Rihanna smokes blunts during her Hawaiian vacation: awesome or bad news?

I don’t really like to get into just how much pot I used to smoke back in the day because my mother occasionally reads this site. But let’s just say this – in my late teens, I had a regular dealer, and I considered him a personal friend. Let’s just say that I was working through some things for a few years. Let’s just say that gravity bongs are either incredibly awesome, of a tool of the devil.

With that in mind, here’s 23-year-old Rihanna getting high as a motherf—er in Hawaii over the past few days. She’s been photographed on two separate occasions smoking sizeable blunts. She’s been tweeting about getting high too – go here to read her Twitter, which is full of some musings that I don’t feel comfortable repeating.

On one hand, I do feel like “Leave Rihanna Alooooone!” She’s obviously on vacation, and she’s never lied about her love of getting hammered and/or high. I don’t think she parties any harder than liquor and weed, and I think many 23-year-olds have these kinds of private parties.

On the other hand… Rihanna is a role model to young girls, for better or for worse. It doesn’t matter if she puts herself out there as a role model, she influences young women regardless. What does it say to those younger people when Rihanna is smoking a blunt on a (public?) beach in Hawaii? Moms out there – does this offend you? For me – I just think it looks like a really amazing vacation. I wish I was smoking a blunt on a beautiful Hawaiian beach right now.

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Bite me says:

    So Klassy

    • WorksEveryTime says:

      Hah, ’round here, we call that “clazzy with two Zs”.

    • daz says:

      she’s got the streetwalker fashion style down cold

    • Gigi says:

      Yeah she thinks she’s just keeping it real or whatever but she’s crazy. Told everyone about it on her twitter, which is getting difficult to read by the way (how many times can this gangsta wannabe abuse the n word in a day?). I guess cops don’t read her twitter, or weed is legal in Hawaii? Between this and her bizarre flirtation with Chris Brown, you’ve got to wonder how screwed up with fame her head is right now.

  2. Asli says:

    I don’t get the whole marihuana-deal. Is it like getting drunk or something? People at my school get high on campus, they smoke weed out the windows. Which I find stupid since there are smoke detectors in the class rooms and the school has already had to be evacuated three times. Is it really that great? I guess it’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t tried it but I would like to know.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Meh. It can be a nice treat. For instance: hot bath, glass of Malbec and a joint is a pretty nice way to relax. But then again, I’m speaking as someone who is in her thirties. I don’t really get it as a “social”/”party” drug. And now that I’ve probably just lost what little credibility I have around here…. 🙁

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Marijuana has multiple valid scientifically proven medical benefits. I swear, if all the closet smokers would just come out and demand that they be ALLOWED to utilize this herb that was gifted to us by god herself,than there would be no choice but to legalize it. At the very least DEcriminalize it~

    • Sasha says:

      Getting high is nothing like being drunk. You feel immediately relaxed and content, and the world seems to move much more slowly. You sort of get drawn into yourself rather than out (which being drunk does to you) and you start to think about things more deeply. You also find things hilarious. Sometimes you think you’ve figured out the mysteries of life. Being high is better than being drunk in my opinion, but I don’t do it any more because I’m frightened of cancer and premature aging *sigh*

      • Bluebear says:

        Sweetie, as an advocate for medical marijuana (I was forced by circumstance to take norco for ten years and have found marijuana is so much better for me) let me point out cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are found in marijuana and have been proven to STOP CANCER! Not only that they reverse it in some cases. Don’t let that be a reason. Our country signed a treaty years ago to not allow many “drugs” into our country and Marijuana was on the list BEFORE they knew of healing properties. Read up on it, you’ll be shocked at what “they” have been saying and how bad their lies are.

    • Naye in VA says:

      Umm it was like getting drunk in the lose control sort of way at first (geeking). but i dont enjoy being so drunk im out of control evenutally bud does what alchohol doesnt do… truly relaxes. clears things out, allows for focus. Its good for stress, and cramps, and naseau, and headaches. really a true feelgood, no hangover, just a nice nap. That being said those who are addicted totally waste their lives.

      The weed in Hawaii is SUPERB. If i were going to indulge id do it there

    • Asli says:

      Thanks for the answers! I’ve never been drunk before or had more than a sip of a beer – I don’t like the taste of alcohol – so weed is probably a long shot for me 😛

      TOK – Your last sentence made me laugh 😛

      • Julie says:

        Don’t start smoking pot or drinking. I have always been the only person not drunk or high at a party and people don’t sound any smarter while smoking pot. They sound like the stereotypical dumb surfer. Everybody just lays around, eats and thinks they have become philosophers even though people sound ridiculous.

      • Asli says:

        LOL! I keep thinking about ‘That’s 70’s show’. T’m always getting offered at parties but it’s not for me. I’m for legalizing it, though. Just because I won’t do it doen’t mean it’s wrong for other people to 🙂

    • gg says:

      Girlfriend – best advice out there – Don’t start, lest you like it too much.

      I will say that drinking is far worse for your body and brain, and will leave you completely incoherent if you overdo a drinking session, and will definitely deteriorate your body from top to bottom if you become an alcoholic.

      Pot lasts for a shorter time and will only incapacitate you to a degree; i.e., if you smoke a lot, you can still walk and sit upright, converse and won’t be throwing up unless you’re allergic; whereas if you get stinkin drunk, you can’t do anything at all, including walk, will throw up and might not be able to stop, pass out, only to wake up to a horrible hangover, much like the worst food poisoning/flu you can imagine, with constant nausea, might last over 24 hours. Pot doesn’t leave you with a hangover, except maybe a little sleepy the next day, which IMO, makes it a safer intoxicant, but in no way am I endorsing it. And the cops don’t care if you’re stoned or drunk, they will haul your DUI butt in to jail either way.

      So don’t do either and you’ll be great.

      • Asli says:

        Thats exactly why I haven’t tried it! I’m afraid I’ll like it too much 😛 Especially after seeing the other people in my class and how that’s the only thing they think about. They even have weed-parties and talk about who sells the cheapest weed. It’s… weird. It’s legal too drink in Denmark when you’re 16 so there’s also alot of boozing going on. I don’t drink or smoke so it’s hard getting into the ”inner circel” but I’d rather stay out of it if that’s what it’s like…

        Also: Riri’s high as a kite on her Twitter, just read it. LOL!

      • gg says:

        One thing I find interesting – at least in North America, it seems the colder climates are the most lax about pot laws.

