Russell Brand files for divorce from Katy Perry, how shocking (not really)

Opposite of shocking, party of two. After a lot of reports about their crumbling marriage, it looks like Katy Perry and Russell Brand are over. Who would have thought? Oh, right. Everyone. The only thing that is somewhat shocking is that it looks like Rusty is the one who is pulling the plug.

A year after their fairy-tale wedding in India, it seems Katy Perry and Russell Brand won’t be living happily ever after.

Brand, 36, filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Friday, citing irreconcilable differences.

“Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage,” he said in a statement to PEOPLE. “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

The Superior Court filing, which lists Perry by her given name of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, does not list a date of separation.

The pair have been spotted without their wedding rings in recent days amid reports they spent the holidays apart, with Perry in Hawaii and Brand in the U.K.

The California-born pop star, 27, and the British comedian-turned-actor began dating in 2009. Brand popped the question four months later, and they were married in October 2010 in a lavish ceremony – that included two elephants as well as acrobats and jugglers – at a luxury resort in northern India.

In the early months of their marriage, the two were giddy in their compliments to each other.

Perry called Brand her great man of God, while Brand said his spiritual and emotional connection to his bride made him “love everyone.”

In Redbook’s April issue, Brand said he had been more than happy to give up his partying ways to settle down.

“I think I was ready for it,” he said. “If you’re wild, like a wild animal, marriage won’t contain you. I think that’s how a lot of people get into trouble.”

But in recent weeks, they faced a drumbeat of rumors of trouble in their marriage. Both laughed off the reports, with Brand telling Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month, “I am really happily married.”

[From People Magazine]

Look, I’m not one of the people who is going to pretend to get all sad about this. This union had “disaster” written all over it. The single biggest signal for me was that Rusty & Katy got married on literally their only free week in a year full of competing schedules. Just after their wedding, Katy was promoting her album and on tour, and Russell was promoting and shooting films. And when they were together, it was constant fighting and bickering, despite the denials and photo ops. The writing was on the wall during the VMAs in September, when Katy was wasted (and talking about how wasted she was) and Russell was only there to discuss Amy Winehouse and sobriety. Disaster. Oh, and I totally think Russell was screwing around too. He and that blonde were looking very friendly.

Oh, and they can both eat a bag of dicks for announcing this late on a Friday before a holiday.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lola says:

    I think lainey pegged it back at the mtv music awards last fall. She seems like a nice enough girl, but not ready for marriage, and who knows if he’s ever meant to settle down.

  2. Fue McCormick says:

    “Oh, and they can both eat a bag of dicks for announcing this late on a Friday before a holiday.”
    Hilarious …
    It’s all over the news; much good it did for them …

    • J O'C says:

      I read a sentence like that and I automatically think, “KAISER,” who, incidentally, is my imaginary best friends *because* of writing like this.

      • T.C. says:

        LOL, Kaiser was the first person I thought of when I saw the news. She totally called it, I admit I didn’t believe her (shame on me for doubting Kaiser!). Well remember boys and girls not to get married after only knowing each other for 4 months! Happy New Year :)

      • Dee says:

        Then you should be imaginary best friends with Louis CK instead, because he came up with that line, NOT Kaiser. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Heather M (Heather) says:

      Yeah, Dee, I adore Kaiser, so I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that Louis CK was the one who started the bag of dicks thing. But, yeah, I figure she assumed we would all know it was his thing…

    • Liz says:

      …except for the fact that the “eat a bag of dicks” is a direct theft of one of Louis CK’s lines.

    • marge says:

      that’s, by far, the best sentence written on the internet. can’t sopt laughing

    • JaneWonderfalls says:

      I can’t stop laughing at the “bag of dicks” line…lol. But anyway, I called this months ago. All this baby talk was just a bluff. Katy Perry and Russell never made a great couple let alone fake couple. He is a womanizer, people don’t change that quick, you go from drug addicted sex addict, to married and faithful…No! It does not work that way.

    • Ally Tav says:

      Oh. I know! Kaiser is a genius with these witty phrases and one liners. Loooooove her style.

  3. hayley says:

    this has nothing at all to do with them getting divorced, but god she looked better with the long black hair.

    • Alexis says:

      Long black weave, you mean, haha.

      Yeah, this isn’t surprising. She seemed pretty insensitive about his sobriety (you definitely don’t have to join in the teetotalering if your partner is a recovering addict who can’t drink, but she really talked about drinking a lot and seemed to drink and party a ton, too), and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was screwing around,too.

      • hayley says:

        hahaha oh man for some reason her having a weave never occurred to me.

      • T.C. says:

        Hayley, look at her pictures from Hawaii. Her hair is not that thick. It was always a weave (yeah I used to think it was real too).

      • Seal Team 6 says:

        There is a possibility he isn’t sober, and she knows it, and wad like, “The Hell with it.” I know a couple this happened with: she was also talking about having being in recovery for three years, when she wasn’t. She was just careful about only using at home. No one believed her husband about this, because no one ever saw her drunk. Finally, he just did what he wanted to. He had quit drinking when she went into recovery. He just had a normal social drinking thing, and the occasional drink at home, but had stopped even that.

        After they divorced, and she divorced HIM, everyone found out he wasn’t a psycho manipulative liar, but had been telling the truth.

