Jesse James returns to TV: “I became a big shot & married some Hollywood actress”

Jesse James and his little pissy voice are on a show called “American Chopper: The Build Off” which aired on the Discovery Channel last night. (You can see the bikes they built here. Jesse’s is the red one, and you can vote on the winner on Discovery’s site. The winner will be announced tonight at 9pm.) Radar notes some passive aggressive comments James makes in the episode about his much publicized implosion of a marriage to Sandra Bullock. The stuff James says is mild compared to the way he’s previously trashed her and completely dismissed his life with her. He sounds just about the same here, and I would expect nothing less from him. He said “I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn’t talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad.” He feels bad for not talking to people he used to hang out with, not for being a cheating bastard, because he handled that expertly, according to Jesse. Also, his wife of five years is just “some Hollywood actress” he married. No biggie.

In the clip posted on Radar (above) James is shown making a “middle finger” motorcycle, because he’s just that mature. I googled “middle finger motorcycle” to see if this was just a nickname for a type of bike rather than a deliberate attempt by James to create a new bike that he’s named after giving the bird. The results suggest that James made up the concept of the middle finger motorcycle. Of course he did, and of course his bike is better than the competition. Here’s more:

In this sneak peek of American Chopper: The Build-Off obtained by, James goes head to head with Paul Teutul and Paul Teutul Jr to build a new bike, and he has a lot to say.

“I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn’t talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad,” James says at the beginning of the episode.

His reference to America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock as “some Hollywood actress” is sure to rile fans of The Blind Side star, and not exactly endear James to viewers.

James creates a stainless-steel “middle-finger” bike which is apparently the first motorcycle he’s personally built in five years and he explains his reason for returning to TV.

“I feel obligated to reconnect with all these people and show ’em that I’m still the same fabricator motorcycle guy. I’m not what I became.”

It’s not clear if James is blaming Bullock for “what he became,” but their marriage imploded over revelations he’d had numerous affairs.

But Bullock isn’t Jesse’s only target during the episode. “I don’t know what the Teutuls do for a gas tank, I think he (Paul Teutul Senior) just yells at someone to get it done and it didn’t matter how it got done.”

He slams the bikes that they build compared to his. “I can’t see that stuff lasting, I think it will work if the bike is static and gets started up for TV. My stuff is meant to withstand punishment.

“It’s got to look good, be stylish, be flawless and beautiful and chrome and on top of everything else it’s got to function.”

[From Radar]

This is what this guy does best – make motorcycles and cars and trash talk the competition. I still fail to see how he pulled so many women with that little baby voice of his, but I’m not attracted to guys like this. For women who are, they should know what they’re getting with James (and really it’s public knowledge by now) or they’ll obviously regret it.

These photos are from 11-2-11 at a “press conference to discuss the new titles from ‘Jesse James Presents’ Home Video Series” in Vegas. Credit: DJDM/

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  1. Zozo says:

    That voice! His voice is terrible, whiny.
    He sounds like a bro, like he is in high school or something. What an idiot.

  2. NM9005 says:

    – Some women just like emotionally unavaible men. They want to “change them” by taking care of them. Meh, if they want to waste time on them.

    – He wasn’t a big shot. Just married to a famous person and that’s it. Even if he was a big shot, he ruined it anyway by publically making an ass of himself by pretending he was sorry by screwing around with various women, one being a nazi sympathizer (good luck with that) and then trashtalking her while in a relationship with a famewhore. Please, just shut up JJ…

    – I think he and Bullock had one hell of a crazy life together and the sex must be so blind item worthy! How this guy got away with trashtalking America’s Sweetheart can only have one reason: she is not a sweetheart and they both know it. He, after all loves his woman wild and crazy and it’s not because Bullock isn’t tattoo fanatic or doesn’t look edgy and dark that she isn’t a wild cookie on the inside. I am curious for a biography on Bullock, it must be so trashtastic.

    – It must suck for her to not be able to thrastalk back. No matter how sweet she might be, I don’t believe for a second that if he hadn’t any dirt on her she would keep her mouth shut as she does now. Or trying to stay classy to live up her name but seriously Bullock: is that the prize you like to pay to keep your image!?