    • WorksEveryTime says:

      Hate the stuff, personally. It makes me paranoid, lazy, and really tired and sluggish. I don’t really get people who are into it, but obviously different folks have different experiences.

      • Jess says:

        I hate it too! I have tried it as an experiment but it made me so stupid and sluggish. I couldn’t even answer simple questions or remember my own number for a whole day and it gave me a terrible headache.

      • Ange says:

        I’m with you, if I’m with friends and weed gets involved (which is doesn’t too much these days all of us being in our 30s) it’s just no fun. Everyone becomes supremely boring and lazy, not to mention that if I’ve even had a sip of alcohol it makes me really sick. That said if it were just a couple of us relaxing and we were on holiday in Hawaii???? Oh hell yeah!

    • luhl says:

      Try it. It’s worth trying once. It’s the best ABSOLUTE best nausia cure on planet earth. Nothing like getting drunk. People abuse it and make it out to be a much much much bigger deal than it actually is. Kids who do it often do it out of boredom and to be cool. The chase of getting the money finding it finding out how to smoke it etc…but for people who use it for the pure effect of it as an herbal relaxer anti anxiety magnifier of colors and beauty are using it for the right reasons. As for RiRi she should NOT be tweeting the n word and talking about blunts, she’s in a position where far too many young people especially now with the internet follow her every move and get influenced by her.

      • Jenna says:

        Ehhh… not always worth trying for everyone. I don’t have an issue with folks using it personally (although I have been known to toss folks out on their butts if they are carrying in my car. Do what you will but I’m NOT getting busted because you wanted a toke, ya know?) I will admit there IS an issue that a lot of the pro-folks don’t realize. Not a lot of us – but there ARE some poor sorry souls who are actually actively ALLERGIC to it. As in, I’m better then a drug dog in finding it – just watch for the signs of a migraine and puking (yeah, I was a TON of fun at college parties, as you might imagine). Folks with plant & pollen allergies have to be careful – and the effects can be NASTY. And there isn’t a whole heck of a lot that can be done if you get dosed by folks smoking. Chug benedryl, lay flat, and wait for the desire to die to fade.

        On that concept, a question since so many folks are open about their usage – anyone have suggestions on how to AVOID the repercussions of 2nd hand usage? Selling my house is not possible at the moment, and short of taping my windows shut in the summer – I’m screwed. And all the local dr AND the pharmacists I spoke too just look at me in horror, shake their heads, and say “Man… you’re allergic to weed? That… SUCKS!” Not a whole heck of a lot of help, really.

      • gg says:

        After going through chemo last year and having used it, recommended by my oncologist even, as a way to get through the nausea and stomach upset, and lack of appetite, I absolutely think it needs to be: a) declassified out of the Class A Drugs category (it should NEVER be listed in the same category as heroin or cocaine for pete’s sake!); and b) used as legal medicine for nausea, pain, loss of appetite, etc., NOT in a smoking form; i.e., pills or edibles.

        However, at the moment, it has a very bad stigma due to the Reagan Administration’s paranoia and bad information, and is very illegal so until somebody wakes up and realizes that it can and should be used for good purposes, might as well be heroin as far as the law is concerned.

        EDIT: Jeeze Jenna that sounds terrible – sorry to hear all that. Do you live in California and/or have pothead neighbors?

      • sarajane says:

        I use MM a few times a month for insomnia and anxiety.  My husband is allergic to pot.  I HATE smoking it (I don’t like smoking anything because of the smell).  I use it in place of things like Ambien…I cannot take pharmaceutical sleep aids.  I have an Rx for it and my step dad is a licensed care giver.  He makes a glycerine based tincture with honey and I add a few drops to my favorite tea prior to bedtime.  Being around people who use edibles is the only way my husband can avoid an allergic reaction.  Short of that, it’s hard to avoid ANY type of smoke.  

        When I lived in an apartment, the guys below us blew cigar smoke out of their windows (especially their window RIGHT below my bedroom window) and it was making me super ill.  Our a/c sucked to begin with, so I put a box fan in my bedroom window (blowing the air from my apartment out) and put an air purifier on the floor below the window.  In the colder months, I used the heat shrink plastic weather proofing stuff on our windows.  

        It really sucks be allergic to something or to be around smells that make you sick when you have so little control over what others do.  We ended up moving out after just a year because I couldn’t take the cigar and cigaret smoke.  If the nausea is really getting you down, try getting an Rx for a med called Tigan (that’s the brand name for Trimethobenzamide).  My husband gets cluster headaches and it works wonders for him.  Also, when your migraine hits, make sure you stay hydrated and try a bit of coffee or tea with caffiene.  Coffee and keeping my feet warm and drinking plenty of transparent fluids (sprite, ginger ale & water).  Again, I’m sorry for what you have to suffer through, it sucks, I know.  I’m allergic to cigaret smoke.  I keep my allergy meds on me at all times.  

  3. Laura says:

    Toke it up, RiRi!

  4. cici says:

    it depends on your physiology i suppose. it was never great for me. i don’t see how some people can live their whole lives high. blegh.

  5. Leigh says:

    I just think it’s tacky to do it in public – in front of paps… for anyone, really..

    • Sasha says:

      Agreed. She really could have done it away from the photographers. She should be more responsible.

      • Naye in VA says:

        ITA. she sucks as far as role models go. i dont think this is far reaching. shoot that ship sailed. let her do her now. whips chains weed and all

      • Bluebear says:

        I am a TOTAL advocate for legalizing medical marijuana, I won’t go into it but it is such a beneficial medication with great side effects for your health (i.e. cancer killing) however smoking it this publicly doesn’t look good for her or anyone who is in my position. Let me say this, would she be standing out there swallowing pills if those were her medication? No. Point made.

    • bria says:

      She just wants to play up her “bad girl” image.

      • Allison says:

        Completely doing it for her image. Check out all the jewelry she’s wearing… she’s not on the beach to sunbathe or swim, she’s there to get papped.

    • Lady D says:

      Back in the day, I practiced discretion when breaking the law.

  6. novaraen says:

    Ohhhh nooooesss…..lol. Seriously…big deal. LOTS of people smoke marijuana. I know I do.

  7. HotPockets says:

    “Rihanna is a role model to young girls”

    and she shouldn’t be. I would rather have her influence women that it’s ok to let lose and have a drink or smoke a J, than rough sex and being tied up by a handler, while being dressed as a little girl, like her S & M emphasizes.

    I am not a parent, but pedophilia imagery is rampant in a lot of female pop star’s videos and that bothers me a lot more than her pot filled Hawaiian vacation.