        I’m not saying RB isn’t still in recovery, I just mean the situation above makes me leery about blaming KP for drinking. Who knows.

    • ann h says:

      Totally agree with you. I remember how touched I was when he did a tribute to Amy Winehouse and then there’s Katy at an awards show and the first thing out of her mouth was ” I had a shot of tequila for breakfast”. That’s just hateful of her and as far as I’m concerned, he’s waaay to good for that insensitive b***h!! Best of luck to you Russell.

  4. rissa says:

    idiots are as bad as kim kardashian. marriage is becoming such a joke

    • Camille says:

      Exacly. I hate them both and I hope it will be long and nasty diveorce.

    • cecilia says:

      Bite your tongue! ***Nobody*** is as bad as a Kardashian!

    • GrnMtGirl says:

      What gets me is that people say that Gay Marriage is going to ruin the institution of Marriage. Yet, people like Katy & Russell, Sinead O’Connor and Kim Kardashian are legally allowed to make a mockery of Marriage!!! WTF?!?

      • Miffits says:

        Totally. At this point I’m amazed gay rights acitivists even want in on something that’s clearly a joke to those who can avail of it.

      • hazeldazel says:

        don’t forget Britney’s first marriage that lasted all of 55 HOURS. yes. HOURS.

  5. whatevs says:

    on ontd people gave it 2 years but i guess 14 months is close enuff

    • Tiffany says:

      I had them at 18 months, those bitches are the reason I lost the pool. Kaiser is right, they can both eat a bag of d-cks.

    • carrie says:

      i gave them 2 years because they were ill-matched and they never were together in the same place except for the Award shows

  6. Zozo says:

    after ALL that denying and shaming for daring to talk about them possibly divorcing.
    I cannot wait for the inevitable shit storm that will follow….

  7. The Original Mia says:

    Haha! I was thinking the same thing. Those bitches announced at the last possible moment. Was hoping you guys would have a post about it.

  8. danielle says:

    I do feel a little sad, just because they were both so darn optomistic about their marriage.

    • Kit says:

      I feel the same.
      I never liked either of them until they got together (especially him). It did have disaster written all over it but I kept hoping they would make it work. They just seemed so happy to have found each other.

  9. Firecracker says:

    I liked them together, they are both quirky.

    In other news, Beyonce is supposedly “having” her baby. What a coinkeedink, I think I’ll give birth today too! Even though I’m not pregnant.

  10. Kiki says:

    “They can both eat a bag of d-cks… ” How very Ice-T of you Kaiser!

    • sapphire says:

      Great line, Kaiser, to end 2011! Could care less about either, but it was funny when he tweeted a picture of her face sans make up when she just woke up

  11. NM9005 says:

    I just read the headline “it’s ovah” on DListed. Common sense dictated that it was Brand and Perry. Not a fan of Perry and Brand is okay (career wise) but a divorce is never fun. Too bad they couldn’t make it work.

    Obviously, this has been brewing for a long time and Brand is very calculated by doing it now. His face said it all at the VMA awards. Not amused or supportive.

    Oh and this cliche quote is ridic.
    “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

    Yeaaaah, add it with a “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shag my way through 2012 to make up for lost time.” and you have the truth. I can’t wait for his womanizing shenagigans.

    EDIT: BG seems to have inside info on this one:

    Can’t wait to see how SHE deals with it. Forget Brand, a woman with a vengeance is much better for gossip.

    • Sab says:

      “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shag my way through 2012 to make up for lost time.” HAHAHAHAHA!! Hilarious!

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I feel bad that people were saying she was pregnant (when her marriage was falling apart). I guess she just’ put on a few LBS due to stress eating and drinking. Everyone always talks about losing weight due to “the divorce diet,” but that’s not the case here. It actually makes me like her, because that seems like something a lot of people might do (including myself).

  12. Angee says:

    Does this mean he’ll go back to teasing his hair?

  13. Sophie says:

    Awww…this is actually making me really sad. I totally thought she was pregnant.

  14. Jayna says:

    So did he file because she wasn’t trying and he wasn’t going to live a llie, or did he file because of her religious beliefs she didn’t want to be the one technically to pull the plug?

    I liked them together.

  15. malia says:

    bet you ten bucks next year the radio waves will be inundated with crappy pop songs talking about this mean british dude who got away? Katy Perry is so taylor swift with tits!

  16. Sassy says:

    All these a—oles (these 2, Kardashians, Sinead O’Connor, etc) get married and divorced in the blink of an eye but gays can’t get married. Yeah, makes perfect sense since straight couples really do take the sanctity of marriage seriously. *insert sarcasm here*

    • Devon says:

      ITA! Let’s get married and if it doesn’t work, we can get divorced! Where is te sanctity in that?

    • Jover says:

      While I support gay marriage the self-absorbed antics of celebutards in and of themselves are not arguments for or against gay marriage or anything – a singular instance of anything is seldom of itself decisive; trying to read anything larger into this is futile; we look to celebutards for humor and snarkiness, not guidance on social issues.

      • RJ says:

        There are plenty of straight couples who get married and then are divorced in the first 5 years if not within the first year. Celebutard divorces are simply a more public manifestation of this phenomenon.

