Katy Perry is looking even more pregnant, still claims it’s “just Taco Bell”

Katy Perry keeps denying it, but I think this is for real – she’s got a gut full of Russell Brand baby. These are pics of Katy yesterday in Hollywood, where she was promoting her new perfume, “Meow!” It’s not even that Katy has “gained weight” – look at her figure. If anything, she’s gotten smaller in her arms and legs. She only seems to be putting on weight in her lower abdomen, otherwise known as “the baby area.” In the profile pics, you can really see it.

I have mixed feelings IF Katy is really pregnant. I think she’s probably doing it to “fix” her marriage to Russell Brand, and that band-aid babies don’t really “fix” anything in the long run. Which makes me feel bad for her, really. Poor kid.

By the way, Katy was named on Barbara Walters’ “Most Fascinating People of 2011” list. Katy’s not the worst inclusion – she had five number-one hits this year, and her album sold like crazy. (Sidenote: Steve Jobs was number one on the list.) In the interview with Barbara, Katy was asked about her marriage (“I think that it’s lovely so far…”), Russell’s past addiction to heroin (“I think that there’s a capacity for change in anyone”) and the baby rumors – “That’s just Taco Bell right here.” So, another denial. Here’s the interview:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. CT says:

    Her clothing choices on SNL were really bizarre around the midsection. I totally believe she is pregnant.

  2. Rhiley says:

    I am not sure if she is pregnant, but she definately has mom hair.

  3. brin says:

    Maybe that’s what she’s naming the baby….Taco Bell.

  4. Victoria says:

    Wow a celebrity actually doing the normal thing and denying their pregnancy when they really as opposed to some who are lying about it and using pillows for attention.

    Well, time will tell. Even if she’s showing a little she’s early so she may not want to confirm until she’s a few months into it.

    Look at Lily Allen. She miscarried twice, that we know of and she announced pretty early her pregnancy. It would be hard to do that and then lose the baby and have it be so public.

  5. bk says:

    I love her haircut. Color, meh, but it’s Katy Perry so I can’t really expect more in that area.

  6. Marjalane says:

    I don’t know by these pic’s- that dress is awkward all the way around. I loved her hair on SNL.

  7. weeble says:

    I’m still on the fence with this one. It could be food and some women have a natural little pudge as they age….on the other hand, Kaiser totally called it about Jenn Garner, and I doubted that, too.

    Time will tell indeed, but i hope the rumors about Katy and Russell being on the outs aren’t true.

  8. Ivy says:

    If a pregnancy keeps her sorry butt off of my radio and tv for awhile, I’m all for it. I’m beyond tired of her. P.S. Her album hasn’t sold that well given how long it has been out and how hard she pushed it and her singles went to number 1 because of remixes and price cuts. Look at iTunes right now…her current single is the only 69 cent song on it. She’s a talentless cheater.

  9. Hautie says:

    Geez… when did it become law that a female has to have a completely flat stomach?

    I don’t believe Katy is pregnant. Nor do I think she looks like it.

    I can assume the ones in here screaming that she is pregnant… are the same ones in the Demi thread screaming at her to eat a sandwich.

    A girl can not win either way.

    If she is not skinny to the point of being anorexic, then she is consider fat.

  10. cmc says:

    If she’s pregnant and doesn’t want to reveal it, why is she wearing a skin-tight satin dress? I’m not saying she’s not pregnant (probably is), but she definitely seems to want us to talk about it.

  11. Zigggy says:

    I have that pregnant look too, but I drink way too much- that may be her problem too.

    • Kasey says:

      That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! She’s been pretty vocal about her love affair with alcohol on numerous occasions. I’ve heard (I’m not a drinker) that alcohol causes weight gain and beer especially goes to the tummy. If you put that with her taking time off for a year to start a family (I imagine she’s none too concerned about her figure either coming off of a tour or preparing to gain pregnancy weight) it makes sense that it might be weight gain alone and not pregnancy. Further if she’s so thin (and according to Kaiser thinner) in the arms perhaps that’s where she gains weight first. I live in Central Asia and SO many women here poke fun at what I consider “normal” size. But what I find interesting is that all these thin people are what I consider “skinny fat”-they often have thin arms, legs and frames but have a tummy/pouch. Its just how some people gain weight.

  12. Cherry says:

    Well if she wanted to keep it a secret she would have worn a dress that’s less tight in the tummy area. So I see two possibilities:

    1. either she’s pregnant, doesn’t want to confirm but does want everyone to talk about it. Hence the tight dress and ‘Taco bell’ comment.
    2. or she’s gained weight, doesn’t give a crap and just goes on wearing the tight little dresses she always did.

    If it’s option 1: more power to her. She looks adorable either way, I think she has a lovely figure.
    But I’m afraid it’s option 1- and we’ve just got a little attentionwhoring on our hands.

