“Lonely” Russell Brand filed for divorce because Katy Perry wouldn’t start a family

Here are some new photos of a “lonely” (according to Fame Pictures) Russell Brand popping around London all by himself earlier today. Of course, I don’t necessarily buy that he’s lonesome in the conventional sense because all he’d have to do is snap his fingers, and (at least) a couple of girls would instantly flank his sides. He’s probably just enjoying (or enduring) some requisite solitude as much as possible in the wake of a major, traumatic split. Like anyone else in a divorce, Russell’s just trying to get his bearings back after filing for divorce after fourteen months of being married to Katy Perry. Yes, he’s probably a bit shell-shocked after a massive fight that ruined Christmas after things already were going terribly. No doubt, Russell will bounce back in due time after a suitable (or maybe in his case, not-so-suitable) waiting period.

Naturally, the rumors are still swirling over which party is most to blame for the split. Certainly, both bear some responsibility, but I don’t buy that Russell only filed because Katy didn’t want to offend her parents for religious reasons. C’mon, this is a girl whose parents already told her that she’s going to hell after her breakout single about kissing a girl volleyed her to stardom. If she wasn’t that worried about upsetting them then, a divorce certainly wouldn’t change matters from a logical standpoint. Not that logic has anything to do with this at all.

Russell Brand’s marriage to Katy Perry collapsed as he became exasperated over her refusal to put her career on hold to start a family, it was revealed yesterday.

Last night sources close to Brand, who has carved out a successful Hollywood career starring in films such as the 2011 remake of Arthur, blamed the marriage breakdown on the fact his 27-year-old wife was not prepared to put motherhood ahead of fame.

One said: “I don’t think Katy really understood what marriage was about. I don’t think she was prepared to give up her career. This wasn’t one of those occasions when Russell was mucking about, he wanted to settle down and have a family.

“I don’t think that’s what Katy wants. I think she’s very confused. They’ve been speaking a lot. There have been a lot of phone calls this week. Katy is 27. That’s not too young to get married. But professionally she is in a very powerful position.

She’s just done a year-long tour, she’s incredibly successful and she wasn’t ready to give up her career. I don’t think she was prepared to give that up and give time to the marriage.

“It was reported she was taking a year off, but I don’t think she’s doing that. It’s very sad. Russell is very cut up about it all. It’s not great news. It is very raw and very recent. I don’t know what will come from this.”

So far Miss Perry, who is understood to be in Hawaii, has not commented on the end of the marriage.

Yesterday, Brand was seen leaving the Savoy Hotel in Central London where he is believed to be staying.

On Friday, Katy’s father, Keith Hudson, 64, a born-again evangelical Christian who tours American churches with his wife Mary, was visibly upset as he spoke outside his home in Irvine, California.

He said: “I can’t talk, I’m sorry about that. I’ve had 1,500 people calling me today. I’m really sorry.”

[From Daily Mail]

Surely, both Katy and Russell were both at least partially to blame for their failed marriage. However, I do honestly get the picture that Russell has matured quite a bit in recent years, and he probably thought that he and Katy were on the same page for starting a family. Turns out he was wrong, and that doesn’t make him any more “correct” than she, but it does forecast serious incompatibility. Meanwhile, Hollywood Life seems to believe that Katy is absolutely torn up over Russell’s decision to file:

Katy Perry can’t believe that her marriage to Russell Brand is over! A source close to the singer tells HollywoodLife.com that Katy, 27, is “absolutely devastated” that her marriage didn’t work out and she still loves Russell.

“Katy still can’t believe that it’s over,” a source tells us. “She knew things were bad but she figured they’d work through it. Katy has been going through a bunch of emotions and she’s really leaning on her friends right now. She’s not herself. Katy never thought in a million years that she would get divorced, she really planned to spend her life with Russell,” our source continues. “She is grieving her marriage and is at a point in her life where she doesn’t know what’s next.”

