Kim Richards is in rehab; Taylor’s daughter was there when she found Russell dead

I feel guilty when I don’t keep up with shows I used to watch. So that’s a preface for the fact that I haven’t been watching RHOBH all the way through this season and have missed the past couple of episodes. After Russell Armstrong killed himself I got all morally outraged and vowed not to watch it anymore, but of course I gossip for a living so my standards are pretty low and I couldn’t stay away. The show did lose some of its luster this season though, and it took on a kind of scary edge. The women seemed more sad, wasteful and petty to me and the catfights that used to be fun got mean and uncomfortable.

There’s some news today about Kim Richards, Paris Hilton’s aunt, and Kyle’s very slurry, loopy sister. She’s in rehab again and finally. Kim has seemed out of it this entire season and I’ve often wondered why producers even let her drive. Here’s a clip from The Soup where she seems especially gone. (And here’s a link to another clip where she mumbles and admits that she’s been using air freshener in her mouth for a week.)

A few weeks ago on the show, Kim admitted to Adrienne’s plastic surgeon husband Paul that she was on Topamax, Lexapro and Trazodone, all prescribed to her by doctors. Whatever she was on she was obviously pretty far gone most of the time. She’s checked into inpatient rehab for the second time. Kim did attend a week’s worth of rehab last year after her drunken disastrous fight with Kyle on the first season’s closer, but checked herself out before completing treatment.

On last night’s episode Taylor freaked out at Camille for confronting Taylor about her (now deceased, but still living at the time that was filmed) husband’s abuse. Taylor was screaming and crying at Camille for talking about it on the show and potentially putting her and her daughter in danger. It all went down at a party thrown by Brandi. It sounds like a formulaic rehash of last season’s big fight: throw a bunch of Housewives and their friends together at a party, get them wasted and have them pick fights with each other. It’s like the producers are prodding them but the emotions are real. Both The Daily Mail and E! have recaps if you’re interested.

Taylor told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” about how she discovered her husband’s body after he committed suicide in August. (You can watch a clip on Gawker.) She admitted that her five year old daughter was there with her with then found him. It really made me uncomfortable to see her explain that, and to recount what her daughter said when they found the body, “Did daddy do something dumb?” It just seems like Taylor had no right to violate her daughter’s privacy like that. Just because the girl is five doesn’t mean that Taylor gets to tell the world intimate details about her. Taylor also has a memoir coming out in February called Hiding from Reality.

Here’s a preview of the show.

These photos are from 5-18-11. Isn’t Kim’s boyfriend a winner? Credit: Juan Rico/Fame

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  1. brin says:

    I hope Kim and Taylor leave the show.

    • Madisyn says:

      Mornin brin

      Taylor and Kim NEED to leave the show for their own sanity. These two have ‘issues’ that should NEVER be filmed for a ‘reality’ TV show.

      • brin says:

        Hi Madisyn…totally agree, they are brnging the wrong kind of drama to the show. They need to deal with their issues off the show.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hi ladies! (It’s a late one for me.) All these people are just a mess. Not even hot messes; just injection-filled messes.)

  2. littleFATme says:

    I’m sure it’s just exhaustion. That’s all! She’s just tired.
    As far as Taylor’s daughter goes: “Did daddy do something dumb?” I’m not convinced that was her response. Also, that is the first I heard the child was there! So sad.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Very sad! Last year, my friend’s 8 year old son found his father dead of a heroin overdose. He’s been in therapy for the past year to help him deal with it. No doubt it will be something forever on his mind. I hope Taylor cares enough about her little girl to get her help.

      • LittleFATMe says:

        When Andy asked her what she says to the girl she said that she explains it in ways that grief counselors have told her to. I believe she also made reference to the fact that both she and the child are in therapy and doing as well as they can be expected because of it.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, that poor baby.

  3. Jackson says:

    Yes, surprise surprise, Taylor has another book coming out. Hopefully she just disappears after this.

  4. DesertRose says:

    It is uncomfortable this season, the women are taking it to all new levels of grossness, between Brandi’s inappropriate mouth, Kim being a trainwreck, Kyle mean girling everyone in sight, and damned Taylor with all her social climbing bs. I really did like these gals the first go round, but this time, I don’t like watching any of them. It seems to me they should have scaled back Taylor’s role in the show and removed Russel completely. Everytime they show him I feel weirded out. Like I shouldn’t be watching.

