Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish are still loved up, five months after Alex Skarsgard

These are some new “candid” photos of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish, her boyfriend of some-odd five months or so. The Bos and Polish were photographed together just DAYS after Kate and Alex Skarsgaard announced their split this past July. After all of the bitching and moaning about The Bos and Alex and how she was clinging to him and he was too good for her, it really does seem like Kate played Skarsgard. It seems like she was screwing around on Alex with Michael Polish, who directed her in Big Sur earlier this year. And for what it’s worth, I think Kate seems much, much happier with Michael Polish too. She’s got a boyfriend who holds her hand on the red carpet and agrees to these kinds of staged “candid” photo-ops every month or so.

A few months ago, Kate was even describing Michael as her “life partner” too. You know what? I think this one might actually stick. I could see Kate marrying him, for real. And it wouldn’t even be the worst move. She would be the wife of a critically acclaimed director. She would get to sell her wedding photos, maybe. She could set herself up like Nicole Richie, doing clothing and jewelry lines without the blatant try-hard hustle. Oh, and Michael has a daughter from a previous relationship too, so Kate would get to be a step-mother too. I can totally see this happening, and I find myself respecting Kate’s trajectory over the past year. She went from “much-hated girlfriend of a hot, breakthrough actor” to “low-key girlfriend of a respected director.” Good gig. Also, I think she might have gained 2 or 3 pounds, and it looks good on her.

Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Does M. Polish have a twin brother? I don’t know..I know all C/B commenters hate Bosworth but I kinda like these two. I also sort of feel bad for her-this guy ain’t terrible looking but after The Skars everyone will kind of be a downgrade…I don’t know how you recover from Skars…..

  2. Lilian says:

    I want her bag

  3. brin says:

    Good for them, hope they are happy. Where’s Skars…haven’t seen him in a while?

    • cr says:

      True Blood is on Christmas break, so he’s probably at home. But he has been laying very low, even while being back in LA for TB. I wonder if his pap experiences with KB, and then in NYC for his movies this fall made him decide that that wasn’t what he wanted for right now.

  4. Laura says:

    “critically acclaimed director” LOL do you know anything about that guy? He directed some sh***y movie starring his brother and Hilary Duff. OMG it was so bad.

    • Fabianne says:

      Yeah, I don’t think he’s that critically acclaimed. He’s certainly not commercially successful. Let’s put it this way: he’s a C-list director just like Kate is a C-list actor so it’s a perfect match.

    • Original Chloe says:

      Yup, “critically acclaimed” is a bit of a stretch here.

      But I do think they’re a good match, and it looks sort of real.

    • He also directed Jackpot, Twin Falls Idaho, Northfork, and the Astronaut Farmer. All very strange films that got him some attention early on and got him nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. He’s an indie guy, he’s not going to necessarily be commercially successful. I really like “For Lovers Only,” I thought it was well done.

  5. hilda says:

    If anything she’s losing weight. There are pictures of her from like last week and her chest area is literally nothing but bones. It looks like one of those old timed washboards. It honestly made me feel kind of sick. She is completely covered in these pictures and you can’t see how gross her legs look.

  6. Mirella says:

    Good for her, she found someone that likes to be papped as much as she does, and we get to suffer for it. I think she looks like she lost weight, not gained.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Man…I can sort of relate because when I lose weight I always get that chicken bone chest thing but this is on a WHOLE new level. Definitely illustrates that she is underweight. Yikes.

  7. mia135 says:

    This is the best I’ve ever seen her look. She looks quite healthy and glowing, whereas before she always looked emaciated and sickly. I have no idea who this Polish guy is, but it must be true love.

  8. cr says:

    I suspect she’s ‘low key’ because while he may be fairly respected he’s not well known, and she’s still only a c-list actress, so it’s hard to get papped like she did when she was with ASkars, she has to call the paps even more now.
    Could she transition to something more than a famewhore? Sure, but depends on how much time and effort she wants to put into doing something other than that-she could take acting lessons, art lessons, business classes, etc. It’s not as if she’s really working in film right now.
    hilda, her chest actually looks better in these pics than last week’s pics. So either she actually gained a couple of pounds over Christmas or the lighting and angle is better on this set of photos.

    • hilda says:

      lol people don’t “gain a couple of pounds” and have all the disgusting bones in their chest disappear. The sun is hitting her directly and washing everything out.

    • Rebane says:

      Her chest looks better in part because it is too well lit to the point where it is “blown out”, or nearly blown out, in all the outdoor pictures. It’s when a part of a picture is over-exposed to the point where it loses detail. That’s why there are no shadows like you would see even if she had a healthy looking chest. And the indoor picture has the focus on the surboards not her, so she’s blurry and you can’t see any details. (Sorry for getting all camera geek on you.)

      • cr says:

        Not at all, I appreciated the explanation. I didn’t think they’d photoshopped it or that she’d suddenly gained enough enough weight to not show the bones.

