Jennifer Aniston feels “vulnerable” in NYC, wants to buy another property

Last week, there was yet another sketchy story about Jennifer Aniston and her womb. It was from OK! Magazine, and it was full of quotes from a “neighbor” of Aniston’s in NYC. Now, I didn’t really think that one of Aniston’s actual neighbors was talking about Aniston’s fertility treatments and such – I thought it was just random tabloid BS, which Aniston’s rep first denied and then “joked” about, thus adding fuel to the pregnancy fires. Anyway, I’m starting to wonder about the report and that sketchy, Peeping Tom neighbor. The Mail’s Katie Nicholl claims that Aniston isn’t happy with how much attention she and Justin Theroux draw when they’re in NYC.

Jennifer Aniston shot to fame playing flatmate Rachel in the New York sitcom Friends. But now the 42-year-old is not finding Big Apple apartment life quite so funny – she is being hounded out of her Manhattan home by the fans.

Only last April the actress, left, splashed out £3.8 million on two luxury flats in New York’s trendy West Village after deciding to quit Los Angeles.

She planned to knock the two together to create a dream home with her new actor boyfriend, Justin Theroux, 40, a cousin of British documentary maker Louis Theroux. But after months of being besieged by photographers, she now wants to relocate to a more private neighbourhood.

‘Jennifer is not dealing well with having the photographers loiter outside her building,’ says a spy. ‘There are also always lots of fans and she feels vulnerable every time she steps out. She’s finding she’s just too famous to live where she wanted.’

Jennifer may now move to the city’s Upper East or Upper West Side, where Ben Affleck and Madonna live.

‘Jen wants a place with more anonymity, security and privacy,’ adds the source. ‘She and Justin will probably keep a small place in LA but the focus for them is living in New York.’

[From The Mail]

From what I’ve seen, looking through photos over the past few months, Justin and Jennifer have learned to avoid the paparazzi when they want. They travel back and forth from LA often enough, and it seems like they do have more privacy in LA, but they’ve figured out a system in NYC too – either that, or they just aren’t leaving the apartment anymore.

Also – I do wonder about Heidi Bivens. Allegedly, she was (allegedly) really peeved that Aniston and Theroux were acting so loved up all around her (Heidi’s) hometown, and it seemed like Justin and Jennifer were walking on eggshells trying to avoid pissing Heidi off to the point where Heidi would give some sordid tell-all interview. Of course, that was before Jennifer Aniston met Heidi face-to-face to tell Heidi that she (Jennifer) has had a really hard time with all of the homewrecking. Maybe Heidi is over it now? Or maybe Heidi got paid.

Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN & PCN.

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  1. Demi says:

    So happy for them. Wish them all the best.

  2. Aria says:

    Jen is not aging well despite the killer body.

  3. lisa says:

    Whose hounding them. The picture above doesn’t even show the onlooker hounding them. More like “who are they”.. I say BS on this story. This part..

    Only last April the actress, left, splashed out £3.8 million on two luxury flats in New York’s trendy West Village after deciding to quit Los Angeles.

    She said flat on some show that she had no intention of moving to NYC on a permanent basis. That she would spend a couple of months there but LA was where the work was. So with that in mind this is another dumb random story. And boy there have been so many lately. Especially considering we have not seen her. More and more stories why?

    • hetekyle says:

      That’s some BS propaganda. Anything to talk about her to steal the spotlight from Angie’s “spectacular” movie and Brads “family-oriented” birthday. It get’s sickening what her PR does just to pull out of the Brangelina’s carpet.

  4. Agnes says:

    They’re so meh, even when they try to generate news.

  5. theaPie says:

    That would suck having people camp out on your doorstep 24/7 just waiting to flash lights in your face. Ugh.

  6. Jules says:

    I hate that she style-morphs to whoever she is dating. It comes across so clingy and desperate.

  7. spinner says:

    Gorgeous couple. I wish them the best.

  8. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    “Jennifer may now move to the city’s Upper East or Upper West Side, where Ben Affleck and Madonna live.”

    It’s actually Matt Damon (and family) who lives in NYC now. He often (gleefully) comments about the wonderful way New Yorkers leave him and his family alone. He loves being able to do normal things like walk his daughters to school, play with them in the park, or taking his daily run through Central Park. I’ll bet he won’t be too thrilled to learn that Jen and her man are threatening to shatter the peace he’s found at upper Central Park East or West.

    • cat says:

      Some years back, while still very famous post-Brad, Jennifer A. said that she could walk around undetected in NYC. I have a feeling that if she wasn’t in a very-much-watched (not sure why) couple, it would be a very different story. Somehow this pairing has captured tabloid (and blog) attention and so everything is heightened. If she went back to being single, I bet she’d have more privacy – or would have after coming to NYC. Also she should take car services once she gets out of the apartment even if just to get around the block so the paps lose her trail. May seem silly but, having lived right near there for years, I think it would work.

