Exclusive, original blind items: who traded sexcapades for publicity?

Hello, all! We were contacted by a very well-informed, well-connected celebrity, and these blind items are the product of that celebrity’s gossip. Hope you enjoy!

1. Anonymous Christmas: This female celebrity spent Christmas at an AA meeting. Alcohol isn’t even her biggest problem!

2. He’s Not What You Think: Many assume that this celebrity couple are heavy into drugs. She’s had a reputation as heavy drinker and a recreational user for more than a decade, although the gossip about her heavier inclinations are recent. Many think that he’s a user too, perhaps even with harder drugs – it would befit his reputation. The dirty secret is that he’s clean, though. He has been for years. And people are wondering if his tolerance for his girlfriend‘s extracurriculars isn‘t wearing thin.

3. The Big One: She’s always had access to the good stuff. It’s how she got her start in Hollywood – she was the dealer, the supplier, the connection. She would get anyone anything they needed, provided they could help her career, provided they were more famous then her. This happened back in the 1990s – she struggled for a long time (longer than her official age indicates). Her career didn’t pick up until she started sleeping her way through her agency, though.

2011 was her best year ever. She had glowing, sycophantic press. She got magazine covers. She was hailed as the best, the brightest. She also got a shiny, new, super-connected boyfriend. But my chronology is wrong – the boyfriend came before the glowing press. The glowing press is what she got in return for what she provided him.

Before he dumped her, everything got crazy. She fed him everything he wanted, and then some. Threesomes, party girls, party boys, hookers and drugs of every variety (coke, Ketamine, poppers and more). There are rumors that he grew to like strap-ons. There are rumors that the orgies involved man-on-man action. Whatever he wanted, she gave him. What did she get in return? More connections. More publicity. She got to be “the girlfriend of”. She finally got to be the diva. People are still talking about how rude and obnoxious she was to anyone “lower” than her. And he protected her. He promoted her. Whatever she asked for, he gave her.

When the end came, it happened suddenly. The people around him hated her and wanted to help him out of the dark hole he had found himself in. His health was suffering. There’s talk of rehab, AGAIN, and his friends are already devising cover stories on his behalf. Meanwhile, she’s trying to work her way back into his life. She’s texting him constantly, promising him the same old vices, only more and better. So far, he hasn’t given in. But now that she’s had a taste of the kind of attention she can get as his girlfriend, she won’t give up.

photo credit, in order: jmdphoto/photocase.com, view7/photocase.com, ninth/photocase.com. Frontpage image credit: *princessa*/photocase.com

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  1. brin says:


    Awesome! Let the guessing begin….

  2. Bite me says:

    Well damn

    • Tiffany says:

      For #3, what about Sofia Vergara? She fits the age range, has had great press this year? Didn’t she date Luis Miguel a while back?

  3. GoodCapon says:

    I’m stumped 🙁

  4. ShanKat says:

    New year’s blind items! Woohoo!

    They’re all Angie and Anustown, natch.

  5. KWM says:

    These are great!

    1. No clue.
    2. Matthew McConn… Josh Duhamel…
    3. George Clooney? But dont think he has a drug problem so maybe not. Blake Lively and Leo?

    • brin says:

      I know…..nothing fits….arghhhh!!!

    • Pose83 says:

      I was thinking of Blake and Leo too. I reckon she’d be up for all that.

      Did Canalis really get that much out of being Clooney’s gf?

      • merski says:

        Blake is too young, look at the beginning of the blind riddle. Also, she handed Leo’s ass back to him, he didn’t dump her. Plus she wasn’t in the press all that much this year…

      • Tapioca says:

        Ha! Well a lot of people think Blake looks far older than her “24”, I can easily imagine her doing anything to anything to get to the top and she nabbed magazine covers, a Chanel deal and a super-connected BF this year (however briefly). But 90s drug dealer? Maybe not. Hmmm…

        Or Mila Kunis? She claimed to have auditioned for That 70s Show at 14 but she could be 3/4 years older; this year she got magazine covers, props for Black Swan and she’s got husky crack voice. The boyfriend was Justin Timberlake – I can imagine his current girlfriend using a strap-on on him too!

      • jeneria says:

        Mila Kunis for #3 could make sense since her previous long term boyfriend was Culkin.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I like the Mila Cunis guess for the 3rd, since although Blake was really badly dumped by Leo (the wording of stories claiming the opposite were telling, to me) she really has awesome connections on her own, which I always found weird, and I don’t see her selling actual drugs (tampers with the silly girly girl image she sells to men). Mila does look arrogant with people who try to be “mean” to little Justin. Justin being back with Jessica could be part of his rehab therapy and also good publicity after the few rumors about him being a douche.
        Dunno for the other blinds, though.

    • two_seconds_ago says:

      Too young to be Blake, she was a kid in the 90s.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        3. Clooney and Canalis. Canalis was involved in that coke/prostitution scandal in Italy. Hence, 90s drug dealer. Plus, I think the Cloonster would be down for some male-on-male and a little pegging from Canalis.

      • CG says:

        If Blake’s actually in her late 20s, then she theoretically could have been a dealer in the late ’90s. The blind doesn’t specify that it was 1993 or anything. So she could have been dealing dime bags in high school in ’99 or something. 🙂

  6. merski says:

    “2011 was her best year ever. She had glowing, sycophantic press. She got magazine covers. She was hailed as the best, the brightest. She also got a shiny, new, super-connected boyfriend. ”

    This is clearly the key to item #3, but I just can’t think of anybody… Clooney/Canalis, maybe?

  7. brin says:

    #3….who is it?!

  8. ShanKat says:

    These are maddeningly vague…did this celebrity gossip sesh go down in 1993?

  9. Lol says:

    no.2? JenAn and Justin?? would help his reputation, shes being a drinker for years rumours of recreational cocaine? chelsea handlers her bff ffs. No idea for no 3? this is fun though!

  10. Gabbo says:

    I thought the last one was Chelsey Handler…?

    • Rhiley says:

      Me too. Parts of it really add up, others don’t. I just can’t figure out the boyfriend because she dumped Ted whatever his last name is and Fiddy. But she was with that hotelier who probably dumped her in November. Blind Items make me kind of batty.

  11. two_seconds_ago says:

    I was thinking of Kim K. for #3 since she had a pretty good year publicity-wise, but the blind seems to indicate that the boyfriend is more famous than the celeb.

  12. Eleonor says:

    1# Christina Aguilera?
    2# I was thinking about Aniston, but Jen is into drinking and boozing, don’t know if she is into drugs too.
    3# My guess is Camille Grammer, even if I don’t know if 2011 can be described as her year, and she was “the wife of”, not the girlfriend.

    • luvtheshoes says:

      Aniston is a well known pot smoker and it is openly rumored to be a casual coke user. Her and Chelsea have a lot in common.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        Jen Aniston also loves to get her ‘drink’ on and has slurred her words in more than one live interview. Wasn’t there a thing about Jen and Justin arguing over the fact that she’d had too much to drink at the Event (honoring women?) were she wore that plunging/short gold dress that made her look pregnant?

  13. Lol says:

    no 3 Renee and bradley cooper?? orscar jo and seann penn? just dunno about the magazine covers bit..

  14. Yo says:

    I was guessing Biel /Timberlake for 3. Def guessing Jen/Justin for 2,

  15. Megan says:

    #3 has to be fairly young…. Because of “longer than her official age indicates” hmmmmm

    Lindsay seems too obvious for #1

  16. cosmotini says:

    #2 Russell Brand and Katy Perry? Until it ended in divorce.

    • two_seconds_ago says:

      Russell’s been very open about his past struggles with substance abuse, and everyone knows that he’s worked hard to stay clean so it really wouldn’t be a ‘dirty secret’.

      • toto says:

        and Perry is his wife, the blind item suggest its still on but wearing thin.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        The ‘secret’ would be that Russell is really clean. I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought this guy was a hardcore druggie since he first hit the scene (how can you watch him perform or just ‘watch him’ and not think so?). He was also in Amy Winehouse’s circle of friends, and had been for years. And I can see Katy Perry being into the drug & fast life, with him getting a tad tired of it all now that he’s clean and sober.

    • bros says:

      #2 might be camilla and matthew, since rumors have been flying about how druggie they are. I’d be surprised if he were clean though, just based off the way he has been looking lately.

  17. GiGi says:

    My guess for 3 is Chelsea Handler & the Pres. Of E!… Have to think about the others…

  18. two_seconds_ago says:

    Number 3 has to be a woman who is at least in her thirties. I noticed that it didn’t specifically mention which line of work she’s involved in, so it can be an actress, musician or a model – basically anything that requires an agent.

  19. Spugz says:

    Number 2 is definitely Jen A and Justin. She’s rumoured to be boozy for years and recent pot rumours to boot and his image suggests he likes a bit of meth!

    Number 1 – I’d guess Katy Perry

    Number 3 – I need to know!! Someone work it out quick!

  20. kamila says:

    3) Ashton and Demi????

  21. brin says:

    I know it’s not right but Ashton & Demi? (#3)

  22. Pandora says:

    1) the cracken.

    2) Kate Moss, Jamie Hince

    3) Chelsea Handler, Ted Harbert

  23. Marjalane says:

    #2 made me think of Ryan Gosling and Icky Eva Mendez….I’ll have to think about the rest.

    • Rhiley says:

      Oh, good guess. I am leaning this way too now.

    • carrie says:

      your story is too recent

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      Eva and Ryan aren’t really an ‘established’ couple. They’ve only been dating for a couple of months, and I’ve never heard anything about Ryan having any kind of substance abuse or even being suspected of it.

      • the_porscha says:

        I don’t think it’s Ryan Gosling either, BUT he does have a DUI conviction from about 7 years ago, and around that time he was rumored to be a casual drug user.

  24. dwe says:

    #3 Cameron Diaz, she dated Alex Rodriguez and I heard rumours about him being bi and having orgies with both sexes.She also had a thing with P Diddy. And she supposedly still uses heroin.

  25. toto says:

    kate bosworth? #3

  26. Kathy says:

    Whoever #1 is, good for her if that’s what she needed that day to stay healthy. Going on Christmas shows a commitment to rehabilitation.

    • MissyA says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.
      I’m no prude, but I don’t think attending AA meetings is fair fodder for gossip.

      That being said, I have nothing worthwhile to contribute. 🙂

  27. Bite me says:

    Jen and Justin for 2 😉

  28. Anna says:

    #3. Blake Lively.

  29. brin says:

    Natalie Portman seems too straight, but it was a good year for her. Mila Kunis?

    • dwe says:

      Portman isn’t the good girl that she tries to sell to the public. She does that also to please her parents but she has a habit of sleeping with men who are in relationships. Example: Sean Penn, Darren Arononfsky(was with Rachel Weisz at that time) and others.

      Also there are plenty of stories about her being very rude.

      • brin says:

        Interesting….I may re-instate her!
        Mila & Kate B. are still in the mix too!

      • puttypants says:

        The media was absoolutely in love with Mila Kunis. She’s been around Hollywood since she was 14. She grew up in the Russian ghetto in Hollywood could get access to everything. She changed something drastic this past year. I believe she’s with someone like Sam Wasson, a writer and could be very good for her career. All of a sudden this girl bloomed. She only had about a minute in Black Swan but everyone made a big deal out of her.

  30. Sky says:

    #1 Xtina
    #2 Fergie and Josh
    #3 JLo

    • Eleonor says:

      I don’t think the third one is someone who is or was married, the item say “the girlfriend of”.

    • Marjalane says:

      Fergie and Josh are married.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      Christina Aguilera performed live on Christmas morning to kick off the Disney Christmas Parade. She looked sober and happy to be there, so I don’t think it’s her. Check out the link of her singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at the event in #76 (I thought I was responding to Eleonor #12, but evidently didn’t click the button).

      • Keen says:

        That parade isn’t broadcast live, but filmed well before Christmas w Disney staff in attendance. (they film it before the parks open)

  31. Paloma says:

    #1 makes me think of Melanie Griffith, although she has been in Aspen.

  32. Spugz says:

    I’m also starting to think Mila Kunis. I didn’t realise she dated Macauley Culkin until this year. He definitely liked a wild lifestyle and a new boyf of Timberlake who certainly isn’t known for rehab but I can imagine him into the kink. She’s also suppossed to be 28 so for her to be around in the 90s dealing she’d have to have a real age of say 34?

    • DarkEmpress says:

      I agree with you about Mila Kunis. I think that it would be very hard for someone born in America to really fake their age. Since she immigrated here, who knows how old she really is?

      1. Lindsay Lohan
      2. Jen Aniston and Justin
      3. Mila Kunis

      • Ashley says:

        It’s not Mila Kunis because she was only 14 when she started acting on That 70’s show in 1998.

  33. ShazBot says:

    The Mila Kunis guess is good for #3, but I don’t think she ever got to “officially” be Timberlake’s gf…everyone just assumed when him and Biel were broken up and they were promoting their movie they were getting it on.

    I still like it though and will go with it

  34. Audrey says:

    Thanks for the new year’s blinds. I was reading Enty’s the last two days and it seemed the majority of blinds were about reality stars or tweeners. These are MUCH juicier!

  35. Marjalane says:

    I can’t see Jennifer Anniston for #2. You can’t drink and do drugs like that and still maintain her good looks….still thinking Gosling/Mendez.

    • hmmm says:

      I don’t know how true this is but there were stories about Gosling being into heavy drugs couple of years ago when he vanished for 2 or 3 years. His career quieted down and then he showed up 2010.

  36. Sumodo1 says:

    1) Kelly Osbourne 2) Matt McConaghey and Camila Alves 3) ??

  37. Paloma says:

    My second guess for #1 is Demi Moore.

  38. toto says:

    bar rafaeli? 3#

  39. bea says:

    What about Brangelina for #2?

    He’s been connected with pot in the past and has a rep for that.