    • SkyNet says:

      I completely agree. I’d rather have my daughters be potheads, than whores.

      • Caz says:

        I respect that we have different opinions and that a lot of people like it. I’ve never tried and have no interest. After bumping into a friend’s sister recently who I hadn’t seen since we were teenagers (I’m 41) and finding out her brother has significant health problems from using pot steadily for years I wouldn’t want my daughter a pothead. Or a hooker either.

    • Kelly says:

      I totally, totally, totally agree. For everyone who is concerned that this makes her a bad role model for girls, I say that’s not the case. Marijuana is much more mainstream than many people think, and I believe it will be legalized sooner rather than later. Also, it does not cause crime or any of the other pernicious effects of narcotics; my ex-husband was a bouncer for many years – drunk people can be incredibly belligerent and violent (he was punched a number of times, mostly by girls, who also acted lewdly), but it’s almost unheard of for a stoned person to start a fight.

      I also agree about sexualized images of women – it’s really unhealthy to show girls images of women looking and acting like strippers or Real Dolls.

      • WorksEveryTime says:

        Every time I’m out for a run and I come across a couple of guys hanging out, I get nervous. When I realize they’re smoking pot, I relax because I know they’re harmless. Not a smoker myself, but it does seem safer than alcohol for sure!

    • luhl says:

      AGREED! Her songs are catchy to get the youngsters to sing along but then you hear 12 year olds going around singing rude boy are you big enough, or you shouldnt have hit it like I could go on and on her lyrics are horrid in terms of young girls who like her music.

  8. truthful says:

    ahhh, its HER business and she is on vacation–shrugs

  9. Sasha says:

    I don’t think Rihanna is a bad person. However, the insane exposure and easy access to celebrities and their personal life is such that these people become ‘role models’ without asking for it. This isn’t Rihanna’s fault, but she knew the deal before she got into the spotlight. Just because you didn’t ask for something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel responsible for the choices you make and their consequences. When she gets high in public, people see it, report it, and it influences younger fans. I’m not anti-drugs but I also wouldn’t encourage young girls to start trying drugs simply because their favourite singer (who is an ADULT) is indirectly sending the message out that it’s fine and safe. I’m not offended by it exactly, but I do find it slightly distasteful.

  10. aquaticmusings says:

    I find her to be trashingly annoying. Not to the point where she bothers me, just where I kind of feel bad for her because she reminds me of those white girls who want to be hood and are laughably fake and hilarious. We all know one at least. Her Twitter is crude. Really? Drop the n word twice on MLK day? I don’t care what color you are, that’s crass and tacky.

  11. Mauibound says:

    I never saw the big appeal. All it did for me is make me paranoid, extremely tired and knock over bags of Rollos is nothing flat

    • Cathy says:


    • novaraen says:

      It all depends on if your a newbie at it and the kind of weed you’re smoking. You need one that gives you body high instead of a head high. The head ones aren’t that great for newcomers…they tend to “trip out” or get paranoid or just sit in one place on the couch and don’t move. lol…I’ve seen it. Heck…I’ve been there.

  12. SCREEEE says:

    Since when is she a role model to young girls? She doesn’t market herself at kids – her music is sexual and adult, despite being pop. Anyway, that looks fun and FINALLY she’s taking some kind of break. That’s a busy lady.

    • Sasha says:

      Umm, of course she is marketed towards younger people. She’s in the same league as Britney, Katy Perry, Kesha.. etc. Just because they sing about adult things doesn’t mean they’re geared towards an adult audience.

    • gg says:

      Her music is sexual and adult despite being geared towards younger audience. Therein lies the problem.

  13. LeeLoo says:

    If I had to choose between Rihanna smoking a blunt or Rihanna getting back together with Chris Brown I am definitely choosing her smoking a blunt. Although the rumor is she went to Hawaii to mend her broken heart after Chris chose his new girlfriend over Rihanna.

  14. erin says:

    i am straight up in lovee with her, lol.

  15. Oenix says:

    Question of the day – How to be a slim/slender pot heat? Not that I am saying that potheads aren’t just that some of us can eat a horse or two after a joint…. so what’s the secret?

    • novaraen says:

      I like to eat a good meal before I smoke…because what little bit of hunger you might have before you smoke is magnified X10. So if I’m full…I really don’t feel like eating after I’ve smoked. 🙂

      • gg says:

        The craving comes from the fact that your blood sugar drops in about the first 15 minutes after smoking.

    • MissyA says:

      I love working out/running on weed. I feel incredibly tuned into my body. Double down on all those natural endorphins, then I feast with no reservation!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @MissyA-For the first time this Saturday I smoked weed in the AM and then went to the gym. I ran 9.22 miles. The thought of working out when I was stoned never crossed my mind but after Saturday and reading what you just wrote, I am reconsidering! Do you do cardio or just weight-training etc?

      • Toshie says:

        I very occasionally do my yoga practice buzzed. It makes me more tuned in to my breathing and my body. Can’t see anything wrong with it myself.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I ride in endurance rides. 50-100 miles on horseback and when I was training about 60 miles a week. Riding in the mountains or running is great when you are high. During a race, it would take away the anxiety and let me focus.
        It’s legal in CA, and I have a Rx for it. Fantastic for my back spasms and anxiety and insomnia.
        It should be legal, I’m a mom and would rather have my daughter get high than drunk at a party. Get drunk, pass out, get taken advantage of-that would never happen on pot.
        Working over 20 years in a hospital, can’t count the violent drug offenders, never one on pot. Unheard of. Unheard of overdosing as well. The big pharma don’t want you to grow for free what can ail many diseases, when they can charge you millions for their little pills. Learn about how our drug laws were made and it will open your eyes.
        It makes me neither stupid or lazy, and I just smoked a bowl. Vaporizing completely takes out any carcinogens, as do edibles. I wish I was lighting up that blunt in Hawaii!

    • Kelly says:

      I have never gotten the munchies from smoking pot; I think the effect on individuals varies quite a bit.

      Also, per Missy, I love working out (my own idiosyncratic combination of ballet and yoga) while stoned. When I smoked a lot, I was incredibly healthy and in fantastic shape. I really don’t smoke much anymore, but I do drink, and let’s just say I am definitely not in shape, LOL.

  16. Kaboom says:

    Who rolls joints in tobacco leaves? Cubans?

    • thebutlerdidit says:

      Looks just like a regular blunt, to me. Probably a Swisher Sweet Grape or Strawberry, that’s what’s the favorite with all the kids these days.