  5. Marjalane says:

    So are they all going to apologize to that Brandi chick? She was the only one honest enough to point out that Kim had “some issues”. It’s SUCH B.S. that these plastic, wannabe stars go on a REALITY TV show and then get pissed because someone tells the truth about them. If I see that catfaced Adrienne stand there with her giant lips pursed, looking all judgemental, but without the courage to actually contribute something, I’m going to scream! Who’d have thought Camille would end up as the most rational, likeable one?

    • DesertRose says:

      I would never apologize to someone who accused me of crystal meth use like Brandi did to Kim. I understand that the nasty behavior of the Richard’s sisters made Brandi go on the offense that day, but there are things that you never say. Not in someone’s living room. I like Brandi, but she needs to get a filter on that mouth.

      • DarkEmpress says:

        She didnt accuse her of meth. Brandi said she had been around drug addicts and that Kim was acting like she was on something. It was definitely true. Brandi is very crass and does say inappropriate things but she started off fine at the party. They just were picking on her. How childish to hide someone’s crutches. Also they said they didnt like her and didn’t want her on their team. Then kyle had to be snarky and make a remark about her taking an IQ test. The whole thing was pathetic. I used to think that Kyle had some class but Kim brings out the worst in her.

      • DesertRose says:

        For sure Kyle and Kim were being nasty that night. For sure something to the effect of “At least I’m not holed up in the bathroom all night doing crystal meth” came out of Brandi’s mouth. She didn’t hint around at it, she outright accused her of it. Brandi seems nice, but needs to keep it in check. And Kyle is the ultimate mean girl. Beautiful house, kids, all the material possessions in the world, and a handsome husband that I bet sleeps around. Only reason I can think of why she would be so bitter underneath. Or she’s jealous that she never ‘made it’ in Hollywood. I dunno. She’s nasty. Her whole look-at-how-flexible-I-am shtick is icky.

      • Marjalane says:

        O.K., here’s the thing about celebrities being sent to rehab: It is ALWAYS downplayed to the least offensive substance. It was written that it was “alcohol and other substances.” Personally, I happen to think Kim probably is a methhead, and maybe it was not the *most* appropriate thing for Brandi to say, but those Richard sisters had been so frickin’ nasty to her, that I don’t blame her for saying it. It is HILARIOUS that with all their baggage, (esp. Kim!) they think they can trash talk someone they feel (unjustly) superior to. It’s a dumb show and I’m probably still paying attention at this point because I am actively hoping that Kyle’s husband dumps her bitchy ass.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ DesertRose: The Richards sisters deserved what they got for their own actions. Kyle spent several episodes criticizing Brandi’s kid & her for her mothering skills. She even mentioned it again at Game Night.

        And it was obvious that there is something wrong with Kim this season. It was reported at the end of last season that she went to rehab for a split second and then quit. Now she’s in rehab again. Even Kyle, who last year admitted Kim was an alcoholic, spent Game Night smelling & tasting Kim’s “coffee” and then following Kim on her multiple trips to the bathroom. Kyle was on Kim like white on rice that night. Kim even admitted that she hadn’t slept in a week or whatever and was having problems focusing & was going thru major panic attacks. Kim acted like she was really high. Hell, in later episodes, Kim admitted to spraying her mouth with room deodorizer for a week instead of breath freshener, and that the only way she stopped was when someone else had to point it out to her. Otherwise, she’d prolly still be inhaling Febreeze or whatever it was. Even Paul & his bodyguard knew she was high or intoxicated. Kim said she was on a cocktail of meds, but that doesn’t explain why she & close family members never thought to ask her why she’s acting differently. Weird. IIRC, Paul said on camera that Kim shouldn’t even be driving.

        Anyways, Brandi has repeatedly apologized for the crystal meth comment, tho it’s something I was wondering too given Kim being out of her mind much of the time. And Brandi has been trying to be Kim’s friend, but Kim has completely forgotten or refuses to realize that she & Kyle brought it upon themselves. Maybe that’s one reason Kim as issues. She thinks she’s never wrong about anything she does. She can’t cop to anything.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Of course not! That would imply humility, of which these women have none.

