Blake Lively wants to marry Ryan Reynolds, but he feels smothered

It seemed like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were living like an old-married couple just as soon as they got together. There was no exciting, hot-and-heavy moment, no passionate craziness, no drama. Blake and Leonardo DiCaprio broke up, and two seconds later she was on the train to Boston to see Ryan. Allegedly, Ryan has already met Blake’s family, and it was widely reported that Blake and Ryan were even shopping for apartments together in New York. They’ve been dating for about two-and-half months.

Sidenote: Is that just the way Ryan rolls? I seem to remember things moving quickly with Scarlett Johansson too – he seems to find available busty blondes, seduces them quickly and then instantly they turn into an old, unexciting married couple. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but couldn’t there be a little more excitement at the beginning at least?

Anyway, back to the main story – Star Magazine claims that it’s Blake – NOT Ryan – who is pushing the relationship into “super-serious relationship” status. Ryan just wanted to bone the busty blonde chick, he didn’t want to put a ring on it.

Too much too soon! Blake Lively is barreling toward another high-profile breakup, following the end of her whirlwind fling with Leonardo DiCaprio in September.

Blake and Ryan Reynolds seemed to be of-so serious about their new romance when, after dating for less than two months, they checked out a $4.35 million apartment on NYC’s Fifth Avenue together in early November. But the reality isn’t so rosy.

“Blake would marry Ryan right now if he popped the question,” an insider tells Star. “She roped him into house hunting by saying she was looking at properties for herself, then she started pestering him about moving in with her. Ryan nixed that idea. He was worried they’re moving way too fast.”

After Blake had become a familiar sight in Boston while Ryan filmed R.I.P.D., Ryan flew home to LA on November 16 to take a much-needed rest from the dizzying relationship.

“He is thrilled to have some time on his own while Blake is busy working,” the insider said of Ryan. “He is still trying to figure out how to let her down easy. Ryan doesn’t want to break her heart.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

“Blake would marry Ryan right now if he popped the question…” FOR WHY? I still don’t get it, at all. Is he the “safe” guy? Because he doesn’t even seem all that “safe” – he seems rather superficial and douchey to me. But let’s say I’m wrong and Ryan is lovely once you get to know him. Why would you want to marry him after two months? Why would want to marry him right after he got out of a marriage to Scarlett Johansson?

So, hopefully, Blake and Ryan will implode. And then, if we are very good and we write to Santa and tell him what we really, truly want, we shall get The Return of Bleo. I want Bleo for Christmas! Bleo was fun. Rake is so boring.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ShanKat says:

    I live on a different continent, and I feel smothered by Blake Lively.

  2. brin says:

    It’s Star magazine and Blake Lively, so I doubt this is true.

  3. tripmom says:

    What the HELL is she wearing?

  4. toto says:

    in the head picture i though she was sienna miller

  5. NM9005 says:

    So why exactly do people think Blake has game? Because her good looks and crazy sex can catch men? Fine, I can believe that but it’s one thing to have/snatch a man, it’s another to keep him and you need more than sex and looks to do that + both need to be compatible for each other and you can only figure that out after a certain amount of time. It’s not because they already look like an old married couple, that you have the experience of an old married couple. Those people worked on the relationship throughout their marriage, Rake only worked on which position fits best to see their amazing bods while orgasming… Sorry for the visuals :)

    EDIT: I do think she’s looking for marriage material. It will up her profile and give her better acting jobs if she plays it well. She’s a social climber (going from Leo, a man who is overall unavaible to Ryan, a hot eligible bachelor who has plenty of name recognition is a smart move).

    • Q says:

      I don’t understand how going from Leo arguably the biggest male star in HW to Ryan, yet to carry a movie, is the trait of a scoial climber
      Is she forcing these men to date her?
      Has she threatned them with paluvka shots?
      Honestly the Blake haters would use any narrative in every post about her to vent

      Having said that its fun and only makes me like her even more

      • NM9005 says:

        The biggest male star indeed. So she proved she can even catch the big ones. Problem: Leo D isn’t going to settle down. He’s a douche and a louzy boyfriend. He cheats, has a pussy posse…seriously even Blake must have known that that is too much to handle. All in all Reynolds has a good name, his films just don’t back it up (I don’t like him as a filmstar btw). I think he’s WAAAAY more enjoyable than Leo D. and he’s “prettier” to look at (I don’t fancy either of them, maybe Leo circa Titanic/The Beach era).
        By playing Leo she definitely proved something, something that others only wish for. Yet I don’t see it as a game since that’s the only thing she can do so not really admirable. She is mediocre at best in acting and she’s a famewhore (paps just happened to be waiting outside Ryan’s appartement early morning?). All those stories planted about her? Her obvious trying to seduce Ryan even BEFORE he got a divorce. Please, this girl ain’t sugar sweet and sorry if you don’t like me pointing that out.

        Hate is a bit too harsh, why hate on somebody you don’t know? You can love her but I can dislike her. Both good fun…

      • Q says:

        Hey NM,

        Yeah most of us post here as good fun
        I’ve always enjoyed talk with you Eve, Dudette, Hautie, Turtle Dove, Black Mamba Zzzz and its fun

        I do disagree on you about the paps.
        They are often in NY and there are only twitter sightings to go on/ or what Joleenmean below said
        NO PHOTOS
        So she cant be doing a good job of it

      • NM9005 says:

        Well, agree to disagree :) , I respect your opinion but I don’t like to be labeled y’know?
        Yeah, I have fun too, discussing things is alright as long as it doesn’t get personal :) . I also enjoy discussing things with you, Turtle Dove and others I can’t remember the names of, whoops…

        Just came from LaineyGossip btw and she talked about Blake’s “game” again. How she could turn 180 on that chick, I don’t understand…

      • anonymous says:

        How does being the biggest Star in Hollywood make him a better catch. He is only one among many big Stars in that town and while Ryan may not have as bigger resume, he is rich and has the title of being a “movie star” like it or not. when you say carry a movie, What does that mean? Nothing, he is getting his share of movie roles. You should not reapeat what you hear if you don’t understand what you are saying. FYI I think more woman would like to have a good man rather than a “Good Actor”

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Hmm… did I hear my name? :)

      I don’t know where I am on this report. I don’t hate the gal. She’s harmless enough, but her hustle is something to watch. I can’t see her with RR long term. I get the feeling that he’s more traditional. He wants the hot and boobsy and legsy, but he also doesn’t do the party scene. Blake fits in the traditional sense of liking to cook, etc. but she’s rumored (emphasis) to f*ck for jobs and hustles for media attention (FACT that we can all see).

      I still don’t know about the Leo relationship. Was it even real? Contract? Either way, she executed the end of the beautifully and left him with egg on his face. I think his PR was playing both sides of the fence and pushing the two model stories and issuing the denials. Pretty f*cking funny to watch. Maybe this one’s hustle threw him off cause she’s not ESL. LOL

      I’m with Kaiser. Bring back Bleo. Bleo is good for gossip and we can nit-pick and have some fun. It’s also pretty hilarious to see Leo try to keep up.

      • Q says:

        Hey TD,

        Good to see ya
        Full disclosure – Im a Blake and Leighton stan

        I agree with the media hungry attention part but not the **** for jobs one

        There is no logic to it as she’s never in any Weinstein films. Lainey, (who unlike u guys I dont think is on her payroll but thats for another day) already said it wasnt her and I’ve heard this rumor said about too many actresses to invest in it. Especially with the explosion of the internet and what have you

        Oh and where’s Eve?

      • Turtle Dove says:

        Q, refer to bottom of thread.

      • NM9005 says:

        “but she’s rumored (emphasis) to f*ck for jobs and hustles for media attention (FACT that we can all see).”

        True that…
        Weinstein + wearing Marchesa all the time: something’s up fo’ sho. He’s a powerplayer and there’s a reason why she can go from GG to Green Lantern, Savages… Also, she cheated with mr. Affleck so god knows who pulled what kind of strings. She seems like a girl who knows she looks good and who men fawn over. She’ll find her way through HWood one way or another.


        Judging purely on acting skills, I’ll take Meester over Lively any day. She seems real and humble. Sadly, I suspect the girl isn’t into butt-kissing or playing the game or whatever as much as her colleguea (too tired to look the right spelling up) and it shows in her resumé.