    • Naye in VA says:

      everybody i know does. that way you can toss the blunt later, and the police (if nearby0 cant claim parephanelia (lame crime)

    • Naye in VA says:

      missed the “tobacco” part. But leaf rolling is common. Dutchmasters are common. give a really nice loose roll less paper smoke. just time consuming to deal with the leaves

  17. Tina says:

    She needs to stop trying so hard.

  18. thebutlerdidit says:

    If Rihanna, (or any celeb), is a kid’s role model, that’s a bigger problem than whatever the star is doing. Just like people who bray about Disney kids being role models for their precious snowflakes. Take your kid to a library or museum sometime, and turn off the f’ing tv! I didn’t use Brooke Shields or Dana Plato, Leif Garrett, or Jodie Foster as my role models. They were just famous people my age. Rihanna has some pretty nasty lyrics and gross grinding dancing, that’s worse to see than this.

  19. MissyA says:

    The “role model” excuse is such a copout. Rihanna is an adult, not a child. If parents don’t want their children smoking pot, then they need to act like an adult and have a frank conversation with their kids.

    That said – Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

  20. keri says:

    Smoking pot isn’t anything to be embarrassed about, but doing it in front of the paparazzi seems a bit much. There was another pick of her on this vacay I saw on huffpo, she was passed out with blunt in hand, hilar.

  21. BlackMamba says:

    I want to be on a Hawaiin beach with a huge blunt too…warm breeze over my face, palm trees swinging, music in the backgroung, what’s not to like?

  22. kay says:

    If my daughter has “riri” as a role model, the war was lost long ago.

  23. Yasmine says:

    I’ll preface this with saying I’m Canadian, and we almost legalized pot before the conservative gov’t got in. I’ve lived in a few other places, and Canadians really ARE polite, politically correct (for the most part), and easy going. I forget how true it is till I’m away for a while and then come back here. People will get really effin’ mad about our gov’t attempting to reverse gay marriage, but for the most part, we’re a pretty passive bunch. And that includes general views on pot smoking. I’ve known kids in high school who smoked pot with their parents like it was no big deal.
    So, who cares if a young 23-year old smokes a blunt on vacation? As long as she’s not driving under influence or doing anything stupid, let her enjoy herself.
    Concerning her “influence” on young people, I think that if she was pulling a Hilary Duff schtick and trying to be a ‘good girl’ who wants to reach out to those masses of young girls or be a good role model to sell her shit loads of crap products at Target, then I’d criticize her for it. But, for the most part, like Kaiser said, she’s pretty honest with who she is and what she likes. This is the same woman who pulls men up on stage and grinds on them (no judgement, two consulting adults can do whatever they want). Point is, she’s pretty open with her sexuality and her so-called vices, and she’s not marketing herself otherwise. So, take it or leave it, with a grain of salt.

    • Roma says:

      Agreed – Canadians are so lax on weed up here. I rarely smoke but my BF smokes pretty much every day. All his siblings smoke too and on his mother’s birthday once a year, they all smoke a joint with her.

      Hands down BC is the most lax but I’ve lived in Calgary and Toronto as well and it’s really no big deal.

      • WorksEveryTime says:

        I grew up in Calgary and, well…let’s just say you’re right about that 🙂

      • Lady D says:

        Most happy I live in BC.

      • Jessica99 says:

        I will forever love your glorious land of Canada for producing the greatest television show known to man: Trailer Park Boys. Pure genius!!

      • BeeCee says:

        I love that I live in BC. I used to be a regular smoker until a couple years ago… but after reading @MissyA’s comment about working out after smoking a J… Well I think I need to make a phone call.

        Regarding RiRi; it’s her life, she can do whatever she wants, and if youngs girls are looking up to her? Then their parents should be taking a good hard look at what they consider appropriate music is for a tween/teen.

  24. aenflex says:

    she’s doing it in private on vacation. no in her videos or on her stages. leave her alone

  25. heatheradair says:

    Based on some of her earlier tweets, looks like she’s actually trying to numb herself up a little:

    “Waited all yr+Finally I have time off, time 4 rest n quiet.Suddenly all the silence is being drowned by my thoughts! No sleep #HEAVY #SCARY.”

    Sooooo — she can’t cope with downtime, she’s uncomfortable with some sh*t she needs to work through, she works to distract herself, and when she’s on vacation she self-medicates to mellow out.

    Frankly, sorta sounds like an average 23 year-old to me. HOWEVER — if she can’t handle some quiet time, she probably needs to be chattin with a therapist…..

    • LeeLoo says:

      I agree with you especially after reading this article. She needs some serious help if even half of this is true.


    • BlackMamba says:

      She is a pisces like myself so she is naturally stuck in her own head. This is one of the reasons why I stopped smoking pot because my thoughts and fears were magnified when I smoked. I would have anxiety and heart palpitations so I stopped smoking because it was no longer relaxing. I so understand what she’s saying it’s like you are tired but once you go to bed you start thinking about a million things and you can’t sleep and when you finally sleep it’s not a restful sleep so you get even more tired the next day. I don’t think pot will help her, she needs to figure out what’s bothering her instead.

      • gg says:

        Well I’m a Cancer and we do that too, so I don’t think it has much to do with astrology – it’s a common trait in people I think.

  26. Anna says:

    AS IF people are shocked by this. The girl always sounds high to me.

  27. Moi says:

    I am glad she is getting it out there, would rather my kids use marijuana over alcohol any day. Alcohol. Is. Poison.

    • gg says:

      I AGREE. Alcohol being legal and pot not being legal in the States is a travesty. Alcohol is very dangerous and addictive. Pot is not.

      • novaraen says:

        Word!! I have never in my life heard of someone dying from smoking pot…yet THOUSANDS are killed(or they end up killing someone else with a moving vehicle)from drinking. Sad that it still isn’t legal.

      • Ange says:

        Now I do take some issue there, my cousin was addicted to pot. As in, addicted the same way an alcoholic is and he did suffer some pretty major consequences. Hospitalised a few times after smoking too much, depression, ongoing and probably permanent memory issues. To say it can’t be harmful is a fallacy. I have no issue with recreational smoking and believe it should be legalised but just like alcohol and other drugs marijuana needs to be taken responsibly.

  28. Alli says:

    Wow- I think this is the first time I’ve ever considered liking her.

  29. Moi says:

    She don’t give a damn about gay Chris Brown errbody know he only likes boys

  30. Happy21 says:

    While I don’t smoke it anymore and haven’t since my teens, I have many, many friends that cannot function or live day-to-day lives without smoking it. Some of them are more productive than others. Its the unproductive ones that bother me.