[From Hollywood Life]

There are also reports that Katy is leaning on Rihanna for support and might soon jump on a plane for an impromptu girls’ vacation in Barbados. These rumors arrive after Rihanna didn’t even bother to attend her supposed BFF’s wedding, which resulted in tabloid talk that Russell and Katy were alternately fighting over the friendship and urging Rihanna to get some therapy. So who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised if Katy decided to actually catch up with her old friend by way of some beach time and a hundred bottles of beer though.

On the opposite end of the alcohol spectrum, Russell was also spotted “alone” on 12/31 as he departed an AA meeting in London. At least we know he’s very committed to his sobriety, but I find it rather bizarre that paps realize that an AA meeting is taking place. While Russell’s made no secret about attending such gatherings, it still creeps me out a bit that the press will analyze meeting times and locations in order to place a celebrity. So much for the anonymity of other members, right?

Photos courtesy of Fame

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  1. k says:

    I get all of the hate surrounding these two, but I always thought they suited each other, humor-wise at least.

    I think he’s genuinely broken up about the split. Seemed like he was trying to grow up a bit.

    • DreamyK says:

      I don’t see it that way. It looks more like “A Star is Born” to me. She is wildly successful and everything he touches turns to shite. I can see him pushing her for a family but also knowing that she wouldn’t do it, which gave him the out he was looking for. He’s just a jealous, currently sober alcoholic/addict, who can’t compete with his wife’s career. He knew how involved her career was before he married her. Now he is sulking about it. Whatever. Grow up, Russell.

      • Trek Girl says:

        Do you know them? I ask this because you seem to know so much about Russell’s motivations, as well as his feelings about his wife’s career.

        How do you know he’s jealous? He obviously has a career of his own as he travels all the time; it’s not Katy jetting all over the world, and Russell’s back at home tending to the potted plants.
        How do you know he wasn’t trying to work with her career? It’s very possible that he wasn’t looking to start a family right this minute, but was instead looking for her to start the family planning process with him so that they would at least have an idea of when to start having children.
        How do you know that he needs to grow up? Has it occured to you that maybe he has grown up and Katy isn’t as mature as she appears?
        How do you know that Katy didn’t lead him to believe that children would be forthcoming when they got married or were planned for when they got engaged?

        It is possible that, even though Russell was wild and crazy before, he’s gotten much better and now wants to have a career and a family. People can change. Maybe you should take into consideration the fact that Katy might not have clean hands, like your post insinuates.

      • Alix says:

        I’ll buy that theory. Why would you expect a 27-year-old girl at the height of her career to give it all up? Clearly these two did not communicate clearly about this issue before they got married — dumb move.

      • DreamyK says:

        @Trek Girl: You spent WAY too much time analyzing my post. Knowledge is power, check out addiction, frontal lobe and impulsivity, i.e. immaturity.

        Here’s a great place to start:

        “Alcohol and substance abuse disorders involve continued use of substances despite negative consequences, i.e. loss of behavioral control of drug use. The frontal-cortical areas of the brain oversee behavioral control through executive functions. Executive functions include abstract thinking, motivation, planning, attention to tasks and inhibition of impulsive responses. Impulsiveness generally refers to premature, unduly risky, poorly conceived actions. Dysfunctional impulsivity includes deficits in attention, lack of reflection and/or insensitivity to consequences..”

        That sounds exactly like Mr. Brand, hence my post.

        Link here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0091305709001361

      • Ally says:

        This is totally what it looks like to me, too. Why pick a flighty starlet as your wife, and then expect her to become Suzy childmaker?

        It also smacks of wanting to tie down your more successful female partner, and would probably have ended in his cheating on her once she was safely domesticated by kids.

      • Mitzie Martin says:

        Wouldn’t say everything he does turns to shite, he is a successful stand up comic, I saw one of his shows and he was hilarious with a great stage presence, each film I have watched him in he was very entertaining and amusing. While he is no Robert De Niro and he doesn’t claim to be, he still has charisma. I would prefer to watch Russell Brand’s stand up comedy or film than Katy Perry’s faux girl kissing pop.

    • gg says:

      Hmm, interesting concept – which one would I rather watch.

      I have to say I would rather watch even Justin Bieber to either Katy or Russell, and that is still painful.