        In general: I tend to believe Lainey. She shits on a lot of A-listers and has scoops (the Shiloh birth). I haven’t seen anything fishy yet but if I do, I will be happy to throw shade at her too :D

  6. Quest says:


  7. Heather says:

    I think another high profile relationship/quick breakup would be embarrassing for Blake and make her look bad. Hated Rake, hated Bleo. I can totaly imagine her smothering every man with an once of money or power in her sight. she makes me want to fan ScarJo.

  8. Agnes says:

    As Michael K. on dlisted puts it – these people are lukewarm plain oatmeal. Haha.

  9. Lady_Luck says:

    lol. you really are pining for Bleo, aren’t you? :D yes, agreed though, the dynamics were better. not likely to happen though, roaming-eyed leo just won’t be lassooed…not at least when he has a steady stream of easy, victoria secret models at his beck and call…

  10. Micki says:

    Is she turning into the next Jennifer Love Hewitt? Waiting for every dude to pop the question?

  11. Poirot says:

    Agatha Christies favourite is back

    First c’mon this is STAR FFS

    Now some of this I know as fact some hearsay
    Leo was serious about Blake but he wants to have the opportunity to dong with whomevr while in Australia

    It was the same deal he had with his ex girlfriend, beleive me he had girls brought to his table/house in LA whilst she was in Israel

    But Blake doesn’t need a green card and wanted more from a relaysh
    They call it quits temporarily, Leo has form for this he did with Gisele in 2002 and Bar hundred of times

    Ryan is vulnerable and hurting post Scar Jo, Blake’s egos bruised and Boom they hit it off!
    I dont see this lasting though but I DO think they are good friends and it will probably end with a whimper

    I stan for BLEO like no other
    But will Leo feel he has been royally dissed?

    • Turtle Dove says:

      He was donging someone else’s ‘down-unda’ and that’s why she left.

      Relationships are so much easier with deport-able, ESL models. Poor Leo.

  12. normades says:

    Urgh, I have such a love-hate relationship with this chick. First I loved to hate her, then I hated myself for loving her!

    Although I still think girl cannot act and has an average horsey face (great bod tho even with the bolt-ons), I do think she is smart. She and her spokesho knew it would look better post Bleo to have her in a new “low key” relationship rather than to look rejected. Plus RR could regain a bit of his mojo after having to see ScarJo troll around with Sean Penn.

  13. Marjalane says:

    What is she like, 22, 23? I can’t imagine why R.R. would want to get permanent with another immature serial dater. It’s like some of these (ha) starlets keep a flowchart of who’s available and plan accordingly. Not a big fan of R.R., but I hope he dumps this overrated mall twit.

  14. spinner says:

    I know no one will agree with me but I love that dress on her in the 1st pic. Other than that, I think she is rather plain faced & I’ve never cared for Ryan. Why does Ryan look like he has a forehead implant in the 2nd pic?

  15. retyah says:

    Every time I see that photo of Ryans dog I laugh. He looks super suspicious of Blake and is giving her the side eye. *Mhmmmm*

  16. The Original Mia says:

    Why should he marry her? She’s chasing after him. He doesn’t have to do anything. Blake wanted him when he was married. She probably got him when he was married. She used the Leo whatever it was to get Ryan’s attention and he went there. There’s no need to take it to the next level.

  17. Lenny says:

    She’s freaking beautiful,she can do so much better

  18. Coucou says:

    Yep, i, too, retyah,found the dog the cutest item in this article as well!

  19. Maya says:

    They’re both boring and untalented…I think they’re perfect for each other.

  20. Bermuda Blues says:

    I don’t think Ryan Reynolds is some great catch, but I think Leonardo di Caprio has aged past his expiration date. The modelizing is getting gross. Dude is 37 and he’s still a big baby. Grow up. Same goes for George Clooney. After a while, its not sexy, its not cool, you aren’t a hot bachelor. You are just some rich old man desperately trying to hold onto your mojo. That’s a story nobody wants to buy.

  21. Rachel says:

    Its not her fault she’s smokin hot. Hell ill date her too. But she has to tread carefully here before she earns a bad reputation

  22. weeble says:

    I just don’t see her appeal. She isn’t a great beauty or all that hot. She looks like any plain vanilla girl you might see working at the perfume counter at the mall. I’m glad she and Leo are over. He goes for a more sultry type anyway. And I don’t like her with Ryan, as I’m kinda hoping for a Scarjo reunion. This girl should try someone as bland and average as she is.

