Is Katy Perry getting over Russell Brand by hooking up with Tim Tebow?

Anyone ready for a new rumor about Katy Perry getting a new quickie boyfriend to get over her divorce Russell Brand? Well, here’s a really random one. Of course, it’s not entirely random because it would make total sense for Katy to date the dude in question — if it wasn’t merely two weeks after Russell filed divorce papers. Not even I can believe that Katy would move that fast.

Regardless of common sense, a new story (which originated in OK! Magazine) pushes the theory that Katy is now looking to get busy with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Like I said before, this match would ordinarily make a lot of sense. Both Katy and Tim both grew up in a very controlled religious environment (beyond football, Tebow’s also famous for being the inspiration behind the Tebow Bill, which is still pending but would allow homeschooled athletes to play for their district teams) and find themselves in the midst of inexplicable fame (yeah, I went there). Yes, this story is probably absolute nonsense, but it makes some sense in theory, so that’s probably why OK! is probably running with it. Naturally, Katy’s sketchy parents are said to approve of this newfound match as well.

Katy and Tim are scheduled to meet at her hometown church where she used to sing! Will it be love at first sight?

Katy Perry’s split from Russell Brand, 36, may still sting for the 27-year-old, but she’s wasting no time moving on and her parents – Keith and Mary Hudson – are 100 percent on her side. They’re even going as far as trying to set their daughter up with the Denver Broncos starting quarterback, Tim Tebow!

“[Katy's] mentioned on more than one occasion how much she likes Tim,” a source tells OK! magazine.”Katy’s mom firmly believes the best cure for heartache is to quickly fall in love again … In her mind, Tebow is the perfect guy for her daughter. He’s handsome, charming, intelligent and above all, a good Christian.”

Katy’s parents have gone as far as inviting Tim to speak at the church Katy used to sing at in Huntington Beach, Calif. Of course – when Katy will be there!

[From Hollywood Life]

Sure, I’ll believe that Katy will be the first one to move on, publicly at least. Who knows, Russell might already be shagging random babes, but he probably has at least enough decency to keep things under wraps for the immediate future. If and when Katy starts getting hot and heavy with a new guy, she’ll be shoving it down our collective throats.

However (and I could be wrong), I just cannot buy that Katy is moving on already. If she’s thinking about hooking up with Tebow to make Russell jealous, well, that won’t work at all. Look at what happened the last time she tried to call Russell’s bluff. He filed for divorce. And since Katy’s still reportedly looking to patch things up (she’s even supposedly called off her latest public appearance to that effect), this story just doesn’t wash … if for no other reason than that Tebow would (theoretically) be quite keen to start a family with any future lady love. And Katy don’t play that game, right?

Still, Tim Tebow is kind of cute. I’d probably go there if I was into sexual frustration.

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  1. Bubbling says:

    Waaay too pink in top photo, she looks like a cup cake

  2. Bite me says:

    Tebow is still a virgin is very religious I don’t see him dating someone like katy

    • gg says:

      NEVER, just never. He’s the most intelligent guy on the front page of ho’s today. Compare him to Casper or Demi’s piece. No comparison. Because, hello, he’s got common sense enough to avoid the crazy hollywood beeches.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes, I think its bulls**t. But in theory, they are both from evangelical religious families and Katy could (in theory) repackage herself as a repentant sinner who is on her way back to God after a disasterous marriage with a non-believer. BUT …. I don’t see Katy putting off sex until marriage and I don’t see Tim hanging out with someone who is still very much trading off her “bad girl” image in her career. Maybe if she would consider giving up pop (or whatever the hell she sings) and going back to Christian music?(*the writer lets out an evil laugh at the ridiculous odds against that*)

  3. atlantapug says:

    Would Tebow, a self described virgin, really hook up with a scantily clothed, controversial divorcee???
    I think not.

  4. Mia says:

    Tebow, you’re better than this skank. Don’t do it!

  5. Sue says:

    Me thinks she is not his type, just saying…..

  6. Marjalane says:

    I don’t think Bedhead did any research on Tebow before she wrote this!

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I would feel bad for her-going from someone as seemingly fun and wild as Russell Brand to this boring virgin jock. That would be a pretty difficult transition…

  8. PAgirl says:

    Let’s be honest. Tim Tebow would never go near this chick.

  9. Franny says:

    I really like her hair like that. For some unexplainable reasons, it looks really good when she doesn’t have the roots showing yet

  10. lilred says:

    Awww he wouldn’t touch her if he had a ten foot “pole”.

