re not like other actresses/celebrities, you’re ‘smart’ and different. too contrived for me.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      Or perhaps this is just who she is with no regard or concern to anyone’s opinion? I don’t believe she’s contrived at all.

      • Original Tiffany says:

        Yes! I love her and her don’t give a damn attitude! Her make up is indeed flawless and she looks as beautiful now as ever. This is the way to age gracefully. Mwah-HBC!
        I love Dennis too. Very dreamy.

      • Jackie says:

        her ‘flawless makeup’ and detailed outfits say to me that she cares very much what people think, and the image she is desperately trying to project. contrived.

        people who are really ‘artistic and on the edge’ don’t have to try so hard.

  15. Denise says:

    Ooohhhh! It is a bonanza today; Dennis Haysbert! Nuff said.

  16. Gine says:

    Eh, she always looks the same, though. yeah, it’s unique compared to other stars, but all of her outfits are basically the same thing, over and over. Even “wacky” gets boring after a while. It’s be really refreshing to see her looking less fussy.

  17. truthful says:

    Helena can do NO wrong in my book, I love that woman–she is the master at her craft.

  18. Rita says:

    Helen Mirren, Helena Carter, and a pitcher of Strawberry Daiquaris….that’s my kind of party.

  19. Reece says:

    I adore HBC. Love how she does give a damn and yet does. You tell there’s some effort put into.

    I could have made that Marchesa dress with some material and fabric glue.

  20. Kimbob says:

    Oh…I LOVE Mirren’s dress! What’s wrong w/it? Seriously? Looks GREAT on her.

    Helena…she’s the best.

    Skeet Ulrich…DUDE…what’s going on here? The ‘blind item’ mention was being more than nice!

    Cummings eye make-up….YES…brilliantly understated…yes, Kate should take notes…hahaha!

    And YES…like what @Kara Ann asked….what up w/Morgan Freeman & his alleged step-granddaughter??!! Someone please fill us in on the dirt that we’ve OBVIOUSLY missed out on!

  21. Willworkforfood says:

    Well, I suppose that is as good as it gets with Helena Bonham-Carter. Hideous, but considering her normal look, this would be considered lovely.

    There is something so sexy about Alan Cumming. I think it is his easy confidence.

  22. Amy says:

    Alan Cumming looks fantastic! He’s never looked so handsome to me.

  23. strah says:

    There was a write up about the Morgan Freeman – step-granddaughter thing on here a while back

  24. E Cross says:

    love, love, LOVE Miss Helena…she is perfection, and mostly because she is her own unique self. Being gorgeous doesn’t hurt either.

  25. Jane says:

    Helen Mirrens dress is so pretty!! It looks better in different lights though. God damn that womans gorgeous!

    HBC looks her usual quirky self. Love it!

  26. anonymoose says:

    HBC = gorgeous perfection!
    (though would like the skirt bottom to not be caught up in her panties)

    I heart HBC and Westwood!

  27. UKHels says:

    HBC can do no wrong in my eyes, and she’s a fab actress

  28. Camille says:

    I adore HBC. She can do no wrong in my book. Love her craziness lol.

  29. Renee says:

    What did Ulrich do? show up drunk to the event? This guy getting fired from Law and Order is taking it way too personally. It’s just a job man. You’ll find another one. No need to go downhill so quick.

  30. Shannon says:

    @Renee, this was the second series in a row that was cancelled with him in the lead after the first season (the previous show being Jericho, which I loved). I can totally see him feeling like a failure and turning to drugs.

  31. chris says:

    Skeet looked great at the BAFTA garden party a few months ago…I hope his new fiance doesn’t have him into drugs or yoga. He looks very thin and gaunt and tired here. His blonde date seems very Press-hungry. I hope he is just losing weight for a new role, but I don’t like it. Though, a shave would make a huge difference.