  23. @Poirot says:

    You don`t make sense.
    How can someone be `serious` about a girl meanwhile wanting to `dong with whomever while in Australia`. Where`s the sense in that? I see your point about the rest but being serious about her? Blake Lively? Come on! It was a joke from the beginning! I do believe Leo has his wondering ways and I assume Lively didn`t like it so it ended. But I never believed for a moment that Leo indeed fell for her or was serious about her.
    I`m getting tired of this whole Blake is so awesome, Blake has game cr*p. Someone is pushing her into our faces and tries to make her happen. She couldn`t prove herself on the screen so now we have to suffer through her private life.

    • Poirot says:

      Erm I do believe I make sense.
      He was serious whilst in LA but as a modelizer used to women chasing after him in between shoots he was maybe pissed BL couldnt drop GG and Savages to run after him

      And yes I believe Leo did fall for her. They had been flirting sinc Nov and there is NO-ONE that can convince me Leo dates out of force or gunpoint. Hes an almost 40 year old superstar and is quite capable of making his choices regardless of what you, I or the rest of the blogosphere thinks!

      The passion u have with this issue of seeing conspiracies everywhere with ‘someone’ trying to push us down our throats, due to posting on a blog in a free society, because we dont all share ur view that she is a useless ***** is however telling

      You’re also free to ignore my opinion if it gets you so riled.

      • @Poirot says:

        It still doesn`t make sense to me at all. If he indeed fell for her he wouldn`t have had issues making it work while in Australia. Wasn`t Lively chasing after him as soon as he left for Sydney?
        Plus there were rumors of them flirting in magazines like Star and stuff like that. Sorry that I don`t take that seriously! I simply don`t believe that Lively is such a catch that all of a sudden all these Hollywood actors fall for her. I`m not buying it and I don`t think I said Leo was `forced` to date her. FLING! Nothing serious!
        Conspiracy theories? OY! Gosh, take it easy! The girl is everywhere all of a sudden without any particular appeal or talent. Yes, someone is trying to make her happen. Her PR TEAM or an eager producer in Hollywood?

      • Poirot says:

        Whether you believe it or not is your perogative.

        I’m not trying to convince you or anyone. But I totals believe it. Free society right

        BTW it wasnt Star magazine that had them making out but other outlets
        And if these mags are so crap that you dont buy he fell for her why do you then take as gospel truth their claims that she chased him to Australia, forced him to date her -eye roll – or a producer is threatning people like you to read about her?

        I dont understand how she was ‘chasing after him in Sydney’ thats surely a hell of a run even for an Olympic athlete
        Maybe he asked her over. Thats another conspiracy surely?

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Some guys are like that – they want their cake and eat it too.

      I think he likes the steady, but also getting some on the side. The sh*t part for him is… well… blogs, twitter, Facebook and any other social medium that allows people to talk about and report his sultry misadventures. Well even before these things his women were getting reports about his flirtations. Didn’t Gisele dump him because of his flirting with Sienna Miller?

      My assessment – Leo has relationship ADD/ADHD. He just can’t focus.

  24. Feebee says:

    In her mind she’s on her way up and that involves being with ‘hot’ men who are already up there who will hopefully give her credibility, open doors and perhaps a proper relationship.

    I think she’s barking up the wrong tree with Ryan R. I think he keeps his personal life (to steal MK’s take) oatmeal on purpose. Why would anyone care about oatmeal… well that’s the theory anyway. He and Scarlett had the potential to be fireworks but they were also oatmeal. I see a pattern. Blake wants to be fireworks, needs more of a famewhore.

  25. Rita says:

    I think her clock is counting down.

  26. JoleenMean says:

    Ryan Reynolds was on a post-Thanksgiving Dallas to Boston flight with a friend of mine. He was also with a blonde chick who was hiding under a big floppy hat. Given that sighting I’m disinclined to believe this story …unless the chick wasn’t Blake after all???!!!

  27. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Maybe she will move on to Bradley Cooper aka “Brake.” I think I could embrace Brake, they are equally annoying and overrated.