  11. DenG says:

    Now that’s ludicrous. Perry’s divorce and occasional exhibitionism are only two of the dealbreakers. And I know because my ex-husband believed divorce was an abomination, and women who wore pants and other Immodest Clothes were disobedient, to put it mildly.

  12. Hautie says:

    Honestly, Tebow needs someone like Katy. If he decides to cash in his virgin card, I think she would be just the girl to help him out with that.

  13. Sillyone says:

    She better stay away from Tebow or I shall have to kick her in her sour patch!

  14. Jayna says:

    Extremely religious virgin Tebow isn’t hooking up with her. And she’s not going to go without sex. She’s a hot-blooded woman. Though this whole virgin thing throws me. He’s probably done everything else except actual intercourse. If he’s pure as the driven snow (isn’t masturbation considered a sin by the ultra religious), at his age I don’t know how his sexual frustrations aren’t getting the best of him. I would be married just to have sex by then.

  15. The Orignal Original says:

    Well he will need someone to pick up the pieces after Tom Brady destroys him Saturday night

  16. valleymiss says:

    Wtf is that white thing on her head? A hat? A diaper? A halo? Lol

    I doubt this story. Sounds to me like Katy’s parents planted this story to get more asses in the seats at that church in Huntington Beach.

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah, it’s obviously the parents – that “source” who spoke to OK! magazine probably wears thigh-high patent leather boots to church.

      Man, those parents are embarrassing. I don’t care for Katy at all, but at this point I really feel for her. They need a swift dose of STFU.

  17. ladybert62 says:

    I think Katy Perry’s outfits are as ridiculous as Rhianna – granted Ms. Perry’s dont shout “SLUT” the way that Rhianna’s do but Katy Perry’s outfits shout “CRAZY”!

    What is that white thing on her head.

    Teebow is a virgin? – hard for me to believe and especially hard considering that the claim cant be proven or disproven as it can for a woman.

    • Remote Control says:

      You love calling women sluts! Does it make you feel better about your shitty life?

      • Erinn says:

        And you deciding that people have shitty lives is so moral? You can’t bash someone for being insulting, and then insult them. Stop being a hypocrite, and maybe take a moment to think before posting. There’s a difference between calling a very promiscuous celeb a slut and making wild card statements about someone’s life directly to them.

      • connie says:

        Erinn- I’m no fan of rihannas or KP’s, they are both scantily clad pop stars making sh-tty music I can’t seem to get away from… but where do YOU get off calling either of them promiscuous? In KP’s defense there is no evidence to prove that theory, so watch what you say before calling someone amoral for commenting that another person must have a shitty life. She didn’t call her a “jelis H8r” she made a judgement based on a comment, the same way ladybert made a judgement based on a persona. Ladybert, it’s like mean girls, “we have to stop calling eachother sluts, it only makes guys think it’s ok to do the same”

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned catfight.

    • Erinn says:

      Connie- I definitely didn’t say that she was amoral. I said that she shouldn’t try to act better than ladybert when she’s doing the exact same thing. She was coming off as being morally superior by commenting on the way another person dissed someone by turning it into an insult. And I was referring to Rhianna as being promiscuous, rather than Katy Perry, as was ladybert. But for someone to slam someone else on a gossip site when they’re discussing a celeb (99% of the people on this site diss them) in such a personal way- it wasn’t fair.

  18. Bobby the K says:

    Does she still sing with that ghastly auto-tune crutch?

  19. Liz says:

    No, I don’t think so.

    Tebow is a virgin, and I don’t think it’s in the “everything but” kind of way. (But maybe that’s because I actually like him.)

    • Erinn says:

      I’m not a fan of his, but I have to admit he seems like a nice guy. But I just don’t understand how someone his age, and with his star power is a complete virgin. A lot of religious people I know get married real young just to be able to have relations with their SO. He’s either got the morals of a saint, or he’s just refraining from some aspects of sexual relations.

  20. BBB says:

    The ONLY reason he would ever go out with someone like her is because it’s someone famous giving him attention. But I can’t see Tebow doing it at all.

  21. flourpot says:

    Maybe she likes being down on her knees.

  22. Roxy750 says:

    Their marriage was one of those “pretend hollywood things”. not sure why. Everyone knows Brand is a wacko, but all of a sudden he has class and marries Katy? Short term memory. He’s a complete douche. Looks like a leper (no offense to the lepers b/c it’s an actual awful thing) but to look like like one when your not is bad. This guy is a nobody, remember him at that one awards show? he was a total C***K! Ugh.

