Jennifer Lopez gives her boy toy a 10,000 a week allowance

Jennifer Lopez’s 24 year-old backup dancer boyfriend doesn’t make enough money to keep her in the style that she’s accustomed to, so she’s remedied that. Star Magazine [via Jezebel] is reporting that she gives him a very generous $10,000 a week allowance. Some of that he spends on her, of course, and the rest he presumably gets to keep. So the little twerp is making over a half million a year just to screw J.Lo, drive her around in the Bentley she’s either lending or leasing him, buy her some presents and accompany her on vacations. I doubt she expects him to pay for accommodations out of that $10k a week. Insanely nice work if you can get it, and how again did this kid land the job? Just by being in the right place at the right time, for the woman who can’t stand to be alone for a minute. Here’s the story:

Jennifer Lopez has a kept man! She hated having to whip out her credit card every time she went to dinner with 24-year-old dancer Casper Smart, and it “bummed her out” that Casper had to borrow money from her to buy her a Christmas present. So Jenny from The Block started giving the kid an allowance a “stipend” of $10,000 a week. According to a source, “She thought $10K was a nice round number.” Apparently Casper is “learning to live like a star,” flying on private jets and staying in luxury hotels. Now that he’s getting paid, “Jen is hoping Casper won’t think twice about buying presents for her kids of whisking her off for a surprise weekend getaway,” the source spills. “She can take care of herself just fine, but she’s old-fashioned when it comes to wanting the man to take charge.” Plus! He needs new clothes for events and stuff. Just think of her as Richard Gere and Casper as Julia Roberts, going “woo woo woo” at a polo game. Which means Jenny gets to snap a jewelry box on Casper’s fingers! Fun! But seriously, being a rich forty-something lady and gleefully supporting your much-younger house boy boyfriend is what America is all about, right?

[Details from Star, writeup at Jezebel]

How is that “old fashioned” to give a “boyfriend” that much money and then sit back and pretend that they’re paying for everything? Bedhead pointed me to this story in the Post that suggests that Madonna might be doing the same thing with her much-younger boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat. Brahim was seen paying the bill at a restaurant with Madonna, which may mean that she gave him a credit card that she pays off for him. It’s probably cheaper than just giving the kid a hefty allowance. I guess it’s less embarrassing for these ladies to try and keep up the illusion that they don’t have kept men. It should be embarrassing enough that they’re dating them in the first place.

J.Lo and Casper are shown outside a jewelry store on 12-18-11. Credit: Fame

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  1. Marjalane says:

    Everytime I see this guy I think of Joran Vandersloot. Boytoy is shorter, but looks a lot like him. Blech.

  2. Jacq says:

    I still don’t think that’d be enough to get me to put up with her crap.

    • Petunia says:

      There is truth to your statement. I can’t imagine being the spouse of a JLo or a Mariah Carey (many kudos to Nick Cannon.) But maybe she doesn’t pull the diva stuff on her “take charge” men.

      That being said, it’s a major embarrassment to have to pay your SO an allowance as if they’re a little kid. And I’m not so sure that he’s going to be buying her kids gifts or whisking JLo off to surprise weekends. More like whisking his secret SO off to a surprise weekend. That’s just the vibe I get from him.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Exactly. I think he’s probably pocketing most of it. (Unless he is a total & complete idiot who has no clue as to JelLo’s MO with guys.)

        I highly doubt he’s going to be “whisking her off” on vacation or long weekends & buying her over-the-top gifts, as he’s become accustomed to her paying for those things.

  3. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    That’s quite much for just a bit d*ck in return!

  4. brin says:

    It’s probably for future bail money.

  5. teehee says:

    You know how many talented, promising yet needy kids she could send ot college with that!?!?!?

    Christ, the stupidity knows no ends!!

  6. Cathy says:

    If I were him I’d be banking as much of that money as I could, you never know how long the gravy train is gonna last.

  7. JudyK says:

    Her boyfriend is gross and looks like he’s about 12. She really goes for shrimpy little guys, doesn’t she.

  8. ladybert62 says:

    D I S G U S T I N G!!

