Ryan Gosling “sings covers of Eva Mendes’ favorite songs & sends them to her”

About a month ago, I discussed the working theory I had about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, and I was surprised with how many of you cosigned. My theory is basically that Ryan realized that he had spent the last year taking many, MANY women to “Disneyland” (in his pants) and he was starting to seem like a Gerard Butler-esque womanizer. So Ryan decided that he just needed to settle down for a bit, have a real girlfriend and a real relationship, just so he wouldn’t destroy his fanbase of women who think he’s boyfriend material (when really he’s just one-night-stand material). So, Ryan and Eva Mendes happened. And they keep happening, in public. We’re getting lots of tabloid stories about Eva and Ryan being loved up (Ryan thinks Eva is The One!), and Ryan and Eva even did a Funny or Die video together:

So, it’s not like they’re being low-key. Every photo agency got pics of their saunter around Paris during Thanksgiving, and *somebody* is really trying to get and maintain interest in Gosling and Mendes as a couple. Anyway, this Us Weekly story is just a little thing, but it really annoyed me to see Ryan and Eva described as “private”. Bitch, please.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes ditched their low-key MO when they got under the covers to play husband and wife for Funny or Die’s December 20 “Drunk History Christmas” video.

“It was fun watching this couple that’s so private be so affectionate,” says a source. “They were getting into the spirit.”

A source close to Mendes, 37, says she’s thrilled to be wooed by Gosling, 31. “He even sings covers of her favorite songs and sends them to her.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

“He even sings covers of her favorite songs and sends them to her.” OMG. Gosling is That Guy. AAAARRRGH. NO. I would have fallen for that move when I was 18 years old. Eva is two decades past that, and she’s still falling for it? Dear God, how drunk is she? And now I think less of Gosling, taping himself making cover versions of “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” whilst wearing his hipster ensembles, sitting beside his mohawked, hipster dog on a retro bean bag. Gosling is That Guy. That Guy needs to sack up and move beyond these “I’m the cool RA that all of the freshman girls have a crush on” moves. You’re 31 years old, Ryan. You are not the cool RA.

Photos courtesy of PCN, screencaps of Funny or Die video.

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  1. hilda says:

    HAHA describing him as the hipster RA is the most spot-on thing ever. He’s so transparently ridiculous.

  2. Marjalane says:

    Oh, the sads of it all….Ryan had so much potential, and you’re right, now he is That Guy. sigh.

  3. hey says:

    you’re obviosly jealous, kaiser

  4. Eve says:

    I’m glad that more people have been noticing Gosling’s PR stunts and excessive (and contrived) displays of “coolness”.

    I’m *thisclose* to start calling him a douchebag.

    • T.C. says:

      I’ve been calling him a douche all year. He is so try-hard and fake. Do not understand the attraction to this guy at all. Lainey has to talk him up because she does that to all Canadians but don’t understand why other gossip columnist are on his tip. It’s the reason I love Kaiser so much, she tells it like it is, no kissing up.

    • NM9005 says:

      Kind of hard not to notice when he’s laying it on so thick. Or better yet, when SHE is laying it on so thick. Even if she is the one who’s spreading all this nonsense, it doesn’t take away that there are so many try hard pictures and quotes of this guy. Not to mention: Disneyland.

  5. jasperkitty says:

    Love him but would love to walk up to him and slap him upside the head and say “Snap outta it”.

  6. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “A source close to Mendes, 37, says she’s thrilled to be wooed by Gosling, 31. “He even sings covers of her favorite songs and sends them to her.”

    Um, you SERIOUSLY believe this??? I don’t even believe this fake relationship, much less the idea that Gosling is singing covers of this chick’s favorite songs. This showmance will be over in a couple months.

    • Marjalane says:

      If it is all made up, can you imagine the horror of your publicist calling and telling you that now everyone believes “you’re singing covers of songs, and sending them to your alcoholic girlfriend” It’d serve him right for being such a douche lately.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well notice that it’s from a source “close to Mendes”, NOT from anyone in Ryan’s camp. But yeah, I doubt he’ll lose fans because of it-all the little teen Gosfans will probably swoon 🙁

    • brin says:

      I agree. He’ll soon find a new chica to take to Disneyland (ugh).

    • Embee says:

      Ten to one he once sang a little ditty on her voicemail and it got blown up into this.

      • danielle says:

        I hope so. ‘Cause honestly, for some reason the idea of anyone doing that seems crazily narcassistic.

  7. Noir says:

    When you appear in tabloids weekly or insiders come and give details that only the couple can know you know it’s fake and for publicity. Since when has he become such a famewhore?

    • Kit says:

      It’s like he still tried to keep it kinda private with Blake Lively and Olivia Wilde, some sightings but not all this ‘according to a source’ tabloid babble and all the pap pics. That’s why Kaiser’s theory seems the most likely one IMO.
      I wonder how that PR stuff works, do they work it out in meetings and both celebs teams pitch ideas or what? It’s so crazy to me, I would love to be in on one of those

  8. talia says:

    I don’t buy the singing-her-favorite-songs crap. I think he’s boning a really hot girl and he’ll move on just like he always does.

  9. mln76 says:

    Yeah I am a bit sick of him. I still think he’s talented as all get out but he’s so contrived.

  10. Tapioca says:

    Huh, I was into Ryan Gosling’s music before he went all commercial.

    Pass me a Pabst Blue Ribbon…

  11. bonnie says:

    I just watched Crazy Stupid Love over the holidays and found him so unattractive. He has a freakishly long face, and I swear his accent is fake, or at least he plays it up a lot.

