Adele’s new boyfriend is rich, married and 14 years older than her

So, a while back Adele had a really bad breakup. Her heartbreak fueled her songwriting and her album 21 is full of heartbreak and devastation. That heartbreak and devastation made an album that was one of the best sellers of the year, in America and Europe, and Adele is the music industry’s current golden (ginger) girl. So what does it mean for music when Adele gets a new boyfriend? When the girl who sings the blues is happy and in love? It might be bad for business, right? That’s what’s happening now. Adele has a new boyfriend named Simon Konecki – you can see photos of them together here. There’s a problem, though. Simon is a bit more complicated than we originally thought. For one, he seems to be technically married. Now, is Adele a homewrecker? The answer is “no.” But the answer is also “but we need to investigate and make sure that our girl doesn‘t get her heart broken, and if she does, she needs to write music about it.”

She enjoys the accolade of having the biggest selling UK album of the 21st century and has won an army of followers with her songs. But while fans of Brit-nominated pop star Adele, 23, share her delight at finding happiness with new love Simon Konecki, the path to romantic bliss is not entirely without domestic complications.

For bearded Old Etonian entrepreneur Konecki has already experienced married life, having wed fashion stylist Clary Fisher in the summer of 2004. The couple, who have parted, have a five-year-old daughter.

The singer — full name Adele Adkins — is devoted to Simon, known as ‘Swampy’ to his friends, who is 14 years her senior.

When he married Clary, a London College of Fashion graduate, he was a director of the EBS group, an investment holding company. The pair moved in glamorous social circles, counting multi-millionaire property figure Anton Bilton, Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood’s son Jamie and Lucas White, the party-loving playboy son of the late industrialist Lord ‘Gordy’ White, among their pals. But after Konecki left the City, to set up an eco-company with White, his marriage failed.

Despite moving to his home town of Brighton with Clary and the birth of their daughter, the couple grew apart. Grammy award-winning Adele, who is recovering from surgery on her vocal cords, was introduced to her new beau by singer Ed Sheeran a couple of months ago. Their backgrounds could not be more different. While Adele was raised by her single mother and went to an inner-city primary in Tottenham, Konecki was sent to Eton, where contemporaries included Tom Parker Bowles and Bear Grylls. His parents live in a £1 million waterfront house in Florida, and his sisters went to posh Roedean.

According to friends, Konecki is in the process of divorcing. He and his wife separated in 2010.

When approached, Clary, who lives in Sussex and still uses her married name, refused to comment. A spokesperson for Adele did not respond to requests to clarify Konecki’s marital status.

[From The Mail]

Yeah, Adele is not a homewrecker – she was JUST introduced to Simon a few months ago, and he and his wife have been separated for more than a year… although, this situation kind of reminds me of Kate Winslet and her married lover Ned Rocknroll. Anyway, Adele just got involved with a dude with a lot of emotional baggage, who needs to make this divorce official. Making matters even more complicated – the daughter, and the differences in family money and education and all. Oh, and age! He’s 14 years older than her!!! That’s a big deal when you’re 23, and your last relationship left you utterly devastated.

This is all depressing, and I really do hope that Adele doesn’t get hurt and all, but am I an evil bitch for hoping – in a very small, dark recess of my heart – that whatever goes down will make its way into some new music? I just can’t listen to 21 anymore! I’ve worn out my copy, and I had to move onto The Black Keys’ new album (which is awesome).

Photos courtesy of Fame, Rolling Stone.

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  1. lucy2 says:

    That is a big age difference for someone who is 21, but she does seem older and more mature than most 21 year olds.

    • mel2 says:

      True but Adele has that old school image and she’s seems really mature to handle the relationship.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    She’s gorgeous and talented, but she seriously needs to stay away from men with:
    -another official woman
    -new born babies from official woman
    -three times her age.

    Find a nice, serious, pretty model your age, for God’s sake, you’re a super star!

  3. brin says:

    While she is still vey young, her success (and heartbreak) has matured her and hopefully she will have a long and wonderful life and career.

    • Alita says:

      Aww, loads of people have had their heart broken by 23yo and still need the training wheels on their heart. Not to mention head!

      Having a bf 13 years senior who isn’t in a relationship is just a non-event, but heartbreak doesn’t maketh the EI!

  4. whatevs says:

    wow adele stay away from married men dear.

  5. Blah says:

    I am sorry but depending on how mature you are, 23 years of an age gap is not to be considered a problem.
    She is a mature girl, not a wild teen. I don’t know why people are so stuck up about age difference within couples. It’s actually behavior and character that count not the number of years you spent on earth.

