Katy Perry is destined to go to hell, according to her parents


When it comes to distinguishing between the relative bullsh-t factor of both Katy Perry and her parents, it’s pretty obvious that both sides of the coin are faux-coated in shades of phoniness, but it’s difficult to decide which of them constitutes the greater offender. While in one respect, Katy probably exaggerates certain aspects of her upbringing, yet she’s also dealing with parents who not only publicly disagree with her career as well as wring their hands over the fact that she didn’t become a faith healer. At the same time, Katy’s supposedly devout Christian mother sends scandalous emails to Katy’s husband, Russell Brand. As if all of that weren’t enough to generate feelings of disgust, check out this mini-exposé on behalf of the New York Post:

For an hour, Keith Hudson has been pacing around the sanctuary of the Kings Road Church on the outskirts of London. With his shaved head, wide-open eyes and thick black glasses, he’s a striking figure who frequently punctuates his sermon with a loud “Hallelujah!”

As his wife Mary watches on, he has been telling the congregation his story — that Satan has lured his daughter away, that she has fallen. But that he must love her anyway. Must pray for her.

Pretty typical stuff for a preacher — even an American one so far from home.

But then he stops short, ready to unleash his big pitch. With tears in his eyes, hollering at the top of his voice, he delivers his keynote with as much bombast as he can muster: “I kissed God — and I liked it!”

Hold on a minute. Isn’t that a pop song? Who’d this guy steal that line from?

His own daughter, Katy Perry, is who. But unfortunately, thanks to her massively successful career and semi-Hindu husband, she is most certainly going to hell.

For years, [Katy's parents] crisscrossed the United States, preaching. Then they settled in Santa Barbara, Calif., and founded the Christian Oasis Center before moving on to their current headquarters, the Life Christian Church, just north of San Diego.

Except for a circuit of evangelical churches, not many people cared about the Hudsons. Until four years ago that is, when their controversial daughter became an overnight sensation with that song, “I Kissed a Girl,” and Keith and Mary Hudson suddenly hit heavenly paydirt, touring on a circuit that took them to eight countries last year and even a date in the Poconos next month, when they appear at Life Church in Poconos Pines, Pa.

With her penchant for skintight, bust-flaunting latex dresses, suggestive dance routines and risqué songs about lesbianism, Perry seems about as Christian as a tweet from Anthony Weiner. Yet week in and week out, her global notoriety is being exploited by the Hudsons — Perry is Mary’s maiden name — to spread their version of the Gospel and simultaneously expand the scope of their ministry. While publicly declaring concern over their wayward daughter — she is, they candidly admit, destined for hell 00 they brazenly use her fame for their own ends.

Consider their itinerary. This month they are touring Texas, California and Panama City, Panama. Last month it was Georgia, Florida and Medellin, Colombia. The month before that a visit to England.

Their services repeatedly namecheck Perry and her husband, Russell Brand, the English comic with a lurid past of drug addiction and rampant promiscuity. In his London sermon, it’s an odd mix of boastful exhilaration (“Anyone here heard of Russell Brand? He’s my son in law. I love Russell. He’s a wonderful man.”) and overwrought condescension (“We pray for him — pray for the entertainers.”).

[From NY Post]

The quotes from Katy’s parents go on to a point of ridiculousness with her mom’s declaration that she’s “disgusted” with Katy’s “message promoting regarding homosexuality” and her father’s proclamation that his daughter “is not serving God.” However, the article takes great pains to point out that the Hudsons are clearly enjoying the perks of their daughter’s fame by riding her name to an endless source of all-expenses-paid (and tax-deductible) trips around the globe that allow them to collect at least $130,000 per year in publicly-declared donations. This is not to mention the fact that both Mary and Keith have also published memoirs in relation to their pop-star daughter, and it’s all in the name of their so-called “missionary work,” which they employ to very monetary ends. I’ll probably kick myself for saying this at some point, but I’m actually feeling sorry for Katy Perry. Don’t worry — this feeling shall soon pass.




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  1. Kaboom says:

    Escape from Wackoland, good for Katy. Obviously her parents don’t even get it that their own fortunes are riding on the coattails of their daughter’s success by trying to negate it.

  2. Tara says:

    Her parents are the ones who need divine intervention! Jesus was not judgmental or greedy like these two people are – He was loving and kind. Ugh! Katy Perry and Russell Brand are ridiculous beyond belief but I do think that if they had children they would be gentle and devoted parents. Can they say the same thing about their own?