    • CookieJar says:

      Indeed, Sandra is no sweetheart. I knew nothing about this guy before the divorce scandal, but when it all came out it changed my presumtions about Sandra very much.
      I understand that she was blindsided about the cheating part, but they were married for 5 yrs. So she must have been ok with most of his douchery. The worst is the nazi part, because I can’t imagine she was completely unaware of it.

    • Iggles says:

      I agree with both you guys.

      However, I’m not sold on the two having a “crazy” sex life. I think Jesse was Sandra’s beard. There’s a blind item that fits Sandra and Ryan Reynolds when they were all “buddy buddy” after their respective divorces. Plus a friend of mine says she was told point blank by someone who knows him that Ryan is gay…

      Regardless, I think Jesse definitely has dirt on Sandra, which is why she hasn’t sent her legal team to destroy him!

      • NM9005 says:

        Yes I’ve heard that theory and would be inclined to believe it if:

        -Sandra had picked a more suitable candidate. Another HWplayer who likes to play that game with her. It would even have increased her status, people would be overjoyed (they still hope that Reeves and her can happen, go figure 🙂 ) and it would make more sense in general given her high status. JJ is a common dumbass who wouldn’t tolerate such foolery and would ABSOLUTELY tell the world about Sandra’s lesbianism to clean his image because what’s a better excuse than: “hey don’t blame me for cheating because she’s a lying lesbian and I had to play along with her to fool you guys. Aren’t I allowed to be happy?” He would win the douche debate so bad being that America is quite puritan about these things and love to see celebs go down.
        – She didn’t brag about him so much and adopted a child with him
        – JJ wouldn’t have children which Sandra could mother over and who were very Gung-ho about her, she could have picked somebody who’s childless as to not drag them into that kind of thing. She seems to adore children and couldn’t be that cruel just to keep her image up would she?

        Also Ryan Reynolds:

        -Why would he marry an A-list bombshell like ScarJo? Does she look like a woman who would marry a gay guy?
        – Lively chased his ass for a reason, she doesn’t seem the bearding type either.

        I’m always prepared for the opposite though since you never know in Hollyweird :).

      • Iggles says:

        He does seem like the type of douche to out her to save his own image, but I think he knows he can keep running his mouth without her smacking him with a lawsuit as long as he doesn’t let that secret out. I’m certain he got a sweet settlement out of this.

        As for you points about Ryan, I’ve got a few rebuttals:

        Also Ryan Reynolds:
        -Why would he marry an A-list bombshell like ScarJo? Does she look like a woman who would marry a gay guy?

        What does a beard look like? All sort of beautiful women and/or women who had have lots of hollywood “romances” have been beards. The simple equation “1 star + 1 star = bigger stars” is what they’re after. For the men, it’s that and keeping up “appearances”.

        – Lively chased his ass for a reason, she doesn’t seem the bearding type either.

        It’s called notoriety! She was looking for a new situation after her last arrangement ended! She dated both Leo and Penn Badgley (for 2 years; A longtime family friend) — both who have had gay rumors swirling around them, although the mainstream public probably has no idea. Insiders have cited one of Penn’s male friends as his bf, and there have been plenty of rumors about Leo over the years. Him having a beard is not surprising to me, even if he is straight. It’s a PR game!

      • NM9005 says:

        Love the rebuttals!

        Ok here I go.

        Why didn’t she stay with Reynolds then? They were pretty hot together and altough barely pictured together, people were always rooting for them. Two attractive “talented” stars, they didn’t even need to be photgraphed to be hailed as a supercouple and gain notoriety. Now she’s talking up a storm about her ex-relationship/marriage and you can bet homegirl is pissed she let RR go to see Lively take the prize home and flaunting it. That doesn’t sound like a chick who is happy she’s of the beard status. Also, you would think he would choose more “lenient” girls (like Lively) but he choose:

        – Morissette (not exactly a young dumb twitty pushover); will tell the truth through her songs and she didn’t reveal anything about alleged homosexuality of RR (as if she would hold back, she dated him when he wasn’t that famous)
        – Theron, see Morissette plus she doesn’t need the publicity, she’s a star all on her own and dated a not so overly publicized actor for more than 10 years to then go to bearding for RR? That woman knows the game better than RR and SJ ever will, as if she would allow such a snotty brat to play her for his own game + he dumped her, he was in the position to drop her ass. Theron would have been a perfect beard and he drops her! Idiot.
        – Johansson: now her star is fading and people are losing their interest but back in the day, she could have anybody. Any young pretty and talented A/B-lister back then would have qualified and she choose RR. Have you seen her with Penn? Two people who love sex and she wasn’t afraid to show it. Why on earth would she want to beard then? As if SJ would choose somebody who wasn’t into her emotionally and sexually. She’s way too vain and bitchy for that :). I think RR was very compatible with her and she was a dumb broad for letting that go and let Penn play her.

        Yes, I do think Leo could also play for the other team but he picks up female models. Even when trying to fly under the radar, he was never caught chatting up a dude to take home. Plus, he likes to “share” his women. Ugh, he’s a douche. Lively is now known for climbing up the social ladder through sex (that’s having “game” apparently, sigh), why would she choose a man that has gay rumours swirling around him? She could have stuck with Leo D. then but I think she has her reasons to choose RR. Again, she’s a young person who uses her body to climb up, she could’ve picked somebody better and “straighter” (she fooled around with Gosling too) but she didn’t which makes me think she knows what she’s doing and knows who to choose to use for her advantage. Which makes me think: RR is not gay.

        Also Badgley: Zoe dumped FASSBENDER to go with him. *coughs* Fassbender >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Badgley: in fame, looks, personality, style, maturity so please why are we thinking he’s gay (or bi) if Zoe has absolutely nothing to gain from that relationship? Maybe Fassy was a dick to her (highly possible) but still that can’t be the only reason to run to Badgley?

        Ok, done analyzing. I think too much about this kind of stuff :D.

      • Iggles says:

        I love rebuttals too! Haha, they’re fun 😀

        Anyway, I gotta say I don’t have a good theory for what happened between RR and Alanis (she’s so awesome!). She seemed devastated by their split, and he ran off and got married pretty soon after.

        I’m guessing, Alanis is part of the industry and RR is a “leading man” (or least they were trying to make him into a big action star), so outing him publicly would have a negative effect on her career behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

        But that’s all conjecture. Honestly, I had a hard time believing RR plays for the other team, but my source swears up and down that he is. And that ScarJo visited him on the set of one his films and caught him in a trailer with a blond… dude.

        As for Leo, being seen with/dating some of the most beautiful girls in the world (i.e., being model chaser) gives one the reputation of being a playboy, which is precisely the type of image a closeted actor might want to throw off claims of being gay. So dating models doesn’t establish he’s straight in my opinion.

        As for Penn and Zoe.. Don’t believe the hype! They’re friends, not lovers! More PR shenanigans, haha (albiet, I’m sure his publicist is pushing this story more than hers — if she even has one, that is). Zoe didn’t dump Fassy for Penn (I’m not sure she and Fassbender ever put a label on their relationship). She hasn’t spoken about the state of any of her romantic relationships in the press, so it’s more of ‘let them print what they will’!

        So, there are my rebuttals 🙂

      • NM9005 says:

        *rebuttal dance*

        Yeah I love Morissette too :).

        The album lyrics about her break-up with RR:

        In Praise of the Vulnerable Man says enough for me. If he’s really gay then he’s doing an awful good job hiding it. I would think that experienced women like Theron and Morissette would figure that shit out within a heartbeat. But he’s an actor after all.
        Also, Morissette set her stamp in music history a long time ago and is known to be very independent, strong, intellectual and bad-ass. She would have to do something very evil to lose that status and outing RR would not be that evil. You would think that singing a song about her relationship with a 29-year old man when she was 14 would hurt her career and it didn’t. Or singing about going down on Dave frigging Coulier but it didn’t. I don’t see how much worse you can go from there honestly 😀 Alanis will always be bigger than RR if not for her intelligence alone. RR is a puppet who has to learn lines and hit a mark, Morissette is a woman who writes lyrics inspired by her life.