  6. RobN says:

    Her boyfriend appears to be married.

    • michkabibbles says:

      it’s a promise ring that she gave him! and yes i know this because i saw that episode. and he’s not that attractive, but they seem sweet together. maybe he’ll give her some stability.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I think they’re perfect for each other, she’s an addict and he appears to be one as well. There’s just something about him that says he likes his drink and/or drugs. I hope I’m wrong and that he’s a good influence and possibly her reason for seeking help; but I suspect he may be just another enabler.

  7. Rhiley says:

    Aren’t all of the other housewives now turning on Taylor and are pushing to hvae her off the show? They don’t like the attention she is seeking or something. The fight last night was really uncomfortable to watch. These women should not drink anything… alcohol, water, tea,… together. They drink and then all hell breaks loose. Taylor seems manic. Her eyes look really weird this season too like she is looped up on something. Also, I couldn’t watch her on WWHL last night. What kind of people enjoy listening talk about the problems she has brought upon herself? She needs serious help. Oh, one last thing, the part with the cigarette was super crazy and kind of scary. If I was trapped in a car with someone acting like that, I think I would open the door and jump, even if we were riding down a freeway.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I didn’t see last nights episode, but I agree that Taylor has appeared manic at times. Remember the episode at Camille’s ski house where she freaked out over not being able to find her makeup bag and thought there was a giant conspiracy to hide it from her. Then she crawled into a closet and hid in a suitcase? Definitely something off about her.

      • DarkEmpress says:

        I think the one thing Taylor needs is a true friend. She always seems so sad insecure and fragile and unfortunately she is surrounded by vacant self-absorbed women. She definitely has some issues but considering the abusive relationship she was going through it is understandable.

    • Emma says:

      That’s exactly why Pandora is worried about her Mum inviting these women to her wedding. I would be too. 🙂

      I think the problem is that the ‘mix’ is all wrong on the show. Kim, Kyle, and Taylor should never have been a part of this show. The three of them seem to have serious issues. Kim and Taylor’s issues are obvious, but I think Kyle is insecure about aging. I think she and Kim are both jealous of Brandi–her youth, her height, and her body.

      And ‘man’ is Kyle ever the little instigator! In the limousine, she urged Taylor to ‘speak her mind’ to Camille, even after Taylor confessed that Camille had text her several times to apologize.

    • daisydoodle says:

      It’s pretty obvious that Taylor was not only drunk, but also on some kind of “meds”. I don’t live in Beverly Hills, but I do know, that all “my ladies” here have a medicine cabinet fulled to the brim with prescription medications.

      • Lllllll says:

        That was my thought too; I’m not a doc, but this screams anti-depressants to me- which isn’t a big deal in and of itself, but they can do odd things to a person when mixed with alcohol. Taylor/Shauna was completely unhinged.

  8. me says:

    kims boyfriend is super ugly. it looks like someone squished his face.

  9. jojo says:

    Not only is this guy unattractive but he sets off my Gaydar in a Harvey Firestein sort of way BIGTIME.

  10. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Taylor makes me so uncomfortable this season. I wish she would get her lip implants out. They look so absurd. More importantly (needless to say), I just want her to get therapy that brings her self-esteem up! I mean it’s so dysfunctional and sad. And Kyle should have defended Camille. It was not fair to Camille, but it also wasn’t fair to Taylor! When we are being irrational we need our friends to bring us back and not enable our delusional thinking. Everyone was saying that Taylor was pathetic for staying w/ him but then bitching about him abusing her, and Camille was the only one brave enough to say something. I think Kyle should have told her what she was telling the cameras–that Camille merely said what everyone else was thinking. By saying that she’d have “her back” w/ Camille at the party, Kyle unwittingly allowed Taylor to make a fool of herself by once again acting so wronged & out of control. If there was abuse, the issue was leaving–not whether the abuse was addressed.

  11. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Oh and Brandi (& her hair extensions!) was so cute & likable last night.