  28. anonymoose says:

    didn’t they just start dating a minute ago?

    marriage is not the answer to “hey what do ya wanna do today?”!

    [but hey, if she get gets hitched will that mean we can stop reading about her and all her boring boringness? I find her and her comic-book-character name very dull...]

  29. says:

    Time to hit it an’ quit it, Ryan!

  30. Dudette says:

    We rarely see them together. Isn’t that a GOOD thing? I honestly don’t get it. People complain if she’s out and about with her man, calling her a fame-hound and all sorts of other things. (Not that this happens with any other celebrity who is seen out with her man every freaking day! coughJenAnistoncough) and people complain when she’s not out and about with her man. It’s boring, it’s for publicity etc. And it’s people like Lainey who go around writing that Blake has ‘game’. What game? She’s a 24 year old dating the men that want to date her. What’s so extraordinary about that? The game theory only came about to try and explain away the fact that she got the Leo/Blake thing totally wrong. She claimed to have inside info, but nothing she predicted ever happened. Instead, the man she claimed would never ‘go there’, went there. So now, Blake has ‘game’. Honestly, the spin on the blogs rivals that of the tabloids sometimes.

    • Q says:


      Don’t even bother with rhyme or reason when it comes to Blake but good to see you around

      Now we need Hautie, Eva, Zzzzz, Turtle Dove and Black Mamba to make this site funnest with debate again

      C’mon girls/guys comeback b4 I dissappear for the Xmas break

    • Q says:

      Even worse Dudette
      The typical ‘Blake is a Talentless W***e Alliance, but we’ll keep reading about her anyway’ – about 3 to 4 females – from other sites are baaaaacckk

  31. Bad Fairy says:

    This is the kind of thing that you don’t want to admit to believing in public. How the hell would anyone know this kind of info? Amd what would make you believe it? I am not a fan of either of these two performers, but as for who is the clingy one or what they say in bed to eachother who knows and who cares?

  32. marie says:

    Blake is Hollywood’s biggest “Ho” She’s no great beauty…just an average looking girl and comes off as desperate. As for Ryan Reynolds…who cares. He seems to go for those horse face looking women aka Scarlett Johnassen.

    • Original Tiffany says:

      I thought that honor went to Gretchen Mol.

    • Carolyn says:

      which is exactly why no-one will be proposing to Blake. She’s like Kim K – probably fun to be with but not someone you’d want to marry.

    • anonymous says:

      You can say what you want and many think they are really ugly BUT for the most part How many magazine covers have they graced lately between the 2 of them. Blake has become the face of Channel and that shoe guy. They are both listed in the top men magazines. so as you diss their appearance where would you fall in this category?

  33. mimi says:

    totally agree. blake is an average looking girl who used to be fug before she got the plastic surgery.

  34. Cammie says:

    Even with the Plastic Surgery Blake’s face is so blah, truck stop waitress looking..especially compared to a beautiful blonde like Amber Heard…

    I went to Lainey’s site and she is VERY bitter about Leo getting rid of Blake, she is mentioning how Blake dumped/played him EVERY article she writes about the two of them..but they dated only 4mths…

    She using US weekly like the bible, saying Blake played Ryan..

    Lainey seems obess with people thinking Blake is a “player”.

    but honestly I think Ryan will rid himself of the Stage 5 Clinger soon…

    She can’t keep a IT actor boyfriend no matter how hard she tries…LOL!

  35. Stacia says:

    The dog’s like…”What the hell! She gets in the car before I do. Dump her ass.”

  36. Cammie says:

    I want to add.. IF Blake had “game”, she won’t have to work so hard to get with these “IT” guys and she could keep them around longer then a few weeks…

  37. Orange Cone says:


    I like the idea that she broke-up with Leo…that’s Gold.

  38. Gorry says:

    Dont believe this story 1 bit
    But – Go on Blake with your bad self
    Ryan R must have been lusting from afar for a while.

  39. Shannon says:

    I think Ryan Reynolds has a golden dong and Blake Lively wants to get married so badly she’ll take the first willing famous male who agrees to do it.

