Katherine Heigl at the NYE premiere with helmet hair: pretty or too Golden Girls?

Kaiser covered some earlier photos from the New Year’s Eve premiere, that ensemble romcom out this Friday looks like a pale imitation of Love Actually. Also at last night’s premiere we had unlikely romcom queen Katherine Heigl, almost working it in a strapless black lace Dolce & Gabbana LBD. The dress is hot, but she nearly ruins it with her accessories and hair. I know her hair is short and there’s not a lot she can do with it, but that wavy style is just so Rose from Golden Girls. Plus she’s paired that sexy dress with some dippy gold peep toe shoes with glittery bows on them, a gold sequin clutch, and a busy gold and diamond necklace. It’s too much together, but she looks happy here at least. Check her out laying a kiss on her husband.

Michelle Pfeiffer was stunning in lovely purple Dolce & Gabbana paired with towering suede heels and a clutch. I love this dress on her, but it could do without the matchy shoes. Look at her try to stand up straight in those platforms. Can you believe she’s 53? She’s obviously had a lot done, but it’s settled somewhat and she’s looking good. This is how you do hair and makeup.

Abigail Breslin was a ballerina fairy in this goofy poofy v-neck dress with a visible petticoat. She’s 15, she’s still finding her fashion legs. I’ll say something nice: her hair and makeup are so pretty here. I usually don’t like blue eye shadow on blue eyes, but it works on her.

Alyssa Milano wore this unflattering black dress paired with these very fug shoes. She just had a baby in August, so she gets a pass. It took me about a year to figure out how to dress after I had my kid. I like her a lot and am glad that she’s in this film, as crappy as it seems. IMDB has her listed as “Nurse Mindy.” And I just found out that DeNiro is in this mess. He didn’t show for the premiere though.

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  1. Azurea says:

    I gotta say, Heigl looks the best overall. And what’s wrong with her shoes?? I’m fed up to the teeth with all the stripper shoes…(like Michelle’s.)

  2. Mandy says:

    Know you always hate on Heigl but I was there and she was the best looking woman on the carpet by miles.

  3. Marjalane says:

    That hair. sigh. I think I’m one of the few who actually likes Heigl as an actress, but that hair! She’s had it for so long- she must think it looks good. Love Michelle Pfeiffer- Madoona should call HER plastic surgeon. (although M.P. was hella prettier than Madonna to begin with)

    ha! “madoona” keeping it.

  4. Dawn says:

    I like Heigl’s look actually. Very 60’s and I happen to like 60’s fashion and hair. Wow…Michelle Pfeiffer messed with her beautiful face and now doesn’t look like herself. Milano looks like she has put on weight everywhere and little Abigail is growing up quickly, she is a very pretty girl.

  5. Samigirl says:

    Abigail looks…like a sweet little princess. I love it. I love it so much. If I was 15 and adorable, I’d dress like this too! And MP is amazing. Always gorgeous.

  6. clare says:

    I think Katherine Heigl looks gorgeous!
    Michelle P looks silly in those shoes…classic heels would have looked so much…classier, imo.

  7. heatheradair says:

    Love Heigl’s dress, hate Heigl’s hair. Would love to have seen this blown out in more of a bob — sort of like Posh’s do from a few years ago or like Sienna Miller’s old short cut — the puffed up, hot roller’ed thing looks much too “First Lady Pinup.”

  8. brin says:

    I agree, Katherine looks great and Michelle is a close second.
    Abigail is turning into a lovely young lady.

  9. Rux says:

    I love Alyssa, she even manages to look good after a baby and work the baby weight. I kind of like this fuller version; MILF.

  10. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Kath looks gorgeous, though there seems to be a sadness in her eyes – Alyssa’s shoes look comfy and she rocks them, glad to see she is not one of those types that wear spanx and pretend they lost the baby weight in two weeks like Vic Beckam.

  11. Happymom says:

    I can’t believe some of you like that woman’s hair! It is atrocious-she looks like she’s 70! I know Michelle has had a lot of work done-but her dress, hair and makeup look great.

  12. Maya says:

    Abigail’s dress looks like a budget version of that thing Blake Lively wore recently – the weird skater-type outfit.

  13. MsCatra says:

    I like Heigl’s hair, too, but I think it’s “retro”, rather than “old lady”, and I love retro styles.

    • jermsmom says:

      Agree! I like the retro style. It looks so “done” – a look we don’t see often enough, IMHO.

  14. Ari says:

    Heigl hair is the worst hair. She truly has a 75 year old grandma soul and simply cannot help herself. She needs to consult with Charlize Theron for hair tips.

    With that said, her outfit is definitely the best out of all these ladies.

  15. Blue says:

    I think KH looks good, hair and all.

  16. Lisa says:

    I think K.H.’s hair goes with the retro vibe of the dress…so it works! I haven’t seen her look this good in a while…and I’m LIKING IT!!!

  17. Jackie says:

    michelle p is starting to take it too far. you’re not 30 anymore, just accept it.