    EDIT @ cmc: your post didn’t show up before I wrote mine, but it seems we are of the same opinion :-)

  13. Jane says:

    Maybe that’s just the way she gains weight. I only gain weight in my abdomen and hve really thin arms and legs. I’m totally self conscious about it and this article isn’t making me feel any better about it lol

    Although she could be preggers, who knows

  14. dee says:

    I totally agree with Hautie.

    Well Said……..

  15. Kimble says:

    I reckon my neighbours must speculate every day that I’m pregnant – my tummy looks just like that!!!

    Good luck to her if she is – I think Russell Brand would make a great father!

  16. wewechu says:

    She looks adorable. God forbid a woman gain a lil weight.

  17. The Original Denise says:

    I have had “pooch” like this; it is either that time of the month or a food baby. I believe her. And the dress is too tight.

  18. J says:

    So funny, I actually saw her there last night (at The Grove in LA), and she looked lovely. Unfortunately she was sitting, and had a sweater around her, so there wasn’t much to see. The bump in photos looks like a normal belly though.

  19. Kristin says:

    If she is pregnant (or trying to get pregnant), the blonde hair makes more sense. She’s (supposedly) a natural blonde and my dr advised me to lay off the hair dye while I was pregnant.

  20. Sara says:

    It could be PMS or just bloating. She might be pregnant but lots of women don’t show until the fourth or fifth month, especially if it’s their first baby.

    Also, Katy is pretty slim, it’s much easier for a slim woman to get a little food belly after they eat. My stomach sticks out more than that if I eat a lot.

  21. missy says:

    I don’t think she looks pregnant at all. She’s wearing a tight, high-waisted skirt. Who wouldn’t have a little bulge in that outfit? If a female celebrity’s bell isn’t completely flat, she’s assumed to be pregnant. It’s ridiculous.

  22. LeeLoo says:

    I gain weight in the same fashion. It all goes to my lower abdomen making me look pregnant. I think if she is still denying it then I am going to say she is not pregnant.

  23. ladybert62 says:

    That is the first time I have ever seen a hairdo on her that I liked – have no idea if it is real or a wig but it looks good and makes her look sophisticated and grown up.

  24. whatevs says:

    even her face looks pregnant! idek what that means. but she is def in the 1st tirmester imo

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Bellies look good, its extra curves – better than Bethenny or Demi caved in stomach.

  26. emma says:

    She doesn’t look pregnant to me. She looks like Reese Witherspoon did in that blue dress she wore to promoted Water for Elephants in Europe. It makes your belly area look big.

  27. normades says:

    I think this is her natural hair colour, so since you can’t dye it I vote preggo.

  28. megabella says:

    Did anybody else notice the first pic after the vid? The one where Mario Lopez is trying to touch Katy’s belly?

  29. Lindsey G. says:

    Can someone please explain what’s fascinating about this person? I get that her album sold well…but she isn’t very interesting.

  30. Rachelle says:

    That’s Katy’s body type. Every time she wears satin you see the bloat. When she’s not doing tons of working out and dieting, this is her body type. Why does she look so old? I think if she were pregnant, she’d look better. But she probably is though. I guess that means she’s stuck with Brand. Sorry for her. I would not trade to have all her millions if he came with it.

  31. Anna says:

    Nope. Bitch always has a little pooch belly. Even in the video Teenage Dream and Lord knows there was a lot of camera work there. She never has a flat belly. She just wears unflattering clothes.

  32. crys737 says:

    Im sorry, but Barbara Walters list was terrible.

  33. bitca says:

    she has frequently appeared in pix with a bit of a tummy—even before marrying. Putting on a few lbs often shows up there first. Personally I always thought it was sort of cute, feminine, & healthy-looking. In fact, K Perry’s occasional belly might be the only thing I like about her. Her fan base probably includes a lot of young girls, & it’s nice to imagine them seeing one doesn’t need a board-flat abdomen to be considered attractive.

  34. whatevs says:

    light hair and make up washes her out and of course her voice and music sucks but i have to say i lurve her dresses this was is very beautiful too and fit for a perfume promotion. very classical. oh god i want her whole wardrobe

  35. Reece says:

    Maybe she’s just a mid section gainer? All her weight comes in the middle instead of her hips/legs or all over.
    She’s always had a little pouch. She’s just gained a few pounds. No biggie.

  36. madpoe says:

    “Just Taco Bell”???

    So is she gonna give birth to a Chihuahua or is that gas? I’m not sure. I think she looks pretty.