  12. Po says:

    I’m sorry but I refuse to just assume that Taylor is telling the truth about her deceased husband. There’s something not right about her, and I’m not talking about the fact that she stayed in the relationship. There’s something weird about what she tells these women when the cameras are off and what she says when the cameras are on.
    Before everyone jumps down my throat for not believing her just think about it. Taylor says that she was acting like the classic abused women because she was too scared to leave and too scared to tell but she told Kim, Camille, Adrienne, and I believe Lisa about it and she says Lisa wasn’t even her friend. So if she’s running around Beverly Hills telling people about this abuse how can she tell Andy last night that she was upset with Camille for saying it out loud because she feared for her safety. She’s already told 4 people, who probably told another 4 people, etc. Her comments are contradictory and the fact that she is telling people the story of finding her dead husband with her daughter in the room this soon after it happened is highly questionable behaviour. From last season to this season I believe the same thing. Something about Taylor isn’t right and I wonder when its all going to come out.

  13. OXA says:

    I was sewing so did not see it but I heard it all & I couldnt believe my ears. Taylor is a total nutter who needs to join Kim Richards, maybe in a locked facility.
    Here is an exclusive interview about the bday bash from the mothers of Russel Armstrongs other kids.

  14. Madisyn says:

    Last nights episode was ‘uncomfortable’ to watch. Taylor is not right in the head. To be holding this grudge against Camille for saying what all the other ‘housewives’ were thinking is ludicrous. Blaming Camille for ‘putting her and her daughter in danger’ for saying out loud what Kyle says in ‘confessional’ (of course Taylor wouldn’t know that) is absurd.

    Camille summed it up beautifully at the end of the episode saying along the lines of ‘SHE’S putting her daughter and herself in danger if she stays with an abuser’. True

    I know Kim hates Brandi and Lisa didn’t want to attend a ‘bj party’ (it wasn’t, it was changed) but they were the lucky ones not to attend.

    It was soo wrong for Taylor to RUIN Brandi’s party and flip out at Camille in someone elses house. I found it interesting Taylor had enough ‘sense’ (see NOT drinking) at Adrienne’s house and respect her party and not ruin it by confronting Camille. It should have been done in private. (and by private, I mean with the cameras rolling, obviously, but just the two of them).

    Oh and Kyle, what a first rate bitch. Getting on Brandi and acting INDIGNANT for Brandi asking them (Taylor and Kyle, who rode together to the party) to leave when it was apparent Taylor was irrational and things were not calming down. Kyle is soo jealous of Brandi its pathetic. I wonder how ‘UNDERSTANDING’ Kyle would have been if this ‘fight’ between Camille’s friend and Taylor had happened and ruined HER Cinco de Mayo party at HER HOUSE?

    • Heather M (Heather) says:


    • gab says:

      YES, Madison, exactly! Kyle is so two faced and insecure. She is the one to instigate a lot of the cat fights ever so (not) subtly. Taylor needs to take a good long look at herself and her responsibilities and roles she has played rather than trying so desperately to convince everyone else that she is such a super victim. She was pretty aggressive herself starting with her “outside!” order to Camille.

      • Madisyn says:

        “Kyle is so two faced and insecure. She is the one to instigate a lot of the cat fights ever so (not) subtly”.

        Now its my turn to agree with you. You’ll notice, not too many ‘housewives’ were at Kyles little shindig that was VERY important to her husband. (Don’t blame Pandora one iota for not wanting these people she barely knows at her wedding wreaking havoc, reality show ‘scripted’ or not) She does instigate and she’s also doing it in a more subtle way so if she gets called on it (in front of the two people she’s pitting against each other), she can say “I didn’t mean it that way” or “thats not EXACTLY what I said” when in fact, it was clearly IMPLIED.

        As for the INSECURITY, thats two fold, in my opinion. One, the only really RICH housewives are Adrienne, Lisa, and Camille. If you saw the season ender last year Kyle inferred she ‘helps’ support Kim, who has no visable means of support. Taylor also, not so rich. Lives WAAYYY beyond her means and is just trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’, which of course, puts you in even further debt. I’m not saying Kyle isn’t well off, her husband is a sucessful ‘high end’ real estate agent but I think she’s jealous of the other threes money and careers. Adrienne and Lisa have multiple businesses and Camille has some entertainment business stuff going on and is hustling for more. What does Kyle do for a living?