    • Funnylilou says:

      Well I didn’t know that at 23 (actually my age) you are already a mature woman! no matter how much clever and experienced you are at my age there is no way that you can even dream to be as experienced than even the dumbest 37 yrs old! that is simply life experience that you have to LIVE in order to gain, and regarding this simple fact the age gap here is quite consequent and shocking!! plus he is married (and even if he is separated it is something that you should never have to deal with at 23)!! run Adele!

      • LittleDeadGrrl says:

        I don’t know if I totally agree with that. I’ve met some really sheltered 35 year olds. You can live in a year what most people live in 10 that being said it is a huge age gap.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Blah, At 23 the prefrontal cortex is not yet mature. This brain region gives an individual the capacity to exercise “good judgment” when presented with difficult life situations. With an immature prefrontal cortex, even if a young person understands that something is dangerous, they may still go ahead and engage in the risky behavior. In other words, Adele isn’t as averse to risk taking, and is more likely to pursue risky relationships. It’s not necessarily the age gap, it’s HER age in relation to his. If she were 30 and he 44, I would be more likely to say it was an emotionally level playing field.

      • Blah says:

        @Funny LOU
        By mature I meant she is an adult already. She is on her own, successful and GROUNDED.

        Have you never heard of people feeling much older than their actual age (at a young age) ?
        It might be her case.

        (Sorry English is not my mother tongue)

        @Morticians :
        Though I read an article a while ago and they stated 20. (Age when the maturity is reached for the prefontal cortex).

      • RocketMerry says:

        It’s actually 25 y.o., Morticians is right on this, although Adele’s level of maturity is probably close to maximum (23 to 25 is not an abyss).
        Still, 14 years of difference IS a lot and it does impact on a relationship. Also, he has some personal life issues he should really look into solving before moving on. Come on, a newborn child AND separation from the wife?!

      • Petunia says:

        And here I was thinking that the very different upbringings would be the most difficult thing to overcome. In fact, I think the age difference, the child, the marriage AND the different upbringings/classes all will make for difficult sailing, once the infatuation days pass by.

  6. Asli says:

    Love The Black Keys!!! And yeah, I hope she’ll come out with some new music soon but she’s already come out and said that she won’t :( Too bad. Also, as long as the guy’s not some creepy dude ( Wilmer Valderama -sp?) then I guess he’s fine. If she’s happy age doesn’t matter.

  7. Fetch80 says:

    Am I the only one who’s sick of Adele?

    • Grasshopper says:

      Nope unfortunately the radio stations overplayed her music

    • Lee says:

      Sick, sick, sick of her music. Too bad really. It is STILL being overplayed, which means lots of channel changing in the car whenever she comes on. Bummer, since I bought her albums and won’t be playing them anymore.

    • Roxy750 says:

      No, you are not. Can;t stand her…overplayed!

    • Lady Satan says:

      While I think she has a gorgeous voice, I am really tired of her “poor me” songs.

      Seriously? The lyrics from “…nevermind, I’ll find someone like you…”

      A guy breaks your heart and you want to find someone just like him? Are you f-ing nuts? She should be singing “I’ll find someone smarter, nice and better looking than you loser-boy”. Although admittedly that doesn’t have the same poetic appeal. ;)

      • orion70 says:

        I was a latecomer to her music, which I really like, aside from some of the really slow mournful stuff. I think she has an awesome voice and talent. I do have a bit of a harder time getting behind some of her views on relationships. I believe at one point she said that she would absolutely take the ex-bf back along with reversing all her success even after everything that had happened. But, she’s young and that’s a time when your head is not necessarily in the right place. Not always but sometimes.

  8. Adrien says:

    I also like the Black Keys but I prefer to call her Alicia. Black Keys sounds racist.

    /(blergh!)old joke.

  9. Madrid says:

    She has the rights to make her own mistakes,like everyone else. We comment very harsh on the showmances, if she feels really in love she deserves the opportunity to try and make stg so very unlikely works.

  10. says:

    How come no one is mentioning how fug he is? She could do better!

  11. Jacq says:

    I can’t listen to Adele anymore. I liked it when 21 came out, but I can only listen to SO MUCH music that makes me want to either cry or kill myself.

  12. SG says:

    Ugh, I’m just going to assume that this relationship will be material for another awesome album.

    • Sisi says:

      This. I don’t wish her any pain, but I can’t help but think `this should be interesting inspiration for another heartbreak themed album.’ it makes me a little sad just thinking about that prospect.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Well, that would be perfect. She is 23. Her previous albums were titled ’19′ and ’21′ respective to her ages when she wrote them.

