Michael Bublé is still pissed that Simon Cowell rolled his eyes in 2007

Michael Bublé gets a lot of shade from a lot of people. Maybe he deserves it, maybe not. I kind of like him, though, and I’ll admit to owning more than one Michael Bublé album, and I’ll admit to feeding my mother’s Bublé addiction (I just sent her his new chart-topping Christmas album, which is really awesome and I love his version of “Ave Maria”). My Bublé love isn’t full-blown, and I believe some of the stories I’ve heard of his douchey ways. Michael has a new interview with the UK’s Radio Times, and I’m struggling to like him here. He tells a story about performing in front of Simon Cowell in 2007, and I get what he’s trying to say, but Jeez, it was more than four years ago! Does he sound whiny?

Simon Cowell’s dismissive attitude almost landed him in hot water with one of the world’s most popular singers. Michael Bublé says he almost gave the X Factor mogul a piece of mind when he caught him rolling his eyes during a performance in 2007. Speaking to the Radio Times, Bublé revealed his anger at the response he got from Cowell during an appearance on American Idol.

He told the magazine: ‘I had to sing Call Me Irresponsible in front of 20million people. And the first thing I saw when I got on stage was Simon. I sang about four lines and he looked at me and did this [he rolls his eyes] and that was it, I was done. It killed me. My confidence dropped. Maybe Cheryl Cole gets a little quiet and more demure when she loses her confidence. But I become aloof. I get the attitude of, “Oh really? Well, f*** you. You don’t like me? Then go **** yourself. I’m just gonna do whatever.”‘

But his admission could cause tension when he appears on the X Factor next week, as the show is run by Cowell’s company Syco. Michael revealed that he confided in Dannii Minogue after the performance and she later confronted Cowell about his disrespectful response to Bublé’s performance. And they learned that he wasn’t even aware he had done it.

The 36-year-old singer said: ‘I told her the story. She goes and tells him, and comes back saying, “The man didn’t even know he did it”. He was just probably sitting on his fifth hour of the show going, “Kill me now… and I’ve got to go to the bathroom”. But I’m so sensitive I took it as a rejection. Anyway, every time I’ve ever talked to him since then he’s been incredibly nice.’

[From The Mail]

I can obsessively shame/angry-spiral like that for a day or two, but it feels like Michael is holding on to it a little, right? He’s not just telling a funny anecdote about the first he performed in front of Simon Cowell. Michael’s still pissed off about it.

Did you guys watch the NBC Christmas Special last night? I saw a few minutes of Michael’s performance, which was nice. Michael is the new King of Christmas – his holiday-themed album is topping the charts, and people are saying he’s going to dominate the charts throughout December. Now is exactly the time for Michael to realize that he’s a hugely popular singer and Simon Cowell is just a grumpy, Botoxed bastard and just move on.

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  1. tripmom says:

    I remember that performance on Idol very clearly. My husband and I own a wedding DJ business, and we get a LOT of requests for Buble’s music at weddings, so I’ve heard a ton of it before. But I had never seen him perform until he showed up on Idol that time, and he was so bad that I asked my husband without a trace of sarcasm, “do you think he’s drunk?” It was an AWFUL performance. Believe me, I did a lot more than roll my eyes.

    Although, if memory serves, he was a last minute replacement for Tony Bennett, who had the flu. So maybe he wasn’t as well rehearsed as he would normally be? But it was BAD.

  2. ShanKat says:

    Ugh. *This* bitch.

    I have never heard one single nice word about this guy behind-the-scenes.

  3. Pont Neuf says:

    As much as I hate Simon Cowell, I’m sure that he wasn’t being condescending. He was just falling into a deep coma after listening to Michael Buble’s monotonous droning for more than five seconds.

    Then again, who would expect Mr D-cupped Superiority Complex to be even remotely nice about anything? He is a major wanker, and his idea of musical knowledge is limited to milking acts for all their worth, and then throwing them away.

    Maybe Buble is angry that those are the only D cups he has ever come across that he couldn’t fondle? Quite possibly.

  4. Sue says:

    I can’t stand Buble – sorry but I find that he is just an average singer. He doesn’t appeal to me musically and I can’t stand the sight of him. It stems from a red carpet interview he gave when he was dating Emily Blunt and he was so low class that I got an instant hate-on for him.

  5. Happy21 says:

    Boy is from British Columbia where I am so I have a lotta love for him. Simon Cowell is a dick. Period. He didn’t even realize he had rolled his eyes. That says a lot doesn’t it? He does it so much its second nature.

    Buble whining? Yeah it does seem that way but I’m sure that he was asked about it in order to rehash the whole thing to create some press before he goes on X-Factor. He says that Cowell has never been anything but nice. That doesn’t seem like he’s still pissed about it. It seems like it had some effect on him though. I can’t even imagine – 20 million people!!!! 40 million eyes on me. Yikes!! And then someone rolls their eyes at you – ya that would do it – I’d never forget that either!

  6. Jackie says:

    this guy is almost worshiped in canada and it’s gone to his head. i find him to be average at best and arrogant.

    he is a really cheap version of sinatra.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I’ve never heard good things about him either. Not that Simon is a peach himself.
    Regardless, he’s extremely successful, time to let it go and move on – be happy and thankful.

  8. Just noticing... says:

    Is Buble putting on the pounds? Last night on the NBC special, I thought it was Patton Oswalt singing…

  9. dawna says:

    He is just being human even professionals can feel jugded and insecure.

  10. Yasmine says:

    Music aside, the man’s a capital dick for the way he cheated on Emily Blunt. Didn’t she sing on one of his albums? And she’s never said a mean word about him since, so she’s grown on me for that reason. If she could get over that and move on(anyone remember the leaked pictures?) then so should he move on and quit whining. Sheeeh!

  11. luls says:

    Wow! This is the first time i ever hear that Michael has a douche reputation?! What has he done? And whats the story with Emily Blunt?

    Can someone enlighten me briefly? I dont wanna search online and read up on the matter.

    Btw, I luv most of his songs. Granted he’s no Sinatra, but voice-wise, hes the closest thing we have to that era!