        “She was pretty aggressive herself starting with her “outside!” order to Camille”.

        Thats what got Camilles friend DeDe’s dander up. Camille was calm. I think she ‘snaps’ at the other housewives because when your in an abusive marriage and are always ‘walking on eggeshells’, somethings gotta give. I think thats why she seems to make ‘mountains out of moehills’ because she can’t ‘vent’ at her husband without fear of reprisals. Sad really, she need HELP!

        Her bahavior was atrocious and embarrassing, I hope she see’s how poorly she looked and how Camille came out ‘smelling like a rose’ this episode and seeks counseling.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Ah, Mad, I love ya, honey! I don’t watch these “reality shows” (as you well know) but I love that I can count on you for an honest (non-arse-kissing) recap of this moving disaster!

      And while it’s hazardous to stay with an abuser, sometimes it’s more hazardous to leave when it’s not the right time. (TRUTH.)

      • Madisyn says:

        Belle, I love you too. I know you don’t watch but this was really a ‘disturbing’ episode to watch. I know MOST of these fights are ‘scripted’ and the fights, arguments are usually petty, catty, and bitchy. This was not ‘fun’ to watch, as you could tell, this was real ‘raw’ emotion. This woman Taylor was honestly hurting and in fear for her life. Of course, this was not Camille’s fault. Taylor ‘implied’ that if Russell found out, he’d hurt her. Well in ‘confessional’, all the other women said the same. So if Russell were alive today and he beat Taylor because she ‘told’, she could not BLAME Camille, as they ALL were worried for her safety.

        I was always on the fence about Taylors claims of abuse because she has the proverbial ‘victim’ mentality and is ‘desperate’ for attention, but the FEAR in her eyes this episode has ME convinced he abused her physically, at the very least.

        As for whether it was ‘hazardous’ for her to stay or leave, that only Taylor knows for sure, that I won’t comment on, but I know where your going.

  15. LondonLady says:

    I feel bad for all these ladies who have this Taylor woman blame them for “putting her in danger” or “not being her friend”. She is a verbally abusive woman who needed to walk away from her physically husband to save her daughter from a life of abuse, but liked her big house too much to do it. How is that for selfish…

    Also, enough with the Lisa bashing, its getting really outlandish. Of course Adrienne wants to “let it go and move on”. She is in the wrong. I think its disgusting that she tries to wreck Pandora’s wedding with all this bachelorette party stuff. She even went to her wedding. How classless and rude.

    Goodbye Taylor, Kim and Adrienne. Hello some new people Bravo!

  16. dorothy says:

    Tired of Taylors drama. Also, used to really love Kyle, but she’s really shown her colors this year. She’s just a mean, hateful woman. Shockingly..Brandi seems to be the sane one of the group. At least she’s honest.

  17. Stacia says:

    What a mug her BF has.

  18. Kim says:

    Who watches this show anymore?? Honestly this is the sorriest bunch of fame whoring women I have ever seen. First season was ok but i checked out after episode 1 of this season. The women are all trying to outdo each other and are immature idiots!

    Adrienne seems somewhat normal. Camille is ok. Lisa is a huge instigator and i cant believe the women continue to fall for it. They are all train wrecks in mid life crisis looking for attention. Kyle is pathological & Taylor is sick sick sick in the head. Kim is kind of funny because at least she has an “excuse” of being drunk as to why she acts like such a nut. What is Kyle & Taylors excuse?

  19. HadleyB says:

    I never thought I would say this after last year but after this year .. I like Camille. She comes off as classy lately. And she is looking good.

    Last year she looked haggard which I am assuming was because she was up 24/7 wondering about her a-hole husband and what he was up to and her marriage.

    But she is bouncing back, I just wish she would be a tad more spunky and say her mind.

    Taylor and Kim shouldn’t even be on here, especially Kim. She does nothing.. except drugs it seems and complain.

    Kyle is insecure about her body, aging and her husband cheating on her which, from how she goes on and on about great her marriage is, he already is, was or continues to do so and is constantly worried one day he will just leave her for a new younger model instead of just cheating.