  2. Lola says:

    I feel bad for him. I read another story that said Katy was out on NYE whoring it up, so I really don’t believe she’s too broken up about it. I saw a bit of an interview she did once and she came across as dumb, shallow, and self-centered. I had to change the channel.

    I’m glad to see that all this publicity and drama isn’t helping her sh*tty single on iTunes!

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    It also probably didn’t help that he is committed to sobriety and every other interview she gave was about being/wanting to be drunk.

  4. Marissa. says:

    Although I do think that they both share the blame for their failed marriage, I can’t help but lean towards Katy as the culprit. I don’t think she was ready for marriage. I do think that she loves Russell, but she rushed into it without actually realizing that you have to put some effort into keeping it happy and stable. Yeah, not all marriages are perfect, nor do all of them last forever, but she could have tried to spend some time with Russell. I don’t think Russell was too busy with anything, since there are only sad pictures of him roaming the streets of London, so he could’ve gone on tour with Katy, or something. But whatever – that’s my opinion.

    • gg says:

      I agree, but I also think he’s making a special point of prowling the streets now so he can get daily coverage shown walking around all lonely looking. I think they’re both trying to make a point to each other by their daily paps, playing games.

      maybe one day he’ll see how silly his baggy-at-the-top, over-pegged pantlegs. I used to peg my own jeans in the 80s, and if you overdid it, the seams wormed their way around your leg and look a bit home customized. He needs a new tailor bigtime. and a haircut.

  5. Gaia132 says:

    If she didn’t want kids yet that’s fine. They really should have talked about it BEFORE they got married. I blame both of them.

    • Gine says:

      Seriously! I don’t understand how couples don’t deal with this stuff before they commit to each other. The whole “love conquers all” attitude is so silly and immature, and obviously, it isn’t true.

      I think these two genuinely cared for each other, but neither of them is responsible enough for a serious relationship.

    • NM9005 says:


      Love is partially a chemical reaction that goes away. After that, you have to built on your joint interest and keep on challenging each other in your partnership. You can’t built on something when the other one isn’t there or if you can’t agree on very big desires or ambitions.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      A friend of mine just got divorced for this very reason (not being on the same page re:kids). It actually was discussed before they married and they were 100% on the same page then she changed her mind after a couple years. Sad but it’s just one of those things you definitely can’t get past-neither side is in the “wrong” (at least when it comes to this issue).

      • Trek Girl says:

        I was thinking that same thing.

        It’s not unusual for both members of a couple to say they want children, and then soon after the marriage one of them changes their mind. I think this could have been the case for Russell and Katy; I’m leaning towards Katy being the one that changed her mind.

        If this is the case then maybe Russell will be able to find the right woman for him and have the family that he wants, and Katy can have the career that she wants and find a man that wants the same things she does.

      • WillyNilly says:

        Changing your mind after a wedding happens all the time. :(

      • orion70 says:

        I think changing your mind after a few years is more a symptom of an unhappy marriage, than a cause of its fail. Either consciously or subconsciously, no one wants to paint themselves into a corner with that kind of committment once they’ve realized this is not someone they want to be with.

        To me, unless someone has said no way no how, it’s still on the table. I also know of people who’ve married and knew before marriage they wanted kids, but the clock started ticking loudly the minute the ink was dry on the marriage certificate, no room for discussion. Someone might want kids in a year or so, but just not “right NOW”.

  6. Dorothy#1 says:

    I would keep him company! I just love him, he is super funny and kinda cute :)

  7. Alejandro says:

    She was so devastated that she ran off to Hawaii with her drug pusher friend Markus.

  8. Gine says:

    He’s so gross. I honestly don’t understand the appeal at all. Unattractive and not funny.

  9. Jules says:

    He’s a bit older and a recovered addict….she is young and just getting started being famous/partying. Not a great recipe for a good marriage.

  10. danielle says:

    What?! She had to give up her career to be married?! Why didn’t he give up his career? She probably made more.

  11. bernie says:

    I really don’t get it. Why get married if your intention is to bail after a massive fight or problems.