        Yeah, I tend to think Fassbender and Kravitz were more or less fuckbuddies anyway. But still, Fassbender was the one with status so having Kravitz didn’t help build him a better image and Kravitz herself isn’t important enough to build Badgley’s image so I don’t know what’s going on there. In general, I tend to believe Kravitz doesn’t like being a highly publicized celeb and doesn’t like playing the game. It’s a mystery but that makes it more interesting to me!

        Leo is a douche but a fine actor so I don’t really find his sexuality important. It’s more the way he treats his partners that worries me. I tend to think he’s straight since his friends are the modern Brat Pack. It would seem odd that he’s a closeted man between all those brawling überstraight men who swing their dicks and status around :D, but hey you never know!

        Gosh, I always write so much, I should start a blog! 😀

      • Karen says:

        NM9005- Please please PLEASE write a blog!!! I have room to add more gossip blogs to my reading list so get on that now will you??? LOL!!!

  3. Jackie says:

    he is soooo dumb.

    i can’t even listen to him talk for longer than 10 seconds because of his overuse of the words ‘like’ and ‘you know’. he sounds like an incoherent 13 year old.

    sandra must have been really desperate to marry this guy.

    • Snowpea says:

      It’s common knowledge he is hung like a donkey (or an ass in this case he he) AND he’s a ‘bad boy’…these two factors alone are an irresistible combination for some women.

      • d says:

        Is being hung really all that? I mean, maybe this is oversharing, but try out those one of big vibes and you know what, it’s not all that great. Painful, doesn’t do your vag any good over the long term, etc., etc., and meh, … give me average any day.

  4. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    He also said, the only way these guys are going to beat me is if one of them makes a “Miss Congeniality” bike.

    Also, when his daughter came home from school he made her count to ten in GERMAN (which immediately brought to mind his fondness for Nazi memorabilia and Hitler salutes).

    • Silk Spectre says:

      Sandra is half german and very good at that language. I think she taught his daughter some words.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Ok when it comes to Jesse it is definitely suspect that he’s teaching his kid German as Spanish would be more practical and he has no German language background in his family that I know of. However, there’s nothing wrong with German as a language and it is a worthwhile language to learn. My child speaks it because his dad is German. (And we often speak it at home too.) So I would give him a pass on the German thing.

      I didn’t know that about the Miss Congeniality bike though, that’s obnoxious!

      -edit- thanks Silk I forgot about Sandra’s late mom being German!

      • Iggles says:

        Wow, I thought Jesse’s family was German too! Very weird that he’s teaching his kids to speak it, given the nazi pictures and memorabilia he has…

        But of course, I agree there’s nothing wrong with German as a language! English is actually a Germanic language, even though we’ve incorporated words from so many other languages! I wanted to study it back in college for foreign language but we didn’t have a course available 🙁

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I certainly wasn’t implying anything other than the fact that it was suspect. German is most certainly useful, particularly when you have family that speaks the language. I just think his wanting Sunny to learn the language has more to do with his nazi fascination than it does with his interest in German culture as a whole.

        Also, that “Miss Congeniality” dig was super obnoxious. Definitely his way of taking Sandra down a peg, being as though it wasn’t exactly an Oscar worthy performance.

  5. dorothy says:

    He’s back? I thought we got rid of that loser. Will not be watching thatshow.

  6. Jaded says:

    He reminds me of the playground bully who gets a well-deserved thrashing, then starts whining about how he didn’t deserve it and it’s everyone else’s fault, etc. etc. That passive aggro schtick is tired Jesse, give it a rest and thank your lucky stars someone will actually hire you for something other than changing oil in a gas station.

  7. bea says:

    Get thee to a Hooters!

  8. emb says:

    He must have a magic dick, otherwise, WHY would anyone be attracted to him?

  9. pwal says:

    So let me see if I have this right… dude had the stones to rock Nazi paraphernalia, flagrantly cheat with numerous questionable women, and yet big bad Sandra prevented him from ‘talking to anybody anymore’?