    I don’t care if Rhianna smokes up, big deal. Kate Moss was caught on camera snorting coke. What’s worse – obviously the coke.

    She should not be a role model to kids. They play her on the Top 40 radio stations that 5 and 6 year olds listen to at their play groups because its dancy music and kids love to dance. My friend’s 7 year old knows all of the words to S&M which is disgusting. She doesn’t know what it means but still. I listened to Like a Virgin at that age and that was controversial for the time but it was extremely tame compared to where popular music is now!

  31. jenny says:

    I’ve never seen someone pose so hard while smoking a blunt. I just pass out on the couch lol.. then again I’m not in the limelight all the time, it probably comes natural…

  32. Crystalline says:

    To me, she probably uses so much to cope with the trauma of abuse (I admittedly too have my days like this where I would rather drink than cope). I doubt she is “over it”. I wish she would get some therapy, it really helps.

  33. Jayna says:

    Big deal. I hate pot, but it’s like alcohol anymore, smoked by baby boomers down to teens. She was on vacation. She looks fantastic.

  34. Sunshine says:

    Haha, I do this every day, smoking a big blunt on the beach is the best thing ever! But I live in a way more private place and in a way more gorgeous state…but I bet her weed is better so I guess it all evens out. Too bad about that whole Illuminati thing though.

  35. SkyNet says:

    I come from a place where pretty much everyone has or still smokes weed. It’s not that big of a deal. People make too much of it. It’s not like coke or even alcohol. If you feel like you have to do it all of the time, then there’s something wrong with your emotional well being.

    She’s just trying to have a relaxing vacation. If you as a parent don’t want her to be a role model for your kids, then don’t let her be. She shouldn’t be considering what she sings about. Just because someone is a celebrity, doesn’t mean that they are asking to be a role model. They just want to do what they do. It’s not really their job to parent other people’s kids.

  36. Nev says:

    go on RiRi!!!


  37. megan says:

    Jealous! To be standing in some gentle waves, looking super hot and puffing on a blunt without a care in the world…..ahhhhhh. It’s the little things in life 😀 (For the record I’m about to be 30 and I still smoke pot on occasion. Helps me relax and get things done around the house. I like it more now than when I was a teenager- less paranoia!)

  38. NO SH¡T says:

    Why does it even matter so what?!

  39. Nessa says:

    I don’t have any problem with her getting high. I do agree that as a public figure who some girls look up to, she should be a little more discreet about it. However, this is a woman that is still pining for the guy that physically and verbally assaulted her. The world knows what happened, yet she still has contact with him. But, that is a totally separate (albeit more disturbing) issue…

  40. Jillian says:

    Is it just me or is she wearing a wig? Look at the top picture. It looks like her real hair at the hairline, then two inches back, the wig. I know that red Ronald McDonald hair was a wig. I thought maybe this mop was her real hair.

  41. Pia says:

    This is awesome. Like people have said, control your own kids. The whole “role model” thing is ridiculous. I smoke weed every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Alcohol makes me feel like I am going to die, I get sick after a single drink. Weed for me has been a much safer way to have fun, especially back in high school. I was never drunk so I didn’t do stupid things like get into cars with other drunk friends. My parents have always known I’m better off smoking than drinking, and have been open enough to smoke with me since I was 16. I’m 24 now and despite being a stoner, I’m a perfectly successful young adult with a job, a boyfriend, an apartment, and happy, healthy pets. Anyone who amounts to less and blames weed, is only doing so because it is easier to blame the drug than yourself for your own actions. It’s not meth, crack, or alcohol, and it is no excuse to act like an idiot!

    • Brittney says:

      Amen. I could’ve written every word of that paragraph; all true for me too. My mom always says “as long as it’s the only thing you smoke…”

    • LeeLoo says:

      I agree but sometimes it is the weed. I stopped smoking weed because I noticed 3 years ago that I was regularly having an anxiety attack several hours after smoking. It started popping up in the last year I was smoking (I was a 3-4x a week smoker). I stopped having anxiety attacks when I quit and I haven’t gone back to smoking since. Weed is great but there came a point when I could no longer smoke it and my life is no better or worse with or without it, except for no longer getting the anxiety attacks which makes my life a little bit better. Sometimes I miss it but I think I’m just beyond the point of needing that sort of crutch. I’m not judging anyone who still smokes but for me it could be a crutch for dealing (or not wanting to deal) with life.

      • SASHA-NOT-SO-FIERCE says:

        I agree with Pia & LeeLoo

        I’ve been smoking since I was 16 & I’m still ahead of some of the 26 year old my age.

        @leeloo i use to get anxiety too but then i saw a therapist and realized the anxiety wasn’t weed induced, just some childhood issues

        I think it all depends on the person, I know some people from high schoool who never got a job, a life and sit home all day smoking weed.

        Weed should be a time RELAXATION ( just like some people do yoga or drink tea) The second you think and depend on weed to change your mood, attitude or life. You should stop

      • Pia says:

        Oh of course LeeLoo, I know not everyone enjoys how pot makes them feel and that is totally reasonable. I just meant that the fat, jobless, lazy-asses can’t blame their plight on weed alone. Sure it can kill your motivation, but either get through it or don’t smoke. I have had an anxiety/depression issue since my early teens. It predates my pot use, and I know from speaking with therapists and psychiatrists that it is mostly chemical. Sometimes the pot use helps, sometimes it doesn’t, so for me, I can’t really say it makes it worse, nor can I say I use it to “self-medicate”. All I know is that talking to a therapist has greatly improved my understanding of my anxiety and how to deal with it accordingly. I’m just glad to hear you are anxiety free, because I know how much it sucks!

      • Asli says:

        Yay! Anxiety-bandwagon! Pia is very right, no amount of medication can make anxiety go away – it’s very much a personal thing.

  42. morgfunk says:

    I just want to add my 2 cents here. Yes, marijuana is illegal in many states, but not where I live (California). I think it’s a weird double standard that it’s socially acceptable to drink but not smoke pot. Politics aside, there is no medicinal use for alcohol. None. Most people drink to get drunk and act a fool. Marijuana actually has medicinal purposes, especially for people with cancer undergoing chemo.

    Is this the case with Ri Ri? Hell to the NO. She’s getting high and enjoying a well deserved vacation after a grueling tour. If more people stood up for what they believed in, then maybe it would harder for society as a whole to make hypocritical judgments that are waayyy more based on money and maintaining the status quo than actual safety. End rant.