    I think this season kinda sucks because they re-edited it after Russells death and cut out a lot stuff and there you go…

    I heard Lisa isn’t coming back next year and didn’t move so she is no longer across from Adrienne?

    • Karen says:

      Loved her comment that she didn’t put Taylor and her child in danger, Taylor did. Taylor is an insipid fame whore. Go Camille!!

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Am I the only one who loved Kelsey Grammer’s comment that this show was his “parting gift” to Ms. Camille Donatacci?

  21. Fue McCormick says:

    Kim Richards would be a lot more attractive if she let her hair go dark. The blonde does not work for her. I also think she should get blue contacts …

    • gab says:

      Unfortunately no matter what she does to improve her appearance, she seems vapid and insecure. I cannot see anything attractive about this person. I pity her children.

  22. Wildone says:

    They are all trash every single one of them, a bunch of fake ass people looking for a pay day and yes I talking about Brandi also.

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, Mad, my dear me.

    That is so awful. I don’t doubt the abuse claims, but I don’t like that they’re being used for profit.

    Some stuff, that’s just off limits. And abuse is definitely one of those things.

    I CANNOT IMAGINE using my abuse experience (put politely) for financial/promotional gain. I would rather die. But I also don’t wish ill-will on anyone else who has suffered abuse.

    I just question the motives of publicity of said abuse. It’s one thing if it’s a PSA, but quite another if it’s just “oh, poor little me.”

    (It is SO HUMILIATING to obtain a restraining order and cite all of the instances of abuse. I mean, it’s enough to make a woman not want to even try for one. It is so thoroughly humiliating. The local cops; the sheriffs’ dept; the court system. Dear God, it’s an awful experience.)

    • Madisyn says:


      I too, wish no ill-will towards Taylor but she is using the situation to profit and get attention, IMO.

      On the show, she’s definetly “oh, poor little me.”

      • the original bellaluna says:

        It truly is a mortifying experience.

        I understand fearing for your life (and the life of your child, which is usually what motivates you to leave).

        I understand the humiliation. There is truly nothing like having to document EVERY. SINGLE. INCIDENT. of abuse at the Sheriff’s Office just to obtain a restraining order. It’s like re-living the abuse all over again. (So, SO HUMILIATING.)

        But to put it out there and profit from it? I’d rather die.

  24. anne_000 says:

    Nevermind that Kyle spent the night obsessed with Brandi again. She kept on and on about Brandi not having a bra on, then pulled out a laser beam and kept aiming it at Brandi’s breasts. She also made fun Brandi’s entertainment, the belly dancing teacher who was also frustrated at Kyle ruining her demo class. And, while in the limo ride over, Kyle was pushing Taylor to speak her mind to Camille. Instigator much? Then Kyle slapped Brandi’s hand after Brandi rightfully told Taylor that she needs to leave.

    Taylor is the type of person who will act up, so long as she has an audience. And the more ppl around her, the more hysterical, emotional, & dramatic she becomes. The best thing for everybody, including Taylor, was for Taylor to leave. And Kyle, another drama-addict, thought leaving was a bad idea? Really?

    Wasn’t it Kyle who had to pull Taylor away from the railing cuz Taylor ‘pretended’ she was going to jump over the railing to her death? Wasn’t it Taylor who, in the middle of the party, went outside by herself, sat in front of the window & threw herself a one-woman pity party? She got what she wanted, people to beg her to come back in again. Then she sat next to Camille, and started to rag on her to Adrienne. Uh, hello drama queen. Then she barked at Camille “OUTSIDE” and then started a major tantrum.

    And the only time Kyle thought Taylor was acting inappropriately was in the limo when Taylor was screaming for a light for her cigarette. Oh brother.

  25. Callumna says:

    I watched the Beverly trainwreck this week. I’m happy to get this off my chest. I feel ill that I watched it.

    I didn’t know THAT’s what she was talking about. The “did daddy do something dumb?” story was about her 5 year old finding her psycho con artist that helped her buy her way on t.v. but abused her hanging from her roof because she exposed him to be on Bravo?