    There’s been talk of wine drinking by both.

    She has a rep as a “wild child” in her past……maybe present?

    Would account for her skinniness……

    • mln76 says:

      But if you read the blind it says she’s recentenly known for boozing and harder stuff but he has the overall worse rep.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      And Angie has never had a reputation for being a heavy ‘drinker.’

    • Pia says:

      Hey now… all the pot smokers I know, including myself, are not okay with hard drugs. Just because someone has been linked to some pot smoking doesn’t mean they are some “heavy drug user”. Though in Hollywood it seems like anything goes, I don’t know!

      • TG says:

        Wasn’t Emma Stone’s name thrown all about this year as the next It Girl? does she have a connected boyfriend?

        and I agree not all pot smokers are heavy drug users. I don’t do any drugs but I know many people who only smoke pot and they are nice, successful thriving people.

  40. Bambi says:

    I like Mila Kunis for #3– or what about Eva Mendez for #3? She’s supposedly 37 but she looks as though she could be older, and Ryan Gosling’s going places these days.

    I’ve heard that she doesn’t speak to people she considers beneath her– even colleagues, and that was before she and Gosling became an item. I don’t know whether he’s ever struggled with substance abuse issues, however.

    • Marjalane says:

      I saw this weird interview with Gosling once where he talked about living under a bridge- some kind of homeless bum thing- (really!) and all I could think of was that he was trying in his own bizarre, hipster fashion, to get clean. Not sure if it was before or after that movie where he played a drug addict.

    • brin says:

      The only thing with the Eva Mendes guess is that 2011 wasn’t her best year.imo.

  41. Gigi says:

    1. Lohan?
    2. Jen A & Justin
    3. Chelsea H

    The big question is–who is the celebrity who contacted Celebitchy just to spill?!???

  42. kiks says:

    I agree with DT. There should not be speculation on who is going to AA. If they are going to meetings, and facing their addiction issues – good for them. AA should not be a gossip item.

    • the_porscha says:

      Ditto, that. I mean, if we’re guessing in a “yay!” way then fine I guess. But this feels like pointing fingers, and frankly, if you have the commitment to go on Christmas and deal with your sh-t, then good for you.

  43. Talie says:

    3. has to be Chelsea Handler who struggled to break in for years and then finally got her show after she slept with the right guy. Then, she really traded up with high society Andre Balazs. Plus, that dude has dated Courtney Love, so you know he has freaky taste.

  44. Alejandro says:

    1.Lindsay Lohan
    2. Jennifer Aniston and her bf.
    3. The guesses seem way off to me with Mila Kunis its an older celeb.

  45. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Handler is the best guess for #3. Mila Kunis-no way. She seems WAY too nice plus she’s way too young and I doubt she’s lying about her age.

  46. cancan says:

    #1 demi moore
    #2 katy perry and russell brand
    #3 reese and her agent boyfriend
    or jennifer lopez but not marc anthony

    • irishserra says:

      I think No. 3 is JLo and Ben Affleck. She’s had so many magazine covers this year, it’s insane. Also, there have been rumors that she’s been trying to win him back since her divorce.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Reese is UP-TIGHT and straight as an arrow. No shenanigans there.

      • Beth says:

        I have heard rumors Reese likes a little les action on the side. The uptight, southern belle is just what she likes to show to the public.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        Beth—I meant ‘straight’ as in NO DRUGS. She is a total control freak. That has little to do with whether she dabbles in girlies.
        She has annoyed many a co-star b/c she expects them all to be as punctual and prepared as she is. MANY stories about how it’s hard to loosen her up.
        She’s Southern, yes, but never put forth a ‘belle’ image. More like a steam-roller!

  47. Cathy says:

    I have no freaking idea…I’ve only been a gossip hound for about 6 months now. I don’t have a clue.

  48. MissM says:

    #2- Britney????

  49. Jessica says:

    I like the timberlake/biel guess for #3
    She has throughout her career gotten betten publicity and breaks than her talent would dictate…the only thing is has JT been to rehab before?

  50. Jacksonville says:

    No 3 sounds exactly like Jennifer Aniston to a Tee – until the part where her boyfriend dumped her. Theroux hasn’t dumped her. Yet.

  51. Lol says:

    #3 Bar rafaeli and leo?

    olivia munn?

    its the age thing if she was dealing in the 90s that put me off. Renee wud fit there but she hasnt had her best year ever.

    Charlize theron and ryan reynolds?

  52. Sara says:

    Kate Hudson? I’m so bad at this…

  53. Lady_Luck says:

    I guessed Mila for #3, mostly because she was first and foremost famous for being Culkin’s girlfriend (in the 1990’s), and secondly, thanks to the ‘black swan’ she was considered the ‘newest, brightest, shiniest’ new thing for most of 2011 and appeared on many magazine covers.

    • two_seconds_ago says:

      She wasn’t his girlfriend in the 90s, they got together in 2002 I think.

    • marie says:

      to you and everyone guessing Mila: she has no famous boyfriend post-Macauley (she wasn’t official with JT) and her being 14 and lying to THEM about it to seem older so she could get on That 70s Show is well documented. she was younger than the people they wanted, but she wanted the role and was good so she told them she was older. they found out and cast her anyway because they thought she was perfect. while i guess it would make a clever cover story, everyone else in the cast was older than their characters’ ages, so there doesn’t really seem to be a point making up a wacky story like this. i think mila is her actual reported age.

  54. Franny says:

    Are we going to ever find out who these are or will they forever remain blind?

  55. Kristen says:

    Kaiser: How did you verify the celebrity informant was in fact who they said they were?

  56. Toot says:

    3. Defintely sounds like Handler. She’s the only one I can think of that would fit all the clues. Covers, been around Cali for a long time, but just now getting covers and press, plus I totally see her being a bitch to people she thinks are below her.

  57. Marjalane says:

    I don’t think #3 is chelsea Handler. I don’t think anyone has that high an opinion of her, and who is the bright shiny new boyfriend? 50cent? and I think it was fairly well documented that she dumped the head of E, once she got her show.

    I’m not going to get any of my stuff done this morning!

    • brin says:

      Same here (on both the Chelsea Handler guess and not getting things done).

    • normades says:

      CH fits for the age and drug stuff but I don’t think it’s her either because it sounds like the “boyfriend” was a bigger star who could get her connections in her field. Fiddy is a big RAP star. Not the same thing in HWood.

  58. brin says:

    Please do more blinds in 2012!!

  59. aenflex says:

    The ages of Blake and all other other bright youngs of 2011 are all wrong. The oldest is like 26 and 10 years ago in 2002 they would have been 16, and in 95 they would have been 11…so no, I don’t think it’s any of them. We need to think older?

    • Spugz says:

      but …. we are looking for someone who says they are younger than they are:

      ‘This happened back in the 1990s – she struggled for a long time (longer than her official age indicates)’

      So say someone who was 18 in 1995 would now be 34 BUT we think them to be say 28 at the moment.

  60. S says:

    If the titles of each blind are anything to go by then
    1. Anonymous Christmas could be Christina Aguilera because of the beginning letters’A.C’/’C.A’… and ‘Chris’tmas/’Chris’tina… (okay so it’s a tenuous connection but there you have it)
    2. He’s Not What You Think could be Jen A & Justin T, because of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’
    3. The Big One could be Kate Bos, because of ‘The Big Sur’…

    Not saying I agree with any of these actually being correct at all, just throwing it out there that the titles could be clues also…

    SO EXCITING BUT SO FRUSTRATING MY GOD somebody put us out of our misery!

  61. shit happens! says:

    “She also got a shiny, new, super-connected boyfriend. But my chronology is wrong – the boyfriend came before the glowing press. The glowing press is what she got in return for what she provided him.

    Before he dumped her, everything got crazy. She fed him everything he wanted, and then some. Threesomes, party girls, party boys, hookers and drugs of every variety (coke, Ketamine, poppers and more). There are rumors that he grew to like strap-ons. There are rumors that the orgies involved man-on-man action. Whatever he wanted, she gave him. What did she get in return? More connections. More publicity. She got to be “the girlfriend of”. She finally got to be the diva. People are still talking about how rude and obnoxious she was to anyone “lower” than her. And he protected her. He promoted her. Whatever she asked for, he gave her.

    When the end came, it happened suddenly. The people around him hated her and wanted to help him out of the dark hole he had found himself in. His health was suffering. There’s talk of rehab, AGAIN, and his friends are already devising cover stories on his behalf. Meanwhile, she’s trying to work her way back into his life. She’s texting him constantly, promising him the same old vices, only more and better. So far, he hasn’t given in. But now that she’s had a taste of the kind of attention she can get as his girlfriend, she won’t give up. ”

    That’s Elisabetta Canalis’s resume! She said in an interview that she liked being the girlfriend of and 2011 has been her best year. George Clooney provided her with the Leverage gig, cavalli campaign and all the endorsment she had in 2011. She made her way by sleeping with famous men she had several agazine covers and there were rumors about her texting messages to George Clooney after the break up ( he denied it to quicly for it not to be true), their break up did come suddenly as they were papped having a dinner only 2 days before the break up.

    • brin says:

      But Eli didn’t get her start in Hollywood.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        “She’s always had access to the good stuff. It’s how she got her start in Hollywood – she was the dealer,”

        @Brin, It doesn’t say she got her start in Hollywood. It’s saying her drug connections are what helped her get her start there. I think George picked her up in Italy, brought her over and made the introductions. She was connected to that coke/prostitution ring in Italy and I bet she’s been selling to European celebs (and visiting American celebs) since the 90s.

      • brin says:

        Hey Mort…just saw this now….I see what you are saying, could be Eli and GC after all!

    • shit happens! says:

      I beg to differ, Eli got her start in HW, leverage, dancing with the stars, PETA, all the events she attended such as the Oscar, the Golden globes etc, it may not be the best but it’s still a start. She had many articles in magazines praising her Italian beauty and all that kind of crap. Besides, I don’t know if you’ve seen Clooney recently but it doesn’t look like his heath is that good and he aged dramatically. To me it’s her, there were many stories after their break up about what a diva she became and how obnoxious she is according to “sources close to George Clooney”.

      • shit happens! says:

        “She’s always had access to the good stuff. It’s how she got her start in Hollywood – she was the dealer, the supplier, the connection”

        Another evidence, Elisabetta has been implicated in a sex and drugs scandal involving businessmen, celebrities and high-class in Italy. All that took place in a club called HOLLYWOOD. That’s where she get her connections!

        Not working today and it’s rainning so I have all the time to investigate!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @shit happens, oooo. Now THAT makes sense!

    • scotchy says:

      i am at a loss, but i want to know the answers!! will we EVER know the truth???

  62. Jordan says:

    #1 is just sad, but good for them for going to AA….but also so much for the anonomous part, LOL. I’m more interested in the blind where this ‘celebrity’ that told you all these got pissed at these people enough to go to a random blog to spill their dirt. What happened there?

  63. Jane says:

    It can’t be any of George Clooney’s girlfriends because it doesn’t just say 2011 was their best year, but that they got “She had glowing, sycophantic press.” That implies they are flourishing professionally, like with a hit album or praised role in something, all of Clooney’s girlfriends are only known as his girlfriends and don’t get glowing press.

    Gosh who is it??

    • bella says:

      Yes, that’s true, Jane. This has got to be a celebrity of her own stature, not someone who is someone’s GF. What is this drug connection? It has to be someone who is major with these connections. I’m stumped…

    • the original bellaluna says:

      But it doesn’t specify “American press,” so it could be them. (Eli did get some foreign press, did she not? AND she got to get voted off DWTS….)

    • marie says:

      hmm. I don’t think I agree with the EC guess because of the Hollywood thing, BUT she did get a lot of press about how gorgeous she was, etc., this year. and work she didn’t have before. it’s one of the better guesses has been offered, i think, and we should think along those lines for sure.

  64. k says:

    I love BIs but it makes me sad that some jerk felt the need to blab about someone who is trying to stay clean. It’s bad karma to report on people attending AA, to say the least.

    • Kimbob says:

      @k…I agree w/you totally! Yes, Kaiser, I am LOVING reading these items today, but if you don’t mind, for future reference, please don’t report any blinds about an actual attendance at an AA or NA meeting.

      I’m asking you to not expose any attendees at AA/NA meetings because my motivation is two-fold:

      1)Since I’m in recovery, (AA), I’ve found it to BE A FACT that if I’m not attending meetings on a regular basis, & interacting w/others in the fellowship…I’m DEFINITELY DOOMED, & will eventually find myself drinking/using again. My last time out, I blew through $30K of my savings because I “discovered” heroin. So, I ONLY MENTION MY OWN PERSONAL INFO because A) I’m anonymous on this blog, and B) I know it to be FACT that if for some reason I stop attending meetings…I’m doomed.

      2)Since I know that if I had a “reason” to stop attending meetings (being discovered going to meetings), that my disease would somehow “convince” me to stop….it’s happened before in my past w/disastrous results. Therefore, I know that if my sobriety is so dependent on meetings/fellowship, then it stands to reason that whomever this blind is referring to, that their sobriety could be precarious, as well. I also was at a meeting on Christmas evening, so I can surmise that this celebrity is at least TRYING HARD to save their life. Anyone attending AA/NA meetings should be “given a pass,” I strongly feel.

      To reiterate, I DO SO LOVE these blinds you provided, & hope to see more in 2012, but alcoholism/addiction are certifiable diseases, & cessation of such is truly dependent upon what the affected person is currently doing (can’t stay clean/sober on past meetings) to keep the disease at bay. I wish there was a “cure” for such, but I’ve found out the hard way that “the cure” is a daily thing, really. That’s why I feel that reporting meeting attendance should be off limits.

