Fergie in Monique Lhuillier at the ‘NYE’ premiere: busted, jacked or lovely?

Okay, more photos from the New Year’s Eve premiere in LA last night. I already covered Lea Michele and Ashton acting all touchy-feely here, and CB is going to do a post about Katherine Heigl’s hair trauma. I was going to start this “fashion extras” post with Sofia Vergara, because I love her, but her dress was super-boring. Let’s start with Fergie and Josh Duhamel. I can’t even with these two – he seems so sleazy to me nowadays, and Fergie is just… I feel bad for her. I think she’s a messed up person who keeps messing with her face because she’s in a bad marriage. I think these photos of Fergie and Josh are a portrait of a sketchy marriage. Fergie is wearing Monique Lhuillier, and I think it looks cheap. It doesn’t fit right in the bust, either.

Here’s Ludacris and his date. Um, his date’s ass is AMAZING. And Luda looks good too.

Sofia Vergara’s dress is so cheap-looking! She’s got that beautiful face and gorgeous figure, but sometimes her style choices are rough. Also, I’d like to see her without the extensions – or if that’s her real hair, maybe take two or three inches off.

And finally, Hilary Swank in Elie Saab. Facially, I don’t even see a difference between Hilary and Justin Bieber at this point, except that his face is more feminine. The dress is cute, but really, I’m totally over Hilary. Meh.

Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. normades says:

    Fergie is looking so hard these days…even worse than usual.

  2. Len says:

    Where’s Michelle Pfeiffer?? She must have looked good!

  3. ladybert62 says:

    I tink fergie looks good – the hair reminds me of the movie stars from the 40’s – the dress is pretty BUT TOO SMALL for her – go up a size Fergie.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      The hair is very Veronica Lake

      • constance says:

        I agree, but I think she was trying to got for a Marilyn.

        Either way I don’t see anything I like going on there. lol Spray tan looks sketchy.

  4. Eleonor says:

    Fergie that dress is wrong, on her.
    Sofia Vergara..her dress makes her appear like she doesn’t have a waist.
    Hillary Swank…incredible looks good.

  5. brin says:

    Fergie’s dress does not fit her and Hilary looks hard. LOL at Justin Bieber looing more feminine.

  6. WillyNilly says:

    Her eyebrows are an enigma wrapped in a rat’s nest.

    • Blue says:

      Lol, I was stuck on that picture for a couple minutes wondering wtf was going on with her eyebrows

  7. jex says:

    Fergie had a meth addiction for years, and yes, it messed up her face pretty bad. Continually harping on her getting plastic surgery is unnecessary.

    • Guesty says:

      Serious question: how would meth have f’ed up her face? It doesn’t change facial structure, overpluck and overdraw on eyebrows, or overtighten the upper face (through what’s probably a brow lift). Her skin is fine – the typical meth issue with the face is of course relentless picking at spots and horrific scabbing and scarring. That’s not her issue. What happened to her face appears to be voluntary…and done while sober.

      • Nev says:

        she’s prob horribly depressed and ALOT self-concious about her looks, baby(?), etc…it sure doesnt help that he cheated on her early in the marriage.

      • Sassy says:

        Her weird eyebrows are the result of too much botox between the eyebrows. Her eyebrows in her younger years were normal looking.

      • HadleyB says:

        Drug use ages you, deteriorates your skin/ fat and yes it also affects bone structures as that ages as well ( teeth are bone and that rots off from meth use ) so if she looked like crap before she probably got something to help her try to look better.. or not as horrible.

      • laura says:

        In addition to depleting fat stores in your skin, drug use (along with prolonged stress) will affect how DNA replicates, which ages you.

        The woman in this pic is only 32…stress from the great depression.


  8. Wif says:

    I didn’t even know that was Fergie.

  9. Alibaba says:

    Fergie’s eyebrows are soo busted!!! ive never seen such ugly eyebrows, wow!

  10. La Tanguerita says:

    can’t get over Swanks face..happy to see that karma is catching up with her though!

    • Guesty says:

      You and me both. She looks dreadful, and the super soft dress makes her face look ever harsher. I can’t believe Beiber looks more feminine but he sure does.

      Hilary is fanatical about exercise and mostly eating well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she took HGH or super-sketch supplements to maintain tone. It wears on the face, though…

  11. podzol says:

    I’ve had Fergie on bumpwatch for a couple weeks now and this outfit is doing nothing to wash away my suspicions (in the 1st picture at least)! This chick has always been überfit so I don’t think the tummy pouch is a “Christina Aguilera beer pregnancy” either.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I thought she looked rounder in the belly, but it could be weight gain. In that picture of her blowing a kiss her left arm doesn’t look as toned as usual. I think she’s just not working out as hard as she used to and she’s gained some weight.

  12. mollie says:

    Do you think that dress is from Sophia’s Kmart collection? I’m not trying to be snarky. I went into Kmart to get stocking stuffers for the kids and saw her collection and ummm…..it looks like that dress.

  13. CookieJar says:

    What is going on around Fergie’s armpits?! Where r her boobs and why does she appear to have a bigger belly?! She looks like Stacy Kiebler on her first date with Clooney.

  14. Silk Spectre says:

    Fergie’s narrow forehead is bugging me. She had so many stuff done – why not fix that? And her temples look extremely stretched back, ugh!

  15. lucy2 says:

    Totally agree about the shaky marriage/overdone plastic surgery theory.
    Agree about Sofia’s dress also, but who cares, she’s so pretty.

  16. heatheradair says:

    Actually, aside from the fact that her bra and spray-tan are showing, I think Ferg looks pretty good (for HER). I don’t mind the lighter hair…..but those eyebrows need some help.