    • Erinn says:

      Wow, I’m not sure that you know what a leper is, because he certainly doesn’t look like one, and that’s a pretty awful statement to make. Saying ‘no offense’ to lepers doesn’t make up for that. Brand is crazy. But I like him. He’s surpsingly intelligent, and really amusing. He can be a douche bag, but you have to admit that he’s toned it down as of late.

      • Roxy750 says:

        meaning..someone you don’t want to be near or touch ..he’s that horrifying looking. Maybe I should have said crazed madman, “cootie-filled creepy guy”, would that help with clarification? he looks “that” freaky and his crude humor doesn’t help. Altho I do like him with Helen Mirren, Gosh that woman is something! They are adorable together! By the way Erinn-this is Celebitchy not CNN. So insults and jabs are kind of what you do on this site.

      • Erinn says:

        Roxy, I understand that this is where people make jabs at others. I’m only commenting because you said he looked like a leper. Leprosy is a disease, and people with it can’t help the way they look. It just came off as insensitive. I agree, he looks like a scruffy old creep at times, I just think the word leper is just poor taste. Didn’t mean to come off as insulting.

        And I loved him with Mirren- it was adorable.

  23. Erinn says:

    He kind of has a Jonah Hill vibe…

  24. SLM says:

    The most wild and ridiculous thing I’ve read this week. Taylor Swift, despite some obvious poor choices in her past…maybe. Kelly Clarkson, perhaps. But not I-Kissed-A-Girl-And-Liked-It Perry. Even if Tebow is an “everything but” virgin, he isn’t going to Funkytown.

  25. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Wow, I was just thinking about football/celeb hookups yesterday (that’s what happens when I read celebitchy while watching Sportscenter!) and I decided that Tim Tebow and…Taylor Swift are perfect!! Think about it! They could be the anti-Kristin Cavalleri/Jay Cutler. Unicorns, kittens and angels would all rejoice at the saccharine cuteness of Tebow and Swifty dry-humping on their parent’s couches during the off-season.

  26. MissyA says:


    I’ve got to root for the hometeam – even though my blood runs green and gold, and my heart belongs to the gentleman known as Aaron Rodgers. . .

    So I’m not opposed to it. He could do much worse. Like any bleach blond, botox-filled, bible-humping harlot in Colorado Springs, for example. (*Oh snap!!*)

  27. Kim says:

    As if Tim Tebow would have anything to do with Katy Perry romantically. Plleeaassee! This boy will marry a never divorced, nice Christian girl with morals of which Katy is far from.

  28. NO SH¡T says:

    That bitch better keep her slutty paws away from Tebow. And her family really needs to stay out of her love life.

  29. Kelly says:

    ahahaha Katy has a slip on her head! :D What a fashion statement! “Hey guys, who wants to get into my pant?”

  30. normades says:

    Tim Tebow is now officially the most famous white Bronco since OJ’s truck.

    (stole that from here:

  31. mainstream says:

    I don’t think a sexless relationship with a God Botherer like Tebow would interest Katie. But then again maybe mom would approve.

  32. barb says:

    Whew!…. seems like this “Tebow” character has been placed on a VERY high pedestal….he’s really going to be hurt when he falls off and he WILL fall off/ or be knocked off( his fans will decide when/where and why). It’s inevitable…..LOL As for Katy, she’s in it for the fame/money and she’s probably not even looking for another wierd companion at the moment, just writing totally worthless lyrics for a music track that never changes.She’s riding high at the moment but that too will change, eventually. It’s a continuous circle of life where the montra is “nothing is ever a sure thing”.

  33. Katie says:

    This is even more ridiculous than Adrien Grenier claiming to be Henry Cavill’s wingman! Tabloids can be great fun sometimes!

  34. ZenB!tch says:

    I’ve been wondering if Tebow is a virgin with all his religion and all but regardless, even if he is not, he wouldn’t go there. It’s one thing to be a virgin or strictly monogamous. It’s quite another to sleep with someone who has been with Russell Brand and markets herself as a lot skankier than she really is. If there is one thing worse than a real skank it’s a fake skank. They give us non-skanks a bad name (and I like Katy).

  35. Me says:

    Wow. He’s boring cos he’s a virgin? Not everyone likes to hop from one bed to another before they’re married. With the health issues these days, i’d say that’s common sense. Also, he’s really very cute ;-)

  36. Lucky Charm says:

    I like that pink coat and her boots.

  37. Tom says:

    Katy Perry is one of the top fashion icons in the music industry. I just love her natural beauty and charming looks. By the way I heard Katy Perry is coming back to the Philippines to hold her California Dreams Manila Tour on January 22, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Fans will surely love listening to the Teenage Dream singer whose 5 consecutive singles have made it all the way to the top of the charts.