      • Artemis says:

        ITA- I have also been in and out of the program and anonymity is a big part of trusting others with your issues.
        For me Xmas was always a massive horrowshow of using/drinking, and I get cravings at that time of the year, so I understand needing to go to a meeting on xmas day.
        The other blinds are killer, though! Canalis does look good for #3, but I’m not totally committed to that guess yet.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        I really appreciate your honesty, Kimbob. My struggles are with Depression and PTSD, so I understand a little about having to hide a huge part of my life from most people.
        When I read the AA blind, it just made me so sad for the person, because Christmas is really hard for me too. I feel lucky to have somehow dodged substance abuse, considering how often it comes along with depression.
        Keep fighting Kimbob.

      • Vesper says:

        I strongly agree with all of the above. There is already too much stigma attached to addictions / mental health issues. They are medical diagnoses and should not be treated any differently than any other health issue. For example, how low would it be to do a blind item about someone attending chemotherapy over Xmas? It is sad that some people dismiss those who are diagnosed as alcoholics, addicts, bipolar…etc and cannot see beyond the illness. Please leave those people alone to deal with their illness rather than making them the subject of gossip.

  65. normades says:

    Mila Kunis makes absolutely no sense for #3. She was 14 when she started That 70’s show and lied about her age then to be older. Why would she be lying about her age to be younger now?
    Also she worked steadily and never showmanced. She and Mac were very low key and she was never considered a “girlfriend”.

  66. Vicki says:

    I would defo say Olivia Wilde and Justin Timberlake for #3

  67. madpoe says:

    Oh these are always maddening to me!
    So cluess on to who??!!??

  68. LeManda says:

    I think we’re looking too inside the box on these. #3 can’t be a young girl. I’d go with Elisabetta except upon research she didn’t get her start until the end of the 90’s. I think she spent some time legit before becoming the drug hore Clooney feel for. I also think she probably is 33 years old.
    However I think Handler fits. The bf she was with dated Courtney Love before her so lets assume he has visited rehab before. And she is renowned for lying about her age. And though it may not of seemed like a great year to some it probably is her best yet.

    Honestly all 3 Blinds could be Handler. Her at AA, Her being a user and 50 cent (if she’s still with him) actually being clean and lastly her fucking men with strap-ons.

    • valleymiss says:

      Well, and wouldn’t it be funny if it *was* Courtney Love who contacted Kaiser Ias someone suggested), since Courtney and Chelsea Handler both dated the same man. Maybe this is Courtney’s revenge? Plant blind items about Chelsea?

    • ShanKat says:

      I don’t buy Chelsea for several reasons, not the least of which is that she isn’t on magazine covers, and receives almost zero “sychophantic,” or even positive, press.

      Also, Ted Harbert is a lot of things, but he isn’t an addict.

      I love Valleymiss’ Amber Rose guess…but she’s never had good things written about her, either.

      • ShanKat says:

        Whoa! I don’t know how this ended up as a reply…I meant it as its own comment!

      • valleymiss says:

        Thank you Shankat! When I googled Amber Rose, there are interviews referring to how now she’s with Whiz Khalifa, she’s in a stable wonderful relationship, blah blah blah. Could that be the positive press? To sort of undo her skanky, “passed around” reputation? Then again, the blind item implies that the now ex bf got her the good publicity…so why would Kanye help get her interviews in which she subtly trash talks him? Ack! Unless it means that the reason anyone even knows or cares who Amber is is because of her famous ex…she wouldn’t get interviewed otherwise.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        On the other hand, Chelsea ‘has’ been in the news a lot this year and she made a film with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy that’s due out this month.

  69. the original bellaluna says:

    JustJen for number 2; Chelsea for number 3.

  70. valleymiss says:

    How about Amber Rose and Kanye for #3? She seems older than she really is. 😉

    • normades says:

      Best guess so far. And she did cover Vibe magazine and some others in 2011.

      • valleymiss says:

        Thank you! Looking at her Wiki, Amber had a pretty big 2011, relatively speaking. Plus…weren’t Amber and Kanye dating when Kanye was infamously swigging alcohol on the red carpet of the MTV Awards (and then he went on to interrupt Taylor Swift’s speech?) He was kind of a mess then and I bet his friends and family intervened. Also, the reference to the woman’s “agency” seems to imply Amber because in a few interviews she’s very focused on talking about the Ford Modeling Agency. Amber has also mentioned that she was a stripper at age 15 so she’s had a wild life and could be lying about her age. If she was stripping at 15 she could have been selling drugs at 15. The blind doesnt say early 90s, it just says 90s. Wiki says she was born in 83 but if she shaved 5 or so years off her age, she could have easily been selling drugs in the 90s. And last, the “dark hole” could reference Kanye’s album title My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (I think that’s the full title) and diva…Amber Rose to a t. Lol

      • valleymiss says:

        Thank you! Looking at her Wiki, Amber had a pretty big 2011, relatively speaking. Plus…weren’t Amber and Kanye dating when Kanye was infamously swigging alcohol on the red carpet of the MTV Awards (and then he went on to interrupt Taylor Swift’s speech?) He was kind of a mess then and I bet his friends and family intervened. Also, the reference to the woman’s “agency” seems to imply Amber because in a few interviews she’s very focused on talking about the Ford Modeling Agency.Amber has also mentioned that she was a stripper at age 15 so she’s had a wild life and could be lying about her age. If she was stripping at 15 she could have been selling drugs at 15. And last, the “dark hole” could reference Kanye’s album title My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (I think that’s the full title) and diva…Amber Rose to a t. Lol

      • normades says:

        Yes on all points. I can believe she is really 34 and not 29.

      • deltona lakes says:

        Amber is from South Philly and she admitted recently on NY radio station that she was dancing at a strip club in the Bronx 5 years ago. No connection to HW in the 90’s.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I definitely think you’re right-good call!

  71. jc126 says:

    I’m trying so hard to think of who had a great 2011 besides Chelsea Handler. Whitney Cummings?

    Good for the celeb in #1 for going to her meetings on Christmas. Dedication and support go a long way towards encouraging sobriety.

  72. Tierra says:

    Are these BIs going to be revealed?
    At least let us know if the correct answers are in the comments.

    • curious says:

      they won’t tell you if you’re right because they only print blind items when the sources are so weak that they’d be sued for printing the names of the people in question. that’s why people write blind items: to slam someone with inferences, but without taking any legal risks.

      • Bubulle says:

        I think I know who’s the source of those BIs, I wouldn’t rule out a reveal.

      • marie says:

        doubt we’ll get reveals. last one in particular fingers someone for actual criminal behavior (well, #2 also, I guess) and that’s definitely sue-worthy/probably get the site shut down without proof. that’s why most sites don’t do reveals and CDAN rarely reveals the juiciest.

    • mln76 says:

      Maybe we’ll get veiled reveals like Lainey. Of course CDAN does it’s own reveals twice a year so you never know.

  73. curious says:

    are you guys really believing this? why take the word of some shit-stirring celeb with an axe to grind?

    • podzol says:

      Seriously. It’s basically printing hearsay with no proof that the insider info is true. The whole point of this site is to have fun, outsider views of the Hollywood crazy microbubble. It’s weird when celebrities, who aren’t your friends, reach out to you guys to feed some info (I’m looking at you, Brandi Glanville). Don’t become like the PerezHilton site, ladies! 😉

      • Vesper says:

        But, isn’t that what most gossip mags do? Typically the details are unverifiable and the source is not revealed (other than “a friend”).

        BTW, I totally agree with the Brandi reference.

  74. Lili says:

    #3 has to be Chelsea Handler..new shows, had a new BF for a while – Andre Balazs…super rich, super connected
    And we all know she lies about her age…she’s been ridden hard if she really is 35..seriously?

    HATE her !…i think she is not funny at all, she is just insulting..thats easy to do..’you’re fat, you’re ugly, why does your wife have sex with you?..blah,blah…what is she…12?

    • NG says:

      What? She is supposed to only be 35?!! I’m 35 and she looks at least 10 years older if not more than I do. I always assumed she was at least 45ish..

    • k says:

      I believe she is 35, looking like 45, because of her hard living.

  75. Adrien says:

    I’d like to think #3 is Elisabetta Cannabis b’c she was implicated in a drug/sex trade scandal but magazine covers? sycophantic press? best and brightest? Her 2011 highlight was being in Dancing with the Stars. That is all. Quick Google search for Cannalis mag covers all of them are European covers, oh hey, there’s one Saudi Arabian Bazaar. Maybe she was in Cat Fancy and Home and Garden. Idk.
    Blake Lively can’t be a dealer in the 90s, although we often say Blake looks late 20s to 30ish. Hmmm! Arrgh, my brain hurts.

  76. Emma - the JP lover says:

    @Eleonor, #12 (Sorry! I thought I hit ‘Reply’ to your post).

    Hmmm, I don’t think it’s Christina Aguilera. She’s foremost a singer and I think she would have been described as such.

    Furthermore, she looked spot on and sober when she kicked off the Disney Christmas Parade by performing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” live on Christmas morning (here’s a link to her singing the song, it’s a beautiful rendition).


    So I seriously doubt she is number 1.

    • Eleonor says:

      Nevermind, my guess was Xtina, because I’ve read somewhere else, another blind item (it must have appeared on the D Listed) about a celebrity trying to go to rehab.

  77. irishserra says:

    I’m going to say Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck for No. 3.

  78. Cat says:

    I think #3 is Cameron Diaz & A-Rod. “She fed him everything he wanted, and then some.”

    • Esmom says:

      It all fits except the part about 2011being her best year ever. That part makes it seem more like Affleck and JLo. Both those couples seem to come closest.

      • Cat says:

        Had to re-read that & YES!! Ben & Jen certainly fit. I went straight to Cammy with the year, but it doesn’t say it all happened this past year at all…INTERESTING!!

        —Okay, rethinking. JLo & Diddy! HE promoted her. HE made her that DIVA she so desired. Ben didn’t really promote. Diddy put her on a pedestal…

  79. lol123 says:

    Ok, so #3 has to be…

    -A female celebrity who is probably older than they claim
    -Had to be around in the 90’s
    -Had to have had a GREAT 2011, with magazine covers and everything (my research was fruitless on this; the only celeb that was everywhere this year in particular was Olivia Wilde, imo, and she doesn’t fit the other clues).
    -recently dumped/single (who knows how she may have spun it)
    -her ex actually MADE her famous. So let’s think about famous A list actors/musicians who recently became single
    -Well known to be a diva/rude

    I don’t want to believe it’s Chelsea Handler, if only cause it’d be like meh, I figured she was into hard drugs and kinky sex anyways. Canalis fits too except for the getting-her-start-in-hollywood thing. I have no idea who else it could be, though!

  80. NancyMan says:

    Is it Liz and Dick?

  81. Anguishedcorn says:

    Might #3 be Johnny D and Vanessa? I know she doesn’t get glowing press here in the US, but maybe int’l? I don’t follow them much though, so it’s my shot in the dark.

    • normades says:

      NO WAY! Vanessa is an icon and pop star in France since she was 14 years old. Not dealing drugs in hwood.

    • SLM says:

      I was actually thinking of Vanessa and Johnny for #2. With the allusion to his rep for being a partier, and recent suggestions that they have been on the rocks.

  82. Kit says:

    I can’t think of any female celeb that had “glowing, sycophantic press. She got magazine covers. She was hailed as the best, the brightest.” Who was hailed in 2011 as that and is old enough?

    • normades says:

      I would love this to be one of the Olivias WILDE/MUNN. But the “boyfriend” bit don’t fit.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      JA and KK both fit that profile to a “T” but the rest just doesn’t fit….

  83. Franny says:

    I think Cameron Diaz makes a lot of sense for the last one, as someone mentioned above. She was an actress in the 90s, she’s used drugs, that whole “feeding” during the Superbowl, the “girlfriend of” is a major sports theme.

    Very interesting. But seriously…will we never know?

    • Pisa says:

      I don´t think No.3 could be Cameron Diaz or J.Lo because they are and were already famous without having to be “the girlfriend” of anybody.
      The man has to be more famous than the woman in this case.
      Maybe Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter. Although I don´t know whether he is more famous than her…

  84. runner24 says:

    As much as I love her, could Julianne Hough be #3? I don’t know if her and Ryan actually broke up, I remember some stories about it but I can’t remember if it was confirmed or not.

    • Taksi says:

      Julianne is much too young to be #3. I think she’s being honest about her age. She was doing dance competitions, and somewhat in the public eye as a kid. I don’t think she can lie about that.

  85. Lisa1 says:

    Kaiser please give us some more clues. This is killing us!!!

  86. normades says:

    CB seems to have an in with Brandi Glanville.
    Maybe these are all about Leann Rimes(haha)

    • Kimbob says:

      VERY deductive @normades! When I saw this story, I definitely remember seeing a story posted (can’t remember what story now) but a certain CB writer said they’ve corresponded e-mail w/Brandi, for sure. Also stated their sympathies were w/her….& mine are too, for that matter.

      • Kristen says:

        I thought the same thing, but I hope it’s not her. She doesn’t seem credible to me.

  87. Heather M (Heather) says:

    #2 Jen & Justin. He has a tattoo that represents punks who are sober and totally clean. No drinks, no drugs (“Straight Edge”)….which is why I always wondered why people think he uses. Jen was married to pothead Pitt and is friends w/coked out Chelsea…she also QUIT smoking around the time she and Justin got together, probably at his request.

    • Heather M (Heather) says:

      #2, I’m positive about.

      # 3 I suspect to be Chelsea Handler and Andre Balasz. She dated the non famous but well connected E executive which fits the working your way up profile, and even though we don’t view Andre to be a major celebrity, he is quite well connected on both coasts and it was, no doubt, a thrill to be dating him.

      • podzol says:

        While I’m skeptical about the source of these blind items, I totally co-sign Chelsea Handler for number 3. And I believe the bit about the “best and brightest” are a wink to the remarks that Jennifer Aniston made when she gave Handler an award at the Glamour “Women of the Year” event. Maybe that’s also a reference to the sycophantic press. Plus, there’s no way this woman is under 40 years old. She looks rode hard and put away wet from hard drug use!