  43. nikzilla37 says:

    Hell yeah…these are officially my favorite Rihanna photos. Go, girl.

  44. UKHels says:

    in an industry where people are on crack, heroin, coke and god knows what else, where young girls are sexualised to the most degrading point, I really think smoking a doobie is fairly innocuous

  45. Moi says:

    Personally, I think it’s her own business. She’s 21 and can do what she likes and I don’t think it’s worse than drinking.

    As far as tweeting or posting about being high, I think that’s a mistake because like it or not, a lot of young women do look up to her. That being said, her supposedly getting back together with Chris “The Douchebag” Brown is WAY WORSE and damaging to young women than her smoking some weed.

  46. missanne says:

    who cares, it should be legalized and taxed IMO.
    If this is all anyone has to worry about, our country is in trouble. Ron Paul doesnt believe in separation of church and state. Santorum says that women running for president is against gods will. Romney is a mormon who believes black people are black because they are cursed with the “mark of cain”. This is what people should be worried about..not that some VERY SUCCESSFUL woman is smoking a blunt.

  47. MariPily says:

    Pot should be for grownups over thirty. To escape from the harsh realities of life. I tell my daughter that all the time. Smoke it when you can buy the good stuff and can really appreciate it, not just to look cool in front of your silly little friends.

    • Brittney says:

      You are awesome, my friend. I’m not quite 30 yet, but I feel the same way when I see/hear about teenagers who think they’re awesome for smoking dregs and rolling misshapen joints. I finally have a steady office job and a house for the first time, and weed has never been so appreciated.

  48. VV says:

    Better pot on a beach than boozing it up and getting slutty on a dance floor…all I am sayin!

    (no judging either, I did both when I was younger and as a mother now, I’m pro-pot. no worse than booze actually which destroys liver, braincells and judgment! lol)

  49. bernie says:

    Marijuana is a schedule I drug, insane. Who cares if she smokes? Is she smoking with a child? Is she blowing smoke in the faces of children?

    Then live and let live. Let’s not be judgmental. To each his or her own.

  50. bernie says:

    And this entire role model to young women, it’s a child’s parent/guardian that should be serving as a role model. If said parent/guardian doesn’t want their children watching certain things or following certain celebrity norms, REGULATE.

    I’m a parent. I’m my children’s role model. Open communication & dialogue. I am in now way fearful that a celebrity that my child does not know will have tangible or remotely any affect on my kids.

    Perhaps if the rest of us are so concerned about children from broken homes, we should be inspired to volunteer, become a big brother/sister, etc.

  51. Brittney says:

    It’s idiotic that weed is illegal. This makes me like her more, simply because I’ve walked many a beach with a blunt in hand, and it’s nice to know she’s not above that. I would love to smoke her out.

    Re: children… if kids are looking at paparazzi pictures online, that’s not really Rihanna’s fault.

    Re: gravity bongs… there’s one sitting under my desk right now. Double-edged sword indeed.

  52. kay says:

    c’mon…look at the smile in the photos in the pink dress (and what is with the pink clothes and blunts? lol)…she isn’t a hypocrite at least, claiming to be some disneyfied role model while keeping being anything but…

  53. kimberly says:

    weed is not a big deal at all!!!

    sorry, but it’s not. I smoke and don’t drink, it shouldn’t be illegal to smoke weed, especially since they can test THC levels to find out a time span of a person smoking.
    IF anyone thinks that a celeb is a role model, then they’re high.

  54. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I thought Ron Paul was going to release the non violent offenders doing time in corporate jails? And Marc Emery should be set free from his time in american jail for selling seeds, and put Stevie H in there instead. Rihanna looks good these days.

  55. Tazina says:

    If I had $70 Million in the bank I would not jeopardize my lungs/health with that junk. I would want to live as long as possible to enjoy that money and do some good with it. Rihanna is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

    • LeeLoo says:

      How is she jeopardizing her health? I would agree if she were smoking cigarettes but there is zero evidence smoking marijuana is detrimental to ones health. It’s actually been shown to improve ones life span.

      • Pia says:

        Yes, recent studies have shown that THC may help stop the growth of, and even shrink tumors! Besides, what’s the point in living forever if you can’t do something you enjoy?

      • Tazina says:

        Well no, there’s nothing wrong with smoking the ganja. I assumed that was a cigarello or something because of it’s brown color. It doesn’t look like a joint but I guess it is after all.

      • Pia says:

        Tazina, technically it is both. A blunt is basically a big joint rolled with a tobacco leaf, or the shell of an empty cigar, or a “blunt wrap” which you can get at a convenience store. I used to smoke them a lot in high school, but they gross me out now.

  56. Whatever says:

    Reading these comments makes me wanna get high myself. Damn, ya’ll a bunch of tokers. LOL!

  57. Puff says:

    In my opinion, marijuana is better for you than alcohol in almost every way. say you have a crazy or high strung person with an anger issue.. would you rather them have some tequila shots then decide to drive around town in a drunken rampage putting tons of ppl in danger..or smoke a lil herb in their own home and say “f*ck it” to their problems & chill at their house with eating pizza, playing video games, & maybe watchin a lil Katt Williams stand up. I mean it’s seriously absurd that ppl consider marijuana a “danger” or “bad thing” but see nothing wrong w/ getting hammered drunk. I know too many sart, college educated ppl here in the bible belt that think this way, & the ignorance makes me sad.. no one wants to do homework on it, they just assume “illegal mj=BAD” “legal alc= nothing wrong with gettin as shit faced as u can” drives.me.crazy.

    • Maya says:

      This is the usual excuse about marijuana: ‘it’s better for you’, ‘it’s purer than tobacco/cigarettes’ blah, blah, blah. But people don’t consider that the pot grown today is genetically manipulated to contain more THC.
      Fact: it still combusts and if it still combusts, it’s not such a great thing to inhale.
      Then there are the countless studies that have been done to indicate that it is also linked – in a specific portion of teenagers – to early onset schizophrenia as well as paranoia. That isn’t ignorance. There are published studies out there in medical journals. Let’s step into the 21st century and stop being ‘hippy’ ignorant.
      Studies aside, on a personal note, of those I have known who were daily pot smokers, and I mean smoke a lot of pot along with tobacco, those users have been the ones who have had to have bypass surgery (triple or quadruple). I don’t know why, but it’s something that I’ve noticed.