    The first few years can be brutal! But the intention is to commit.

    I feel as if these celebrities don’t seem to have a good grasp on their own intuition and either get married to wrong person or are not very present in their marriage.

    It takes loads of work to have something beautiful. Hoping for the best.

    Love & light.

    • Trek Girl says:

      Sometimes the members of a couple will agree that they want children before the marriage, and even agree on the time that they would like to start having them, and then one of the members will change their mind, sometimes pushing the date years off into the future, and sometimes saying they don’t want to have children at all.

      On most occasions couples should work on issues, and if they do the marriage can be successful, but there are some issues that are deal-breakers. If one person wants to have children but the other doesn’t, and they reach an impasse, then divorce is necessary.

  12. Nev says:

    they followed Naomi into a AA meeting…she won that case for privacy.

    at a certain point in a marriage people have to stop thinking about the parents and become their own person….your old enough to get married and live your own life.

    grow up.


  13. Firecracker says:

    Anyone want to play a game? Who should Russell hook up with to comfort him?

    My vote is Demi Moore. That would be very entertaining…and Russell’s a few years older than Ashton. Win win!

  14. Erandyn says:

    Here’s my theory: she married him thinking that, being almost 10 years her senior, he must be quite emotionally mature – at least more so than guys her own age. And he said he found *her* mature for her age, which she found flattering (it meant she was a special snowflake; works every time).

    Then after getting to know him for a while, she found that he had the maturity of a guy who, at 36, has yet to catch up to the maturity of a 27 year old.

    Mind you, I think they’re both too young to get married – she’s 27 going on 17 and he’s… well, whatever age you have to be to consider her mature.

  15. midnightmoon says:

    she is way too young, spoiled, and princessy to be ready to be a mom. i think russell is as much to blame for picking someone as young & narcissistic as katy as his potential baby mama. lust is a great smokescreen. *)

  16. Kelly says:

    I hate to say it, but… I love his boots.

  17. Lauren says:

    A lot of men marry for lust or attraction. Character still does not count for much, sadly. Or intelligence. I wonder how RB figured that Katy would be a good mother. She is selfish & acts like a rebellious teenager. I doubt either Katy or Russell will be lonely for long. At least they have the sense to divorce before dragging any children into their troubled marriage. I am married to an English fellow from Devon, is very quiet..but is the best lover i have ever had. I think Russell’s bravado masks a tortured soul. Katy is acting wilder than ever-and changed her look dramatically,does not look saddened at all.

  18. shontay says:

    Why would he expect her to start a family when she’s at the height of her popularity? She is not a real singer and she needs to strike while the iron is hot. She has a baby and that ruins everything. They were obviously at different stages in life.

    Also, I’ve always believed that Katy/Rihanna friendship is one sided. I don’t see Rihanna wanting to be friends with any popular female. I get a mean girl vibe from her. Not that I blame her, though b/c Katy seems like one annoying “friend” to have.

  19. Nev says:

    I am very interested in seeing if KATY or RUSSELL gets the ridic BACKLASH that Kim Kardashian is getting….they were all over each other and giving statements on tv saying everything was fine…then BOOM divorce…they didnt decide to stick it out either…just bail.

    they also made money.

    at least Kim did’nt pretend to be okay to the public.

    • Trek Girl says:

      The Russell and Katy situation is very different from the Kim and Kris situation.

      Russell and Katy were very private with their wedding; wedding footage was seen by the public only when Katy included it in her performance at an award show, and even that footage was grainy and wasn’t shown for very long. They have spoken about their marriage, even gushed about it, but it never became a spectacle; it was basically on par with other celebrity relationships. Katy and Russell might have made money off of their relationship, MIGHT have, but it is nothing compared to what Kim, Kris, and her family are said to have made.

      Kim and Kris’s situation was a spectacle from the time they were confirmed as a couple, mostly because of her reality show. It is said that they made a lot of money, possibly millions, from this wedding. They were all over the blogs, all over E! — it was almost everywhere you looked if you were online. We know for a fact that they got gifts from the guests, even though they are millionaires; this isn’t illegal, and they can do that if they want to, but the public and some of the guests did not like it. We don’t know if Katy and Russell got gifts from their guests.

