Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent Christmas 7000 miles apart from each other

Yes, I know — it’s yet another story about the allegedly precarious state of Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage. Beyond the text of this post, however, I’d like to point out a rather telling sign about the couple that always loved to be papped together, which is that they’re so rarely seen together these days. Consequently, I’ve had to pull up some “old” photos just to avoid merely recycling the same ones that we’ve been using for the past six months. Seriously, what gives? Between running to their publicists, talk show hosts, and People, they’ve been working overtime to assure the public that their marriage is absolutely wonderful. Yet Katy’s no longer on tour … so why are she and Russell still living separate lives?

Katy and Russell didn’t even spend Christmas together although someone (ahem) informed People that they were together in Kauai over the holidays despite a lack of photo evidence that they were both in attendance in the same geographical location. Instead, People has one photo of Katy in a bikini and has now changed its headline from “Katy Perry Vacations in Hawaii with Hubby Russell Brand” to just “Katy Perry Vacations in Hawaii.” For two people who really want the world to believe they’re still together, they are certainly sending a clear signal that everything between them is anything but okay:

It was no white Christmas for Katy Perry.

The newly blonde “Teenage Dream” singer, 27, soaked up some tropical sun on Sunday, flaunting her body in an itty-bitty bikini while frolicking through the ocean in Hawaii.

The pop star was vacationing on Kauai in a private rented luxury villa.

As for the two, an onlooker tells us, “Katy and Russell looked very happy when they stepped off their private plane in Kauai before Christmas weekend.”

During her time at the beach, Perry was joined by BFF Markus Molinari, among other friends. (Russell was not pictured in the photos at the beach.) And she appeared to enjoy the water, while also taking time to relax on the sand.

[From People]

In sharp contrast (and possibly the reason that Russell’s name disappeared from the aforementioned story title) to People’s story, the Mail reports that Katy and Russell were indeed both sighted on Christmas Day, but they were approximately 7000 miles apart from each other. How utterly romantic, right?

They’ve vehemently denied that their marriage is in trouble, but Russell Brand and Katy Perry have been spotted celebrating Christmas Day on opposite sides of the globe, according to reports.

Superstar Perry, 27, was photographed enjoying the tropical waters in Hawaii on the big day, and was not wearing her wedding ring as she enjoyed the surf with a group of friends according to an eye-witness.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Sun newspaper is reporting that Russell, 36 , was over 7000 miles away in a Cornwall pub, before heading along to his friend David Baddiel’s charity swim, where he was pictured.

Both The Sun and People magazine report that Katy and Russell have rented properties in the respective beauty spots to spend the festivities together.

And while People quote a source that places Russell in Kauai, they point out that he was never pictured on the beach with his wife.

So they appear to have gone their separate ways to celebrate the time of togetherness in very different fashions, if these sightings are accurate.

Russell was also spotted at Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park on Tuesday without Katy.

[From Daily Mail

Well, one thing is certain -- that story about Russell and Katy planning a holiday vacation to save their marriage was total nonsense. Or maybe the planning actually happened on the part of Russell, but Katy just wanted to go surfing in Hawaii instead instead of hanging around London with her, uh, husband because that would make too much sense, right? Perhaps I was more correct than I ever wanted to be about the "sink or swim" theory in regard to this couple, but at this point, work is no longer an excuse for not spending time together. What an ominous sign.

At any rate, I think the latest round of pregnancy rumors can also be put to rest by Katy's bikini beach bod from a few days ago. Kaiser was right about Katy looking kind of pregnant a few weeks ago while promoting her latest perfume, but she's also got a bit of a swayback posture too, which sometimes makes her tummy seem larger than it really is. Also, I really do think that Katy is much too selfish (at this point and possibly forever) to give up her life (or, at least, the alcohol) for a baby.

Photos courtesy of Fame

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  1. Kiki says:

    I really wonder what he saw on her. I mean, they are both funny people, sarcastic and all, they probably have fun together, but I just don’t see a romance.

  2. Shalom says:

    He needed a green card, an image change and some money to come in. He got all of it. Now the romance is over.

  3. lisa says:

    When you are married to someone or even dating you need to spend time together. Most of these couples are apart for long long periods of time. How do you build a future when you are not in the same place or place in your life.