    He is now officially a male prostitute.

  9. Toot says:

    I don’t believe this story, but if Jennifer or Madonna give their boyfriends money, so what. Rich guys probably do this all the time with their girlfriends and I don’t like that the ladies are getting crap.

  10. Eleonor says:

    At least baby Brahim is way hotter than Babydouche.

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Meh. Men do this all the time. I guess if it makes her happy and he doesn’t mind then it’s all good. He actually makes out pretty well because when the man is the sugar daddy he is usually ancient and disgusting. At least J Lo is still pretty hot..
    Anyway, I have a feeling that so much of this is to make MA jealous and he’s playing the same games. Pretty juvenile IMO.

    • Petunia says:

      Boy, you aren’t kidding! The old men with young women are usually toads. And JLo is smoking hot! Lookswise, I can’t imagine any man turning his nose up at her.

      I do think you’re correct on her doing this to make Marc jealous. I think Marc is playing the same game. Which makes me wonder how much they’re over each other? Too much passion there still, even if it’s aimed in a negative direction. That she cares at all what Marc thinks says a lot, and ditto for him. Seems like they pulled the trigger too quickly on their marriage, without resolving their feelings or trying to keep it alive.

  12. Quest says:

    Allowance or payment for services rendered.

  13. oh dear says:

    two decades or so ago this wouldve been called high class prostitution. nowadays its called allowance. nothing surprises me anymore these days, the standards of our society continue to drop.

    but hey, as long as theyre happy, right? lol i still cant get around the fact that jlo really believes hes into it for HER and not for the fame/money.

    • D says:

      Actually, the kind of arrangement where the wealthier party provides some kind of stipend to their poorer, younger lover would be considered even more normal several decades ago.

      It’s actually been the norm throughout all of human history, especially since women didn’t have their own careers until recently. If they were the constant companion of a wealthy, high-powered man, it was expected that he would provide her with the money necessary for her to keep up with his lifestyle.

      I don’t get all the pearl clutching over something that’s been going on for centuries, unless it’s the gender reversal that’s getting people uptight.

  14. Eve says:

    Whenever I see the name Brahim Zaibat I read “Brahim Jailbait”.

  15. Leticia says:

    she has the worst taste in men.

    And her first husband is still trying to extort money from her.

  16. petitemal says:

    I’m not a JLo fan by any means, but I think these comments about prostitution and him being with her just for the money are ridiculous.

    First, no matter how distasteful she may seem to some of you, the reality is that Jennifer Lopez is like, totally hot. Like, hotter than the majority of women half her age. Second, sure, she may be a diva, but she’s a hard worker and a reasonably talented actress and musician. Basically, she’s got looks, talent, self-confidence, and perhaps even a bit of intelligence as it seems like she’s got a pretty good head for business on her shoulders.

    So, all that said, why must a man who chooses to be with her a “prostitue” or gold digger? I’m not saying this guy is totally immune to the allure of living the high life, but come on! Is it so hard to believe a young man from a modest background might fall head over heels for a super hot, successful older woman? Or, in other words, that this backup dancer could be attracted to the qualities that made JLo mega rich, and not just the riches themselves?

    Didn’t think of that? Hmmm. Now who’s the shallow one…?

    • gg says:

      BOTTOM LINE: BECAUSE HE’S GETTING PAID FOR SEX. He already was gainfully employed doing his career as a dancer.

      Skipped right by that one, didn’t ya?

      • petitemal says:

        So, anyone who accepts anything from someone they’re banging is a prostitute…?

        I guess I don’t really understand how receiving gifts from a lover is equal to prostitution, especially in this case. I mean, sure, this guy is living well thanks to JLo’s generosity, but I hardly see how this is different from any other relationship where there’s a fairly significant disparity between the wealth of two people. Or, even in many cases when there isn’t a huge difference, but the man still pays for dates and buys the woman gifts, etc.

        I’ll admit this guy looks like a total douche bag, but JLo obviously likes him, and she’s doing what all of us do or would like to: lavish gifts upon someone she adores. Only, it’s on a totally different scale than we can relate to — we let our poor grad-student boyfriends borrow our Cameries and Accords; she lends hers her Bentley.