      There are many reasons why Katy and Russell aren’t deserving of the same backlash as Kim and Kris, but these are the ones that came to mind.

      • Nev says:

        this is not about who got gifts, etc…they both katy and kim changed their minds about the marriage really fast without no counselling or sticking it through…katy is all religious based and yet didnt stay married…kim was upfront and told the world she changed her mind…never pretended to be happy for the media…kim had better promotion, media coverage…not her fault either…they are both young starlets who got married too fast and wasnt ready.

        my point is why the backlash and boycotting for what??? they want divorces…fifty percent fail…why get so upset?

        katy perry should be boycotted too…her music and style is boring and contrived…as fake as they say kim is.

      • Trek Girl says:

        @Nev: I am replying to my own comment because I cannot reply to yours.

        “This is not about who got gifts, etc…”. From your first post: “they also made money.” This is why I mentioned the gifts; money and gifts tend to be lumped together in matters like these because both of them are seen as profit. You mentioned it, so I wrote about it.

        The main point of my post is that, while I understand what you mean, Kim and Katy’s situations aren’t really the same. Katy while she is mentioned in the media a lot, doesn’t have a career based on something that many people hate: celebrity sex tapes and reality television that focuses on people that have no discernible talent other than being in the media. Katy’s marriage, while odd to most people, didn’t seem like the publicity stunt that Kim’s marriage was percieved to be. This is why Katy might not get the backlash that Kim did. They seem like similar situations, but they aren’t, because of what came before the marriages.

  20. Helen R.S. says:

    “One said: “I don’t think Katy really understood what marriage was about. I don’t think she was prepared to give up her career. This wasn’t one of those occasions when Russell was mucking about, he wanted to settle down and have a family.”
    Maybe Russell doesn’t really understand what marriage is if that is what he really feels! Taking marriage “seriously” doesn’t mean forcing your wife to give up her career and become your personal baby bearer! Maybe he should learn about communication and compromise if he doesn’t want to “muck about”.

    • Trek Girl says:

      Maybe Katy said that children would be forthcoming, or would happen a few years down the road, but changed her mind soon after the wedding. Did you think about that possibility? Did he say he wanted her to give up her career? I don’t recall seeing that from him.

      Maybe he and Katy did communicate and compromise but the end result was them not wanting a family at the same time, or one of them didn’t want one at all. Communication doesn’t always mean that people will end up agreeing with each other to do the same things, but ends up with them understanding that they want different things and the marriage will have to end. Having children can be a time sensitive endeavor; he shouldn’t wait on her to be ready to have children if it will take a long time for her to come around, if she comes around at all.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Exactly! What a bunch of antiquated crap. They should have decided a date when both of them were ready for kids. I doubt it was within the 1st year of their marriage when it was known before the wedding that she would be on tour for a year. If Russell got impatient and wanted a kid now, then that’s his problem. And if it was a big enough problem that he had to bail within 14 months of marriage, it’s obvious he wasn’t as deeply in love with his wife as he professed.

  21. nina says:

    I call BS on the whole story. No one in THEIR FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE break up cause of “when do we start a family” issues. That’s ridiculous, and that’s something that would have come up before they married.

    In the meantime, both will probably play the publicity game to make themselves sympathetic cause they both have public images to uphold. Don’t fall for these silly stories though, they are completely irrational.

  22. Em says:

    Not really sympathetic to either party here. She has always seemed very vapid, and trying to stay younger than her age. I mean really, at 27 still making songs about high school? Time to move on. I’m not saying you have to “settle down”, but to me 27 is too old to still be a party girl. He seems much more serious than that, and I’m not sure how they ever thought that it could work out. She needs to be single and make the most of what she has now, and he needs someone stable like himself for the next phase in his life.

  23. Helen R.S. says:

    No I didn’t “think of that” because I don’t presume to know the inner workings of two perfect strangers. I am responding to the quote at face value, nowhere does it even allude to Katy agreeing to have children and then changing her mind. I am responding to what is written, not imagining possible conversations between people I don’t know.