    I thought they were a cute couple.

  4. Briamatia says:

    No chemistry whatsoever. I barely recognized her in the last picture. I say just end it.

  5. Erinn says:

    I love Russell… I think he made a bad choice marrying her though. Maybe things will work out.

  6. Meanchick says:

    I guess I’m a hopeless romantic. They seem like they have fun together. I hope it works.

  7. michelle says:

    A.) Over the past three years, my husband and I have spent a total of 10 months together. We are still madly in love. B.) Not wanting to pop out babies at the height of her career hardly makes her selfish. She didn’t say she didn’t want them, just “not right now”. That’s some strange, antiquated 50′s crap being espoused if she’s expected to drop everything so Russell Brand can stage an Occupy Uterus. C.) He knew she drinks. He’s around other people who drink all the time; read his book. If it was that crucial he marry a non-drinker, he should have married a non-drinker; I’m sure plenty of AA members would have been happy to oblige him.

    • NM9005 says:

      A.) I’m not a scientist so can’t explain this very well, so:


      You can find many research about those stages if you don’t like this site. Not to diminish people’s relationships but it’s proven that love is a chemical reaction in the brain (and then some of course, it’s much more complicated and profound than that but it is a part of love).
      Also, love alone doesn’t make a relationship. Maybe Perry and Brand do still love each other, but it just doesn’t work out?

      Honestly, I don’t even think these two have seen each other for 10 months. I do think relationships can work when you don’t see each other often, but you have to make some sort of commitment when you do have time and money to see each other (definitly on Christmas!).

      B) I think it’s because she said at first that she did want to have babies soon into the marriage (lots of them), then she didn’t (in the very far future), then she did (a lot of them again) and then she didn’t want them in the near future AGAIN (hell no, can’t give up booze – her own words). Brand already said he would love them sooner than later and I don’t know if he’s putting pressure on her or not but it would be nice if they would be on the same page as to when it would happen. It’s normal for people to change their minds but on such a serious topic, she better make up her mind sooner or later or stop giving statements about it. If it’s not too late already.

      C.) True, it must be a constant struggle for him. I think people don’t like Perry because she constantly refers to alcohol like she’s some kind of teenager. Even when talking about a possible pregnancy, she just can’t leave out such a superficial reason like boozing as to why she’s not pregnant yet. That must sting even if he wouldn’t have such a bad past with alcohol. That’s the same as a man who would say “I don’t want to have children now because I want to party my ass off”. Just immature really, especially when your partner alluded that he/she does want to have children.
      She sounds like Carla Bruni who couldn’t wait to smoke and drink again after birth. Ridiculous.

    • Schnauzers!!! says:

      Totally agreed. My hubby is military, we were apart 3 years…still totally in love and intact, Thank God. :)

      And also, the dig about not wearing her wedding ring on the beach…what kinda of D.A. does that? If I remember correctly she has quite a sizeable diamond. Yes, I’m sure they have insurance, and they can afford more diamonds….BUT NO WAY would I wear my ring in the ocean.

  8. NotaBitterBetty says:

    They are both rich enough and have enough influence to be able to figure out a way to spend Christmas day together. At least that! Which bonafide couple that is able to wouldn’t do that? I’d say it’s all over bar the crying. Here’s hoping the split, when it’s announced, is a dignified one with no mudslinging.

  9. mln76 says:

    They are done. One can only hope he’ll write another memoir and tell the world exactly why they split. I love Russell(read MY BOOKY WOOK and you will too) but I don’t think he’s exactly marriage material and Katy is way too immature and a party girl to settle down just yet.

  10. LeaR says:

    “Also, I really do think that Katy is much too selfish (at this point and possibly forever) to give up her life (or, at least, the alcohol) for a baby”

    In other words, women who choose to be childless, either during their 20s or for their whole lives, are selfish. Also, having a baby means giving up your life. Presumably because the only true destiny & responsibility of any woman is to be a mother. I don’t suppose we’re going to get an analysis of Russell Brand’s childlessness – I mean, he’s older than Katy so he must be super selfish!

    Good grief – did I stumble onto the Daily Mail or National Review website by mistake?

