Katy Perry & Russell Brand are just fine, according to their publicists


In the wake of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby-tastic VMA love-fest, the comparison to relative newlyweds Russell Brand and Katy Perry was stark. People noticed too – and I mentioned it in yesterday post. They seemed… like they were moving at different speeds, like they have nothing in common and they’re just starting to realize that their marriage is based on… chance, availability and lust. My take was that Rusty didn’t want to be there, that he seemed uncomfortable and “over it”. Like, he didn’t even really want to touch her or kiss her – he pulled his hand away like she burned him. CB thought that he seemed guilty, especially when Katy won Video of the Year and she gave Rusty a shout-out:

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At the end, it just looked like Rusty was “acting”. I don’t know. It’s just body language reading. Plus, Katy kept talking about how drunk she was, which I tend to think it one of the bigger problems in this marriage – Rusty doesn’t do anything anymore, no liquor, no drugs, no smoking. Katy does it all. Anyway, somebody’s publicist called around to push the story that Katy and Rusty had a lovely, romantic evening together:

Katy Perry was the belle of the ball at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. Not only did the 26-year-old “California Gurls” singer pick up her first two Moonmen trophies, including Video of the Year (“Firework”) and Best Collaboration (“E.T.” with Kanye West), but she also turned the awards show into a romantic date night with hubby of 10 months Russell Brand, 36.

“Russell and Katy were by each other’s side all night,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly. Seated in front of fellow lovebirds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, the spouses “had their arms linked and their hands intertwined. They seemed really happy and were just smiling and beaming at each other.”

Throughout the show, the eyewitness notes, “they were whispering in each other’s ears and giggling — it looked like they had private jokes to share.”

Brand looked “genuinely touched, almost tearful” when his bride won her first award, and Perry was equally proud of the heartfelt speech her husband gave during the Amy Winehouse tribute.

“Not only was he providing the beautiful color palette that Amy was, but also providing a realistic point of view and giving hope to anybody out there that felt like they needed hope,” the singer told reporters backstage. “I thought it was really well-rounded and smart, and that’s why I married him. He is smart and I learn a lot.”

[From Us Weekly]

Russell is smart. Smarter than the average comedian and actor, smarter than most people, I tend to think. But he’s dumb about women. All he sees is T&A, and he doesn’t bother with the conversation, I think.

Anyway, maybe everybody is overreacting, maybe their marriage is fine. Maybe they were really and truly loved up the whole night. Maybe they were lovely-dovey because it was their first evening together in the same city in months?



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  1. annaloo. says:

    That’s what happens when you sell your soul to the devil for fame, Katy!!!!!!

    I kid, who knows…Id be irritable amongst those morons at MTV too…..

  2. mln76 says:

    Lainey made an excellent point. He was there to do an Amy Winehouse tribute is passionate about his sobriety and she’s insensitive enough to brag about how wasted she is??? Russell please run for the hills.

  3. Launicaangelina says:

    I work at a substance abuse treatment and prevention agency. I also work with several people in recovery. Those of us not in recovery must be mindful of what we say, namely about going and indulging in a drink or few drinks. One of those in recovery explained to me that he feels jealous hearing others speaking about having a beer or cocktail because he knows he can’t handle it. For him, one beer could destroy his life. If Katy is really bragging about her drinking in front of Russell, then she is horrible person. She needs to realize what this could possibly be doing to her hubby.

