Dr. McDreamy Patrick Dempsey saves a guy’s life IRL

Patrick Dempsey noticed that a Grey’s Anatomy crewmember looked pale, and he asked him what was wrong. The man said that he felt dizzy, but that he would be ok shortly. Dempsey told him that he was calling an ambulance right away, and it’s a good thing, because the guy had a life-threatening blood clot in his leg!

CALLING DR. McDREAMY! Just days before PATRICK DEMPSEY got attacked and choked by costar ISAIAH “Dr. McJealous” WASHINGTON on the “Grey’s Anatomy” set, Dempsey spotted a crewmember hanging onto a pole, looking white as a doc’s smock! “What’s wrong?” he asked – and when the guy admitted he was dizzy and couldn’t feel his legs, the star yelled to a staffer: “Call an ambulance… NOW!” The stricken guy protested, but Dempsey and a crewmember carried him to a lounge chair. Paramedics arrived swiftly, took vital signs… and hustled him to Emergency. Turns out he was seriously ill, suffering from a blood clot in his leg that could have traveled and killed him if he hadn’t gotten fast treatment. (Good work, McDreamy! And McJealous, remember your physicians’ oath: “First… do no harm, dammit!”)

That must be the “deep vein thrombosis” that you hear so much about when you’re dealing with all the other crap that goes along with flying commercial.

Not only does Dempsey come to the defense of his costars – he saves lives with his quick thinking!

Dempsey’s costar T.R. Knight has come out as a proud gay man, much to the dismay of women everywhere. It is thought that the of story Isaiah Washington choking Dempsey and calling another cast member a “faggot” prompted him to come out.

Pictures from Greys-Anatomy.com

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  1. kellie says:

    I call bullshit on this story. I am a flight nurse and I would not have anyone call an ambulance without looking into a few things first. Pulse, color on his leg, asking other questions, etc. This is story is HIGHLY exaggerated. He probably asked the guy if he felt ok and that was it. The guy ended up in the hospital and “PD could tell something was wrong, he must be just like a real doctor!”

  2. Angelika says:

    Dr. McDreamy is obviously simply too good to be true.. ;)

  3. HateHypocrites says:

    Oh Kellie…we all just want to fantasize that he could be a real doctor. :>)

    Yeah, I agree he has probably learned so much medicine from the show that he can now diagnose!

  4. Gayle says:

    They never said he diagnosed the guy, they said he was the one who yelled for someone to get an ambulance. If I came up to a guy I worked with who was dizzy and couldn’t feel his legs, I’d yell for an ambulance, too.

  5. Samantha says:

    Wow…..maybe he is really learnig something from the show…a new doctor in the making…..:P

  6. HateHypocrites says:

    Obviously the old adage applies here – better safe than sorry!

    Good that he took the initiative and it ended up saving this guys life.

  7. ER says:


  8. tony says:

    jesus christ… enough with the fuckin grey’s stories already

  9. Angelika says:

    Tony, if you’re bored by them, just don’t read them ;) I enjoy hearing more from the cast, I truly like the show!

  10. tony says:

    its just that ER was a much better show… greys adds the whole element of making the relationships hold way more weight in regards to show content than the actual drama regarding the patients. which may explain its success… its ER with an extra dash of Y chromosome.

    not to mention i hold a bias because my recent ex gf is a big greys fan. eh.

    kudos to this site for being way more original and clever than wwtdd… if i hear one more punchline about someone being cute as baby tigers and all that shit… ah marone…

  11. tony says:

    scuse me… extra X chromosome. its been a while since biology hehe.

  12. Angelika says:

    Yeah I guess that’s the “secret” of their success – but that’s what I like about the show! “Scrubs” lifts up the comedy aspect, and “Grey” the romantic aspect, nothing wrong with that =)

  13. grumpy says:

    Chandra Wilson for President!