  9. Anguishedcorn says:

    I have to say, her chin and jaw seem to be growing, if that first picture is accurate.

  10. Original Chloe says:

    ‘She’s finding she’s just too famous to live where she wanted. (..) Jen wants a place with more anonymity, security and privacy,’

    I suggest Utah.

  11. Maya says:

    I still can’t get over those cheesy black and white publicity photos. Seriously, who does that?

  12. mln76 says:

    Downtown is way different than Uptown. Tiny and and intimate whereas Uptown she can have privacy. Goes to show you exactly why she bought the apartment. Not because she actually took the time to research the neighborhood but because she wanted to snatch up Justin. Must be nice to be able to drop 10 or 12 million just to snatch a boyfriend.

  13. nan says:

    Homewrecking Idiot!!! Hope she moves to the Artic circle!

  14. PAgirl says:

    I loved Friends, and don’t have a problem with Aniston, but that top photo of Theroux hogging the umbrella gets me every time. What a gentleman…

  15. BELLA says:

    If he wore army pants she would have them on too…she is very boring !He isnt over it yet? She has to be paying him…lol

  16. Violet says:

    The story is completely bogus. There’s no way that Jennifer Aniston wants “anonymity, security and privacy” — this woman lives for the spotlight, which is why Huvane is her righthand man.

    I think that if Jen had paid off Heidi, we’d be seeing more of Jen and Justin in the headlines instead of less.

    Alternatively, Heidi’s “payoff” might not have been money; instead, she might’ve threatened to go to the press if they continued to act like insensitive a**holes.

  17. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Do his eyebrows seem overly waxed??? This is the first time I’ve noticed…

  18. Turtle Dove says:

    Can’t say I blame her. I despise when I run into work related people when I’m out living my life. Some people have no sense of boundaries, as well. You give off the “I want to disengage from you vibes,” and they refuse to pick up on them. Frustrating.

  19. Paloma says:

    Wish them all the best. And I hope that in New York there is enough space for somebody who has broken up and foumd a new love, famous or just an ordinary Joe.

  20. Mac says:

    Jenn & Justin have been concerned about their safety in NYC, and elsewhere, ever since Justin’s motorcycle was vandalized this past summer.

  21. heidiho says:

    Way too much analysis of these douches….Her face is sliding off? Who cares of course all you beotches are muchhotter 42 year olds thats why yous here commenting on this schiz. Merry Xmas Y”all

  22. Oh Please says:

    You’re out of the loop. Heidi Bivens’ mother has denied that Heidi ever met with Aniston and said Aniston was the last person on the planet her daughter wanted to see. That story was just another of Stephen Huvane’s , “Jen’s a great gal! Everybody loves her!” PR leaks. He spends so much time covering Aniston’s ass that I wonder how much time he really devotes to all those other celebrities he’s billing for his questionable services.

  23. Victoria says:

    Whomever is trying make JustJen happen needs to stop. They are non factors professionally and socially. It’s so sad that it comes to this.

    It’s just like when Jessica Simpson was popping up for no reason BEFORE her fashion empire. Like who really cared about her or any of her loser boyfriends?

  24. Jessie says:

    Jen, if you don’t like NYC, then effin leave. You and your midget man are posers anyway.

  25. naturegirl says:

    vulnerable?? really she just doesn’t want to share the man she stole with his friends..Vapid brain Slvt..

  26. pamela says:

    Jennifer is not dealing well with having the photographers loiter outside her building,’ says a spy. ‘There are also always lots of fans and she feels vulnerable every time she steps out. She’s finding she’s just too famous to live where she wanted.’

    LOL, this woman just NEVER stops with her PR shenanigans. What is it with all these recent stories? Sure she is “famous” by tabloid and celebrity gossip standards, but otherwise not so much. This woman needs to check her ego. LOL

  27. hetekyle says:

    I recommend a prime party for her and she doesn’t have to worry about the paps – the Moon! And she can be the most beautiful Lunar woman that ever lived.

  28. CeeCee says:

    the scenester look does not work for her. Hate it when one half of a couple morphs into the others style. They look like they are from a catalogue.

  29. Trashaddict says:

    Hmmm, Chicago if you want urban, or some place in Virginia, Connecticut, maybe Kansas? Lots of places to be anonymous and private. So FOS.

  30. silvia says:

    I live in the West Village, and the area where Jen bought the apartment is next to my bank. When I found out that she purchased in this particular building, I thought it was odd and surprising. It is on a relatively busy street that has a lot of traffic and passersby.