  4. Lou says:

    Katy bragging about how drunk she was when Russell was there to make a statement about drug addiction was the last straw for me. I think you’re right Kaiser but Katy also has a big bank account to go with the T&A and he is majorly materialist. He also thinks this is helping his career, but it’s really not. But his body language has really been like this the whole time they’ve been together. They have a passive aggressive/ lust sort of relationship. If he wanted out he’d be out. Russell also has issues with women, where it’s not that he’s not smart about them, he prefers a woman like Katy because she’s an uneducated bimbo that he can always feel superior to, and she has a major drinking issue and generally bad personality traits so that if he cheats or whatever on her, he’ll never feel that bad because he thinks she’s a horrible witch that doesn’t deserve her success anyway. It’s sad for him because I think these two are obviously a mismatch, they radiate negative energy to anyone who’s observant. It’s painful to watch. I think he’s really capable of having a real partnership with someone that’s not like Katy even if it’s someone who doesn’t have millions of dollars, but it’s too late for him at this point. In a year she’ll have a baby. I think he also hates award shows and feels like an idiot walking next to a life-sized Bratz Doll, but don’t hold your breath, he doesn’t have the guts to end this. He’s smart but doesn’t realize that what initially helped him in the short term with this marriage is over and now he will start feeling the long term damage because he hasn’t divorced and admitted it was a mistake. In any case, he has until the end of the year to save himself and get out of this. If he doesn’t, she is stronger than him, and will destroy him in a few years time.

  5. Sillyone says:

    He just has a look of total disgust on his face when he looks at her. IMO

  6. Tierra says:

    I wonder if that yellow square box she wore on her head had anything to do with his looks of disgust, she looked like an idiot with that thing on.

  7. DetRiotgirl says:

    I know I’m in the minority here, but for some insane reason I really like them as a couple. I thought he looked touched and proud when she won the video of the year award. Personally, I thought they looked sweet together.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    After 3 months of separation (due to employment) hubs and were able to meet up. Our very steps were in sync! We walked the same; out steps matched; we are, in fact IN SYNC.

    Some things, they’re controllable (like Katy’s drinking/drugging/acting out) and some things just…ARE.

    There’s no mistaking it.

  9. Mia says:

    I don’t really care about them either way, but it does seem really insensitive to drink around someone who is recovering. But I also think he bares some responsibility because he knew she wasn’t abstaining from the drink and he dated and married her.

  10. Ell says:

    I’m not keen on her but I like Russell, he’s always come across as a genuine sweet man when you get past the crude jokes. So for his sake I hope they’re happy.

  11. corey says:

    You could tell he was not feeling that big yellow square she was wearing on her head. He looked embarrassed to be seated next to her. I would guess that they’re either over, going through a rough patch or hey, maybe they had just had a fight before the show. But there was definitely something going on because he did NOT look happy.

  12. TL says:

    Russell Brand is scary looking in a freakish type of way.

  13. Grace says:

    I don’t like her pink hair, and I’m very uncomfortable with his smile and the fact that he always looks dirty.

  14. Stubbylove says:

    I can’t believe how much facial hair changes Brand’s looks – so much better. He looks freakin’ hot in these pics.

  15. Erinn says:

    I really like Russel Brand. At first I wasn’t too sure- but I’ve seen him in different interviews, and find myself genuinely interested in what he is doing. He’s a really funny guy, and just seems sweet. The crude jokes sell.

    Maybe he was looking at her with such disgust because she reeked of booze. It’d probably really bother him. It’s probably not that he’s disgusted with the marriage, just the idiotic things she does.

  16. Lantana says:

    I don’t know how a couple can make it when one drinks and drugs and the other one is sober. You’d like to think that the sober one would pull the other one up, but most of what I’ve seen (personally, i.e., not celebrities) is that the wasted one pulls his/her partner down…especially if the tendencies previously existed in the now-sober person.

  17. BrandyMc says:

    Again, I find him so sexy. Once I got past his crude jokes and behavior, I was actually laughing so hard at his movies, that I almost choked on my mountain dew. Katy Perry has a few nice poppy songs, but I think her drinking and partying are starting to get on Russell’s nerves. I never have saw them as a good match…he would fit better with say…ME? lol

  18. bluhare says:

    I have always been out and proud about my love for Russell. The man can write.

    And I’m also a recovering alcoholic, and you all can drink and drug all you want around me; doesn’t bother me a bit. I look at it like we all have our lifetime quotient of alcohol. Most people don’t run out during their lifetimes, but some of us run through theirs in eight years. It’s not your fault I was dumb enough to work through mine that fast! So now I offer my services as a designated driver.

  19. Thea says:

    To stay sober he is going to have to get rid of her. She is immature, goofy and really not his type. He needs someone a little more mature, sober, and around a little more.

  20. penguin says:

    i’d never heard her speak until i watched the VMAs. She came across as an absolute moron.