        Anyway, I think the real issues, whether people realize it or not, are three “isms”: Sexism, ageism, and classism. A younger, poorer man cannot possibly be interested in an older, richer woman for anything other than her money. Even if she’s an international superstar still in her prime and renown for her beauty and big, juicy ass.

      • gg says:

        petitemal says:
        January 12, 2012 at 1:37 pm So, anyone who accepts anything from someone they’re banging is a prostitute…?

        @ petitemal – No, not “anything”, just money. Being paid for sex is nothing but prostitution. I just don’t know of any other way to see being paid for sex.

        One could argue that expensive gifts instead of cash isn’t “being paid”, but being handed money to be somebody’s boyfriend/sex partner is prostitution.

        For the record, if the sexes are reversed, it’s still the same thing. Whether other people overlook that or not is still just splitting hairs on the basic idea of sex partner for hire. I see it the same way, myself.

    • Petunia says:

      I don’t know. Your argument has a lot of merit but on the other hand, men are really funny about a woman’s age. Most don’t want a woman older than them, let alone more than a decade older. Sure, some men feel differently. And I agree, she’s hotter than most women. Except I’m sure that a hot 20-something would smoke her out of the water, especially in a young man’s eyes.

    • jacinda says:

      @petitemal You got to be kidding!
      the pictures are the proof! He has a new wardrobe ,new watch,new car.Do you think he bought that himself.Do you know what this guy was doing before JLO? .He was a go go dancer in LA and dancing with clowns. He been stalking JLo for some time and he saw the opportunity and took it.He living the life and all he has to do is sleep with this aging diva .YOU BET HE’S LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

    • Anne christoff says:

      She is mediocrity who shot to the “top” because there are enough morons to shell out for her brand of garbage; she is average looking, plump, short and has a head full of fake hair. Shelling out money to keep a man is pathetic, and no woman of strong self respect would lower herself to that point. At this point, I think she feels she has to pay for someone because it will not happen that a man will stay “naturally”.

      She should call it quits for a while and go to school and learn something.

      This tyke will be with another woman soon enough.

      • gg says:

        Good points – Also, He doesn’t HAVE to accept the cash, if he has any morals and this is a legit relationship. But this just seems like she’s keeping up appearances by “making him pay” for their meals, etc. It just means he takes out a credit card in public so onlookers don’t see her digging in her purse to pay for everything. In private, money is still changing hands to him for – what could he possibly provide for her? – oh yeah, just sex.

  17. D says:

    My line of work involves contact with pro athletes. And I can tell you that a nice weekly/monthly allowance for a regular side piece is standard procedure.

    It’s practical: a) being available when the (often travelling, overscheduled) athlete wants her to be makes it hard for the woman to hold down a regular paying job. If he wants her around a lot, then her living expenses have to be covered somehow & b) looking the part of the celeb’s partner is expensive.

    And also, it’s fun – many rich people enjoy “spoiling” their lovers because it makes them feel powerful, generous, and indulgent.

    There’s nothing remarkable about this except that the recipients are dudes.

  18. Vanden says:

    He probably had a crush on J-Lo in his teens. What a kick to be dating her and getting a nice paycheck, most people would do that in his position.

    the REAL crime here is that beard. Just screams douche

  19. madpoe says:

    truly pays to have friends in high places. Even better if they’re stupid.

  20. dorothy says:

    Sounds more like a male prostitute than a boyfriend.

  21. kristipistol says:

    It’s still her money paying for everything, what is the difference?

  22. journey says:

    every time i see this kid he reminds me of leann rhimes ex, dean sheremet. not only do they look alike, but they were both dancers. take a lesson from dean, kid, run! run while you still can!

  23. juju says:

    Some women cant be without a man stuck to there shirt !! Even if they have to pay for it !!! so pathetic

  24. stephanie says:

    there’s another name for the practice of giving someone an allowance in exchange for sexual favors. just sayin’.

  25. dena says:

    Has she ever heard of The Rabbit? Way more cost effective, and it doesn’t have a douchey tattoo on its neck.