    • Sonya says:

      context |ˈkänˌtekst|
      the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed : the decision was taken within the context of planned cuts in spending. Or, the context of past articles regarding Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

    • Trek Girl says:

      Sonya’s comment, if I am reading it correctly, is basically what my response to you is.

      The quote, at face value (your words) suggests that Katy was taking actions that would lead a husband to believe that their wife was ready to start a family, or at least begin planning for one. The article suggests that Katy is confused, so it’s not a stretch to think that she agreed to start planning for children and then backed out, as that is one of the ways that people being confused about what they want in a marriage can turn out.

      I wasn’t saying that the scenario I posed to you actually happened, I was trying to get across the point that sometimes people agree on one thing before the marriage, and then one of the people changes their mind; basically that Russell might not have been selfish or trying to force her into anything, but that having children, possibly even soon, had been spoken about and agreed upon beforehand.

  24. NYC_girl says:

    What I don’t understand is how couples – and not just “famous” couples – break up over the kids issue. “We’re getting divorced because she/he doesn’t want kids.” Huh? Isn’t that something you should talk about before you get married? You know, life goals? Or am I missing something?

    • Trek Girl says:

      That is something that should be spoken about before the marriage.

      Sometimes a couple will speak about and agree about whether or not they want children and at what stage in the relationship, but after the wedding and a few months or years into the marriage, one of the people changes their mind about when they want children or wanting them at all. This happens more than one would think, and it’s a deal-breaker in most cases.

  25. Violet says:

    That could be one of the many reasons for the split. Frankly, they’re both too immature and egocentric to be good parents so it’s just as well they never had any kids.

    Russell is almost a decade older than Katy, and they’re at different stages of their lives. He’s in his 30s, his biological clock is ticking and he’s no longer interested in partying. She’s in her 20s, loves to drink and is enjoying her stardom.

    The only thing shocking about this is that no one told Katy to get a prenup. She made a lot of money during their brief marriage, and it’ll be interesting to see if he tries to cash in.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Does no one else find it odd that she’s being criticized (not necessarily by Brand, I don’t know what he’s saying, but in the general media/blogs) for not having a kid *within the first year of marriage*? Isn’t this something people are generally praised for doing, making sure their relationship is solid before having children? I’m not saying everyone should make this decision – but it’s hardly an uncommon one and is generally considered sensible. Re: biological clock – he’s 36, I don’t think his clock can be ticking THAT loud. Honestly if she’d gotten pregnant within a year I don’t think it would have improved their chances of staying together long-term even if they’d made it a bit further than this. Not having a child within a year in no way implies that she’d never have one. I really can’t get over how this is being treated as some horrible, selfish, marriage killing behavior when it’s quite common and sensible.

  27. Jade says:

    IMHO, I’m calling BS, especially on the divorce pay day story. He does not look sad. He looks relaxed considering he’s got 20 paps on his as$ all day long. He will not take a dime of her money. Russell is a womanizer, yes and I think he used her for publicity as she did him. I think a part of them both wanted it to be a real relationship and for a while I think it was. Because it would make sense for them to work. BUT, she is a pAArty girl and that is dangerous for him. I don’t know what he wants but he’s had to deal with a lot of negativity from her that affected him because his fans are not as young and stupid as hers. Let’s face it, the ‘he’s still banging chicks in hotels’ and the ‘she’s likes candy’ whispers were getting out of control. They looked like they hated each other by the end. Katy will go on and find the next stepping stone for her career and Russell, I don’t know what he wants. I think he just desperately wants to be successful and for people to like him and take him seriously as an actor. Like the hate for the Arthur film was really irrational. It was a silly film but people acted like he dug up Dudley Moore’s grave and gave the bones to his dog. It’s a nice well-intentioned little PG film that has a cliched moral. There are like a thousand versions of Hamlet, what’s the difference if there are two Arthurs? I think he’d be better off with a non-famous quiet wife that wants to do the family thing, shares most of his values, and can at least string a sentence together. And can appreciate how important it would be for him to spend Christmas in London with his mom. But then again, I don’t think he’s capable of going without cheating a bit to feel validated, so if he did marry such a lady, she’d inevitably be stuck in a disempowered and depressing position. He seems like someone who will be perpetually conflicted in what he wants, like he’s a grass is always greener kind of person. But if it was not an expired contract marriage and Katy really pulled a ‘I’m gonna romp in Hawaii to make you beg’ move, she doesn’t know how to deal with men. Russell definitely is not a man you pull that crap on.