  3. tanya says:

    Ug, what a sick lot of opportunists… That was a mildly nauseating morning read…

  4. Ruby says:

    She needs an exorcism. Oh wait maybe the Wizard of Oz.
    My hubby’s family are all Christians and I have gone to church with them on occasions. It’s actually pretty good if you go to a good church. Some people go to far with the whole self righteous preaching and don’t put it into practice or judge others so they ruin the whole image. I too get confused with some things in bible like homosexuality and sin in general. But some of the bible resonates beautifully it’s not all fire, hell and brim stone.

  5. Riana says:

    They sound perfectly terrible and frankly Katy should cut all ties. Any parent who would publicly announce their child is going to hell simply because they do not agree with their beliefs has no good intentions.

    Goodness, what f>cking morons. She has not done ANYTHING worth that heartless condemnation.

  6. annaloo. says:

    Sounds like they are going to hell too

  7. Lady D says:

    I think she is cute, and harmless. Like MikeyAngel said her parents suck.

  8. Blue says:

    So she’s a horrible person, going to hell. But they have no problem using her name to make money. Typical. Talking out of both ends.

  9. Lady Satan says:

    I am sick of seeing her face everywhere, and I think her music sucks (just my personal opinion) but I honestly feel sorry for this girl.

    Her parents are hypocritical leeches! Publicly bashing your own child to make money is tacky, low-class, and deplorable. Best thing KP could do for herself is cut all ties and move on with her life.

  10. Sakyiwaa says:

    ugh. they should just stop… or they’ll probably be with her in Hell.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    UGH. ALL of them.

  12. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Liana – I agree, and go one step further: It’s NO ONE else’s business where you end up. I just don’t get why people get so worked up and telling someone that they’re going to hell and God will punish them. If that’s what’s going to happen, why do you care? People should be concerned with their own acttions and where they themselves are spending eternity, not someone else.

    And KP parents certainly aren’t acting like loving parents, what a pair….

  13. Justaposter says:

    Its sad folks but some people actually think this way.

    My beloved Grandmama is on a “you are going to hell! Or go to Church” kick.

    Seriously.. she actually said “So are you going to go to church or are you going to hell?”

    *shurgs shoulders*

    I didn’t think I was that bad of a person. I try to be kind, and try to do the right thing, I am rasing my kids the same way.. we believe in a higher power ect..

    But because we don’t attend church we are all goint to hell.

    It’s annoying and to be honest a bit hurtful.

    Hopefully Katy can shrug it off.

  14. jover says:

    First, attacking these moron bible thumpers is like slapping a baby – the non or anti-religious always take on the easiest and dumbest reps. of a faith as somehow these types represent the entire community. If you want to take on religious faith read Alvin Plantinga or R.G. Swinburne widely recognized high level philosophical defenders of the faith, and then argue from the position of complex analytical metaphysics. Second, KP, her junk toy music, her corporate created persona, her brainless immaturity and her parents all need to disappear as they represent the dumbing down of culture. KP’s a high school dropout; i don’t take my theological views from high school drop outs turned pop tarts, nor from her idiot parents. Do any of these people even know what study, research and scholarship on a subject is?

  15. bondbabe says:

    Her parents are hypocrites, and, if in their mind Katy is going to hell? Well, they can greet her at the door.

  16. nikki says:

    I always love your posts!

  17. Kim says:

    They have always been evangelical and traveled on missions. Its not Katys money that started them doing this.

    Im sure they are using their daughters reputation to get more attention – who wouldnt.

    Katy is a sell out. She ALWAYS sang Christian music but when it yielded her no fame she sold out and became “i kissed a girl” Katy Perry. She didnt perform this song because she felt the message – she performed it because she knew it would be “shocking” and garner her attention that her true craft/Christian music, would not.

    I personally have zero respect for people who want famee by any means. I appreciate & respect artists and those who love the craft not the fame only.

    So if we are calling her parents hyprocrites- then we agree they taught their daughter, the biggest hypocrite, well.

  18. JuliB says:

    Anyone who thinks that Jesus wasn’t judgmental either has never really read and understood the New Testament, or was poorly educated in Christianity. He does recommend not judging the state of another person’s soul (‘so and so is going to hell’) but does hold people to behavioral and faith standards. And he does not sugar coat the ideas of hell, judgment, the devil and evil.

    As a devout Catholic, I see nothing wrong praying for entertainers. While I’ve never thought to do so, they really need ‘our’ prayers given how messed up so many of their lives seem to become. I pray for politicians as well (especially the ones that I oppose). My post will probably be unpopular, but I believe that there is so much pain out there, and so many people acting in ways that will not bring them any true peace or happiness, that prayers are certainly needed from all Christians.