  37. AMC says:

    I’ve found as I’ve got into my 20′s my weight seems to pack on in that ‘baby pooch’ area. 6 months ago I looked exactly the same in a figure hugging dress. So no way is she pregnant. Plus she just dyed her hair blonde!
    If she’s just come off tour she probably has put on some weight. You come back from exercising constantly of course you’ll put a bit on.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    If it is Taco Bell, she needs to drink more water because there’s a LOT of sodium in fast food.

  39. marie says:

    Shiny satin on a curvy body does not work. It is obvious that she doesn’t workout, too. But, her hair is an improvement.

  40. Kim says:

    Kind of looks like food pooch and not baby & she is a bigger girl so who knows.

  41. emma1978 says:

    I saw her at Russell’s gig at the Wiltern the other night. Pretty sure she was drinking alcohol (she had a drink in each hand, actually). I do not think she’s pregnant (yet). That dress is just really tight and satin-y and she doesn’t have a completely flat stomach.

  42. Lauren says:

    Katie looks glowing & pretty. When i put on weight it goes to my belly & boobs first. I have twiggy arms & legs.
    When i have my period..I really bloat up and look preggo. Leave Katie alone. She still looks sexy with mum hair.

  43. Camille says:

    Hmmm…I’m not sure about her being preggo, but I do think her new hair style is cute on her.

  44. NM9005 says:

    I need to see the cleavage, even though she has big boobs anyway, if they’re massive she’s deffo preggo.

  45. Forever says:

    errrm she is clearly in early stage of pregnancy… Only time will tell

  46. amazzon says:

    Seriously?!? Has our society REALLY deteriorated to this point? In case you have all forgotten in this time of anorexic “normality”, Katy’s body is what a normal, healthy woman is SUPPOSED to look like. She has curves and a little bit of *gasp* body fat…like a woman should.

  47. LondonLady says:

    Katy does not normally have that bulge- she is thin enough not to accumulate any weight there yet (dont forget folks, she is still in her twenties). Look at her boobs as well! Massive.

  48. Darla says:

    That looks like a normal lady belly to me…but since she’s a pop star, maybe it’s a pregnant belly…but it looks normal to me.

  49. erin says:

    god forbid the girl ate a meal before the photos were taken.

  50. gemmaa says:

    She is over the marriage. Dying her hair the way SHE likes it.
    Partying it up big time…and putting up a wee bit of alcohol weight to go with. Think they have made the decision to spilt and are just waiting it out……
    For what date , I do not know….

  51. Meanchick says:

    The 1st trimester is the most dangerous time. Anything could happen. I understand why so many celebs wait (even though it’s obvious) so long before they make the public announcement.

  52. Ramie says:

    Russell can do so much better than this dingbat. I’ll be happy when it’s over.

  53. Victoria says:

    I want to like Katy Perry and her music, but it’s just off putting that she has Jesus stamped on her wrist and talks about casual sex, drinking, and whatever. If you don’t believe in the principles of the faith anymore then whatever, but don’t make a mockery of what he represents, IMO. It just seems weird to me.

    I also thought it was gross to have Rebecca Black who is no more than what, fifteen, in a video about drinking, sexing it up and being naughty. Rebecca’s song was age appropriate even if she has no singing skills. Seeing her in that video really made me question her parents and what the hell they were thinking.

  54. Rachel says:

    My body looks very similar to hers… big boobs, thin arms and legs and a little bit of a round tummy. I can tell you, as a normal person, no one has ever thought I looked pregnant or asked if I was pregnant when I wasn’t. I’ve always had a little belly, ever since I went through puberty. Even when I was underweight I still had a little belly. Some women just gain weight there, it’s how our bodies are.

    I vote not pregnant, but only time will tell.

  55. kristiner says:

    Um, food doesn’t cause your boobs to bloat. Her first belly pics in that weird body suit, leotard with the gum drops on it could have been a food belly.

    But her boobs are totally bigger in this pink dress. Her boobs are saying baby >3mos.

    Her stomach is a hit or miss. The paps need to stop focusing on stomachs and look at boobs. Boobs tell pregnancy faster than a stomach.

  56. Paula says:

    oh yeah, she’s just huuuuge! she must be carrying triplets! gimme a break, the woman barely looks a bit bloated and that skirt is not very forgiving, the fabric or the cut. most women would not look that slender in it.

  57. please says:

    How can you say she looks pregnant when her stomach is flatter than most women’s? Ugh. It is isgusting how anyone who doesn’t look like they haven’t eaten in 11 days is considered pregnant-looking.

  58. alma says:

    eh, i hope she’s not pregnant. they travel and work too much to take care of a child. on another note: I loove her pink sweater :D

  59. jay says:

    god, her swan neck. I wouldn’t comment if she actually knew how to style herself rather then call more attention to her long neck.

  60. anayse says:

    Katy you inspire me to do the best BUT plese if you name it a girl name it anaise my name is anaise and i;m sure your baby is going to be a plesure