Sarah Jessica Parker in Pauline Trigère at the ‘NYE’ premiere: lovely or fug?

Here are some more photos from last night’s New York City premiere of New Year’s Eve. Considering the film is set in NYC, you’d think that more of the film’s “stars” would have come out to promote it, but not so much. I already covered Jessica Biel’s fashion here. So, Sarah Jessica Parker is in this movie. And she brought her husband to the premiere – doesn’t Matthew look thrilled? Ugh. I just don’t even know what’s going on with them. Anyway, SJP’s dress is Pauline Trigère and… I really like it. I don’t care for how she styled it with the jewelry and hair, but the dress itself is really pretty and occasion-appropriate.

Abigail Breslin plays Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughter in the film. Abigail is 15 years old – is this look too much for a 15 year old? There’s some hard-posing, but she’s not all Lea Michele about it. And I like her dress a lot, and I like that she’s covered up and not showing her bits and pieces. Please keep it classy, Abigail.

Here’s Taraji P. Henson, looking gorgeous. I think she’s so pretty, and I like cocktail-business attire for a premiere.

And finally, Michelle Pfeiffer. Don’t scream at me, but I don’t even think this bitch has done anything to her face. She’s gorgeous and her face looks real – like she’s aging naturally, but she takes care of herself. Is that insane? Anyway, she looked great last night. I don’t know who did the dress, but it’s pretty.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. bros says:

    abigail looks like she raided mom’s closet and shoes, and michelle-I agree, hasnt done anything to herself. she’s got plenty of fine lines around her eyes and her forehead moves. she has tight thin skin, like sharon stone, and is aging the same. lucky ducks.

  2. Lenna says:

    I agree about Michelle P, you can see the lines under her eyes. She looks her age, she’s just a beautiful woman who takes care of her skin.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree too – I don’t think she’s done a damn thing to her face. It’s really refreshing to see a beautiful, natural aging process. I vaguely recall her saying in a recent interview that she hasn’t had any work done, but so often stars say that, and they’re lying through their (veneered) teeth, LOL!

  3. Rachael says:

    Matthew Broderick is also in the film, not just her date.

  4. GoodCapon says:

    Abigail does not look like a 15 year old in that photo!

    Michelle look a bit like Michael Jackson in her first picture. It’s quite creepy.

  5. Eve says:

    I hate these movies that are released near holidays — especially the ones around the end of the year — where they put a bunch of famous actors in (what they think are) funny situations. The only one I can watch is Love Actually — and only because I love Bill Nighy in that movie.

  6. Jenny says:

    I would use the word “dowdy” to describe Ms. Parker.

    • DrM says:

      I second that opinion…that is one awful dress…looks like something worn to the office when everything else is at the dry cleaners or in the wash…

  7. terry says:

    I agree Michelle looks like she’s aging gracefully but I do know where she gets her FILLER injections done. Looks like she’s conservative with it, which is nice

  8. Cathy says:

    I like SJPs outfit except for the shoes, they don’t go with the dress. And for once I have to say I like all the outfits they’re wearing, especially Michelle Pfieffer. Her dress is really nice

  9. Mariko says:

    Michelle’s dress is Alexander McQueen.

  10. Amy says:

    Wow, I hate all of these looks. Michelle Pfeiffer looks the best, but that belt is way to casual for those glitzy shoes.

  11. Ally says:

    SJP’s face is not pleasing to the eye. Michelle is fabulous.

    • Learned One says:

      I know – SJP has such pretty eyes. I wish she’s stop using black eyeliner – it ages her. She needs to soften it up.

      The dress is pretty and I think it would be better if the shoes were better – that mauve is awful with her skin. Maybe nude or silver…?

  12. Franny says:

    why can’t shoe makers make heels for people with high arches?! come onnnnn

  13. Nanea says:

    Michelle, ma belle…

    Not mine, of course, but she looks so much better than My Little Pony aka SJP. Don’t like SJP’s dress, neither her shoes. Abigail’s shoes look awfully clunky, and the 80ies called because they wanted to get their shoulder pads back.

    Taraji’s outfit looks good, but it’s a bit too colorful for my taste.

    And I always thought that Ferris was over it years ago.

  14. Lisa says:

    Uh… I like the shoes.

  15. Laura says:

    Really, SJP? That is a granny dress if I ever saw one. In fact, I think my Nana would look at that dress and say, “Oh, I don’t know if I want to wear something that ages me so much.”
    Abigail does look a little bit like a little girl playing dress up, but at 15 I can see how that’s a hard balance to strike and she is keeping the blossoming lady bits covered so let her play.
    Taraji, fabulous as always.
    Michelle does look fantastic. If she’s had any work it’s really subtle (I’ve always wondered about her nose).
    Do you think she’s had any chocolate cake anytime in the last decade? I’m thinking no.