    • hazeldazel says:

      hey i know, why don’t we make gay marriage legal and make celebutard marriage illegal instead? Doesn’t that make better sense?

  17. Lacey says:

    Aww… I really am bummed about this, to be honest. I liked them together :-(

  18. anonymoose says:

    I care nothing about these wastes of space.

    Maybe people will try getting to know each other before entering into marriage? Having an over-the-top circus wedding means ya have bad taste just as much as getting married with an inadequate courtship means ya have bad judgement.

    Acts of disposable marriage are symptoms of a foolish and impatient immature society.

  19. Rita says:

    “Oh, and they can both eat a bag of dicks for announcing this late on a Friday…”

    Doesn’t this comment belong in the category of “Look what Lilo brought home from the morgue!”

    The latest hint for me of marital trouble is that they spent Christmas 7,000 miles apart.

    Yeah, so Christmas stockings stuffed with random dicks and biscuits….Hey, there’s a jingle in there somewhere.

  20. Ana says:

    I was in my garden when from my neighbour’s radio I heard “Brand”, I knew instantly what they could be talking about, so I came here running, an well I was right they are getting divorced!

    Shame, I was rooting for them, I think they would’ve made it if they had met or got together waaaaaayyyy later, in around 10 to 15 years!

  21. malia says:

    and ps: this is all rob pattinson’s fault. When KP met RB at that mtv music awards a couple back, she was wearing this really sexy dress. And the mtv guy asked her on the red carpet who she was sharp shooting for tonight in terms of a hookup. Did she say Russell? Nope. She said she was gunning for Rob Pattinson, and then with a smirk said, “Sorry Kristen.” lol Later on they showed Rob ignoring her in the aisle and she gave a sad panda face. And the rest is history, with Russell being a Plan B. Poor Plan B Russell and his nonedwardian hair!

    • Miss S says:

      However amusing your theory is, it’s also pure fantasy. Rob has known Katy trough mutual friends for quite a while. Apparently she’s friends with Stewart too. So Katy was probably just joking with that comment. Here’s a vid, from 0.38 esp.:

      • malia says:

        pssttt….it was a joke. Both Rob and Katy were actually set up on a sorta blind date in a group in 2008, and that was their first and last.

      • sansoi says:

        YOu’re both kinda wrong. Rob and Katy Perry have a mutual friend through Shannon Woodward, who was at the time with Andrew Garfield. She’s Katy’s bestie, and one of Rob’s closest gal pals in LA when he first came over. there was an informal setting up of Rob with Katy at a group dinner at one point. Rob didn’t pursue it. Katy mentioned him several times from that point on in terms of him being a crush. She was sorta joking on the red carpet—but sorta not, cause she was still name dropping him at that point as a crush. That all stopped with Russell of course though, and by December Russell and Katy gave Rob a ride to his car after one of Shannon’s b-day party blowouts that December. No biggie overall, but she didn’t hide the fact she was attracted to him.

  22. Devon says:

    Well, that was unexpected! :|

    Anyone saw this coming after they were engaged after 4 months, married a year later and never spent anytime together. Marriage takes work, commitment and time together.

  23. WTF says:

    i think he was more into it than she was….

  24. mel says:

    Kim K disease is spreading all over….Sinear O’Connor is in the lead for now. Atleast Will n Jada made it to 10 years.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    They were never cut out for each other.

    He’s sober, she’s not. He’s grounded, she’s still stuck in “rebellious teenager” mode.

    It would never have worked.

    • Monique says:

      Agree with bellaluna. She is just soo not for him. Glad he filed first. Hope he stays “clean” and doesn’t let this affect him much.

  26. merski says:

    Maybe he can go back from being pussy-whipped to being funny again :P

  27. kazoo says:

    Aw, I sincerely wanted them to work out.

    She seems very immature, though. Not ready for marriage.

  28. DetRiotGirl says:

    Aw, I actually liked them together. :(

    • Aqua says:

      Agree! I thought they suited each other very well! They both appear to be a little off the wall.But then again I am very naive when it comes to Hollywood marriages.

  29. G says:

    I was rooting for them. I thought maybe when she finished touring…..

    I think he meant what he said on Ellen. His recent pics are grim indeed. Sad. I can’t really find any glee here. I think he’s a thoughtful person.

  30. Rita says:

    Who gets custody of Helen?

  31. valleymiss says:

    Maybe it’s just because I’m a Brand fan, but I put this one on Katy. Yes, she’s young, still partying, etc. How she behaved at the MTV awards wasn’t cool either. I am fairly annoyed at the “sources” (cough* Katy) who are saying that he didn’t respect her Christian beliefs. Please. She doesn’t respect her *own* beliefs. She cannot even try to play that card with him.

    Again, maybe it’s cuz I’m a Russell apologiat but…I don’t think Russell cheated. I don’t think *either* of them cheated. I think he was ready to settle down and saw a beautiful fun girl with big boobs and went for it. She’s not ready to settle down…not at the height of her career. She ain’t stupid-she knows she’s a flash in the pan and she needs to capitalize on her career NOW. Give her 5 more years. She’ll get married and pop out kids then.