        Well done, HeatherM. I think you got all three guesses right!

    • Heather M (Heather) says:

      #1 is probably Lindsey, and she and Dina probably planted this story themselves. Heh.

      Actually, it could be Demi Moore. Sad.

  88. LDL says:

    Glowing press jlo’s perfume is called glow.

  89. LDL says:

    Jlo’s her perfume is called glow-“glowing press”

  90. Miss Beca says:

    I really think #3 is Blake Lively/Leo. The blind says she is older than she says she is. If she says she’s mid 20-s but is actually early 30-s, she’d have been college age in the 90s. Making he PLENTY old enough for the drug scene.

    • Mae says:

      There is no way that it is Blake Lively. There are yearbook pictures of her online. So unless she was selling at 10 or 11, I think we need to be looking for older women here.

  91. Shalom says:

    #1 – Demi Moore

    I don’t know about the other ones but generally I think the biggest celebrity drug dealer worldwide is Shakira (and her lot). Shakira touring is a masterpiece of transaction. Last year she expanded to Spain!

  92. Pinkie says:

    #3 Michelle Williams…She was in many magazine covers and was praised for the movie “A Week with Marilyn”

  93. lisa says:

    I don’t know any of them

    but nice that it is not the same old names year after year.

  94. whatevs says:

    1. i would say lilo but you know she didn’t go there so idek. 2. angie and brad obv. 3. i’m inclined to say jeniston

    • katyalia says:

      I guessed the same people – only #2 & #3 switched around!

      • whatevs says:

        well that could have worked… except it says “got a new shiny boyfriend” for item #3! brad isn’t angie’s new boyfriend…

  95. Grasshopper says:

    I think j lo and maybe Ben. She had a ton of press this year and was rising with diddy but when she hooked up with Ben it was whole new level. the glow perfume is a great hint. I can’t imagine diddy’s entourage rushing him to rehab but I can imagine ben’s family or handlers getting involved. He has an addictive personality hence the gambling an rumored drinking issues.

    George and Elizabeth – was to European before George and he is overseas a lot. Plus everyone assumes he’s kinky etc. not such a surprise

    Only thing- jLo seems like too much of a diva to get so kinky, lol. But drugs can completely change a someones personality

    Srry bout typos on my phone and couldn’t help but chime in!

    • whatevs says:

      but jlo didn’t suffer in the 90’s she was in many films before this music thing took off! and 2001 was her best year, not 2011. and a former lover said she’s rather frigid in bed she doesn’t sound -that- kinky

  96. Michelle says:

    #3 is not Cameron. She didn’t need ARods connections, she has been A/B list for a long time now. He didn’t need her connections to get what he wants either. She just fit his “type” He has a new girlfriend and seems happy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2081505/Alex-A-Rod-Rodriguez-goes-public-wrestler-girlfriend-Torrie-Wilson.html

  97. Aria says:

    My guess:

    #1 Demi Moore
    #2 JA and her sex toy
    #3 Sienna Miller???? Didn’t she become famous for her romance with Jude Law? Besides she looks older than 29th.

  98. ruby says:

    n°2 is Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in my opinion.

    I’d love to know who n°3 is though… Chelsea Handler ? Mila Kunis ? Eva Mendes ?

  99. STOPGOOP says:

    #1: ?
    #2: Charlie Sheen and Brook Mueller? Haha hard to believe if he is clean. But Jamie Hince and Moss are married, so the wording would be wrong for them
    #3: Demi & Ashton, although the wording seems a bit overblown for her… I don’t perceive her as being so adored

    • PTBoat says:

      Demi has been a star in her own right since the 80s and was certainly the bigger star when she got together with Ashton. At one point, early 90s or late 80s, she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood and actually broke the ceiling for women, so she’s not a good candidate for 3.

      My only issue with Chelsea Handler is that the break up with her power broker was a full two years ago.

  100. Violet's Roses says:

    1. Kim Richards
    2. Brangelina. Anison looks far too healthy to be doing tons of drugs and alcohol. Angie, however, looks like her health is failing her.
    3. Elizabetta and George. She looks older than 33 to me and certainly the blind fits her to a tee, with her former life and connections. Perhaps George didn’t drop her for he marriage comment but the upcoming scandalous Berlusconi trial.

  101. Mairead says:

    I think the Elisabeth Canalis guess for No.3 is excellent, and it’s the one that makes most sense. Except that it reads like she got the “shiny new boyfriend” in 2011, as well as breaking up with him. I just don’t think it’s Mila. And haven’t there been rumours of Blake being Harvey Weinstein’s “protegée” for years?

    But I’ll chuck out another name for the laugh – Nicole Scherzinger (spelling?). Nobody can deny that she didn’t have a brilliant 2011: hit singles, a judge on the X Factor etc. etc. Plus she’s around the right age – early 30s, but could be a little older. Although Lewis Hamilton is young and only comparatively famous to those outside motor-sport, he is ACHINGLY rich and well-connected. Although they’ve been on and off for ages.

    Unless of course the rumours of her being Simon Cowell’s bit on the side are true – he literally promoted her from being a stand-in judge on the British X Factor to the US X Factor after Cheryl Cole left.

    • whatevs says:

      when in 2011 did she get good press tho

      • Mairead says:

        Which she do you mean?

        I’m pretty sure both of them had magazine covers this year. I’m European, so I can’t comment on US press coverage, but Nicole was all over the shop this year in the British press at least, and all of it glowing from what I can see. I hope that clarifies my line of thinking.

      • whatevs says:

        oops mairead i meant canalis by “she”

  102. Justaguess says:

    #3 Denise Richards?

  103. Simon says:

    #1 – I have no idea, it could be anyone.

    #2 – I honestly think it’s Justin and Jen, it just seems to fit. maybe Katy Perry and Russell Brand, but it just seems like JustJen.

    #3 – Holy… I got nothing. Who on earth could that be?! I was gonna say Demi Moore but she was the wife not girlfriend. Blake and Mila are way too young. I’ve heard about George supposedly liking dudes so it could be Canalis but… It says they got their break ‘in the 1990s’ but it doesn’t say WHEN in the ’90s. So it could be late ’90s. So it may be Blake or Mila. I just, yeah, I don’t know. That’s such a confusing one! But I was born in ’89 so, I got nothing.

  104. katyalia says:

    It doesn’t mean that they’re true, but from the descriptions:

    1. Lohan – don’t really care
    2. Aniston & Theroux
    3. Jolie & Pitt

  105. Kim says:

    #3 is Blake. Look at the picture associated with the story. Its not a coincedence it HIGHLY resembles Blake.

    • spinner says:

      Yes…#3 IS Blake.

      • Bubulle says:

        This can’t Blake, she’s way too young and I don’t hink she’s lying about her age, plus she didn’t wait for LDC to get media attention she graced the cover of Vogue US twice in 2009 and 2010, and she’s still very much in the press with her relashionship with RR (whether it’s real or not) I don’t think she needs him anymore.

      • normades says:

        Blake is from an upper class hwood family. Was an honor student, cheerleader and class president. I really don’t think she was making the rounds at 13-14 as a drug dealer.

      • anon says:

        @ normades haven’t you ever seen twin peaks? which incidentally features blake’s older sister as a mesmerizing piece making power plays

  106. Michael says:

    You people saying Mila For # 3 are out of your minds. Have you ever watched that 70s show. She was obviously 14. She was in movies before that she was a freaking litle kid. go watch Gia shes missing teeth.

    Serriously absurd.

    • brin says:

      lol…calm down.

    • normades says:

      I’m with you Michael. This is the thing that bugs me about blinds…people guess the dumbest shit and then drag that person’s name into a rumor that has ZERO basis.

      Mila was 14 in 1998, she did not get her start because she f*cked someone or delt drugs. It is completely wrong to suggest otherwise.

  107. anne_000 says:

    1. Kim Richards, who was in rehab over Xmas, right?
    2. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
    3. I was going to say GC & Elisabetta Canalis, but the Hollywood connection threw me.

  108. Callumna says:

    Of the guesses Chelsea Handler really beeps the skankdar.

    She’d be up for all that for a career, she’s clear on that.

  109. guest says:

    I’m reading the following hints from #3: she was around in Hollywood in the 90’s – there is no comment, that she was an actress, singer or dancer. She was just there (doing whatever).

    She had her best year in 2011 – with magazine covers and high praises BUT she got that because of her new, shiny, super-connected boyfriend. Again no word of any actual career. She had press because she was the GIRLFRIEND of some big named guy. The last important hint: she wants him back, because she liked the attention she was getting as the GIRLFRIEND – and again, that woman probably doesn’t have a career on her own (at least not a very successful one). That rules out every actress, that has been named so far. None of them needs a boyfriend back, to get attention (Mila does not need Timberlake or Culkin, Blake has tons of press with Ryan, Angelina is still with Brad, JLo has a lot going on with that pre-schooler she is dating…) I really think, like someone said before we are talking about Amber Rose and Kanye West here. Who knew her before she was with Kanye West? She got tons of press while dating him, people celebrated her as a fashion forward or whatever.

  110. the original bellaluna says:

    Alright, Ladies, we ALL know that going to AA implies an acceptance of having a problem and wanting help. So CLEARLY #1 is NOT Blohan.

    I r-e-a-l-l-y think #3 is either Chelsea and what’s-his-face (wouldn’t it be FABULOUS if it was Gaycrest?!) or Eli & George.

    For the nay-sayers, Eli had lots of (foreign) press in 2011, got voted off DWTS, and we all know she’s into the Devil’s dandruff & ho-shit.

  111. Alejandro says:

    #3 Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter.

  112. guest says:

    What about katy perry/russel brand?I mean he was spotted at an AA meeting and she is known for a heavy drinker and I think that she got a lot of attention this year although I don’t know how connected is russel.hmmm….

  113. fatlittleprincess says:

    January Jones?
    She was in one of the best movies of 2011. She was also pregnant most of the year which made her glow and get a ton of attention. And I’ve heard she’s really mean to people who she thinks are “lower” than her.

  114. Intercontinental says:

    Firstly, happy new year gossip friends!

    Now, down to business! We’ve been following your comments and having the most amazing debate we’ve ever had on a blind item. Whilst we do not pertain to know the answers to any of the items set, our attention turned to Kaisers opening lines ” we were contacted by a well informed celebrity etc…”, how interesting…! So we reread what Kaiser had written, and again, and again, had a cup of tea and then the debate began, again!

    Rightly, but probably wrongly, we are in agreement that the contact was purposeful and had meaning. We have come to the conclusion that the information passed is a back handed threat in a ‘I have more to offer.. YOU..!’ give me what I want scenario, knowing that pr people watch these sights, so will the informant be and possibly the recipient of their attention (and really could it get more exciting.. 😉 )

    This could just be the way the item has been written though. Sometimes when people are told something they can sub consciously repeat in the same manner, written or verbal. But, in Kaisers defence, the information is sketchy so there is obviously abit (OK, alot!) missing which can also skew the tone.

    So, to add to all of the above guess work of the victims of the items, who is the perpetrator? Think about #3 who has the most to loose?

    We are looking right of GC, maybe a link to the right…

  115. truthful says:

    I’m sooo excited that we have blinds, I’ll have to calm down and think about it.

    Thanks CB, Kaiser and staff!!

    when I left this am, it was 13 degrees and its still pretty cold now…I am gonna get a cocktail, warm up and see who fits this.

  116. Maggie says:

    I think #3 is younger than we think. If she’s just now being touted as the best and the brightest, I feel like her star is on the rise. Mila Kunis, if you believe she dated Justin Timberlake, is a good guess. She had her best year yet, and was definitely an “it” girl of 2011.

    Her star has faded a lot since JT and Jessica Biel got back together. And if you’ve ever seen photos of Justin where his eyes are one big pupil when he has a flashbulb in his face, you’d realize the guy is rarely sober.

  117. Draggedin says:

    I think it’s clear from the writing of # 3 that 2011 was the year of the shiny new boyfriend and the success. I read it that the new boyfriend brought the success – that’s the grammatical structure anyway. So it is someone who succeeded after getting a boyfriend this year, one who helped her career. And now after the split she feels interest in her is waning. Most of the guesses so far are negated by this, except for Blake (though, even if she is not too young, would she really feel the need to get back with Leo? She’s hardly struggling to get papped at the mo and I think she’s played things masterfully with Leo as a stepping stone). I don’t follow this stuff too avidly so all of the guesses are interesting, but I think it works better if you approach it as a logic puzzle, making sure all of the pieces fit.

  118. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “She had glowing, sycophantic press. She got magazine covers. She was hailed as the best, the brightest.”

    “Brightest, glowing”-like Amber (the fossilized tree resin). I have changed my mind. I think like others have said, #3 is about Kanye (or Whiz Khalifa?) and Amber Rose. She claims to be 28 but looks a lot older IMO.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Also, an Amber Rose quote:
      “If a stripper changes her life she’s still a stripper. If a drug dealer changes his life he’s a business man, entrepreneur, etc…?”

  119. Lucky Charm says:

    1. Courtney Love
    2. Jennifer A./Justin T.
    3. Kat von D./Jesse James

  120. AL says:

    #1 ??
    #2 Camila and Matthew
    #3 Katy Perry and Russell Brand

  121. whatevs says:

    you guys think #3 could be sandra bullock also? because she did suffer for a few years after speed, then she did practical magic, suffered again, did a few shitty films until getting the oscar. and back in the 90’s it was widely reported that her official age was fake. they had found her highschool year books and she was pretending to be in her 20’s. anyway she doesn’t sound super kinky though… and who would the other one be? not jesse james i don’t think she’d take him back. so whom? bradley cooper or ryan reynolds? lol

  122. Goth With a Tqn says:

    “She fed him everything he wanted, and then some.” -“thats McDonalds and then some? Didnt Justin Timberlake do a Maccy D’s ad?