  19. Whatever says:

    People like her parents are destroying a beautiful religion. Ignoring the psychos and just listening and living the message of Jesus (caring for the poor, loving your neighbor AND your enemy, judge not, etc) is a great way to live. Of course, nobody really follows the bible, they just use it to spread the hate.

  20. Annie_Grey says:

    These kind of people are rare amongst churches, but I’ve seen them. They’re not out to glorify God, but themselves. So, it’s no wonder that Katy got disillusioned about God and church growing up.

  21. jover says:

    Exactly 20# that’s why today’s pop music is junk it’s being made by famehos not be real musicians that might have something interesting to say; the entire perry clan is useless junk imho.

  22. Gossip Owl says:

    In the owl world all owls just go to the Great Tree whether they are good or bad. I bet all humans go to one place too. Katy Perry’s parents are scam artists just looking to make a quick buck off a God fearing public now they have more opportunity to do so with a famous daughter. While Katy’s music is harsh on my ears I will admit that I feel sorry for her having to grow up with parents like her. It sounds like all they ever did was exploit her for their own gain whether as a faith healer or as pop singer.

  23. Cha Cha Loca says:

    I wish this no talent twat and her parents would disappear so we never have to see or hear of any of them again.

  24. lucy says:

    If her parents really are that way, then I feel bad for her, but at the same time, I’m skeptical. All of this is working out for both parties – sympathetic publicity for Katy, more business for her parents.

  25. gee_gee says:

    What would these wackos do if their daughter was Lady Gaga? Katy isn’t even controversial! She kissed a girl. Ended up in Vegas and got abducted by aliens. Beyond that she wears crazy wigs, too much makeup and flashes her cleavage. Ho Hum. These people don’t know how easy they have it. What would they do if their daughter was a Kardashian?

    Katy’s Parents? It is not that serious.

  26. Chris says:

    In the words of Richard Dawkins “There’s not a shred of evidence.”

  27. artichoke says:

    hmmm god-crazy parents…no wonder she dresses like a whorey 14 year old and makes crappy pop music. its all a rebellion. tick tock countdown til it all falls apart marriage included.

  28. misspdx says:

    My mom is the same way. I was told I was going to hell when I was 12 because I wanted to study Buddhism instead of going to church. Its not a religious thing ( just masked as one ), its an abusive parent thing. I hope she gets therapy .. it took me a long time to forgive my mom and Christians in general for my effed up childhood. I still am not a Christian, but I respect the good ones…sad to see these two just exploiting their daughter, their faith and the rest of us who would never hear their backwoods jargon if it were’t for their daughters fame. Yuck.

  29. Laura13 says:

    Well Kathy admitted in a youtube video that Christianity didn’t work for her so she sold her soul to the devil.
    If she doesn’t repent she’ll go to hell plus many others that she is brainwashing with her lewed songs.

  30. gg says:

    Laura please. It’s not anybody’s business who “goes” where or if you think she “sold” her soul or if wagging your boobs in candy clothing is brainwashing people. Believe me, it doesn’t take that much to “brainwash” men. And don’t be such a redneck and give Christianity a bad name by blurting out such pap? please? It goes against the whole idea.

    As somebody said above, why should you care where she goes? You’ll never find out where she went unless you’re gone as well – and by that time, you’ll be having much bigger fish to fry yourself.

  31. original kate says:

    katy’s parents are judgy-wudgys, but i think this chickadee will go somewhere nasty for inflicting such hideous music on the world. not hell, though, that’s a bit harsh…maybe the DMV for all eternity?

  32. Crash2GO2 says:

    Great. More self proclaimed Christians who obviously don’t read the Bible. She needs to cut off all contact with them. They are toxic to the max.

  33. Nan says:

    See how they mentioned Colombia? While Latin America is under siege by these types of Evangelicals…Katy’s parents and missionaries like the Duggar family. They are taking advantage of the suffering, the poverty and lack of education of the poor and working class people.

    I don’t know if anyone in the US has noticed some of the Evangelical Christians? I’m Latina but a Catholic from the Caribbean and this freaks me out.

    If were are going to be “a majority” in the US we should be joining with the left and not this fundamentalist Christian fringe.

    I hope that politicians, educators and activist and that the Catholic church realize and act soon!

  34. jane says:

    People that even bother to comment on how atrociously unappealing and disgusting these people are are in fact far more stupid than Katy and the weirdos that spawned her. If I prayed to Jesus and he gave me money and success for incredibly asinine comments like the ones her parents make, I’d be a born again in a second.