      • Puff says:

        I’m not hippy ignorant & never said it was “healthy”. my point was people who just smoke pot ARE less of a danger to OTHERS than a heavy drinker.

      • Puff says:

        Although, there are other ways to get the effects without smoking. I don’t know if it benefits your health, but if say a 70 year old cancer patient wants to drink a little ‘herbal’ tea.. it def isn’t going to make them pass away any quicker. just make the time they have left a little more tolerable and less painful..

      • Pia says:

        Marijuana being less harmful than tobacco or alcohol is a fact, not an excuse. Sure, inhaling any combustion product isn’t exactly good for you, but as adults we have the freedom to make those choices. Should fast food be illegal because it is bad for you? No, because we have the right to decide what we want to enjoy and we have access to information on how that affects our bodies. I personally am not familiar with the “countless studies” that prove weed causes mental issues in teenagers, and frankly sounds ridiculous but I will do some research. As for your friends requiring bypasses, it is clearly from tobacco use and other lifestyle choices, because there is NO evidence that marijuana affects you in those ways. Unless you are letting the munchies get the better of you and you get super fat, but that’s your fault lol.

      • Puff says:

        1 more thing. I see how you read that, but when I said “better for you” I wasn’t so much thinking ur physical health..I was talking more mentally. Pot doesn’t ‘bring out the worst’ like alcohol can do. but ur right I’m sure heavy blunt smokers would have heart/lung problems as they age, but there are alternatives.

      • Pia says:

        Also stating that weed nowadays has been genetically altered to contain higher levels of THC… so big deal, smoke less if it is stronger. You do realize that just about every ear of corn grown in this country came from genetically modified plants, yes? Uh oh, watch out for that dangerous corn!

      • Puff says:

        Thank you for the weigh-in, Pia 🙂

      • hippieE says:

        my theory is that weed revels your mental state to yourself. its all about separating yourself from your ego. you see it for what it is…bat shit crazy ! you dive into yourself to understand yourself to the point you realize its a waste of time and a joke to try and understand most things! you have to overcome things and be strong. use everything to its advantage and have self control.

    • Pia says:

      No prob, Puff! Nothing gets me revved up like someone being ignorant and judgmental about pot use. Especially when they think they know what a “stoner” is, like you can spot one a mile away. I’ve known people for years that had no idea I smoked, then come to find out so do they! We wasted all that time not smoking together for fear of being judged, lol!

      • Asli says:

        ”…We wasted all that time not smoking together for fear of being judged”.

        I laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes!

      • Puff says:

        girl I live in TN..judegement city!! haha most ppl either smoke pot or think it’s the devil. not many level headed ppl that dont smoke that are cool with it. when I’m done with college..I’ll be settling far far away from here!

      • Pia says:

        Yeah living in Maine, I must admit I’m pretty spoiled as far as the positive attitude toward weed goes. It is decriminalized here, and most people find it harmless. I wouldn’t do it right on the street, but chances are I could and no one would say anything. I love that I can go on a hike with my dog and smoke in broad daylight, and nobody cares!
        On a side note, I’m kind of bummed Maya didn’t stick around to defend herself lol. I think maybe the overwhelming support for weed (and the fact that we know what we are talking about) must have scared her off!

  58. fabgrrl says:

    I’ll weigh in. I’m a mom, although my little girl is far too young to have role models, besides Elmo. As far as this goes, I really don’t see anything wrong here. What I see is a successful, young (but ADULT) woman, who has her ‘shite together, enjoying a spliff on vacation in what seems to be a private, responsible way. What’s the harm? Not a Rihanna fan, but I’ve never seen her act preachy or holier than thou. I know that drug ABUSE is a horrible problem, but recreational use is not necessarily the same thing. No, KIDS shouldn’t smoke pot, but kids shouldn’t drink either, does that mean we demand celebrities never have a glass of wine or beer? Yes, some people do have a serious problem with marijuana. I happen to be related to someone who cannot make it though the day without a few joints. It is a scary, pathetic, disturbing thing. But this relative himself says that if he hadn’t latched on to marijuana it would have been alcohol. Personally, I smoked a lot of green in college. I had a blast and lots of interesting, stoney-buddies. I tapered off in my mid 20s and by the time I finished grad school I found pot frankly uninteresting.

    So, in a nutshell, awesome. If my daughter, or son, want to smoke pot in college (or, lets be realistic, high school) fine, okay, as long at they aren’t stupid about it. I’m going to see that they learn the REALITIES of drugs – avoiding burn-outs, tweakers and criminals; being safe and smart when partying; and recognizing the signs of addition – and not scaring them with a bunch of half truths and make believe.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Hear, hear! Sounds like you are an responsible, realistic mom. If people find themselves “addicted”, it’s often because they have addictive personalities and weed just happens to be what they picked. Having had a “pot-over” once from an over-indulging weekend (a day or so of brain fog, but it wasn’t fun), I do not envy those people, because you have to be actively TRYING to smoke that much! It doesn’t happen on its own for most of us.

  59. Maya says:

    She is the epitome of trash.

  60. normades says:

    I think pot is probably the least of her vices. She better be careful or she’ll end up like Whitney.

  61. Euphorima says:

    The girl’s body is HOTTT!!!

  62. some bitch says:

    Pot’s fine. I use it regularly and I’m an honours student on my way to publishing my first academic paper. But I do think users should be responsible with their consumption and use just a little discretion in who they tell.

    Going on and on about smoking weed or how stoned you got is as obnoxious as bragging about how waaaasted you got at that kegger, bro.

    • Meadowlark says:

      Fellow pot-smoking honor student here:
      I agree, going on about it is obnoxious but I also think there may be something to intelligent, successful people admitting they smoke pot (Rihanna fits at least on of those). I love that people like Francis McDormand and Charlize Theron openly smoke pot. It’s as casual an indulgence as alcohol (less dangerous), and it shouldn’t have the stigma of a hard, dangerous drug that only “trashy losers” do.

      • some bitch says:

        Oh, if only I could get away with admitting I smoke weed publicly and keep my professional reputation in good standing! I get antsy whenever my connection goes on and on and ON about pot in class. Not to mention bored. He’s obsessed with weed and it’s weird, but damn he sells good weed.

        It’s all about moderation. At the end of my day I pack a bowl, do my readings and munch on cold orange slices (amazing for cottonmouth btw ladies) and am generally nonthreatening to everything except edible things.

      • Asli says:

        Lol, @ some bitch! Don’t people notice he’s always talking about it?

      • Meadowlark says:

        Cold orange slices, eh? Thanks for the tip!