    One last thing…it seems to imply in the TMZ story that Russell “blindsided” Katy. Oh BS. This was planned by Russell and Katy together to do this the Friday before a holiday. That was likely something they discussed and agreed on with their publicists/managers to hopefully take attention away from it. Please…that never works! They’ll still be on the US Weekly cover!

    • Sab says:

      A divorce attorney once told me that 95% of the time it’s the “wronged” party who files for divorce first…

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, honey, how correct you (and that divorce atty) are.

        It’s the party who is so supremely fed up he/she just cannot take anymore who files. The party who has dealt with numerous insults to their intelligence; the one who is tired of being lied to; the one who is sick of the excuses and reasons and ad infinitum of why THEY are the one in the wrong.


  32. lisa says:

    I know I maybe in the minority. but I liked him way more than her. I think he is very funny. Very open and very real. There is a sweetness to him. Like someone that was on the bad side and found his way back. I know a bit romantic but so what.

    I think the relationship was messing with his sobriety. I don’t understand how you can drink and talk about being wasted when your husband is recovering. That strikes of insensitive to me. You support your spouse and substance abuse is not to be played with. Katy didn’t seem to understand that.

    And no they were not together enough.

    • G says:

      I agree. There’s usual a time when even the most hard partying are done with the game and there’s nothing more repulsive thatn other drunk people.

      I thought he was head over heels for her. I wonder if Amy Whinehouse’s death made him look at Katy in a different context.

    • Ell says:

      That’s how I view Russell too Lisa, a sweet, spritual guy trying to keep on the straight and narrow but clearly buxom wenches are his weakness;

      I’m not in to his humour but I watched a documentary he did called ‘On the Road’. He travels across the US paying homage to Jack Kerouac’s novel. It gave you a real insight in to Russell as a person, definitely worth watching.

      I remember seeing Katy on the Graham Norton show, she was a nightmare, completely up herself. Anna Kournikova was on at the same time, she was sweet, down to earth and pure class. The contrast between them stark.

    • Dani says:

      I agree with you. I don’t know much about him, but aside from his sexual addiction, he comes off well to me. He seems intelligent, funny, and self-deprecating.

      I think it was a bad move on both of their parts to get married after having known each other for so little time. Also, it seems that they should haven’t spent more time with each other.

      I don’t think Russell is heartbroken though. He always seemed indifferent to me about her.

      In any case, I wish them both well.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oh, no, I like him much more than her as well.

      I particularly like him as cartoon characters, where I can hear him and absorb his goofiness. (Dr. Nefario, anyone?)

  33. Amanda G says:

    And now he’s given her (or her writers) material for her next crappy album! Oh joy.

  34. Kim says:

    To young, to immature. To many young celebs/reality stars getting married to fast for the magazine covers, attention etc. They have no respect for marriage at all they just do it for the gifts, party, media. Disgusting!

  35. JustBored says:

    On the last page of the document it says “you are being sued” what does that mean in this context?

    • Sab says:

      Divorce is a Civil case, in short you are being sued for divorce, or to show cause why the “suit” should not be granted. In some cases money is involved as marriage is legally binding two parties together, which includes assets like property and sometimes children who will require support, etc. Just legal jargon saying that one party wants to end the partnership, and now the ball is in the other party’s court.

  36. Jordan says:

    I think it was a disaster when they started publicizing every aspect of their relationship at the beginning. From the meeting (details) at the VMA’s, to the proposal and the wedding extravaganza in India…they were constantly putting their relationship details in the public eye and making it sound so perfect. No relationship, no matter how great it is, is that perfect.

  37. Diane says:

    And the Tea Party is worried about gays ruining the sanctity of marriage.

    • normades says:


      • the original bellaluna says:


      • Brenda says:

        ITA I just don’t get how republicans are always bitching and moaning about getting the gov out of their life’s and homes and then insist on meddling in other peoples private affairs!!!! Idiots all of them!!!!

      • Brenda says:

        ITA I just don’t get how republicans are always bitching and moaning about getting the gov out of their life’s and homes and then insist on meddling in other peoples private affairs!!!!

    • Nessa says:

      Sad but true.

    • normades says:

      In Katy and Brand’s defence I don’t think they went into this with just famehoing in mind. I think they were honestly in love (lust).

      But that a turd like KK can get married with money in mind to the first NBA star stupid enough to go along with it, while my gay friends that have been in committed relationships for years and can’t…well that just disgusts me.

  38. Pass me the Lexapro says:

    “But in recent weeks, they faced a drumbeat of rumors of trouble in their marriage. Both laughed off the reports, with Brand telling Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month, “I am really happily married.”

    So on top of everything else he’s a liar too. Don’t believe anything he says.

    • G says:

      Oh jeez, anyone who doesn’t bare their soul on Ellen is suspect?

      • Pass me the Lexapro says:

        Then why go on the show if you’re just going to lie? If he just wants his career to be all about his work then he should let his work do the talking.

    • G says:

      Who says he was lying? How do you know he wasn’t sincere and something else definitive happened? What on earth would be his motive for lying? Just to be a liar?

      • Pass Me the Lexapro says:

        His point for lying would be to cultivate an image he wants to serve up to the public, as oppossed to letting them see the real him. He’s a phoney.

    • g says:

      Your username cracks me up. And after a long day like this one, I get your point!