  40. podzol says:

    This Star item is obvious but hilarious: I’m sure it was someone from the Lively camp that dropped yesterday’s ”insider information” on how Scarlett is pissed and jealous that Ryan isn’t into her anymore, so today Scarlett’s taking revenge and dropping “insider information” that Blake Lively is a desperate cling-on. I LOVE THIS (passive-agressive) CATFIGHT between the two ladies. But all this for Ryan “Oatmeal” Reynolds? I’m bemused.

    • mercyme says:

      It’s very possible, but aren’t these tabloids published around the same time? How would they know what they other is going to write far enough in advance to counter it the same week?

      In this case, the Star story was making the rounds first, and it’s not the first “trouble in paradise” type of story they’ve run on this couple that’s been together all of a month or two.

      I generally consider Us Weekly to be in the Bleo AND Rake camp, since it seems like Leo, Blake, and Ryan’s people have all dealt with them at one time or another.

    • mercyme says:

      The Star is all over the place. A few weeks ago they had Blake interested in rekindling her romance with Leo and Ryan was destined to get his heart broken. The next week it was Leo wanted Blake back, but Blake was very happy with Ryan and wanted nothing to do with him. This was side by side with a story about ScarJo giving Joseph Gordon-Levitt the key to her house and he was the only thing she had to look forward to now that she didn’t have Ryan. This week it’s Ryan feeling smothered by Blake and going to L.A. to escape.

      Forget the facts that he was in L.A. for work, returned to NY where he’s been staying with Blake, and spent Thanksgiving with her fam in Utah. This is information gleaned from multiple Twitter sightings at airports, restaurants, etc.

      My gut feeling is the Star doesn’t know what’s going on and is trying to pad their pages and keep the drama going because it sells. But taking podzol’s theory that these stories could be publicists plants and putting together ScarJo’s wistful sounding comments about her marriage in recent interviews, I’m going to guess that IF they are plants they are from someone in her camp trying to undermine her ex’s new relationship.

      It will be interesting to see where ScarJo’s relationship with JGL goes. From what I understand they are childhood friends. He’s also friends with DiCaprio and was hanging with him at Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

  41. @Poirot says:

    The making out? There were sightings of them at that birthday party when it happened-no making out. They start going out and all of a sudden we have the `make out story` – from a tabloid months later. So believable. Again you put words into my mouth I never said. I don`t buy these cr*ppy stories from tabloids and that`s exactly why I don`t believe Leo was `serious` about her. Most of that stuff comes from Us Weekly that seemed to be the to-go magazine for exclusive photos, exclusive sources, exclusive everything about Leo and Fake Blake.
    Sydney? She was pictured in Sydney with Leo just 2 weeks after he arrived. And it was hell of a long flight from NYC just to be there for like 4 days… Asked to go or not it`s a lot of effort to go there for her own birthday celebration. Sounds like the chase you mentioned earlier.
    BTW what`s with you and these `conspiracy theories`? I never said Leo was forced to date her or a producer threatening me to read about her. Are you for real?
    If you believe everything you read in tabloids that`s your business but don`t push these conspiracy things. It`s you who brings them up all the time.

    • Poirot says:

      If it’s so ‘unbelievable’ as you INSIST why don’t you simply dismiss it then?
      I am not going by ‘crappy tabloid stories’ but from what I heard at HW hills that night

      As I said I don’t care whether you , C***ie e.t.c believe it or not it that’s ur right/issue
      As according to you ‘Fake Blake’ – eye roll – has US Weekly on her payroll or some ish

      Your Sydney argument makes no sense to me as it was YOU who implied she chased him there and I wondered how it was feasible considering it takes a whole day just to get there and maybe he actually wanted her there as opposed to her chasing him.

      My ref. to conspiracy theories is that – you repeated implied rumors from blogs and I assume the gossip mags that you claim you don’t buy/believe ( cr*ppy stories) and insist you or we are all been FORCED to read about her by dark spirits or some ish

      I believe what I CHOOSE as you believe what you CHOOSE

      Your belligerence on this issue, with the whole yawnsome -Fake Blake, Ho etc -to me suggests you obviously care about this a great deal more than I do

      • @Poirot says:

        I didn`t `repeat` implied rumors. You put words into my mouth AGAIN that I have never said… Please, quote my words that implied that we are `forced to read` stories about her. I said someone want to make her happen and I referred to movie parts that are out of her league, her `fashion icon` status that is a joke… etc.
        Rumors that I heard in HW hills that night… Sure! I`ll take your word for it! LOL! Sounds just as made up as your conspiracy theory slogan! Thanks for the joke!
        As for Sydney you never know… And it seemed like her chasing him to me. Ask around in the HW hills!