    • NM9005 says:

      No, I think it’s because Brand was always pretty straight forward about his desire to have children and she seemed to go along with it but after the marriage she shifted opinions constantly. This dude has a very wild and rocky past and Perry seemed to have changed him into a mature partner who wants to start a family and she went along with it but somewhere along the line, she backed out of that idea. Which is her right but at least try to keep the struggles private and work out the issues behind closed doors. Also constantly talking about boozing and partying will not further the marriage if you know he’s in a totally different place.

      And having a baby is giving up certain parts of your life. Their careers would be on hold, you can’t just go and plan a tour or a new album etcetera…A baby is a big change, famous or not. I don’t she selfish but she clearly doesn’t think twice about having children. Just be straightforward in the marriage and stop trying to convince the press of how happy you are and then we won’t get on her back and call her out on her foolery.

      • LeaR says:

        There’s a lot of “he seems” this and “she seems” that in your comment, and a lot of speculation about their respective psychological states, sobriety, and readiness for parenthood. I realize that “why haven’t [insert married couple's name] had babies yet?” is a guessing game beloved by nosy family members, friends, and complete strangers the world over, but the truth is we have absolutely no idea why either or both of them have decided to hold off on children, if, in fact, that’s what is happening – there are literally hundreds of potential reasons why a couple may be childless.

        And I really hope that none of those reasons include fertility issues, as I can’t imagine how horrible it would then feel to have people making snide, know-it-all comments about why your uterus remains unoccupied.

        Of course, this is all irrelevant because the comment I was responding to is quite clear and makes none of the disclaimers you do.

      • NM9005 says:

        Well this is gossip after all so making clear statements is never really valid because I don’t know them plus I spoke from what I read so for me it does “seem” so from an observive point of view.

        If you need some validation about his want for children just google “Russell brand children” and see how many times he mentioned it himself on the record. And if you need Perry’s just google the same and see how many times she talked about it herself leaving this topic open for discussion.

        One of his quotes:

        When asked if he was looked forward to being a dad, Russell joked: ‘No way. I just had a vasectomy!’

        ‘I am very much looking forward to becoming a dad. Who knows when? Soon I hope,’ he told OK! Magazine.

        Brand added: ‘I really love children. I think when I’m among children is when I feel most liberated.’

        I link that to the way she talks about children:



        You’re pretending like they never talked about this in public so us being nosy is directly linked to them inviting us into their marriage. We’re talking celebs here, not regular people. Whatever we gossip about, is what they put out there for us to read.

        I for one don’t care if people are pregnant or not and find “baby bump watch” denigrating to women in general but I do follow all the gossip and seeing the overabundant pregnancy and marriage break-up rumours of those two, I felt I was in the position to make presumptions. Which is what a gossip blog is here for anyway.

    • LeaR says:

      “Also, I really do think that Katy is much too selfish (at this point and possibly forever) to give up her life (or, at least, the alcohol) for a baby”

      ^^That is the comment I responded to. You seem to feel you understood what the writer really meant by this comment. I see nothing in the post to support your interpretation, so I am taking her statement at face value. And I believe it’s a sexist comment. Which is not unusual for this site. We disagree. That’s okay.

      I’m not sure why you think those quotes prove you know what is happening behind closed doors. People can want children, but have doubts about the suitability of their partner. People can want children, but not be able to have them. People can want children, but due to their relationship being rocky for any number of reasons, may realize that children may not be a good idea for the time being. People can want children, and then change their minds etc., etc., etc.

      In other words, I believe that a couple can be childless for literally hundreds of possible reasons, and that it’s impossible to know the real truth about a marriage from the outside, even one involving your best friend or a close relative, especially regarding something as intimate as conceiving a baby. We disagree on that too. OK.

      The Uterus Gossip Police are especially gross to me. Being aimed at celebrities, or at women I don’t like doesn’t make it any less sexist. So I’m just going to keep bitching about it.

      • NM9005 says:

        - I actually disagreed with that quote since my first reply started with a clear “no”. So I didn’t think she’s selfish and shouldn’t feel pressured to make a baby. Selfish for me, has a positive connotation anyway so I would have no problem agreeing if that’s how I felt about that quote.

        - I was talking about their individual stance about children and it does not align together which would be an issue in any marriage. that’s also why I gave those clear quotes. It’s their dynamics as a couple that’s off and it keeps on showing more and more. For whatever reason and the baby issue comes up once in a while and I do believe it’s some sort of catalyst.