  21. Gwen says:

    He is very funny IMO and very smart too. I have to say that I wonder, what he’s doing with her. Especially when she acts like this.

  22. ann says:

    I really like Russell but not Katy. I felt his speech was rushed, although beautiful. Perhaps the other people on stage took too much time and he had to wrap it up. She really likes to rub it in his face that she pounded back a tequila shot thinking that she’s so cool and all for doing that, knowing his problems with alcohol. And for the tweens that watch this, are they going to hoist one before class?
    I hope he gets away from her because she is toxic for him.

  23. mzjask says:

    idk if im watching the same vid and didnt bother clicking the links to other posts but i didnt think he looked disgusted by their marriage. maybe in the top pic he looks a lil, like possibly irritated. like someone said; perhaps they had a lil squabble before the show- hello people they are married. its not all cotton candy and unicorns everyday [even tho she sings about that ish!]
    the second pic they look like they are cracking up and the last one it looks like he is doting on her. classic russell face, hands on hip. c’mon?
    i think he knew when he married her that she was so much younger than him and had a lot of living still to do. their careers are both taking off. him, as the recovering, whatever, should have the friggin wherewithall to know i am an addict. i cannot _______ fill in the blank. why is it up to the rest of the world to tip toe around lil ol russy just because HE got outta control and couldnt handle himself?? she is young, why is it that she has a problem because she drinks? she seems to have a better work ethic than a lot of us who call in sick on a monday bc we got too hammered on sunday afternoon?!?! yet bc she is constantly photographed and some of those times she is enjoying her youth and success [drinking, partying] she is a Linnocent?!??
    she is his wife and should be compassionate to her hubbies needs bc thats what she promised to him in her vows but it is an MTV awards show.. what if she was blowin smoke up all our asses?! i mean, why say: oh im so wasted, if you’re really That wasted? she’s gimmicky as all heck, look at the box on her head.

    im just sayin, i wouldnt count them out just yet.
    …or he could be cheating with that one chick we saw him photographed with the other day?!?!

  24. Denise says:

    The publicist must be working overtime because Perry was at a VMA after party with her brother, not her husband. I don’t care about this either way, but it their body language in these photos scream that he is over it.

  25. Denise says:

    The publicist must be working overtime because Perry was at a VMA after party with her brother, not her husband. I don’t care about this either way, but it their body language in these photos scream that he is over it.

  26. TL says:

    “I can’t believe how much facial hair changes Brand’s looks – so much better. He looks freakin’ hot in these pics.”

    Contacts or glasses. Pick one.

  27. B says:

    Forget the Katy and Russell relationship analysis-she actually won video of the year for that crap-tastic “Firework” song? With such profound lyrics as “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag”? You have got to be effin kidding me.

  28. Nonny says:

    I actually don’t think he was upset with Katy. I don’t think he wanted to be there because it was the MTV-VA’s. When he hosted it was the most awkward show and he has said he didn’t really like doing it. So I think he was just reliving some bad memories. Personally I think if they are happy and it works for them great. None of us know what their relationship is and we can armchair psychoanalysis until we’re blue in the face. We’re never going to know and we shouldn’t judge them.

  29. Jooks says:

    She’s from California. Why is she mixing a British accent and an American Southern accent? Is she really as dumb as she looks?

  30. Magsy says:

    I just don’t see the chemistry. I see Russell more with Jude Law.

  31. Steamblade says:

    In one of the photos he looks to be thinking “if only I could drive a railroad spike through your head.”

  32. KLaw says:

    He’s staring at those stupid flowers in her hair

  33. Francesca says:

    I don’t like her anymore either Russell… that ridiculous box on her head doesn’t help either.

  34. ginny says:

    Im a former junkie and you could do anything in front of me and it wont make me relapse. However, since i dont get wasted anymore i cant stand h9 wasted people act. So while i as an addict am not affected by the choices of the people im with, i as a person wont be able to tolerate the stupidity and non stop annoyances that come with people who are under tue influence of something lol. Sober people, regardless of why theyre sober, tend to dislike dealing with trashed people.