  13. Luna says:

    Does anyone else find the lyrics to “Someone Like You” stalker-ish and obsessive?

  14. Agnes says:

    I like her music and all, but let’s not whitewash this – this situation is pretty trashy. (As an aside – I wonder if his wife knows that they’re separated, or if it’s something she found out about through the media.)

    • SHump76 says:

      How exactly is this trashy? He’s been split from his wife for over a year. People split up, it happens all the time. Why is it it trashy to date someone who is moving on from a past relationship?

      • MrsNix says:

        Well…it would be nice if they could wait to slam their relationship in the kid’s face (she’s famous; it’s not going to be low-key) until after the divorce was final. It’s tacky because it’s incredibly selfish. Everyone just sweeps kids of divorce and their feelings and needs under the rug because “they’ll get over it.”

        Actually, no. No they won’t.

    • lucy2 says:

      It says in the article they separated in 2010, so I’m pretty sure she knew. :)
      Given that it sounds like they’re legally separated and have been for some time, I don’t see a problem with it, though I’d be cautious not to get TOO involved until everything is finalized.

    • Petunia says:

      Nah, I think that both once parties are no longer living in the same house and both agree they are separated, the spirit of the marriage is broken, and thus, it’s okay to seek someone new.

  15. Naye in VA says:

    she could do better. its only been a couple months. maybe its just a fling. she IS 23. its not like shes wearing a ring or anything

  16. Sisi says:

    Btw kudos CB Kaiser & Bedhead for supporting the january 18 internet protest!

  17. Karin says:

    Why is it always the womans fault if a guy cheats on his wife? I mean seriously – if a guy cheat son his wife, didn’t HE wreck the home? At the very least it was wrecked before the cheating…

    • k says:

      He’s not cheating though. He and his office have been apart for 2 yrs.

    • Shannen says:

      Even if no cheating seems to be happening here, I do agree with you. Personally, I think more than half of the blame of an affair goes to the one who was already in a relationship, let it be a man or a woman. Of course, the person they cheat on their partner with is by no mean a morally upstanding one and should shoulder part of the blame as well.

      (By the way, I say this having never cheated on anyone/been with someone who was cheating, so it’s not just to make myself appear less guilty.)

  18. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Love Adele and the way to keep loving her is to never turn on the radio. Leave that to the children. I feel this way about all my fav mainstreamers. Somehow me running a song into the ground is not the same as them doing it. It’s about control and choice.

    Anywho, she should just let the divorc be finalised. Separation does not equal divorce and all kinds of things can chang before the papers get signed.

    Take care of yor voice and heart my dear.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Yes, divorce can get messy, and the divorcing couple should refrain from dragging others into their business regardless of age.

  19. k says:

    Well the news is he is not cheating. He’s separated from his wife. He should make the divorce official. Age really doesn’t matter, some girls like myself prefer older men. He’s only 14 yrs older. No one says anything about a guy dating someone younger.

    • ol cranky says:

      I’m pretty sure in the UK they have legal separation for a “no fault” divorce and that you have to be formally separated (living apart) for at least 2 years for a divorce if both spouses consent so if they separated in 2010, they won’t be able to finalize a divorce until some time this year.

      • Petunia says:

        Boy, is that a smart system! That way you can’t rush out and marry someone else on the rebound. You’ve got two years to think about life and marriage and making good choices.

  20. kristipistol says:

    My sister described her songs perfectly, you can actually feel her pain when you listen to her music. When listening to “Someone like you” you truly want to cry and it brings up emotions of love lost.

  21. Dizzybenny says:

    I met my wife when she was 20 (I thought she was 27 because of her maturity)and I was 34.
    I just got seperated from my other wife of 4years.I thought it would be a 6 month fling for her to go out with an older man,but this coming April we will celebrate our 9 years of relationship with 2 of those being married.
    So I wish them good luck and hope for the best ! :)

  22. some bitch says:

    1%’er love. Cute.

  23. Nanea says:

    She will get her heart broken though. It just happens at her age.

    What I don’t get is how she’s still smoking, after that health scare.

  24. Skinnybetch says:

    Adele can do so much better. An older married man will do nothing but break her heart.

  25. Embee says:

    It amazes me that people will legally separate, date, and not bother to get a divorce. In my state, the couple must be separated for a year before a final divorce can be obtained. Can you really not wait a year? Don’t you think it’s a good idea to emotionally sort yourself out?

  26. NM9005 says:

    A separated man doesn’t make a single man, this also applies to Adele (whom I adore musically and personality wise). And what does “in the process of divorcing” mean? Did he or she already applied for a divorce or are they intenting to? Really vague. For all the money he has, it shouldn’t be such a difficult matter if it happened on “friendly” grounds. I have a feeling Adele is always going to make heartbreak songs. I hope she isn’t going to be unlucky (or complicated) in love for the rest of her life because girl can do better.