  9. shannon says:

    LOL “low key” and Kate Bosworth in the same sentence…I do agree that these 2 are perfect together. Neither has much going on & they both love getting pap’d. She actually has gotten thinner & has been up to her famewhore games again. Just look at Just Jared.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    Sadly, she looks exactly like Leann Rimes in these pictures.

  11. JenA says:

    She does seem happier, she finally found a man who no one else cares about, and therefore needs attention as much as she does.

    • cr says:

      At the beginning of this relationship I used to think MP didn’t really know what was going on with her famewhoring behavior. But he seems to be going along with it quite willingly, they don’t appear to be doing anything other than walking around getting photographed.

  12. bonnie says:

    low-key you say? ugh there are pictures of her at least once a week on that justjared site, it’s just that no one cares bout her anymore.

  13. GoodCapon says:

    I’m indifferent to these two, but I just Googled Michael Polish. I think he slightly resembles Vincent Cassel.

  14. Jen34 says:

    My opinion of her is changing. I hope she finds happiness. As long as she’s not clinging to Askars, I wish her luck.

  15. Katie says:

    They look like a nice couple. I saw Straw Dogs and I think Kate’s acting is better than people say.

    (Note: The person who wrote this can really hit the “” key. “Too” “many” “suspicions”)
    (Sorry for my english :S )

  16. donnadew says:

    Thank God she’s found SOMEONE. She’s been trying to marry herself off to anyone A list for a good 10 years. Guess now she’s decided to settle for a C- like her. At least he doesn’t walk 6 feet ahead of her, like he doesn’t know her and at least he’s not currently married. Not that he’s much of a bargain with those little short arms and a non-reputation, but it’s true: they’re perfectly suited to each other.

  17. Emma says:

    Well at least MP is willing to be seen with her and not look so humilated in public unlike Alex was? everyone deserves happiness even if Kate is an unemployed actress and a professional famewh*re
    It will be very interesting to see how Alex treats his future girlfriend in the USA , (if he has not already got one.)considering Alex is only wiling to show PDA in Sweden? And uses the excuse of privacy

  18. Taksi says:

    Too skinny, but I still think she’s beautiful and love her fashion sense.

  19. Gwen says:

    I think she looks very, very skinny and not very happy either – though I do think Polish is a good match for her.

  20. Star59 says:

    She does look happier with this guy, though I doubt she “played” Skars. Don’t think he cares one way or another. She looks as skinny as ever to me.

  21. Amy says:

    I think I loved Twin Falls, Idaho, the movie in which Polish and his brother played siamese twins… It’s been a long time; I’d like to see it again.

  22. Tiffany says:

    Has Kate ever been single? I really wonder. She jumps from one relationship to the other. I think that she dumped Bloom because she thought she could upgrade, was that not what happened. I mean I would really like to see her be a single famewhore, you know.

    • cr says:

      No, she’s never really been single, it seems. I don’t think she dumped Orly, if she had I don’t think she’d have gotten the reputation for stalking him post final-breakup. I think she dumped Rousseau though (boyfriend after Orly). Maybe she dumped him because she thought she could upgrade to ASkars (or Chris Martin, if those rumors are true).
      Star59, I think ‘played’ is the wrong word with ASkars. I do think he was stupid/naive/gullible about her in the beginning.
      I’m still not convinced that she cheated on him, mainly because I think the relationship was long over before she hooked upped with Polish.

  23. Sara says:

    I don’t think she gained any weight, I can still see her ribs through her chest.

  24. mforman says:

    I am sorry, “Low Key GF”, “Critically Acclaimed Director”, what are you talking about. There are photos of her pumping gas, going to the hair salon, shopping, going to a meeting, etc. How is that Low Key, if she leaves her house she calls the paps; and what has he and his brother done to get such wonderful words from you, I am sorry to say nothing; yes, they have directed I think two movies but that is it, nothing is critically acclaimed.

    This is a woman who can not be alone, she has never been without a BF.

    I don’t think she cheated because AS dumped her a long, long time before that, but she kept stalking him until he probably told Robin B enough was enough, from what I have read about him, he is a gentleman and probably didn’t want to embrass her, but even a gentleman has their breaking point.

    Once I think he told them, all of a sudden there is an announment and she starts being seen with MP.

    We can only hope she changes her sheets.

    AS has been working nonstop, now he is home for vacation and soon TB starts, he deserves and will get so much better.
    Thank goodness he had enough.

  25. Suz says:

    I saw her at Bristol Farms last week, she looks like a walking skeleton. I was less than 2 feet away from her & she looked anything but happy.

  26. wow says:

    Wow.. mforman really has no idea how completely psycho she really is.. alexander skarsgard needs to get a restraining order, as does Kate

  27. Michelle says:

    OMG psycho mforman is back! Leave kate and polish alone, they are perfect for each other, even the same small size. Alex is nice to look at and a great actor, but his track record with girls and his other habits leave a lot to be desired. Polish is little-known but his films are great, and his For Lovers Only is noteworthy.