        - Again, this is a gossip site. There is never going to be “real truth” here. It’s just guessing and presuming based on what we read. I never said that what I say is truth. I can only back up what I think with quotes from them personally and there are plenty of them. You can ignore them, but I tend to rely on them because celebs blur out all sorts of crap along the way and then try to pretend as if they never said something along that line.

        - When the rumours about a possible break-up were getting too loud she herself started talking about babies, to divert the attention to her womb and her music/image relies on sexism yet people can’t make one comment about it then, THAT’S crossing the line she herself made? It’s their very own livelihood, they are selfish and egotistical. Her first song is pretty much based on sexism. Or her song “Peacock”. I’m all for defending women but I’m so not going to defend Perry on that notion because she simply doesn’t deserve it and doesn’t need it. Without sexism, girlfriend wouldn’t have a career anyway, like most talentless young girls these days. Please. She probably loves it even more when we talk about a possible baby instead of the state of her marriage.

        - Keep on bitching, by all means. Your opinion is as valid as anybody else’s. I find discussions more interesting anyway when I don’t agree with somebody.

      • britobsessed says:

        @LeaR: seriously getvover yourself. You’re reading a gossplip site

      • Naye in VA says:

        there are people who dont want kids for economic or social reasons (like the vastly growing world population) but there are others LIKE KATY HERSELF SAID that are not ready to give up partying and to an extent yes they are selfish. Which is not a bad thing. You should not have children if you are not ready to be selfless. thats what it REQUIRES. Again I dont think bedhead was knocking anyones choice that is just a statement of fact. If you would like to chill and travel and party (all things you do for YOURSELF) for another ten years, by all means do it. It’s not wrong to be a little selfish, its just wrong to be selfish AND have kids

    • Cress says:

      Amazing how people think they really know celebrities and understand the inner workings of their relationships based on soundbites! it is like the brange/anistonloonies who will explain to you over and over EXACTLY what happened btwn the 3 of them. and they really truly believe they are in the know! because they were there or something. SMH.

  11. Cathy says:

    I don’t like him, he looks like a maniac. I would be scared if I ran into him in the dark.

  12. The Original Mia says:

    They are finished. Just need to go ahead and file the papers.

    I’m glad they haven’t brought a child into the marriage, especially if they are having problems.

  13. FromHell says:

    Okay, so let’s say they’re done. Does he have a greencard yet? Hmmm.

  14. BNF says:

    He was about to be deported and needed a green card right before he proposed to katy. He’s got one now he’s also somewhat successful for some reason. He doesn’t need her anymore.

  15. Gerta says:

    So what split love’s young dream? Does this mean that Russell really is clean and not a vacuous moron after all or did she walk in and find him in their house with a shedload of strippers and a few cabana boys? I had written him off as a lost cause after I saw him hanging with her candy loving sceanster moocher ‘friends’ and shilling her pedop*rn musak and her disgusting money grubbing pseudo-religious ‘rents. You know what goes on between them is nasty. So if they split, who thinks it’s going to get ugly? This whole relationship smelled like BS to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together and this is only for cheap publicity again.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Too bad for them but marriage is serious s**t and they never seemed that serious. They liked the romance part, the engagement and the wedding (ohhhh – a trip to India, how cool is that?). But the marriage part? Not so much. Typical move for 20-somethings, IMO.

  17. Alejandro says:

    Just wanted to add that the story includes Markus Molinari who was by Lindsay’s side for a while partying with her. It’s interesting to see that both Katy and Lindsay possibly run in the same crack circles.