    • emma1978 says:

      Jade, I think you are spot on. About Russell not taking her money, about them semi-using each other for publicity but also wanting it to be a real relationship, and about her negatively impacting his career in some ways. (I think a lot of his more mature fans saw KP as dumbing him down. He used to do smart comedy about the absurdities of celebrity life, and then he started living it.)

      And also, total word regarding Arthur! It’s not the greatest film ever, but totally undeserving of all the intense hate it got. It’s almost like someone with a real hate agenda against Russell decided early on that it deserved to get marked as WORST FLOP EVER or something, and then that perception just snowballed and it’s become the accepted opinion about it. In real life, everyone I know who’s seen it has said “Why did it get such bad reviews? That was actually a really cute movie.” Certainly no worse than the majority of other formulaic rom-coms out there. Also I recall that Russell had the number 1 and 2 slots at the box office a couple weekends in a row, with Hop and Arthur respectively. So it can’t have been THAT much of a commercial failure, either.

  28. LA me says:

    OK…here’s my theory. Maybe all the Katy Perry pregnancy rumors where right. Maybe she terminated it against Russell’s wishes. Now THAT would lead to a MAJOR blowout, resulting in divorce!

    Just my theory.

  29. Jade says:

    @LA me: That’s a terrible thing to say. I’m not sure Katy would be capable of doing something like that. I assume she’s on the pill and would have gone off it and tried for a baby intentionally. I think it’s wrong to speculate something like that. But if that’s what happened and it got out, her career would be totally over. She could never recover her image after that. It would be worse than Chris Brown.

  30. Jolene says:

    Nobody should be forced to have kids. She is better off.

    However, it’s terrible that they are bothering Russell while he’s going to AA meetings. Leave the man alone. It’s supposed to be anonymous.

  31. Clarke says:

    I say that they are both better off. Nobody should be forced to start a family. Best case would be that Russell could convince Katy to have kids, but she’d be miserable, which wouldn’t exactly help their relationship. I’m sure Russell can find someone who wants kids and Katy can find someone who doesn’t.

  32. Zoe says:

    I don’t know why anyone shouldn’t believe he’s lonely. Just because he can snap his fingers and bone chicks doesn’t mean he isn’t lonely – if anything, anonymous sex and people sleeping with you because of your name sounds lonely as heck. Sad breakup.

  33. It is ME!! says:

    I know I am probably gonna get some flack for this, but here goes:

    I think this whole divorce is based on a difference of intelligence. Russell, love him or hate him, seems to be more aware of the world and more critical thinking than Katy. Katy just doesn’t strike me as someone who could carry her own in a conversation on a wide variety of topics- in other words, the complete and total opposite of Russell. And having been there myself, it gets really old when you want to have a deep conversation with your other half, and they just can’t keep up. Maybe he realized that you need more in a marriage than a pretty face, etc…..

    Commence flaming.

  34. Lady_Luck says:

    To be perfectly honest, I think the ‘real’ reasons for the divorce are still undisclosed. It was their first year of marriage, and not agreeing to having kids on the first year of marriage – especially supposedly initiated by the man, is not going to be a deal breaker, especially when time is on their side.

    No, there is a lot more to this divorce than meets the eye. I still call that Russ was either unfaithful, or just couldn’t stomach the thought of marriage any longer. I also believe that when the ‘honeymoon’ wore off, they realised their personalities and interests didn’t gel as much as they first though.

  35. Spugz says:

    Hey Russell – whatcha doin? I’d smack that. Nom nom nom