  10. TXCinderella says:


  11. Jessica says:

    Me and my husband watched this last night, Paul Sr.’s bike is not a bike at all, its the most ridiculous thing Ive ever seen. Jr.’s bike, not something you can ride – the rivets or whatever they are called, and the exhaust on the gas tank??? Seriously?
    I think Jesse James beat them out.. You had to watch the show to understand..

    • Girl says:

      I didn’t see JJs bike but yes, the other bikes were awful. The trike I saw last night was terrible also.

    • Nancy says:

      Nah Jr.’s bike was clearly the best one JJ bike looked just like all his other ones.

      • Jessica says:

        Jr’s bike is not a logical piece of equipment (mufflers by the tank? rivets holding bike together???) and I would be scared for anyone to ride it. The gas tank issue is what really freaks me out!

  12. Silk Spectre says:

    I just sneaked to that Discovery site and voted for another bike b/c a**hole doesn’t deserve to win.

    • Jessica says:

      Just because you dont like what he does (did) in his personal life, doesnt mean he shouldnt have a fair shot at something.. thats quite childish if you ask me. Yeah he made bad decision after another (after another) but Jesse James DOES have talent, he is a genious when it comes to bikes and cars (Monster Garage).

      • Bee says:

        Get over it. I just voted too against him, simply for the fact that he is a douchebag.

      • waldemar says:

        If you read all the comments on that discovery voting page you can see that you are they only one who thinks like that

        I voted against him too, while I was there.

      • Jessica says:

        Oh well, to each his own. Sorry for having an opinion different than everyone elses.

      • Jayna says:

        But he brought in his asshole remark that had no place in this competition. It was a diss to an ex-wife he wronged – some actress. Class. You reap what you sow.

  13. madpoe says:

    Some actress?!?
    Some Oscar winning actress??
    I don’t see the attraction Bullock had for this dude! Was she tryin’ to get into heaven?

    My fave saying “you can’t fix stupid!”

    • Alix says:

      The most vicious word in his statement is “some”. As in, “I forget what her name was”.

      King of the Dickheads

      • Jessica says:

        He called her “Sandi” later on in the conversation..

      • Jessica says:

        He probably feels like crap because he knows what he did, and what he is…. the man can sure build some bikes though!!

      • Karen says:

        @Jessica – There’s no need to speak on his behalf: “He probably feels like crap because he knows what he did, and what he is…”. All of his statements to the media do not reflect him “feeling like crap” about anything. If you are a fan of his bike making talents, so be it. But a lot of people who may have been somewhat interested in him because he was married to Sandy Bullock no longer want anything to do with him. In fact, some have been driven to vote for others in that contest simply because they can’t stand him.

        I don’t even have the energy to visit the Discovery Channel website to find out if Canadians can vote because if we were allowed, I too would cast my vote for *anybody* but JJ. Blech!!!

  14. Leticia says:

    he’s repulsive. looks like a convict. can you imagine the cooties he has?

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I wonder if JJ is one of those loogies who ride around with loud pipes and a beannie cap instead of a real helmet – it would be interesting to see his helmet. I wonder also if Sandra ever went riding with him.

    • Bee says:

      Oh my gosh… did you just call this guy a “loogie”- as in that snot you cough up out of your throat?! LOVING IT!!!! Thanks for making my day with your oh-so-appropriate description of this asshole.

  16. Lem says:

    Is that “pay up sucker” ink on his hand new?
    I think it might be newish
    FWIW, those voting against him just to vote against him… SR. IS A COMPLETE {insert badwords here} and JR is more or less a tool as well.

  17. susan says:

    aren’t we done with this d*ckw**d yet?

  18. Day says:

    Bitter, hateful man.

  19. whatevs says:

    really what was he famous for before bullock? i have never even heard of him until that award ceremony and his cheating with a racist whore after that. is he an actor or something? serious question.

    • Cathy says:

      He’s had a reality show called Monster Garage and he also builds motorcycles. Besides that he’s famous for being a lying, cheating, douchebag famewhore.