  39. carrie says:

    they had no time for their marriage and now he’s the one who finds time to divorce (i stole this sentence in another blog)
    weird way to start the new year!

  40. Seal Team 6 says:

    It’s shocking to me that HE is filing for divorce from HER.

    I like both of them, but cannot imagine being married to him.

  41. dai says:

    Oh God, this marriage was doomed from the start. They lasted 6 mths longing than I gave them. Now, maybe, both will just disappear. But, I am sure that won’t happen. Katy will be harping on any minute about how the break down of her marriage has inspired a new album. Ugh.

    P.S. Glad the RB ass kissing was kept to a minimum in the write up of this post. Jeezus.

  42. LR says:

    LOL at all the “Oh, Russell is so mature & grounded!” comments here.

    This is a man who within the last 2 years has, among other things, made prank calls to a police emergency line pretending to have spotted a serial rapist who had assaulted several women in Northampton – apparently, that’s funny.

    And who can forget Russell leaving lewd messages (on live radio) on Andrew Sachs’ answering machine regarding Russell’s sexual encounters with Sachs’ granddaughter. Now what grandfather wouldn’t love to come home to messages from a loudmouth jerk on live radio talking about banging his granddaughter?

    Please. Neither one of these two is a paragon of maturity. Though I will admit that despite being younger, at least Katy’s immaturity does not involve publicly humiliating other people or making light of sexual assault.

    • G says:

      Why can’t some people see the difference between a performers persona and the person they are? It’s fine to say that Brand( and Perry, more, for that matter) has an entertainment style you don’t care for. But do you really imagine Perry sits on a cotton candy cloud farting gumdrops?

      • LR says:

        Oh, it’s his PERSONA who did those things, not him. Since those were the actions of his PERSONA, not Russell Brand the man, he cannot be judged by them.

        Weird though – the annoyance he caused the police & the embarrassment he caused the Sachs family was apparently quite real despite these actions not having been committed by the “real” Russell.

        But now I’m intrigued – could I actually use such a bs excuse to get away with bad behavior: “Look, when I purposefully embarrassed your mother in public by casting aspersions on her sexual history, it wasn’t me, it was my persona! Therefore, what I said doesn’t reflect on me as a person at all! You can’t be mad about it!”

        P.S. Who said Katy was a great, or even good person? And contrary to your belief, her pandering “kissed a girl” persona DOES reflect badly on her as a person.

        I was just stating that I see “24/7 party girl” immaturity as less destructive than “publicly humiliating people or making light of a serial rapist” immaturity.

        When & if she does start doing those things, I’ll happily throw shade her way too.

      • Dani says:

        Lol at the cotton candy cloud farting gum drops. That is some imagery.

      • G says:

        Like I said. You don’t see the difference.

      • g says:

        You know Russell admitted that pranking the cops about the rapist was a really screwed up thing to do, right?

        He admitted he was wrong. He didn’t give us some cowardly cop out like “why can’t some people see the difference between a performers persona and the person they are?”

      • g. says:

        @G – also your “defense” of Russell is way off-base and insulting to him. His persona is not one of a guy who does mean stuff like calling that old man or making rape jokes. He is not a Frankie Boyle type comedian. That’s why these incidents were disappointing to many of his fans. He sees that even if you can’t.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Hadn’t heard about the prank calls to the police. What a mature and upstanding your man. Not.

  43. sm255 says:

    Ahhh, 2011…the year of high profile divorces.

  44. Val says:

    Great role models for the up and coming generation. Marriaga is bec(ming a joke in America.

  45. Newtsgal says:

    Hey Kaiser…..Just wondering why he filed in LA…. there were married in India and he lives in the UK. Wonder if he’s hoping for a payday LA style…..a.k.a 50/50.

    • DetRiotGirl says:

      I could be wrong, but I think the 50/50 law only applies in Cali if you make it to the ten year mark. Any divorce lawyers on this board?

      • Cali is community property. No matter how long you’re married, the marital assets acquired DURING the marriage are split 50/50, unless there is a prenup. The 10 year thing is for full spousal support.

      • Silver says:

        Nope, in California the second you are married (without a pre-nup) you are instantly entitled to the 50/50 split. The 10 year rule only relates to spousal support (you get lifetime support after 10 years, otherwise you only get alimony for half the time you were married).

        I’m from Cali so I know this is the law here. However, I don’t know if they get this treatment since they weren’t “married” in CA, but Perry does live here. They probably have a pre-nup anyway though.

      • DetRiotGirl says:

        I stand corrected. Thanks guys!

        Wow. In that case, I hope she has a strong prenup! I mean, Russell made some movies while they were together. But, I have no doubt that she made more money than he did in the last 14 months.

      • Newtsgal says:

        Me thinks…..that he’s gonna be lookin for a payday
        That’s just tacky in my eyes.

    • NaomiCampbellsPhone says:

      I could be wrong so please anyone correct me if they know better, but I swore I read somewhere that prenups aren’t really a thing in the UK. If I’m right then I can only imagine it’s a money thing

  46. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Waiting for someone to make this about gay marriage being legalised in 5,4,3,2…

  47. jay says:

    Well. This gives her wonderful fodder for a new album.