  27. Rita says:

    The lady sings the blues with a propensity to live in the gray. A gray that may follower her like the dust cloud of Pig-Pen without the humor in the Peanuts Cartoon strip.

    Taylor Swift she is not.

    Her new man is nick named “Swampy” which isn’t much better than the official name of Ned RockNroll. Swampy and Adele are merging a lot of baggage. We’ll see.

    • RobN says:

      A school nickname that follows you into adulthood is not the same as an adult who legally changes his name to RockNRoll. It just isn’t even close.

  28. lolas says:

    I want what she’s wearing.

  29. jc126 says:

    I guess I’m one of the few who thinks that separated does NOT equal “married and therefore off limits”. People who are getting divorced, in my opinion, have every right to date. They’ve already split from their spouses, what difference does it make if they meet someone new? This of course only applies to people whose marriages are officially done, not people who are going to counseling in an effort to keep the marriage together.
    Divorces can take YEARS, especially if one party wants to be difficult. Why should people have to be celibate during that time? I bet the soon-to-be-ex-spouse isn’t celibate.

  30. LIVEALOT says:

    love that black coat!

  31. LeeLoo says:

    I want to be Adele’s friend and give her all the advice I wish I could go back and tell myself 5 years ago. Like how this guy sounds like a lot of trouble for her.

    Personally, I would hook her up with Australian singer-songwriter Goyte (I think his real name is Wally or something). He sings this song called “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I can just see those two hitting it off.

  32. RobN says:

    Frankly, I was afraid he’d be some slick looking snob, when he really looks quite nice and kind of schlubby. He’s kind of got a teddy bear quality that some of us like.

    Divorces take longer in Britain than they do here; I don’t think it’s so shocking to not want to stand around for a year or two before you start dating, especially if you run into somebody that you really fall for.

  33. Amanda G says:

    I can’t imagine the pressure Adele must feel to write a follow-up album. “21″ will probably never be topped, but I’d sure like to see her try.

  34. Lily says:

    She’s got real self esteem issues.

  35. Kellie says:

    I think she is BEAUTIFUL!

  36. hmm says:

    She just issued a statement saying that he has been divorced for four years.

  37. Unbeweavable says:

    My husband is 14 years older than I am. We married when I was 23 too. I grew up always feeling older than my true age. I’m 27 now with a 2 year old and I feel more my husband’s age than my own. We have more in common than most would think. I adore my husband and don’t see him as being in his 40′s. He certainly doesn’t look it either. So stop ranting about how someone in their early 20′s can’t handle a mature, loving relationship with someone 14 years older than them.

    • HAHAHA says:

      you have what a feedback of 4 years and you are trying to lecture us with it??? Good for you!But nowadays modern and independant women understand that you have to live your life and build yourself first ( get educated, have a career, experiment life by yourself, try experiences) and there is no chance it is done by 23! These example of couples with big age differences is obsolete and young women drawn to older men have issues (daddy, issues, self-esteem issues…).
      It works for you ? good for you! but it is not and for sure as “natural” as it sounds

      • Alita says:

        Wow, a bit much you think? The decision to invest your time in a marriage or family isn’t invalidated by not having had a fancy career or having had a few different serious boyfriends. Please. I found the comment that ‘I feel more his age’ a bit .. unfortunate .. and I understand if you reacted to something but on the whole nobody’s life choices re work, sex, relationships, family etc are required to fit some arbitrary mould.

    • HAHAHA says:

      Maybe a bit much, but I don’t regret it, I am absolutly and totally annoyed by women who think their tiny, unatural exception case prove their rule as normal and commonly accepted!!
      and the “I feel the same age than him” just got on my nerves and sorry but I reaffirm my belief: a woman who chose to embrace her womanhood only through mariage and a very traditional view of it (normal to be with way older men)and consider it as her main positive achievement does not differ at all from women from the middle-age… so nothing to lecture other women about it!

      and yes big age gap couples are based on psychologycal issues!

  38. orion70 says:

    re: the age difference. Wasn’t the ex who inspired 21 supposedly older than her as well?

  39. jilly says:

    i don’t see what the big deal is. let the fat girl get some good loving in peace.

    • Scorpiana says:

      ^ THIS!! bwahahahahahahahaha! *wipes tears* bwahahahahahahaaaaa! but, on topic: “technically married” means “MARRIED”. if he wants a relationship with her, he should first end the one he’s already in. the end.