  20. skuddles says:

    Jesse would you get it right already! Repeat after me…I married a famous Hollywood actress and became a Nazi-pig-screwing whiny gorilla bitch with a massive persecution complex. Yeesh.

  21. Toot says:

    Everytime I see/hear JJ I wonder what Sandra is truly like to be attracted to and stay with this man as long as she did.

  22. KsGirl says:

    “I feel obligated to reconnect with all these people…”

    Riiiiight. I’m sure he DIDN’T EVEN KNOW that there would be TV cameras!

    I agree with the above poster: loogie. And yes, that is a hilarious insult.

  23. serena says:

    what a shi-head.
    It’s not ‘I became a big shot AND married some hollywood actress (f–king idiot)’ it’s ‘I married an hollywood actress and I became a big shot’.

  24. Aqua says:

    I love Sandra,but know one really knows what goes on behind closed doors between two people.(in no way an I saying she deserved what he did to her)Jessie must accept responsibility for what has happened in his life and how it has turned out.To constantly bring up his marriage to Sandra when she has clearly moved on with her life proves to me that he has a lot of issues to work out in his life and until he does he should not even think of entering into a new relationship with anyone.He should just work on his career,raise his children and quietly leave Sandra alone to raise her son.

  25. Callumna says:

    What they who sleep with this get is crabs, and a white supremacist who was so nasty he put a ring on a porn skank. And made a porn baby due to obviously unprotected sex with that.

    I don’t know how someone like Sandra fell for it. Either a good woman/BAD mistake or she’s a closet freak.

  26. dragonlady sakura says:

    He needs a muzzle for christmas.

  27. Victoria says:

    He’s just so fugly both on the inside and out and I just don’t understand what Sandy saw in him. He just looks like he belongs in a room with a bunch dirty sluts, liquor and a collection of Mein Kampf first editions he’s been acquiring since childhood.

    And blaming Sandra for your inability to keep in touch your fans or audience is bullshit. Sandra was with you because you were lowkey from the beginning it seemed and she’s that kind of person to. Private. So you mean to tell me that Sands just didn’t want you to talk to anybody at all even though the pap photos showed you guys going to friends’ houses and stuff all the time? Mein arse.

  28. this blog is mostly wanabe bikers who never ever biult a chopper let alone a moped!I know ive biult a lot of choppers over the years and know how hard it is to build a WHOLE bike by yourself! jessy was set up! paul jr had how many people help him biuld that piece of crap? make him do the whole bike by him self,then you will see HE CAN NOT DO IT !real get real!

  29. this is total BULLSHIT! and no one would say anything to jessys face! thats whats what screwed this country up! too many assholes who talk trash with nothing to back it up! and NO clue what they are talking about!

    • Sandman says:

      Never built a bike, just ride’em. That said, the build off was to see who could build the best and most original bike. SR lost his mind and made an electric snow mobile. JJ, talented though he is, made what he always makes. JR showed why imagination and creativity are necessary, because without it you apparently either A) become unable to admit your company sucks at designing bikes because you fired the designer that put you on the map and your current designer is a window licker or B) you slowly begin to realize that being a syphilitic over the hill biker bad boy with more tattoos than original ideas

  30. Sandman says:

    could be detrimental to your company and reputation since an upstart company that only been in operation for 18 months just handed you your hind end on national TV.

  31. Sandman says:

    Oh yeah, and Rick Petko needs to leave OCC for PJD. Jesse James just needs to shut up, build bikes and maybe start thinking up some fresh ideas. For what it’s worth, he probably is the best builder alive right now (RIP Larry).

  32. Sandman says:

    But I could be wrong.

  33. Rich V says:

    I just watched “Blacksmith”. When is this clown gonna stop complaining. His life is so tough. He took millions of $ from The Discovery channel (who put him on the map), then bitches about not having any privacy. GROW UP !!. If he pulled this shit on the east coast, Indian Larry would come back from the dead to slap this idiot, til he cried like the bitch he was on 20/20. boo fuckin boo..Try actually working for a living you whining child.

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