    And then she joked about her bizarre plastic surgery?

    Andy Cohen, Kardashians and Hiltons. Only people willing to use murders to get their reality show audience. Too. Dang. Much.

  26. Seal Team 6 says:

    Yet another child actress gone bad.

  27. Arock says:

    Her boyfriend looks like a human pumice stone. I hope she gets some help, there’s definatley something going on.

  28. wunder says:

    Taylor is a very sick person, and Bravo needs to let her go.

  29. Karen says:

    1. Having known some abused women, they have either been brainwashed into, “one does not tell the garbage of their lives” or beaten into silence. She is a total fraud and has turned every episode and party into “Look at Taylor implode” with her pity parties. Battered women don’t behave her way.
    2. Kyle needed to turn that blue light on her jealous brain and off Brandi’s boobs. I am beginning to think Kyle has a little too much fascination with Brandi’s body and needs to come out of the closet.
    3. Kim needs to move far away from Kyle as Kyle isn’t her friend-nor loving sister. Kyle only friends those who she sees as inferior or needy.

  30. ShanKat says:

    I can only imagine the self-righteous cuntitude going on over at the Kyle Richards’ compound, now that her sister has imploded. I’ll bet it’s the Best Christmas Ever.

  31. Sara says:

    Kyle is so jealous and catty it’s hard to watch her. She seems like an awful person. It’s true was Brandi said about how she always tries to be the center of attention, pulling stunts like fake crying when saw her mother in law after plastic surgery. Please.

    I can’t stand Taylor either. She’s playing the victim card too hard. She feels so sorry for herself that she blames everyone around her for her situation when she is the only person who has the power to change it. She’s got to leave her husband for her own safety and no one can make that decision for her. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  32. Jess says:

    Is everyone else notice how Camille hangs around with female body gaurds who pretty much are like pitbulls and attack whoever Camille has problems with at the time. While all this is going on Camille sits back plays the classy grown up role. Bullshit! Camille should have addressed things with Taylor instead of having that dramatic ass kisser DD try to work things out for her. It only made Taylor feel ganged up. Anyone with all that turmoil going on in their personal life would have reacted similiarly if they felt betrayed by someone they trusted. Camille was the only one of the ladies who Taylor told about the physical abuse.. For her to bring that up the way she did at Lisa’s house was not right. Camille also knows that and thats why shes been begging taylor through text to forgive her. Taylor is NOT obligated to talk to her or forgive her. Especially not because camilles sidekick wants them to be friends becauae “camilles so hurt over it”. If thats the case camille should have been a good friend and kept her mouth shout. Brandi is not real.. Shes fake. She even admitted by saying “shes trying so hard to fit in”..

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    Who’s the one who just went to rehab?

  34. Bananarama says:

    DesertRose, saying something like someone is doing CM in the bathroom is a nonpersonal, casual throw-away line. What Kim said to Brandi WAS personal and very insulting. calling her a sl*t pig, a wh*re, a b*tch, and hiding her crutches? These individually, let alone together, are 2 thousand times worse than a casual non-personal remark like Brandi made. If I were Brandi, I’d NEVER apologize to Kim because Kim said and did far worse to Brandi, all Brandi did was usual a casual throwaway remark that was not personally offensive and is thrown about every day and now one thinks the worse of it. Brandi said nothing at all wrong, whereas Kim said, and did, tonnes wrong to Brandi. Nothing Brandi said, or could say, could ever equal what Kim said and did. Nothing. Ever. Kim was beyond evil and she owes Brandi an apology, Brandi never did or said anything that she should apologize for. What Kim said and did is irredeemable.

  35. Bananarama says:

    As for Taylor, I always felt she was enjoying the attention Russell’s suicide gave her and she is milking it and turning it into her own personal financial gain. Going on interviews, pimping a book about it – he is no longer here to defend himself, its not fair that she can denigrate Kennedy’s father like that, and now use Kennedy for her own selfish gain. She is a malicious and evil self-serving cold-hearted woman who I feel drove Russell to do what he did.

  36. Lllllll says:

    Maybe I’m seeing things, but when the limo driver “helped” Taylor with her cigarette, did she have it backward? I swear she was smoking the filter…?