  18. Tazina says:

    Heigl looks beautiful. The dress shows off her figure to perfection. The shoes are great. The hair is retro and pretty. I just don’t like the necklace that much.

  19. Roxy750 says:

    ugh, being a woman sucks sometimes. You can go through your teens, twenties and not gain an ounce and look good. (for some) You gain weight, it takes but a week or two to easily shed it. Then all of a sudden you get in your thirties…and reality stomps in the room and tells you the ugly truth! Your NOT YOUNG ANYMORE! Poor Alyssa, she was so youthful and slim…it’s so hard being a woman and having to keep up. YOUR NOT ALONE ALYSSA! Why can’t being “bigger” be the “in” thing???

    • Guesty says:

      Yeah, it’s harsh. Alyssa had a baby less than 4 months ago, but unless she truly doesn’t care, or she and her husband like fuller figures, it must suck at least a bit to have had what’s regarded as a hot body and have those images be everywhere and then, boom, late 30s, baby, universal weight gain. It’s hard for those of us who don’t have pictures all over the internet showing our perfect abs and thin legs…but hell, she’s smiling at a premiere!

  20. ladybert62 says:

    I like the dress and nacklace – shoes are too much. Overall, she looks good.

    THat other picture is Michelle Pfeiffer (sp?) – wow, could have fooled me! She looks awful.

  21. Maritza says:

    They all look beautiful.

  22. Zay says:

    Come on ppl KH is looking great

  23. Embee says:

    Heigl looks fantastic. The hair is retro-fab (Marilyn!) and not Golden Girls at all.

    Pfeiffer looks good but I hate her shoes.

    Breslin looks awesome!

    Alyssa Milano is a gorgeous woman and appears to be at a healthy weight; however, I don’t think her outfit is flattering at all. She should wear trousers or at the very least hose (and different shoes). Her smile, as always, is magnetic.

  24. deva says:

    Alyssa’s hair and lippy look great. Cankle tattoo? Not so much.

  25. Unbeweavable says:

    I love Katherine’s whole look! I have been watching old episodes of Grey’s lately and she was SO pretty. I think she’ll look better with age too.

  26. Ambergesa says:

    How can people think K Haghell looks great? I think she was going for M Monroe and she succeeded in looking like a contemporary of hers ie like she was born in the 30s. The shoes are tacky and the necklace is straight discount QVC. I think Michelle has always been and still is phenomenally beautiful. Abigail looks great for 15, she’s really come out of that awkward stage she was going through. And I feel endless empathy for post birth

  27. G says:

    Hegels’s do is just too solid. It needs to be finger combed and little prduct to look less mother-of-the-bride.

  28. thethinker says:

    Katherine Heigl is so pretty. I’d almost forgotten. I even like the hair today.

    Oh and Alyssa Milano’s smile reminds me of Teri Hatcher’s.

  29. Dani says:

    1. Like the picture of her and Josh together.

    2. I really wish that Heigl would grow out her hair.

    3. Michelle Pfieffer is so beautiful.

  30. Snowpea says:

    Katherine’s outfit would have been perfect if she lost that HIDEOUS necklace, wore a simple black heel and some diamonds in her ears. Simple. Less is more.

    Alyssa Milano’s baby weight has all gone to her KNEES! So unfortunate. But she could have worn a wide legged pant with a sparkly top and none would be any the wiser. She’s still a stunning looking girl though.

    I love Michelle Pfeiffer. How do some Hollyweird stars avoid sleaze, scandal and mayhem? They just keep getting better and better. Think Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren…oh, I see. They are actual TALENTS.

  31. Camille says:

    Heigl looks fug as all hell. The dress could have been cute, but everything else (hair, shoes etc) just ruins it.

    Michelle Pfeiffer – Stunning! Love her in purple, just beautiful. I adore Michelle, she is one of my girl crushes and can do no wrong in my book (even though she is in this awful looking movie!).

    Alyssa- such a pretty woman, but that dress doesn’t do much for her though unfortunately.

    Thank you so much for the Michelle pics CB! 🙂

  32. serena says:

    Oh god, Abigail Breslin has grow so much!! She is such a cutie even more now!

  33. dj says:

    Michelle P. is still gorgeous. If she has had work done it is not too much because I sure cannot tell. I am 51 and (am no M.P.) but have a similar jawline and wrinkles. Not convinced of any work done. K.H. is so pretty but she still has no self-awareness. I think that is why she does not understand her hair or body with fashion. Her hair often looks grandmotherly. Olive, I mean Abigail. Gorgeous for her age group. Enjoy that poofy dress!

  34. Jaxx says:

    Not crazy about the helmet hair but Heigl looks very put together and pretty. But Michelle! Wow! Hard to believe she’s in her 50’s. So glad she’s keeping some meat on her bones. Looks radiant.

  35. taxi says:

    KH is just gorgeous. Necklace is a bit much. I like everything else.

    Love Pfeiffer, but she’s changed her face too much now. She had her nose done as a teenager and did a pretty good job of just small work until recently. Hope she stops now. The purple platforms are too clunky for the sheer dress.

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