        I’m pretty low-key about smoking, too,, for the most part. But one day, I went to a party at my professor’s house and she offered me a bowl. I was like, “Oh. Yes, please.”

    • MaiGirl says:

      Agreed. Writing my dissertation as we speak–3.8 GPA. I am always careful about talking about my occasional usage because the amount of judgment is off the chain. “Just Say No” and DARE really prejudiced some people. I smoke weed, I work, and I go to school. Everything gets done, always. It’s just that on occasion I need Doritos after.

  63. Asli says:

    There are a lot more who smoke marihuana than I would’ve thought. It’s very thought-provoking.

  64. dai says:

    I don’t see anything wrong w/getting high. People you associate w/on a daily basis do this very thing behind close doors.

    I find her weave way more offensive than anything else. Her face is way to pretty and she has way too much money to have such a busted weave.

  65. Dee says:

    Seeing these pics confirms what I’ve been thinking for the past year. Rihanna isn’t and doesn’t look happy. AT ALL. It’s kinda sad.

  66. Asli says:

    I love the honesty surrounding this topic!


  67. Hakura says:

    Maybe some will think it’s wrong to feel this way, but honestly… As far as celebrity antics with illegal substances go, this is tame.

    The woman is an adult, who’s on vacation in these pictures…I won’t make judgments about her being an ‘irresponsible bad influence glamorizing an illegal substance & practically flipping off the law’.

    Now, if she was posed in some magazine (intentionally) or did some photo-shoot holding a blunt/bong/whatever paraphernalia? That would be a completely different story, in which I’d feel totally justified judging. I just don’t get the feel that she’s ‘flaunting it’ intentionally in these paparazzi pics.

    Small Note: I’ve personally never tried marijuana in any form (hell, I’ve never even tried to smoke a cigarette)… But to be completely honest, I’ve always wanted to at least try marijuana in some form… Mostly purely out of curiosity. If the opportunity came up, I’d take it. But as a n00b to such things, I wouldn’t even know how to start looking to acquire such things on my own. xD

  68. LBeees says:

    Too many comments to read right now, and I have to go make dinner. But I will share my own story (quickly)…

    I was as straight a kid as you could find, but my best friend got me to try smoking weed when I was a sophomore in high school. We had some amazing experiences together, and smoked a few times that year.

    Later in high school I hung out with a ‘stoner’ crowd (cool posse, big group of kids, antithesis of the athletic preppy group) and began to smoke a lot more. After high school, I was smoking multiple times a day.

    At the time, it didn’t bother me. I enjoyed the social aspects of it–my group of friends was very responsible, and all were high performers and achievers in HS and college. A good portion did harder drugs than I (acid, mali, coke, shrooms, etc.) and went on to Ivy League schools.

    So when people say you can’t smoke week and be productive, I can think of a lot of exceptions. However, I recognized then and still do now that smoking was, for me, an escape from a terrible home environment and depression and anxiety.

    I finally stopped smoking, pretty much cold turkey, when I moved cities. I have smoked weed a small handful of times in the last three years, only on special occasions like New Years or at the rare party I attend.

    So I can’t judge someone for doing what I used to do–a lot. All I can say is that, for me, that period of my life is over. I did it, I don’t regret it, but that isn’t me any more. And whether it was emerging from depression or stopping smoking, I am a much better student, more productive, happier, and more active than I was before.

    • Asli says:

      I love how everybody’s making dinner and it’s pretty much 3 am where I am. But it’s all good. It’s my day off tomorrow and The Graham Norton Show is on!

      Can I ask you a personal question? How did you deal with the depression and anxiety after you quit smoking cold turkey?

  69. Snowflake says:

    I like her, she is what she is and doesn’t care what people think. Why should she stop living her life just b/c some people don’t approve? you go, girl. i used to try and do what everybody thought i should do and i was miserable. then i decided to please myself, and i’ve been a lot happier ever since. no matter what you do, someone’s going to find fault w it, esp if you’re in the public eye. so you might as well do what you want and the h*ll with whoever doesn’t approve. she didn’t ask to be a role model; she just wanted to be a singer.

  70. Andrea says:

    My two cents:
    Being an island girl myself, i know that a lot of times the beach experience needs to be complimented by a blunt. Nothing better than smoking some good weed and looking at the ocean lost in thought.

  71. d says:

    blunts aren’t for me, don’t care if she smokes up or not, but something about the top pic makes me think that she’s just not going to age well.

  72. Sara says:

    She’s young so whatever.

    If people experiment with drugs or do drugs when they’re young there’s a good chance they’ll get over it and move on.

    The problem with weed are the guys I know over 30 still smoking pot everyday and living in their parents basement trying to commit suicide every now and then because they’re so far gone.

    Some people need to stay away from all drugs and alcohol.

  73. Oenix says:

    Definitely enjoy the occasional smoke to relax – problem is, afterward EVERYTHING looks yummy!!!

  74. BerMan says:

    Hey you guys know where I can get good weed ? Years ago weed was great, clean and bought out the ‘artist’ in me. It was great sharing with friends , having deep discussion, hearing music like no other. And great for ailments; headaches, stomach problems, PMS, Fibromyalgia , Depression , Stress. But the garbage locally being sold is splice with chemicals that have very off sided effect; drowsy, heart palpitations, stomach pains, sadness, or a cheap quick high. – (That’s why haven’t had in years 🙁 – Recreationally, real Marijuana is great and at times it’s really needed (by choice). Like now. – Folks, Smoke em’ if you got em’. Cheers!

    • River says:

      Right there with you buddy. I am more productive when I smoke. I stopped because of no good shady dealers trying to take advantage (I’m a female) which led to stalking so I gave up. Oh and Rihanna didn’t roll it right because of the way she’s holding it. It looks like she’s trying to plug up any holes lol

  75. OH_GREAT_ITS_HER says:

    Maybe a good start would be to stop holding celebs to a high standard and putting them on a pedal stool? They will always fall short. If, Rihanna aims her music at kids then of course she needs to re-think marketing her brand but she is not forcing parents or children to purchase what she is selling. I went to her concert a little while ago and was stunned the amount of families on a night out complete with children no older than 11 years old and that’s Rihanna’s fault is it??? Parents should know fully well the type of content that these ‘role models’ are peddling. Quit blaming and start parenting.

  76. Eileen says:

    I don’t see the big deal. She’s on vacation her own time.

  77. Smoker says:

    Rihanna has said herself that she is a role model. Apparently she is a bad one.


  78. rihanna doing too much….