  18. Jessie says:

    Bottom line is she is a vacuous bigoted fundamentalist at her core and he is a bleeding heart liberal who as usual is making allowances (because he is a liberal) for her endless stream of stupid comments because he doesn’t realize that people like her don’t get progressively educated and enlightened, they always get worse. She only says things like, “I believe in civil union rights” or “people should have universal health care” because it’s something she heard Russell say and she thinks it makes her sound smart. She doesn’t think for herself and she has no intrinsic conscience. She would drown a bag of kittens if she thought it would sell her as many LPs as Adele. Maybe he woke up and realized that his life was going to become intolerable when at the VMAs he was supposed to say something genuine about a legendary friend who died, and his wonderfully supportive talentless wife was there with her fifth of whiskey to boast about how drunk she was even though her key demographic is under 7 years old. Lucky her, she has no internal struggles fueling her drinking so she lives to make another empty auto-tuned bit of aural terrorism. She promotes extreme consumerism, promiscuity, and alcoholism as a lifestyle choice that’s fun whereas his act centers on deconstructing that as a mechanism that operates to distract and control people. Being married to her makes him look like a disingenuous fool. A comedian isn’t funny when the joke is clearly on the audience. I’m not buying a ticket to his show if it’s going to wallpaper the orgy room of their cr*ckmansion. Considering Russell bases a lot of his career on trying to be a positive cultural voice, I’m surprised he could sleep at night knowing that 80 proof aging Lolita (who is quite frankly starting to look like whatever happened to baby Jane) was lying right next to him. Her friend Shannon Woodward made a PCP joke on Christmas day. And even worse, it wasn’t even funny. And one of Markus’s key design achievements is a very heroin chic syringe necklace. Nice. I hope this means Russell is going to get back to being relevant and funny again. Arthur was sweet though. I liked that. I like to think this marriage was like one long, elaborate episode of Punk’d.

  19. Eve says:

    I agree with whoever said above that marriage is a serious thing and both Perry and Brand never seemed that serious about theirs.

    Off topic: I watched “Arthur” and, surprisingly, I actually had a great time. I know he’s weird looking but I think I have a tiny little crush on him now.

  20. UKHels says:

    never that serious and too fundamentally different (Russell B is about as opposite to the Christian fundamentalist KP as it’s possible to get)

    I think there was lust and not a lot else

    c’est la vie – and sorry to be vulgar but she does have amazing breasts

  21. whatevs says:

    maybe she faked a pregnancy to trap him and get the media buzz going then russ found out which is why they separated! omg i should write for soaps

  22. nina says:

    I think they had chemistry, they looked like naughty rascals together. But man, he’s looked so checked out with her for awhile now, it’s almost embarrassing.

  23. Jover says:

    She’s an illiterate dimwit cranking out toy plastic music and he’s way overrated and takes on easy targets (has he taken on Islamofascism the late great Chris Hitchens phrase); KP’s “opinions” on gay marriage, health care have less substance than my cats’ meowing – why is that even noteworthy – only good thing is no children are involved; oh, and while i support gay marriage this is not an argument for or against gay marriage – this is a singular instance of two celebutards acting dopey. THis is less about marriage in general than foolishness, lust, pr, marketing, etc.

  24. Gilmore says:

    Somewhere, that guy she dated from Gym Class Heroes is laughing his tattooed ass off. Or possibly getting himself emotionally prepared to get with her again since he’s still hung up on Katy.

  25. Jamie says:

    These two should never have gotten married. Katy Perry is a talentless, useless, stupid person who can’t get a hit without a feature, a remix, and a price cut. I think she married Russell Brand because Travie McCoy wasn’t famous enough for her to ride his coattails.

    What’s all this talk about her being a Christian and/or conservative? She isn’t. She only pretended to be when she was trying to make it as a Christian singer. When that didn’t work out, it was all “I kissed a girl and I liked it” and “look at my boobs.” Now she jumps on all of the trendy liberal Hollywood issues because that is the part she’s playing now. I think she’s just a complete phony and Russell Brand, for all of his past mistakes, is too grown up for all of that.

  26. lu says:

    I can’t even imagine them having a conversation. Do you think he goes off on one of his tangents and she just blinks her big lashes with her mouth hanging open?

    I just think they are so different and he’s sick of her. To want to spend Christmas in Cornwall, which in nowhere near London btw, instead of Hawaii says a lot.

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    I think Russell really loves her, but she’s just “meh” about the whole marriage thing.

    I think she thought it would be fun, and then found out (afterwards) that it’s work.

    And right now, she just wants to play.

    • Monique says:


      We are only guessing what happened but I believe you may be right (it looks like a lot of other people do too). I hope Russell doesn’t take it too hard if they do call it quits. At least there are no children involved. I suppose sooner or later we will hear both versions of what happened.