  42. Poirot says:

    23 Your words
    “Someone is pushing her into our faces and tries to make her happen. She couldn`t prove herself on the screen so now we have to suffer through her private life.”

    To relive your suffering dont read about her but you dont speak for everyone

    That you think the fashion icon blah blah is a joke or whatevs is your issue you’re just ticked off some dont share ur “It was PR” diatribe

    That you believe or not where I heard what I did matters not one whit to me either so I won’t bother on that issue with you

    I think she was invited to Sydney by him as a b-day present which is why I wrote that QED. Because you think she chased him to Sydney or some ish is ur right. But does not make it true and does not imply everyone on celebitchy has to kowtow to you

    And yeah I’ll ask around in HW Hills tonight if the popo have finally spotted ‘the fashion disaster, out of her league can’t stop thinking about her’ BL obsessive with her dartboard and ammo larking about whenever h/she leaves her laptop

    I’ll say no more with you cause I love this site and will almost certainly get banned if I go further.

    • @Poirot says:

      Gosh, I can`t believe all the cr*p you posted! You read things into my comment that I didn`t mean. Hey, whatever makes you happy! I still don`t understand how do all those quotes suggest that a Hollywood producer forces someone to read comments or why on earth you keeps pushing the `it was PR` stuff. QUOTE the part where I said that. I believe I wrote it was a fling, nothing serious. You don`t make sense whatsoever. Is that how it works in the HW hills? LOL! Your obsession with conspiracy theories is just … ridiculous.
      FYI it was you who tries to sound like you have facts about them ( hardly believable ). I wrote what I think happened but you try to twist that as well. Ridiculous! And on the top of all that now I`m an obsessive hater! Wow, how stupid is that? Having an opinion different from yours is hard to handle. Maybe someone in the HW hills can help you with that issue! LOL!

  43. Turtle Dove says:

    As much as I’m loving the new format, I’m going to put my comments on the bottom, so ppl can see that it’s new. The post is sliding into day 2 so there might not be too many new views (?).

    Q (5) –

    Well, I put the emphasis on rumored. We don’t know for certain. Perhaps it’s envy that makes the rumors swirl.

    I think Blake is harmless enough. I find Scarlett far more annoying than Blake because of her pretensions. At least Blake comes across as sweet when she’s sticking her cans in our faces. It’s also nice to see an underdog win a little. The little engine that was told you’re boobsy-legsy lands the big dog and leaves him chasing his tail…. sadly it didn’t take him long to chase other tail, if THOSE rumors are to be believed.

    podzol (40) says that today’s post might be retaliation for the Scarlett is jealous of Lively post yesterday. I totally didn’t think of that. Brilliant. I could see this going down. Maybe this could be heating up to something good. Now we just need Leo to “insert” himself in here somewhere… haha

    • @poirot says:

      1. Why was `Bleo` so great that people miss them? Besides their highly publicized ( and very un-Leo-like ) trip in Europe they were nothing special. Kind of weird but the typical Dicaprio stuff. Hiding, eating out…etc. What`s there to miss?
      2. `lands the big dog and leaves him chasing his tail…. ` How exactly did she play him and left him chasing his tail? I keep reading the same stuff from Lainey but I really don`t get this `blake got game` and `Leo got played` stuff. I mean he is a 37 years old womanizer with lots of experience so how could a 24 years old girl `play him` so bad?

    • Q says:

      Hey Turtle Dove,

      I was looking for your answer before logging off.
      Cheers and G’night

      But where is Eve and the rest of the crew? Sob

      • Turtle Dove says:

        I think I saw Eve on another thread (?). Stick around… I’ll still post on here even after the thread goes cold. We’ll go LiLo on this sh*t. Instead of pylons, should we get icons with boobies?


        I’m going to post at the bottom and refer to posts via #. I like the new format but it’s too hard to see what’s new.