  17. bros says:

    love swanks shoes

  18. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Not Fergalicious anymore.

  19. Fergies dress does not look cheap…her spray tan does.

  20. Esmom says:

    Fergie looks different every time you feature her. So bizarre. As for the marriage, I always thought she was too sketchy for him but maybe it is in fact the opposite. *shrugs*

  21. Blue says:

    Did Fergie just in the last year start getting
    plastic surgery or has she been doing it subtlety and then went crazy with it?

  22. Mikamoo says:

    Fergie has awesome boobs!

  23. DarkEmpress says:

    I am calling it now- Fergie is pregnant! She is normally very trim in the tummy area. Her abs are chiseled! She is taking a hiatus from B.E.P. to ‘work on her family’.

    • ambergesa says:

      That’s exactly what I thought, she usually has very flat very toned abs, even if she wasn’t working out as much that’s a lot of rounding in a short time. Especially as you mentioned she’s taking time off for her “family”.

  24. Marcus says:

    Old glam Hollywood look is not for her. She looks like a tranny.

  25. Pizzazz says:

    I think she looks so much better after the surgery. It seemed to tame a lot of her mannish features.

  26. HadleyB says:

    I like Fergies dress but she has been looking “puffy” lately in the face and belly area. Weight gain, fertility treatments? Booze? PG? Time will tell …

    Dislike the dark lipstick, hair is great just not for this event, or dress. Her face is well, her face. I think she makes the best out of it like SJP does. She can’t hide herself in a box.

  27. theaPie says:

    Darling girl needs to try and do something about her neck. It tells the whole story.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      Yes!! Everyone keeps talking about her eyebrows (which I’ve always thought were dreadful) but I’m like, “What about her NECK?” It’s so creased and jowly and looks like it belongs on a 70yr old. It’s crazy! It’s like they stretched her face skin tight to her chin and just let the excess hang down her neck. So creepy!

  28. Cathy says:

    I do not like that dress on Fergie, It’s cut really wierd. She looks like she’s trying to be to glamorous, take a hint Fergie sometimes less glitter is better better looking. I do like Sophias dress and Hillarys dresses though.

  29. Amy says:

    Hahah @ Justin’s face is more feminine. So true. She looks exactly like he’ll look if he develops a drug problem in his 30s/40s.

    I love Sofia Vergara, too, but that dress looks like it came straight off the Kardashian Kollection rack at her local Sears store. Cheap indeed.

    edit – Oh! I just saw Mollie’s comment. You’re probably right. I totally forgot she had her own line at Kmart.

  30. Birdix says:

    Fergie looks like a cross between Michelle Williams (1st photo) and AnnaNicole Smith (3rd).

    • mamalama says:

      totally agree about Anna Nicole – that’s the first thought I had when I saw that picture… not good.

  31. Beatrix says:

    girl got some major surgery and few are noticing. I kinda remember that blind item about a singer who got nose surgery that completely changed the way her voice sounds and I think it might be about her – has anyone heard her live performances from a few months ago? disastrous. what a shame she was so talented – if in fact this is true about her

  32. Happy21 says:

    Fergie may be preggers. Its possible. But its also possible that she’s gone lax on the working out. I remember when she had to put on weight for her role in “Nine” she just stopped working out. I’m thinking she probably has to work very hard to keep her body toned and tight. If she has gotten a little lazy at the work outs that might explain the extra weight.

    For about the last 5 years I’ve thought her face looks effed up. The hair colour really does nothing to help that look either. Its awful.

  33. Kim says:

    Why do women do the Marilyn kiss? Bend knees, stick out butt and blow kiss. Only Marilyn did it well. It needs to be retired for good.

  34. ??? says:

    She has a pretty good lace front wig that she’s wearing now to cover her baldness.

  35. whatevs says:

    so why is it that fergie aged 20 years in a span of 2? is it the drugs she admitted to be taking? or did she use to tan a lot? quite a shame she used to be so pretty around 2003-2004

  36. e.non says:

    i vote … unrecognizable…

    • dj says:

      I never recognize Fergie anymore. She used to be so cute. I cannot put my finger on what she has done though. Sofia is gorgeous. I remember she said she had alot of trouble finding dresses that fit her. Pass. Hillary S. I feel bad for her. She is a great actress. H.S. need to soften/cut layers into her hair to soften her long face. Just my opinion! Ludicris is hot as is gorgeous date. Carry on.

  37. laura says:

    I think Fergie looks nicer with soft hair – maybe a more natural color though. If she could get her eyebrows right it would totatlly change her look and soften her up a bit – she’s always looked ‘hard’. I think she looks pretty here. The dress is too…..’crusty’ (too stiff and a lot of bead work) to really be form fitting – that doesn’t do her any favors. I hope she’s pregnant and happy!

  38. gab says:

    I really like Fergie’s dress – just not on her. Girl looks totally busted (in many ways). The dress would be so pretty on Sophia, no?

  39. Eden75 says:

    Why should Sofia cut a couple of inches off of her hair? She has great hair! Healthy looking and shiny. The dress however, oy vey……

  40. Nan says:

    “Facially, I don’t even see a difference between Hilary and Justin Bieber at this point, except that his face is more feminine.”

    HAHA! That made me chuckle out loud.

  41. Isa says:

    I love Hilary Swank’s dress. We had a life size cutout of Justin Beiber at our store and I’d forget it was there. Scary the pee pee out of me! Then I would take a second to ponder how much it looked like Hilary Swank.

  42. MAMAKOWALSKA says:

    Fergies trying really hard to look like some other woman so her husband will show her some interest.

  43. MK821 says:

    Did Fergie get a face lift or a hairline pull-down?