  26. no thanks says:

    for 10k a week you can have me j.lo lol

  27. Newtsgal says:

    For 10 grand a week, I’d get a neck tattoo and a strap-on!

  28. LeeLoo says:

    I wish I could get inside J.Lo’s mind to find out what she’s thinking. I swear men to her are like handbags. She just wants a pretty one to match her mood. I’m sure she views the world around her as accessories. That includes her children.

  29. Asli says:

    So this is basically a giant F-uck You to Marc.

    Note to Jen: Get a hotter boytoy next time. Preferably one who doesn’t look like a 12-year old. Cougar 101, he HAS to be hotter than your ex! I have NOOOO idea how you could mess that up. It’s MARC for goodness sake! It shouldn’t be that hard!

  30. lisa says:

    absolutely.That’s why Ben affleck got the hell out of there.He saw for what she really was;a selfish,over bearing ,publicity loving diva.He knew Jlo could never be the mother of his children .She too self adsorbed for that.

  31. DomCoug says:

    10,000 eh? It would be so much cheaper to just invest in a company that makes and distributes D sized Batteries…. *sigh*

  32. anne_000 says:

    How sad that she had to give him money to pay for her own Xmas present. How desperate for both of them.

    Marc was right, she needs a therapist.

  33. Violet says:

    Meh. I’m sure most celebrities dating peons (AKA normal people who aren’t rich) do this. For example, George Clooney must give Stacy Keibler an allowance, so she can afford to dress up to be on his arm for red carpet events, and I’m sure he’s done likewise for all of his side pieces.

    JLo’s boy toy would be wise to save his pennies, because her attention span usually isn’t the best.

  34. WillyNilly says:

    I can’t believe she’s that insecure. Sad.

  35. Happy21 says:

    So he’s a male ho? Or she’s a sugar-mama?

  36. skuddles says:

    You’d think she’d be totally humiliated for people to know she has to pay some random kid to be her boy ho… Wonder if she called Madonna and Demi to find out the going rate??

  37. truthful says:

    wowww! he’s been upgraded for sure 30,000 a month?

    I’m sure he is living in a nice place now.
    hopefully he buys it, just in case she drops him.

    hope he stacks his chips.

    I would not be surprised if they got married, he’s JLo’s type.

  38. Sarah says:

    In my opinion any self respecting man would turn this down. Fuck, that’s half what I make in a year slogging my guts out at work! These people don’t understand the value of money.

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    LMAO at the “she’s old-fashioned that way & wants the man to take charge.”

    It should have read “she wants the man to take out his charge card.”

  40. Tazina says:

    He can probably go all night. She isn’t going to pay that kind of money for a three minute man. I believe the word for him would be gigolo. Tell me if I’m wrong.

    “a man living off the earnings or gifts of a woman, especially a younger man supported by an older woman in return for his sexual attentions and companionship.”

  41. Sigh. says:

    TECHNICALLY, Clooney (and Madonna) runs a different game. He “lets” (and gets) them odd jobs here-and-there, while picking up the tab. Larson got some runway work, Elisabetta had Dancing With…, ad campaigns, Leverage, etc, and Kiebler has upped her appearance fees as well. So far, JLo is paying him to be up under just her (shaking his ass AND hers).

    Clooney is a MASTER at this. Let them make their own pocket change. Juuuust enough to make them feel/appear like more than “The Girlfriend” or a whore, without stealing too much spotlight from him. So WHEN he does dump them, there’s very little guilt (Hey, here’s a little severance pay to stay quiet and I gave you a head start on that career that I know you will never be able to sustain on your own).

  42. JD says:

    I just feel sorry for her children.

    What a vile mess for them to have to live in.

  43. taxi says:

    Do you think if she’d spent more money, say 12-15,000 a week, she could get a better looking guy?

  44. Sara says:

    I would think it was totally gross if it was a man doing this but… well I guess I just think it’s kind of funny when women do it. It’s nice that women are having their little boy toys. Men have been doing this kind of thing forever so I think the girls should have their fun too.