    I love this site!!

  123. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “She’s always had access to the good stuff. It’s how she got her start in Hollywood – she was the dealer, the supplier, the connection. She would get anyone anything they needed, provided they could help her career, provided they were more famous then her.”
    Neither Bullock nor Katie Perry seem like the type to have drug connections.

    • AL says:

      Perry was with Travie Mccoy right before Russell Brand and he certainly had/has drugproblems. It doesnt necesarily mean that she has, but still…
      And she was “hailed as the best, the brightest” at the grammys/MTV

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        But she was famous BEFORE Russell Brand. In fact, arguably, he became more famous for dating HER. She definitely was not known as “the girlfriend of” Russell Brand. Plus I believe that she is the age that she claims- she doesn’t look older to me. And I doubt she had a strong drug connect, when she was living under the watchful eye of her preacher father.

      • guest says:

        The woman we are looking for was a dealer, supplier, a connection in the 90’s. Katy Perry was probably in Camp Purity back then and not in and out of Hollywood.

  124. Franny says:

    #2 : drew barrymore?

  125. Ha ha says:

    Don’t want to guess # 1 she should be anonymous # 2 Jolie / Pitt # 3 has to be the Italian queen and her slave . She was in Hollywood trying to make it in the 90s . Was she not in one of the Duce bigalo flicks ?

  126. guest says:

    I just went through a list of celebrity break-ups in 2011(if I would only be this enthusiastic during my actual job-routine…), to see who we could be talking about here. I still stick to my Amber Rose/Kanye West-guess (even if they split up in 2010), but right after that are Chelsea Handler/A. Balazs and Elisabetta Canalis/G. Clooney. Most of the other couples on the break-up list were out of the picture because they were kind of equal (means they had the same kind of success) or the girls were way to young to fit the profile or i didn’t even know both of them 🙂 And I think, that the female part of blind item #3 was famous for being the girlfriend and not much else. No acting, singing or hosting. So, that would also eliminate Chelsea… Tricky.

  127. Ell says:

    Where are the clues? Isn’t that the fun part of the BVs? That first one could be absolutely anyone.

  128. AL says:

    But who then was hailed the best and the brightest in 2011 AND a supplier in the 90’s???

    • brin says:

      Yeah, i keep going back to that and it doesn’t sound like Chelsea Handler or Amber Rose to me.

  129. Draggedin says:

    Someone already said this but… Kate Bosworth? She did get a few covers, and someone mentioned The Big One as a nod to her casting in Big Sur. Also, if we are playing word games, and assuming there are two boyfriends referenced in the BI (the shiny new one and the one who liked strap-ons).. Her new boyfriend is named ‘Polish’.

    • amc says:

      Bosho has never been called the best and brightes except from the voices in her head. ASkars likes beer and to my knowledge has never indulged in drugs. Also he only has the rep for the gay thing thanks to Ted C. Nothing prior to that while he was in very open Sweden ….just saying …

  130. UKHels says:

    Bosworth is old enough to be number 3

    and her Hollywood career is totally inexplicable… 🙂

  131. reg says:

    The last one is obviously Jim Carrey and that blonde robot Jenny McCarthy, remember how he “gave her” millions as a gift, poor Jim, please don’t give in….stay in NY Jim.

  132. Proxy says:

    #3 is definitely Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner.

    The hints fits with the name (shining, brightest, glowing) and with the fact that she didn’t have a career or covers (no one said which type of mag) before the Hef. Also, “his health was suffering” and talk of rehab AGAIN. Besides, she seems obnoxious and not well liked…

    • Lady_Luck says:

      I doubt it. Hugh Hefner had “access” to all those things and more LONG before Crystal. A constant supply infact.
      Besides, Crystal doesn’t have a career, and certainly not known for anything other than her brief dalliance with H.H.

  133. mo says:

    1. Christina Aguilera
    2. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Chelsea Handler

  134. foozy says:

    j-lo and p-diddy

  135. foozy says:

    do we win anything?

  136. Franny says:

    I bet the writers here just LOVE that they know who these are about.

    i want to know too!

  137. PRPro says:

    For #3, I think we should be looking at someone who attended Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Power 100: Women In Entertainment Breakfast’ at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

    The blurb for it specifically mentions “honouring the best and brightest”.

    It may not be her, but Kate Bosworth attended and she has had a number of covers this year. She’s also had a rumoured problem with nose candy.

  138. lol123 says:

    Alright, the more I think about it, the more I definitely think it’s GC/Eli.

    You KNOW he’s into kinky sex, you KNOW he could be bi/bi-curious, you KNOW he put her on the map (very recent stardom), you KNOW there was texting going on after that breakup, and you KNOW she’s known to be rude.

    The more I think about it, it fits perfectly.

    I looked into what she was doing in the 90s but her first part was in ’99…she easily could have spent time trying to make it in Hollywood.

    And, of course: http://www.celebitchy.com/110263/elisabetta_canalis_implicated_in_italian_cocaine_hooker_scandal/

    The ONLY THING that negates this perfect match, imo, is the “shiny new boyfriend” in 2011 thing. They were together in 09…


    • guest says:

      I don’t think, that our mysterious woman found her shiny new bf in 2011. She had the glorious press in 2011. Kaiser said “But my chronology is wrong – the boyfriend came before the glowing press.” So, there is no word, that they startet dating last year.

  139. Playlist says:

    I think the clues people are missing here for #3 are –
    “Her career didn’t pick up until she started sleeping her way through her agency, though.”
    That narrows it down. Her boyfriend(s) would be with the same agency as her. Most have more than one agency – PR agency, Talent Agency, etc.

    Another clue is the carefully chosen word “sycophantic” which means “a person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence; parasite, yes man, flunky, fawner, flatterer ”, “apple-polishing ass kissing ass licking bootlicker brown nosing crawler”

    And the other clue “She also got a shiny, new, super-connected boyfriend” –
    Shiny boyfriend?? Is he bald? Wears lots of jewelry? Shiny is not a word usually used to describe a boyfriend.

    Chelsea Handler is a well known ass kisser, when she isn’t ripping others apart. But her big year was 2010, doing book promo tours along with her show, and hosting MTV awards, not 2011, and I don’t think she was ever described as a “the best/the smartest”. I would peg her more for being the one starting/leaking many blind items across the internet.

    • Tiffany says:

      Just brainstorming…There are 2 women that are dating their agents: Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon.

      Britney was around in the 1990s, and even her mom said she had a hard core drug habit back in her teens (she was caught with coke on a plane). Britney was going through hard times, but after she hooked up with Jason her agent, she has gotten a lot of good press about how she has turned things around.

    • guest says:

      I don’t think it’s the unknown woman who is sycophantic. I think Kaiser meant the press kissed her behind while praising her.

  140. Luise says:

    #1. Xtina
    #2. JA and Justin T
    #3. Clooney and Eli

  141. Zoey says:

    #2 justin and Jen
    #3 driving me nuts!! She has got to be in her thirties (real age.) He is more famous, they broke up this year, she had a lot of publicity this year, his health has been bad……who is it???? Ahhh!

  142. Crystalline says:

    I’ll throw my hat in this game. Debated with a few hours with the boyfriend on 3 and these are our guesses:

    -Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner (The only reason I think this doesn’t work is I wouldn’t say it was an amazing year for Crystal Harris, for rather obvious reasons in how badly she handled that break up)
    -Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz (I hesitate on this one because they haven’t broken up, but I found her beginnings a little too coincidental. She just happened to meet an executive producer and then shot to fame? Yeah, right)
    -Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter

    Now, hear me out on Minka. She is 31, easily could’ve taken off a few years because she has no work I see pre-2000s. Her and Derek broke up this year (and just got back together I see today!) and she definitely had a huge year in terms of career and covers. There also was that scandal involving that person getting fired on Charlie’s Angels, either due to her being a diva or him touching her. Jeter seems to have a habit of dating women on the rise or peaking, just from a quick browse of his dating history and their relationship did come to the focus a lot more recently with her new success. I like her as my guess.

    • Gast says:

      Minka Kelly isn’t a bad guess at all. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and with her parents background she was probably not unfamiliar with Hollywood, either. You could relate the word “brightest” to her role in Friday Night Lights. And there is even an article here on CB showing her on a cover of a magazin and in the article iss some ass-kissing press mentioned.

      • the other mel says:

        I don’t think Jeter’s ever been in rehab, though, has he? That’s what the blind implies.

      • Bubulle says:

        Aren’t athletes like Jeter regularly tested for drugs, if he really was a drug addict he would have been caught by now no ?

    • Michelle says:

      Definitely NOT CH and Hef for #3. She is too young. He isn’t into drugs either.

      • Dutch says:

        That CH/Hef guess isn’t as crazy as it might sound. A rash of googleing reveals:
        1. The reports that Hef discovered CH was actually in her mid 30s not her mid 20s.
        2. There was a lot of press in an effort to make her a beloved as the original ‘Girls Next Door.’ That show was THE E! franchise pre-Kardashians.
        3. Her ‘Runaway Bride’ Playboy cover was big news during the summer.
        4. Her alleged pre- and post-Hef bf is record company exec Jordan McGraw. She is from SoCal and is reported to have sleazed her way around Hollywood working her way up the golddigging ladder.
        5. In various interviews and bios, Hef is said to have both dabbled in bisexuality and had issues with Dexedrine during Playboy’s heyday.
        6. Gossip items about Hef looking sickly right as he started dating CH and the twins.
        7. With sarcasm a staple of BIs, ‘shiny, new’ could really mean ‘creepy, old.’ And Hef is very much on the record with his love of group sex.
        8. Their breakup was sudden and she has pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth since then. So, getting back with Hef for another bump of fame isn’t that shocking.

  143. PRPro says:

    Orlando bloom and Alexander Skarsgard are both repped by Kate Bosworths PR rep, Robin Baum. No idea who her latest, Michael Polish is with.

    Shiny could mean “polish”

  144. mln76 says:

    According to the blind the third person was struggling way back in the 90’s. Handler is the only one of the suspects that actually has been struggling to break through since then. She had alot of sycophantic press this year, along with a movie and a new sitcom deal on NBC. She also had a major breakup.
    Also the woman is lying about her age and it’ ALWAYS been a stretch to believe that Handler is 35 like she claims. On the other hand Bosworth, Amber Rose, and Minka all look to be close enough to their official age and most certainly not old enough to have been around since the 90’s (which would put the person at late 30’s to early 40’s).

  145. alibeebee says:

    this is killing me my brain is freezing up!

  146. Dizzy says:

    Whitney Cumming she came out of nowhere this year and now she’s involved in 2 tv shows.

    • jc126 says:

      That was one of my guesses, too.

      Regarding Blake Lively – she claims to be 23. But damn, she looks QUITE a bit older. Would she have the nerve to shave like 10 years off her age? Seems like someone would expose that.

  147. Marjalane says:

    Here’s the thing about the Chelsea Handler guesses- some of you might not be old enough to remember her on the ORIGINAL comedy central as well as she had Girls Behaving Badly. I KNOW she can’t be 35, or whatever she says she is, because she was older than I was when those shows were on! So I don’t know about the struggling part- she had a lot of success this year with her books and show(s), but no one really likes her. There’s no way she’s trying to worm her way back into her old bosses life- she’s quite snotty about him.

    • mln76 says:

      Here’s thing the boyfriend isn’t the E exec it’s Andre Balzac who owns several hotels including the Chateau Marmont and is well connected.

  148. S says:

    I think it might help if we turned our attention to who the celebrity ‘source’ of these is… Who stands to gain the most out of leaking these blinds, or who may want to protect/endorse by proxy someone else by destroying the rep of those mentioned in each blind…?

    If it’s Kate Bos in #3, the ‘source’ could be someone in the Goop circle wanting to dash her ‘star’ for all the rumours re Chris Martin… but I can’t really see Goop herself contacting CB considering, well, how all of us here generally talk about her haha 🙂 but someone within that circle?

    On the other hand, if it’s Eli & George, then it could be a close friend of George’s wanting to retaliate and destroy the rep of Eli for the damage she’s caused to him… I’m disinclined to think the source would be George himself, though, since he’s in campaign mode and press like this, even by association, wouldn’t be so great. Plus, the phrase ‘shiny, new boyfriend’ is really NOT a suitable description for him, physically or otherwise.

    As much as I sort of actually like Courtney Love, I don’t think CB/Kaiser would suddenly shift from their general ‘crackie mess’ view of her to suddenly be a ‘well-informed’ or ‘well-connected’ source – which effectively hinders the guess of Chelsea Handler, since she is probably the best guess as a ‘source’ for this answer, as she would certainly have a vested interest in destroying CH’s rep.

    Hmm… back to the drawing board…

    • Lucy says:

      But “shiny” could mean shining star and say what you will about George Clooney he is a big star…

  149. Sisi says:

    So who gave the blinds? It must`ve been a true celebitch from the inner circle… Goop?

  150. Pizzazz says:

    My guess for #3 – Sofia Vergara (she was EVERYWHERE last year) & Nick Loeb (despite not being all that famous to most people he’s very, very connected).

  151. truthful says:

    I think no 1 is either
    Drew Barrymore or Nicole Richie

    the others I need more time to think through.

  152. Bubulle says:

    #1 Christina Aguilera, there is countless stories about her being a drunken mess , plus “christmas” christina.

    #2 Ryan Gosling / Eva Mendes : she has always be rumoured to be a huge coke head (she went in rehab in 2008 according to us weekly). As for RG Radar posted a story about how he was arrested for a DUI back in 2005, like someone pointed out he took a couple of years off between 2007 and 2010, could be to fix an addiction problem, and now that he’s H’wood new it boy, he definitely has an image to protect.

    #3 I can’t think of anyone but that Chelsea Handler chick (even if I don’t know who she is), there are a lot of stories about her on Celebitchy that seem to feet this BI , plus she looks way more older than 36.