  48. Amanda says:

    Not surprised at all. I never thought it would last.

  49. Cadence says:

    I suppose I’m a bitch, but I can’t stand kp and I hope Russell lets some dirt fly on her. She seems like a nasty person to me. She’s been cheating all over the charts this year, her label buying her hits and accolades she does not deserve, and I think karma will get her for it. I’m actually happy for him, even though I’m sure he isn’t happy now.

    • mssnarnd says:

      MTV’s 2011 “Best Artist” . . . really? Really? Over Adele??!!! Unfortunately, money talks (too bad it can’t pick an artist who can sing).

      • Cadence says:

        Exactly! Thank goodness for Adele this year. She has really been one of the few bright spots in music.

  50. bedhead says:

    I’m sure it’s not the end of the line for these two. They just want to make it official that they aren’t officially committed anymore. Russel is gonna hit that every once in a while.

  51. girlwithapearl says:

    warning signs from the start-they opened uptheir marriage for the world. keep it private

  52. Dani says:

    “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

    Do celebs read from a book with this stuff?

  53. Jackie says:

    isn’t it ‘suck a bag of dicks’. great line either way.

  54. Katy says:

    He looks creepy, She could do better

  55. skuddles says:

    I imagine in about 8 seconds one or both will be flaunting trashy new “love” affairs…

  56. wunder says:

    Just in time! I made a bet that they’d file for divorce before the end of this year. . . Thanks Russell!!! I get to collect $100 now.

  57. Cherry Rose says:

    Not surprised. They hardly ever spent any time with each other during their marriage, and the times they were together, they didn’t look too happy with each other.

    I like Russell much more than Katy Vapid Perry. Hope the best for him.

  58. They lived their entire marriage in public. Without that time to get to know each other in the private moments, the marriage was doomed.

  59. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    If these heterosexual folks can marry and divorce then same sex folks should be allowed to legally marry (and divorce) as well.

  60. Shy says:

    So long Russel Brand. His “big breakout as Lead actor” Arthur movie bombed. His big movie career is kind of over. And he doesn’t have famous girlfriend now. So it means that he will not be papped. So it means that he will not be relevant. And I suspect that he will just vanish from public.

    Of course he will show up somewhere. But no one will care and will not print stories about hi every week. He can have some supporting roles in small movies. But no one will care or notice those too.

    • g. says:

      He’s still papped and well-known in the UK. He doesn’t need Katy to maintain a high-profile career there though a famous spouse always helps. he seemed pretty intent on making it in Hollywood. Since that didn’t really work out I wonder if that’s still his plan, or if he’ll go back home for now?

      Unless he writes his own screenplay or buys the rights to one I think it will be hard for him to find roles that aren’t variations on “Russell Brand”, ya know?

  61. Annaloo says:

    Damn Katy! When you sold your soul to the Devil to be a pop star, who knew he’d be this quick to collect payment!

    Ok, terrible joke.. I know.

  62. Lola says:

    A bag of d-cks – like baguettes. ;) cheers to a fellow Louis CK fan reading that was highlight of day

  63. Jover says:

    Most posters here pegged this as lasting not more than two years; got it right; this hasn’t anything to do with gay marriage pro and con, honestly, they are both just a peg above the lardassians, and please brand isn’t going to make it here in the states; playing at being an intellectual and some sort of faux rock star won’t do it; he’s not going to happen and hopefully her career tanks; didn’t that stupid teenage dream thing come out last august 2010 – and she’s still promoting it. Can we please have some authentically cool hip talented celebs for 2012. Annaloo I like the joke – it’s true.

    • gg says:

      Jover, I think that is the wisest post on this here page. I love you. Marry me.

      (But I will divorce your ass in 14 days.) lol

  64. Callumna says:

    The Wil and Jada false alarm had me fooled into thinking these 2 would hang on awhile.

    I couldn’t believe he tweeted the makeup-less pic of her looking so busted. I couldn’t stay with someone like that. It was really invasive, cruel and trailer ish.

    Two mental teens. Why’d I think they’d last a bit longer.

  65. Jane says:

    Saw this coming, both seemed a little too…self involved and childish for marriage right now. It was a matter of when. I just think it’s cool that it was Russel who filed it.

  66. Camille says:

    So shocking.


  67. Joey says:

    He may be a great guy but he looks like a serial killer.

  68. Lushus L. says:

    She’s cute, he’s fug. That’s all I got.

  69. Frayed_Edges says:

    Another couple of celebrities making a dogs dinner out of ‘marriage’ if you can even call it that. Basically marriage is just a more expensive version of dating now, apparently. You just have a big party aka ‘wedding’ which costs the earth, and then divorce when you get sick of hanging out with them. High school much. After 14 months they haven’t really tried.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      It lasted 14 months? Take that Lardassian! Well that and these two actually have some sort of talent or attempt to have it.

  70. mew says:

    Everybody knew this would happen. How did he say it again when they first married? That he’s now more than happy to stay forever with one girl and all spiritual BS on top of that? This man is nothing but a douche and a pig. But, everybody knew that already too! (except obviously Kate)

  71. I Run New York says:

    He’s hideous and a hot mess. She has such poor taste in men. Her last boyfriend was an ugly drug addict.

