Did Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama finally (hopefully) break up?

Have I ever mentioned before how predatory Wilmer Valderrama appears to the naked eye? I mean, he’s so notorious that there should really be a show called, “To Catch A Wilmer.” Yet the dude is so crafty and keen to not actually cross that line, so he goes for the barely-legal Disney types. And he might be pretty hard to physically catch given his tendency to be snapped by the paparazzi while out for a run as he was here in Miami in mid December.

Anyway, Wilmer loves to snatch up vulnerable girls when they’re riding high from their respective Disney affiliations but have yet to prove themselves in other career capacities. It’s like a convenient downdraft before the perfect storm of Wilmer manipulation. He famously dated Lindsay Lohan in 2004 right when she started to get into big trouble and ended up randomly hospitalized for “exhaustion” and whatnot. Then he went inactive and undetected for awhile before setting his sights on Demi Lovato and proceeding to screw up her fragile mind. The two have gone a few rounds in the on-again, off- again, baby-come-back ring, and it’s all been such a terrible idea considering Demi is in recovery for an eating disorder and other emotional issues.

Now it appears that Demi and Wilmer may have broken up yet again, if clues from her Twitter are to be believed:

Well, it was weird while it lasted.

On-the-DL couple Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have parted ways, a source confirms to E! News.

Lovato’s rep has always been—and continues to be—mum on the subject, but we’re hearing that the age gap (she’s 19, he’s 31) just proved uncrossable for the duo.

Meanwhile, though she never officially admitted to dating her longtime friend, Lovato did post a couple of suspect tweets today…

First, she retweeted another girl’s tweet, a Marilyn Monroe quotation reading, “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.”

Then Lovato added herself, “The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man.”

News of the split—not to mention the cryptic tweets—comes after Valderrama randomly added Lovato’s ex, Joe Jonas, to his inner circle. The duo spent New Year’s weekend in Vegas partying together, and then the following Saturday night they were both at Beacher’s Madhouse revue in Hollywood, though Jonas made himself scarce once Lovato showed up at around 1:30 a.m.

Valderrama’s shoulder was said to be the one she cried on in the wake of her split from Jonas back in 2010.

[From E! Online]

I hope they’re done for good and that Demi doesn’t want Wilmer back. Oddly enough, she has been flirting a bit via Twitter with Pete Wentz:

Pete isn’t so bad, really. Even if he is a bit douchey, he’s much more worthy of dating than Wilmer. Ugh, Wilmer is just so reprehensible, and now the dude’s gotten his claws into Joe Jonas. The question remains though — will Joe be Wilmer’s next victim?

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  1. autumndaze says:

    Can I get an “Amen”?

  2. someone says:

    ugh it’s so incestual in la la land, everyone has dated everyone. it’s really starting to get gross…

  3. lucy2 says:

    He’s so gross and has such a horrible reputation. I don’t get why anyone would be with him. Ew.

  4. Franny says:

    I LOVE that white dress she is wearing in the second to last picture. She needs to go back to that style and leave the boob dresses to the middle-aged wannabes.

    • Guesty says:

      Agreed — fantastic look on her.

      I know she’s super young but damn, I hate these girls with their noses in the air expressing their depth through ‘cryptic’ tweets. Demi is just so self-serious. I want Dakota Fanning to take her out for milkshakes and a movie or jog on the beach and keep this one away from social media.

  5. normades says:

    Anyone else read the IAmA on Reddit from the Disney child actor? It kinda confirmed everything I thought about Demi, Miley etc…

    Great read if you haven’t seen it yet.

  6. Beatrix says:

    I’ve said it before in real life and I’ll say it again – there is always something wrong with a man in his thirties if his closest cohorts or his date or his go-to people are in their teens(-19) – No exceptions.

    • CG says:

      Yeah, my dad was 31 and my mom 19 when they married (and I’m their firstborn and didn’t come along until two years later, so it wasn’t like they “had” to get married), but neither one of them sees anything wrong with the age difference. I mentioned to my dad a couple years ago that a 31-year-old marrying a teenager is creepy, and he was totally shocked by that. And my mom just has daddy issues and has always hooked up with oldsters since they divorced. 🙂

  7. Liz says:

    Maybe she’s getting too old for him?

    I will now take a shower to get rid of the stink from thinking about Wilmer’s proclivities.

    I wonder if he has a rep by now? I’d imagine the new crop know to stay away from him.

  8. Petunia says:

    She seems to be a sincere kid trying to get her act together. Dating a guy of 30 when you’re 18 isn’t a very good idea. Too much difference in age, experience, sexual stuff.

    Pete Wenz seems like a nice guy but isn’t he also a little old for her? But whatever. Just hope she stays on the recovery track.

  9. kazoo says:

    She is so unattractive. How is she famous?

    • Liz says:

      She’s actually a good singer:


      Plus, I don’t think she’s that bad. Maybe prettier when she was younger, but it’s not like people run away screaming, or have to hush their crying children, when they see her.

      I do wish she’d stop dressing like a forty-something at a Dynasty themed fancy dress party. But I get why she’s famous.

  10. Mauibound says:

    Dude is such a creeper!

  11. Asli says:

    ‘To Catch A Wilmer’. LOL! I. Can’t. Breathe! That’s too funny!