    Usually celebrities who want privacy live a few blocks west of Jen’s apartment in a much more secluded (and exclusive) area. It’s where Julianne Moore, Hugh Jackman, and other high profile celebs are.

    It was a choice that told me she didn’t want to be too “out of the spotlight”.

  31. allie says:

    first of all Jen loves New York. She doesnt love the photographers everytime she leaves her apt. Heidi Bivens needs to get over it. People break up everyday. Obviously he wasnt comitted to her. He dated other people. Never comitted to marry. She was the fool for staying in a relationship where he didnt love her.

  32. Lili says:

    I used to feel bad for Aniston…until Lainey pointed a few things out. For example, the dog story…Her dog died over a week before the Tree of Life was set to premiere at Cannes. But for some reason, her publicist decided to release a blurb to people about poor, dead Norman the dog the day of the premiere of Tree of Life, when the dog had died at least a week ago. The publicist even says it, that Norman passed away last week. Then Lainey has pointed out how the her perfume debuted during Salt, etc. She clearly times stuff to get linked and steal spotlight away from the Brange. I think it pisses Brad off, hence the she was “boring comment,” but even Brad can’t compete with her shark of a publicist. Sometimes, I wish Brad and Angelina would hire a tough pr person and then maybe Jen would go away.

  33. Romona says:

    I don’t know what is more pathetic. People actually waisting their time on these stupid media-blog websites, or said people thinking that the ones they are talking about really gives two craps about what you are saying. Get a life people. You claim these two you are talking about are not famous, yet you know everything about them. Yes people do break up, cheat, get cheated on, it’s called LIFE! So let everyone live their lives how they are going to. Don’t judge, because you are not the ONE anyone has to stand infront of on their judement day. LIVE and LET LIVE!

  34. Shay Kay says:

    Hope it’s all working out well for these two.Why all the hate on Jen?She hasn’t commented Jack about the Pitts since God known when so how about you guys just be happy that she has apparently moved on.That means you don’t have to notice her anymore unless you find her so interesting that you just have to comment on her even if it’s just to say how uninteresting she is to you.

    • Original Chloe says:

      Actually, I find the degree of her fakeness and the industry created around her persona quite phenomenal, especially when contrasted with the myth of her authenticity.

      • Shay Kay says:

        So what you are saying is something here interests you?I get that as I read posts about people I don’t particularly like if I find something (their psychology, their family, their druggie ways,etc) about them that interests me but I just can’t “hate” them and I never use the term “hater” which is completely juvenile.Just seems to be so much passion with some of the anti-Jens that I can’t get on board with it.
        Example: I personally don’t like Lohan, Love, Rimes, Sheen, ScarJo, or Goop to name a few but their pure dysfunction/trainwreck/arrogance interests me enough to read about them.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Yeah, I wouldn’t call it *hate* either, it’s an intense dislike. To be honest, I feel uneasy when people throw the worst sort of insults at Aniston (or, in fact, anyone else)

        What I had in mind was the striking contrast between what she seems to me (a shallow, attention-seeking sitcom starlet who capitalized on telling stories of her broken heart) and the iconic status that she is trying to achieve (based on no merit or achievement, from where I stand)

        Your comparison to the Goop is pretty apt, except I am neutral to Goop – she is irritating but not really damaging to anything or anyone, whereas Aniston has several times been openly passive-aggressive and enticed extreme negativity about another human being, and yet brands herself the good girl (well, not anymore, now she’s the rock chick who throws chairs at directors), the class act etc. I could go on but I’d be only repeating what I said in other posts, and anyway, that’s not the point right now.

        Suffice to say, whenever she opens her mouth, my BS detector goes beep. I come to these theads thinking: “Hmm.. and what did Jennifer come up with *this time*”?

  35. Jasmina says:

    Allie, you must be a real piece of work. It takes real class to attack the victim who hasn’t even given HER side. Telling Heidi to get over it (how do you know she hasn’t? Heidi has been silent since) and blaming her just because they weren’t married. A real looniston who twists your morals and standards for Aniston. And that makes Aniston an even bigger fool for dating a cheater, doesn’t it? She’ll get whats coming to her and I can’t wait.

  36. Jasmina says:

    Shay Kay, Aniston has not stopped commenting and snarking on the JPs for 7 years. Where have you been? If you can’t understand why people don’t wish this homewrecking couple well, and why people hate her, I don’t know what to say to you.

  37. Ja says:

    BS! If she wanted to, she could well live quietly. Other stars manage it so why couldn’t she? Don’t forget she makes no films, let alone box office hits. So buying and selling properties with that “golden touch of JA” while staying in the spotlight is what she does for living now. I wish she came clean about it, hypocrite.

  38. Pauline Bernoski says:

    I love the photo of Angie making faces, u know she is making fun of Jennifer!