  72. katty fan says:

    ohh. How shocking i thought they are going to make it up together specially after Katy announced that she wants a dozen of kids :’(

  73. ShanKat says:

    I give her a month before she gets together with the guy she was with before Russie.

  74. Jennifer12 says:

    This sucks. I hate when people throw in the towel so easily. Marriage is a serious commitment. They seemed like best friends, too.

  75. mimi says:

    The positive thing is that they don’t have children together.

    I don’t think he ever had a women for more than a day before she came along.

    He was very immature and selfish and I wouldn’t understand why in the world any women would risk marriage and take a chance on such a guy.

    I am happy for her that she is still young to find someone else to start a family. Someone who might be more “marriage material”.

    • Kimlee says:

      I’m not a fan of Russell what so ever but  Katy is just as immature and selfish as he is, She the one that  drinks and talk about being wasted when her husband is in recovery, your supposed  to support your spouse and if that means give up parting all the time and drinking for the most part then that what you do. If Katy was not ready to give up that part of her life which she shouldn’t have to then she should not have gotten married or married someone who didn’t have a substance abuse problem.

      As for the kids thing Russell was the one that was ready to start a family not Katy.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I don’t get anyone getting married in their 20s these days. I found the concept stifling in my 20s. Getting married in your 20s to a guy my age – even more stifling.

        I’m not sure what she ever saw in him. By some miracle of genetics he doesn’t look old but he’s so horribly dirty looking.

        From his POV, she is adorable but who wants to marry adorable if you are serious about settling down and having a family in the foreseeable future. Her career is just starting, she would be nuts to give it up right now and as a musician she has to tour.

  76. whatthehell456 says:

    And apparently gays can’t marry cause there’s some sort of “sanctity of marriage” bull$hit. Where’s the hell’s the sanctity in this marriage???? why can’t gay people have short marriages and even shorter divorces like the rest of the world?

  77. Sarah says:

    Colour me stunned.

  78. normades says:

    Next call: I think Katy will rebound with another actor and Brand will find some model type random to have his baby.

    • mercy says:

      Good call. They broke up just in time to have a wild and crazy New Year’s with scads of models and booze full stop. With that said, I can see it being followed by rampant reconciliation rumours and possibly a full on “They realised how much they really loved each other” (whilst boinking said models) reunion before the divorce is finalised. These two probably live for that kind of drama.

  79. Paul Frehley says:

    I think he married her to get to her boobs. That’s what I would have done.

  80. Madrid says:

    Happy New Year to everyone, writers, commenters and readers, thanks very much for make 2011 funnier and more bearable (the crisis, etc). Wish you all the best for the next year

  81. mercy says:

    I don’t think the publicity did them in. If anything, it probably kept them together longer than they should have been.

    So-called ‘private’ celebrity marriages break up too, and when they do everyone speculates about how they weren’t proud to be seen together or never spent any time together.

  82. CeeCee says:

    people! This is another good reason to not envy the life of a singer/entertainer/hollywood whatever. They are so fickle and lame! I feel so sorry for them that they will never experience life for what it is because of their person, performance and papps on their private life.
    Give me suburban mediocrity any day.

    And yes the sanctity of marriage is crumbling. My husband and I are the only married couple amongst our friends and they make jokes all the time. They don’t mean to offend us, they are just conditioned by how it is so often now – not taken seriously enough and they don’t understand why people marry as it doesn’t last like you promised it would. Nothing is sacred any more!

    I’m 14 months into my marriage and I’ll be dammned if I let it fizzle like these Hollywood types (I’ve wanted to push him over the balcony more than once sure).

    They probably stash their marriage certificates with their parking fines and utilities bills!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Get yourself a good (large) wrought-iron pan, and let him know you’re not afraid to use it. :D

    • Kimlee says:

      I get your point but let’s face it this is not just happening in Hollywood but with regular people as well,one of the girl I work with got divorce after 2 months of being married. society as a whole is no longer taking marriage and commitment seriously the only reason it it’s so prominent with celebrities Is because it’s brodcast when they split just images if it was brodcast every time a regular person split after being married for a couple of months or a year.

  83. the original bellaluna says:

    Marriage is work. Hard work. The first year (or two or three) is meant to be figuring out how to deal with combining different ideals, personalit­ies, etc…and working TOGETHER.

    Most of those things should be discussed PRIOR to marriage (or even engagement­), but marriage is ALWAYS a compromise and is ALWAYS work.

    Spend the first year of marriage on different continents­? FAIL.

    (An aside: this marriage was never going to work. She wants to drink & party, he wants to settle down and have kids. She wants to tour & be the rebellious little repressed girl, he wants to establish a home and a family life. No future there.)

    • Kimbob says:

      @the original bellaluna…I’ve been reading all your comments on this thread & couldn’t agree more. Especially the one about the one who files for divorce is the one who is the most totally fed up…oh yeah!

      It was obvious to me the last few months they were both on some type of PR campaign to try to get “public confidence” in their marriage….which I’m totally not “getting.” Why in the world would they EVEN CARE what anyone thought of their marriage if they placed each other first & thought to hell w/the rest of the world?

      I think Brand was impulsive to get married. I think at heart he’s a hopeless romantic. I think Perry is too, but she seems so messed up psychologically to me.