  153. Jackie says:

    #1 could be tara reid. the pic on the front of this entry looks like her with a hat on.

  154. Bubbles says:

    3: Nicki Minaj? She did backup vocals and small-time work and struggled for years before getting through to Dirty Money’s CEO. Which then led her to Lil’ Wayne and, eventually, her own album. She was never really the “girlfriend of,” she was just rumored to be w/him and Drake, etc. But 2011 was definitely her year, and she’s lied about her age. Officially, she was born in 1984, but her police report from Dallas says 1982. She could totally have been a late-teens party girl/drug hookup. But then again, she says in interviews she’s not into drugs. Ack! So frustrating.

  155. the other mel says:

    I’m more curious about the ‘very well-informed, well-connected celebrity’ that contacted Celebitcy to randomly gossip and plant blind items…what was the point of that and what did they have to gain by doing it? And not just one, but three blinds? Celebs, no matter if they are A or Z list, are strange.

  156. whatevs says:

    lol all this speculating is fun. wonder if they’re true though blind items usually are not

  157. The Original Mia says:

    If #1 is Christina, good for her. Not sure why anyone would bash her for seeking help. That said I don’t think it was her. My guess: Melanie Griffith

    #2: JustJen

    #3: Chelsea Handler.

  158. TG says:

    I just checked and there were rumors that Emma Stone was dating Ryan Gosling earlier this year and maybe she is trying to get him back. I just threw her name out because she is the only celeb I have heard about this year that is all over the press and the It Girl. But I don’t know anything.

  159. S says:

    More crazy speculation on the celeb ‘source’…

    I saw a photo somewhere of Courtney Love & Dame Goop herself having dinner together somewhere very recently – it was a small, unofficial candid of them sitting next to each other, both looking equally pissed and delighted to be in each other’s company. I’m sure they’d both have a lot to gossip about between the two of them, and a lot of people they could easily take down if they put their minds to it…

    OR, if it’s all coming from Goop’s circle, she may have taken what she ‘learnt’ from her gossip with CLove, and just run with it – meaning that #1 could in fact be Courtney herself.

    (also, even if Goop herself wasn’t the direct source…can you IMAGINE her having a conversation with Kaiser? PRICELESS!…it may be someone else in her circle doing it on her behalf or by her bidding… I feel horrible saying it like this since I rather like her AND Courtney, in spite of it all)

    • valleymiss says:

      Just today on Dlisted, Michale K posted a pic of Goop and Courtney together. As nuts as Clove is, she IS wellconnected when it comes to gossip. She is also known to frequent music gossip sites, AND she’s nuts enough to contact a site. I betcha she’s the informant. And I still say (and I was the first one to say it) that #3 is Kanye and Amber. (And CLove would know those who were kickin’ around Hollywood in the 90s, offering drigs! Lol)

      • Valleygirl says:

        Ugh typing from a smart phone just doesn’t work! lol Ok I just tried editing my comment but it didn’t work. So here’s what I MEANT to say lol:

        Just today on Dlisted, Michael K posted a pic of Goop and Courtney together. As nuts as C-love is, she IS well-connected when it comes to gossip. She is also known to frequent music gossip sites, AND she’s nuts enough to contact a site (she used to drive the moderators at the Velvet Rope forums nuts). I betcha she’s the informant. And I still say (and I was the first one to say it) that #3 is Kanye and Amber. (And C-Love would know those who were kickin’ aroundd Hollywood in the 90s, offering drugs! Lol)

        Think about it…Goop is BFF’s with Jay Z, and Jay is BFF’s with Kanye. When Kanye was with Amber he was drinking a lot and doing god knows what else (a lot of it was in response to his mom dying suddenly…I feel for the guy). Amber is NOT a good influence on Kanye, and he dumps her and it’s a BAD breakup. Now Jay-Z and the rest of Kanye’s friends don’t want Amber to wheedle her way back in (she never got more publicity than when she was with Kanye). So Jay whispers in Goop’s ear and Goop whispers in Courtney’s ear and Courtney contacts Celebitchy. They’re doing this to point out Amber’s rep as a party girl and a girl who tried to ride Kanye’s coattails and got famous for doing nothing…and they want to keep her away from Kanye for good.

        I pointed out that the “dark hole” could reference Kanye’s album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Hmm, wonder what Hole could represent? LOL C-Love, you so crazy, girl!

    • valleymiss says:

      Just today on Dlisted, Michale K posted a pic of Goop and Courtney together. As nuts as Clove is, she IS wellconnected when it comes to gossip. She is also known to frequent music gossip sites, AND she’s nuts enough to contact a site. I betcha she’s the informant. And I still say (and I was the first one to say it) that #3 is Kanye and Amber. (And CLove woul know those who were kickin’ aroundd Hollywood in the 90s, offering drigs! Lol)

      • S says:

        Aghhh trying to reply to the comment you just added above this one (with the added details re Amber/Kanye) but it won’t let me. Curses!

        But, yes. THIS. I was trying to make the pieces fit between Goop’s circle and the connection with Courtney & Goop and this is perfect! ITA!

        So does this mean that items 1# and 2# are from Goop’s whisperings to Courtney (ie, from Goop’s/Goop’s circle’s gossip) or Courtney herself?

        If 1# and 2# are from Courtney then 1# could be Lindsay Lohan, considering what Courtney’s said about her recently. Though whether it’s true or not is another thing… just a guess, though, since I’d safely say that LL actually spent Christmas with her family – and Dina actually condoning or enforcing something upon LL that would be GOOD for her?? Now that’s a TRUE Christmas miracle. Ha! My bets are still on Xtina for this one – the similarities between the title of the blind and her name are too suss for me to ignore. Plus, I kinda hope it is her anyway – it’s a good sign for her 🙂

        As for #2 though, I’m still hedging my bets on who out of the Goop clan or Courtney (or both of them?) would want this ‘exposed’, or about who.

      • S says:

        Just saw in the comments on DListed that the photo was actually from back in October (someone provides a link to a fanpage on tumblr, where there’s another pic of them in the same outfits, clearly the same time, but from a different angle, and that post is back on the 19th of Oct ’11 or sometime). So, whether or not Courtney was actually WITH Goop on New Year’s (when it’s insinuated that the photo is taken) and ‘getting the best advice from her’ is a little harder to say, now. She could have just been putting up her most recent pic of the two of them together, and genuinely describing the event of the night (New Year’s) as it was happening – ie, backstage at Coldplay, Goop ‘giving advice’ to Court (or the other way around who knows haha.)

        OR – and here’s where my wild speculation goes through the roof. Goop and Court WERE friends – back when the photos were first taken (ie around October, possible before, etc). Goop goes mad for Court’s connections, sees potential chance to mention approx. 2347239472938 other people as her ‘dear friends’ on her upcoming newsletters. Goop & Court have merry chats (either in Oct when the pictures were taken/friendship instigated OR on New Year’s backstage at Coldplay, hard to say). Goop spills about Amber/Kanye (either WITH the intention of getting Court to ‘expose’ it to CB in the attempt of meangirling Amber/saving Kanye, OR she just had too much to drink and let slip). Goop MAYBE spills about #1 and #2 also.

        Time passes.

        Now, either Goop & Court do GENUINELY chat backstage at Coldplay gig on New Year’s about this with the intention of Court ‘revealing’ #3 (and possibly #1 and #2, depending on which camp they are originating from) all to CB at the start of the New Year, and this is exactly what happens a few days on into 2012.


        Time passes, SINCE October, and shit starts to go astray for Courtney re the bad publicity for her apartment/landlord/rent payments etc. Goop doesn’t want to be associated with a peasant like THAT. Goop begins blanking/ignoring Court. Court is angry. New Year’s never happens (which could explain the use of an old photo as ‘proof’). And, ASSUMING that what was accidentally let slip by Goop back around Oct thanks to too much booze, Court decides to send massive FU to Goop by releasing all via CB.

        Court’s ‘tweet’ to Goop on New Year’s is then just salt in the wound – ‘so I decided to take your ‘advice’. Thanks for sticking by me FRIEND. Happy New Years!’

        If THIS theory fits at all, then it’s possible #1 and #2 are two things that were DEFINITELY ‘let slip’ by Goop to Court – and are perhaps NOT things Goop wanted revealed (ie, things that she wants kept hush-hush within her circle). In which case, #1 COULD be Christina Aguilera (she’s friends with Goop and Goop could have let slip her boozing/intention to get help by or on Xmas), and #2 COULD be Cameron Diaz?

        Or (and there are far too many of those for my liking haha), they are purely from Courtney’s side.

        Holy jelly jesus, I did NOT mean to type this much and I am getting WAAAAAAAAY TOO UNCOMFORTABLY OBSESSED WITH THIS.

        I hate being unemployed 🙁 too much free time… FML.

      • Jilly Bean says:

        @ S – yeah this is the worst thing about being unemployed! I have been online since last night trying to figure this out! HA!

  160. S says:

    Wild guess number one thousand for #3;


    Lots of bad press, yes, but lots of gushy, glowing, ‘she’s a transcendent, gifted, free-spirited, ingenue vixen’ editorials earlier on in the year. And it definitely was ‘her’ year. And quite a few of her boyfriends have been well-connected, and older, albeit not ‘shiny’ or ‘new’.

    Probably a million times wrong but hey, it’s fun to speculate.

  161. kristen says:

    katy perry and russel for 3 is absurd. she was a christian singer first. and i can’t imagine HER leading HIM into a deep dark hole, he was mr. party long before her.

  162. Blood&Sand says:

    #2 JustJen
    #3 Chelsea Handler

    Aren’t these two BFFs?…could it be about people from the same circle? Let’s see….

    #1 Demi Moore or Laura Dern (guess is based on their weight loss)

    And the “very well-informed, well-connected celebrity” who knows them all is the jilted old BFF Courteney Cox?

  163. mcmiller says:

    #1 Christina A?
    #2 Aniston and her boytoy?
    #3 no clue—

  164. moopsie says:

    I’m going with Blake and Leo for # 3. They were the first couple that came to mind. I’ve always thought Blake looked old for her age. And I didn’t really know who she was until 2011 because her name is everywhere and its always about who she is dating or rumoured to be dating. There has been a lot of blind gossip in 2011 about a lady “sleeping her way to the top” and a lot of the guesses have been Blake. If you look at her wikipedia page, she got her first film debut in 1998, when she was supposedly 11 years old… which would make her real age then a typical teenager with drug connections.

  165. wres says:

    3. Jessica Chastain (b.1980 – old enough)

    2011 was an amazing year for her. No idea who she has been linked to … Sean Penn?

  166. moopsie says:

    oh and another clue that its Blake. On her Wikipedia page it says that she ended a 3-year relationship in 2010 and then her next boyfriend after that was Leo.

    • Jane says:

      But why would Leo need Blake for access to anything? He could get anything he wanted, he’s super A-list.

      • moopsie says:

        That is a good point. If it is true that any A-list could get anything he wanted then this whole blind item is bunk…which it could be, but its fun to guess. Someone is leaking this (or starting a rumour) about someone who is A-list. Being A-list doesn’t mean you are invincible to manipulative behaviour.

  167. moopsie says:

    and the rumours about Leo being bisexual have been around for a while

  168. laugh you lots says:

    This is fun!
    #1 Mischa Barton (for sure)
    #2 Jen&Justin
    #3 Cameron Diaz

    • moopsie says:

      Don’t think Cameron needed A-Rod for “glowing press”. I don’t even think I would call it that. Blake and Leo, they had glow, not A-rod and Cameron.

      • Bubulle says:

        Enough with the Blake guess, she’s way too young to fit, this is just silly.

      • moopsie says:

        Blake’s film debut was 1998 and if she is older than she says (as the blind says) I can see it.

      • Bubulle says:

        I would love it to be Blake but it doesn’t make sense at all. She got her first part at age 11, she played a tiny role in akiddie movie directed by her father . How old do you think she is exactely ? Because she shoud be at least 10 years older than her official age to be able to deal drug during the 90’s.

      • moopsie says:

        You must have lived a very sheltered life. A 13 year old crack-addicted sex worker is very common in the city I live in. Not that I’m saying Blake was THAT kind of sex worker, but you know what I mean?

  169. moopsie says:

    just is a stab in the dark…..maybe scar-jo leaked this?

  170. rufustfirefly says:

    As much as I’d like to pin #3 on Bosworthless, the BI isn’t a perfect fit. Rude? Yep. Associated with men who are more popular than she is? You betcha. Inexplicable career, rumors of drug use, getting to be “the girlfriend of” for a while, and talk of the BF’s friends hating her? Check, check, check and check. Where it doesn’t match up though is the part about 2011 being her best year ever. Her movies tanked or barely registered and her PR was mostly of the famewhoring variety with the exception of a few fashion blogs. Yeah, she got her name out there for sure, but it definitely wasn’t positive. Girlfriend is a card carrying member of the “any press is good press” school of thought. I guess you could call 2011 her best year ever if you are talking in terms of relativity. I would think the year Blue Crush was released was probably her best (and only) year of note.

    The other piece that doesn’t fit is the “super-connected” boyfriend she got before all the good press in 2011. Skarsgard is an up & comer for sure with red hot popularity, but I don’t think his connections in HW are what you would consider “super.” I also don’t think Alex went out of his way to protect or promote her in any way, shape or form. If anything, Alex ran from her at every chance he got. He never publicly claimed her as his girlfriend, let alone protected or promoted her. Lastly, there’s never been any talk about him being in rehab or needing it “AGAIN.” That doesn’t quite add up. With that, I’ll jump on the Chelsea Handler bandwagon guess for #3.

  171. moopsie says:

    I think the pictures are hints. The first picture looks like Blake and the third looks like 2 males.. the guy on the bottom has a hair just like Leo.