  12. Talie says:

    It would be a good career move for her if she got pregnant by him. Anyway, I think he just is really corny…this is him. But I also think he has a lot of problems, so that may be one reason why other relationship didn’t stick. Eva supposedly has her own demons, so…

  13. Oi says:

    Well we have Ryan/Blake, Zoe/Bradley and even a Twihard mention and now this, today is turning out to be a great day for snark about boring PR couples! LOL this is too funny. Can we get a post about some others? please Kaiser?

  14. Bubulle says:

    I don’t get it, RG has been everywhere this year why does he need to put himself into this ? It’s very disappointing.

  15. podzol says:

    Lol! What a Gosling-y thing to do.

  16. Call Me Al says:

    Whatever y’all, he’s still gorgeous and so is she. It does seem in these pictures that there’s something missing between them, though.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Agreed. There’s no chemistry between the two. He looks like he’s escorting his grandma to Sunday church. And that’s not a dig on Eva’s age-more a dig on her outfit and their body language.

      • danielle says:

        agreed. I hate her outfit. And for 2 people who I find very attractive separately, they don’t seem to generate much heat together.

  17. Tiffany27 says:

    Sending cover songs of him singing?
    That may have put my lady boner down permanently.

  18. Alejandro says:

    This is serious he’s so whipped but it’s a Hollywood romance so the odds are it will flame out sooner than later.

  19. Bibi says:

    Give this guy a break. PR stunt or not (looking more like PR for Eva), he could have done this years ago before he got famous. Why do this now when he has all the fame that he needs? And if he is a player there would be much more evidence of that. Hollywood doesn’t let these things slide.

  20. Turtle Dove says:

    I’d find the song tidbit romantic IF they were a real couple. As they are a showmance PR “Team,” this is nothing more than the publicity machine at work.

  21. Jennifer12 says:

    He’s about as hip as Justin Theroux. I can still remember him pulling his cooler than thou crap at the MTV awards with Rachel McAdams and I actually liked them together. What a tool.

  22. Onyx XV says:

    I noticed recently, when watching “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” that Ryan Gosling has got the weirdest shaped head I’ve ever seen. This only adds to my puzzlement over why women find him even remotely attractive.

  23. Wow says:

    What does “RA” stand for?

  24. blue says:

    I can’t see this relationship lasting. If they last over a year, I will be very surprised. She seems like a princess type, always shopping and going to the spa. He’s more down to earth. I didn’t think high maintenance chicks were his thing.

  25. Firecracker says:

    I find him really disgusting for some reason. I don’t know what it is, he just grosses me out. I think Eva is beautiful, but him and her just don’t add up like someone else said.

    Also, I hate it when men wear scarves. Ick.

  26. Brenda says:

    I think everyone fell for him when they watched The Notebook, I know I did. But then I watched All Good Things and now I can never see him in the same way again. I swear every time I look at him all I can think is he killed his wife and then his neighbor. Obviously I know that he was just playing a character, but I just can’t help it.

  27. Carly says:

    All of a sudden there’s more tidbits of information and pictures from this four month relationship with Eva then there ever was in his four year relationship/engagement with Rachel McAdams. While I’m sure it’s Eva’s side fuelling the fire because she needs all the press she can get on her downward slope of a career, the fact that he’s going along with this is a shame. So much for wanting privacy, eh Ryan?

  28. Margo says:

    I’m more offended that he once said Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams were the greatest girlfriends he had and no one has compared to them. To go from them to Eva? What an insult to those classy girls. From those known sweethearts to a known druggie bitch. WTF?? His momma must be so proud.

  29. Michiem says:

    This reeks of Bennifer 2.0
    Think about it, she wants to be more mainstream, he starts to wear scarves and slicked back hair. Videos together. Before you know it they’ll be talking to Walters from their kitchen.
    Run Ryan Run!

  30. Lady_Luck says:

    Eva is an attractive woman, but people’s repulsion to her is simply coz she reeks ‘bitch’.

    Gosling is not everyone’s cup of tea, you either love him or definitely don’t. In my case I feel neutrality. He is a tad on the feminine side for my taste I have to say.

    That said, nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors. These pictures don’t bode well on the body language front, but then again they might have been uncomfortable in front of the paps too. Time will reveal all I guess.

  31. mercy says:

    I don’t find him attractive in the slightest, but he’s not doing anything different from many mainstream actors these days.

    The movie biz is in the crapper. Most of his films have tanked at the box office. Posing for photos and cultivating an image of the dapper doting boyfriend is a lot better for his career than shots of him slopping around in a tank top or stories about him hanging out at bars trolling for tail.

    You may not approve of his choice of partner, but who else would put up with this? Not Bullock or McAdams, or any woman in the market for a real relationship.

  32. lola says:

    He was barely photographed with his past girlfriends. Rachel was and still is a very private person, so she would not have put up with this at all. Eva on the other hand seems to love all the attention.

  33. Callumna says:

    Mmm… yeah, really, really staged.

    Like watching a delusional person on some really hard drugs dancing at the club seductively.

    You can see in the movie running in their heads they’re thinking we are “muy caliente” but from the outside they look kinda fake and silly.

    Bennifer, this ain’t.

  34. Lorie says:

    All of you who keep talking about Ryan not being attractive – what does that have to do with being a good actor. He is a talented actor but if your looking for pretty boys best you stick to the soap operas or reality TV garbage.

  35. Rahul says:

    Ryan is a talented actor and seems not so bad in real life….don’t say he is not attractive….