      Why on earth, after publically vehemently contradicting her parents “religious views” does she even care how her parents perceive her marriage, or the ensuing downfall?

      Honestly? Know what I think? I’m kind of fed up w/Perry. She’s SUCH a contradiction in every possible way. Marries a dude in recovery, then proceeds to drink a good deal and comment about such vociferously. She’s “not into” her parent’s religiosity….proudly proclaims such to the press and every other opportunity her juxtaposition on such.

      I will now end my rant by just saying that I think Katy Perry is just plain CRAZY. I think she’s a “mental case,” & doesn’t know who she is, what she wants, but is so narcissitic, as well…that she doesn’t give a damn about the consequences of her lack of impulse control. I think all she really cares about is attention, fame, money & that she’d LIKE to be perceived as “the good-bad girl”…..whatever that means…but that’s what I’m picking up on.

      • NM9005 says:

        Why on earth, after publically vehemently contradicting her parents “religious views” does she even care how her parents perceive her marriage, or the ensuing downfall?

        ^This, this and this…!!!
        I read on Dlisted (Sweetas post) that she talks about oral sex in her tours. Considering her target audience isn’t that into the nasty nast yet, I wonder why she says such “vulgar” things*. To be cool? Edgy? On one side, she disses Lady Gaga and Madonna for mixing sex and religion and on the other side, there she is: mixing sex and religion. Very poorly I might add.

        Some people say that Brand shouldn’t have married a party girl who likes her liquor because he used to be an alcoholic. Same can be said about her stance on religion. Why marry such a controversial and blasphemous public figure when Jesus was your childhood pal? When your parents already pull up their nose at your career choices after all those years of Jesus loving and teaching?

        I’m too tired to think too much about it but this pretty much sums it up.

        *considering her target audience and personal beliefs

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Thank you, Kimbob.

        I agree, Russell seemed to take this marriage much more seriously than Katy.

        She just seems developmentally stunted to me. (She is 27, after all. At 27 I was the divorced mother of 2 young kids, working full-time.)

        And I am most definitely over her. Have been for quite awhile now. (Almost since I heard her first song.)

  84. ZenB!tch says:

    Katy, I’m on your side but 27 is a little old to be shocking the ‘rents. I can’t believe you are stupid enough to have married him for any other reason. Now go forth and conquer.

    • NM9005 says:

      You’d think that marrying Brand in the first place shocked them. You’d think that seeing your daughter spouting whipcream out of her mammae shocked them!

      I think she needs to come up with a better excuse because nobody is going to buy it due to her earlier conflicting actions that upsetted her parents a long time ago. They need to cranck up the PR! What were they thinking, that it would induce an understanding “aww shucks, she cares about her parents” reaction? Please, people are not that gullible.

  85. Riri says:

    Why would any women on earth marry such an unstable guy?

    He is the most childish and self-centered of most of the actors/ performers.

    Has she listened to the things he says interviews and the horrible things he does to amuse himself?

    He is no marriage material and she must have been very much in-love and couldn’t see clearly what she was doing.

    • whatevs says:

      apparently katy has had this thing about “i can’t believe i tamed this wild guy” notion. somebody said she uttered that about travie mccoy and if i recall also about russ. but then russ saw her without make up and extensions and fake eyelashes and push ups… and tweeted that pic lol. and she wasn’t into it as much as he was i believe he wanted kids and she felt she had no time for that and wanted to focus more on her career

  86. Ruth says:

    Their PR teams are both full of it! She is as Christian as he is just a quiet family man. If he wanted a quiet life with children then he would have it by now. He wanted a pop tart to promote his instant breakfast career. He doesn’t want to toil for years in character roles and gain respect by really committing himself to taking on really interesting independent or risky films, he just wants the most vulgar form of fame there is and Katy delivered it to him on a platter. (Obviously within the American context…I do realize he’s infamous in England.) She’s got to cut the crap about her lame satanic looking parents. No one buys them as legit Christians. They’re carnie cult leaders, nothing more. And Russell has to stop fooling himself that he wants something more wholesome than the conveyor belt of whores and wannabe models and actresses that have hooked up with him over the years to get name recognition and a bit of fun. He likes simple minded women that care only about success, money and attention. That is Katy. Why is he beating himself up about it if that’s what he wants. That’s what most men want. Children? Give her a couple of years man. One more album and tour and she’ll deliver two or three. Probably because then she can do a reality show and make money off them too. I have no doubt they will both be back together by the Spring staring in some atrocious RomCom. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Russell has potential and he’s obviously a very driven fascinating man with many abilities, but please, marrying Katy Perry really showed him up. It takes a lot of arrogance to try to sell people that ridiculous idealized bill of goods about their relationship when it’s an open secret what a party girl Katy is and when she goes around saying the most self-righteous and jealously motivated comments.

  87. sabine says:

    I remember seing Katy Perry guest judge on american idol and i thought she was rude and full of herself.

  88. miss_bhaven says:


  89. Sheri says:

    Hey Kaiser, I’m curious… much like obituaries, do you have divorce announcement posts mostly pre-written beforehand? You know, for douchey marriages like this one, at least…

  90. Stubbylove says:

    Well blow me over with a feather – if these two crazy kids can’t make it – who can??