        Have a good night. :)

    • podzol says:

      Hehe, I thought my brilliant thought-out conspiracy theory was falling into oblivion ;) It makes sense, no? And soooo many magazine plants must happen that way, too, without us really thinking about it.

  44. Poirot says:

    Look whose talking about someone else posting lots of crap
    I already referenced one quote and cant be bothered to do more go read it again. You wrote it

    You originally post sthg, demand your opinion is gospel truth and then carp on how its interpreted/taken as you meant it in order to backtrack
    Ah well

    Oh Oh by the way is there anything else I can ask them HW Hills to help me with? Or is there another ‘wiity’ line that awaits me?

    • @poirot says:

      The quote you posted doesn`t prove anything, twisting my words. So it`s just cr*p just like basically everything else you posted.
      By the way you have enough issues already to get help in the `HW hills`… LOL! Just deal with that!

      • Poirot says:

        Oooh its a doctor as well now
        How lucky I can alert the parsas in the HW hills after been instructed to do so by dips on the web who post s*** but think its shinola
        Happy Days indeed!!

  45. Sasha says:

    Blake may not be a classic beauty but that doesn’t matter. Men cheat on beautiful women. Beauty doesn’t keep a man. I like to think that Blake is actually genuinely charming in her own way.

    Also I don’t believe that Blake wants to marry Ryan. I don’t think she’ll settle so soon after she’s succeeded in getting Leo (albeit briefly), and thus realising she has the potential to hustle her way up the Hollywood food chain.

  46. Turtle Dove says:

    Just looked at the Lainey post… of course there was the Lainey cooing about Blake, but the best part… the gorgeous AA man. W-O-W. I want to know more about HIM…!

    • Poirot says:

      Ooh Turtle Dove
      Careful what you say/think/write. Anyone who found interesting /doesn’t cuss at BLEO is due for the emergency room according to beligerent posters who demand answers for other posters’ opinions that dont gel with theirs!

    • mercyme says:

      With all due respect, Lainey has been discredited so many times and so fast on this Bleo – Rake business that her head is still spinning. It’s possible someone in Leo’s camp pissed her off by feeding her false info about Bleo to cover his extracurricular behavior in the lead up to Oscar campaign and now she’s making them pay, but I doubt it. I think she’s just clueless.

  47. Poirot says:

    Aaaw diddums that all u got.
    I have issues dealing with opinion LOL
    You’re now haranguning Turtle Dove on why she enjoys BLEO gossip cos it differs from what you demand we on celebitchy should enjoy but I have issues
    Oh self awareness where are ye?

  48. Frenchie says:

    You know Ryan is a double scorpio, which means he is sensitive, intense, and everything is about sex. He would be interesting, but not exactly easy going. Blake is a double virgo, which means everything should be perfect, and getting married to the right guy is not going to be easy for her. Interestingly, Penn is also a double scorpio.

  49. The Original Mia says:

    Blake & Ryan were spotted in Connecticut last night. Lots of tweets from peeps who saw them. I don’t know if he’s feeling smothered, but she doesn’t waste any time running to him once she finishes filming.

  50. hannah says:

    The interesting thing is they have similar facial features which alot of the time is what attracts people to each other, but blakes facial features r done by plastic surgery:P haha it will be fun when he finds that out!

    • Poirot says:

      Well I’m sure he’s seen piccies of Blake from childhood to present day so obv does not share ur opinion that according to you, her Jocelyn Wildestein face would send him running for the hills!

  51. Aimee says:

    WHY IS HE WITH HER!??? She is NOT pretty – she looks like a dude! He could have any woman he wants and he picks a 5’11 beastly manly looking woman???? What is this world coming to?! I really hope he isn’t gay…

  52. I for one believe that RR should dump BL and get rid of that extra baggage.

    BL and PB are perfect for each cuz they have perfect chemistry on and off screen.

    So forget Rake and Bleo its time for Penn and Blake to get back together cuz they are both trying to become famous and good actors, so why not keep them together. If I make any sense?

  53. Aims says:

    She is extreamly masculine looking… I don’t understand the appeal at all. Maybe its just the boobs and blonde hair… personally I think a nice looking face is more important but maybe Ryan doesn’t care?