    • Dutch says:

      Using that logic then the first pic would go with the first item. Let’s see .. dark hair, dressed in layers, terrible posture, appears to be on a beach in the cloudy Northwest — how about Kristen Stewart. She is known to love the ganga more than the grapa.

    • Jolene Jolene says:

      Terrible deduction. Photos have nothing to do with it.

  172. Out and Down says:

    #3 – Charlize Theron & Ryan Renolds?

    Reasons Maybe Why: She’s been around since the 90s, originally a model (which feeds into the whole access to the good stuff thing), born in South Africa (easier to fake an official age?), smokes the apple bong like a true connoisseur of the chronic, by her own admission struggled hard when she first came to LA, good press from Young Adult & Snow White trailer (her buzz seems better than Julia Roberts?), the “finally got to be a diva” might also suggest her part in Young Adult, being “the girlfriend of” might mean finally dating someone with more buzz than her (Stuart Townsend hardly has the name recognition RR does), sudden end to relationship… I think I’m also thinking CT because of how Lainey has lately referred to her as at her best when she’s a see-you-next-Tuesday.

    Reasons Maybe Why Not: CT & RR weren’t really that public about dating, he didn’t really open “promote” her, dunno if I’d call 2011 her best year ever.

    • moopsie says:

      wouldn’t call it her year of glowing press or say that she was the “boyfriend of”. Her and Ryan were just a rumour, not an official item

    • TG says:

      I like your reasoning skills but wouldn’t CT’s best year have been when she wont that Oscar? And like the other commentor said is RR really that connected?

      • Out and Down says:

        Maybe. Depends what this anonymous celeb’s criteria for “best year” are. Is best year critical praise? Then 2002/03 would’ve been Charlize’s best. I don’t necessarily think so, I think it’s more about achieving a certain level of success, enough that you get offered the meatiest roles (Young Adult, Snow White & Prometheus are pretty good, high-profile ones), and I feel like Charlize still struggled for a few years after the Oscar with a couple of pretty big flops. She even took a few years off before coming back. Quote from Dec 2011 Vogue issue w/CT cover: “I realized how much I love what I do. I really, really missed it.” Maybe “best year” could mean turning point, overall career satisfaction? She’s doing all sorts of roles now–comedy, villainess, sci-fi, and all with critical praise. I feel like “best” and “brightest” mean someone who’s actually established, not on the rise. CT fits that mold.

        I have no idea if RR is well-connected. I think what doesn’t fit the most for me about this for CT is that she’s not famewhore-ish enough. But it’s a fun guess. I like CT, have since the Devil’s Advocate, so part of me actually hopes it’s not her since I’m rooting for her.

  173. Cristala says:

    Maybe its a strecth but I say for #3 its Rachel McAdams

    • MissM says:

      I don’t think so…her best year was whan the notebook came out, no????

    • Mairead says:

      Which would make Michael Sheen the shiny boyfriend 8O.

      I think they’re still together and I think she had a better year in 2010 with Sherlock etc.

  174. mollination says:

    Good for you guys for getting your own blind items and stuff, but writing them as vaguely as you did makes them as useful as me posting a blog claiming some hollywood A-lister by name did “x, y, and z” without any sources or reasoning. THe point of the blind item is to hint heavily without saying the name.

  175. foozy says:

    the picture looks like tara reid or even aniston but i stick to my guns: it’s jlo and p diddy

    • moopsie says:

      j-lo was married to p-diddy way back in the day and didn’t get glowing press for being his girlfriend in 2011

    • Jolene Jolene says:

      WHY do you people keep guessing based on the photos? They’re stock photos that have NOTHING to do with the person in the blind.

    • moopsie says:

      Ok they weren’t married. For some reason I always thought they were. But they were over long before 2011 and I wouldn’t say that J-Lo got a well connected BF in 2011 or had glowing press. J-Lo says she has never done drugs, and I believe it just because she looks so good for her age. J-Lo doesn’t fit at all.

  176. normades says:

    °1 is way to vague. I’m sure more than one celeb spent the holidays in rehab.

  177. n. says:

    No. 2 seems to me like Kate Moss & Jamie Hitch? She’s been a drinker for ages and we also know her for her cocaine stories and he used to be into drugs a lot too and now he’s clean?

  178. n. says:

    No. 1 – Brooke Mueller? She’s recently had some problems in Aspen?

  179. yani says:

    #3 is Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest

  180. Lady_Luck says:

    Why do people keep saying Chelsea Handler? What’s her story? Unless you are American and regularly tuned into her show nobody has even heard of her.

    • Maya says:

      So true.

    • the_porscha says:

      Basically, she claims to be 35, although she looks older. She dated Ted Harbert and got a show out of it, and then dated Andre Balazs, who is about as well connected as it gets. She’s been on magazine covers this year, and most of her press is about how irreverently funny she is. She could easily be lying about her age, has an admitted history with drugs that sources from her past say is still worse than she claims, and she has dated at least three famous men in a row, all more powerful than the last.

      • moopsie says:

        Chelsea Handler did not get glowing press from her little fling with 50cent. They were not an official item, there was speculation there. Chelsea got more press for being friends with Anisotn. #3 has to be an official couple. When Blake and Leo came out as an official couple, it was a BIG deal.

  181. Poison Ivy says:

    #1 Demi Moore
    #2 Brad & Angelina
    #3 Blake & Leo

  182. Lady_Luck says:

    well no.3 is somebody who was relatively unknown before this year, had a good rap this year, and got dumped by a “well-connected” boyfriend. If elisabetta actually had a career of sorts or actually famous for something other than being george’s ex gf, I would have thought that would all fit. But as it is, she is talentless and unpopular right from the get-go, so that counts that out.

    • the_porscha says:

      Elisabetta was pretty famous in Italy prior to this. Albeit equally for her acting and prostitution scandal, but there you go.

  183. Spugz says:

    God this is still good 24hrs later!

    I still mantain the 2nd is obvs JustJen. The front page pic is her for a start.

    I am now swinging between C Handler and that George Clooney bird. Neither fit perfectly though. George C’s ex-misses is the only one that is frequently refered to as the girlfriend of. CB always refers to GC’s girls as the GF of.

  184. Lady_Luck says:

    I think no.2 is ‘JustJen’ also. And it is ridiculously obvious that is Jen’s face under that cannabis hat pic too!

  185. spinner says:

    For #3…If it wasn’t for her age, I would guess Rooney Mara. 2011 was her break-out year & everyone is kissing her butt. She has that creepy relationship with the Director of TGWTDT. Just a thought.

  186. shit happens! says:

    Alright, I read all the 393 comments to see which one was the most plausible for #3 and I stick with my post # 61 it is definitely Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney. I’m adamant about it!

  187. shawn says:

    3. The woman is Stacey Keibler. The real boyfriend is Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, who is bald and shiny. The well-connected boyfriend is Clooney, with whom Rosenfield arranged the publicity showmance with Keibler. The tricky part is that there are two boyfriends: the new, well-connected FAKE boyfriend (Clooney), and the shiny, real boyfriend who has been around a while (Rosenfield). Rosenfield follows Keibler on Twitter and is rumored to have at least one sockpuppet Twitter account that he uses to feel out famewhores to see what they’re willing to exchange for his providing them with publicity.
“But my chronology is wrong – the boyfriend came before the glowing press. The glowing press is what she got in return for what she provided him.”
1. 1999 Keibler entered the wrestling world.
2. 2006 The actual boyfriend, Rosenfield, comes along and gets Keibler the gig on Dancing with the Stars (a gig he also got Canalis later on) and Rosenfield gets her an ABC contract for some minor acting jobs on the network. Keibler provides Rosenfield with whatever he wants. She has connections to the wrestling industry, which is known for drug use and generally wild behavior.
3. 2011 The actual boyfriend, Rosenfield, arranges the publicity showmance with Clooney, which leads to lots of glowing press and publicity for Keibler. People magazine is all up her posterior doing stories about her, and she got small/side cover photos on People magazine, Us magazine, and others. She got interviewed on various TV shows.
One more thing, Rosenfield is 71 years old. There must be some major reason why he hasn’t retired by now. If he wants access to desperate famewhores and drugs, those would be reasons for not retiring.

    • shit happens! says:

      What about the break up that came suddenly? Stacy is still parading with George and his gang in Cabo. She is still the girlfriend of so she doesn’t need to make her way back to the famous boyfriend as stated in the BI

      • TMI says:

        You’ve got it shithappens, for all your reasons above. What many are forgetting is that “the girlfrind of” was a nobody before the hookup. Also, the reason we’d never heard of his going to rehab is the following: “his friends are already devising cover stories on his behalf”, as I’m sure they and his PR have before.
        Shiny=mirror ball. Ass kissing press was everywhere. Etc etc.
        Hope he gets help but I highly doubt that a friend passed this along.

      • Intercontinental says:

        IS she??? Thought the arrangement broke down before Christmas but they had to go through with the Christmas holiday show because of her big mouth?? Confused now..

      • shawn says:

        @shit happens! The break-up would have been with Rosenfield, not with Clooney. The publicity contract with Clooney would specify a specific, set time for their “breakup.”

        @TMI The hookup with Rosenfield would have happened just before she got her DWTS gig and her brief ABC acting contract. Before that, she was just a wrestler.

        @Intercontinental “Thought the arrangement broke down before Christmas but they had to go through with the Christmas holiday show because of her big mouth??”
        Could be, but it’s more likely that the publicity contract is for a set amount of time, in which case Rosenfield’s breakup with Keibler would not cause her publicity contract with Clooney to end sooner. I doubt that Keibler’s big mouth would have caused Clooney to do anything differently than what he originally agreed to.

      • shit happens! says:

        @ shawn, for someone to be known as the “girlfriend of” the “of” has to be famous. Stan Rosenfeld works for famous peope but he’s not famous himsef limelightwise.
        He has contacts and can pull a lot of strings but I don’t think being known as his girlfriend can do a lot for her image among the general public.
        Besides I don’t think someone would care that much about Stan Rosenfeld getting into rehab.
        I don’t see why Stacy would want to come back into Stan’s life considering that being Clooney arm candy provides her with more publicity than she deserves.
        To me Elisabetta and George Clooney make more sense, she is the ultimate “Girlfriend of” who is known only for that today in spite of all the trials she ran to become a celebrity of her own. She failed to become famous without being the girlfriend of George Clooney so she sure wants him back.

      • shawn says:

        @shit happens!
        “shawn, for someone to be known as the “girlfriend of” the “of” has to be famous. Stan Rosenfeld works for famous peope but he’s not famous himsef limelightwise.”
        Did you even read what I wrote? I said Keibler had two boyfriends. Rosenfield was the actual boyfriend, and Clooney was the fake showmance boyfriend. She got to be known as the girlfriend of Clooney due to being the girlfriend of Rosenfield.

        “I don’t see why Stacy would want to come back into Stan’s life considering that being Clooney arm candy provides her with more publicity than she deserves.”
        Once that contract is over, she’ll be right back where she started without Rosenfield’s continued assistance. Now that Rosenfield has dumped her, she is looking at a dead-end.

    • Camille says:

      Shawn- you have me pretty convinced of this (or else it is Chelsea Handler). It certainly fits and Clooney needs/likes to have a ‘girlfriend’ for awards seasons. I don’t doubt that once the awards season is over so will they (within a reasonable time frame so as to have made the ‘relationship’ look fairly convincing).

    • Luise says:

      Shawn, you just might be on to something. That’s just disgusting if Stacy has a 71 year old boy friend. What an obvious user. I am completely grossed out.

      • shawn says:

        Also I just remembered that Rosenfield did not quit Charlie Sheen due to any of Sheen’s alleged drug use, domestic violence, or any of that stuff. Rosenfield only quit Sheen after his feud with Chuck Lorre over his Two and a Half Men contract.

    • shit happens! says:

      Sorry Shawn but as elaborated as your theory is I still don’t buy it.
      No one would give a rat ass about Stan checking into rehab so there’s absolutely no reason for his friend to cover it. Besides as far as I know Stacy did get a lot of publicity but she didn’t make any magazine cover in 2011 contrary to Elisabetta, even though the she didn’t make any in the US she made a lot oversea such as Vanity Fair, Cosmo in Italy, HB in Saudi Arabia or Dubai don’t remember exactly.
      So to me there’s no doubt about it it’s Elisabetta and George.

  188. Marion says:

    Will we ever get the “answers”???
    I can’t bear such waiting!!!!

  189. Gast says:

    My guess for #1 would be Kim Richards (she may not be a real celebrity, but whatever…), because alcohol abuse is really not her biggest problem. But it’s great if she starts somewhere to get help.
    #2 sounds a lot like JustJen to me. He is not what we think… It always appears to me as if the press is trying to make him look like a bad boy and Jennifer A is that goody two shoes. But it’s probably the other way round 🙂 And also if we take the pictures as a hint, than it could really be JustJen walking around in NYC. Like some said before, that picture with the hat over the face on the front page is obviously Jennifer A.

  190. study-er says:

    The Keibler angle is a good one – if you check, she was in a competition for the ultimate Diva or some such thing. (“finally got to be the diva”)

  191. #3 smells like amber rose & kanye west

    • moopsie says:

      Not Amber. I pretty sure Kanye and and Amber were over before 2011, and her press didn’t really “glow” …her press had a skanky vibe. Blake gives the “glow” vibe

  192. Luise says:

    Kaiser are you ever going to give it up and tell us who it is?

  193. study-er says:

    Yeah this is definitely Stacy keibler. “His health was suffering”. GC had a broken arm that Lainey attributed to Keibler putting him in a headlock!

    Plus the “diva” thing can’t be a coincidence, and the “shiny” = mirror ball, etc

    • shawn says:

      It’s Keibler, with the real boyfriend being Stan Rosenfield. Clooney still suffers from injuries he sustained while filming Syriana. Rosenfield plants rumors about Clooney to deflect attention away from himself.

      • Michelle says:

        I think it must be Stacy now too. GC will probably keep her aroyund through the award season.

  194. Mo says:

    Number 3 – Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga’s obviously been trying to make it big for a long time, and 2011 has definitely been her year. There were/are drug rumors and she seems to match the age, could definitely be older than she says she is.

    I have no idea who she’s dating though.

    Pretty surprised her name hasn’t come up in the comments yet

  195. moopsie says:

    Another clue that # 3 is Blake and Leo … “She fed him everything he wanted” … Blake likes to bake and I recall reading an article that Leo loved her baking.

  196. moopsie says:

    I think Lainy’s article has the answer!


    ” 2011 was the year Blake Lively showed us her game.”

    “Scarjo’s bitter and single while Blake glows in Ryan’s bed”

    It IS Blake and Leo!!!

    • Jane says:

      No I don’t think it’s Blake and Leo… first thing she’s never had “glowing press” after she dated Leo, she was caught up in that nude scandal. And it’s laughable that she would ever be called the “best” considering her “acting” (as a supporting character) in the flop that is Green Lantern.

      • moopsie says:

        I think Blake had glowing press. Any press is good press. She came off as this awesome girlfriend who loves to bake, had a bright smile, great hair and style….she gave us those vibes. She was all over the blogs for stuff like that …and also because of Ryan and Leo.

      • moopsie says:

        Oh and if you look at Blake’s wikipedia page she did win a Teen Choice award in 2011….not like its an oscar but there is no way this is Natalie Portman.

  197. moopsie says:

    Personally I never watched gossip girl or have seen any of Blake’s work,.. just read a lot of gossip sites and there was a lot of buzz about her in 2011

  198. Pizzazz says:

    I am revising my guess. I now think it’s definitely Keibler and Cloony. Fits all of the criteria.

    • shawn says:

      Try Keibler and Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield. That fits. Clooney doesn’t fit.

  199. Meeep says:

    could number 1 be Kim from rhobh..?

  200. Luise says:


  201. moopsie says:

    “glowing” …a lantern glows…who got a A-list boyfriend this year and was in the green lantern movie?

  202. Out and Down says:

    People. Who counts Blake Lively as among “the best, the brightest”? Um, except Anna Wintour. And that was in 2010.

    This is not Blake Lively.

  203. Out and Down says:

    #3 I still suspect is Charlize Theron and Ryan Reynolds. This Lainey article fuels it:


    “According to Us, it’s now over between him and Charlize because she was ready to get really serious and he thought it was a summer fling. They say she didn’t take it well. Er, she’s a bitch. She doesn’t take anything well. There’s more to this though than what we know right now. I’ve a feeling there was a lot going on with Charlize that became too real for Ryan.”

    • laji says:

      You really think Theron thinks she needs Reynolds to keep her in the news? You really think Theron wants to be known as “the girlfriend of Ryan Renolds”? Seriously doubt that. This girl has way more confidence and way more talent than that.

      The blind sounds like someone who can’t make it on her own because she doesn’t have any skills with anything aside from hooking up and partying. That doesn’t sound like Theron AT ALL.

  204. moopsie says:


    B is for Best
    B is for Bright
    B is for Blake

  205. Janiece says:

    Ok, when are we going to find out who they are???

  206. Gast says:

    Alright, Kaiser just said in the latest article about Mila Kunis that she is not #3 – we should think older and busted. So, could we please continue with our guessing, because it’s so much fun.

  207. Heather says:

    Older and busted = Elisabetta.

  208. the other mel says:

    Kaiser, I’m sure you won’t give it up, but has anyone hit the mark on their guesses for any of the blind items?

  209. Gast says:

    I really start to believe #3 is Clooney and it might be a bit far-fetched but what a about this: http://magazine-covers.lucywho.com/diva-e-donna-magazine-italy-25-february-2011-magazine-cover-t7524444.html
    The BI says the lady we are talking about was on the cover of magazines and she finally got to be the diva…

  210. shit happens! says:

    Well Now I’m even more sure that my guess is right 🙂

    There’s a post today about Mila Kunis and Kaiser added a PS to say that she is not the person we’re looking for for #3 and there’s a post about George Clooney today as well but no PS.

    So people see my comments above ( # 61 and # 89 or 189 can’t see the number) the answer is Elisabetta Canalis and and the famous Boyfriend that grew to like straps-on is George Clooney!!!

    • shawn says:

      Wrong answer! But another nice attempt at diverting attention away from my posts stating the correct answer. Real boyfriend: Stan Rosenfield. Fake boyfriend: Clooney. Real big busted phony: Keibler.

      • moopsie says:

        Now I’m thinking it could be Keibler because of this http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/?p=64820 and the fact that she was in the wrestling biz but Canalis had the magazine covers.

      • TMI says:

        LMAO! Give it up. Your attempts to clear your dearly beloved Clooney by creating a “real” boyfriend and a “fake” real boyfriend are just pathetic. Really.
        No one has to divert attention from your posts no matter how many times you agree with yourself under different names.
        How very imdb/justjared of you, LOL.
        ***Clooney stalker alert***

    • shit happens! says:

      Ok Shawn then give me the magazine covers (plural) Kleiber made in 2011 and I’ll buy your Stan rosenfeld strechy theory

      • shawn says:

        I already mentioned the ones I knew about in an earlier post: People and Us magazines. I’m sure there were others, but I don’t care enough to look them up.

      • moopsie says:

        “don’t care enough to look them up”…LMAO! c’mon shawn! Find Keibler’s magazine covers…I can’t find any good magazines she’s covered in 2011. Canalis covered Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar…what did Keibler cover? You can’t just come and argue this blind item with so much passion and not care enough to lookup the magazine covers. Sh*t is weak.

      • shawn says:

        @moopsie, I named two covers Keibler was on. What covers Canalis was on were mostly Italian magazines, and those were mostly in 2009 and 2010 rather than 2011. She wasn’t on U.S. Vogue, only on foreign issues. There are several problems with the Canalis theory. Before Clooney, she worked almost exclusively in Italy. She wasn’t spending enough time in the US to be a drug supplier to Hollywood, and she would likely have gotten caught smuggling drugs into the country. Also, 2011 was not her best year. 2010 was her best year, as that was when she got to appear on Leverage and go to the Golden Globes and Oscars with Clooney. She was barely seen with Clooney after 2010, in fact, only in two final photo ops right before that laughable “split” announcement. The only big thing Canalis did in 2011 was DWTS, and that didn’t last long.

        @TMI, you don’t even deserve any more responses. Kaiser can see my IP address and that I have only posted under the name shawn.

  211. Alaina says:

    Uh oh, looks like Shaun aka silverscreen/observer is back on the Clooney Looney train! I knew she couldn’t keep the derangement on the back burner indefinitely. This new train is exceptionally looney though, even for silverscreen, who I thought had reached the pinnacle of her derangement with her Opus Dei theories. But apparently not. 😀

    • shawn says:

      Looks like I struck a nerve with someone, as the publicity drones are out in full force to discredit my posts. Go ahead and attack, as it won’t make any difference. The truth is being leaked and it will continue to come out until everyone knows it. Maybe Rosenfield and Keibler can buy a remote island together and hide away. Man, that would be my definition of hell, being stuck on an island somewhere with Rosenfield and/or Keibler. LOL.

      • TMI says:

        shawn dear, you would be comical if it weren’t so sad. You’re “struck a nerve” is reminiscent of your yonder days. As is all of your psychosis. Have you never sought help? Did you go off your meds? Are you already
        institutionalized and have access to a computer?
        You have been everyone’s bane of existence on the whole internet for years. Your claim to fame.
        Remember dead C?
        I only read that after the fact.
        I feel sorry for you. I really do.

  212. Anonymous says:

    I think our confirmation of #3 being George Clooney was given today in the post about Brad Pitt and his cane.

    “Maybe Brad and George Clooney have more in common than we think. I’ve long assumed that all of George’s injuries from the past few years are sexcapade-related.”

    The title of the Blind “Who trade sexcapades for publicity.”

    And, we all know about George’s mysterious injuries while dating Canalis.

    I think we have our answer….

  213. moopsie says:

    Also Keibler’s career in the entertainment industry was a lot more successful than Canalis’s. Keibler was a lot more famous than Canalis before either of them hooked up with Clooney. Look at Canalis’s Wikipedia page…her early start was small gigs up until 2011. If you watched wrestling, you’d know Keibler was cheered, had roaring fans, she was already famous.

    • shawn says:

      Keibler may have been famous to wrestling fans, but most people aren’t wrestling fans. DWTS made her name a bit more famous, but still, unless somoene watched DWTS, most people didn’t know who she was. Similarly, Canalis was famous in Italy but not in the U.S. Canalis doesn’t fit the description because her biggest year was 2010, and because she lacked the presence and contacts in the U.S. to be a Hollywood drug supplier since the 90’s. Keibler’s biggest year was 2011, when her association with Clooney raised her profile and her “appearance” fee by 150%.

    • TMI says:

      @moospsie, shawn will surely take issue with your hypothesis. And guess what folks, it may not even be about George Clooney. There’s enough vice going around in Hollywood to go around.

  214. shawn says:

    Hmm. LOL. Google is our friend. On a whim, I googled “best and brightest Keibler,” and found this:

    “Honoring this year’s best and brightest, the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards were held at Sony Studios in Los Angeles, California on Saturday evening (December 10).

    Prettying up the red carpet were Hollywood beauty presenters such as Brooklyn Decker and Stacy Keibler along with “Camp Rock” stud Kevin Jonas, who was on hand to unveil the trailer for Rainbow 6 Patriots.”

    That “best and brightest” wording must have been in the press release for those awards, as the same wording is used on multiple sites.

    • study-er says:

      That doesn’t follow. The awards honored the best and brightest. She presented an award. She was not herself called the best and brightest.

      I dont understand why you insist this is the agent and not clooney himself. But whatever.

      • moopsie says:

        I say its close enough. I don’t think Keibler could have been given the privilege to be amongst “the brightest and best” and give an award at that show unless she had some strings pulled for her. Why would they pick her? Her claim to fame in wrestling was all about her sexiness, not really her athleticism.

  215. study-er says:

    Canalis and Clooney started dating in 2009!! This blind says that she got a shiny new boyfriend in 2011. The timeline does not fit.

    • moopsie says:

      Good point there! Ok I’m agreeing with shawn’s theory that its Keibler and the publicist. Supposedly publicist’s hook their clients up with beards and therefore have “connections”. Makes sense that its Keibler now.

      Now who is the well connected celebrity that leaked this? This is just a stab in the dark…Charlie Sheen…he was pissed at Stan in 2011. And we all know Charlie is crazy enough to talk about anything to the media. And these blind items are all about stars with drug problems. Maybe Charlie wants everyone to know he is not the only one with drug problems.

    • Intercontinental says:

      Following your theories – Niamh just recalled that the Clingon leaked her ‘new boyfriend’ on her twitter/facebook (whichever?) page March ’11 before GC/EC split; hence the ‘shiney new boyfriend comes before the publicity’ BUT! ‘the timeline is wrong’; cause GC was supposed to be dating EC.. Does that make sense to you guys…? Just a thought…

  216. TMI says:

    “She also got a shiny, new, super-connected boyfriend. But my chronology is wrong – the boyfriend came before the glowing press. The glowing press is what she got in return for what she provided him.”

    Guess that blows your theory, missy.

    How did I know that the doubting “moopsie” would come around. I must be psychic. That or you and all three of your sock puppets are blatantly obvious.

    “On a whim…” made me LOL. Have fun. Bye bye.

    • shawn says:

      “Guess that blows your theory, missy.”
      No, it doesn’t. I’ve explained several times how my theory fits. You either didn’t read, or you are hoping that other people will not read.

  217. moopsie says:

    @TMI – I’m not shawn’s sock puppet, lol.

  218. moopsie says:

    Anyways, this is supposed to be a fun guessing game and it does really seem that shawn has struck a nerve with TMI

  219. Intercontinental says:

    A couple of our group have been talking to a media friend of a friend and some who has suggested that the ‘cover’ may not actually mean magazine cover but actual press cover i.e. newspaper stories/columns that kind of stuff; essentially any form of PRESS COVER…

    Does that make sense to you guys…?

    • Gast says:

      But the Blind Item actually says that she got magazine covers. She got press AND magazine covers. And I still don’t think it’s Keibler. It’s Canalis or Amber and Kanye. But that’s something we will never know, that kind of juicy gossip will never be revealed.

      • shawn says:

        The exact wording is “She got magazine covers.” It does not say she was the featured cover story or how many times she was mentioned on magazine covers.

        Canalis really does not fit because she was working in Italy before Clooney came along.

    • shawn says:

      Hmm. I see how that wording, that she got magazine covers, could also mean that she was covered by magazines. A publication covers a specific topic, so it does kind of have more than one meaning, not just the physical cover.

    • moopsie says:

      @intercontinental – if that be the case then Keibler still applies.

  220. shawn says:

    Just for the heck of it, I googled “Keibler drug dealer.” One of the links was to this:

    Drug Dealer No. 1: The Feds are onto us. We need to make 25 grand disappear . . . and fast.

    Drug Dealer No. 2: Yeah. And we got to do it in a way that won’t raise any eyebrows. Hire a minor celebrity for a special appearance or somethin’.

    Drug Dealer No. 1: Get me Stacy Keibler!


    It’s part of a column, but it got me thinking. What if her “appearance fee” in the context of private parties was a fee to cover more than just her appearance? Maybe the fee was to cover party favors she was expected to bring. Just a possibility.

    • moopsie says:

      oooooh thats a good opinion column. I think that hit the nail on this blind item and the whole Keibler/Stan theory.

      Just think, if its true, man there has to be one hell of a publicist/drug lord war going on

  221. Jodie says:

    Has anyone read the archives on this same site from 2009?

    On the web description it uses the word syncophatic in the two sentence lead, but not in the article